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Change My Name quotes by Geena Rocero
#1. When I moved to the United States [from Asia] in 2001, I experienced a more rigid concept of gender, but somehow I was allowed to change my name and my gender marker. Why is there that paradox? How do I get those two things to be the same? #Quote by Geena Rocero
Change My Name quotes by Nora Roberts
#2. You'll make a good First Lady, Shelby Campbell."
Shelby's fingers tightened on her wineglass, an involuntary gesture noticed only by Alan and his mother. "Perhaps," she returned calmly. "if it were one of my ambitions."
"Ambitions or not,it's fate when you're paired with this one," Daniel stabbed his fork toward Alan.
"You're a little premature." Alan cut cleanly through his meat, swearing fluidly in his mind only. "I haven't decided to run for president, and Shelby hasn't agreed to marry me."
"Haven't decided? Hah!" Daniel silled down wine. "Hasn't agreed?" He set down the glass with a bang. "The girl doesn't look like a fool to me, Campbell or no," he continued. "She's good Scottish stock,no matter what her clan.This one'll breed true MacGregors."
"He'd still like me to change my name," Justin commented, deliberately trying to shift the attention onto himself.
"It's been done to ensure the line before," Daniel told him. "but Rena's babe'll be as much MacGregor as not. As will Caine's when he's a mind to remember his duty and start making one." He sent his younger son a lowered-brow look that was met with an insolent grin. "But Alan's the firstborn, duty-bound to marry and produce and sire..."
Alan turned, intending on putting an end to the topic,when he caught Shelby's grin. She'd folded her arms on the table,forgetting her dinner in the pure enjoyment of watching Daniel MacGregor on a roll. "Having fun?" Alan muttered near her ear.
" #Quote by Nora Roberts
Change My Name quotes by Nora Roberts
#3. Cut it out!" Phillip exploded. "Cut it out right now or I swear I'm going to pull over and knock your heads together. Oh, my God." He took one hand off the wheel to drag it down his face. "I sound like Mom. Forget it. Just forget it. Kill each other. I'll dump the bodies in the mall parking lot and drive to Mexico. I'll learn how to weave mats and sell them on the beach at Cozumel. I'll be quiet, it'll be peaceful. I'll change my name to Raoul, and no one will know I was ever related to a bunch of fools."
Seth scratched his belly and turned to Cam. "Does he always talk like that?"
"Yeah, mostly. Sometimes he's going to be Pierre and live in a garret in Paris, but it's the same thing."
"Weird," was Seth's only comment. ( ... ) Getting new shows was turning into a new adventure. #Quote by Nora Roberts
Change My Name quotes by Sophie Winkleman
#4. I was going to change my name to Sophie Windsor, but then I decided not to. I prefer to go into the room just as Sophie Winkleman. #Quote by Sophie Winkleman
Change My Name quotes by Tammy Blackwell
#5. School sucks. I'm dropping out and becoming a truck stop waitress. I think i'll change my name to Flo and get a really bad perm. Flo the truck stop waitress with a bad perm doesn't need high school. She lives off the knowledge of life. #Quote by Tammy Blackwell
Change My Name quotes by Jarod Kintz
#6. You don't offend me. At least not until I change my name. Once I change it to Asshole, then I might be offended you keep calling me Jarod. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Change My Name quotes by Ottessa Moshfegh
#7. Right," I said, but it didn't feel very right. I didn't want to make it. I wanted to lie down with it and strangle it and kill it and save it and nurse it and kill it again and I wanted to go and forget where I was going and I wanted to change my name and forget my face and I wanted to drink and get my head ruined but I certainly hadn't thought about making it. That wasn't anything I'd ever sought out to do. #Quote by Ottessa Moshfegh
Change My Name quotes by Mickey Rourke
#8. I tried to change my name for the fights, but the only way they could pay me money was if I used my own name. I wanted to change my name to, like, Romeo something-or-other, and they said, "No, we can't do that. We've got to use Mickey Rourke." Because they paid me a lot of money to go over to Europe and Asia to fight. #Quote by Mickey Rourke
Change My Name quotes by James Weldon Johnson
#9. I finally made up my mind that I would neither disclaim the black race nor claim the white race; but that I would change my name, raise a mustache, and let the world take me for what it would; that it was not necessary for me to go about with a label of inferiority pasted across my forehead. #Quote by James Weldon Johnson
Change My Name quotes by Vanilla Ice
