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Career Or Love quotes by Janet Fitch
#1. I don't let anyone touch me," I finally said.
Why not?"
Why not? Because I was tired of men. Hanging in doorways, standing too close, their smell of beer or fifteen-year-old whiskey. Men who didn't come to the emergency room with you, men who left on Christmas Eve. Men who slammed the security gates, who made you love them then changed their minds. Forests of boys, their ragged shrubs full of eyes following you, grabbing your breasts, waving their money, eyes already knocking you down, taking what they felt was theirs. ( ... ) It was a play and I knew how it ended, I didn't want to audition for any of the roles. It was no game, no casual thrill. It was three-bullet Russian roulette. #Quote by Janet Fitch
Career Or Love quotes by Nicholas Sparks
#2. It was what she'd most enjoyed about being married to Jim. It wasn't only the heady flush of emotions when they'd made love that enthralled her; more than that, it was the lazy mornings they'd spent reading the newspaper in bed while drinking coffee, or the cold December mornings they'd planted bulbs in the garden, or the hours they'd spent traipsing through various stores, picking out bedroom furniture, debating cherry or maple. Those were the moments she felt most content, when she finally allowed herself to believe in the impossible. Those were the moments when all seemed right in the world. #Quote by Nicholas Sparks
Career Or Love quotes by Jenny Han
#3. We were just two teenagers, looking up at the sky on a cold February night. So no, he didn't give me flowers or candy. He gave me the moon and the stars. Infinity. #Quote by Jenny Han
Career Or Love quotes by Michael Lomenda
#4. Take the leap. If you love theater more than anything, take the leap. It's so rich if you give over fully to it; there are no halfers or returnsies in this business - if you don't ... There's no way to go other than full tilt with your life and job. #Quote by Michael Lomenda
Career Or Love quotes by Jay McLean
#5. I don't think anything, or anyone, is ever going to keep me away from you. I love you way too much. You're my heart, my world, my light. #Quote by Jay McLean
Career Or Love quotes by Jonathan Talat Phillips
#6. There is no way to tell if we are the pioneers of a visionary new age, whisking humanity into the high vibrations of an interdimensional love party, or post-modern Don Quixotes attacking techno-industrial windmills with our flimsy, rolled-up yoga mats. #Quote by Jonathan Talat Phillips
Career Or Love quotes by Jonathan Evison
#7. We cleave our way through the mountains until the interstate dips into a wide basin brimming with blue sky, broken by dusty roads and rocky saddles strung out along the southern horizon. This is our first real glimpse of the famous big-sky country to come, and I couldn't care less. For all its grandeur, the landscape does not move me. And why should it? The sky may be big, it may be blue and limitless and full of promise, but it's also really far away. Really, it's just an illusion. I've been wasting my time. We've all been wasting our time. What good is all this grandeur if it's impermanent, what good all of this promise if it's only fleeting? Who wants to live in a world where suffering is the only thing that lasts, a place where every single thing that ever meant the world to you can be stripped away in an instant? And it will be stripped away, so don't fool yourself. If you're lucky, your life will erode slowly with the ruinous effects of time or recede like the glaciers that carved this land, and you will be left alone to sift through the detritus. If you are unlucky, your world will be snatched out from beneath you like a rug, and you'll be left with nowhere to stand and nothing to stand on. Either way, you're screwed. So why bother? Why grunt and sweat and weep your way through the myriad obstacles, why love, dream, care, when you're only inviting disaster? I'm done answering the call of whippoorwills, the call of smiling faces and fireplaces and cozy rooms. You won't #Quote by Jonathan Evison
Career Or Love quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#8. The best way to hurt someone who hates you is to love them or someone they hate; the second best is to refuse to hate them back; and the third best is to learn from their mistakes. #Quote by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Career Or Love quotes by Meg Rosoff
#9. I shall bring him his tea and work myself to death by the time I am thirty bearing children and scrubbing floors and working in the fields digging turnips till my hands bleed and my back gives out and everyone urges me to keep on for just one more year, at which point I will die of exhaustion and the meagerness of my own life. I will love him and care for him, will never tell him to get his own tea, or sweep the ashes from the hearth or give birth to his own twelfth child himself. #Quote by Meg Rosoff
Career Or Love quotes by Marilyn Grey
#10. Everything feels right with her. I can't explain it. The world just stops. Everything freezes. It's me. It's her. It's just us. Everything else, every molecule, including the oxygen we breathe, is only secondary to the chemistry we create. When we watch a movie it's more than images strung together in the form of mindless entertainment. It's an experience. An experience we share together from making the popcorn to watching the film to talking about it for days after. Chemistry. What more can I say? You either have it or you don't. #Quote by Marilyn Grey
Career Or Love quotes by Kendall Schmidt
#11. I'm into Incubus. Growing up, I was a huge Taking Back Sunday fan. I'm still a fan, but I don't listen as much as I used to. When I was 13 or 14, I started getting into emo-pop-rock, so that influenced me. I also love Drake ... I have a pretty diverse collection. #Quote by Kendall Schmidt
Career Or Love quotes by Jane Austen
#12. I am really not tired, which I almost wonder at; for we must have walked at least a mile in this wood. Do not you think we have? '
'Not half a mile,' was his sturdy answer; for he was not yet so much in love as to measure distance, or reckon time, with feminine lawlessness. #Quote by Jane Austen
