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Cave quotes by Rhys Bowen
#1. Llanfair - home if Saint Gelert's grave. We should call ourselves that, like that other Llanfair.'
'You mean the other Llanfair over the Anglesey; the one that claims to have the longest name in the world?' Barry-the-Bucket asked.
'That's exactly what I mean', Evans-the-Meat said grandly. 'If they can call themselves Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, which we all know means nothing more important than Saint Mary's church in the hollow of white hazel near the rapid whirlpool and Saint Tisilio's church near the red cave, then why shouldn't we start calling ourselves Llanfair-up-on-the-pass-with-the-brook-running-through-it-and-Saint-Gelert's-grave-right-above-it? #Quote by Rhys Bowen
Cave quotes by Elizabeth Berrien
#2. I would still rather feel things and live life to the fullest rather than hide in a cave and attempt to protect myself from the uncertainties of the world. #Quote by Elizabeth Berrien
Cave quotes by Nick Cave
#3. What we [outsiders] feel America is really about - the kind of crazed ravings of the Christian right - when it's probably something quite different. #Quote by Nick Cave
Cave quotes by Christine Feehan
#4. No, they would not be happy to take my place at your side, cara mia, because I would promptly end their lives in a most unhappy way.'
'You are such a caveman, Julian. You look tall and elegant and princely, yet you have not matured beyond the cave.'
…'I have no intention of riding above caveman mentality,' he growled in her ear, his breath teasing tendrils of hair and sending little flames dancing through her bloodstream. 'There are so many benefits for the caveman. #Quote by Christine Feehan
Cave quotes by Veronica Rossi
#5. Can you believe I have a favorite cave? #Quote by Veronica Rossi
Cave quotes by Nick Cave
#6. Oh, a passing, skeptical kind of interest. I'm a hammer-and-nails kind of guy. #Quote by Nick Cave
Cave quotes by Herman Melville
#7. Oh! ye whose dead lie buried beneath the green grass; who standing among flowers can say - here, HERE lies my beloved; ye know not the desolation that broods in bosoms like these. What bitter blanks in those black-bordered marbles which cover no ashes! What despair in those immovable inscriptions! What deadly voids and unbidden infidelities in the lines that seem to gnaw upon all Faith, and refuse resurrections to the beings who have placelessly perished without a grave. As well might those tablets stand in the cave of Elephanta as here. #Quote by Herman Melville
Cave quotes by Norman Cousins
#8. Not every illness can be overcome. But many people allow illness to disfigure their lives more than it should. They cave in needlessly. They ignore and weaken whatever powers they have for standing erect. There is always a margin within which life can be lived with meaning and even with a certain measure of joy, despite illness. #Quote by Norman Cousins
Cave quotes by Steve McHugh
#9. You interrogated a man at Hades's compound a year ago. I heard what you did to him. I can't have dead prisoners here; we have to be better than that." "I didn't kill him," I objected, remembering the murderous bastard who'd tried to kill Hades before he'd been caught. Unfortunately we hadn't stopped him from killing his own wife and children. "You took his hands. You know he killed himself in our jail?" "Yeah, well, I'm not going to kill anyone. Just talk. They wanted to kill me back in Southampton, now they want to take me to talk. I'd like to know why. And I heard your prisoner died by getting into a fight with another prisoner." "He walked up to a cave troll and kicked him. The troll tore his head off and threw it fifty feet away. What would you call that?" "Suicide by troll. That's new. #Quote by Steve McHugh
Cave quotes by Nick Cave
#10. At some point you start seeing the difference between what you really want, and what is your priority order. I feel that today I know what I want. That's the problem with perspective, as well as focus and concentration. #Quote by Nick Cave
Cave quotes by Franz Kafka
#11. Did he really want this warm room of his, so comfortably fitted with old family furniture, to be transformed into a cave, in which, no doubt, he would be free to crawl about unimpeded in all directions, but only at the price of rapidly and completely forgetting his human past at the same time? #Quote by Franz Kafka
Cave quotes by Roberto Bolano
#12. The diseased, anyway, are more interesting than the healthy. The words of the diseased, even those who can manage only a murmur, carry more weight than those of the healthy. Then, too, all healthy people will in the future know disease. That sense of time, ah, the diseased man's sense of time, what treasure hidden in a desert cave. Then, too the diseased truly bite, whereas the healthy pretend to bite but really only snap at the air. Then, too, then, too, then, too. #Quote by Roberto Bolano
Cave quotes by Nick Cave
#13. It's very intuitive, the way that I approach my work. I only buy something that has a pulse. I may not know how I'm going to use it, but I know it has a pulse and it has multiple readings - if I shift it one way or another, it can be read this way or it can be read that way, but both readings are critical and very much ground the work. #Quote by Nick Cave
Cave quotes by Rachel Zucker
#14. Anyway,
if my lips were rose petals they'd taste too bitter.
If my cheeks were apples they'd crawl with apple worms.
If my eyes were stars they'd be dead by the time you saw them.
If I moved you like the moon I'd disappear once a month.
If my teeth were Chiclets you'd want to chew on them and spit them out.
If my hands were birds you couldn't hold them; they'd peck you bloody.
Is my skin alabaster? Then it's cold and hard and one day someone will skin me,
make me into a cold hard box tinged with pink or yellow, to hold unguents, then
how will you love me?
If my vagina is a cool, dark forest you'll certainly be lost, you have no sense of direction.
If my vagina is a cave-watch out! It's prone to seismic shifts and avalanche.
If my vagina is a river of honey: orange, lavender, fine herbs, hazelnut, all too sweet.
If my ears are shells I can't hear you, only the ocean anyway.
And if my voice is music, it is unintelligible.
Don't say anything.
I am not a flower, but a body with rules and predictable, cellular qualities.
My eyelashes and fingernails and skin and spit are organized by proteins
designed to erode at a pre-encoded date and time, no matter what you do or do
not do to me-
I am remarkably like an animal.
More like a heifer than a sunrise, I want to bite, stroke, swallow you so stop lying
there trying to think of something to say and trying to understand me.
#Quote by Rachel Zucker
Cave quotes by Rick Moody
#15. Words are the oldest information storage and retrieval system ever devised. Words are probably older than the cave paintings in France, words have been here for tens of thousands of years longer than film, moving pictures, video, and digital video, and words will likely be here after those media too. When the electromagnetic pulse comes in the wake of the nuclear blast? Those computers and digital video cameras and videotape recorders that are not melted outright will be plastic and metal husks used to prop open doors. Not so with the utterances of tongues. Words will remain, and the highly complicated and idiosyncratic accounts assembled from them will provide us with the dark news about the blast. The written word will remain, scribbled on collapsed highway overpasses, as a testament to love and rage, as evidence of the wanderers in the ruin. #Quote by Rick Moody
Cave quotes by John Ortberg
#16. There is something you can't fix, can't heal, or can't escape, and all you can do it trust God. Finding ultimate refuge in God means you become so immersed in his presence, so convinced of his goodness, so devoted to his lordship that you find even the cave is a perfectly safe place to be because he is there with you. #Quote by John Ortberg
Cave quotes by Oscar Wilde
#17. The sin was mine; I did not understand. So now is music prisoned in her cave, Save where some ebbing desultory wave Frets with its restless whirls this meagre strand ... #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Cave quotes by Nick Cave
#18. I've got some words of wisdom. #Quote by Nick Cave
Cave quotes by Nick Cave
#19. Songwriting, I have to take myself away from everybody to do. It's an unsightly act. #Quote by Nick Cave
Cave quotes by Rachel Vincent
#20. Kaylee and Nash are like those rocks that ancient cave people used to make fire. Bang them together, and you get sparks." Sabine said.
"Let's never again use the phrase 'bang them together' in reference to my brother and my girlfriend," Tod mumbled. #Quote by Rachel Vincent
Cave quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#21. Okay, do you guys feel protected?"
"I do," Archer said. "Also, a little violated, but that's neither here nor there."
I rolled my eyes. "You two?"
"Yeah," Cal said. "Whatever you did, I think it worked."
"Same," Jenna added.
"Awesome." I started walking forward, the other following. "Archer, any helpful factoids about demonglass you'd like to offer up?"
"Um, okay. Well, after the war in heaven, the angels who fought on the wrong side were stripped down to just their most basic level."
"Right," I nodded. "Dad told me that. Demons are just pure dark magic, nothing more. Until they're put in a body, obviously."
"I don't know, there are times when you seem like you're just pure dark-ow." Archer broke off as I poked him in the ribs. "Anyway, the demons were forced into another dimension. What people call hell, or the Underworld, or whatever. Supposedly-and for us, hopefully-that's where you find demonglass. Which, really, is nothing more than rock that's been permeated with all that dark magic. Demon Kryptonite, basically."
"So we're going into another dimension?" Jenna asked, her voice wavering a little. "Like what the Itineris does?"
"That's the idea," Archer replied.
Seeing as how the Itineris almost always left Jenna trying not to cough out her inner organs, I understood why she sounded a little freaked out.
"This doesn't feel like another dimension, though," I said. "It just feels like-"
"A cave," Cal said.
#Quote by Rachel Hawkins
Cave quotes by Nick Cave
#22. And I wish that I was made of stone
So that I would not have to see
A beauty impossible to define
A beauty impossible to believe
A beauty impossible to endure
The blood imparted in little sips
The smell of you still on my hands
As I bring the cup up to my lips
No God up in the sky
No devil beneath the sea
Could do the job that you did, baby
Of bringing me to my knees #Quote by Nick Cave
Cave quotes by Clarice Lispector
#23. But I also know of yet another life. I know and want it and devour it ferociously. It's a life of magical violence. It's mysterious and bewitching. In it snakes entwine while the stars tremble. Drops of water drip in the phosphorescent darkness of the cave. In that dark the flowers intertwine in a humid fairy garden. And I am the sorceress of that silent bacchanal. I feel defeated by my own corruptibility. And I see that I am intrinsically bad. It's only out of pure kindness that I am good. Defeated by myself. Who lead me along the paths of the salamander, the spirit who rules the fire and lives within it. And I give myself as an offering to the dead. I weave spells on the solstice, spectre of an exorcised dragon. #Quote by Clarice Lispector
Cave quotes by Gudjon Bergmann
#24. For reasons unknown, the philosophical aspect of the yoga movement has had to make way for the yoga fit revolution; today's image of a yogi is a slender and scantily clad young female doing postures on the cover of a bestselling magazine, whereas the older image was of an Indian man with long beard sitting in a cave wearing a loin cloth. #Quote by Gudjon Bergmann
Cave quotes by George R R Martin
#25. D'you remember that cave? We should have stayed in that cave. I told you so. #Quote by George R R Martin
Cave quotes by Tui T. Sutherland
#26. Tsunami finally woke up on an island that was officially part of the Thousand Scales. She started awake from a dream in which their cave had collapsed and was slowly crushing her to death, and discovered that Clay had rolled over on top of her in the middle of the night. Grumbling, she wriggled out from under him and let his tail flop over onto Starflight's head. The #Quote by Tui T. Sutherland
Cave quotes by Henry Miller
#27. Christ will never more come down to earth nor will there be any law-giver, nor will murder cease nor theft, nor rape, and yet ... and yet one expects something, something terrifyingly marvellous and absurd, perhaps a cold lobster with mayonnaise served gratis, perhaps an invention, like the electric light, like television, only more devastating, more soul rending, an invention unthinkable that will bring a shattering calm and void, not the calm and void of death but of life such as the monks dreamed, such as is dreamed still in the Himalayas, in Tibet, in Lahore, in the Aleutian Islands, in Polynesia, in Easter Island, the dream of men before the flood, before the word was written, the dream of cave men and anthropophagists, of those with double sex and short tails, of those who are said to be crazy and have no way of defending themselves because they are outnumbered by those who are not crazy. #Quote by Henry Miller
Cave quotes by Tarthang Tulku
#28. Meanings generating meanings - the process has backed us into a particular corner, a kind of cave, where sunlight seldom enters. #Quote by Tarthang Tulku
Cave quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#29. A witch there was, who webs could weave
to snare the heart and wits to reave,
who span dark spells with spider-craft,
and as she span she softly laughed;
a drink she brewed of strength and dread
to bind the quick and stir the dead.
In a cave she housed where winging bats
their harbour sought, and owls and cats
from hunting came with mournful cries,
night-stalking near with needle eyes. #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Cave quotes by J.K. Simmons