#10. You can't please everybody, and basically I just decided to please myself first on this record. This record is more like my diary and I am expressing myself through my music. And that's what it should be about. That's why I didn't change my name or anything. It's not about the name; it's about the music. The old saying goes that video killed the radio star and it's very true. And now I'm just letting everything revolve around the music. There is no image; I am just being myself. #Quote by Vanilla Ice
Change My Name quotes by Mr. T
#11. When I was old enough to change my name, I changed it to Mr. T so that the first word out of someone's mouth was 'Mister,' a sign of respect. #Quote by Mr. T
Change My Name quotes by Jarod Kintz
#12. My favorite tree is the Joshua tree, which is named after me. Well, it will be, once I change my name to Joshua. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Change My Name quotes by Nicolas Cage
#13. I needed to change my name just to liberate myself and find out I could do it without walking into a Hollywood casting office with the name Coppola. #Quote by Nicolas Cage
Change My Name quotes by Sissy Spacek
#14. My cousin, Rip Torn, persuaded me not to change my name. You shouldn't change what you are in the search for success. #Quote by Sissy Spacek
Change My Name quotes by Kanye West
#15. I know I've been called the Louis Vuitton Don ... I've been called a lot of names ... Due to what happened, so severely, when the red shoes hit the runway, I was forced to change my name to Martin Louis Vuitton the King, Jr. Address me as such. #Quote by Kanye West
Change My Name quotes by Jarod Kintz
#16. Before I die, I want to change my name to "Here," so that my tombstone could simply read, "Here lies." And then people who knew me could walk by, shake their head, and say, "Ain't that the truth. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Change My Name quotes by Janice Dickinson
#17. I am anxious. I am always anxious. I should change my name to Anxiety Dickinson. I am anxious about my little sister. My big sister. My mother. Myself. Life. I am anxious about what to wear, what to eat, what to say, how to breathe. #Quote by Janice Dickinson
Change My Name quotes by Herbie Hancock
#18. So I didn't actually change my name the way some people did. #Quote by Herbie Hancock
Change My Name quotes by Mickey Rourke
#19. I wanted to change my name to Romeo Florentino. Romeo Florentino - that's a good fighter's name. #Quote by Mickey Rourke
Change My Name quotes by Rita Ora
#20. It was my dad's idea to change my name from Sahatciu to Ora. He said it would be easier to pronounce. #Quote by Rita Ora
Change My Name quotes by Karen Finerman
#21. I never want to have to ask my husband for money. Never! That's incomprehensible to me. Would he have preferred that I change my name? Probably. But that's OK! #Quote by Karen Finerman
Change My Name quotes by Jamie Foxx
#22. If I fail as Jamie Foxx, I'll just change my name and come back as something else. #Quote by Jamie Foxx
Change My Name quotes by Mariska Hargitay
#23. A guy at ABC told me to change my name and get a nose job. I said 'You get a nose job.' #Quote by Mariska Hargitay
Change My Name quotes by Larry David
#24. Sometimes I have these fantasies of just moving to a foreign country and coming back with a full head of hair. Or not even come back! Make a new life there with hair ... Change my name, just see what happens. #Quote by Larry David
Change My Name quotes by Elton John
#25. And I agreed with that, and I couldn't wait to change my name anyway, because I'm not too fond of the name of Reginald. It's a very kind of '50s English name. #Quote by Elton John
Change My Name quotes by Alice Walker
#26. My great-great-great-grandmother walked as a slave from Virginia to Eatonton, Georgia ... It is in memory of this walk that I chose to keep and to embrace my "maiden" name, Walker. #Quote by Alice Walker
Change My Name quotes by Jerry Yang
#27. The Internet's a driving force in the change from mass media to 'my media,' in which consumers will be their own programmers. #Quote by Jerry Yang
Change My Name quotes by Ada Palmer
#28. People often seem surprised that I choose to write science fiction and fantasy - I think they expect a history professor to write historical fiction, or literary fiction, associating academia with the kinds of novels that academic lit critics prefer. But I feel that speculative fiction, especially science fiction and fantasy, is a lot more like the pre-modern literature I spend most of my time studying than most modern literature is. Ursula Le Guin has described speculative fiction authors as "realists of a larger reality" because we imagine other ways of being, alternatives to how people live now, different worlds, and raise questions about hope and change and possibilities that different worlds contain.


