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Cantatas Composer quotes by Joshua Bell
#1. For me, I'm sort of a wanna-be composer, and I love being involved with the arrangements. #Quote by Joshua Bell
Cantatas Composer quotes by Jean-Jacques Nattiez
#2. If we compel the composer to write in terms of what the listener is able to hear, we flirt with the danger of freezing the evolution of musical language, whose progressive development comes about through transgressions of a given era's perceptual habits. #Quote by Jean-Jacques Nattiez
Cantatas Composer quotes by Edward Albee
#3. When I'm writing a play I hear it like music. I use the same indications that a composer does for duration. There's a difference, I tell my students, between a semi-colon and a period. A difference in duration. And we have all these wonderful things, we use commas and underlining and all the wonderful punctuation things we can use in the same way a composer uses them in music. And we can indicate, as specifically as a composer, the way we want our piece to sound. #Quote by Edward Albee
Cantatas Composer quotes by Abbott Eliot Kittredge
#4. If you and I shall, like the believing shepherds, watch and long for His appearing, one day we, too, shall hear a music grander and sweeter even than the song of angels, when the great Composer shall transpose all the strains of earth from the minor into the major, when the wail of nature shall give way to the glad harmony of the everlasting jubilee. #Quote by Abbott Eliot Kittredge
Cantatas Composer quotes by Ernest Gold
#5. Seen from the point of view of the composer, the most nonsensical practice is that of casting people in musicals who are unable to sing. No one would cast a dancing part with someone who cannot dance sufficiently to come up to professional standards. The same is true of acting. But when it comes to singing, more often than not it is amateur night ... Either musicals should be written for specified performers in the first place, or they should be cast with people who are adequate to its dancing, acting and singing demands. #Quote by Ernest Gold
Cantatas Composer quotes by Jason Graves
#6. The reality is each new day and each project is another opportunity to learn, experiment and try something I haven't done before. I've found that's what keeps me motivated and moving forward - learning new things and challenging myself on a daily basis to improve as a composer, recording engineer, percussionist, guitarist, producer ... the list goes on and on! #Quote by Jason Graves
Cantatas Composer quotes by Charles E. Burchfield
#7. It seems at times I should be a composer of sounds, not only of rhythms and colors. Walking under the trees, I felt as if the color made sound. #Quote by Charles E. Burchfield
Cantatas Composer quotes by Sukhwinder Singh
#8. I'm blessed to be working with wizards like Vishal Bhardwaj as well as many young composers. #Quote by Sukhwinder Singh
Cantatas Composer quotes by Benjamin Britten
#9. The old idea of a composer suddenly having a terrific idea and sitting up all night to write it is nonsense. Nighttime is for sleeping. #Quote by Benjamin Britten
Cantatas Composer quotes by Julian Casablancas
#10. I'm really grateful. But I never had the rock star dream. I thought it would be cool to be a modern-day composer. #Quote by Julian Casablancas
Cantatas Composer quotes by Charles Mingus
#11. I always wanted to be a spontaneous composer. #Quote by Charles Mingus
Cantatas Composer quotes by Geoff Mulgan
#12. Many of the greatest composers and musicians do their best work in extreme confinement but we are seeing it in other fields - uses of technology to link people together in networks to solve problems and almost certainly we'll get better ideas than we would from them just doing it on their own. #Quote by Geoff Mulgan
Cantatas Composer quotes by Tori Amos
#13. I think there's a time as a writer when you want to see the best things in life, and you go out wherever you go with your dreams as a writer or a composer. #Quote by Tori Amos
Cantatas Composer quotes by John Williams
#14. Any working composer or painter or sculptor will tell you that inspiration comes at the eighth hour of labour rather than as a bolt out of the blue. We have to get our vanities and our preconceptions out of the way and do the work in the time allotted. #Quote by John Williams
Cantatas Composer quotes by Cornelia Funke
#15. I like a composer called Henry Purcell, and I love to listen to Neil Young. #Quote by Cornelia Funke
Cantatas Composer quotes by Evelyn Glennie
#16. A large part of my work has been collaborating with composers; I think we've commissioned about 140 pieces now, a lot of them percussion concertos. #Quote by Evelyn Glennie
Cantatas Composer quotes by John Cage
#17. Everything we do is music." (Classical Composer)(From: 4'33") #Quote by John Cage
Cantatas Composer quotes by Steve Reich
#18. I don't care how much people understand what it is that I'm doing, except if they're players in my ensemble or other ensembles. I just want people to be moved by the music. If you're not moved by the music, then everything else falls away. You're not interested in the text, you're not interested in how it was done, and you're not interested in interviewing the composer and all the rest of it. #Quote by Steve Reich