#30. When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don't want your D*** lemons, what the h*** am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see life's manager! Make life rue the day it thought it could give Cave Johnson lemons! Do you know who I am? I'm the man who's gonna burn your house down! With the lemons! I'm gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that burns your house down! #Quote by J.K. Simmons
Cave quotes by Juvenal
#31. What? Am I to be a listener only all my days? Am I never to get my word in - I that have been so often bored by the Theseid of the ranting Cordus? Shall this one have spouted to me his comedies, and that one his love ditties, and I be unavenged? Shall I have no revenge on one who has taken up the whole day with an interminable Telephus or with an Orestes which, after filling the margin at the top of the roll and the back as well, hasn't even yet come to an end? No one knows his own house so well as I know the groves of Mars, and the cave of Vulcan near the cliffs of Aeolus. What the winds are brewing; whose souls Aeacus has on the rack; from what country another worthy is carrying off that stolen golden fleece; how big are the ash trees which Monychus hurls as missiles: these are the themes with which Fronto's plane trees and marble halls are for ever ringing until the pillars quiver and quake under the continual recitations; such is the kind of stuff you may look for from every poet, greatest or least. Well, I too have slipped my hand from under the cane; I too have counselled Sulla to retire from public life and take a deep sleep; it is a foolish clemency when you jostle against poets at every corner, to spare paper that will be wasted anyhow. But if you can give me time, and will listen quietly to reason, I will tell you why I prefer to run in the same course over which Lucilius, the great nursling of Aurunca drove his horses. #Quote by Juvenal
Cave quotes by Nick Cave
#32. My records are basically a litany of complaints against the world, and I'm quite like that in real life as well. #Quote by Nick Cave
Cave quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#33. Groceries, baby, listen to your friend Richard. You go set your lily-white ass down in that meditation cave every day for the next three months and I promise you this
you're gonna start seeing some stuff that's so damn beautiful it'll make you wanna throw rocks at the Taj Mahal. #Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert
Cave quotes by Letitia Elizabeth Landon
#34. My tears are buried in my heart, like cave-locked fountains sleeping. #Quote by Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Cave quotes by Amanda Palmer
#35. I draw the line at letting people into my songwriting cave. To me, that's where the alchemy happens and where the mystery is. #Quote by Amanda Palmer
Cave quotes by Melanie Dale
#36. But then, I was convicted by the simplicity of his need - my company. That's my significance. To provide company for my sweet boy while he's building a cave of throw pillows and couch cushions. I feel boring whenever I talk to someone who isn't in this same stage of life. But today Elliott reminded me that I'm not boring to him. And after all, what matters more than that? We #Quote by Melanie Dale
Cave quotes by Sheila Connolly
#37. Most people either love or hate old libraries. To some, a room like this
dim, high-ceilinged, dusty, smelling of old paper and crumbling leather
would be oppressive, a place to flee from in search of sun and air. To others, like me, it was a wonderful cave filled with unimaginable treasures and unexpected treats. I always found myself inhaling deeply when I entered the stacks, as if trying to absorb part of them into my bloodstream. #Quote by Sheila Connolly
Cave quotes by Aryn Kyle
#38. I looked back and forth between them, feeling the heat of their anger, the unspoken words swelling in the air like smoke. Jerry took a slow sip from his beer and lit another cigarette. "You don't know anything about that little girl," he told Nona. "You're just jealous because Cap belongs to her now."
I could see Nona's heartbeat flutter beneath her t-shirt, the cords tightening in her neck. "Her mommy and daddy might have paid for him," she whispered. "But he's mine."
I waited for Jerry to cave in to her, to apologize, to make things right between them. But he held her gaze, unwavering. "He's not."
Nona stubbed her cigarette out on the barn floor, then stood. "If you don't believe me," she whispered, "I'll show you."
My sister crossed the barn to Cap's stall and clicked her tongue at him. His gold head appeared in the doorway and Nona swung the stall door open. "Come on out." she told him.
Don't!" I said, but she didn't pause.
Cap took several steps forward until he was standing completely free in the barn. I jumped up, blocking the doorway so that he couldn't bolt. Jerry stood and widened himself beside me, stretching out his arms. "What the hell are you doing?" he asked.
Nona stood beside Cap's head and lifted her arms as though she was holding an invisible lead rope. When she began to walk, Cap moved alongside her, matching his pace to hers.
Whoa," Nona said quietly and Cap stopped. My sister made small noises with her tongue, whisp #Quote by Aryn Kyle
Cave quotes by Ilaria Ramelli
#39. Apokatastasis, as is clear from some passages cited and many others, depends on illumination and instruction, which goes hand in hand with correction. This is fully consistent with Origen's ethical intellectualism, a Platonic-Socratic and Stoic heritage that is found in other Fathers as well, such as Gregory of Nyssa. How one behaves depends on what one knows and how one thinks and regards reality; will depends on the intellect and is not an autonomous force. As a consequence, evil is never chosen qua evil, but because it is mistaken for a good, out of an error of judgment, due to insufficient knowledge and/or obnubilation (e.g., Hom. 1 in Ps. 37.4; Hom. in Ez. 9.1). Hence the importance of instruction. If one's intellect is illuminated, and achieves the knowledge of the Good, one will certainly adhere to the Good. Apokatastasis itself, as the end of Book 2 of Περὶ ἀρχῶν, is described as an illumination and a direct vision of the truth, as opposed to the mere 'shadows' that the logika knew beforehand (Origen is reminiscent not only of Plato's Cave myth, but also of 1 Tim 2:4-6, that God wants all humans to reach the knowledge of the truth, and of 1 Cor 13:12 on eventually knowing God 'face to face'). Only with full knowledge is choice really free, and a choice done with full knowledge is a choice for the Good. A choice for evil is not really free: it results from obnubilation, ignorance, and passion. This is why Origen was convinced that divine providence will bring all logik #Quote by Ilaria Ramelli
Cave quotes by Ella Minster
#40. This cave is so dark I can't see any of you in your ninja outfits." "Sorry." the boys said and they peeled off their outfits and left them in a pile. The boys left Mollie's mask on because she looked awesome and mysterious, but she pulled it off anyway, because she was a dog and dogs don't wear masks. #Quote by Ella Minster
Cave quotes by Mary Stewart
#41. Used every man according to his capacity. #Quote by Mary Stewart
Cave quotes by Patrick Rothfuss
#42. She knew the cave wasn't very deep. But everything seems bigger in the dark. #Quote by Patrick Rothfuss
Cave quotes by Rumi
#43. Let your eyes
get used to light. Don't miss your own splendor! Don't stay in the batlike
mind that loves complexity and doubt, the unlit niches. Bats seek those to live
in, because there a bat's accomplishments seem greater than they are. He can impress
as he confuses you with cave ramifications. Little by little accustom yourself to your own light, #Quote by Rumi
Cave quotes by James MacDonald
#44. Acting like a man means developing a non-anxious presence that sees the big picture, remains calm in a crisis, and won't cave in under pressure. Godly men respond; they don't react. #Quote by James MacDonald
Cave quotes by Gwendolyn Womack
#45. According to Plato, Socrates believed all knowledge came from a divine state, but humans had forgotten it. Most lived in a cave of ignorance, but one could become enlightened by climbing out of the darkness and understanding the divide between the spiritual and material planes. #Quote by Gwendolyn Womack
Cave quotes by Leviak B. Kelly
#46. The Australian Aboriginal cave paintings, from this period, are the first hints of religion that humans have as proof of religious behaviour. The caves in which the paintings are found date to 50,000 years ago through forensic geology and carbon dating. Most of the images found in their religious stories and ceremonies are depicted in these caves. We also have confirmation from the aborigines themselves that these images are their religious images. These paintings also are likely to be significant evidence for linking the use of Amanita Muscaria to its use 50,000 years ago. This is because 50,000 years ago was when humanity entered Australia and also because Amanita Muscaria produces religious like experiences. #Quote by Leviak B. Kelly
Cave quotes by Pamela Erens
#47. The external world disappears; all she hears is her own sound; she is a cave filled with a great echoing voice. When she is done she closes her eyes for a moment, returning to herself. #Quote by Pamela Erens
Cave quotes by Stephen Gardiner
#48. Houses mean a creation, something new, a shelter freed from the idea of a cave. #Quote by Stephen Gardiner
Cave quotes by Miguel Ruiz
#49. One day, as he slept in a cave, he dreamed that he saw his own body sleeping. He came out of the cave on the night of a new moon. The sky was clear, and he could see millions of stars. Then something happened inside of him that transformed his life forever. He looked at his hands, he felt his body, and he heard his own voice say. "I am made of light, I am made of stars."
He looked at the stars again, and he realized that it's not the stars that create the light, but rather the light that creates the stars. "Everything is made of light," he said, "and the space in-between isn't empty." And he knew that everything that exists is one living being, and that light is the messenger of life, because it is alive and contains all information. (xvi) #Quote by Miguel Ruiz
Cave quotes by Joseph Campbell
#50. Dragons, you know, we have a good deal of biology and zoology about the dragon; we know their habits. The dragon tends to guard things, and he usually has these guarded in a cave ... Now dragons don't know what to do either with beautiful girls or gold, but they just hang on. There are people like this. We call them creeps. #Quote by Joseph Campbell
Cave quotes by Mary Stewart Atwell
#51. Each book was like an underwater cave, and when I rose again to the surface, I was pale and grumpy, resentful of everyone who hadn't been where I'd been. #Quote by Mary Stewart Atwell
Cave quotes by Toni Nadal
#52. Endure, put up with whatever comes your way, learn to overcome weakness and pain, push yourself to breaking point but never cave in. If you don't learn that lesson, you'll never succeed as an elite athlete. #Quote by Toni Nadal
Cave quotes by John Nichol
#53. The rare derpicus man is know to live near the himalayas, in a cave made purely of dead weevils. His native tounge is unknown, but what I've translated contains a grat amount of the words, "pootis, derp, poop, and nnnnyyyyaaaaannnn! #Quote by John Nichol
Cave quotes by Michael B. Jones
#54. Living's hard," Doris said. "I got three kids with different daddies. I'm fat, can't stop smoking, and I've worked in this cave since God was in diapers. My momma scrubbed toilets most her life, worked sunup to sundown until she got the cancer. When I tried to sell the TV and get her some chemo, she said, 'Don't you dare, Doris. Don't you dare drag this thing out. #Quote by Michael B. Jones
Cave quotes by Rick Riordan
#55. Hermes smiled. "I knew a boy once ... oh, younger than you by far. A mere baby, really."
Here we go again, George said. Always talking about himself.
Quiet! Martha snapped. Do you want to get set on vibrate?
Hermes ignored them. "One night, when this boy's mother wasn't watching, he sneaked out of their cave and stole some cattle that belonged to Apollo."
"Did he get blasted to tiny pieces?" I asked.
"Hmm ... no. Actually, everything turned out quite well. To make up for his theft, the boy gave Apollo an instrument he'd invented-a lyre. Apollo was so enchanted with the music that he forgot all about being angry."
So what's the moral?"
"The moral?" Hermes asked. "Goodness, you act like it's a fable. It's a true story. Does truth have a moral?"
"Um ..."
"How about this: stealing is not always bad?"
"I don't think my mom would like that moral."
Rats are delicious, suggested George.
What does that have to do with the story? Martha demanded.
Nothing, George said. But I'm hungry.
"I've got it," Hermes said. "Young people don't always do what they're told, but if they can pull it off and do something wonderful, sometimes they escape punishment. How's that? #Quote by Rick Riordan
Cave quotes by Arundhati Roy
#56. He gathered her into the cave of his body. (Roy,338) #Quote by Arundhati Roy
Cave quotes by Victor Hugo
#57. To write the poem of the human conscience, were it only of a single man, were it only of the most infamous of men, would be to swallow up all epics in a superior and final epic. The conscience is the chaos of chimeras, of lusts and of temptations, the furnace of dreams, the cave of the ideas which are our shame; it is the pandemonium of sophisms, the battlefield of the passions. At certain hours, penetrate within the livid face of a human being who reflects, and look at what lies behind; look into that soul, look into that obscurity. There, beneath the external silence, there are combats of giants as in Homer, mêlées of dragons and hydras, and clouds of phantoms as in Milton, ghostly labyrinths as in Dante. What a gloom enwraps that infinite which each man bears within himself, and by which he measures in despair the desires of his will, and the actions of his life! #Quote by Victor Hugo
Cave quotes by A. Curtiss
