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Catchy School quotes by Andy Murray
#1. I was playing in the juniors at Wimbledon I forgot to turn my mobile phone off. It was lying there in my bag and it rang in the middle of a match, and it was one of my friends from school saying, 'Murray, you're on the telly!' I learnt from that. After that I always put my phone on silent. #Quote by Andy Murray
Catchy School quotes by Gary Reilly
#2. I had learned that some people feel that books are "intrusive," in the sense that books put things in their heads that they don't want there. Some people call these things "ideas." Maybe they're right. Sometimes these ideas sprout into what are known as "thoughts," and you know my feelings about school, government, and big businesses
thoughts are the last things they want rattling around inside people's heads because thoughts inevitably lead to consumer protection, free speech and hippies. #Quote by Gary Reilly
Catchy School quotes by Jamie Dornan
#3. I didn't do particularly well with girls at school. I was very shy. I'm not saying that was the only reason I didn't do well with them, but I just didn't. #Quote by Jamie Dornan
Catchy School quotes by Jeff Kinney
#4. Let me just say for the record that I think middle school is the dumbest idea ever invented. You got kids like me who haven't hit growth spurt yet mixed in with these gorillas who need to shave twice a day. #Quote by Jeff Kinney
Catchy School quotes by Mary-Kate Olsen
#5. I am a really bad test taker. I can get straight As in school, but I get nervous on test. #Quote by Mary-Kate Olsen
Catchy School quotes by Julia Garner
#6. For my senior year, I'm home schooled. It's working well with the acting. Juggling school with the acting is hard, but you know, what can you do? #Quote by Julia Garner
Catchy School quotes by Matthew Lesko
#7. So if there is a government grant offered for anything, like starting a business or going to school, they cannot discriminate because of your age. #Quote by Matthew Lesko
Catchy School quotes by Josh Gad
#8. I don't know if I'd call myself a prodigy, but I was a big forensics competitor in high school, and then during college I spent some time working at speech and debate camps as a coach. #Quote by Josh Gad
Catchy School quotes by Arnold Palmer
#9. I played high school golf, I played amateur golf and I started getting officers. I was playing pretty good, won amateur tournaments as a junior, and the whole thing. #Quote by Arnold Palmer
Catchy School quotes by George Stroumboulopoulos
#10. I went to a Catholic School, and underneath my school uniform, I wore a metal shirt. #Quote by George Stroumboulopoulos
Catchy School quotes by Andrew Clements
#11. Robert said, "This is great, huh? Sorry to butt in and everything, but I really need the extra points. For my grade."
Ben nodded and tried to smile. Right, for his grade. He probably wanted to get an A++ in social studies instead of just an A+ #Quote by Andrew Clements
Catchy School quotes by Rick Ross
#12. Typically cult groups target universities and colleges. Most likely those schools that maintain campus housing. #Quote by Rick Ross
Catchy School quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#13. Experience is the only teacher, and we get his lesson indifferently in any school. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Catchy School quotes by Robinson Rojas Sandford
#14. Six or seven minutes past 2 P.M. on September 11, 1973, an infiltration patrol of the San Bemardo Infantry School commanded by Captain Roberto Garrido burst into the second floor of the Chilean Presidential Palace, Santiago's Palacio de La Moneda. Charging up the main staircase and covering themselves with spurts from their FAL machine guns, the patrol advanced to the entrance of the Salon Rojo, the state reception hall. Inside, through dense smoke coming from fires elsewhere in the building and from the explosion of tear gas bombs, grenades, and shells from Sherman tank cannons, the patrol captain saw a band of civilians braced to defend themselves with submachine guns. In a reflex action, Captain Garrido loosed a short burst from his weapon. One of his three bullets struck a civilian in the stomach. A soldier in Garrido's patrol imitated his commander, wounding the same man in the abdomen. As the man writhed on the floor in agony, Garrido suddenly realized who he was: Salvador Allende. "We shit on the President!" he shouted. There was more machine-gun fire from Garrido's patrol. Allende was riddled with bullets. As he slumped back dead, a second group of civilian defenders broke into the Salon Rojo from a side door. Their gunfire drove back Garrido and his patrol, who fled down the main staircase to the safety of the first floor, which the rebel troops had occupied.

