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Casavant Organ quotes by Jimmy Smith
#1. I heard Mr. Wild Bill Davis. I heard him play in 1930 and he told me that it would take me fifteen years just to learn the pedals, the pedals of the organ and I got mad. #Quote by Jimmy Smith
Casavant Organ quotes by Laurie Halse Anderson
#2. You know how sometimes you hear a chord played on an organ and you can feel it vibrating in your bones? Sometimes when I'm writing, I can feel my bones vibrating because I'll have a thought or I'll have a character's voice in my head, and that's when I know I'm on the right track. #Quote by Laurie Halse Anderson
Casavant Organ quotes by Patty Loveless
#3. I cut 'Diamond in My Crown' in my home in Georgia, because I wanted to use an old 1848 pump organ that my mother-in-law had gotten for Emory for Christmas one year. His mother would be proud to know that pump organ was made use of. #Quote by Patty Loveless
Casavant Organ quotes by Kristen Iversen
#4. The body is an organ of memory, holding traces of all our experiences. The land, too, carries the burden of all its changes. To truly see and understand a landscape is to see its depth as well as its smooth surfaces, its beauty and its scars. #Quote by Kristen Iversen
Casavant Organ quotes by William Styron
#5. I had now reached that phase of the disorder where all sense of hope had vanished, along with the idea of a futurity; my brain, in thrall to its outlaw hormones, had become less an organ of thought than an instrument registering, minute by minute, varying degrees of its own suffering. #Quote by William Styron
Casavant Organ quotes by Sherrie J. Palm
#6. Pelvic organ prolapse is seldom life threatening, but it is always life altering. #Quote by Sherrie J. Palm
Casavant Organ quotes by Elmar P. Sakala
#7. If the cardiologist thinks the heart is a wonderful organ, the cardiologist never have heard of the uterus. #Quote by Elmar P. Sakala
Casavant Organ quotes by Elisa Braden
#8. "While I agree men fancy a good meal, Meredith, I daresay the stomach is not the most direct route to a man's heart. That organ lies a good bit lower." - The Dowager Marchioness of Wallingham to the Countess of Berne upon learning of said lady's supper menu. #Quote by Elisa Braden
Casavant Organ quotes by Nicola Monaghan
#9. They reckon you feel love in your heart but that's bollocks. True love, the type what strikes you down and makes you change for ever, you feel that kind of love in every fucking organ inside you. #Quote by Nicola Monaghan
Casavant Organ quotes by Martha Gellhorn
#10. A broken heart is such a shabby thing, like poverty and failure and the incurable diseases which are also deforming. I hate it and am ashamed of it, and I must somehow repair this heart and put it back into its normal condition, as a tough somewhat scarred but operating organ. #Quote by Martha Gellhorn
Casavant Organ quotes by Lawrence Kushner
#11. God does not have hands, we do. Our hands are God's. It is up to us what God will see and hear, up to us, what God will do. Humanity is the organ of consciousness of the universe ... Without our eyes the Holy One of Being would be blind. #Quote by Lawrence Kushner
Casavant Organ quotes by Nicolas Steno
#12. There are those among us who would have us say that the mysteries of the brain are completely solved and little needs to be added to its knowledge. It is as if these fortunate persons had been present when this magnificent organ was created. #Quote by Nicolas Steno
Casavant Organ quotes by Tessa Dare
#13. She was entirely unaware of the protocol when becoming acquainted with a man's rampant sex organ. Did she reach out and give it a handshake? Touch one finger to the tip? Bid it a polite howdoyoudo? #Quote by Tessa Dare
Casavant Organ quotes by J. Sheridan Le Fanu
#14. The mind is a different organ by night and by day. #Quote by J. Sheridan Le Fanu
Casavant Organ quotes by John Geddes
#15. The heart's not an organ but a whisper in your head ... #Quote by John Geddes
Casavant Organ quotes by Maria Montessori
#16. The hand is the prehensile organ of the mind. #Quote by Maria Montessori
Casavant Organ quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#17. My heart was a hysterical unreliable organ. #Quote by Vladimir Nabokov
Casavant Organ quotes by Evelyn Waugh
#18. He wasn't a complete human being at all. He was a tiny bit of one, unnaturally developed; something in a bottle, an organ kept alive in a laboratory. I thought he was a sort of primitive savage, but he was something absolutely modern and up-to-date that only this ghastly age could produce. A tiny bit of a man pretending to be whole. #Quote by Evelyn Waugh
Casavant Organ quotes by Jill Shalvis
#19. He turned to shut and lock the door, then
came close, his gaze touching her features. "I missed you, Holly."