Career Or Love quotes by Sam Byers
#13. She used to test his commitment by hurting him. She threatened to leave him, or cheat on him, then watched his face and measured the depth of his feelings for her by the extent to which it crumbled. He was insecure; prone to worry. If he ever became confident, she thought, it would mean that he no longer loved her, since to love someone is to worry; to need someone is to fear the inevitability of their absence. Without fear, she thought, without drama, there was only the grey blankness of late-middle-age relationships, where, as far as she could make out, concepts like love and passion were replaced by what she saw as the wretched terminology of codependent ennui: companionship, contentment, compromise; where one person's love for another was no longer stated simply because it was no longer questioned; where the key indicator not only of love but also of solidity would simply be the mere fact of the solidity and love that had gone before. No, no, she thought. Better the sense of odds, of struggle; the ongoing and repeated relief of trauma endured and survived. Without it, there was only the security of the unimaginative: an unspokenly dwindling sex life; roiling resentment; his-and-hers facial hair. #Quote by Sam Byers
Career Or Love quotes by Abraham Lincoln
#14. What constitutes the bulwark of our own liberty and independence? It is not ... the guns of our war steamers, or the strength of our gallant and disciplined army ... our reliance is in the love of liberty which God has planted in our bosoms ... #Quote by Abraham Lincoln
Career Or Love quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh
#15. Before every meal, a monk or a nun recites the Five Contemplations: This food is the gift of the whole universe - the earth, the sky, and much hard work. May we live in a way that is worthy of this food. May we transform our unskillful states of mind, especially that of greed. May we eat only foods that nourish us and prevent illness. May we accept this food for the realization of the way of understanding and love. #Quote by Thich Nhat Hanh
Career Or Love quotes by Susan May Warren
#16. Don't for a minute think that God has forgotten about you or doesn't have your back. And don't base God's love or desire to help you on your opinion of yourself. Base it on who God says He is. #Quote by Susan May Warren
Career Or Love quotes by Zack Love
#17. Titus, have you ever had your heart broken?"
"Oh, son. How could you ask a man who used to play the blues a question like that?"
"How long does it take to go away?"
"A broken heart?"
"There's no precise formula, Sammy."
"Just give me an estimate."
"A good rule of thumb is at least half the time that you were in love. Or twice the time. It all just depends. #Quote by Zack Love
Career Or Love quotes by Brother Ali
#18. I've always loved independent music stores because the staff is usually there because of a genuine love and appreciation for music. They're more in-tune with the customers and I'm willing to pay the extra dollar or two for the service they provide. Some of my greatest music discoveries have come from picking up an album at an indy store and the cat behind the register saying "You like this man? Have you heard of so-and-so?" I prefer to shop where people understand me and the music- the music i like. #Quote by Brother Ali
Career Or Love quotes by Emily Wing Smith
#19. But I loved the library simply because it was a library. I love libraries. I like reading, but I love libraries. Being surrounded by books makes me feel safe, the way some people need trees or mountains around them to feel secure. Not me – nature's not what I cling to. I cling to books. #Quote by Emily Wing Smith
Career Or Love quotes by Barbara Deming
#20. Manliness has been defined as assertion of the self. Womanliness has been defined as the nurturing of selves other than our own - even if we quite lose our own in the process. (Women are supposed to find in this loss their true fulfillment.) But every individual person is born both to assert herself or himself and to act out a sympathy for others trying to find themselves - in Christian terms, meant to love one's self as one loves others ... Jesus never taught that we should split up that commandment - assigning 'love yourself' to men, 'love others' to women. But society has tried to. #Quote by Barbara Deming
Career Or Love quotes by Robyn Pennacchia
#21. Women are also rejected. Women also spend their teen years pining after dreamy boys who will never love them back. You don't see us going around murdering people over it. You don't see us setting up internet communities for the purpose of talking about how evil and shallow men are for not taking us to pound town. Women don't go around killing men who don't like them, because if you're a woman in this society, a boy not liking you is the least of your problems. It is nowhere near the shittiest thing you're going to be expected to "just deal with" in your life - one of those things being the fact that we are expected to "just deal with" how men are sometimes going to murder a bunch of people because they felt entitled to romantic attention from women. We are expected to "deal with" that, while never bringing up the terms "male privilege" or "male entitlement" or "toxic masculinity" and why those things so often lead to mass murder, on account of how that might really hurt the feelings of the men who have been gracious enough to not go on killing sprees. #Quote by Robyn Pennacchia
Career Or Love quotes by Lori Deschene
#22. That's what it means to really feel alive - to be so immersed in the passionate bliss of the moment that you don't think about yesterday or tomorrow. You just enjoy what you're doing and love every piece of it. #Quote by Lori Deschene
Career Or Love quotes by Nicola Yoon
#23. And what about the lovers who spend hours staring into each other's eyes? Is it a display of trust? I will let you in close and trust you not to hurt me while I'm in this vulnerable position. And if trust is one of the foundations of love, perhaps the staring is a way to build or reinforce it. Or maybe it's simpler than that.