Writing for a more distant audience, authors tended to be speculative, using exotic perspectives, fantastic creatures, imaginary lands, allegories, prophecies, stories within stories, techniques which, like science fiction and fantasy, use alternatives rather than one reality in order to ask questions, not about the way things are, but about plural ways things have been and could be. Such works have an empathy across time, expecting and welcoming an audience as alien as the other worlds that they describe. When I read Voltaire responding to Francis Bacon, responding to Petrarch, responding to Boethius, responding to Seneca, responding to Plutarch, I want to respond to them too, to pass it on. So it makes sense to me to answer in the genre people ha #Quote by Ada Palmer
Change My Name quotes by Greta Gerwig
#29. I don't know. I think I'm sick.
And I don't know if my ailment has a name
- it's just me sitting and staring at the internet or the television for long periods of time interspersed by trying to not do that and then lying about what I've been doing. Then I'll get so excited about something that the excitement overwhelms me and I can't sleep or do anything - and then I just am in love with everything but can't figure out how to make myself work in the world #Quote by Greta Gerwig
Change My Name quotes by Tiffanie DeBartolo
#30. People always ask if Burke and Caelum are brothers because they're both so tall, and neither Michael seems bothered by the question, but it drives me out of my mind because besides the height they look nothing alike. Burke's got blond hair and freckles. Caelum has a mass of dark pubic hair growing out of his head. Plus, how the hell could they be brothers when they have the same first name? That only works if your last one is Foreman. #Quote by Tiffanie DeBartolo
Change My Name quotes by T.J. Klune
#31. So I said, "Hey, Joe," and hoped it was a start. He was startled. He opened and closed his mouth a few times. He made a growling noise deep in his chest, a low rumble that made my skin itch. It was pleased, that sound, like even just me saying his name was enough to make him happy. For all I knew, it was. It cut off as quickly as it started. He looked faintly embarrassed. I scuffed my foot in the dirt, waiting. He said, "Hey, Ox." He cleared his throat and looked down. "Hi." It was weird, that disconnect between the boy I'd known and the man before me. His voice was deeper and he was bigger than he'd ever been. He radiated power that had never been there before. It fit him well. I remembered that day that I'd really seen him for the first time, wearing those running shorts and little else. I pushed those thoughts away. I didn't want him sniffing me out. Not yet. Because attraction wasn't the problem right now. Especially not right now. I #Quote by T.J. Klune
Change My Name quotes by Diana Palmer
#32. Tate gave me your birthday present when you were here before," she confessed. "I put it on top of the cabinet in the dining room and forgot to give it to you. Here, I'll fetch it!"
Cecily felt as if she'd had the wind knocked out of her just at the sound of his name. She could almost taste him on her mouth, feel the fierce hunger of his body as he pressed her into the wall…
"He remembered my birthday," she said faintly, touched.
"He always remembers it, but he said you weren't speaking then." She handed the small box to Cecily. "Go on," she said when the younger woman hesitated. "Open it."
Cecily's hands went cold and trembled as she tore off the wrappings. It was a jewelry box. I wasn't a ring, of course, she told herself as she forced up the hinged lid. He certainly wouldn't buy her a…
"The beast!" she exclaimed. "Oh, how could he?"
Leta looked over her shoulder at what was in the box and dissolved into gales of laughter.
Cecily glared at her. "It isn't funny."
"Oh, yes it is!"
Cecily looked back down at the silver crab with its ruby eyes and pearl claws, and one corner of her mouth tugged up. "He is pretty, isn't he?"
She took the pin out of the box and studied it. It wasn't silver. It was white gold. Those were real rubies and pearls, too. This hadn't been an impulse purchase. He'd had this custom-made for her. Tears stung her eyes. It was the sort of present you gave to someone who meant something to you. She remembered #Quote by Diana Palmer
Change My Name quotes by Ruta Sepetys
#33. They're asking everyone for their name and information. They say we're going to Sassnitz, on the German island of Rügen.' She squeezed my hand.
I bent over and kissed the top of her head. I then leaned back against the wall and closed my eyes.
My name and information.
Who was I?
I looked down at Joana and the children.
Who did I want to be? #Quote by Ruta Sepetys
Change My Name quotes by Doug Lansky
#34. I was sitting with the rest of my college graduating class listening to the commencement speaker prepare us for life after graduation, and he had a lot of ground to cover because my liberal arts education had skirted the issue for 4 years. I was just waiting for them to call my name so I could go up, collect my diploma, fold it into a paper hat, and start flipping burgers at McDonalds. #Quote by Doug Lansky
Change My Name quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#35. Risking a glance at the dignified young man beside her- what was his name?- Mr. Arthurson, Arterton?- Pandora decided to try her hand at some small talk.
"It was very fine weather today, wasn't it?" she said.
He set down his flatware and dabbed at both corners of his mouth with his napkin before replying. "Yes, quite fine."
Encouraged, Pandora asked, "What kind of clouds do you like better- cumulus or stratocumulus?"
He regarded her with a slight frown. After a long pause, he asked, "What is the difference?"
"Well, cumulus are the fluffier, rounder clouds, like this heap of potatoes on my plate." Using her fork, Pandora spread, swirled, and dabbed the potatoes. "Stratocumulus are flatter and can form lines or waves- like this- and can either form a large mass or break into smaller pieces."
He was expressionless as he watched her. "I prefer flat clouds that look like a blanket."
"Altostratus?" Pandora asked in surprise, setting down her fork. "But those are the boring clouds. Why do you like them?"
"They usually mean it's going to rain. I like rain."
This showed promise of actually turning into a conversation. "I like to walk in the rain, too," Pandora exclaimed.
"No, I don't like to walk in it. I like to stay in the house." After casting a disapproving glance at her plate, the man returned his attention to eating.
Chastened, Pandora let out a noiseless sigh. Picking up her fork, she tried to inconspicuously push her potat #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Change My Name quotes by Nick Drake
#36. The future says:

Dear mortals;
I know you are busy with your colourful lives;
I have no wish to waste the little time that remains
On arguments and heated debates;
But before I can appear
Please, close your eyes, sit still
And listen carefully
To what I am about to say;
I haven't happened yet, but I will.
I can't pretend it's going to be
Business as usual.
Things are going to change.
I'm going to be unrecognisable.
Please, don't open your eyes, not yet.
I'm not trying to frighten you.
All I ask is that you think of me
Not as a wish or a nightmare, but as a story
You have to tell yourselves -
Not with an ending
In which everyone lives happily ever after,
Or a B-movie apocalypse,
But maybe starting with the line
'To be continued...'
And see what happens next.
Remember this; I am not
Written in stone
But in time -
So please don't shrug and say
What can we do?
It's too late, etc, etc, etc.
Dear mortals,
You are such strange creatures
With your greed and your kindness,
And your hearts like broken toys;
You carry fear with you everywhere
Like a tiny god
In its box of shadows.
You love festivals and music
And good food.
You lie to yourselves
Because you're afraid of the dark.
But the truth is: you are in my hands
And I am in yours.
We are in this together,
#Quote by Nick Drake
Change My Name quotes by Michael Tobias
#37. it is a federal system of sadistic torture, vivisection, and animal genocide, which has been carried on for decades under the fraudulent guise of respectable medical research. And nobody on the outside knows, or wants to know, or is willing to find out. My parents, my friends, my teachers, wouldnt listen to me, or suggested that if it was bothering me that much I just had to quit the job. Just like that. As if that would have solved anything. As if I could ever live with such cowardice. You can't imagine, or maybe you can, how many people are convinced - without knowing the first thing about it - Animal research is essential. Americans have been hopelessly brainwashed on this issue. The animal rights people, by and large, acknowledge the essential futility of trying to change the system. So they address the smaller issues, fighting for legislation which would provide one extra visit per week to the labs by a custodian of the US dept of agriculture. Or demanding that a squirrel monkey be given an extra 12 square inches in his holding pen, before being led to the slaughter. That sort of thing. For whomever, and whatever it's worth, I hope my little write up is clear. I dont have the guts to do whats necessary. I pray there's someone out there who does. God help all of us. #Quote by Michael Tobias
Change My Name quotes by Marilyn Chin
#38. How I Got That Name
Marilyn Chin
an essay on assimilation