#58. On rare occasions there comes along a profound original, an odd little book that appears out of nowhere, from the pen of some obscure storyteller, and once you have read it, you will never go completely back to where you were before. The kind of book you may hesitate to lend for fear you might miss its company. The kind of book that echoes from the heart of some ancient knowing, and whispers from time's forgotten cave that life may be more than it seems, and less. #Quote by A. Curtiss
Cave quotes by Nick Cave
#59. Samuel: What's a misanthrope?
Two Bob: A misanthrope is a bugger who hates every other bugger.
Samuel: Are we misanthropes?
Arthur: Lord no! We're family. #Quote by Nick Cave
Cave quotes by Ayn Rand
#60. If so, there are - again - two possible attitudes to take. We can say that these twelve were great benefactors, that we are all fed by the overflow of the magnificent wealth of their spirit, and that we are glad to accept it in gratitude and brotherhood. Or, we can say that by the splendor of their achievement which we can neither equal nor keep, these twelve have shown us what we are, that we do not want the free gifts of their grandeur, that a cave by an oozing swamp and a fire of sticks rubbed together are preferable to skyscrapers and neon lights - if the cave and the sticks are the limit of our own creative capacities. Of the two attitudes, Dominique, which would you call the truly humanitarian one? Because, you see, I'm a humanitarian. #Quote by Ayn Rand
Cave quotes by Virginia Woolf
#61. The light touched something green in the window corner and made it a lump of emerald, a cave of pure green like stoneless fruit. It sharpened the edges of chairs and tables and stitched white table-cloths with fine gold wires. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Cave quotes by Nick Cave
#62. I get criticized for a lot of what I write about, but as far as I'm concerned I'm actually standing up and having a look at what goes on in the minds of men, and I have the authority to talk about it because I'm a man. #Quote by Nick Cave
Cave quotes by Terry Pratchett
#63. I'm afraid they're not very well-designed creatures, dragons."
Vimes listened.
"They would never have survived at all except that their home swamps were isolated and short of predators. Not that a dragon made good eating,
anyway-once you'd taken away the leathery skin and the enormous flight muscles, what was left must have been like biting into a badly-run chemical factory. No wonder dragons were always ill. They relied on permanent stomach trouble for supplies of fuel. Most of their brain power was taken up with controlling the complexities of then-digestion, which could distill flame-producing fuels from the most unlikely ingredients. They could even rearrange their internal plumbing overnight to deal with difficult processes. They lived on a chemical knife-edge the whole time. One misplaced hiccup and they were geography.
And when it came to choosing nesting sites, the females had all the common sense and mothering instinct of a brick."
Vimes wondered why people had been so worried about dragons in the olden days. If there was one in a cave near you, all you had to do was wait until it self-ignited, blew itself up, or died of acute indigestion. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Cave quotes by Nick Cave
#64. You write a scene, and it works or it doesn't. It's immediate. #Quote by Nick Cave
Cave quotes by V.C. Andrews
#65. He stepped beside me and encircled my shoulders with the comfort of his arm, protecting me from Joel, from everything. With him I'd live in a thatched hut, a tent, a cave. He gave me strength. #Quote by V.C. Andrews
Cave quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#66. (At the back of the cave, Phoebe placed her hand against one of the stones where a spring release opened an elevator door. Chris gave an over exaggerated gape.)
Holy Hand Grenade, Batman, it's a bat cave. (Chris) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Cave quotes by Stephen King
#67. I feel like a man standing at the mouth of an old mine-shaft that is full of cave-ins waiting to happen, standing there and saying goodbye to the daylight. #Quote by Stephen King
Cave quotes by Sean A. Culey
#68. As machines increasingly do more of the work, and real-life relationships lose their allure, then the allegory of Plato's Cave becomes real. A mass of people living inside, disconnected from those who live their lives outside, systematically unable or unwilling to participate in the competition of life because they cannot stand the unpredictability of reality. #Quote by Sean A. Culey
Cave quotes by John Fante
#69. The kitchen. La cucina, the true mother country, this warm cave of the good witch deep in the desolate land of loneliness, with pots of sweet potions bubbling over the fire, a cavern of magic herbs, rosemary and thyme and sage and oregano, balm of lotus that brought sanity to lunatics, peace to the troubled, joy to the joyless, this small twenty-by-twenty world, the altar a kitchen range, the magic circle a checkered tablecloth where the children fed, the old children, lured back to their beginnings, the taste of mother's milk still haunting their memories, fragrance in the nostrils, eyes brightening, the wicked world receding as the old mother witch sheltered her brood from the wolves outside. #Quote by John Fante
Cave quotes by Kate Elliott
#70. That is true. But nevertheless, you are like the prisoners in the cave, your legs and necks shackled by your maps and your walls so that all you can see is the shadows thrown by the fire on the wall of the cave. You think they are the truth, but they are only a shadow of the truth, which lies - " He gestured to the sky and the plain and the distant spiral curl that was the growing city of Sarai. " - out here, under the gaze of the sun and the moon and the stars. #Quote by Kate Elliott
Cave quotes by Nick Cave
#71. I've always hated narrative songs. I hate those songs where, basically, it's an unfolding of a story. #Quote by Nick Cave
Cave quotes by K.M. Golland
#72. My mouth went dry.
My vagina bats fluttered.
My Carly-cave collapsed. Fuck. F.U.C.K. Fuck. #Quote by K.M. Golland
Cave quotes by David Walker
#73. In my view, the greatest threat to America's future isn't hiding in a cave in Pakistan or Afghanistan; it's right here at home. Baby boomers like myself are on course to become the first generation of Americans who leave things in worse shape than they found them. #Quote by David Walker
Cave quotes by Cathie Pelletier
#74. The big television crouched in the shadowy beam of the porch light. Mattie could see its black, open face, and she felt as though she were looking into the mouth of a deep, dangerous cave. #Quote by Cathie Pelletier
Cave quotes by Nick Cave
#75. Be mindful of the prayers you send
pray hard but pray with care
for the tears you are crying now are just your answered prayers
letters of light we scale merrily, move mysteriously around
so that when you think you're climbing up, man, in fact you're climbing down #Quote by Nick Cave
Cave quotes by Toni Morrison
#76. There is no civilization that did not begin with art, Whether it was drawing a line in the sand, painting a cave or dancing. #Quote by Toni Morrison
Cave quotes by Douglas M. Jones III
#77. There comes a point when careful argumentation fails, a time when we are "casting pearls before swine." As Proverbs tells us: "Don't answer a fool according to his folly, lest you also be like him" (Prov. 26:4). Reason is wasted. Other tools must come to play. And humor can penetrate deeply where arguments get clogged. Humor can shake us out of our own mental cave and force us to see our silliness from another person's angle. #Quote by Douglas M. Jones III
Cave quotes by John Hillaby
#78. There is scarce a cave, an isolated rock, a lone pine tree or a pile of stones without supporting folklore. #Quote by John Hillaby
Cave quotes by Nick Cave
#79. Songs you can dip in and out of, but a book ... well, it can overpower you. #Quote by Nick Cave
Cave quotes by Evelyn Waugh
#80. Mummy dying with it; Christ dying with it, nailed hand and foot; hanging over the bed in the night-nursery; hanging year after year in the dark little study at Farm Street with the shining oilcloth; hanging in the dark church where only the old charwoman raises the dust and one candle burns; hanging at noon, high among the crowds and the soldiers; no comfort except a sponge of vinegar and the kind words of a thief; hanging for ever; never the cool sepulchre and the grave clothes spread on the stone slab, never the oil and spices in the dark cave; always the midday sun and the dice clicking for the seamless coat. #Quote by Evelyn Waugh
Cave quotes by Rhys Darby
#81. I was an adult and I was in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I was performing in this cave - they used to bury the plague victims in these caves underneath the streets of Edinburgh, when I got this weird cold sensation up my spine, it gave me this really weird feeling, and then I looked up and there was this white, sudden white shape, that just zapped from me and went straight to the light that was at the back of the room, and I just stopped cold and said to the audience, "Did you guys see that?" No one saw it. #Quote by Rhys Darby
Cave quotes by Mary Oliver
#82. This is, I think, what holiness is:
the natural world, where every moment is full
of the passion to keep moving.
Inside every mind there's a hermit's cave full of light,
full of snow, full of concentration.
I've knelt there, and so have you,
hanging on to what you love,
to what is lovely.
Mary Oliver, At the Lake #Quote by Mary Oliver
Cave quotes by Kiersten Fay
#83. Her heavy breathing echoed off the thick walls, her body frozen in shock, but when Marik reappeared in the mouth of the cave, she reached for the sword. He was still in a state of bloodlust and was, what she could only describe as, stalking her. #Quote by Kiersten Fay
Cave quotes by Eric Hoffer
#84. The Paleolithic hunters who painted the unsurpassed animal murals on the ceiling of the cave at Altamira had only rudimentary tools. Art is older than production for use, and play older than work. Man was shaped less by what he had to do than by what he did in playful moments. It is the child in man that is the source of his uniqueness and creativeness, and the playground is the optimal milieu for the unfolding of his capacities. #Quote by Eric Hoffer
Cave quotes by Steven Erikson
#85. And we're not talking mild snoring, either. Imagine being chained to the floor of a cave, with the tide crashing in, louder, louder, louder - #Quote by Steven Erikson
Cave quotes by Ajahn Chah
#86. Buddha once saw a jackal, a wild dog, run out of the forest where he was staying. It stood still for a while, then it ran into the underbrush, and then out again. Then it ran into a tree hollow, then out again. Then it went into a cave, only to run out again. One minute it stood, the next it ran, then it lay down, then it jumped up. The jackal had the mange. When it stood, the mange would eat into its skin, so it would run. Running, it was still uncomfortable, so it would stop. Standing, it was still uncomfortable, so it would lie down. Then it would jump up again, running to the underbrush, the tree hollow, never staying still. The Buddha said, "Monks, did you see that jackal this afternoon? Standing, it suffered. Running, it suffered. Sitting, it suffered. Lying down, it suffered. It blamed standing for its discomfort. It blamed sitting. It blamed running and lying down. It blamed the tree, the underbrush, and the cave. In fact, the problem was with none of those things. The problem was with his mange." We are just the same as that jackal. Our discontent is due to wrong view. Because we don't exercise sense restraint, we blame our suffering on externals. Whether we live in Thailand, America or England, we aren't satisfied. Why not? Because we still have wrong view. Just that! So wherever we go, we aren't content. But just as that jackal would be content wherever it went as soon as its mange was cured, so would we be content wherever we went once we rid ourselves of wrong vi #Quote by Ajahn Chah
Cave quotes by Nick Cave
#87. Through these days Bunny made increasingly frequent and protracted visits to the bathroom, beating off with a single-minded savagery intense even by Bunny's standards. Now, sitting on the sofa with a large Scotch, his cock feels and looks like something that has been involved in a terrible accident - a cartoon hotdog, maybe, that has made an unsuccessful attempt to cross a busy road.
The boy sits beside him and the two of them are locked in a parenthesis of mutual zonkedness. Bunny Junior stares blankly at the encyclopedia open in his lap. His father watches the television, smokes his fag and drinks his whisky, like an automaton.
After a time, Bunny turns his head and looks at his son and clocks the way he stares at his weird encyclopedia. He sees him but he can't really believe he is there. What does this kid want? What is he supposed to do with him? Who is he? Bunny feels like an extinct volcano, lifeless and paralysed. Yeah, he thinks, I feel like an extinct volcano - with a weird little kid to look after and a mangled sausage for a dick. #Quote by Nick Cave
Cave quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#88. Humankind's perpetual affinity for telling stories that depict the weal of life shapes and reflects human consciousness. Stories are the most ancient form of art. All societies, from the tribes scratching the earliest cave drawings, employed the art of storytelling. We hunger to hear other people's stories and to tell our own stories to an appreciative audience. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Cave quotes by Bill Maher
#89. Forget bringing the troops home from Iraq. We need to get the troops home from World War II. Can anybody tell me why, in 2009, we still have more than sixty thousand troops in Germany and thirty thousand in Japan? At some point, these people are going to have to learn to rape themselves. Our soldiers have been in Germany so long they now wear shorts with black socks. You know that crazy soldier hiding in the cave on Iwo Jima who doesn't know the war is over? That's us.

