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Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by Lou Holtz
#1. If you made me the national commissioner of football, I'd tell you one thing that I would mandate. The second Saturday in September, we're going to have conference day. Everybody from the SEC plays a Big 12 team. Everybody from the Big Ten is going to play the ACC. Everybody from the Big East is going to play the Pac-10. #Quote by Lou Holtz
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by Thomas Morgan U.S. Commissioner Of Indian Affairs
#2. The Indians must conform to 'the white man's ways', peaceably if they will, forcibly if they must. They must adjust themselves to their environment, and conform their mode of living substantially to our civilization. This civilization may not be the best possible, but it is the best the Indians can get. They cannot escape it, and must either conform to it or be crushed by it. The tribal relations should be broken up, socialism destroyed, and the family and the autonomy of the individual substituted. #Quote by Thomas Morgan U.S. Commissioner Of Indian Affairs
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by Bo Derek
#3. I love horses. I spent seven years as a racing commissioner on a horse-racing board. #Quote by Bo Derek
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by John Chancellor
#4. I know of no one who would be a good High Commissioner of Palestine except God. #Quote by John Chancellor
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by Roger Goodell
#5. One of the strong principles that I believe in is that you're always learning, whether you're a commissioner, a current general manager, a president or an owner, or somebody that's trying to become a general manger or a coach in the NFL. #Quote by Roger Goodell
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by Cobi Jones
#6. I think the Commissioner is taking the steps necessary to give the game back to the players and the fans and hopefully take the league to the next level. #Quote by Cobi Jones
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by Edward Conlon
#7. On the second to last day, Lt. Russo, who ran the program, announced, "Unless you were at dinner last night and had the opportunity to say 'Howard, pass the salt,' you are going to Brooklyn North and Manhattan North. That's where they need people, and that's where you're going." "Howard" referred to to the Commissioner Safir, and when they read the list of assignments the next afternoon
"Alvarez ... Brooklyn North ... "
"Baker ... Brooklyn North ... "
"Buono ... Manhattan North ... "
"Calderon ... Brooklyn North ... "
"Conlon ... South Bronx Initiative ... "
more than a few people turned around to look. Howard, pass the salt. I was a little surprised myself. #Quote by Edward Conlon
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by Jerry Reinsdorf
#8. The Commissioner was correct to ban Mr. Sterling from all official NBA business, to levy the stiffest allowable fine, and we will support his recommendation to press for Mr. Sterling to relinquish his ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers franchise. #Quote by Jerry Reinsdorf
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by Brent Rathgeber
#9. only to recommend. This must be corrected. Despite this increase in information that the commissioner #Quote by Brent Rathgeber
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by Anonymous
#10. The CHP commissioner uttered those words before kicking off a five-hour meeting to talk about mental-health training for police. More then 100 experts and advocates, lawmakers and legislative staff, public health officials, family members and police officers from around the state gathered at the patrol's North Sacramento headquarters. #Quote by Anonymous
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by Lyndon B. Johnson
#11. People do not come out to vote for a United States Senator. They come out to vote for the Sheriff or the County Commissioner. #Quote by Lyndon B. Johnson
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by Margaret Hamburg
#12. At FDA, our mission is to promote and protect the health of the public. As commissioner, I've worked hard to galvanize people around that idea. I want employees to be thinking about the unique and essential contribution they are making to our mission. #Quote by Margaret Hamburg
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by Andrea Camilleri
#13. And, pointing a trembling finger at Bonetti-Alderighi, with an expression of indignation and a quasi-castrato voice, he launched into the climax:
Ah, so you, Mr. Commissioner, actually believed such a groundless accusation? Ah, I feel so insulted and humiliated! You're accusing me of an act - no, indeed, a crime that, if true, would warrant a severe punishment! As if I were a common idiot or gambler! That journalist must be possessed to think of such a thing!
End of climax. The inspector inwardly congratulated himself. He had managed to utter a statement using only titles of novels by Dostoyevsky. Had the comissioner noticed? Of course not! The man was ignorant as a goat! #Quote by Andrea Camilleri
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by Al Bernstein
#14. If I were the commissioner of all sports media I would issue an immediate ban on three-person announcing teams on telecasts of live sporting events. In almost all cases three is one voice too many. #Quote by Al Bernstein
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by Joseph Conrad
#15. His instinct of a successful man had taught him long ago that, as a general rule, a reputation is built on manner as much as on achievement. And he felt that his manner when confronted with the telegram had not been impressive. He had opened his eyes widely, and had exclaimed 'Impossible!' exposing himself thereby to the unanswerable retort of a finger-tip laid forcibly on the telegram which the Assistant Commissioner, after reading it aloud had flung on the desk. To be crushed, as it were, under the tip of a forefinger was an unpleasant experience. Very damaging too! Furthermore, Chief Inspector Heat was conscious of not having mended matters by allowing himself to express a conviction.
