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Famous Quotes About Ceasar

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Ceasar quotes by Gaius Iulius Caesar
#1. Friends, romans, countrymen lend me your ears i want to burry ceasar but not to praise him. The evil that men do lives after them the good is often entered their their bones if it were so then let it be with ceasar. #Quote by Gaius Iulius Caesar
Ceasar quotes by Kenneth Patchen
#2. You, the woman; I, the man; this, the world:
And each is the work of all.

There is the muffled step in the snow; the stranger;
The crippled wren; the nun; the dancer; the Jesus-wing
Over the walkers in the village; and there are
Many beautiful arms around us and the things we know.

See how those stars tramp over the heavens on their sticks
Of ancient light: with what simplicity that blue
Takes eternity into the quiet cave of God, where Ceasar
And Socrates, like primitive paintings on a wall,
Look, with idiot eyes, on the world where we two are.

You, the sought for; I, the seeker; this, the search:
And each is the mission of all.

For greatness is only the drayhorse that coaxes
The built cart out; and where we go is reason.
But genius is an enormous littleness, a trickling
Of heart that covers alike the hare and the hunter.

How smoothly, like the sleep of a flower, love,
The grassy wind moves over night's tense meadow:
See how the great wooden eyes of the forrest
Stare upon the architecture of our innocence.

You, the village; I, the stranger; this, the road:
And each is the work of all.

Then, not that man do more, or stop pity; but that he be
Wider in living; that all his cities fly a clean flag...
We have been alone too long, love; it is terribly late
For the pierced feet on the water and we must not die #Quote by Kenneth Patchen
Ceasar quotes by Albert Camus
#3. Caligula - And what has Nature done for you?

Scipio - It consoles me for not being. Ceasar.

Caligula - Really? And do you think Nature could console me for being Ceasar?

Scipio - Why not? Nature has healed worse wounds than that. #Quote by Albert Camus
Ceasar quotes by Initially NO
#4. Dining at the rare reason
To get between the circumstance
And start milking the Caesars
For what enters the ears
And is for their eyes to air and advise. #Quote by Initially NO
Ceasar quotes by Julius Ceasar
#5. Human nature is universally imbued with a desire for liberty, and a hatred for servitude. #Quote by Julius Ceasar

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