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Cannavino Library quotes by Douglas Coupland
#1. I miss the reference section at the library. I used to go there twice a week on missions. Now everywhere's a research library and I can't get an elitist kick from it any more. #Quote by Douglas Coupland
Cannavino Library quotes by August Bier
#2. Whole libraries can be filled with the papers written about cancer and its causes, but the contents of these papers fit on one little library visiting card. #Quote by August Bier
Cannavino Library quotes by E.L. Doctorow
#3. The three most important documents a free society gives are a birth certificate, a passport, and a library card. #Quote by E.L. Doctorow
Cannavino Library quotes by Walt Whitman
#4. Though he would sometimes not touch a book for a week, he generally spent part of each day in reading ... if he sat in the library an hour, he would have half a dozen volumes around him, on the table, on chairs and on the floor. He seemed to read a few pages here and a few pages there, and pass from place to place, from volume to volume ... sometimes (though very rarely) he would get sufficiently interested in a volume to read it all. #Quote by Walt Whitman
Cannavino Library quotes by Alberto Manguel
#5. I had a library of maybe 1,000 books in my room in Buenos Aires. I did have the sense that everything there was organised in the right way. You'll probably think I needed serious psychiatric treatment, but there were times when I would not buy a book because I knew it wouldn't fit one of the categories into which I had divided the library. #Quote by Alberto Manguel
Cannavino Library quotes by Phyllis Schlafly
#6. The justices have constitutionally protected obscenity in libraries, filth over cable television, and now unlimited internet pornography. #Quote by Phyllis Schlafly
Cannavino Library quotes by Garrett Leigh
#7. He liked bookstores, and libraries too. They had a sacred, peaceful hush, like graveyards without the shadow of death. #Quote by Garrett Leigh
Cannavino Library quotes by Terry Semel
#8. At Yahoo, we were one of the early proponents of the power of content showcased through new media. SnagFilms, with its large library and breadth of digital distribution, can help shape this next phase, bringing great stories to broad new audiences. #Quote by Terry Semel
Cannavino Library quotes by Jojo Moyes
#9. She was so ridiculously happy that most days she didn't know how to contain it. Every morning before dawn she would unwrap her long limbs reluctantly from those of her husband, drink the coffee he insisted on making for her, then walk down to open the library and get the stove going, ready for the others to arrive. Despite the cold and the brutal hour, she was almost always to be found smiling. If Peggy Van Cleve's friends chose to remark that Alice Guisler had let herself go something awful since she'd started up at that library, what with her un-set hair and her mannish outfits (and to think her so refined and well-dressed when she came, and all!), then Fred couldn't have noticed less. He was married to the most beautiful woman in the world, and every night after they had each finished work, and put away the dishes side by side, he made sure to pay homage. In the still air of Split Creek it was not unusual for those who were walking past in the darkness to shake an amused head at the breathless and joyous sounds emanating from the house behind the library. In Baileyville, in winter, there was not much to do after the sun went down, after all. #Quote by Jojo Moyes
Cannavino Library quotes by Samuel Beckett
#10. When we are reading, a voice comes to us as in the dark and whispers, "Imagine!" Samuel Beckett
as told by Bill Moyer in the Foreword he wrote for, The Public Library: A Photographic Essay by Robert Dawson. Afterword by Ann Patchett #Quote by Samuel Beckett
Cannavino Library quotes by Steven Millhauser
#11. I began by working in a study in an attic, but for many years, I've used a small room in a library. What matters to me isn't decor or comfort but only quiet. I need to hear the rhythms of phrases, the music of sentences. Any place that allows me to do that is good enough. #Quote by Steven Millhauser
Cannavino Library quotes by Mike Myers
#12. I have very happy memories of fairy tales. My mother used to take me to the library in Toronto to check out the fairy tales. And she was an actress, so she used to act out for me the different characters in all these fairy tales. #Quote by Mike Myers
Cannavino Library quotes by Paulo Coelho
