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Cavalaris Skating quotes by Jim Shepard
#1. The protagonist of Fourteen Stories, None of Them Are Yours doesn't make it easy for us, channeling as he does Barry Hannah and Denis Johnson by way of Rick Bass and Dennis Hopper, and self-presenting as yet another damaged romantic who thinks it's always time to play the cowboy, skating in and out of sense. He can't see right, and he's haunted by nearly everything. He's trying to open up or shut himself down or at least get a hold of himself. He's trying to make do with what he's done, while he reminds us that we're all, one way or another, in that position. #Quote by Jim Shepard
Cavalaris Skating quotes by Norman Jewison
#2. When you shoot a musical, you're shooting to lipsynch tracks, so we had to figure out our choreography and work out what we wanted to do with each number before we did it. #Quote by Norman Jewison
Cavalaris Skating quotes by Samuel Beckett
#3. Lucky's monologue: "(...)the strides of physical culture the practice of sports such as tennis football running cycling swimming flying floating riding gliding conating camogie skating tennis of all kinds dying flying sports of all sorts autumn summer winter winter tennis of all kinds hockey of all sorts peniciline and succedanea in a word(...) #Quote by Samuel Beckett
Cavalaris Skating quotes by Birdman
#4. We got skate parks in different states, but me skating? Nah, I'm too gangster; I can't rock with it. But I watch it. #Quote by Birdman
Cavalaris Skating quotes by Ann Coulter
#5. When you try to figure out what the religious right is, it ultimately comes down either to one man, Pat Robertson, or anyone who believes in a higher being and wants their taxes cut. #Quote by Ann Coulter
Cavalaris Skating quotes by Dave Barry
#6. The problem with winter sports is that
follow me closely here
they generally take place in winter. #Quote by Dave Barry
Cavalaris Skating quotes by Tara Lipinski
#7. Acting is easier than skating in a way and harder in other aspects. In skating, you get one chance, and with acting you get to do it over and over. #Quote by Tara Lipinski
Cavalaris Skating quotes by Brian Boitano
#8. Kat and I were in our 20s when we won in '88. Our personalities were already established. We were ready to move on to a life of professional skating. #Quote by Brian Boitano
Cavalaris Skating quotes by Joe Sakic
#9. You know what's good? Going on the ice and knowing that you don't have to skate when the whistle blows. All my life I've been the one skating. #Quote by Joe Sakic
Cavalaris Skating quotes by Jennette McCurdy
#10. I love figure skating, so I do that as often as I can. Other than that I just go to the gym or swim. I love swimming. #Quote by Jennette McCurdy
Cavalaris Skating quotes by Matt Taibbi
#11. America is a country that has been skating for ages on its unparalleled ability to look marvelous on the outside. #Quote by Matt Taibbi
Cavalaris Skating quotes by Tony Hawk
#12. I won't quit skating until I am physically unable. #Quote by Tony Hawk
Cavalaris Skating quotes by Francesca Lia Block
#13. You said it wasn't fair. Over and over again you kept saying that. You said, There are so many kids that want to die. She's probably the one that wanted to live the most. I thought, no, I want to live as much as she did. But only if... and then I realized how much it sucked for me to think that. Think about myself like that, complain. I was here and I could go dancing and sweat all night and eat donuts and go roller-skating and take bubble baths and grow up. I had you. Right there with me. I had you living in my life and I was alive. #Quote by Francesca Lia Block
Cavalaris Skating quotes by J. Lynn
#14. I had to ice my face the rest of the weekend and my bruised nose made it look like I got in a fight. Going back to class on Monday wasn't any better."Hey, Red, how's the nose doing?" John plopped down in the seat next to me like he didn't have a care in the world.I glared forward, willing myself not to look at him.
"You're the one who put it there, so if you don't mind I would like to focus on the lecture since finals are coming up."The girls in front of us glanced over their shoulders, looks of disgust on their faces.I smirked. "Don't get ahead of yourself, ladies. I fell ice skating, he's not beating me or getting me involved in
some weird sex act."That got them to turn back around. "Since when does sex involve bruises?What kind of stuff are you into,Red? #Quote by J. Lynn
Cavalaris Skating quotes by Katarina Witt
#15. Figure skating is a mixture of art and sport. #Quote by Katarina Witt
Cavalaris Skating quotes by Judith McNaught
#16. Why did you come here-that is, why did you agree to reconsider my proposal?"
The question alarmed and startled her. Now that she'd seen him she had only the dimmest, possibly even erroneous recollection of having spoken to him at a ball. Moreover, she couldn't tell him she was in danger of being cut off by her uncle, for that whole explanation was to humiliating to bear mentioning.
"Did I do or say something during our brief meetings the year before last to mislead you, perhaps, into believing I might yearn for the city life?"
"It's hard to say," Elizabeth said with absolute honesty.
"Lady Cameron, do you even remember our meeting?"
"Oh, yes, of course. Certainly," Elizabeth replied, belatedly recalling a man who looked very like him being presented to her at Lady Markham's. That was it! "We met at Lady Markham's ball."
His gaze never left her face. "We met in the park."
"In the park?" Elizabeth repeated in sublime embarrassment.
"You had stopped to admire the flowers, and the young gentleman who was your escort that day introduced us."
"I see," Elizabeth replied, her gaze skating away from his.
"Would you care to know what we discussed that day and the next day when I escorted you back to the park?"
Curiosity and embarrassment warred, and curiosity won out. "Yes, I would."
"F-fishing?" Elizabeth gasped.
He nodded. "Within minutes after we were introduced I mentioned that I had not come to Londo #Quote by Judith McNaught
Cavalaris Skating quotes by Robin Williamson
#17. The new moon is rising the axe of the thunder is broken
As never was not since the flood nor yet since the world began
The new moon is shining the angels are washing their windows
Above the years whose jumble sale goes spinning on below
Ask the snail beneath the stone, ask the stone beneath the wall
Are there any stars at all
Like an eagle in the sky tell me if air is strong

