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Cereal quotes by Elle Kennedy
#1. My first morning back, and I'm in such a terrific mood that I start the day off right by blasting Nappy Roots in the kitchen while I scarf down some cereal. The loud strains of "Good Day" draw the others from their bedrooms, and Garrett is the first to appear, clad in boxers and rubbing his eyes.

"Morning, Sunshine," he mumbles. "Please tell me you made some coffee."

I point to the counter. "Go nuts."

He pours himself a cup and plops down on one of the stools. "Did cartoon chipmunks dress you this morning?" he grumbles. "You're scarily chipper."

"And you're scarily grumpy. Smile, dude. It's our favorite day of the year, remember? #Quote by Elle Kennedy
Cereal quotes by Craig Ferguson
#2. A dozen swimming events have already been completed in the Olympic competition. I wonder where they got the name 'Speedo.' It doesn't sound like a bathing suit, it sounds like a breakfast cereal for meth addicts. #Quote by Craig Ferguson
Cereal quotes by Judy Holliday
#3. I've always loved words. I ate up all the books I could get my hands on, and when I couldn't get books, I read candy wrappers and labels on cereal and toothpaste boxes. #Quote by Judy Holliday
Cereal quotes by Victoria Schwab
#4. He wasn't quite sure when he made it, somewhere between turning on the shower and stepping in, perhaps, or pouring the milk and adding the cereal, or maybe a dozen tiny decisions had added up like letters until they finally made a word, a phrase, a sentence. #Quote by Victoria Schwab
Cereal quotes by William Stafford
#5. Living on the Plains"

That winter when this thought came-how the river
held still every midnight and flowed
backward a minute-we studied algebra
late in our room fixed up in the barn,
and I would feel the curved relation,
the rafters upside down, and the cows in their life
holding the earth round and ready
to meet itself again when morning came.

At breakfast while my mother stirred the cereal
she said, "You're studying too hard,"
and I would include her face and hands in my glance
and then look past my father's gaze as
he told again our great race through the stars
and how the world can't keep up with our dreams. #Quote by William Stafford
Cereal quotes by John Barrasso
#6. Everywhere I travel around my home state of Wyoming - but also around the country - I continue to hear, 'How can Washington make us buy something we don't want to buy, a product? They can't tell us to buy breakfast cereal or something else - how can they do that?' #Quote by John Barrasso
Cereal quotes by P. Anastasia
#7. Milk. Cereal. Intergalactic travel. Not a good combination. #Quote by P. Anastasia
Cereal quotes by Charles Duhigg
#8. Andreasen wanted to know why these people had deviated from their usual patterns. What he discovered has become a pillar of modern marketing theory: People's buying habits are more likely to change when they go through a major life event. When someone gets married, for example, they're more likely to start buying a new type of coffee. When they move into a new house, they're more apt to purchase a different kind of cereal. When they get divorced, there's a higher chance they'll start buying different brands of beer.7.7 Consumers going through major life events often don't notice, or care, that their shopping patterns have shifted. However, retailers notice, and they care quite a bit. #Quote by Charles Duhigg
Cereal quotes by Tessa Bailey
#9. You see, there are three factors one must consider when choosing a snack from a vending machine. Substance, for one. It needs to hold you over until real food is available. Freshness, which your cereal bar is sorely lacking. And finally" - his eyes dropped to her mouth - "taste. #Quote by Tessa Bailey
Cereal quotes by Hal Borland
#10. Of all the everyday plants of the earth, grass is the least pretentious and the most important to mankind. It clothes the earth is an unmistakable way. Directly or indirectly it provides the bulk of man's food, his meat, his bread, every scrap of his cereal diet. Without grass we would all starve, we and all our animals. And what a dismal place this world would be! #Quote by Hal Borland
Cereal quotes by Curtis Sittenfeld
#11. I noticed then that the red-haired woman was buying the food you eat when you live alone: a box of cereal, a few apples, a plastic container of plain yogurt ... With an abrupt clarity, I saw how I had been launched into another category. I had been the red-haired woman; for a decade of my adult life, I had bought cereal and yogurt, I'd stood near couples and watched them nuzzle, and now I was part of such a couple. And I would not be launched back, I was certain. But I recognized her life, I knew it so well! I wanted to clasp her freckled hand, to say to her
surely we understood some shared code (or surely not, surely she'd have thought me preposterous)
It's good on the other side, but it's good on your side too. Enjoy it there. The loneliness is harder and the loneliness is the biggest part; but some things are easier. #Quote by Curtis Sittenfeld
Cereal quotes by Louis Tomlinson
#12. As long as we've got somewhere to sleep, a bowl of cereal, and a coloring book we'll be fine. #Quote by Louis Tomlinson
Cereal quotes by J.R. Miller
#13. But can one be a blessing merely by being cheerful? Yes; moral beauty of any kind exerts a silent influence for good. It is like a sweet flower by the wayside, which has a benediction for everyone who passes by. A legend tells how one day in Galilee the useful corn spurned the lilies because they fed no one's hunger. "One cannot earn a living just by being sweet," said the proud cereal. The lilies said nothing in reply, only seemed the sweeter, then the Master came that way; and while his disciples rested at his feet, and the rustling corn invited them to eat, he said, "Children, the life is more than meat. Consider the lilies, how beautiful they grow." It certainly seemed worth while then just to be sweet, for it pleased the Master. #Quote by J.R. Miller
Cereal quotes by Dave Turner
#14. Dave grimaced. 'Cheesecake for breakfast?'
'What's the problem? It's dairy and cereal. It's practically a bowl of cornflakes. #Quote by Dave Turner
Cereal quotes by Cameron Russell
#15. When I first lived in a model apartment ... It was two bunk beds to a room, and the bathroom was constantly in use. I was bringing in Lucky Charms cereal, and one day an agent put a stop to that. She said, 'You're making all the girls fat.' They took it off our grocery order. That was the most dramatic thing that happened. #Quote by Cameron Russell
Cereal quotes by Jim Butcher
#16. One more tip, kids. If you had any real talent, the air would practically have been on fire when you got ready to throw down. But you losers don't have enough magic between you to turn cereal into breakfast. #Quote by Jim Butcher
Cereal quotes by Rose George
#17. Who cares about the men who steered your breakfast cereal through winter storms? How ironic that the more ships have grown in size and consequence, the less space they take up in our imagination. #Quote by Rose George
Cereal quotes by Leila Sales
#18. The next time some desperate parents beg me to take care of their children," I raged, sawing at my slice of chicken breast, "I will ask them for a full accounting of all the boxes of cereal in their pantry. And if they don't have at least three types of sugary cereal, then I will say no. No, I will not babysit for your whiny children in your cereal-deprived sham of a household. #Quote by Leila Sales
Cereal quotes by Emmet Densmore
#19. The profound and primal cause of obesity will one day be recognized to be the use of cereal and starch foods. #Quote by Emmet Densmore
Cereal quotes by Chelsea Fine
#20. And your plan is what?" Nate said as he and Scarlet followed after him. "You're just going to drive around until you see a sign that says Raven's Secret Hostage Lair?"
Tristan wasn't sure what he was going to do, but hanging out in an alley all night certainly wasn't going to bring Gabriel back any faster. "What's the alternative? Go back home, east some Lucky Charms and get some sleep? I don't think so."
"Why are you hating on my cereal? #Quote by Chelsea Fine
Cereal quotes by Ruth Reichl
#21. I love breakfast, and I don't see any reason it has to be cereal and eggs and toast. #Quote by Ruth Reichl
Cereal quotes by Jamie McGuire
#22. Shepley walked out of his bedroom pulling a T-shirt over his head. His eyebrows pushed together. "Did they just leave?"

"Yeah," I said absently, rinsing my cereal bowl and dumping Abby's leftover oatmeal in the sink. She'd barely touched it.

"Well, what the hell? Mare didn't even say goodbye."

"You knew she was going to class. Quit being a cry baby."

Shepley pointed to his chest. "I'm the cry baby? Do you remember last night?"

"Shut up."

"That's what I thought." He sat on the couch and slipped on his sneakers. "Did you ask Abby about her birthday?"

"She didn't say much, except that she's not into birthdays."

"So what are we doing?"

"Throwing her a party." Shepley nodded, waiting for me to explain. "I thought we'd surprise her. Invite some of our friends over and have America take her out for a while."

Shepley put on his white ball cap, pulling it down so low over his brows I couldn't see his eyes. "She can manage that. Anything else?"

"How do you feel about a puppy?"

Shepley laughed once. "It's not my birthday, bro."

I walked around the breakfast bar and leaned my hip against the stool. "I know, but she lives in the dorms. She can't have a puppy."

"Keep it here? Seriously? What are we going to do with a dog?"

"I found a Cairn Terrier online. It's perfect."

"A what?"