I am Marilyn Mei Ling Chin
Oh, how I love the resoluteness
of that first person singular
followed by that stalwart indicative
of "be," without the uncertain i-n-g
of "becoming." Of course,
the name had been changed
somewhere between Angel Island and the sea,
when my father the paperson
in the late 1950s
obsessed with a bombshell blond
transliterated "Mei Ling" to "Marilyn."
And nobody dared question
his initial impulse - for we all know
lust drove men to greatness,
not goodness, not decency.
And there I was, a wayward pink baby,
named after some tragic white woman
swollen with gin and Nembutal.
My mother couldn't pronounce the "r."
She dubbed me "Numba one female offshoot"
for brevity: henceforth, she will live and die
in sublime ignorance, flanked
by loving children and the "kitchen deity."
While my father dithers,
a tomcat in Hong Kong trash -
a gambler, a petty thug,
who bought a chain of chopsuey joints
in Piss River, Oregon,
with bootlegged Gucci cash.
Nobody dared question his integrity given
his nice, devout daughters
and his bright, industrious sons
as if filial piety were the standard
by which all earthly men are measured.


Oh, how trustworthy our daughters,
how thrifty our sons!
How #Quote by Marilyn Chin
Change My Name quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#39. I felt a wish never to leave that room - a wish that dawn might never come, that my present frame of mind might never change. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Change My Name quotes by Suzanne Collins
#40. It seems like I've only shut my eyes for a few minutes, but when I open them, I flinch at the sight of Haymitch sitting a couple of feet from my bed. Waiting. Possibly for several hours if the clck is right. I think about hollering for a witness, but I'm going to have to face him sooner or later.