Cantatas Composer quotes by Elliott Carter
#19. Aaron Copland was a man that had a very specific point of view about what music should be which was that, he felt that new music should have the composer should show a personality in his music. #Quote by Elliott Carter
Cantatas Composer quotes by Matt Groening
#20. I would prefer to listen to a French classical composer like Olivier Messiaen than to the pop hits of the day. #Quote by Matt Groening
Cantatas Composer quotes by Bela Bartok
#21. It may well be that some composers do not believe in God. All of them, however, believe in Bach. #Quote by Bela Bartok
Cantatas Composer quotes by Cliff Martinez
#22. I like directors that give their composer a juicy role in their films. Some films have a small, minor role for music, some have a larger role. #Quote by Cliff Martinez
Cantatas Composer quotes by Jeanine Tesori
#23. I think a lot of people get intimidated by the language of music, but everyone owns music. I think there's nothing standing in between a composer and her audience. I think a lot of people feel that way because they feel it's rarefied, but it's really not. You should feel the impact of it without being able to name it because it's ultimately a primal thing. #Quote by Jeanine Tesori
Cantatas Composer quotes by Joseph Trapanese
#24. One important thing, just being a film composer in general, is to have a great respect for the art that you're working on - a great respect for the film and a great respect for the filmmakers. #Quote by Joseph Trapanese
Cantatas Composer quotes by Alexandre Desplat
#25. I always wanted to be a film composer. So very early on I started collecting soundtracks and paying attention to how movie music works. Actually I'd like to have the opportunity to conduct for the rest of my life. #Quote by Alexandre Desplat
Cantatas Composer quotes by Walter Savage Landor
#26. I sometimes think that the most plaintive ditty has brought a fuller joy and of longer duration to its composer that the conquest of Persia to the Macedonian. #Quote by Walter Savage Landor
Cantatas Composer quotes by Mitch Leigh
#27. There's more musical freedom on Madison Avenue than anywhere else. It's an Eden for a composer. #Quote by Mitch Leigh
Cantatas Composer quotes by Ellen Taaffe Zwilich
#28. If you're a composer, there's never a moment you're not working. #Quote by Ellen Taaffe Zwilich
Cantatas Composer quotes by Damon Albarn
#29. I'm an English songwriter/composer, working in Mandarin and trying to find something about Chinese culture that I really relate to and respect and feel some genuine emotions for - and it's quite hard, the pentatonic scale, and that, in a way, is why I think it works. Because I'm forced to limit myself to quite strict rules about what I did. Maybe that's how I avoided pastiche. #Quote by Damon Albarn
Cantatas Composer quotes by Esa-Pekka Salonen
#30. I feel very free and very happy to be a composer. #Quote by Esa-Pekka Salonen
Cantatas Composer quotes by Thomas Beecham
#31. Composers and musicians have always starved and, as this is a sentimental country, we think the tradition should be continued. #Quote by Thomas Beecham
Cantatas Composer quotes by Edmund Clarence Stedman
#32. Natural emotion is the soul of poetry, as melody is of music; the same faults are engendered by over-study of either art; there is a lack of sincerity, of irresistible impulse in both the poet and the, composer. #Quote by Edmund Clarence Stedman
Cantatas Composer quotes by Rafal Blechacz
#33. I usually need a lot of time to be completely alone with the particular piece, the composer, and the instrument. I also prefer a very quiet atmosphere, and I usually choose pieces that are very close to my personality, my heart. I think the audience can feel it. #Quote by Rafal Blechacz
Cantatas Composer quotes by Vicki Courtney
#34. King David is a wonderful example of a well-balanced man who was a warrior fighting battles on some days and a gentle, harp-playing composer on other days. #Quote by Vicki Courtney
Cantatas Composer quotes by Michael Hersch
#35. As a young composer I had a particular fondness for Liszt's Beethoven Symphony arrangements for the piano, and to this day I enjoy playing non-piano music at the piano. #Quote by Michael Hersch
Cantatas Composer quotes by David Henry Hwang
#36. If I do a play, it's my vision, and everybody else is working on the production to support that. If I do an opera, I feel like part of my job is to support that composer, to try and create something that allows the composer to do his or her best work. In movies, it's usually the director. #Quote by David Henry Hwang
Cantatas Composer quotes by Annie Dillard
#37. Our interpreting the universe as an artifact absolutely requires that we posit an author for it, or a celestial fimmaker, dramatist, painter, sculptor, composer, architect, or choreographer. And no one has been willing openly to posit such an artist for the universe since the American transcedentalists and before them the Medieval European philosophers. #Quote by Annie Dillard

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