Bush and Cheney used to love to keep Americans all sphinctered-up on the notion that terrorists might follow us home. But actually, we're the people who go to your home and then never leave. Here's the facts: The Republic of America has more than five hundred thousand military personnel deployed on more than seven hundred bases, with troops in one hundred fifty countries - we're like McDonald's with tanks - including thirty-seven European countries - because you never know when Portugal might invade Euro Disney. And this doesn't even count our secret torture prisons, which are all over the place, but you never really see them until someone brings you there - kinda like IHOP.

Of course, Americans would never stand for this in reverse - we can barely stand letting Mexicans in to do the landscaping. Can you imagine if there were twenty thousand armed Guatemalans on a base in San Ber-nardino right now? Lou Dobbs would become a suicide bomber.

And why? How did this country get stuck #Quote by Bill Maher
Cave quotes by Aussiescribbler
#90. Ook, though very clever, was the worst fighter in the tribe. That is how he ended up with Grot-Grot as his woman. Grot-Grot had a bald patch on the top of her head, she was missing an eye and she smelled like a dead skunk. She did have a good sense of humour though. #Quote by Aussiescribbler
Cave quotes by Jerry Saltz
#91. Chris Ofili's suave, stippled, visually tricked-out paintings of the nineties, with their allover fields of shimmering dots and clumps of dung, are like cave paintings of modern life. They crackle with optical cockiness, love, and massive amounts of painterly mojo. #Quote by Jerry Saltz
Cave quotes by J. Thorn
#92. Whether you're the giver or the recipient of those moments, you must find them too, Samuel. I need you to live wholeheartedly. I want you to promise me that no matter what happens, you'll seek those out, relish them, and give others the opportunity to do so as well. You are worthy of your existence. What you bring to the world matters, and that light cannot be snuffed by a cave, or a cloud, or a Reversion. #Quote by J. Thorn
Cave quotes by Lev Shestov
#93. Plato would hardly need to change a single word of his myth of the cave. Our knowledge would not be able to furnish an answer to his anxiety, his disquietude, his "premonitions." The world would remain for him, "in the light" of our "positive" sciences, what it was - a dark and sorrowful subterranean region - and we would seem to him like chained prisoners. Life would again have to make superhuman efforts, "as in a battle," to break open for himself a path through the truths created by the sciences which "dream of being but cannot see it in waking reality." [1] In brief, Aristotle would bless our knowledge while Plato would curse it. #Quote by Lev Shestov
Cave quotes by David Foster Wallace
#94. My application's not bought,' I am telling them, calling into the darkness of the red cave that opens out before closed eyes. 'I am not just a boy who plays tennis. I have an intricate history. Experiences and feelings. I'm complex.
'I read,' I say. 'I study and read. I bet I've read everything you've read. Don't think I haven't. I consume libraries. I wear out spines and ROM-drives. I do things like get in a taxi and say, "The library, and step on it." My instincts concerning syntax and mechanics are better than your own, I can tell, with due respect. But it transcends the mechanics. I'm not a machine. I feel and believe. I have opinions. Some of them are interesting. I could, if you'd let me, talk and talk. Let's talk about anything. I believe the influence of Kierkegaard on Camus is underestimated. I believe Dennis Gabor may very well have been the Antichrist. I believe Hobbes is just Rousseau in a dark mirror. I believe, with Hegel, that transcendence is absorption. I could interface you guys right under the table,' I say. 'I'm not just a creatus, manufactured, conditioned, bred for a function.'