#13. She hated everything. The library with its pile of books full of explanations about life; the school that had forced her to spend whole evenings learning algebra, even though she didn't know a single person, apart from teachers and mathematicians, who needed algebra in order to be happy. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Cannavino Library quotes by William Kamkwamba
#14. Cool! Where did you get such an idea?" "The library. #Quote by William Kamkwamba
Cannavino Library quotes by Giles Curtis
#15. The computer was the newest addition to the local library, and quickly had more viruses than the local whore house. #Quote by Giles Curtis
Cannavino Library quotes by Grace Burrowes
#16. You will catch your death, Wife." Joseph opened his cape and enveloped her in its folds, which - happily for her - necessitated that he hug her to his chest. "I will be back as soon as possible." "We have much to do in your absence." "I've never seen this house so thoroughly decorated for the holidays. I can't believe there's another thing to be done." Louisa felt his chin come to rest on her temple. "We have a great deal of baking to do if we're to send baskets to the tenants and neighbors. I must write to the agencies to find us another governess, and you've set me the task of finding a charity worthy of your coin. Then too, I am behind on my correspondence, and if all else fails, I have your library to explore. I will stay busy." "While I will freeze my backside off, haring about the realm without you. #Quote by Grace Burrowes
Cannavino Library quotes by Ross King
#17. Yes, a great library - a library as magnificent as this one - was a dangerous arsenal, one that kings and emperors feared more than the greatest army or magazine. Not a single volume from the Spanish Rooms would survive, he swore, sniffling into his cup. No, no, not a single scrap would escape this holocaust! #Quote by Ross King
Cannavino Library quotes by Umberto Eco
#18. Until then I had thought each book spoke of the things, human or divine, that lie outside books. Now I realized that not infrequently books speak of books: it is as if they spoke among themselves. In the light of this reflection, the library seemed all the more disturbing to me. It was then the place of a long, centuries-old murmuring, an imperceptible dialogue between one parchment and another, a living thing, a receptacle of powers not to be ruled by a human mind, a treasure of secrets emanated by many minds, surviving the death of those who had produced them or had been their conveyors. #Quote by Umberto Eco
Cannavino Library quotes by Amy Bloom
#19. I was the kind of reader in smudged pink harlequin glasses sitting on the cool, dusty floor of the Arrandale public library, standing at the edge of the playground, having broken a tooth in dodge ball, and lying under my covers with a flashlight. #Quote by Amy Bloom
Cannavino Library quotes by E.K. Johnston
#20. Let me get this straight...You are sending me out in a minivan whose date of manufacture predates the year of my birth, so that I can watch two dragon slayers track down enormous fire-breathing animals, in an effort to prevent me from spending time in the library? #Quote by E.K. Johnston
Cannavino Library quotes by Tony Kushner
#21. Here's another piece of advice, only date people who have read a different set of books than you have read, it will save you lots of time in the library. #Quote by Tony Kushner
Cannavino Library quotes by Victor Koo
#22. Youku Tudou is a hybrid, like combining Netflix and YouTube. Like Netflix, with Youku, which launched in 2005, we syndicate a library of longform content and create original content. The Tudou model started with user-generated content but is increasingly becoming about partner-generated programming. #Quote by Victor Koo
Cannavino Library quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#23. Because I'm the kind of girl who fantasizes about being trapped in a library overnight. #Quote by Rainbow Rowell
Cannavino Library quotes by William H Gass
#24. As Borges has taught us, all the books in the library are contemporary. Great poems are like granaries: they are always ready to enlarge their store. #Quote by William H Gass
Cannavino Library quotes by Mary Higgins Clark
#25. A library is a path to the future
find yours there. #Quote by Mary Higgins Clark
Cannavino Library quotes by E.B. White
#26. A library is a good place to go when you feel unhappy, for there, in a book, you may find encouragement and comfort. A library is a good place to go when you feel bewildered or undecided, for there, in a book, you may have your question answered. Books are good company, in sad times and happy times, for books are people - people who have managed to stay alive by hiding between the covers of a book.