"Pidge is #Quote by Jamie McGuire
Cereal quotes by Jarod Kintz
#23. She asked for soup, and I served her cereal. Our love was in the breakfast stage. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Cereal quotes by Summer Sanders
#24. I am addicted to cereal. I am one of those people who just loves their cereal morning, noon and night. Kellogg's message is what I tell my kids every single day, which is: You've gotta start off your day right with a good, healthy breakfast to give yourself the potential for greatness. #Quote by Summer Sanders
Cereal quotes by Mia Sheridan
#25. I have a quick vision of myself tackling them into a large display of cereal boxes; pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars and green clovers turning into colored chalk beneath their faces as I slam them into the tiled floor. Magically delicious carnage. #Quote by Mia Sheridan
Cereal quotes by Cassandra Clare
#26. We want you to tell us about vampires."
Simon grinned. "What do you want to know? Scariest is Eli in Let the Right One In, cheesiest is late-era Lestat, most underrated is David Bowie in The Hunger. Sexiest is definitely Drusilla, though if you ask a girl, she'll probably say Damon Salvatore or Edward Cullen. But ... " he shrugged, "You know girls."
Julie's and Beatriz's eyes were wide. "I didn't think you'd know so many!" Beatriz exclaimed. "Are they ... are they your friends?"
"Oh, sure, Count Dracula and I are like this," Simon said, crossing his fingers to demonstrate. "Also Count Chocula. Oh, and my BFF Count Blintzula. He's a real charmer ... " He trailed off as he realized no one else was laughing. In fact, no one seemed to realize he was joking. "They're from TV," he prompted them. "Or, uh, cereal."
"What's he talking about?" Julie asked Jon, perfect nose wrinkling up in confusion.
"Who cares?" Jon said. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Cereal quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#27. The story of the luxury trap carries with it an important lesson. Humanity's search for an easier life released immense forces of change that transformed the world in ways nobody envisioned or wanted. Nobody plotted the Agricultural Revolution or sought human dependence on cereal cultivation. A series of trivial decisions aimed mostly at filling a few stomachs and gaining a little security had the cumulative effect of forcing ancient foragers to spend their days carrying water buckets under a scorching sun. Divine #Quote by Yuval Noah Harari
Cereal quotes by Abbi Jacobson
#28. Cereal when high is always a great option. I don't even have cereal for that reason. #Quote by Abbi Jacobson
Cereal quotes by Dennis Vickers
#29. A surprising number, like options in the cereal aisle, liberal studies graduates working fast food, people who don't know Shakespeare coined the phrase break the ice. #Quote by Dennis Vickers
Cereal quotes by Erynn Mangum
#30. Jen's been hiding the sugary cereals behind the granola, so I forget we have them.
It's not a very nice thing to do.
Jen likes the granola that feels like crackling leaves.
I like cereal with taste as opposed to feelings. #Quote by Erynn Mangum
Cereal quotes by Wylie Dufresne
#31. Whether it be cereal technology or candy technology or snack technology, puff snacks, I'm always curious to know how those things are made and how we can take that technology, those ingredients, and apply it to a stand-alone restaurant. #Quote by Wylie Dufresne
Cereal quotes by P.C. Cast
#32. Another two-bowl morning? - Damien Maslin asking Zoey Redbird if her love of cereal was the reason she was almost late for Vamp Soc class #Quote by P.C. Cast
Cereal quotes by Bill Watterson
#33. I won't eat any cereal that doesn't turn the milk purple. #Quote by Bill Watterson
Cereal quotes by Raye Morgan
#34. Some people find the golden ring swimming in their cereal in the morning, slip it on their finger and go skipping through life. And others drop it in the sand at the beach & spend the rest of their life digging to get it back. #Quote by Raye Morgan
Cereal quotes by Matt Haig
#35. This meant he belonged to a special subcategory of human called a "teenager," the chief characteristics of which were a weakened resistance to gravity, a vocabulary of grunts, a lack of spatial awareness, copious amounts of masturbation, and an unending appetite for cereal. #Quote by Matt Haig
Cereal quotes by Nick Hornby
#36. That was his mother. When she wasn't crying over the breakfast cereal, she was laughing about killing herself. #Quote by Nick Hornby
Cereal quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#37. Since I've been on my own, I've been eating a lot of popcorn, cereal, instant noodles, and snack bars. I have a hot plate in my bedroom, a microwave, and a small fridge. That's the kind of kitchen I know how to get around in. #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Cereal quotes by Justin A. Reynolds
#38. We love to say everything's going to be okay, but honestly there's no way to know. And okay can mean so many different things.
Such as:
This cereal is okay.
The movie, eh, it was okay
I'm waiting for Dad to give me the okay about the road trip.
But applied to people to generally sounds terrible --
So, what do you think about the new kid?
Eh. He seems okay
Yo, I heard about your mom. How's she holding up?
She's okay.
Hey, I heard you lost a kidney. How are you doing, man?
I'm okay.
Okay isn't as comforting as I think people intend it to be. #Quote by Justin A. Reynolds
Cereal quotes by Frederick Lenz
#39. I like to shop. I don't always buy things when I shop, but I think it's fun to go out and look at the worlds of colors. I love to roam through supermarkets. I am a great lover of household products. I particularly like the packaging of cereal boxes. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Cereal quotes by Garth Risk Hallberg
#40. The four food groups of bachelorhood: Frozen, Cold Cuts, Breakfast Cereal, and Takeout. #Quote by Garth Risk Hallberg
Cereal quotes by Jamie Erickson
#41. And also, cereal could be served for dinner when necessary. (You're welcome.) #Quote by Jamie Erickson
Cereal quotes by Kathleen Glasgow
#42. Don't let the cereal eat you. It's only a fucking box of cereal, but it will eat you alive if you let it. #Quote by Kathleen Glasgow
Cereal quotes by Bob Dylan
#43. I didn't come out of a cereal box. #Quote by Bob Dylan
Cereal quotes by Deb Caletti
#44. What they say is, life goes on, and that is mostly true. The mail is delivered and the Christmas lights go up and the ladders get put away and you open yet another box of cereal. In time, the volume of my feelings would be turned down in gentle increments to a near quiet, and yet the record would still spin, always spin. There was a place for Rose so deeply within myself that it was another country, another world, with its own light and time and its own language. A lost world. Yet its foundations and edges were permanent-the ruins of Pompeii, the glorious remnants or the Forum. A world that endured, even as it retreated into the past. A world visited, imagined, ever waiting, yet asleep #Quote by Deb Caletti
Cereal quotes by Monica Potter
#45. During the week it isn't always easy to sit down together and I am usually in a rush to get everyone off to school. A bowl of cereal and milk with fruit is perfect because it's quick and easy. I like to mix it up on the weekends when we can all relax in our pajamas. #Quote by Monica Potter
Cereal quotes by Dean Koontz
#46. Usually I spare myself from the news, because if it's not propaganda, then it's one threat or another exaggerated to the point of absurdity, or it's the tragedy of storm-quake-tsunami, of bigotry and oppression misnamed justice, of hatred passed off as righteousness and honor called dishonorable, all jammed in around advertisements in which a gecko sells insurance, a bear sells toilet tissue, a dog sells cars, a gorilla sells investment advisers, a tiger sells cereal, and an elephant sells a drug that will improve your lung capacity, as if no human being in America any longer believes any other human being, but trusts only the recommendations of animals. #Quote by Dean Koontz
Cereal quotes by Jarod Kintz
#47. I read trash. Empty cereal boxes, empty shampoo bottles, the bottoms of empty Kleenex boxes, and occasionally even a mystical self-help book. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Cereal quotes by Shirley Jackson
#48. The twins were loitering over their cereal, and Mrs. Walpole, with one eye on the clock and the other on the kitchen window past which the school bus would come in a matter of minutes, felt the unreasonable irritation that comes with being late on a school morning, the wading-through-molasses feeling of trying to hurry children. #Quote by Shirley Jackson
Cereal quotes by Gary Taubes
#49. The science tells us that obesity is ultimately the result of a hormonal imbalance, not a caloric one - specifically, the stimulation of insulin secretion caused by eating easily digestible, carbohydrate-rich foods: refined carbohydrates, including flour and cereal grains, starchy vegetables such as potatoes, and sugars, like sucrose (table sugar) and high-fructose corn syrup. These carbohydrates literally make us fat, and by driving us to accumulate fat, they make us hungrier and they make us sedentary. #Quote by Gary Taubes
Cereal quotes by Jason Dolley
#50. For whatever reason, I enjoy eating soggy cereal. #Quote by Jason Dolley
Cereal quotes by Roald Dahl
#51. Do you know what breakfast cereal is made of? It's made of all those little curly wooden shavings you find in pencil sharpeners! #Quote by Roald Dahl
Cereal quotes by Dan John
#52. Honestly, seriously, you don't know what to do about food? Here is an idea: Eat like an adult. Stop eating fast food, stop eating kid's cereal, knock it off with all the sweets and comfort foods whenever your favorite show is not on when you want it on, ease up on the snacking and - don't act like you don't know this - eat vegetables and fruits more. Really, how difficult is this? Stop with the whining. Stop with the excuses. Act like an adult and stop eating like a television commercial. Grow up. #Quote by Dan John
Cereal quotes by Jarod Kintz
#53. We'll make plans on sticky notes and we'll stick to them. We'll get married, but only after we buy some milk, cereal, and a book of baby names. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Cereal quotes by Laura Kaye
#54. Owen scooped up a mound of cereal. "Box said they were magically delicious." He cleared his spoon with a big bite.
"Well, they're definitely delicious, but only you are both magical and delicious." She leaned over and pressed a sloppy kiss to his cheek. #Quote by Laura Kaye
Cereal quotes by Dan O'Brien
#55. When I was little, I wasn't allowed to put sugar on my breakfast cereal because it made me so hyper. #Quote by Dan O'Brien
Cereal quotes by Harriet Reuter Hapgood
#56. That's how I'll score my Nobel: one girl's experiment to live off cereal in her room for an entire summer. #Quote by Harriet Reuter Hapgood
Cereal quotes by Bo Burnham
#57. I remember being superyoung, like nine or ten years old, and thinking, 'Man, I wonder what famous people eat for breakfast. They must have some special kind of cereal!' My mind was so warped by the idea of fame. #Quote by Bo Burnham
Cereal quotes by Neal Stephenson
#58. He was fascinated by the mid-western/middle American phenomenon of recombinant cuisine. Rice Krispie Treats being a prototypical example in that they were made by repurposing other foods that had already been prepared (to wit, breakfast cereal and marshmallows). And of course, any recipe that called for a can of cream of mushroom soup fell into the same category. The unifying principle behind all recombinant cuisine seemed to be indifference, if not outright hostility, to the use of anything that a coastal foodie would define as an ingredient. #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Cereal quotes by Jessica Biel
