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Can T Change The Past quotes by Jen Calonita
#1. What's happened has happened. You can't change the past. All you can do is work on making a brighter future. #Quote by Jen Calonita
Can T Change The Past quotes by Gudjon Bergmann
#2. Forgiveness is probably the most important self-esteem building process anyone can undertake. Forgiveness is an internal response to the fact that we cannot, under any circumstances, change the past. The only things we can change are our thoughts about the past. Forgiveness happens when we stop wishing for a better past and understand that we are carrying hatred, anger and resentment within us. #Quote by Gudjon Bergmann
Can T Change The Past quotes by R.T. Kendall
#3. But there is another change coming for you and me down the road. Are we ready for this? There will come a day - sooner or later - when God will say, "Your time is up." We all have to die. What is more, everything that we are doing in this life should be getting us ready for that day. So I am now going to ask you: Do you know for sure that if you were to die today, you would go to heaven? It is the most important question anybody can #Quote by R.T. Kendall
Can T Change The Past quotes by Noel James Riggs
#4. A few years ago I spent Christmas and New Years alone. No family. No friends. No gifts. A little tree with some lights on it. A small Christmas dinner (in a can). Far from home but with a lot of good memories of it. I didn't feel too sad because I knew things would change for the better because I knew I would change them for the better. It was all up to me, not fate, or luck (although understand that those are big players in this game too). If I didn't like where I was at that moment I couldn't feel sorry myself and blame someone else, play the victim. I was the one who put myself there and I knew I was the one that had to change. So I did. See, misery is never very far away from us (it lurks around every dark corner) but neither is joy. You've got to roll with that black horse when it visits, ride that bitch out if you can but you've got to enjoy the hell out of the other too, when it chances to come your way. Above all, you've got to recognize joy when it shows up to dance with you and, sorry, that's not nearly as easy as it sounds. You've got to fight tooth and nail in this life to try and be as happy as you can with the circumstances you've been given. You've got to fight with every inch of your being for that and grit your teeth and stick out your chin while you're doing it too because although without a doubt it's the right fight to be in, it's going to be hard sometimes. So hard that maybe you'll be blind to everything else. Along the way however, always remember one t #Quote by Noel James Riggs
Can T Change The Past quotes by T.F. Hodge
#5. Doing things for others can make the 'giver' happy, but trying to change or control another will drive you crazy, because it cannot be sustained. One must give without expectation(s) and allow others, even your offspring, the opportunity of self-determination
even when you "perceive" danger on the road ahead; each spiritual journey has a right to its own fulfillment. We must learn how to stay in our lane. #Quote by T.F. Hodge
Can T Change The Past quotes by A.T.W.
#6. The System Map is like an internal family tree, though it can be drawn out in whatever format, in whatever way is easy for the System to understand. It will contain and illustrate information such as who split off from whom and how you all relate to each other. As you become more aware of your System over time, your System Map may grow as you encounter newly discovered parts. It may also change over time as you come to have greater understanding of your System and how you all relate to and interrelate with each other. #Quote by A.T.W.
Can T Change The Past quotes by Kevin Allen
#7. Change management is kind of a weird concept to me. We can' t control events any more than we can control the weather. But we control how we deal with it and we can control the opportunities that these moments of change create. #Quote by Kevin Allen
Can T Change The Past quotes by T.J. Clark
#8. What do I think was modernism's subject, then? What was it about? No doubt you can guess my starting point. It was about steam - in both the Malevich and the de Chirico a train still rushes across the landscape. It was about change and power and contingency, in other words, but also control, compression, and captivity - an absurd or oppressive orderliness is haunting the bright new fields and the sunlit squares with their eternally flapping flags. Modernism presents us with a world becoming a realm of appearances - fragments, patchwork quilts of color, dream-tableaux made out of disconnected phantasms. But all of this is still happening in modernism, and still resisted as it is described. The two paintings remain shot through, it seems to me, with the effort to answer back to the flattening and derealizing-the will to put the fragments back into some sort of order. Modernism is agonized, but its agony is not separable from weird levity or whimsy. Pleasure and horror go together in it. Malevich may be desperate, or euphoric. He may be pouring scorn on the idea of collective man, or spelling the idea out with utter childish optimism. We shall never know his real opinions. His picture entertains both.