[Letters of Note; Troy (MI, USA) Public Library, 1971] #Quote by E.B. White
Cannavino Library quotes by Barbara Ross
#27. After the pancake breakfast I was free for a while. Dan Small was overseeing the next event, the B&B Bed Races, where a dozen B&Bs attempted to beat each other in two-bed heats that pitted souped-up double beds-cum-go-carts against one another until a victor emerged. The only rule was the driver had to remain in the bed as it careened down the hill from the library to the dock. It sounded like a great way to get killed and when Bunnie had looked for a volunteer to run it, I'd sat on my hands until they lost all feeling. #Quote by Barbara Ross
Cannavino Library quotes by Alberto Manguel
#28. The weight of absence is as much a feature of any library as the constriction of order and space. #Quote by Alberto Manguel
Cannavino Library quotes by Simeon Strunsky
#29. People who want to understand democracy should spend less time in the library with Aristotle and more time on the buses and in the subway. #Quote by Simeon Strunsky
Cannavino Library quotes by Caroline Kennedy
#30. One of the greatest gifts my brother and I received from my mother was her love of literature and language. With their boundless energy, libraries open the door to these worlds and so many others. I urge young and old alike to embrace all that libraries have to offer. #Quote by Caroline Kennedy
Cannavino Library quotes by Jenny Offill
#31. Oh, I collect facts and quotes when I can't write, and I can't write most of the time. I do a little chance operation sometimes where I flip through outdated reference books to see if anything will strike me as beautiful or momentous. Library roulette, I call it. #Quote by Jenny Offill
Cannavino Library quotes by Jamie Johnson
#32. I remember I was in grade school, the fourth grade, in a free reading period in the library. Someone in my class found a copy of the Forbes 400, a list of the richest people in America, and my dad's name was on it. #Quote by Jamie Johnson
Cannavino Library quotes by Sergey Brin
#33. But the vast majority of books ever written are not accessible to anyone except the most tenacious researchers at premier academic libraries. Books written after 1923 quickly disappear into a literary black hole. #Quote by Sergey Brin
Cannavino Library quotes by Alberto Manguel
#34. If the library in the morning suggests an echo of the severe and reasonable wishful order of the world, the library at night seems to rejoice in the world's essential, joyful muddle. #Quote by Alberto Manguel
Cannavino Library quotes by Judith McNaught
#35. Miss Lucinda Throckmorton-Jones, former paid companion to several of the ton's most successful debutantes of prior seasons, came to Havenhurst to fill the position of Elizabeth's duenna. A woman of fifty with wiry gray hair she scraped back into a bun and the posture of a ramrod, she had a permanently pinched face, as if she smelled something disagreeable but was too well-bred to remark upon it. In addition to the duenna's daunting physical appearance, Elizabeth observed shortly after their first meeting that Miss Throckmorton-Jones possessed an astonishing ability to sit serenely for hours without twitching so much as a finger.
Elizabeth refused to be put off by her stony demeanor and set about finding a way to thaw her. Teasingly, she called her "Lucy," and when the casually affectionate nickname won a thunderous frown from the lady, Elizabeth tried to find a different means. She discovered it very soon: A few days after Lucinda came to live at Havenhurst the duenna discovered her curled up in a chair in Havenhurt's huge library, engrossed in a book. "You enjoy reading?" Lucinda had said gruffly-and with surprise-as she noted the gold embossed title on the volume.
"Yes," Elizabeth had assured her, smiling. "Do you?"
"Have you read Christopher Marlowe?"
"Yes, but I prefer Shakespeare."