#59. My mom was [a hippie]. We weren't allowed sugar cereal. We weren't allowed processed foods-except Van de Kamp's fish sticks. We never locked the front door. #Quote by Jessica Biel
Cereal quotes by Adlai Ewing Stevenson
#60. Selling the presidency like cereal! How can you talk seriously about issues with half-minute spots? #Quote by Adlai Ewing Stevenson
Cereal quotes by Greta Van Susteren
#61. President Obama can find time to meet with a YouTube personality who eats cereal out of a bathtub, but not the prime minister of our ally Israel? #Quote by Greta Van Susteren
Cereal quotes by Barack Obama
#62. Illinois preschoolers were temporarily saved from the debilitating effects of cereal and milk. #Quote by Barack Obama
Cereal quotes by Holly Black
#63. Tana would sit near the door to the basement with fingers in her ears, tears and snot running down her face as she cried and cried and cried. And little Pearl would toddle up, crying, too. They cried while they ate their cereal, cried while they watched cartoons, and cried themselves to sleep at night, huddled together in Tana's little bed. 'Make her stop' Pearl said, but Tana couldn't. #Quote by Holly Black
Cereal quotes by Eddie Izzard
#64. It wasn't until I was an adult that I realized you could buy a packet of cereal with a free gift and then just stick your hand in and root around in the packet until you found the free thing. It seems a much simpler way. But that took me about fifteen years to work out. #Quote by Eddie Izzard
Cereal quotes by Jerry Seinfeld
#65. I like any cereal. I like the idea of just eating and drinking with one hand without looking. #Quote by Jerry Seinfeld
Cereal quotes by Jo Frost
#66. 1 cup milk plus: 1. Small bowl cold cereal + blueberries + yogurt 2. 1 egg, scrambled or boiled + 1 slice toast + strawberries 3. 1 cut-up chicken sausage + toast + ½ banana 4. ½ bagel + cream cheese + raspberries 5. 1 slice ham on toast + ½ orange 6. ½ tortilla rolled up with cheese + melon + yogurt 7. Small bowl oatmeal + cut-up bananas and strawberries Lunch and Dinner 1. 1 salmon cake + carrots + rice 2. Fish pie + broccoli 3. 3 oz salmon + cup of pasta + peas 4. 2 fish sticks + cup couscous + veg 5. ½ breast of chicken + veg + small potato 6. Roast chicken + dumplings + veg 7. 1 meat or peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich + apple + yogurt 8. 1 small homemade pizza + fruit 9. Pasta with tomato sauce and cheese + veg 10. Chicken risotto + veg 11. Ground beef + potato + peas 12. Small tuna pasta bake + veg 13. 4 meatballs + pasta + veg 14. Chicken stir-fry with veg + rice #Quote by Jo Frost
Cereal quotes by Neil Postman
#67. What we need to consider about the computer has nothing to do with its efficiency as a teaching tool. We need to know in what ways it is altering our conception of learning, and how, in conjunction with television, it undermines the old idea of school. Who cares how many boxes of cereal can be sold via television? We need to know if television changes our conception of reality, the relationship of the rich to the poor, the idea of happiness itself. A preacher who confines himself to considering how a medium can increase his audience will miss the significant question: In what sense do new media alter what is meant by religion, by church, even by God? And if the politician cannot think beyond the next election, then we must wonder about what new media do to the idea of political organization and to the conception of citizenship. #Quote by Neil Postman
Cereal quotes by Meg Rosoff
#68. Pouring breakfast cereal into a bowl, he saw his life crashing down in smoking ruins. #Quote by Meg Rosoff
Cereal quotes by Emma Donoghue
#69. Today is one of the days when Ma is Gone.
She won't wake up properly. She's here but not really. She stays in Bed with the pillows on her head.
Silly Penis is standing up, I squish him down.
I eat my hundred cereal and I stand on my chair to wash the bowl and Meltedy Spoon. It's very quiet when I switch off the water. I wonder did Old Nick come in the night. I don't think he did because the trash bag is still by Door, but maybe he did only he didn't take the trash? Maybe Ma's not just Gone. Maybe he squished her neck even harder and now she's -
I go up really close and listen till I hear breath. I'm just one inch away, my hair touches Ma's nose and she puts her hand up over her face so I step back.
I don't have a bath on my own, I just get dressed.
There's hours and hours, hundreds of them.
Ma gets up to pee but not talking, with her face all blank. I already put a glass of water beside Bed but she just gets back under Duvet. #Quote by Emma Donoghue
Cereal quotes by Paul Rudnick
#70. Writing is 90 percent procrastination: reading magazines, eating cereal out of the box, watching infomercials. It's a matter of doing everything you can to avoid writing, until it is about four in the morning and you reach the point where you have to write. #Quote by Paul Rudnick
Cereal quotes by Mary Calmes
#71. Lighten up." I yawned, pointing across the street to the diner. "If I got upset every time someone beat me, or chased me, or tried to rape me, I'd be crying in my cereal every morning. No one likes a whiner. #Quote by Mary Calmes
Cereal quotes by Mark Bittman
#72. Your 'Pringle' contains 30% potato, that yoghurt has the same amount of sugar as ice cream, that whole grain cereal bar may be no better for you than a snickers. #Quote by Mark Bittman
Cereal quotes by Logan Echolls
#73. Nice car. Wow, it must have been a huge cereal box. #Quote by Logan Echolls
Cereal quotes by Dave Eggers
In her kitchen, she saw many things she would like to eat. On the counter, there was a bunch of new bananas, yellow as a Van Gogh chair, and two apples, pristine. The cabinet was open and she saw a box of crackers, a new box of cereal, a tube of curved chips. She felt overwhelmed, seeing all of the food there, that it was all hers. And there was more in the refrigerator! There were juices, half a melon, a dozen bagels, salmon, a steak, yogurt in a dozen colors. It would take her a week to eat all of this food. She does not deserve this, she thought. It really isn't fair, she thought. You're correct, God said, and then struck dead 65,000 Malaysians. #Quote by Dave Eggers
Cereal quotes by Erma Bombeck
#75. Like religion, politics, and family planning, cereal is not a topic to be brought up in public. It's too controversial. #Quote by Erma Bombeck
Cereal quotes by Lindsey Stirling
#76. In the music industry I get a lot of public judgement. Any time the topic of my religion surfaces, there are always people who react negatively, telling me to leave my crazy beliefs out of it. The problem is, I can't. My beliefs are as much a part of my being as my music, or my family, or my obsession with earthy-tasting cereal. Luckily, after all the rejection I faced on my mission, I'm no longer afraid of negative reactions. I've already heard it all--- face-to-face. Hateful comments still hurt, but they don't hold the same weight they once did. Besides, say what you want, but I'm a short-haired angel. (Or at least I was to one man on a subway.) #Quote by Lindsey Stirling
Cereal quotes by Various
#77. Yo momma so fat her cereal bowl comes with a lifeguard. #Quote by Various
Cereal quotes by Matt Groening
#78. Buy Space Ghost cereal, but don't eat the prizes. #Quote by Matt Groening
Cereal quotes by Neil Leckman
#79. How many boxs of Fruit Loops do you need to smash to be considered a cereal killer? #Quote by Neil Leckman
Cereal quotes by Libba Bray
#80. Taylor clapped three times for attention. "Ladies! Ladies! My stars! That's enough. Now. We all know Miss Arkansas's girls are fake, Miss Ohio's easier than making cereal, and Miss Montana's dress is something my blind meemaw would wear to bingo night."
- "Beauty Queens #Quote by Libba Bray
Cereal quotes by Suzanne Finnamore
#81. I know now with blind certainty that no matter what, eventually marriage is just two financially interdependent strangers staring across the kitchen table at each other. They have backpacks slung across their bodies, containing their sexual and romantic history and unresolved issues and family memories. And there´s nothing but cold cereal, because the days of flaky croissants and foamy cappuccino are over. Reality reclines on top of the refrigerator, leering down with a wry yet tender expression. And one day it all just collapses and the backpacks are hauled away to another kitchen table. #Quote by Suzanne Finnamore
Cereal quotes by Neal Stephenson
#82. But then, Cap'n Crunch in a flake form would be suicidal madness; it would last about as long, when immersed in milk, as snowflakes sifting down into a deep fryer. No, the cereal engineers at General Mills had to find a shape that would minimize surface area, and, as some sort of compromise between the sphere that is dictated by Euclidean geometry and whatever sunken treasure related shapes that the cereal aestheticians were probably clamoring for, they came up with this hard -to-pin-down striated pillow formation. #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Cereal quotes by Alicia Silverstone
#83. I love, love, love apricot baby food. My closet in the kitchen is filled with jars of it. I love Lucky Charms and Cocoa Pebbles cereal. I love my purple couch, and I love dancing. I used to have the best stuffed animals, but Samson [her dog] ate them. #Quote by Alicia Silverstone
Cereal quotes by Pattrice Jones
#84. When I look closely at dairy, I see the hurtful exploitation of specifically female bodies so that some people can enjoy sensual pleasures of consumption while others enjoy the psychological pleasure of collecting profits from the exertions of somebody else's body. Cows are forcibly impregnated, dispossessed of their children, and then painfully robbed of the milk produced by their bodies for those children. No wonder I didn't want to see my complicity! Most women don't consciously perceive the everyday violence against girls and women that permeates and structures our society. How much harder it is, then, to see the gendered violence against nonhuman animals behind the everyday items on the grocery store shelf. When we, as women, partake of that violence, we participate in sexism even as we enjoy the illusory benefits of speciesism. No wonder a glimpse of the sexist violence behind my breakfast cereal left me dizzy. #Quote by Pattrice Jones
Cereal quotes by Mark Hamill
#85. I love the fact that, one time, my face was on the back of a cereal box - probably 3-CPO's - and it was a mask where you cut out the eye holes and put a string through the side. It makes me feel like I'm 11 years old all over again. #Quote by Mark Hamill
Cereal quotes by Daniel Tosh
#86. You should never eat when you're on the toilet. "But I'm lactose-intolerant, and I always wanted to enjoy a bowl of Puffins with whole milk!" That's more of an almond milk cereal, but live
your dream. #Quote by Daniel Tosh
Cereal quotes by Alice Greczyn
#87. My family traveled a lot. For a while we even lived in a trailer and traveled from campground to campground. If we got to eat at the Cheesecake Factory, it was the highlight of our whole year! But I don't miss having to share a bathroom with seven people or having powdered milk with my cereal. It was so nasty. #Quote by Alice Greczyn
Cereal quotes by Allison Williams
#88. I was only allowed only to watch public television until I was 12 years old. I would come home from friends's houses with a list of demands. 'OK, We have all the wrong cereals. You guys are asleep on the job.' #Quote by Allison Williams
Cereal quotes by Judy Blume
#89. I loved to read, and I think any child who loves to read will read anything, including the back of the cereal box, which I did every morning. #Quote by Judy Blume
Cereal quotes by Gary Taubes