I open my eyes. 'Please don't think I don't care. #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Cave quotes by Nick Cave
#95. You don't meet a lot of people that you really like. I don't anyway. #Quote by Nick Cave
Cave quotes by Slavoj Zizek
#96. the 'magic cave' enables us to joyously accept the End. There is nothing morbid in it; such an acceptance is, on the contrary, the necessary background of concrete social engagement. #Quote by Slavoj Zizek
Cave quotes by John Steinbeck
#97. Well, what you ding this kind of work for--against your own people?"

"Three dollars a day. I got damn sick of creeping for my dinner--and not getting it. I got a wife and kids. We got to eat. Three dollars a day and it comes every day."

"But for your three dollars a day fifteen or twenty families can't eat at all. Nearly a hundred people have to go and wander on the roads for your three dollars a day. Is that right?"

"Can't think of that. Got to think of my own kids."


"Nearly a hundred people on the road for your three dollars. Where will we go?"

"And that reminds me, you better get out soon. I'm going through the dooryard after dinner...I got orders wherever there's a family not moved out--if I have an accident--you know, get too close and cave in the house a little--well, I might get a couple of dollars. And my youngest kid never had no shoes yet."

"I built this with my hands...It's mine. I built it. You bump it down--I'll be in the window with a rifle..."

"It's not me. There's nothing I can do. I'll lose my job if I don't do it. And look--suppose you kill me? They'll just hang you, but not long before you're hung there'll be another guy on the tractor, and he'll bump the house down. You're not killing the right guy."


Across the dooryard the tractor cut, and the hard, foot-beaten ground was seeded field, and the tractor cut through again; the uncut space was #Quote by John Steinbeck
Cave quotes by Angie Karan
#98. Every time we reach in to the cave of our loving heart and deliver an act of kindness, and touch another, we are truly sending a beautiful arrow of our love from our heart straight in to God's heart. When we purely serve another - whether it's someone hurting and confused, the cranky person at work, or the slightly strange elderly woman we help up the elevator - we are actually serving the beauty of God who lives within that person. In essence, we are magnificently surrendering to a higher and divine Love. My dear friends, lets be those beautiful instruments of that divine love. Lets open our wings and deliver small acts of everyday kindness, no matter how big or small. Remember, this divine love; is never wasted. It only flows out and becomes a great big ocean of oneness love for all #Quote by Angie Karan
Cave quotes by Victoria Haugnes
#99. He always kept a handful of stars in his pockets and rays of sunshine in his smile, a
hurricane in his eyes and whole galaxies in his mind. And now when I close my eyes, my mind roams and enters the cave where our memories still resided. There's so much I wish I could tell you, but most of all I wonder how you could do this to us. I'm yet again stuck in this darkness that seems to never end. #Quote by Victoria Haugnes
Cave quotes by Jessie Cave
#100. People suit their star sign. If someone is annoying me over and over, and I know they're a Sagittarius, say, I'm more likely to forgive them. It comes down to my need for structure as a way of finding my bearings with people. #Quote by Jessie Cave
Cave quotes by Jane Gardam
#101. Stories of all lengths and depths come from different parts of the cave. For a novel, you must lay in mental, physical and spiritual provision as for a siege or for a time of hectic explosions, while a short story is, or can be, a steady, timed flame like the lighting of a blow lamp on a building site full of dry tinder. #Quote by Jane Gardam
Cave quotes by Eliezer Yudkowsky
#102. All the sensations of that bright world were really happening in that
quiet cave of bone you called your skull, the place where
you lived and never, ever left. If you really wanted to
say hello to someone, to the actual person, you wouldn't
shake their hand, you'd knock gently on their skull and say "How
are you doing in there?" That was what people were, that was where
they really lived. #Quote by Eliezer Yudkowsky
Cave quotes by Luke Rhinehart
#103. Like the turtle's shell, the sense of self serves as a shield against stimulation and as a burden which limits mobility into possibly dangerous areas. The turtle rarely has to think about what's on the other side of his shell; whatever it is, it can't hurt him, can't even touch him. So, too, adults insist on the shell of a consistent self for themselves and their children and appreciate turtles for friends; they wish to be protected from being hurt or touched or confused or having to think. If a man can rely on consistency, he can afford not to notice people after the first few times. But I imagined a world in which each individual might be about to play the lover, the benefactor, the sponger, the attacker, the friend: and once known as one of the next day he might yet be anything. Would we pay attention to this person? Would life be boring? Would life be livable? I saw then clearly for the first time that the fear of failure keeps us huddled in the cave of self - a group of behavior patterns we have mastered and have no intention of risking failure by abandoning. #Quote by Luke Rhinehart
Cave quotes by Ally Condie
#104. The Cavern you are asking about, yes, I have seen that, with rows and rows of tubes stored neatly in the earth. I have also seen a cave full of papers, and golden apples on dark trees twisted from growing in a place with great wind and little rain, and my name carved in a tree, and paintings on stone. And in the Carving I have seen burned bodies under the sky and a man singing his daughter to her grave, marking her arms and his with blue. I have felt life in that place, and I have seen death. #Quote by Ally Condie
Cave quotes by Steve Martin
#105. For a while, Mirabelle believes there will be a moment when he will cave in and let himself love her, but eventually she lets the idea go. She hits bottom. She dwells in the muck for several months, not depressed exactly, but involved in a mourning that at first she thinks is for Ray but soon realizes is for the loss of her old self. #Quote by Steve Martin
Cave quotes by Ramana Maharshi
#106. A realized one sends out waves of spiritual influence in his aura, which draw many people towards him. Yet he may sit in a cave and maintain complete silence. #Quote by Ramana Maharshi
Cave quotes by J.R. Ward
#107. Out into the staff quarters. Over to the entrance to the movie theater. Tohr stopped dead. "If this is another Beaches marathon, I'm going to Bette your ass until you can't sit down."
"Aw, look at you! Trying to be finny."
"Seriously, if you have any compassion in you at all, you'll let me go to bed - "
"I have peanut M&M's up there."
"Not my style."
"Sam Adams."
Tohr narrowed his eyes. "Cold?"
"Downright icy."
Tohr crossed his arms over his chest and told himself he was not pouting like a five-year-old. "I want Milk Duds."
"Got 'em. And popcorn."
With a curse, Tohr yanked open the door and ascended into the dimly lit red cave. #Quote by J.R. Ward
Cave quotes by Kim Stanley Robinson
#108. - I can paint that fucking cave. #Quote by Kim Stanley Robinson
Cave quotes by Werner Herzog
#109. You have to realize that, about 20,000 years ago, there was a cataclysmic event when an entire rock face collapsed and sealed off the cave. It's a completely preserved time capsule. You've got tracks of cave bears that look like they were left yesterday, and you've got the footprint of a boy who was probably eight years old next to the footprint of a wolf. #Quote by Werner Herzog
Cave quotes by Arthur Golden
#110. Here's the thing: this eel spends its entire life trying to find a home, and what do you think women have inside them? Caves, where the eels like to live ... when they find a cave they like, the wriggle around inside it for a while to be sure that ... well, to be sure it's a nice cave, I suppose. And when they've made up their minds that it's comfortable, they mark the cave as their territory ... by spitting. #Quote by Arthur Golden
Cave quotes by Nick Cave
#111. and that makes him wish all over again that his dad would stop crying, so he can have a turn. #Quote by Nick Cave
Cave quotes by Jessie Cave
#112. Having done film, TV and theatre, the nicest final bit of the jigsaw is to do live comedy, because you can talk to the audience. It feels really natural to be able to laugh with them, but at the same time still be within the framework of a play. #Quote by Jessie Cave
Cave quotes by Denise Levertov
#113. Trying to remember old dreams. A voice. Who came in.
And meanwhile the rain, all day, all evening,
quiet steady sound. Before it grew too dark
watched the blue iris leaning under the rain,
the flame of the poppies guttered and went out.
A voice. Almost recalled. There have been times
the gods entered. Entered a room, a cave?
A long enclosure where I was, the fourth wall of it
too distant or too dark to see. The birds are silent,
no moths at the lit windows. Only a swaying rosebush
pierces the table's reflection, raindrops gazing from it.
There have been hands laid on my shoulders.
What has been said to me,
how has my life replied?
The rain, the rain ... #Quote by Denise Levertov
Cave quotes by Damien Echols
#114. The days are passing so quickly. This is the only time of year when I want to slow time down. I spend the entire year trying to get here as fast as I can, then once I'm here I want to slam on the brakes. I'm beginning to have those moments when the feel of autumn is so strong it drowns out everything else. Lately it's been making me think about the perfect soundtrack for a Halloween party.