Thereafter it became their policy each night after supper to debate the merits of the individual books they'd read. Before long Elizabeth realized that she'd won the d #Quote by Judith McNaught
Cannavino Library quotes by Caitlin Moran
#36. A library is such a potent symbol of a town's values: each one closed down might as well be six thousand stickers plastered over every available surface, reading WE CHOSE TO BECOME MORE STUPID AND DULL. #Quote by Caitlin Moran
Cannavino Library quotes by Natalie Portman
#37. I think the New York Public Library is so, so amazing. It's literally the coolest place - It's good shelter from the sun and it's the most beautiful building. It's really, really fun. #Quote by Natalie Portman
Cannavino Library quotes by Seanan McGuire
#38. There is no fighting in the Library. Anyone who starts a fight or responds to a challenge will be thrown out. You may think you can take me. You're probably right. But none of you can take the Library. #Quote by Seanan McGuire
Cannavino Library quotes by Deyth Banger
#39. So far something which will be good for you will be this podcasts Anything Ghost and The Wicked Library. #Quote by Deyth Banger
Cannavino Library quotes by Donna Tartt
#40. Most of the benches bore the names of benefactors - in memory of Mrs. Ruth Klein or whatever - but my mother's bench, the Rendezvous Point, alone of all the benches in that part of the park had been given by its anonymous donor a more mysterious and welcoming message: EVERYTHING OF POSSIBILITY. It had been Her Bench since before I was born; in her early days in the city, she had sat there with her library book on her afternoons off, going without lunch when she needed the price of a museum pass at MoMA or a movie ticket at the Paris Theatre. #Quote by Donna Tartt
Cannavino Library quotes by Alberto Manguel
#41. Saint John, in a moment of confusion, tells us not to love the world because "all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life,is not of the Father, but is of the world." This injunction is at best a paradox. Our humble and astonishing inheritance is the world and only the world, whose existence we constantly test (and prove) by telling ourselves stories about it. The suspicion that we and the world are made in the image of something wonderfully and chaotically coherent far beyond our grasp, of which we are also part; the hope that our exploded cosmos and we, its stardust, have an ineffable meaning and method; the delight in retelling the old metaphor of the world as a book we read and in which we too are read; the conceit that what we can know of reality is an imagination made of language - all this finds its material manifestation in that self-portrait we call a library. And our love for it, and our lust to see more of it, and our pride in its accomplishments as we wander through shelves full of books that promise more and more delights, are among our happiest, most moving proofs of possessing, in spite of all the miseries and sorrows of this life, a more intimate, consolatory, perhaps redeeming faith in a method behind the madness than any jealous deity could wish upon us. #Quote by Alberto Manguel
Cannavino Library quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#42. He had never measured a footprint in his life, and what he did not know about bloodstains would have filled a library. #Quote by P.G. Wodehouse
Cannavino Library quotes by Peter Ackroyd
#43. And the smell of the library was always the same - the musty odour of old clothes mixed with the keener scent of unwashed bodies, creating what the chief librarian had once described as 'the steam of the social soup.' #Quote by Peter Ackroyd
Cannavino Library quotes by Melvil Dewey
#44. The time was when a library was very like a museum and the librarian a mouser among dusty books. The time is when the library is a school and the librarian in the highest sense a teacher. #Quote by Melvil Dewey
Cannavino Library quotes by Ben Stein
#45. I've never liked the idea of just having an office in a college somewhere and teaching classes and going to the library and doing research all day. I've never wanted that. The glamorous life is the life that appeals to me. #Quote by Ben Stein
Cannavino Library quotes by Carolyn Wells
#46. As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the ideal library is in the wish of its maker. #Quote by Carolyn Wells
Cannavino Library quotes by Elizabeth McCracken
#47. Library books were, I suddenly realized, promiscuous, ready to lie down in the arms of anyone who asked. Not like bookstore books, which married their purchasers, or were brokered for marriages to others. #Quote by Elizabeth McCracken
Cannavino Library quotes by Judah Ben Saul Ibn Tibbon
#48. Make thy books thy companions. Let thy cases and shelves be thy pleasure grounds and gardens. #Quote by Judah Ben Saul Ibn Tibbon

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