Haymitch leans forward and dangles something on a thin white wire in front of my nose. It's hard to focus on, but I'm pretty sur what it is. He drops it in to the sheets. "That is your earpiece. I will give you exactly one more chance to wear it. If you remove it from your ear again, I'll have you fitted with this." He holds up some sort of metal headgear that I instantly name the head shackle. "It's alternative audio unit that locks around your skull and under your chin until it's opened with a key. And I'll have the only key. If for some reason you're clever enough to disable it" ---- Haymitch dumps the head shackle on the bed and whips out a tiny silver chip--- "I'll authorize them to surgically implant this transmitter into your ear so that I may speak to you twenty-four hours a day."
Haymitch in my head full-time. Horrifying. "I'll keep the earpiece in," I mutter
"Excuse me?" He says
"I'll keep the earpiece in!" I say loud enough to wake half the hospital.
"You sure? Because I'm equally happy with any of the three options," he tells me
"I'm sure," I say. I scrunch up the earpiece protectivley in my fist and fling the head shakle back in #Quote by Suzanne Collins
Change My Name quotes by Blake Crouch
#41. Letty had barely touched her food. Javier stared down at her through a pair of aviator sunglasses. "You forgot something," she said. "What's that?" "My name. Who will they be expecting?" "Selena Kitt. S-E-L-E-N-A K-I-T-T. But you won't be carrying any identification. #Quote by Blake Crouch
Change My Name quotes by Hermann Hesse
#42. This change did not bring me into the community of the others, did not make me closer to anyone, but actually made me even lonelier. My reformation seemed to point in the direction of
Demian, but even this was a distant fate. I did not know myself, for I was too deeply involved. It had begun
with Beatrice, but for some time I had been living in such an unreal world with my paintings and my thoughts
of Demian that I'd forgotten all about her, too. I could not have uttered a single word about my dreams and
expectations, my inner change, to anyone, not even if I had wanted to. But how could I have wanted to? #Quote by Hermann Hesse
Change My Name quotes by Ajay Devgan
#43. So it is fair enough that you are paying me what I ask for, because it is my name you are using to sell the film. If the producer gives me a guarantee that he will sell the film at a lower price to the distributors, fair enough, then I will charge less! #Quote by Ajay Devgan
Change My Name quotes by Terry Pratchett
#44. Luck is my middle name. Mind you, my first name is Bad. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Change My Name quotes by Art E. Berg
#45. I discovered a long time ago that my happiness is not a condition of my circumstances. Rather, happiness is a choice, and I make it every day. While we cannot control the environment of change that is happening all around us, we can control how we respond to it. We can adapt. We can change. And we can still find happiness, no matter how dark the storms are around us. #Quote by Art E. Berg
Change My Name quotes by Richard Engel
#46. Obviously it was happenstance, but it did change my opinion of human nature. I now saw war as a constant, akin to wildfires. They break out unless you work actively to prevent them. It's an atavistic thing, buried deep in our DNA. #Quote by Richard Engel
Change My Name quotes by Townsend Harris
#47. If I write in my name to the agents of England and France residing in Asia and inform them that Japan is ready to make a commercial treaty with their countries, the number of steamers will be reduced from fifty to two or three. #Quote by Townsend Harris
Change My Name quotes by John Hume
#48. In my opinion, what changed the situation eventually - and, of course, it took a lot of time to change it, things like that don't change in a week or a fortnight - was the new educational system. #Quote by John Hume
Change My Name quotes by Jean-Paul Marat
#49. Nothing will make me change my principles. Even with the knife at my neck I shall still declare, up to this day, the poor have done everything; it is time for the rich to take their turn ... The selfish people, the young idlers, must be made useful, whether they like it or not, and some respite be procured for the useful and respectable worker. #Quote by Jean-Paul Marat
Change My Name quotes by Robert Webb
#50. If I hadn't got into comedy, I wouldn't have met Abbey, my wife, and I wouldn't have my two girls, and the whole thing unravels. That's the thing about being basically - whisper it quietly - happy, is that you don't really want to change anything, because once you start changing stuff, then what you've got all disappears. #Quote by Robert Webb
Change My Name quotes by Christine Feehan
#51. Of course I can do this. I'm pregnant, not brain-damaged. My condition doesn't change my personality. #Quote by Christine Feehan
Change My Name quotes by M.F. Moonzajer
#52. Across the oceans, in the middle of the rivers and at the peak of mountains; nothing can ever change my feelings for you. #Quote by M.F. Moonzajer
Change My Name quotes by Frances Ford Seymour
#53. My sense is that the most under-appreciated-and perhaps most under-researched-linkages between forests and food security are the roles that forest-based ecosystem services play in underpinning sustainable agricultural production. Forests regulate hydrological services including the quantity, quality, and timing of water available for irrigation. Forest-based bats and bees pollinate crops. Forests mitigate impacts of climate change and extreme weather events at the landscape scale. #Quote by Frances Ford Seymour
Change My Name quotes by CM Punk
#54. Do I want an ice cream bar with my name on it? You're DAMN right! #Quote by CM Punk
Change My Name quotes by Lexi Blake
#55. Maybe my love ain't worth much just yet, but I'm working on that. I'm going to be better. I'm going to be worthy. I'll learn from you. I'll change for you. I'll be a good man. I'll be a man you want for more than an orgasm. I'll be a man you can trust. #Quote by Lexi Blake
Change My Name quotes by Christine Nixon
#56. The police are there to do the job, not to think about it,' was the line used by critics, the harshest of which were often other police. But police officers see and hear at first hand the things that ail a society, and along the way they gain trememdous insight into how to fix problems or processes, even if they can't change people's behaviours or attitudes. With the right systems and resources, their personal capacity for creating a safer society is far more powerful than the guns they carry. This would be the thinking driving my direction when I later came to Victoria to take charge of its police force. #Quote by Christine Nixon
Change My Name quotes by Danielle Stewart
#57. You've got my love the same way the ocean has the shore. It's always there - the tide can change, the sea can be rough, but somewhere the water always meets the sand. That never changes #Quote by Danielle Stewart
Change My Name quotes by Carol Moseley Braun
#58. My parents were always philosophizing about how to bring about change. To me, people who didn't try to make the world a better place were strange. #Quote by Carol Moseley Braun
Change My Name quotes by Frank O'Hara
#59. Each time my heart is broken it makes me feel more
adventurous (and how the same names keep recurring on that interminable list!), but one of these days there'll be nothing left with which to venture forth.
Why should I share you? Why don't you get rid of someone else for a change? #Quote by Frank O'Hara
Change My Name quotes by Cassandra Clare
#60. Look, you can date whoever you want and I will totally support you. I am all about support. Support is my middle name."
"So that's why you never told me your middle name. I figured it was something embarrassing. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Change My Name quotes by Nnedi Okorafor
#61. Then I slid a slice of white milky dessert on my tray. I did not know its name, but it was easily the most wonderful thing I'd ever tasted. Each bite would fuel my mental well-being. #Quote by Nnedi Okorafor
Change My Name quotes by Renee Carlino
#62. What are you doin', man?" Scott's voice came from the doorway.