#90. In other words, the science itself makes clear that hormones, enzymes, and growth factors regulate our fat tissue, just as they do everything else in the human body, and that we do not get fat because we overeat; we get fat because the carbohydrates in our diet make us fat. The science tells us that obesity is ultimately the result of a hormonal imbalance, not a caloric one - specifically, the stimulation of insulin secretion caused by eating easily digestible, carbohydrate-rich foods: refined carbohydrates, including flour and cereal grains, starchy vegetables such as potatoes, and sugars, like sucrose (table sugar) and high-fructose corn syrup. These carbohydrates literally make us fat, and by driving us to accumulate fat, they make us hungrier and they make us sedentary.
This is the fundamental reality of why we fatten, and if we're to get lean and stay lean we'll have to understand and accept it, and, perhaps more important, our doctors are going to have to understand and acknowledge it, too. #Quote by Gary Taubes
Cereal quotes by Dee Williams
#91. The more I took note of how my body and brain clicked along through the day, the more I realized that I spent a considerable amount of time banging around with a brain full of chatter; a rush of things to do, bills to pay, telephone calls, text messages, e-mails, worrying about my job or my looks, my boobs or my ass; I rushed from thing to thing, multitasking, triple-timing, hoping to cover all the bases, avoiding anything that might disrupt the schedule or routine. At times, I was so caught up in the tempo and pattern, the predictable tap, tap, tap of each day, that there was no time to notice the neighbors had moved out, the wind was sneaking in from the north, the sun was shifting on its axis, and tonight the moon would look like the milky residue floating inside an enormous cereal bowl. I wondered when I had become a person who noticed so little. #Quote by Dee Williams
Cereal quotes by Michael Moss
#92. Some candy bars had more protein than many cereals. [Jean] Mayer dubbed them "sugar-coated vitamin pills" and wrote, "I contend that these cereals containing over 50% sugar should be labeled imitation cereal or cereal confections, and they should be sold in the candy section rather than in the cereal section. #Quote by Michael Moss
Cereal quotes by Ruby Lang
#93. She was thirty-two years old; it was a Friday night; and she was in a hoodie, eating popcorn and cereal, reading about brain trauma, and hate-watching hockey. #Quote by Ruby Lang
Cereal quotes by Rachel Hawthorne
#94. I found him in the kitchen, at the table in the bay window, already eating his cereal.
"I was going to fix you breakfast," I said.
He grinned. "I wouldn't want you to put yourself out."
"No one can pour cereal like I can. That's true."
I crossed the kitchen. He scooted his chair back, and I sat on his lap and put my arms on his shoulders.
"Good morning," I said, right before I kissed him.
Oh, yes, this was definitely the way to start the day.
"We're in the house," he said when we stopped kissing. "Thought we had a rule about not kissing in the house."
"Yeah, we also had a house rule--no falling for the player living with us. You see how good I am at following rules."
He grinned. "Lucky for me. Why don't you come to Ruby Tuesday for lunch?"
"Then practice."
"Maybe we could do something afterward."
He kissed me again. He tasted like bran flakes and raisins and bananas.
Me, I tasted like chocolate chip cookie dough.
It was an odd combination but it somehow worked. #Quote by Rachel Hawthorne
Cereal quotes by Tana French
#95. We think about mortality so little, these days, except to flail hysterically at it with trendy forms of exercise and high-fiber cereals and nicotine patches. #Quote by Tana French
Cereal quotes by Sarah Dessen
#96. I really just love to read, period, whether it be books or magazines or the back of the cereal box. It's the one thing I can always count on to calm me down, take me away and inspire me, all at once. #Quote by Sarah Dessen
Cereal quotes by Kathleen Norris
#97. To eat in a monastery refectory is an exercise in humility; daily, one is reminded to put communal necessity before individual preference. While consumer culture speaks only to preferences, treating even whims as needs to be granted (and the sooner the better), monastics sense that this pandering to delusions of self-importance weakens the true self, and diminishes our ability to distinguish desires from needs. It's a price they're not willing to pay. #Quote by Kathleen Norris
Cereal quotes by Spencer Madsen
#98. Cereal and milk is a poor substitute for ice cream, which is a poor substitute for emotional stability. #Quote by Spencer Madsen
Cereal quotes by Anonymous
#99. Resist the temptation to stir in mashed bananas, applesauce, or fruit juices, or to buy prepared cereal with fruit (even down the road, after you've introduced these fruits), or your baby will quickly come to accept only sweet foods, rejecting all else. #Quote by Anonymous
Cereal quotes by Dan Kennedy
#100. On the TV screen right now, it's 1975, and Jimmy Page is playing like a man who answers to nobody. A man existing in that seductive state of extended adolescence that rock legends bask in, a man connected to something in the universe larger than even the sum total of the legendary Led Zeppelin, playing guitar because that is so clearly what he was put here to do. And it's wrong to expect that kind of divine moment to last forever, and to expect an artist to stay in 1975. Fact is, ten minutes ago I saw the guy onscreen right downstairs, coming off the trading floor of the stock exchange with a banker carrying his guitar cases for him. I sit cross-legged on the floor on a workday staring into my cereal bowl, thinking about how we all change. We all grow up. We all move on, one way or another, whether we want to or not. #Quote by Dan Kennedy
Cereal quotes by John Green
#101. That's always seemed so ridiculous to me, that people want to be around someone because they're pretty. It's like picking your breakfeast cereals based on color instead of taste. #Quote by John Green
Cereal quotes by Michael Moss
#102. So the dentist took a trip to his local supermarkets, brought seventy-eight brands of cereal back to his lab, and proceeded to measure the sugar content of each with damning precision. A third of the brands had sugar levels between 10 percent and 25 percent. Another third ranged up to an alarming 50 percent, and eleven climbed even higher still - with one cereal, Super Orange Crisps, packing a sugar load of 70.8 percent. When each cereal brand was cross-referenced with TV advertising records, the sweetest brands were found to be the ones most heavily marketed to kids during Saturday morning cartoons. #Quote by Michael Moss
Cereal quotes by Hank Bracker
#103. My mother worked as a saleslady at the well-known Five Corner bakery in Journal Square during the day. Her orders were that I do at least one page of homework for every one of my subjects before she came home. It didn't matter what my teachers would assign, those were her rules and I didn't dare to violate them! However, I usually allowed others to make the rules and then decide whether I would follow them. Turning on our small Bakelite radio, I would ignore my mother's rules and listen to my favorite adventure shows.
"Jack Armstrong, the All-American Boy, Superman, who could leap tall buildings in a single bound, and Tom Mix were my favorite daily half-hour radio programs during the week. Tom Mix was forever solving some mystery that I could help him with, since I had a decoder badge that cost only 10 cents, along with a box top from a Ralston Purina's "Wheat Chex" cereal box. Since it tasted like straw, wanting to get a decoder badge was the only way I would eat this blah cereal for breakfast.
The radio shows were way too exciting, and my homework always took second place. When my mother finally came home and saw that I had not done my work, she would get quite upset and make me do twice as much, seated at the kitchen table where she could keep her eye on me. Being under her direct supervision wasn't much fun, but I would sit there until she was satisfied that I had finished my assignments. My mother showed no mercy! If my father found out about my being lax, ther #Quote by Hank Bracker
Cereal quotes by Eugene Jarecki
#104. It was natural to see the struggle for dignity for black people in America as a sister struggle of the Jewish struggle. So growing up, it was always a part of my breakfast cereal to think of myself as someone who was part of a larger struggle. #Quote by Eugene Jarecki
Cereal quotes by Natalie Morales
#105. I feel better all day if I start off by eating healthy. Breakfast is simple: multigrain toast with natural peanut butter, oatmeal, yogurt, fruit, or healthy cereal. #Quote by Natalie Morales
Cereal quotes by Natalie Massenet
#106. I cry at anything remotely touching - smile at me warmly and I'm off ... television also does it, everything from 'X-Factor' to cereal commercials. I cry when I am tired. I also cry when I laugh. #Quote by Natalie Massenet
Cereal quotes by Bill Watterson
#107. Susie: Hi Calvin! Aren't you excited about going to school? Look at all these great school supplies I got! I love having new notebooks and stuff!
Calvin:All I've got to say is they're not making me learn any foreign languages. If English is good enough for me, then by golly, it's good enough for the rest of the world! Everyone should just speak English or shut up, that's what I say!
Susie: You should maybe check the chemical content of your breakfast cereal. #Quote by Bill Watterson
Cereal quotes by Theresa Caputo
#108. Whenever Spirit used to show me a horse, it usually meant that someone liked horses, was an equestrian, or bet the horses. But one day, I went through all the meanings with a client, and when he didn't connect with any of them, Spirit showed me the strangest thing - an outline of New Jersey. So just like that, horses also began to symbolize the Garden State. Why? Beats me, but if it works for Spirit, it works for me. I went through the same process with oatmeal. It was always a symbol that meant someone liked to eat the gloppy cereal - obvious enough. But then once when I said that in a session, the client said no, so Spirit then made me feel like I was pacing up and down a driveway every day. I asked the woman if the deceased was very regimented, and when she said yes, Spirit established that oatmeal would now mean that the person really liked oatmeal and/or that the person liked a routine. Seems random to us, but listen, maybe Spirit thinks it takes a lot of discipline to eat a bowl of Quaker Oats! #Quote by Theresa Caputo
Cereal quotes by Barry Schwartz
#109. I think that in modern America, we have far too many options for breakfast cereal and not enough options for president. #Quote by Barry Schwartz
Cereal quotes by Dan Wells
#110. It may surprise you to know this, but there are children
some of them teenage boys, just like you
who actually carry on open, honest conversations with their mothers."
"I find it very hard to believe that there are other teenage boys just like me." I finished my cereal and stood up. "I also find it a little terrifying. #Quote by Dan Wells
Cereal quotes by Julianne Moore
#111. I still battle with my deeply boring diet of, essentially, yogurt and breakfast cereal and granola bars. I hate dieting. I hate having to do it to be the 'right' size. I'm hungry all the time. I think I'm a slender person, but the industry apparently doesn't. All actresses are hungry all the time, I think. #Quote by Julianne Moore
Cereal quotes by Patricia Cornwell
#112. Leaves covered pavement like soggy cereal. #Quote by Patricia Cornwell
Cereal quotes by C. Michael Powers
#113. If your milk is expired, you don't have enough time on your hands. There's always time for cereal. #Quote by C. Michael Powers
Cereal quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#114. Today he left it wild.