A simple search for connection.
To see.
To be seen. #Quote by Nicola Yoon
Career Or Love quotes by Anne  Hansen
#24. She wasn't all over me because of some bad-boy fetish or because she wanted to be arm candy for Eastside's resident badass. For the first time in my life, someone looked at me and saw…me. #Quote by Anne Hansen
Career Or Love quotes by Siva Vaidhyanathan
#25. Derived from the Greek word anarchos, "without authority," anarchism denies law and considers property to be tyranny. Anarchists believe that human corruption results when differences are enforced through the maintenance of property and authority. Anarchists do not oppose or deny governance as long as it exists without coercion and the threat of violence. They oppose and deny the authority of the centralized state and propose governance through collaboration, deliberation, consensus, and common coordination. Justice can emerge from a sense of common purpose and practices of mutual aid, not the monopoly on violence that the state demands. While anarchism is commonly associated with bloody violence and rage, anarchists believe deeply in an ideology of love. #Quote by Siva Vaidhyanathan
Career Or Love quotes by Tara Conklin
#26. There is a certain kind of man who is forever searching. He wanders from place to place, he looks hard into the eyes of women and men in every town, maybe he scratches the earth or wields a gun, remedies illnesses or writes books, and there is always a vague emptiness within him. It is the emptiness that drives him and he does not know even how to name that thing that might fill it. No idea of home or love or peace comes to him. He does not know, so he cannot stop. On and on he moves. and the emptiness blinds him and pulls at him and he is like a newborn baby searching for the teat, knowing it is there, but where?
And sometimes such a man is handed a gift. A gift of direction. A path that is marked for him and there, yes, this will ease your suffering, it is sure. This will cure you, it will fill you up, at least for a time. There will be a home, and love, there will no longer be the sorrow when you look at a cold night sky, the sorrow as the sun rises and the mist burns away. #Quote by Tara Conklin
Career Or Love quotes by Mary Balogh
#27. I am free, you see," she said, "to love or to withhold love. Love and dependence need no longer be the same thing to me. I am free to love. That is why I love you, and it is the way I love you. #Quote by Mary Balogh
Career Or Love quotes by Jefferson Bethke
#28. Are you a Genesis 1 Christian or a Genesis 3 Christian? Do you start your story with shalom or with sin? Shalom is the Hebrew word for "peace." For rhythm. For everything lining up exactly how it was meant to line up. Shalom is happening in those moments when you are at the dinner table for hours with good friends, good food, and good wine. Shalom is when you hear or see something and can't quite explain it, but you know it's calling and stirring something deep inside of you. Shalom is a sunset, that sense of exhaustion yet satisfaction from a hard day's work, creating art that is bigger than itself. Shalom is enemies being reconciled by love. #Quote by Jefferson Bethke
Career Or Love quotes by Colin Hay
#29. I had a very strange career. I mean I went from playing to 150,000 people in 1983/84. Three or four years later I was playing to four people, you know, in Melbourne. I thought - bit strange, you know bit odd, bit erratic. #Quote by Colin Hay
Career Or Love quotes by Louis Pasteur
#30. Whatever your career may be, do not let yourselves become tainted by a deprecating and barren scepticism, do not let yourselves be discouraged by the sadness of certain hours which pass over nations. Live in the serene peace of laboratories and libraries. Say to yourselves first : ' What have I done for my instruction ? ' and , as you gradually advance, 'What have I done for my country?' until the time comes when you may have the immense happiness of thinking that you have contributed in some way to the progress and to the good of humanity. But, whether our efforts are or not favoured by life, let us be able to say, when we come near the great goal, ' I have done what I could #Quote by Louis Pasteur
Career Or Love quotes by Nancy Horan
#31. But this noble woman had a soul that belonged to her alone -- that valued womanhood above wifehood or motherhood. A woman with a capacity for love and life made really by a ... finer courage, a higher more difficult ideal of the white flame of chastity than was "moral" or expedient and for which she was compelled to crucify all that society holds sacred and essential -- in name.... #Quote by Nancy Horan
Career Or Love quotes by Deirdre-Elizabeth Parker
#32. I know that many, if not most, women would have a problem with my acceptance of what happened with Lara.