Her heart caught painfully. The poor organ seemed to be getting
quite the workout lately. #Quote by Jill Shalvis
Casavant Organ quotes by Arthur Koestler
#20. It was Owen who defined 'homologous organs' as 'the same organ in different animals under every variety of form and function'. While he tirelessly demonstrated the multitude of such organs in the animal kingdom, he attributed them to the parsimony of the divine Designer-just as Kepler had attributed his planetary laws to the ingenuity of the divine Mathematician.

But whatever the beliefs of these men, the concept of homology came to stay, and became a cornerstone of modern evolutionary theory. Animals and plants are made out of homologous organelles like the mitochondria, homologous organs like gills and lungs, homologous limbs such as arms and wings. They are the stable holons in the evolutionary flux. The phenomena of homology implied in fact the hierarchic principle in phylogeny as well as in ontogeny. But the point was never made explicit, and the principles of hierarchic order hardly received a cursory glance. This may be why the inherent contradictions of the orthodox theory could pass so long unnoticed. #Quote by Arthur Koestler
Casavant Organ quotes by William Harvey
#21. This organ deserves to be styled the starting point of life and the sun of our microcosm just as much as the sun deserves to be styled the heart of the world. For it is by the heart's vigorous beat that the blood is moved, perfected, activated, and protected from injury and coagulation. The heart is the tutelary deity of the body, the basis of life, the source of all things, carrying out its function of nourishing, warming, and activating body as a whole. But we shall more fittingly speak of these matters when we consider the final cause of this kind of movement. #Quote by William Harvey
Casavant Organ quotes by Novalis
#22. Is not our body in itself nothing but a common central effect of our senses - if we have mastery over our senses - if we are able to transform them into activity at will - to center them at a common point, then it only depends on us - to give ourselves the body we want.
Indeed, in our senses are nothing other than modifications of the mental organ - of the absolute element - then with mastery over this element we shall also be able to modify and direct our senses as we please. #Quote by Novalis
Casavant Organ quotes by Andrew B. Newberg
#23. The brain is a stubborn organ. Once its primary set of beliefs has been established, the brain finds it difficult to integrate opposing ideas and beliefs. This has profound consequences for individuals and society and helps to explain why some people cannot abandon destructive beliefs, be they religious, political or psychological. #Quote by Andrew B. Newberg
Casavant Organ quotes by Giulia Enders
#24. Every day we live and every meal we eat we influence the great microbial organ inside us - for better or for worse. #Quote by Giulia Enders
Casavant Organ quotes by Eoin Colfer
#25. You need to stop thinking with your head, Mud Boy, and start thinking with your heart.
Artemis sighed. The heart was an organ for pumping oxygen-rich blood to the cells. It could no more think than an apple could tap-dance. #Quote by Eoin Colfer
Casavant Organ quotes by Brian Lumley
#26. But while our parting was mutually acceptable and even expedient, still it was painful. And I would like to think it hurt both of us, for I certainly felt it: a wrenching inside, like some small but improbably necessary organ was no longer in there, that it was missing, torn or fallen out. And at the time I'd thought that was the end of it; what was missing was gone forever #Quote by Brian Lumley
Casavant Organ quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#27. What you think is the heart might well be another organ. #Quote by Jeanette Winterson
Casavant Organ quotes by David Eagleman
#28. The three-pound organ in your skull - with its pink consistency of Jell-o - is an alien kind of computational material. It is composed of miniaturized, self-configuring parts, and it vastly outstrips anything we've dreamt of building. #Quote by David Eagleman
Casavant Organ quotes by Brian Cox
#29. Two and a half million years ago, when our distant relative Homo habilis was foraging for food across the Tanzanian savannah, a beam of light left the Andromeda Galaxy and began its journey across the Universe. As that light beam raced across space at the speed of light, generations of pre-humans and humans lived and died; whole species evolved and became extinct, until one member of that unbroken lineage, me, happened to gaze up into the sky below the constellation we call Cassiopeia and focus that beam of light onto his retina. A two-and-a-half-billion-year journey ends by creating an electrical impulse in a nerve fibre, triggering a cascade of wonder in a complex organ called the human brain that didn't exist anywhere in the Universe when the journey began. #Quote by Brian Cox
Casavant Organ quotes by Glenn Haybittle
#30. Oskar pushes away the blanket. Lies looking down at his naked body. His naked body that will give the lie to any false identity papers he manages to procure. Has anyone, he wonders, ever explained to me the significance of circumcision? Why I have had to sacrifice to God a piece of my sexual organ. #Quote by Glenn Haybittle
Casavant Organ quotes by Sandra Steffen
#31. You know as well as I do that the heart is a fascinating organ. It's barely as large as a fist and yet it has the capacity to love a hundred people, each one in a different way."-Yvonne Elliot #Quote by Sandra Steffen
Casavant Organ quotes by Heather Hepler
#32. Exactly. And what about you, everyone in your family named after a...what is it? A keyboard? An organ?"