His dad flipped at breakfast. Flipped. Park tried to sneak out without seeing him, but his mom was non-negotiable about breakfast. Park hung his head over the cereal bowl.

'What's wrong with your hair?' his dad asked.


'Wait a minute, look at me… I said look at me.'

Park lifted his head, but looked away.

'What the fuck, Park?'

'Jamie!' his mother said.

'Look at him, Mindy, he's wearing makeup!

Are you fucking kidding me, Park?'

'No excuse to cuss,' his mom said. She looked nervously at Park, like maybe this was her fault. Maybe it was. Maybe she shouldn't have tried out lipstick samples on him when he was in kindergarten. Not that he wanted to wear lipstick. #Quote by Rainbow Rowell
Cereal quotes by Johnny Galecki
#115. Right now, I'm very healthy. I have no vices left. Except sugary breakfast cereal. And absinthe, of course. #Quote by Johnny Galecki
Cereal quotes by Jack Womack
#116. Today, as never before - the information media having become to enlightenment as the cereal aisle is to the supermarket - if you choose not to access the past, you are de facto free to rule it out of existence, at least so far as you might be concerned. #Quote by Jack Womack
Cereal quotes by Adlai E. Stevenson
#117. The idea that you can merchandise candidates for high office like breakfast cereal - that you can gather votes like box tops - is, I think, the ultimate indignity to the democratic process. #Quote by Adlai E. Stevenson
Cereal quotes by Charles Portis
#118. One of the favorite speakers was a man in red who warned of sickle-cell anemia, 'a deadly organism lurking in all nigger blood.'