'One thing I can tell you at once: none of our lot had anything to do with this.'
He was strong in his integrity of a good detective, but he saw now that an impenetrably attentive reserve towards this incident would have served his reputation better. On the other hand, he admitted to himself that it was difficult to preserve one's reputation if rank outsiders were going to take a hand in the business. Outsiders are the bane of the police as of other professions. #Quote by Joseph Conrad
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by Catherine Ashton
#16. I was the first woman British commissioner, the first woman trade commissioner, so I am also proud to be the first woman High Representative. #Quote by Catherine Ashton
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by Bill Lee
#17. I told [reporters] that I sprinkled marijuana on my organic buckwheat pancakes, and then when I ran my five miles to the ballpark, it made me impervious to the bus fumes. That's when [Baseball Commissioner] Bowie Kuhn took me off his Christmas list. #Quote by Bill Lee
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by Dikembe Mutombo
#18. It's easy to be a spokesman and ambassador for a great organization like the NBA. I thank Commissioner David Stern for putting that trust in me to serve the NBA around the globe. #Quote by Dikembe Mutombo
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by Chinua Achebe
#19. The Commissioner went away, taking three or four of the soldiers with him. In the many years in which he had toiled to bring civilization to different parts of Africa he had learned a number of things. One of them was that a District Commissioner must never attend to such undignified details s cutting a hanged man from a tree. Such attention would give the natives a poor opinion of him. In the book which he planned to write he would stress that point. As he walked back to the court he thought about that book. Every day brought him some new material. The story of the man who had killed a messenger and hanged himself would make interesting reading. One could almost write a whole chapter ob him. Perhaps not a whole chapter but a reasonable paragraph, at any rate. There was so much else to include, and one must be firm in cutting details. He had already chosen the title of the book, after much thought: The Pacification of the Primitive Tribes of the Lower Niger. #Quote by Chinua Achebe
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by Jean-Claude Juncker
#20. I put my money on Brexit. The EU Financial Stability Commissioner, Jonathan Hill from Britain, still owes me a pound. #Quote by Jean-Claude Juncker
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by Wally Lamb
#21. ... you know what was really messing me up when I got down there to Pittsburgh? Was how young he seemed. He kept asking me things like what did I think of Kanye West's music, and did I think he should hold on to Kevin Garnett in this fantasy basketball league he was in or trade him. And how he wasn't just in this league; he was commissioner of it. Like that was some big mark of distinction: commissioner of make-believe. And I wanted to slam him, one-handed, against the wall, the way he used to do to me, and scream in his face, 'Stop it! Act your age!' ... I didn't do it, though. I wanted to, but I couldn't. 'Honor thy father,' you know what I'm saying? So instead, I grabbed my car keys, got out of there, and took off. It was messing with my head, you know? You get out of there alive, more or less, wait for your father to come see you at the hospital you're stuck at, and when you finally go to see him, he's younger than you are. #Quote by Wally Lamb
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by Mark Lilla
#22. When Marxian socialism came to the United States after the 1848 revolutions, it brought along in its baggage this European suspicion of liberal-democratic procedures. Eventually that was dispelled and socialist organizations began participating in electoral politics. But they continued to think of themselves more as the vanguard of a movement than as voices in a democratic chorus. And their preferred political tactics remained the mass demonstration and the strike -- rather than, say, winning elections for county commissioner. The significance of these groups in American politics peaked during the Great Depression and then faded. But their movement ideal retained its grip on the left, and in the 1960s it captured the imagination of liberals as well. There had been emancipatory movements before, against slavery, for women's rights, for workers' protection. They did not question the legitimacy of the American system; they just wanted it to live up to its principles and respect its procedures. And they worked with parties and through institutions to achieve their ends. But as the 1970s flowed into the 1980s, movement politics began to be seen by many liberals as an alternative rather than a supplement to institutional politics, and by some as being more legitimate. That's when what we now call the social justice warrior was born, a social type with quixotic features whose self-image depends on being unstained by compromise and above trafficking in mere interests. #Quote by Mark Lilla
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by William Ritter
#23. Commissioner Marlowe stood on the platform with his arms crossed as we disembarked. He had the cheerful demeanor of someone who has been beaten about the face all night with a sock full of porridge--only even more so than usual. #Quote by William Ritter
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by Landon Donovan