Some of the civilians returned to the Salon Rojo to see what could be done. Among them was Dr. Enrique #Quote by Robinson Rojas Sandford
Catchy School quotes by Lizzo
#15. I love kimonos because you can just throw them on over anything. Ever since I got my first kimono from Lane Bryant in high school and thought, 'This is amazing; I can wear it with everything!' #Quote by Lizzo
Catchy School quotes by Janet Fitch
#16. I didn't tell her about the free-for-alls on the school yard, muggings on the bus. A girl burned a cigarette hole in the back of another girl's shirt at nutrition right in front of me looking at me as if daring me to stop her. I saw a boy being threatened with a knife on the hallway outside my spanish class. Girls talked about their abortions in gym class. Claire didn't need to know about that. I wanted the world to be beautiful for her. I wanted things to work out. I always had a great day no matter what. #Quote by Janet Fitch
Catchy School quotes by Brigid Kemmerer
#17. Gabriel. Number three?"
That killed the smile. "Yeah. My twin brother. He says he doesn't care if I go away to school, but I know he does."
"Identical twin?"
Nick cut him another look, and Adam smiled. "Sorry. #Quote by Brigid Kemmerer
Catchy School quotes by David Chang
#18. I was quite cocky, but having been hailed as this great young golfer, I couldn't even make the high school golf team once I got there. I had a big dose of humble pie then, and ever since, I've always known that there is always someone out there better than you, more talented. Always. #Quote by David Chang
Catchy School quotes by Abdellah Taia
#19. I started to write because of my dream to become a filmmaker. I got to know about a film school in Paris and it was my goal to get there. To do that I knew I had to learn French. In order to practice I started to write journals in French. The effort I made to master what I regarded a bad thing - a language owned by the rich Moroccans - brought me the ability to write. #Quote by Abdellah Taia
Catchy School quotes by John Dewey
#20. I believe that in the ideal school we have the reconciliation of the individualistic and the institutional ideals. #Quote by John Dewey
Catchy School quotes by Krystal Sutherland
#21. I was amazed at how quickly a person could become an essential part of your life. #Quote by Krystal Sutherland
Catchy School quotes by Phyllis Schlafly
#22. Wright told Klein that he saw the Obamas as secularists, for whom "church is not their thing": And even after Barack and Michelle came to the church their kids weren't raised in the church like you raise other kids in Sunday school. No. Church is not their thing. It never was their thing. Michelle was not the kind of black woman whose momma made her go to church, made her go to Sunday school, made her go to Baptist Young People's Union. She wasn't raised in that kind of environment. So the church was not an integral part of their spiritual lives after they got married. But the church was an integral part of Barack's politics. Because he needed that black base. #Quote by Phyllis Schlafly
Catchy School quotes by Robert Sternberg
#23. If there's going to be an SAT, it's probably practical to invest in a book or perhaps in a course, but I'm sorry to say, I went to some classes that my kids took and it was clear in school that what they were doing was just SAT training. #Quote by Robert Sternberg
Catchy School quotes by Lauren Oliver
#24. Things weren't always as good as they are now. In school we learned that in the old days, the dark days, people didn't realize how deadly a disease love was.