Modernism was certainly about the pathos of dream and desire in twentieth- century circumstances, but, again, the desires were unstoppable, ineradicable. The upright man will not let go of the future. The infinite still exists at the top of the tower. Even in the Picasso #Quote by T.J. Clark
Can T Change The Past quotes by Robert T. Kiyosaki
#9. Stop blaming me, thinking I'm the problem. If you think I'm the problem, then you have to change me. If you realize that you're the problem, then you can change yourself, learn something and grow wiser. Most people want everyone else in the world to change themselves. Let me tell you, it's easier to change yourself than everyone else. #Quote by Robert T. Kiyosaki
Can T Change The Past quotes by Robert T. Kiyosaki
#10. If you realize that you're the problem, then you can change yourself, learn something and grow wiser. Don't blame other people for your problems. #Quote by Robert T. Kiyosaki
Can T Change The Past quotes by Jenny Lawson
#11. I don't understand why people keep pushing that "Don't be some random person. BE UNIQUE" message. You're already incredibly unique. Everyone is incredibly unique. That's why the police use fingerprints to identify people. So you're incredibly unique ... but in the exact same way that everyone else is. (Which, admittedly, doesn't really sing and is never going to make it on a motivational T-shirt.) So none of us are unique in being unique because being unique is pretty much the least unique thing you can be, because it comes naturally to everyone. So perhaps instead of "BE UNIQUE" we should be saying, "Be as visibly fucked up as you want to be because being unique is already taken." By everyone, ironically enough. Or maybe we should change the message to "Don't just be some random person. Be the MOST random person. #Quote by Jenny Lawson
Can T Change The Past quotes by Taya Kyle
#12. March 28, 2005
I am so ready to be home I have already gone into autopilot mode. Just counting the days, waiting for that big bird to take me home. I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling good. Hopefully getting off the pill will help. Hopefully when I get home I can help with your emotions. Whatever you need, just tell me. I want to make things easy for you when I am home. At least as easy as possible. I love you so much gorgeous. Glad to hear your dad has busted his ass to help us out so much. We are so lucky with our family, I couldn't have married into a better one. Not to mention couldn't have married a better woman, cause there is none better. I also got an email from your niece. It was a PowerPoint slide that was real cute. It had a green background with a frog, and said she missed me. Sweet, huh. If she didn't forward a copy to you, I can. Oh, about the birth control: You said you wanted ten kids anyway. Change your mind yet? What is Bubba doing that has changed? Is he being a fart or is he just full of energy? I'm sure when I get home you will be ready for a break. How about after I get to see you for a little while, you go to a spa for a weekend to be pampered? I REALLY think you deserve it. You've been going and going, kinda like the Energizer Bunny. Just like when I get home for sex, we keep going and going and going and going and, you get the point. Hopefully you at least smiled over that. I always want you to be happy, and want to do whatever it takes t #Quote by Taya Kyle
Can T Change The Past quotes by E.T.A. Hoffmann
#13. Everything here below beneath the sun is subject to continual change; and perhaps there is nothing which can be called more inconstant than opinion, which turns round in an everlasting circle like the wheel of fortune. He who reaps praise today is overwhelmed with biting censure tomorrow; today we trample under foot the man who tomorrow will be raised far above us. #Quote by E.T.A. Hoffmann
Can T Change The Past quotes by M T Anderson
#14. So one time I said to her that she should stop reading it, because it was just depressing, so she was like, But I want to know what's going on, so I was like, Then you should do something about it. It's a free country. You should do something. She was like, Nothing's ever going to happen in a two-party system. She was like, da da da, nothing's ever going to change, both parties are in the pocket of big business, da da da, all that? So I was like, You got to believe in the people, it's a democracy, we can change things.
She was like, It's not a democracy. #Quote by M T Anderson
Can T Change The Past quotes by Ralph Ellison
#15. She was something more- a force, a stable, familiar force like something out of my past which kept me from whirling off into some unknown which I dared not face. It was a most painful position for at the same time Mary reminded me constantly that something was expected of me, some act of leadership, some newsworthy achievement; ... #Quote by Ralph Ellison
Can T Change The Past quotes by Theodore Sturgeon
#16. Lutch Crawford always talked straight to the point. That's how he got so much work done. "Fawn, about the other night, with all that moon. How do you feel now?"
"I feel the same way," she said tightly.
Lutch had a little habit of catching his lower lip with his teeth and letting go when he was thinking was hard. There was a pause about long enough to do this. Then he said, "You been hearing rumors about you and me?"