'If so much as one drop of nigger blood gets in your baby's cereal,' he said, 'the baby will surely die in one year.' He did not explain how he thought a negro would come to bleed in anyone's cereal. #Quote by Charles Portis
Cereal quotes by Mark Manson
#119. If Jane has to choose between 2 boxes of cereal, and Mike can choose from 20 boxes, Mike does not have more freedom than Jane. He has more variety. <...> Variety is not freedom. #Quote by Mark Manson
Cereal quotes by Greg Iles
#120. Because I expected so little, Gaines's painting is startlingly powerul. A lank-haired blond woman with a hard face sits at akitchen table in the harsh light of a bare bulb. She's surrounded by dirty cereal bowls and fast-food bags, and her shirt is open to the waist, revealing small sagging breasts. Her hollow eyes look out from the canvas with the sullen resignation of an animal that has helped build its own cage. #Quote by Greg Iles
Cereal quotes by Rod Serling
#121. We're developing a new citizenry. One that will be very selective about cereals and automobiles, but won't be able to think. #Quote by Rod Serling
Cereal quotes by Neil Postman
#122. Parents embraced "Sesame Street" for several reasons, among them that it assuaged their guilt over the fact that they could not or would not restrict their children's access to television. "Sesame Street" appeared to justify allowing a four- or five-year-old to sit transfixed in front of a television screen for unnatural periods of time. Parents were eager to hope that television could teach their children something other than which breakfast cereal has the most crackle. At the same time, "Sesame Street" relieved them of the responsibility of teaching their pre-school children how to read - no small matter in a culture where children are apt to be considered a nuisance ... We now know that "Sesame Street" encourages children to love school only if school is like "Sesame Street." Which is to say, we now know that "Sesame Street" undermines what the traditional idea of schooling represents. #Quote by Neil Postman
Cereal quotes by Ana Ortiz
#123. I need to eat before a workout. If I exercise in the morning, I'll have a little oatmeal, cereal, or a hard-boiled egg with toast. If I go in the afternoon, I'll eat a turkey sandwich with cheese for lunch. #Quote by Ana Ortiz
Cereal quotes by Aimee Bender
#124. Because when, previously, they had wrenched a book out of his hands, he had stared into space so disconcertingly it made the rest of us feel like putting a bag over his head. Sometimes, if he didn't have a book, to occupy Joseph's eyes I would plant a cereal-box side panel in front of him, and his eyes would slide over and attach to the words, as if they could not do anything but roam and float in the air until words and numbers anchored them back into our world. #Quote by Aimee Bender
Cereal quotes by James W. Blinn
#125. I used to be a gibber-poet. . . . assemblages of appropriated text from cereal box side panels. I'd spell every third word backwards to foreground the slipping signification of say, riboflavin, dextrose, whatever - the arbitrariness of the act is what charges the work with politically subversive anti-hegemonic gender inspecificity. Once you implode the ingredients hierarchy you've eradicated the implicit privileging of the phallocentric socio-economic taxonomy. The whole banana to slip . . . into pro-metaphoric usage is so de-centered you can bet your boots they won't be recon-deconstructing Sugar-Frosted Flakes again till the cows some home to roost. #Quote by James W. Blinn
Cereal quotes by Jack Gray
#126. they bread the chicken fingers in Cap'n Crunch cereal. Yeah. Take a moment to absorb how incredible that is, because once you do, you're going to be checking yourself and a platter of that shit into t he nearest hourly motel. #Quote by Jack Gray
Cereal quotes by Donna Tartt
#127. By his own choice, he had so little contact with the outside world that he frequently considered the commonplace to be bizarre: an automatic-teller machine, for instance, or some new peculiarity in the supermarket - cereal shaped like vampires, or unrefrigerated yogurt sold in pop-top cans. #Quote by Donna Tartt
Cereal quotes by Ean Rodriguez
#128. What's the difference between hot and cold cereal? Why can't all cereals get along? #Quote by Ean Rodriguez
Cereal quotes by Lisa Scottoline
#129. I love my job, and I love books. I read anything, including cereal boxes. I care deeply about what people think of my books, and I memorize my reviews. I love to hear from my readers. #Quote by Lisa Scottoline
Cereal quotes by Eric Spitznagel
#130. He tilted the box toward a chipped Pottery Barn blue bowl, and the little blue clumps, like cerulean rat turds, tumbled out, hitting the porcelain with a surprisingly metallic thud. It sounded like pennies dumped into an aluminum trash can. #Quote by Eric Spitznagel
Cereal quotes by Rick Riordan
#131. That boy needs to eat more. He's too skinny. He needs more cereal.
-Demeter #Quote by Rick Riordan
Cereal quotes by Louise Erdrich
#132. Leave the dishes.
Let the celery rot in the bottom drawer of the refrigerator
and an earthen scum harden on the kitchen floor.
Leave the black crumbs in the bottom of the toaster.
Throw the cracked bowl out and don't patch the cup.
Don't patch anything. Don't mend. Buy safety pins.
Don't even sew on a button.
Let the wind have its way, then the earth
that invades as dust and then the dead
foaming up in gray rolls underneath the couch.
Talk to them. Tell them they are welcome.
Don't keep all the pieces of the puzzles
or the doll's tiny shoes in pairs, don't worry
who uses whose toothbrush or if anything
matches, at all.
Except one word to another. Or a thought.
Pursue the authentic-decide first
what is authentic,
then go after it with all your heart.
Your heart, that place
you don't even think of cleaning out.
That closet stuffed with savage mementos.
Don't sort the paper clips from screws from saved baby teeth
or worry if we're all eating cereal for dinner
again. Don't answer the telephone, ever,
or weep over anything at all that breaks.
Pink molds will grow within those sealed cartons
in the refrigerator. Accept new forms of life
and talk to the dead
who drift in though the screened windows, who collect
patiently on the tops of food jars and books.
Recycle the mail, don't read it, don't read anything
except what destr #Quote by Louise Erdrich
Cereal quotes by Michael Pollan
#133. Yet as a general rule it's a whole lot easier to slap a health claim on a box of sugary cereal than on a raw potato or a carrot, with the perverse result that the most healthful foods in the supermarket sit there quietly in the produce section, silent as stroke victims, while a few aisles over in Cereal the Cocoa Puffs and Lucky Charms are screaming their newfound "whole-grain goodness" to the rafters. #Quote by Michael Pollan
Cereal quotes by Hayley Atwell
#134. Just been told that I've been in a car crash with Stephen Merchant. I was eating cereal in my pj's when I heard. I hope I'm ok. #Quote by Hayley Atwell
Cereal quotes by Nico Mirallegro
#135. I'm definitely a morning person. I wake up dead happy, looking forward to having my cereal! #Quote by Nico Mirallegro
Cereal quotes by Philip K. Dick
#136. Wake up to a hearty, lip-smacking bowlful of nutritious, nourishing Ubik toasted flakes, the adult cereal that's more crunchy, more tasty, more ummmish. Ubik breakfast cereal, the whole-bowl taste treat! #Quote by Philip K. Dick
Cereal quotes by Aziz Ansari
#137. Your favorite kind of cake can't be birthday cake, that's like saying your favorite kind of cereal is breakfast cereal. #Quote by Aziz Ansari
Cereal quotes by J.C. Carleson
#138. An entire aisle of cereal...hundreds of choices....Of course I had eaten cereal before. I'm not a savage....Cereal was a small, affordable luxury. An effort. A point of pride. Something special....Those crates of cereal meant that we deserved what others do not.... Here the choices that stand before me in the store aisles seem to exist only to mock me. Cereal isn't a luxury...the boxes laugh at me...Two aisles down I count 27 varieties of peanut butter....it is really necessary? #Quote by J.C. Carleson
Cereal quotes by Ann Brashares
#139. It was her last breakfast with Bapi, her last morning in Greece. In her frenetic bliss that kept her up till dawn, she'd scripted a whole conversation in Greek for her and Bapi to have as their grand finale of the summer. Now she looked at him contentedly munching on his Rice Krispies, waiting for the right juncture for launchtime.

He looked up at her briefly and smiled, and she realized something important. This was how they both liked it. Though most people felt bonded by conversation, Lena and Bapi were two of a kind who didn't. They bonded by the routine of just eating cereal together.

She promptly forgot her script and went back to her cereal.

At one point, when she was down to just milk, Bapi reached over and put his hand on hers. 'You're my girl,' he said.