The reality is I shall always be grateful to Lara for helping my husband when I could not do so. I couldn't have chosen a better or kinder surrogate. #Quote by Deirdre-Elizabeth Parker
Career Or Love quotes by Marianne Williamson
#33. love requires a different kind of "seeing" than we're used to - a different kind of knowing or thinking. Love is the intuitive knowledge of our hearts. It's a "world beyond #Quote by Marianne Williamson
Career Or Love quotes by Arik Maldonales
#34. It seems like when ur in search of something or someone you only succeed when you've finally given up all hope ... and i find it rather fascinating how it always ends up in the last place youd expect i found da man of my dreams although he is the total opposite of what i expected hes ten times better #Quote by Arik Maldonales
Career Or Love quotes by Harper Lee
#35. While offering to the Lord the results of Mr. Cowper's hallucination, or declaring it was Love that lifted her, Jean Louise shared the warmness that prevails among diverse individuals who find themselves in the same boat for one hour each week. #Quote by Harper Lee
Career Or Love quotes by Ree Drummond
#36. It didn't matter how stupid I was--how dumb, or awkward, or sweaty. It became clearer to me than ever, sitting on that ornate concrete bench, that Marlboro Man loved me. Really, really loved me. He loved me with a kind of love different from any I'd felt before, a kind of love I never knew existed. Other boys--at least, the boys I'd always bothered with--would have been embarrassed that I'd disappeared into the bathroom for half the night. Others would have been grossed out by my tale of sweaty woe or made jokes at my expense. Others might have looked at me blankly, unsure of what to say. But not Marlboro Man; none of it fazed him one bit. He simply laughed, kissed me, and went on. And my heart welled up in my soul as I realized that without question, I'd found the one perfect person for me.
Because more often than not, I was a mess. Embarrassing, clumsy things happened to me with some degree of regularity; this hadn't been the first time and it sure wouldn't be the last. The truth was, despite my best efforts to appear normal and put together on the outside, I'd always felt more like one of the weird kids.
But at last, miraculously, I'd found the one man on earth who would actually love that about me. I'd found the one man on earth who would appreciate my spots of imperfection…and who wouldn't try to polish them all away. #Quote by Ree Drummond
Career Or Love quotes by Steven Moffat
#37. You take this cold, remarkable, difficult, dangerous, borderline psychopath man, and you wonder what might have happened to him had he not met his best friend, a friend that no one would have put him with – this solid, dependable, brave, big-hearted war hero. I think people fall in love, not with Sherlock Holmes or with Dr. Watson, but with their friendship. I think it is the most famous friendship in fiction, without a doubt. #Quote by Steven Moffat
Career Or Love quotes by Stephen Fry
#38. How to seperate the humiliation from the loss, that's the catch. You can never be sure if what tortures you is the pain of being without someone you love or the embarrassment of admitting that you have been rejected. #Quote by Stephen Fry
Career Or Love quotes by Temitope Owosela
#39. One thing I love about life and God: the creator of life.
Within a blink of an eye; things can change either good or bad. It depends on how you want it.
Good in the sense that luck will come to you; if you wish, want, need or even require the good changes.
But, bad same as good changes; but, if you are evil. The evil you did will bite you in the ass. Remember these quotes:
- You sow what you reap
- Karma is a bitch (if you are evil) or Karma is a blessing (if you are good)
- What goes around will eventually come around
- What goes up will come down
So be careful what you do to others.
That's why I am always cautious on the way I treat people. Yes; I am not perfect. But, I always try to be the best I can as a good and loving person despite my roots that is horrifying. #Quote by Temitope Owosela
Career Or Love quotes by Kim Stanley Robinson
#40. When memory fails to contain us we must love the past more than ever, to hold it to us - or else the present becomes a meaningless blaze of color and sound, in which no two humans, great elongate beings, will be able to do more than touch at their very lips, their spatial selves - no one will ever truly understand another. To love the past is to become fully human. #Quote by Kim Stanley Robinson
Career Or Love quotes by Oliver Markus
#41. I think there's something to the old saying that women use sex to get love, and men use love to get sex. And love is really just a word we use to describe a close bond, or relationship, between two people. Men have been programmed to want sex, so they do whatever is necessary to be in a relationship with a woman. And a woman is programmed to want the stability and (financial) security of a relationship, so she offers the man what he wants: sex. #Quote by Oliver Markus
Career Or Love quotes by John Muir
#42. There is a love of wild nature in everybody, an ancient mother-love showing itself whether recognized or no, and however covered by cares and duties #Quote by John Muir

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