"Well I - " She caught her breath. "Oh, Lutch - " I heard the wicker, sharp and crisp, as she came up out of it.
"Hold on!" Lutch snapped. "There's nothing to it, Fawn. Forget it."
I heard the wicker again, slow, the front part, the back part. She didn't say anything.
"There's some things too big for one or two people to fool with, honey," he said gently. "This band's one of 'em. For whatever it's worth, it's bigger than you and me. It's going good and it'll go better. It's about as perfect as a group can get. It's a unit. Tight. So tight that one wrong move'll blow out all its seams. You and me, now - that'd be a wrong move."
"How do you know? What do you mean?"
"Call it a hunch. Mostly, I know that things have been swell up to now, and I know that you - we - anyway, we can't risk a change in the good old status quo."
"But - what about me?" she wailed.
"Tough on you?" I'd known Lutch a long time, and this was the first time his voice didn't come full and easy. "Fawn, there's fourteen cats in this aggregation and t #Quote by Theodore Sturgeon
Can T Change The Past quotes by T.R. Cordon
#17. Have you ever seen a stereogram?
The 'Truth' the Stereogram shows us is there in front of us. Training and work doesn't make us see it.
It's a point of view, a different way of looking at it.
When you see it you try to explain it to someone else and you
realize you can't.
It simple, super simple, yet almost impossible to explain.
There are 'techniques' to see them but some people may spend
years trying without results. Others can do it in seconds.
It doesn't change the fact that the image is there all the time in
front of us.
And it's Beautiful. #Quote by T.R. Cordon
Can T Change The Past quotes by Ally Condie
#18. My mother holds Bram tightly. I draw i ragged breath, the kind you take when the pain is too deep to cry, when you can;t cry because all you are is pain, and if you let some of it out, you might cease to exist.I want to do something to make this better, even though I know tha nothing can change the fact of my father gone and under ground #Quote by Ally Condie
Can T Change The Past quotes by Noah Galloway
#19. On my next weekend without the kids I went to Nashville to visit her. We had a great weekend. On Monday morning she kissed me goodbye and left for work. I would drive home while she was at work. Only I didn't go straight home. I went and paid her recruiting officer a little visit. I walked in wearing shorts and a T-shirt so my injuries were fully visible. The two recruiters couldn't hide the surprise on their faces. I clearly looked like an injured veteran. Not their typical visitor.
"I'm here about Jamie Boyd," I said.
One of the recruiters stood up and said, "Yes, I'm working with Jamie Boyd. How can I help you?"
I walked to the center of the room between him and the female recruiter who was still seated at her desk and said, "Jamie Boyd is not going to be active duty. She is not going to be a truck driver. She wants to change her MOS and you're not going to treat her like some high school student. She has a degree. She is a young professional and you will treat her as such."
"Yes, sir, yes, sir. We hold ourselves to a higher standard. We'll do better. I'm sorry," he stammered.
"You convinced her she can't change anything. That's a lie. It's paperwork. Make it happen."
"Yes, sir, yes, sir."
That afternoon Jamie had an appointment at the recruitment center anyway for more paperwork. Afterward, she called me, and as soon as I answered, without even a hello, she said, "What have you done?"