And Lena knew she was. #Quote by Ann Brashares
Cereal quotes by Tristram Stuart
#140. A hunk of beef raised on Scottish moorland has a very different ecological footprint from one created in an intensive feedlot using concentrated cereal feed, and a wild venison or rabbit casserole is arguably greener than a vegetable curry. #Quote by Tristram Stuart
Cereal quotes by Sara Zarr
#141. You didn't call me last night."
"Was I supposed to?"
He looked down. "Just figured now that you had my number ... Kept my phone on all night, just in case." He laughed. "I started to worry that it didn't work. Actually went out to a pay phone to test it."
"You could have called me. That way you left me after lunch on Saturday, I figured ... " I ended there and shrugged, not wanting to be mad at him or get into any kind of argument. "Anyway, after auditions I went to the gym with Steph, and I'm so behind in my homework it's not even funny." Of course I'd punched in his number about eighteen times without actually ever calling him. I wasn't sure what I'd say, and worried about how I'd feel if he didn't answer.
"I shouldn't have left like that on Saturday."
"Yeah, well." I waved my hands. "Don't worry about it. I have to finish getting ready. There's cereal and stuff ... just make yourself at home. #Quote by Sara Zarr
Cereal quotes by J. Kenner
#142. I don't want you to have to handle it. That's the horror of my past. But you ... you're the reality of my present. You're the proof I survived. The prize in the cereal box. #Quote by J. Kenner
Cereal quotes by Bee Wilson
#143. Why is a bowl of frosted cereal loops with added rainbow marshmallows allowed to count as 'breakfast' and not 'sweets'? #Quote by Bee Wilson
Cereal quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#144. Of course, we all inevitably work too hard, then we get burned out and have to spend the whole weekend in our pajamas, eating cereal straight out of the box and staring at the TV in a mild coma (which is the opposite of working, yes, but not exactly the same thing as pleasure). #Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert
Cereal quotes by Joan Aiken
#145. Children read to learn - even when they are reading fantasy, nonsense, light verse, comics or the copy on cereal packets, they are expanding their minds all the time, enlarging their vocabulary, making discoveries - it is all new to them. #Quote by Joan Aiken
Cereal quotes by Mark Manson
#146. If the pursuit of happiness pulls us all back into childishness, then fake freedom conspires to keep us there. Because freedom is not having more brands of cereal to choose from, or more beach vacations to take selfies on, or more satellite channels to fall asleep to. That is variety. And in a vacuum, variety is meaningless. If you are trapped by insecurity, stymied by doubt, and hamstrung by intolerance, you can have all the variety in the world. But you are not free. #Quote by Mark Manson
Cereal quotes by R.S. Grey
#147. If they wanted to slap my photo onto cereal boxes? Perfect. Leotards? Makes sense. Tampons? Sure, I'd go with the flow. (Ha.) #Quote by R.S. Grey
Cereal quotes by Drake Bell
#148. A normal day in my life - well right now it's kinda just like hang out and be lazy .I'm just kinda like enjoying my break, basic, what everybody does. Hang out in my pajamas and eat cereal and watch cartoons. #Quote by Drake Bell
Cereal quotes by Grace Slick
#149. I fall down all the time because I'm such a klutz, but I have never broken a bone, and I don't eat milk or cheese ever. I like tofu cheese and soymilk in my coffee and cereal. #Quote by Grace Slick
Cereal quotes by David Levithan
#150. I think the idea of a 'mental health day' is something completely invented by people who have no clue what it's like to have bad mental health. the idea that your mind can be aired out in twenty-four hours is kind of like saying heart disease can be cured if you eat the right breakfast cereal. mental health days only exist for people who have the luxury of saying 'i don't want to deal with things today' and then can take the whole day off, while the rest of us are stuck fighting the fights we always fight, with no one really caring one way or another, unless we choose to bring a gun to school or ruin the morning announcements with a suicide. #Quote by David Levithan
Cereal quotes by Kristen Michaelis
#151. In my nutritional philosophy, tradition has weight. After all, we've survived anywhere from 7,000 to 77,000 generations on this planet (depending on whose science you believe). If we didn't know how to adequately nourish our children all that time, how did we even get here? And guess what? Traditional cultures didn't (and don't) feed their young babies infant cereal. Among the few cultures that fed their babies a gruel of grains, their practice radically differed from what we do today. They would either pre-chew the gruel for their babies until they were at least a year old, or the gruel was mildly fermented by soaking the grains for 24 hours or more. #Quote by Kristen Michaelis
Cereal quotes by Pat Green
#152. Lonestar beer in my cereal is keeping me alive #Quote by Pat Green
Cereal quotes by Daniel Amory
#153. I've officially turned into a loser," she whispered cynically. "I'm looking forward to going home and having cereal for dinner and walking Mitchell and studying a little and then going to sleep. I've had my 'going out and having fun' quota for the year, I guess, and it's June. #Quote by Daniel Amory
Cereal quotes by Rivka Galchen
#154. But one day I woke up and heard myself saying, I am a fork being used to eat cereal. I am not a spoon. I am a fork. And I can't help people eat cereal any longer. #Quote by Rivka Galchen
Cereal quotes by Carrie Underwood
#155. I love Kashi. I eat cereal like a little kid. I carry it in my purse. #Quote by Carrie Underwood
Cereal quotes by Tasha Smith
#156. There is a restaurant in L.A. called Crustacean, which is very famous for its garlic crab. Well, I can make garlic crab better than Crustacean. My sauce is so good you'll want to dip your bread in it, put it on your egg omelet, in your cereal, and in everything else. #Quote by Tasha Smith
Cereal quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#157. I get off on a man with strong moral fiber. The closest Barrons ever gets to fiber is walking down the cereal aisle at the grocery store. #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Cereal quotes by Anne Roiphe
#158. I carried with me into the West End Bar, the White Horse Tavern, a long list of things I would never do: I would never have my hair set in a beauty parlor. I would never move to a suburb and bake cakes or make casseroles. I would never go to a country club dance, although I did like the paper lanterns casting rainbow colors on the terrace. I would never invest in the stock market. I would never play canasta. I would never wear pearls. I would love like a nursling but I would never go near a man who had a portfolio or a set of golf clubs or a business or even a business suit. I would only love a wild thing. I didn't care if wild things tended to break hearts. I didn't care if they substituted scotch for breakfast cereal. I understood that wild things wrote suicide notes to the gods and were apt to show up three hours later than promised. I understood that art was long and life was short. #Quote by Anne Roiphe
Cereal quotes by Summer Sanders
#159. When I was training for the Chicago Marathon, I would eat a cup of cereal after an 18-mile long run, and then I'd have to get out the door with nothing but a granola bar in my hand. I can't change my busy schedule with my kids, but I can work harder to improve in this area. I think it's a part of training that most of us find difficult. #Quote by Summer Sanders
Cereal quotes by Jarod Kintz
#160. The best part about bowling is pouring in the cereal and the milk. I've always believed bowlers make better lovers, because of their impressive physical prowess, and because they really know their way around those three holes. Who wants to spoon? #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Cereal quotes by Jillian Rose Reed
#161. Breakfast is Special K cereal. If I'm having a big meal, it's lunch instead of dinner. Some kind of wrap, like chicken for protein. For dinner, mainly vegetables. I mix it up if I go out to eat. #Quote by Jillian Rose Reed
Cereal quotes by Jarod Kintz
#162. Watching two cows have sex is the most magical experience at Cereal Land. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Cereal quotes by Jeff Lindsay
#163. Perhaps it was only that I did not feel any crazier than I had ever felt. I did not notice any missing gray tissue, I did not seem to be thinking any slower or more strangely, and so far I'd had no conversations with invisible buddies that I was aware of. Except in my sleep, of course-and did that really count? Weren't we all crazy in our sleep? What was sleep, after all, but the process by which we dumped our insanity into a dark subconscious pit and came out on the other side ready to eat cereal instead of the neighbor's children? #Quote by Jeff Lindsay
Cereal quotes by Paul Dano
#164. I love cereal. I eat several bowls a day, mostly a few late at night. #Quote by Paul Dano
Cereal quotes by Jill Sisson Quinn
#165. It will not be easy to let go of your deceased mother, who stands in her kitchen slicing potatoes and roast, who hacks ice from the sidewalk with shovels; she is marrow and bone, a kernel of morals, values, and lessons compacted like some astronomical amount of matter into tablespoons, one with sugar for your cereal, another, for your fever, with a crushed aspirin and orange juice. You love her. You mark time and space by her: she is someone you are always either near to or very far from. #Quote by Jill Sisson Quinn
Cereal quotes by David Manuel
#166. The beer aisle would have made Carrie Nation weep. Sven had already warned me that Oregon leads the country in breweries, all of them trying to outdo each other in crafting the hoppiest pale ales, meatiest stouts, darkest porters, fruitiest wheat beers and snootiest lagers. I was hoping to score a case of Budweiser or Miller Genuine Draft, but I was out of luck; apparently I'd be forced to consume craft beer until I finished my assignment and escaped the rain-drenched state. I grabbed a few six packs of something called Beavertail Pale Ale. At least it came in cans. The cereal #Quote by David Manuel
Cereal quotes by Jarod Kintz
#167. I wish I had a crystal bowl to see into the future with. Every morning I would eat my cereal out of it while I read tomorrow's newspaper. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Cereal quotes by Sanjaya Malakar
#168. I don't eat sugary cereal. #Quote by Sanjaya Malakar
Cereal quotes by Paul Lieberstein
#169. Soon, the viewer won't even know if he's watching on broadcast or the Internet. He'll just be eating his cereal and see an image on the spoon. That's how we'll be watching soon, on spoons. The commercials will be on the knives. #Quote by Paul Lieberstein
Cereal quotes by Fran Lebowitz
#170. Breakfast cereals that come in the same colors as polyester leisure suits make oversleeping a virtue. #Quote by Fran Lebowitz
Cereal quotes by Jacqueline Susann
#171. What about television?" a young man asked.

"It's an octopus. It's no longer just a little box, it's the Love Machine."

"Why the Love Machine?" a reporter asked.

"Because it sells love. It creates love. Presidents are chosen by their appeal on that little box. It's turned politicians into movie stars and movie stars into politicians. It can you engaged if you use a certain mouthwash. It claims you'll have women hanging on your coattails if you use a certain hair cream. It tells the kids to eat their cereal if they want to be like their baseball idol. But like all great lovers, the Love Machine is a fickle bastard. It has great magnetism--but it has no heart. In place of a heart beats a Nielsen rating. And when the Nielsen falters, the program dies. It's the pulse and heart of the twentieth century--The Love Machine. #Quote by Jacqueline Susann
Cereal quotes by Miranda July
#172. After passionately nursing this idea for about an hour, I suddenly had another idea: no I wouldn't. Of course I wouldn't make an entire city out of cereal boxes in the basement. The moment I had this second thought, I knew this was the real one. #Quote by Miranda July
Cereal quotes by Rick Riordan
#173. That's Narmer with the spoon," I guessed. "Angry because the other bloke stole his breakfast cereal? #Quote by Rick Riordan
Cereal quotes by Joyce Maynard
#174. You just want to give up, he said when he was able to speak. Only you keep going. You still have to get up in the morning and pour the cereal in the bowls. You keep on breathing, whether you want to or not. Nobody's around to tell you how it's supposed to work. The usual rules just don't apply anymore.

He was still talking, but she wasn't even sure if it was to her.

When it started, he said, I thought nothing could be worse than those first days. And it wasn't only us, but everyone else you'd see, wandering around like they'd landed on a whole different planet. Instead of just dealing with your own heart getting ripped into pieces, wherever you looked you knew there were other people dealing with the same thing. You couldn't even be alone with it. Like you're out in the ocean and the undertow catches you and you start yelling for help, but then you look around, and all around you in the water for as far as you can see, there's all these other people flailing too.

He sat there for a moment, shaking his head.

You keep getting up in the morning and knowing this will continue maybe ten thousand more mornings. You wish you were the one who died.