#24. I would probably say that being a commissioner in sports is one of the hardest jobs in the world. #Quote by Landon Donovan
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by Hamsa Priya Selvam
#25. Halcyons are never supportive of dream hoverers and their associates. #Quote by Hamsa Priya Selvam
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by Kim Newman
#26. Mad' sounds dashing, daring and admirable when you hold the tattered flag in the midst of battle and expired natives lie all over the carpet with holes in 'em that you put there. 'Mad' is less impressive written on a form by a commissioner of lunacy as you're turned over to the hospitallers of St Mary of Bedlam to be dunked in ice water because your latest 'scrape' was running starkers down Oxford Street while gibbering like a baboon. #Quote by Kim Newman
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by Hannah Kent
#27. I have come upon the conviction that it is not the stern voice of a priest delivering the threat of brimstone, but the gentle and inquiring tones of a friend that will best draw back the curtain to her soul, District Commissioner. #Quote by Hannah Kent
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by Dwight Schrute
#28. Do you know who the real heroes are? The guys who wake up every morning and go into their normal jobs, and get a distress call from the Commissioner and take off their glasses and change into capes and fly around fighting crime. Those are the real heroes. #Quote by Dwight Schrute
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by Bill Huizenga
#29. My dad was a city councilman and a county commissioner, so I grew up involved and engaged in the political process. #Quote by Bill Huizenga
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by Mike Quigley
#30. Before being elected to Congress, I oversaw the Cook County Hospital System as a Cook County Commissioner for 10 years. #Quote by Mike Quigley
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by Jon Stewart
#31. Michael Brown, the director of FEMA, was nominated by President Bush in 2003 and plans to start the job any day now ... Prior to heading FEMA, Brown spent the 90's as a commissioner
this is true
of the International Arabian Horse Association. I guess he stands out because most Bush appointees are beholden to Arabian people. #Quote by Jon Stewart
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#32. A man of the present day, whether he believes in the divinity of Christ or not, cannot fail to see that to assist in the capacity of tzar, minister, governor, or commissioner in taking from a poor family its last cow for taxes to be spent on cannons, or on the pay and pensions of idle officials, who live in luxury and are worse than useless; or in putting into prison some man we have ourselves corrupted, and throwing his family on the streets; or in plundering and butchering in war; or in inculcating savage and idolatrous superstitious in the place of the law of Christ; or in impounding the cow found on one's land, though it belongs to a man who has no land; or to cheat the workman in a factory, by imposing fines for accidentally spoiled articles; or making a poor man pay double the value for anything simply because he is in the direst poverty;--not a man of the present day can fail to know that all these actions are base and disgraceful, and that they need not do them. They all know it. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by Fay Vincent
#33. This is a coup for commissioner Bud Selig. I'm surprised it's as good as it is. #Quote by Fay Vincent
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by Pete Rozelle
#34. At last, someone came to tell me I'd been selected as commissioner, which gave rise to the line that I took the job with clean hands. I was then taken downstairs to a press conference, and the reporters were as surprised as I was. #Quote by Pete Rozelle
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by John McEnroe
#35. I'd like to be the commissioner of tennis, but do I want to get into politics? Sometimes I have delusions of grandeur that that would be an interesting, good thing. I'm talking about actual politics, like being a congressman, but then I see how unbelievably nasty it really is, and maybe I'm not quite knowledgeable enough to actually do it. #Quote by John McEnroe
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by Marsha Blackburn
#36. FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell has said that several foreign dignitaries personally spoke to him about creating a new Internet user fee to subsidize an international universal service fund at the expense of traditional end users. #Quote by Marsha Blackburn
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by Joseph Conrad
#37. Toodles looked so thunderstruck that the Assistant Commissioner smiled faintly. #Quote by Joseph Conrad
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by Charles Barron
#38. Mayor De Blasio's appointment of Bill Bratton as police commissioner is the height of hypocrisy. Asking Bratton to stop racial profiling and stop and frisk is like asking an arsonist to help you put out fires. Bratton along with his partner Giuliani started and supported racial profiling stops. A new progressive mayor? I think not! #Quote by Charles Barron
Castagnetta Vs Commissioner quotes by Jan Neruda
#39. The two men were greedily hunched over the table, like two wolves disputing a carcass, but their muttered speech in the echoing hall resembled more the grunting of pigs. One was less than a wolf: he was a public prosecutor. The other was more than a pig, he was a chief commissioner of police. #Quote by Jan Neruda

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