For a long time they even viewed it as a good thing, something to be celebrated and pursued. Of course that's one of the reasons it's so dangerous: It affects your mind so that you cannot think clearly, or make rational decisions about your own well-being. (That's symptom number twelve, listed in the amor deliria nervosa section of the twelfth edition of The Safety, Health, and Happiness Handbook, or The Book of Shhh, as we call it.) Instead people back then named other diseases - stress, heart disease, anxiety, depression, hypertension, insomnia, bipolar disorder - never realizing that these were, in fact, only symptoms that in the majority of cases could be traced back to the effects of amor deliria nervosa. #Quote by Lauren Oliver
Catchy School quotes by Sydney Brenner
#25. In my second year, after moving to the Medical School, I began the courses of Anatomy and Physiology. I had begun to see that I was interested in cells and their functions. #Quote by Sydney Brenner
Catchy School quotes by Pope John Paul II
#26. True holiness does not mean a flight from the world; rather, it lies in the effort to incarnate the Gospel in everyday life, in the family, at school and at work, and in social and political involvement. #Quote by Pope John Paul II
Catchy School quotes by Chuck Schumer
#27. So I want my kids to go to public schools because I think it's a better education overall. #Quote by Chuck Schumer
Catchy School quotes by Winston Churchill
#28. Schools have not necessarily much to do with education ... they are mainly institutions of control where certain basic habits must be inculcated in the young. Education is quite different and has little place in school. #Quote by Winston Churchill
Catchy School quotes by Joey Fatone
#29. I'm Italian. I love to cook Italian food, so I learned from my dad how to make sauce and meatballs and all that stuff. With my wife and kids, I started making homemade pasta. The very first time, I didn't have a pasta maker, so I had to cut it with a knife, the old-school way! The noodles were all jacked up, but it was fun. #Quote by Joey Fatone
Catchy School quotes by Cecil Day-Lewis
#30. It is eighteen years ago, almost to the day-
A sunny day with the leaves just turning,
The touch-lines new-ruled - since I watched you play
Your first game of fotball, then, like a satellite
Wrenched from its orbit, go drifting away
Behind a scatter of boys. I can see
You walking away from me towards the school
with the pathos of a half-fledged thing set free
Into a wilderness, the gait of one
Who finds no path where the path should be.
That hesitant figure, eddying away
Like a winged seed loosened from its parent stem,
Has something I never quite grasp to convey
About nature's give-and-take - the small, the scorching
Ordeals which fire one's irresolute clay.
I had worse partings, but none that so
Gnaws at my mind still. Perhaps it is roughly
Saying what God alone could perfectly show-
How selfhood begins with a walking away,
And love proved in the letting go. #Quote by Cecil Day-Lewis
Catchy School quotes by Robert Pattinson
#31. It's strange, somebody asked for my autograph the other day. Because I finished school and I'm not really doing anything at the moment, I was just kind of aimlessly wandering around London and these two guys who were about 30 came up and asked for my autograph. I was really quite proud at the time, and they wanted to take photos and stuff. And then they were sort of wandering around and I was kind of wandering around and I bumped into them about three times, and every single time their respect for me kept growing and growing and growing. #Quote by Robert Pattinson
Catchy School quotes by Timothy Leary
#32. I was ovulated, fertilized, and born in the 20th century. I can't wipe out my whole personal background, or the fact that almost everyone I talk to today is brain-damaged by our education. I think American education makes us hopeless symbol addicts. It's designed to produce docile automatons. But it's going to take years before you can urge young people to drop out of school without appearing to be an eccentric or a mad-man. #Quote by Timothy Leary
Catchy School quotes by Camille Paglia
#33. Primary-school education is a crock, basically. It's oppressive to anyone with physical energy, especially guys. #Quote by Camille Paglia
Catchy School quotes by Rita Volk
#34. High school is such an awkward, difficult time, and I think a lot of people can't wait to explore the world because it's such a bubble. #Quote by Rita Volk
Catchy School quotes by Ashley Wagner
#35. Some skaters, they live for skating, and they are home-schooled. I'm very lucky my parents let me go to school and have a normal life. #Quote by Ashley Wagner
Catchy School quotes by Kristi Cook
#36. I've got an idea," he says. "Let's pretend we've got to do a school project together. You know, say that we've been paired up against our will. We can make a big fuss about it--complain about having to spend so much time together."
"While we secretly do lots of naughty things?" I offer.
He nods. "Exactly. #Quote by Kristi Cook
Catchy School quotes by J.D. Salinger
#37. You ought to go to a boys' school sometime. Try it sometime," I said. "It's full of phonies, and all you do is study so that you can learn enough to be smart enough to be able to buy a goddam Cadillac some day, and you have to keep making believe you give a damn if the football team loses, and all you do is talk about girls and liquor and sex all day, and everybody sticks together in these dirty little goddam cliques. The guys that are on the basketball team stick together, the Catholics stick together, the goddam intellectuals stick together, the guys that play bridge stick together. Even the guys that
belong to the goddam Book-of-the-Month Club stick together. #Quote by J.D. Salinger
Catchy School quotes by Rebel Wilson
#38. I'd love to do a court-room drama. I loved 'Ally McBeal.' That was one of the main reasons I went to law school. #Quote by Rebel Wilson

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