How much better would that be? #Quote by Joyce Maynard
Cereal quotes by Jamie McGuire
#175. When Pidge wakes up, let me know, okay?" he said in a soft voice. "I got spaghetti,
and pancakes, and strawberries, and that oatmeal shit with the chocolate packets, and she
likes Fruity Pebbles cereal, right, Mare?" he asked, turning.
When he saw me, he froze. After an awkward pause, his expression melted, and his
voice was smooth and sweet."Hey, Pigeon."
I couldn't have been more confused if I had woken up in a foreign country. Nothing
made sense. At first I thought I had been evicted, and then Travis comes home with bags
full of my favorite foods.
He took a few steps into the living room, nervously shoving his hands in his pockets.
"You hungry, Pidge? I'll make you some pancakes. Or there's uh…there's some oatmeal.
And I got you some of that pink foamy shit that girl's shave with, and a hairdryer, and a…
a….just a sec, it's in here," he said, rushing to the bedroom.
The door opened, shut, and then he rounded the corner, the color gone from his face.
He took a deep breath and his eyebrows pulled in. "Your stuff's packed."
"I know," I said.
"You're leaving," he said, defeated. #Quote by Jamie McGuire
Cereal quotes by Claudia Rankine
#176. Leaving the day to itself, you close the door behind you and pour a bowl of cereal, then another, and would a third if you didn't interrupt yourself with the statement - you aren't hungry.
Appetite won't attach you to anything no matter how depleted you feel. #Quote by Claudia Rankine
Cereal quotes by Moises Naim
#177. The world's socioeconomic landscape has been drastically altered in the last three decades. The list of changes - indeed, of achievements - is as long as it is surprising: 84 percent of the world's population is now literate, compared to 75 percent in 1990. University education is up, and even average scores on intelligence tests all over the world are now higher. Meanwhile, combat deaths are down - by more than 40 percent since 2000. Life expectancy in countries most hard-hit by the HIV/AIDS pandemic is starting to rise again. And we are providing for our agricultural needs better than ever: since 2000, cereal production in the developing world has increased twice as fast as population. #Quote by Moises Naim
Cereal quotes by Christie Rampone
#178. While traveling, I love granola bars, trail mix nuts, dry cereal and fruit for on-the-go snacks. I also try and start the day with a high fiber and protein meal, such as whole-grain toast with peanut butter. #Quote by Christie Rampone
Cereal quotes by Periyar E.V. Ramasamy
#179. Foreigners are sending messages to the planets. We are sending rice and cereals to our dead fore-father through the Brahmins. It is a wise deed? #Quote by Periyar E.V. Ramasamy
Cereal quotes by Chelsea Fine
#180. How awesome would that be? You open a box of Trix and wham! Out pops a hot guy! I would so eat more cereal. #Quote by Chelsea Fine
Cereal quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#181. The expression "Breakfast of Champions" is a registered trademark of General Mills, Inc., for use on a breakfast cereal product. The use of the identical expression as the title for this book as well as throughout the book is not intended to indicate an association with or sponsorship by General Mills, nor is it intended #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Cereal quotes by Anonymous
#182. The diet of the people in the Outer Hebrides which proved adequate for maintaining a high immunity to dental caries and preventing deformity consisted chiefly of oat products and sea foods including the wide variety of fish available there. This diet included generally no dairy products since the pasture was not adequate for maintaining cattle. Oat grain was the only cereal that could be #Quote by Anonymous
Cereal quotes by Neil Diamond
#183. It was a real hand-to-mouth existence in those early days - I'd have whatever dry cereal there was in the house for breakfast, 30 cents to spend on lunch and a hot dog for dinner. I did that for years. So there was definitely a hunger in me, of various kinds, to succeed. #Quote by Neil Diamond
Cereal quotes by Billy Collins
#184. Cheerios
One bright morning in a restaurant in Chicago
as I waited for my eggs and toast,
I opened the Tribune only to discover
that I was the same age as Cheerios.
Indeed, I was a few months older than Cheerios
for today, the newspaper announced,
was the seventieth birthday of Cheerios
whereas mine had occurred earlier in the year.
Already I could hear them whispering
behind my stooped and threadbare back,
Why that dude's older than Cheerios
the way they used to say
Why that's as old as the hills,
only the hills are much older than Cheerios
or any American breakfast cereal,
and more noble and enduring are the hills,
I surmised as a bar of sunlight illuminated my orange juice. #Quote by Billy Collins
Cereal quotes by Christopher Moore
#185. Weetabix - a British cereal biscuit whose taste and texture are generally thought to be improved by the addition of monkey come. #Quote by Christopher Moore
Cereal quotes by Aleksandr Voinov
#186. When it got really bad, when nothing else got me through, I was thinking of you. How you tilt your head when you laugh; the way you eat your cereal really fast so that it doesn't go soggy; how you squint your eyes and scrunch up your face into a grimace, every time anyone mentions eggs." Hooch dropped his voice even more, until Matt had to lean closer to hear the whisper. "Your shit-eating grin when you wave your ass into my face, telling me to fuck you. The sound you make when you cum, going straight to my cock and blowing my mind. The smell of your sweat right after sex ..." Hooch paused, pulling in a breath. "And when I wasn't sure if I could make it through another hour, then I thought of your face that looks so damned young when you're asleep, and I remembered how you sometimes say my name, and how the sound of your voice makes me ache inside."

Hooch fell silent and Matt stared at him. Wide-eyed, frozen in shock. Insides churning, a pain he hadn't known before, travelling from his heart throughout his body, and it felt so fucking good. Understanding with every fibre of his being what Hooch had said in too many words. More than he'd ever used before, and without those three simple ones that would have sufficed. #Quote by Aleksandr Voinov
Cereal quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#187. We sometimes meet uncivil men, children of Amazons, who dwell by mountain paths, and are said to be inhospitable to strangers; whose salutation is as rude as the grasp of their brawny hands, and who deal with men as unceremoniously as they are wont to deal with the elements. They need only extend their clearings, and let in more sunlight, to seek out the southern slopes of the hills, from which they may look down on the civil plain or ocean, and temper their diet duly with the cereal fruits, consuming less wild meat and acorns, to become like the inhabitants of cities. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Cereal quotes by Patton Oswalt
#188. Dear Patton:
I've been feeling blue lately but I wasn't sure if it had anything to do with the amount of rain we've had over the last few weeks. What are your thoughts on that?
Ms. Diller
Cary, NC

Dear Ms. Diller:
Rain can have a profound effect on someone inclined toward melancholy. I live in Los Angeles, and, as of this writing, we've just experienced three weeks of unending late-winter storms. The sky has been a limitless bowl of sludgy, hopeless gray. The ground, soaked and muddy, emits burbly, hissing spurts with every step, which sound like a scornful parent who sees no worth, hope, or value in their offspring. The morning light through my bedroom window promises nothing but a damp, unwelcoming day of thankless busywork and futile, doomed chores. My breakfast cereal tastes like being ostracized. My morning coffee fills my stomach with dread. What's the point of even answering this question?
The rain--it will not stop. Even if I say something that will help you--which I won't, because I'm such a useless piece of shit--you'll eventually die and I'll die and everyone we know will die and this book will turn to dust and the universe will run down and stop, and dead dead dead dead dead.
Dead. Read Chicken Soup for the Soul, I guess. Dead. Dead dead.

Patton #Quote by Patton Oswalt
Cereal quotes by Douglas Adams
#189. Really, the moment you have any idea, the second thought that enters your mind after the original idea is, "What is this? Is it a book, is it a movie, is it a this, is it a that, is it a short story, is it a breakfast cereal?" Really, from that moment, your decision about what kind of thing it is then determines how it develops. #Quote by Douglas Adams
Cereal quotes by Brandon Flowers
#190. I have the same thing every day. I find it comforting. I have a banana, but I can never eat the whole banana. And I'll drink a couple of Actimels. And some kind of cereal with almond milk. And then after that, I have a Coke. #Quote by Brandon Flowers
Cereal quotes by Jane Emery
#191. Why eat the same cereal every morning when you can get the milk for free" kind of ladies. I have always looked at it as "As long as I'm eating cereal and drinking milk every day, I'm satisfied #Quote by Jane Emery
Cereal quotes by Beyonce Knowles
#192. I always have breakfast, say, scrambled egg whites, a vegetable smoothie, or whole-grain cereal with low-fat milk. For lunch and dinner, I eat a lot of fish and vegetables. And throughout the day, I try to stay hydrated. #Quote by Beyonce Knowles
Cereal quotes by Bill Hader
#193. I can't cook. I can barely make a bowl of cereal. #Quote by Bill Hader
Cereal quotes by Alan Moore
#194. It seems that every movie is a remake of something that was better when it was first released in a foreign language, as a 1960s TV show, or even as a comic book. Now you've got theme park rides as the source material of movies. The only things left are breakfast cereal mascots. In our lifetime, we will see Johnny Depp playing Captain Crunch.
Co.Create Online, 2-14-12 #Quote by Alan Moore
Cereal quotes by Shaun White
#195. If you eat the same cereal every day it's gonna get old. And if I had thought about snowboarding every day, I would have quit a long time ago. #Quote by Shaun White
Cereal quotes by Norman Borlaug
#196. Cereal production in the rain-fed areas still remains relatively unaffected by the impact of the green revolution, but significant change and progress are now becoming evident in several countries. #Quote by Norman Borlaug
Cereal quotes by Matt Haig
#197. I drink some water and eat some cereal and then I take Abraham for a walk. He had spent the night eating the arm of the sofa but I don't want to judge him. He has enough issues already. #Quote by Matt Haig
Cereal quotes by Cat Cora
#198. We incorporated new tastes and flavors into our kids' diets from a very early age, which helped to develop their palates and prevented them from becoming picky eaters. We don't buy junk food and give them options of fresh fruit, yogurt, raw almonds, or dried whole grain cereals for snack time. #Quote by Cat Cora
Cereal quotes by Eve O. Schaub
#199. I had come to understand that sugar, while fun, is nutritionally expensive. Why would I want to waste my allotment of it on vending machine cookies or breakfast cereal? Why not save it for that something truly special? Americans instead simply decide to have it all - the good, the bad, the ugly - and then are tragically surprised when health ramifications ensue. No one ever told them sugar could be really, truly harmful. #Quote by Eve O. Schaub
Cereal quotes by Sue Limb
#200. Jess and Flora met in a cafe. Unfortunately, their part of town was completely lacking in style, and the only place open on Sundays was a little religious charity place that sold snacks made by poor people in Africa. 'God!' growled Jess, trying to free her teeth from a cereal bar made of tree bark, gravel, and superglue. 'Is this actually food or some kind of building material? #Quote by Sue Limb

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