The top of any Halloween music list as to be the theme song from the movie Halloween; right on its heels is "Pet Sematary" by the Ramones. For some reason I've always equated the old Van Morrison song "Moondance" with Halloween, too. I love that song. "Bela Lugosi's Dead" by Bauhaus is an October classic, as well as anything by Type O Negative. And Midnight Syndicate. If you've never heard anything by Midnight Syndicate, look them up right this moment. If you distilled the raw essence of every spooky story you ever heard, you would have Midnight Syndicate. I have a friend who swears by them, believing them to be a vital element of any Halloween party. To finish off the list you must have "The Lyre of Orpheus" by Nick Cave and "I Feel Alright" by Steve Earle. #Quote by Damien Echols
Cave quotes by Nick Cave
#115. We sit at the gate and scratch, the gaunt fruit of passion. #Quote by Nick Cave
Cave quotes by Nick Cave
#116. Get down, get down, little Henry Lee
And stay all night with me
You won't find a girl in this damn world
That will compare with me
And the wind did howl and the wind did blow
La la la la la
La la la la lee
A little bird lit down on Henry Lee ... #Quote by Nick Cave
Cave quotes by Marisette Burgess
#117. I thought you had better sense than to get involved with a human." Sam Kleon - Men of the Cave #Quote by Marisette Burgess
Cave quotes by John Ashbery
#118. The Recent Past

Perhaps we ought to feel with more imagination.
As today the sky 70 degrees above zero with lines falling
The way September moves a lace curtain to be near a pear,
The oddest device can't be usual. And that is where
The pejorative sense of fear moves axles. In the stars
There is no longer any peace, emptied like a cup of coffee
Between the blinding rain that interviews.

You were my quintuplets when I decided to leave you
Opening a picture book the pictures were all of grass
Slowly the book was on fire, you the reader
Sitting with specs full of smoke exclaimed
How it was a rhyme for "brick" or "redder."
The next chapter told all about a brook.
You were beginning to see the relation when a tidal wave
Arrived with sinking ships that spelled out "Aladdin."
I thought about the Arab boy in his cave
But the thoughts came faster than advice.
If you knew that snow was a still toboggan in space
The print could rhyme with "fallen star. #Quote by John Ashbery
Cave quotes by Nick Cave
#119. I consider myself to be first and foremost a comic writer. The way I entertain myself - especially in those long and grim hours in the office - is to write stuff I find funny. #Quote by Nick Cave
Cave quotes by Matt Taibbi
#120. Being in the building with Sarah Palin that night is a transformative and oddly unsettling experience. It's a little like having live cave-level access for the ripping-the-heart-out-with-the-bare-hands scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. #Quote by Matt Taibbi
Cave quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#121. And showed him to be a villa-dwelling dependent and not an ascetic cave-dwelling guerrilla. #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Cave quotes by Jean M. Auel
#122. It was a tense moment. If Norg refused them, they would have no choice but to return the long distance back to their cave. It would be a grave breach of propriety, but to allow Ayla entrance would be tantamount to accepting her as a woman of the Clan; at least it would give Brun a clear edge. Norg looked again at his mog-ur, then at the powerful one-eyed man who was The Mog-ur, then back at the man who was leader of the clan ranked first of all the clans. If The Mog-ur said so, what could he do? #Quote by Jean M. Auel
Cave quotes by Roberto Bolano
#123. ... dazzled by the shine of their own virtue, a shine that might not last (since virtue, once recognized in a flash, has no shine and makes its home in a dark cave amid cave dwellers, some dangerous indeed) ... #Quote by Roberto Bolano
Cave quotes by Amy Andrews
#124. This was Linc at his most elemental. This was cave man stuff. Potently male. Potently virile. Hot. As. Fuck. #Quote by Amy Andrews
Cave quotes by Marisette Burgess
#125. Like a bloomed bouquet of gardenias, her smile gave purpose to my existence. Dion Kleon - Men of the Cave #Quote by Marisette Burgess
Cave quotes by Nick Cave
#126. Sometimes the song isn't strong enough to contain the fiction, because memories are fictions. #Quote by Nick Cave
Cave quotes by Megan Hart
#127. Knowing what you need doesn't always mean you know how to get it, though. I'd spent a long time hiding in my cave. No matter how much I might want to come out into the light, I knew it would hurt my eyes. I was a fool. A fool, but nevertheless too smart not to know I was the architect of my own demise, that it was time to put my past behind me. It was time to stop allowing the white elephants to stand unspoken of in my living room. #Quote by Megan Hart
Cave quotes by Cave Johnson
#128. You know.... I've been thinking. When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade ..... GET MAD! MAKE LIFE TAKE THE LEMONS BACK! WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THESE? Demand to see life's manager, and make him rue the day that he gave you lemons. DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? I am the man who will burn your house down with lemons. I am going to get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon, which I will use to BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN! #Quote by Cave Johnson
Cave quotes by Philip Larkin
#129. And I am sick for want of sleep;
So sick, that I can half-believe
The soundless river pouring from the cave
Is neither strong nor deep;
Only an image fancied in conceit. #Quote by Philip Larkin
Cave quotes by Wes Bentley
#130. Sometimes, there's so much beauty in the world, I feel like I can't take it. Like my heart's going to cave in. #Quote by Wes Bentley
Cave quotes by A.E. Via
#131. God went down to get your badge since you were in the cave so long." Ruxs smirked. "You guys kiss and make up?" Steele swiveled around and leveled a hard look at him and replied with a clipped, "Yep." Before #Quote by A.E. Via
Cave quotes by Angela B. Wade
#132. What? You think your White Knight's going to charge in and save the day? Not fucking likely. Nic's locked up far away from anywhere anyone would ever even think to look. And Dmitri knows all about Daniel. The only reason he's not strung up in a cave somewhere is because we don't want to call any more attention to ourselves. Daniel's out there hunting alone, and thanks to you his mind's jacked. He'll fold.
- Luc to Sarah. #Quote by Angela B. Wade
Cave quotes by Chris Angus
#133. I love a mysterious underground and have exploited this in many of my books: the ice tunnels of Greenland, the volcanic tubes of Iceland, the mysterious passageways beneath an ancient African hillside or a Buddhist monastery in central China. And of course, London's famous tube system, setting for my book LONDON UNDERGROUND. It's a funny sort of fixation, especially given my mother's claustrophobia, which I saw her deal with on many occasions. We once lined up to take a tour into the Lascaux Caverns in France to see the ancient cave paintings. My mother didn't make it past the first quirky turn into the depths, and she sent me on by myself. Given her interest in history and archaeology, which she used as the basis for a series of mysteries she published and which inspired my own writing, it always surprised me she still loved to write about places she could never visit. #Quote by Chris Angus
Cave quotes by Nick Cave
#134. At the end, we're kind of observers - creative people, I mean. I feel like an observer, and I'm pretty much able to step out of things and see how things are playing out. #Quote by Nick Cave
Cave quotes by Nick Cave
#135. Hamlet got a gun now. #Quote by Nick Cave
Cave quotes by Alyxandra Harvey
#136. I yawned so widely a bear could've mistaken my mouth for a cave and crawled in to hibernate for the winter. #Quote by Alyxandra Harvey
Cave quotes by Arthur Conan Doyle
#137. And to what end?" she asked sharply. "If you are, as I understand, to shut yourself forever in your cell within the four walls of an abbey, then of what use would it be were your prayer to be answered?" "The use of my own salvation." She turned from him with a pretty shrug and wave. "Is that all?" she said. "Then you are no better than Father Christopher and the rest of them. Your own, your own, ever your own! My father is the king's man, and when he rides into the press of fight he is not thinking ever of the saving of his own poor body; he recks little enough if he leave it on the field. Why then should you, who are soldiers of the Spirit, be ever moping or hiding in cell or in cave, with minds full of your own concerns, while the world, which you should be mending, is going on its way, and neither sees nor hears you? Were ye all as thoughtless of your own souls as the soldier is of his body, ye would be of more avail to the souls of others." "There #Quote by Arthur Conan Doyle
Cave quotes by John Osborne
#138. Jimmy (to Allison):We'll be together in our bear's cave, and our squirrel's drey, and we'll live on honey, and nuts-lots and lots of nuts. And we'll sing songs about ourselves-about warm trees and snug caves, and lying in the sun. And you'll keep those big eyes on my fur, and help me keep my claws in order, because I'm a bit of a soppy, scruffy sort of a
bear. And I'll see that you keep that sleek, bushy tail glistening as it should, because you're a very beautiful squirre, but you're none too bright either, so we've got to be careful. There are cruel steel traps lying about everywhere, just waiting for rather mad, slightly satanic, and very timid little animals. #Quote by John Osborne
Cave quotes by Tove Jansson
#139. There weren't so very many good boxes on this beach," said Sniff. "But I've made a great discovery."
"What was that?" asked Moomintroll, for a discovery (next to Mysterious Paths, Bathing, and Secrets) was what he liked most of all. Sniff paused and then said dramatically:
"A cave!"
"A real cave," asked Moomintroll, "with a hole to creep in through, and rocky walls, and a sandy floor?"
"Everything!" answered Sniff proudly. "A real cave that I found myself."
"That's splendid!" said Moomintroll. "Wonderful news. A cave is much better than a box. #Quote by Tove Jansson
Cave quotes by LeAnne Mechelle
#140. I crave the violence of your affection. I ache for the way it jumbles my insides and makes my heart feel like it's harboring a thunderstorm. I've never felt more alive in all my time on this earth, as I have, being underneath your touch. #Quote by LeAnne Mechelle
Cave quotes by Iris Murdoch
#141. Actors are cave dwellers in a rich darkness which they love and hate. #Quote by Iris Murdoch
Cave quotes by Bernie Morris
#142. The cold pre-dawn sky was softly grey through the cave opening above, when Griff finally arose and began to retrieve his clothes.
Astelle said, 'A man like you – I could take full time.'
He smiled regretfully. 'That is impossible, my darling girl. Even though you are irresistibly sweet to me, you are not suitable to join the Faen race, and I am not prepared to live among Morts.'
'Suppose I should have a child?' she asked. 'You have put enough seed in me to make a dozen babies.'
'You will not,' he said with conviction. 'A Faen child can be conceived only in love, and we don't have that, do we?' Griff was quite sure that she thought nothing of him, even though she had left his emotions in turmoil. Damned bitch! She had stolen from him.
'I would not know if we did. I don't understand how love should feel.'
'If you loved, you would know it,' he told her. And you would not steal from your love, he thought fiercely.
He was buckling his sword belt over the black tunic.
She did not notice the shaking of his hands; she simply thought what a fine manly figure he made, and she realised how much she wanted him to stay. 'If I did have a child – could I let you know somehow?' Astelle clutched at the only strand of hope she could find.
He strove to reassure her. 'We do have mindlink, which means you only have to mindwhisper my name, if you ever need me – I will come.' But he did not think this very likely.
'Please don't go, Griff.' She was a #Quote by Bernie Morris
Cave quotes by Nick Cave
#143. A is for Answering all your prayers, N is for kNowing that your loverman's going to be the answer ... #Quote by Nick Cave
Cave quotes by Nick Cave
#144. If you're involved with imagination and the creative process, it's not such a difficult thing to believe in a God. But I'm not involved in any religions, and I've never intended to make religious records or records that preach some kind of point of view. #Quote by Nick Cave
Cave quotes by Desiderius Erasmus
#145. What difference is there, do you think, between those in Plato's cave who can only marvel at the shadows and images of various objects, provided they are content and don't know what they miss, and the philosopher who has emerged from the cave and sees the real things? #Quote by Desiderius Erasmus
Cave quotes by Claire Contreras
#146. I'll do whatever it takes if it makes you cave to this," he said, lowering his voice.
"You're not afraid of the consequences anymore?" I asked.
"I am." He paused, his eyes searching mine. "I think you might be worth it, though. #Quote by Claire Contreras
Cave quotes by Rudyard Kipling
#147. Directly in front of him, holding on by a low branch, stood a naked brown baby who could just walk - as soft and as dimpled a little atom as ever came to a wolf's cave at night. He looked up into Father Wolf's face, and laughed. #Quote by Rudyard Kipling
Cave quotes by Saint-John Perse
#148. The poet existed among the cave men; he will exist among men of the atomic age, for he is an inherent part of man. Even religions have been born from the need for poetry, which is a spiritual need, and it is through the grace of poetry that the divine spark lives forever in the human flint. #Quote by Saint-John Perse
Cave quotes by L'Poni Baldwin
#149. He couldn't take his eye off that dragon
There was something odd about the swaying of his tail
... he watched his curved and voluptuous reptilian legs move with grace ...
... its stare was docile and ... loving ...
He wanted that creature
He wanted him all to himself
He slapped his forehead, "Get ahold of yourself, George. It's a dragon!"
He couldn't hold himself
He followed the dragon-shifter into its cave
From Lonely George and the Dragon God, a standalone story deriving from the universe built in Dragons and Cicadas. #Quote by L'Poni Baldwin
Cave quotes by Marty Rubin
#150. If perception were reality, bats could fly through cave walls. #Quote by Marty Rubin
Cave quotes by Hendrik Willem Van Loon
#151. On the other hand, when you grow up you will discover that some of the people in this world never passed beyond the stage of the cave-man. #Quote by Hendrik Willem Van Loon
Cave quotes by Cassandra Clare
#152. You can close your eyes and think of England, if you like."
"I've never even been to England," she said, but she shut her eyelids. She could feel the dank heaviness of her clothes, cold and itchy against her skin, and the cloying sweet air of the cave, colder yet, and the weight of Jace's hands on her shoulders, the only things that were warm. And then he kissed her.
She felt the brush of his lips, light at first, and her own opened automatically beneath the pressure. Almost against her will she felt herself go fluid and pliant, stretching upward to twine her arms around his neck the way that a sunflower twists toward light. His arms slid around her, his hands knotting in her hair, and the kiss stopped being gentle and became fierce, all in a single moment like tinder flaring into a blaze. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Cave quotes by Bob Haney
#153. No, that flapping isn't all the pigeons in the park zeroing in on some spilled popcorn!
That antediluvian (old and prehistoric) scream that's numbing your brain isn't a subway on a curve!
No, it's the one and only Thunderbird --just released from a long, long nap in a cave on the Kijowa reservation by Tom Tallwolf and J. Jay Jaye, known as The Big Promoter! But it looks like all he's promoted now is...trouble with wings! #Quote by Bob Haney
Cave quotes by Darren Shan
#154. Bran," I sob. "You have to go." He just smiles. "Bran! You must!" Again the smile. He won't leave. He'll be my faithful friend forever. He'd rather die by my side than skip free without me. I return the smile. "Very well," I sigh and reach out a hand. Bran takes it, expecting only my touch. But what he gets on top of that is the last of my magic. A swift, improvised spell. I reach into his mind and send an image into his thoughts, of the hole, him dashing out of it, racing through the cave and not coming back. And then, with all the magical force I can muster, I yell at him - "Run fast! #Quote by Darren Shan
Cave quotes by Nick Cave
#155. You've got to understand your limitations. It's your limitations that make you the wonderful disaster you most probably are. #Quote by Nick Cave
Cave quotes by Hope Bradford
#156. Kuan Yin is showing me visually how I'm (and we all are) part of a round ball of light that people call God," delineates Lena.