"How were they acting?" I asked, sounding really #Quote by Noah Galloway
Can T Change The Past quotes by Daniel J. Levitin
#20. Be wary, though, of the way news media use the word "significant," because to statisticians it doesn't mean "noteworthy." In statistics, the word "significant" means that the results passed mathematical tests such as t-tests, chi-square tests, regression, and principal components analysis (there are hundreds). Statistical significance tests quantify how easily pure chance can explain the results. With a very large number of observations, even small differences that are trivial in magnitude can be beyond what our models of change and randomness can explain. These tests don't know what's noteworthy and what's not - that's a human judgment. #Quote by Daniel J. Levitin
Can T Change The Past quotes by T. J. Miller
#21. If you're a psychologist, you can instrumentally change peoples' lives for the better. #Quote by T. J. Miller
Can T Change The Past quotes by Gillian Tett
#22. Studying anthropology tends t change the way you look at the world. It leaves a distinctive chip in your brain, or lens over your eye. Your mind-set becomes instinctive: wherever you go to work, you start asking questions about how different elements of society interact, looks at the gap between rhetoric and reality, noting the concealed functions of rituals and symbols, and hunting out social silences. Anyone who has been immersed in anthropology is doomed to be an insider-outside for the rest of their life; they can never take anything entirely at face value, but are compelled to constantly ask: why? #Quote by Gillian Tett
Can T Change The Past quotes by Joyce Carol Oates
#23. I am thinking of having a T-shirt printed: Yes my husband died. Yes I am very sad. Yes you are kind to offer condolences. Now can we change the subject? #Quote by Joyce Carol Oates
Can T Change The Past quotes by Edward T. Welch
#24. It is only fair to add that you should be undecided about spiritual causes too. By this I mean that you can't immediately say that there is one core sin that has caused your depression. Some people race toward this explanation; they hope that once they discover that sin, everything will change. Others run from this perspective; they think spiritual explanations are prehistoric and misguided. The truth is in the middle of these two poles. Sin can certainly be a cause of depression, but you must be careful about connecting the dots between the two. If you are being honest, you will always find sin in your life. Everyone does. That doesn't mean that sin caused your depression. #Quote by Edward T. Welch
Can T Change The Past quotes by J.T. Geissinger
#25. One of the first shrinks I went to after Cass died told me that the brain has a hardwired need to find correlations, to make sense of nonsensical data by making connections between unrelated things. Humans have evolved a universal tendency to seek patterns in random information, hence the existence of fortune-tellers and dream interpreters and people who see the face of Jesus in a piece of toast. But the cold, hard truth is that there are no connections between anything. Life - all of existence - is totally random. Your lucky lottery numbers aren't really lucky, because there's no such thing as luck. The black cat that crosses your path isn't a bad omen, it's just a cat out for a walk. An eclipse doesn't mean that the gods are angry, just as a bus narrowly missing you as you cross the street doesn't mean there's a guardian angel looking out for you. There are no gods. There are no angels. Superstitions aren't real, and no amount of wishing, praying, or rationalizing can change the fact that life is just one long sequence of random events that ultimately have no meaning. I really hated that shrink. #Quote by J.T. Geissinger
Can T Change The Past quotes by Urban T. Holmes III
#26. There is no doubt that the biblical concept of the Kingdom calls for a ministry to the suffering, the imprisoned, the oppressed, the hungry and whomever is dehumanized by an unjust society. In abstract, almost all of us can affirm this with enthusiasm. When it is the vocation, however, of one of our number to make this Gospel imperative, a matter demanding and requiring us to change our comfortable ways, then many of us fall away. The prophet has never been popular among his other contemporaries. He has been stoned, beheaded, crucified and shot. If not killed, we have been all too ready to vilify him or her in the name of God, little realizing that it may well be God who sent the prophet to challenge our complacency. #Quote by Urban T. Holmes III
Can T Change The Past quotes by Y A-T-Il Des Effets Secondaires Eclipse Keto?
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Can T Change The Past quotes by Robert T. Kiyosaki
#28. I'd rather welcome change than cling to the past. #Quote by Robert T. Kiyosaki
Can T Change The Past quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
#29. Don't despise those little things you can do well; they contain tiny miracles that can amaze you and you will change the world. Be a world changer in your own way! We look up to you! #Quote by Israelmore Ayivor
Can T Change The Past quotes by Hellmut Wilhelm
#30. (T)his is precisely the importance of the world-view described in the Book of Changes: there is no situation without a way out. All situations are stages of change. Therefore, even when things are most difficult we can plant the seed for a new situation that will preserve within itself the present situation, though we must be capable of adapting and finding the proper attitude. #Quote by Hellmut Wilhelm
Can T Change The Past quotes by Robert T. Kiyosaki
#31. In times of great economic change, there are always great transfer of wealth. Even if you do not have much money, it is important to incest in your education... for when the changes come, you will be better prepared for them. Don't be caught unaware and afraid. As I said, no one can predict what will happen, yet it is best to be prepared for whatever happens. And that means getting educated now. #Quote by Robert T. Kiyosaki
Can T Change The Past quotes by Fiona Paul
#32. To my lovely starling,
Maybe there are magical words that will make you understand, but if so, I do not know them. Words are your domain. I've always been better with pictures.
I fear you think I am a monster. It's true I've disrupted many graves. The way I see it, the dead are dead. If, after their death, we can learn things from the about the human form - things that will increase the sum of human knowledge and the possibilities of art - what harm is that? After death, new life, new beauty. How can that be wrong? My friends and I have made use of some of the bodies as models. some we sell to surgeons who study them with the hopes of learning something about the frail mechanisms of the human body.