It's a steam-powered piano. It's also the name of the Greek goddess of poetry. You should read stuff other than chemistry; you'd know these things." Her smirky smile again, her sleeve touching my arm.
I feel like my skin has been removed, every nerve exposed. I open my mouth, and this is what comes out: "I think you are more goddess than piano." Stupid, stupid.
But she laughs. "You know, that's the nicest thing anyone's said to me today."
You don't see too many calliopes," I tell her
I'm Cal, actually. I mean, that's what I prefer."
I meant the steam don't see too many." She stops and looks at me, full-on, and right away I put it on the list of the best moments in my life.
Until you said that, Eliot, I wasn't fully aware of the demise of the steam piano, so thank you. Really."
I smirk at her and we both fight not to smile. "Okay, smart-ass," I say.
Callipe and Eliot-Scrambeled Eggs at Midnight #Quote by Heather Hepler
Casavant Organ quotes by Lionel Shriver
#33. There is one province in which, sooner or later, virtually everyone gets dealt a leading role
hero, heroine, or villain ... Unlike the slight implications of quotidian dilemmas that confront the average citizen in other areas of life ... the stakes in this realm could not be higher. For chances are that at some point along the line you will hold in your hands another person's heart. There is no greater responsibility on the planet. However you contend with this fragile organ, which pounds or seizes in accordance with your caprice, will take your full measure. #Quote by Lionel Shriver
Casavant Organ quotes by Deepak Chopra
#34. Any cell, tissue, or organ is capable of crying for attention, and when you give it some, the healing process begins. #Quote by Deepak Chopra
Casavant Organ quotes by James Leo Herlihy
#35. Too much time alone had done something peculiar to his heart: A confused and unreliable organ at best, it now held something akin to joy. #Quote by James Leo Herlihy
Casavant Organ quotes by George MacDonald
#36. They [mountains] are portions of the heart of the earth that have escaped from the dungeon down below, and rushed up and out. For the heart of the earth is a great wallowing mass, not of blood, as in the hearts of men and animals, but of glowing hot melted metals and stones. And as our hearts keep us alive, so that great lump of heat keeps the earth alive: it is a huge power of buried sunlight - that is what it is. Now think: out of that caldron, where all the bubbles would be as big as the Alps if it could get room for its boiling, certain bubbles have bubbled out and escaped - up and away, and there they stand in the cool, cold sky - mountains. Think of the change, and you will no more wonder that there should be something awful about the very look of a mountain: from the darkness - for where the light has nothing to shine upon, it is much the same as darkness - from the heat, from the endless tumult of boiling unrest - up, with a sudden heavenward shoot, into the wind, and the cold, and the starshine, and a cloak of snow that lies like ermine above the blue-green mail of the glaciers; and the great sun, their grandfather, up there in the sky; and their little old cold aunt, the moon, that comes wandering about the house at night; and everlasting stillness, except for the wind that turns the rocks and caverns into a roaring organ for the young archangels that are studying how to let out the pent-up praises of their hearts, and the molten music of the streams, rushing ever f #Quote by George MacDonald
Casavant Organ quotes by Katy Evans
#37. We won't be having an affair." I stare dumbly, certain I just heard an organ in my body crack in my chest. His hands clamp around me, and he crushes me to his body as he slides his nose along the shell of my ear. "When I take you, you'll be mine," he says, a soft promise in my ear. #Quote by Katy Evans
Casavant Organ quotes by Brian Molko
#38. Well, the real sex organ is between the ears, not between the legs #Quote by Brian Molko
Casavant Organ quotes by Theophile Gautier
#39. It sometimes happens that a man who, up until now has believed himself to be gifted with perfect health, opens a medical book, either by chance or to pass the time, and on reading the pathological description of an illness, recognises that he is afflicted by it; enlightened by a fateful flash of insight, he feels at every symptom mentioned some obscure organ shuddering within him, or some hidden fibre of whose role in the body he had been unaware, and he pales as he realises that a death he thought was still a long way off is so imminent. #Quote by Theophile Gautier
Casavant Organ quotes by Tess Gerritsen
#40. This unsub is a classic picquerist. Someone who uses a knife to achieve secondary or indirect sexual release. Picquerism is the act of stabbing or cutting, any repeated penetration of the skin with a sharp object. The knife is a phallic symbol--a substitution for the male sexual organ. Instead of performing normal sexual intercourse, our unsub achieves his release by subjecting his victim to pain and terror. It's the power that thrills him. Ultimate power, over life and death. #Quote by Tess Gerritsen

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