"There are those who would rather God were thought of as a person, a man with a white beard," elaborates Kuan Yin. "However, for purposes of this manuscript, I will continue with this ball of light analogy of the God Force. Those who object to my use of the word 'God' or 'God Force' will just have to deal with it for now."

"I'm seeing not pie-shaped but straight slivers coming from this central ball of light," depicts Lena. "These straight slivers of light become a person who plays out adventures from his or her beliefs. When you put all the slivers together they form God. It is as if one takes a small chip of gold from a cave made of gold. The cave and chip of gold are separate. Yet, they are the same. How can this be?"

Answering her own question, Lena comments, "Because they are both comprised of the same chemical elements. Why do we even go through such a complex process? Is it all just a beautiful game?" Lena asks Kuan Yin.

"The God Force likes intense pleasure," expounds Kuan Yin. "However, the God Force experiences itself more clearly when it can separate itself out; obtaining a different point of view. Because of this separation, [becoming human--the personification of the "Always/Authentic Self"], there is the possibility for pain. #Quote by Hope Bradford
Cave quotes by Lemony Snicket
#157. And their lives were lousy with lousiness, from terrible people to horrible meals, from terrifying locations to horrifying circumstances, and from dreadful inconveniences to inconvenient dreads, so that it seemed that their lives would always be lousy, lousy with lousy days and lousy with lousy nights, even if all of the lousy things with which their lives were lousy became less lousy, and less lousy with lousiness, over the lousy course of each lousy-with-lousiness moment, and with each new lousy mushroom, making the cave lousier and lousier with lousiness, it was almost too much for the Baudelaire orphans to bear. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Cave quotes by Marek Halter
#158. Below on the beach, the surf also seemed the same, although the sea was more transparent. In the light of day, the hollow formed by the terrace and the cave seemed as tiny as a nest. They themselves were merely a man and a woman lost in the immensity. #Quote by Marek Halter
Cave quotes by Anonymous
#159. Colossal Cave (also known as Adventure - not to be confused with the Atari VCS game of the same name) was developed by assembly-language programmer William Crowther #Quote by Anonymous
Cave quotes by Mary Stewart
#160. Count Ambrosius was out of practice at chess. The usual game was dice, and he was not risking that against an infant soothsayer. Chess, being a matter of mathematics rather than magic, was less susceptible to the black arts.' --twelve-year-old Merlin, The Crystal Cave, p. 131 of 384 #Quote by Mary Stewart
Cave quotes by Nelleskii
#161. In every dark cave there is always a bright side too. #Quote by Nelleskii
Cave quotes by Jessie Cave
#162. I am not comfortable telling people I am trying stand-up because to me that implies confidence. I'm - well, I'm not. #Quote by Jessie Cave
Cave quotes by Nick Cave
#163. The more settled I've become, the more problematic my characters have become. There was a period when I wrote sensitive and gentle songs and these came at a time when life was at its most destructive. I think you write about what you need, on some level. #Quote by Nick Cave
Cave quotes by Jessie Cave
#164. I don't enjoy doing stand-up. I see it as being like exercise: I feel good about it after I've done it. #Quote by Jessie Cave
Cave quotes by Joseph Campbell
#165. The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek. #Quote by Joseph Campbell
Cave quotes by Nick Cave
#166. Musicians are at the bottom of the creative pyramid and authors are at the top, and many people think it's unacceptable for someone to attempt to jump from the bottom to the top of the pyramid. #Quote by Nick Cave
Cave quotes by Joseph Finder
#167. Gabe's room was as dark as a cave. He was asleep under the covers, a barely discernible lump. #Quote by Joseph Finder
Cave quotes by J.D. Robb
#168. People have been sleeping and/or marrying their way to the top since the first cavewoman said: 'Ugh, that one's the strongest and has the biggest club. I'll shake my mastodon-skin-covered ass at him.'"
"Or whatever cave people said. And it's not just women who do it. Cave guy goes: 'Ugh, that one catches the most fish, I'll be dragging her off to my cave now.' Ava sees Tommy and - "
"Says ugh."
"Or today's equivalent thereof."