I don't know exactly what Dottor de Gradi does in his workshop on the Rialto, and I was as surprised as you were to stumble on it. He couldn't - he wouldn't tell me if your friend's body ended up there. But he did assure me all of his work is focused solely on extending human life.
I won't lie. I did it for the money as well. Don Loredan is holding a private exhibition in his palazzo tomorrow. The entry fee was quite steep but two of my paintings were accepted. This could be the beginning for me. I could find my own patrons. I could be more than just a peasant. Tommaso's assistant.
So yes; a little for money. But mostly I did for the art.
I don't expect these words to change how you feel. I simply want you not to see me as a monster. I don't want t #Quote by Fiona Paul
Can T Change The Past quotes by Frank Kermode
#33. here is one other element of the apocalyptic tradition to be considered, namely transition. I said a minute ago that one of the assumptions prevalent in sophisticated apocalyptism was what Yeats called 'antithetical multiform influx'--the forms assumed by the inrushing gyre as the old one reaches its term. The dialectic of Yeats's gyres is simple enough in essence; they are a figure for the co-existence of the past and future at the time of transition. The old narrows to its apex, the new broadens towards its base, and the old and new interpenetrate. Where apex and base come together you have an age of very rapid transition. Actually, on Yeats's view of the historical cycle, there were transient moments of perfection, or what he called Unity of Being; but there was no way of making these permanent, and his philosophy of history is throughout transitional. In this he is not, of course, original; but his emphasis on the traditional character of our own pre-apocalyptic moment, in contrast with those exquisite points of time when life was like the water brimming beautifully but unstably over the rim of a fountain, seems, for all the privacy of the expression, characteristically modern.

It is commonplace that our times do in fact suffer a more rapid rate of change technologically, and consequently in the increase of social mobility, than any before us. There is nothing fictive about that, and its implications are clear in our own day-to-day lives. What is interesting, t #Quote by Frank Kermode
Can T Change The Past quotes by M T Anderson
#34. This is the war where we change. This is the trickster war. It's where we disappear, just like they desire us disappear. I spoke it you before: They wish us blank," he said, gesturing without thinking at Dr. Trefusis, who was the nearest exemplar of the white race. "They want us with no history and no memory. They want us empty as paper so they can write on us, so we ain't nothing but a price and an owner's name and a list of tasks. And that's what we'll give them. We'll give them your Nothing. We'll give them my William Williams and Henry Henry. We'll slip through and we'll change to who we must needs be and I will be all sly and have my delightful picaresque japes. But at the end of it, when it's over, I shall be one thing. I shall be one man, fixed, and not have to take no other name. I shall be one person steadily for some years."
"This is why we got to win ... If we ever wish to be one person, we got to win. #Quote by M T Anderson
Can T Change The Past quotes by Mary T Browne
#35. Many people think there's nothing they can do to change their karma - it's preordained so why bother trying to change their situation? This is what scares people. These folks think that to accept the reality of karma one must be passive. It simply isn't true. Karma is active. We can - in the blink of an eye - make decisions that will shape our futures and transform the parts of our lives that are causing us unhappiness. #Quote by Mary T Browne
Can T Change The Past quotes by Anthony T Hincks
#36. Using tear gas and rubber bullets on peaceful crowds so that you can walk to a church for a photoshoot is crazy.
It doesn't show a president in charge.
It shows a president who is in total disregard of the American people!
It shows a president who has lost touch with the American people!
It shows a president who thinks he owns the American people!
And what he does, shows the American people.

You have a chance to change things in November and show him that you are the American people and not some employees of a golf club.

America once stood for something.