I turned and smiled. "Just thinking."

"You seem a little brighter."

"Actually, I was thinking about how I ended up thirty-six, divorced, and trapped in cubicle hell."

He walked to the coffeepot and poured a mug full then leaned against the counter. "You were a workaholic?" he offered.

"That's not why Elizabeth was unfaithful. She fell right into Brad's skinny arms, and he works more than I do. Hell, Elizabeth works more than I do."

"Why are you dwelling on the past? Look at you. You're tall. You have hair. And it looks like" - he waved his hand around at my stomach - "you might have abs?"

"You checking me out?"

"I'd kill for a head of hair like that."

Scott was the kind of guy who was bald by twenty-two. He's been shaving it Mr. Clean–style since then.

"What do women call that thing?" He pointed to the back of my head.

"A bun?"

"No, there's, like, a sexier name for it. The ladies love that shit."

"They call it a man-bun. #Quote by Renee Carlino
Change My Name quotes by Kate Avelynn
#63. I feel his intense gaze skimming my face and force myself to look him in the eye. This time, when he leans closer, I know what he wants. He traces my jaw with his fingertips, then moves lower to my chin. My eyelids flutter closed when he tips my face up.
Oh my God. Sam Donavon is going to kiss me.
The forest holds its breath.
I hold my breath.
Our lips brush, light as eyelashes. His fingers trail back into my hair, tilting my head. Hot cinnamon dances across my mouth.
I'm drowning.
And then my name, roared at the top of familiar lungs, cracks the silent night. #Quote by Kate Avelynn
Change My Name quotes by Jamie Eason
#64. For the record, someone will ALWAYS say that you are too big, too thin, too lean, too fat, too whatever. In my opinion, they are too conceited to think that their opinion is going to change our behavior. A person with confidence won't be deterred! Keep after it! #Quote by Jamie Eason
Change My Name quotes by Lance Armstrong
#65. Some things you can't win, though I don't like to admit it. I'm not used to losing much of anything, whether its a race or a debate, but among the things that I nearly lost are my life, my neck, and my good name, and I've gained a realization: a life of unbroken success is not only impossible, it's probably not even good for you ... #Quote by Lance Armstrong

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