-Eve & Roarke. . #Quote by J.D. Robb
Cave quotes by Nick Cave
#169. I was reading The Bible a lot through my 20s, mostly the Old Testament, just because I was knocked out by the language and the stories. I felt that the God being talked about there, who was this insane, vindictive patriarch - it was kind of thrilling, and titillated something in me at the time. #Quote by Nick Cave
Cave quotes by Maria Dahvana Headley
#170. Maybe we're brokenhearted, but why isn't it rational to have a broken heart? It is utter shit out there, the things you can't control. The world is full of wrongs, and mess and distress and horror. Who can really be blamed for wanting to dig their way down and live in a hole, or disappear into a cave and never be around humans again? If all people do is hurt each other? #Quote by Maria Dahvana Headley
Cave quotes by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
#171. The whole society has to recognize the importance of the value in embracing what science is going into the 21st Century. Otherwise, we might as well start packing and moving back into the cave right now, because that's where we'll end up. #Quote by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Cave quotes by Nick Cave
#172. Texting is apocalyptic on some level. It's a reduction of things. #Quote by Nick Cave
Cave quotes by Rick Yancey
#173. The creepiest thing is the silence.
The Hum is gone.
You remember the Hum.
Unless you grew up on top of a mountain or lived in a cave your whole life, the Hum was always around you. That's what life was. It was the sea we swam in. The constant sound of all the things we built to make life easy and a little less boring. The mechanical song. The electronic symphony. The Hum of all our things and all of us. Gone.
This is the sound of the Earth before we conquered it. #Quote by Rick Yancey
Cave quotes by Nick Cave
#174. A gentleman never talks about his tailor. #Quote by Nick Cave
Cave quotes by Shannon Messenger
#175. I stare outside the cave, at the stars slowly peeking out of the velvety black. I'm not sure why I always turn to them, all they give are tiny pricks of twinkling light, barely enough to make a dent in the darkness. But they're always there. Holding their own, guiding everyone until sunrise. And the sun always rises. #Quote by Shannon Messenger
Cave quotes by Mo Rocca
#176. A young imagination is bold, likes to make bigger leaps. It likes to, well, imagine that the dustbuster is a dinosaur; that the computer mouse is a hotrod; that the box is a cave; that the rawhide is a torch ... or a baton ... or something. #Quote by Mo Rocca
Cave quotes by Willa Cather
#177. I was thinking", he answered absently, "about Euripides; how, when he was an old man, he went and lived in a cave by the sea, and it was thought queer at the time. It seems that houses had become insupportable to him. I wonder whether it was because he had observed women so closely all his life. #Quote by Willa Cather
Cave quotes by Diane Ackerman
#178. Just as our ancient ancestors drew animals on cave walls and carved animals from wood and bone, we decorate our homes with animal prints and motifs, give our children stuffed animals to clutch, cartoon animals to watch, animal stories to read. #Quote by Diane Ackerman
Cave quotes by Pierce Brown
#179. I wanted Red Rising to be the Cave from the Republic. The dark cradle in which you see shadows on the wall and you think you know existence. Then they get out of the cave, and shit look at those space ships and the feuds and the size of everything.

It's hard to come right out and introduce people to a Space Opera. I wanted to lull them into one #Quote by Pierce Brown
Cave quotes by Josh Malerman
#180. In my imagination, the Editor meditated in a mountain-cave, espoused the rules of grammar, and frowned upon speculative fiction. #Quote by Josh Malerman
Cave quotes by Nick Cave
#181. I can control the weather with my moods. I just can't control my moods. #Quote by Nick Cave
Cave quotes by Nick Cave
#182. Music is storming, driving, relentless, devotional, slinky, subtle, heartbreakingly-beautiful sounds that, lyrically, switch from the cynical to the sanguine, the defeated to the defiant, dealing in love, war, beauty, children, romance, rejection, Pethedine, poetry, panties, God, Auden, Johnny Cash, cold potatoes, too-much-money, not enough money, writer's block, flowers, animals and more flowers. But maybe I'm projecting here. #Quote by Nick Cave
Cave quotes by Alice McDermott
#183. If you want to see how far we have not come from the cave and the woods, from the lonely and dangerous days of the prarie or the plain, witness the reaction of a modern suburban family, nearly ready for bed, when the doorbell rings or the door is rattled. They will stop where they stand, or sit bolt upright in their beds, as if a streak of pure lightning has passed through the house. Eyes wide, voices fearful, they will whisper to each other, "There's someone at the door," in a way that might make you believe they have always feared and anticipated this moment - that they have spent their lives being stalked. #Quote by Alice McDermott
Cave quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#184. Please tell me the cave just had a little indigestion. (Kat) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Cave quotes by Nick Cave
#185. Hey what's the matter baby? said my wife, propped up on the bed.

I'm a fucking vampire! I cried, thinking of Bryan Ferry and his bursting flowers and his prancing horses and his flight of swallows and his hedged swimming pool and his lovely wife.

No, you're not. Come here, she said.

I crawled onto the bed and she pulled the covers away.

Listen, she said.

I put my ear against her distended stomach, her knapsack, and listened. I could hear little trapped people swimming around within.

They are eating me from the inside, she said.

Lucky them, I said.

I'm serious, she said.

But she had fallen asleep and I crawled off the bed across the floor, up the wainscot and along the paneled ceiling. I pressed my ear to the ceiling and listened. I could hear people gathering on the floor above. The ceiling vibrated. I recognized the voices as past collaborators, going back many years. They sounded fatigued as if depleted of oxygen, maybe, or as if someone has siphoned their blood away. I could hear them sobbing and cursing and consoling each other.

I fell asleep. #Quote by Nick Cave
Cave quotes by Virginia Woolf
#186. Now," she said when all was ready and lit the silver sconces on either side of the mirror. What woman would not have kindled to see what Orlando saw then burning in the snow
for all about the looking glass were snowy lawns, and she was like a fire, a burning bush, and the candle flames about her head were silver leaves; or again, the glass was green water, and she a mermaid, slung with pearls, a siren in a cave, singing so that oarsmen leant from their boats and fell down, down to embrace her; so dark, so bright, so hard, so soft, was she, so astonishingly seductive that it was a thousand pities that there was no one there to pt it in plain English, and say outright "Damn it Madam, you are loveliness incarnate," which was the truth. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Cave quotes by George MacDonald
#187. Then the Old Man of the Earth stooped over the floor of the cave, raised a huge stone from it, and left it leaning. It disclosed a great hole that went plumb-down.
"That is the way," he said.
"But there are no stairs."
"You must throw yourself in. There is no other way. #Quote by George MacDonald
Cave quotes by Ellen DeGeneres
#188. You know, there's probably a lot of moisture in caves, too, which would be bad for my hair. And all those sharp edges. I wouldn't want to move. I'd just sit in the cave all day long and think about how scared I was to #Quote by Ellen DeGeneres
Cave quotes by Nick Cave
#189. Who knows their own story? Certainly it makes no sense when we are living in the midst of it. It's all just clamor and confusion. It only becomes a story when we tell it and retell it. Our small precious recollections that we speak again and again to ourselves and to others, first creating the narrative of our lives and then keeping the story from dissolving into darkness. #Quote by Nick Cave
Cave quotes by Michael Bloomberg
#190. We would betray our values and play into our enemies' hands if we were to treat Muslims differently than anyone else. In fact, to cave to popular sentiment would be to hand a victory to the terrorists, and we should not stand for that. #Quote by Michael Bloomberg
Cave quotes by Nick Cave
#191. My true intent is all for your delight. #Quote by Nick Cave
Cave quotes by Kyra Dune
#192. It wasn't bravery that ushered me into that cave, it was a mixture of
stupidity, guilt and the brashness of youth. A deadlier combination there
never was. #Quote by Kyra Dune
Cave quotes by Phil Anselmo
#193. I'm glowing in the dark with my studio tan. I've been in a cave of music for months and months and months. #Quote by Phil Anselmo
Cave quotes by Kresley Cole
#194. I can't believe you could hold on like that," she said. "You're really, uh, strong."
"I'm supposed to be, to protect you."
They both fell silent.
"Not me, MacRieve."
"I've made a decision, lass." He drew back and cupped her face. "If given the chance, I would no' go back. You're mine. And I'm going to do whatever it takes, till I'm yours as well."
She made a frustrated sound. "Typical male! Because of what happened in the cave?"
"Aye, some. But also because of what happened after. We fit, you and me, and could make a life together. And witch," - his gaze held hers - "we're going to have a bloody good time of it. #Quote by Kresley Cole
Cave quotes by Thomas Harris
#195. It was as though committing murders had purged him of lesser rudeness. Or perhaps, Starling thought, it excited him to see her marked in this particular way. She couldn't tell. The sparks in his eyes flew into his darkness like fireflies down a cave. #Quote by Thomas Harris
Cave quotes by Nick Cave
#196. No wonder sorrow doesn't smile much. No wonder sadness is so sad. #Quote by Nick Cave
Cave quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#197. He enters a labyrinth, he multiplies by a thousand the dangers already inherent in the very act of living, not the least of which is the fact that no one with eyes will see how and where he gets lost and lonely and is torn limb from limb by some cave-Minotaur of conscience. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Cave quotes by Longus
#198. While Nape was making the bread and Dryas boiling the ram, Daphnis and Chloe had time to go forth as far as the ivy-bush; and when he had set his snares again and pricked his lime-twigs, they not only catched good store of birds, but had a sweet collation of kisses without intermission, and a dear conversation in the language of love: "Chloe, I came for thy sake." "I know it, Daphnis." "'Tis long of thee that I destroy the poor birds." "What wilt thou with me?" "Remember me." "I remember thee, by the Nymphs by whom heretofore I have sworn in yonder cave, whither we will go as soon as ever the snow melts." "But it lies very deep, Chloe, and I fear I shall melt before the snow." "Courage, man; the Sun burns hot." "I would it burnt like that fire which now burns my very heart." "You do but gibe and cozen me!" "I do not, by the goats by which thou didst once bid me to swear to thee. #Quote by Longus
Cave quotes by Doug Brown
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Cave quotes by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
#200. To make any future that we dreamt up real requires creative scientists, engineers, and technologists to make it happen. If people are not within your midst who dream about tomorrow - with the capacity to bring tomorrow into the present - then the country might as well just recede back into the cave because that's where we're headed. #Quote by Neil DeGrasse Tyson

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