In the floating pan pipe victories of the golden harvest
Safe in the care of the dear moon

The new moon is rising the eyelid of god is approaching
The humane train the skating raining travelling voice of certainty
The new moon is shining the harmonious hand is now holding lord krishna's ring
The eagle's wing the voice of mother everything
Ask the snail beneath the stone, ask the stone beneath the wall
Are there any stars at all
Like an eagle in the sky tell me if air is strong

In the floating palaces of the spinning castle
May the fire king's daughter bring water to you #Quote by Robin Williamson
Cavalaris Skating quotes by Thomas F. Wilson
#18. And by the same token, I appreciate math, because I can't do math. If I have to read a map or figure out the tip on a restaurant bill, I might start to tear up a little bit. #Quote by Thomas F. Wilson
Cavalaris Skating quotes by T.I.
#19. I wasn't nervous at all. I applied the same amount of efforts to the love scenes as I did to the skating and the acting and everything else. #Quote by T.I.
Cavalaris Skating quotes by Michelle Kwan
#20. When I was younger, I always dreamed of being a legend, to be remembered in figure skating. #Quote by Michelle Kwan
Cavalaris Skating quotes by Jeffrey Deitch
#21. Ramp skating has become the most popular televised form of skating because they can constrain it. They can judge it based on what's happening within this box of a ramp. #Quote by Jeffrey Deitch
Cavalaris Skating quotes by Julie Benz
#22. That's a hard question, because I started skating when I was three, so I don't really remember life before it, and I don't know what it is like not to work hard at something. #Quote by Julie Benz
Cavalaris Skating quotes by Kristi Yamaguchi
#23. One of my mottos not only just in skating but in life in general and I try to enforce it as well, is like no regrets and just like going for it. #Quote by Kristi Yamaguchi
Cavalaris Skating quotes by Dorothy Hamill
#24. I was really a spoiled brat when I was a kid skating. Meals are cooked for you, you are driven to the rink, they make costumes for you. Your parents sit around and watch admiringly while you skate. You don't have to think about anything but skating. You're just plain spoiled. #Quote by Dorothy Hamill
Cavalaris Skating quotes by Cindy Klassen
#25. Growing up, you always dream of winning a gold medal. But coming into these Games, it wasn't something I was focused on. I'm just enjoying skating. This is the best season ever. I think that this year, my 3,000 meters has been stronger than the 1,500. The 1,500 has been anybody's race this year. When I was first, I still didn't know if that was enough. #Quote by Cindy Klassen
Cavalaris Skating quotes by Johnny Weir
#26. Being in the public eye is part of what I do, and taking on a multitude of different projects - television, radio, fashion, writing or deep-sea diving - is a blessing. It is also how I pay my bills and fund my own skating, as I don't have a sponsor or financial help from my federation. #Quote by Johnny Weir
Cavalaris Skating quotes by Ryan Sheckler
#27. This is something I've always wanted to do- to skate through a part of New York City that thousands of people ride through every week, feeling the energy of one of the original stomping grounds of street skating. #Quote by Ryan Sheckler
Cavalaris Skating quotes by A.G. Howard
#28. I crumple, my palm skating along the tree's frozen face as I plop to the ground.
"Alyssa?" Morpheus crouches beside me in an instant. He catches my chin and forces me to look at him. "Are you feeling anemic again?"
I struggle to breathe. It grates inside my chest, like inhaling angry bees. Blood creeps into my throat and gags me.
Morpheus's jeweled markings flash through an anxious kaleidoscope of colors. #Quote by A.G. Howard
Cavalaris Skating quotes by Harrison Ford
#29. Some actors couldn't figure out how to withstand the constant rejection. They couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. #Quote by Harrison Ford
Cavalaris Skating quotes by Debi Thomas
#30. My skating is a very emotional thing that comes from the heart, never doing it for the medal. #Quote by Debi Thomas
Cavalaris Skating quotes by Apolo Ohno
#31. All the suits I buy have to be tailored, no matter what. But it's not just because of my height; it's because I've been skating for so long. My waist is very small, but my legs are just huge. Most really nice suit makers are Italian, and usually they make suit pants for Italian men. I'm like, 'Those Italians must have pretty skinny legs.' #Quote by Apolo Ohno
Cavalaris Skating quotes by Oksana Baiul
#32. Pairs skating and singles are two different things. Although some skaters have achieved this successfully, it is a very difficult transition. You're looking at double work. #Quote by Oksana Baiul
Cavalaris Skating quotes by Brittany Bowe
#33. When I saw the 2010 Games and speed skating, I had a change of heart. I had always dreamed of being an Olympian, and something clicked inside of me. I knew I had to move to Salt Lake City and make this dream a reality. #Quote by Brittany Bowe
Cavalaris Skating quotes by Ashley Wagner
#34. My parents told me, 'Skating is a privilege, not a right, and school always comes first.' #Quote by Ashley Wagner
Cavalaris Skating quotes by Stephen King
#35. Zitner said hell would freeze over before something like that happened. Harold had a brief image of Adolf Hitler and Judas Iscariot handing out ice-skates and went on heaving sandbags. #Quote by Stephen King
Cavalaris Skating quotes by Debi Thomas
#36. My mother introduced me to many different things, and figure skating was one of them. I just thought that it was magical having to glide across the ice. #Quote by Debi Thomas
Cavalaris Skating quotes by Susan Humphreys
#37. The difference between being a winner and being a loser is how you pick yourself up again, especially when you're down for the third or fourth or twentieth time! #Quote by Susan Humphreys

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