What does it stand for now? #Quote by Anthony T Hincks
Can T Change The Past quotes by David Foster Wallace
#37. Todd, trust math. As in Matics, Math E. First-order predicate logic. Never fail you. Quantities and their relation. Rates of change. The vital statistics of God or equivalent. When all else fails. When the boulder's slid all the way back to the bottom. When the headless are blaming. When you do not know your way about. You can fall back and regroup around math. Whose truth is deductive truth. Independent of sense or emotionality. The syllogism. The identity. Modus Tollens. Transitivity. Heaven's theme song. The night light on life's dark wall, late at night. Heaven's recipe book. The hydrogen spiral. The methane, ammonia, H2O. Nucleic acids. A and G, T and C. The creeping inevibatility. Caius is mortal. Math is not mortal. What it is is: listen: it's true. #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Can T Change The Past quotes by Ayad Akhtar
#38. [A]t the end of the day, art's capacity to change the world is profoundly limited. But what it can do is change the way we see things individually. #Quote by Ayad Akhtar
Can T Change The Past quotes by Andre Agassi
#39. Andre, I won't ever try to change you, because I've never tried to change anybody. If I could change somebody, I'd change myself. But I know I can give you structure and a blueprint to achieve what you want. There's a difference between a plow horse and a racehorse. You don;t treat them the same. You hear all this talk about treating people equally, and I'm not sure equal means the same. As far as I'm concerned, you're a racehorse, and I'll always treat you accordingly. I'll be firm, but fair. I'll lead, never push. I'm not one of those people who expresses or articulates feelings very well, but from now on, just know this: It's on, man. It is on. You know what I'm saying? We're in a fight, and you can count on me until the last man is standing. Somewhere up there is a star with your name on it. I might not be able to help you find it, but I've got pretty strong shoulders, and you can stand on my shoulders while you're looking for that star. You hear? For as long as you want. Stand on my shoulders and reach, man. Reach. #Quote by Andre Agassi
Can T Change The Past quotes by Adi Da
#40. Only everybody-all-a t-once can change the current chaos. #Quote by Adi Da
Can T Change The Past quotes by John Ajvide Lindqvist
#41. They stood there for a while, not saying anything. Then Eli said: 'Do you want to come in?'
Oskar didn't reply. Eli pulled on her T-shirt, lifted her hands, let them fall.
'I'm never going to hurt you.'
'I know that.'
'What are you thinking about?'
'That T-shirt. Is it from the trash room?'
' ... yes.'
'Have you washed it?'
Eli didn't answer.
'You're a little gross, you know that?'
'I can change, if you like.'
'Good. Do that. #Quote by John Ajvide Lindqvist
Can T Change The Past quotes by Colleen Houck
#42. After dinner, I went upstairs and found Ren standing on the veranda again, looking at the sunset. I approached him shyly and stood behind him. "Hello, Ren."
He turned and openly studied my appearance. His gaze drifted ever so slowly down my body. The longer he looked, the wider his smile got. Eventually, his eyes worked their way back up to my bright red face.
He sighed and bowed deeply. "Sundari. I was standing here thinking nothing could be more beautiful than this sunset tonight, but I was mistaken. You standing here in the setting sun with your hair and skin aglow is almost more than a man can…fully appreciate."
I tried to change the subject. "What does sundari mean?"
"It means 'most beautiful.'"
I blushed again, which made him laugh. He took my hand, tucked it under his arm, and led me to the patio chairs. Just then, the sun dipped below the trees leaving its tangerine glow in the sky for just a few more moments.
We sat again, but this time he sat next to me on the swinging patio seat and kept my hand in his.
I ventured shyly, "I hope you don't mind, but I explored your house today, including your room."
"I don't mind. I'm sure you found my room the least interesting."
"Actually, I was curious about the note I found. Did you write it?"
"A note? Ah, yes. I just scribbled a few notes to help me remember what Phet had said. It just says seek Durga's prophecy, the Cave of Kanheri, Kelsey is Durga's favored one, that sort of t #Quote by Colleen Houck
Can T Change The Past quotes by Thomas Pynchon
#43. It was as if she had just discovered the irreversible process. It astonished her to think that so much could be lost, even the quantity of hallucination belonging just to the sailor that the world would bear no further trace of. She knew, because she had held him, that he suffered DT's. Behind the initials was a metaphor, a delirium tremens, a trembling unfurrowing of the mind's plowshare. The saint whose water can light lamps, the clairvoyant whose lapse in recall is the breath of God, the true paranoid for whom all is organized in spheres joyful or threatening about the central pulse of himself, the dreamer whose puns probe ancient fetid shafts and tunnels of truth all act in the same special relevance to the word, or whatever it is the word is there, buffering, to protect us from. The act of metaphor then was a thrust at truth and a lie, depending where you were: inside, safe, or outside, lost. Oedipa did not know where she was. Trembling, unfurrowed, she slipped sidewise, screeching back across grooves of years, to hear again the earnest, high voice of her second or third collegiate love Ray Glozing bitching among "uhs" and the syncopated tonguing of a cavity, about his freshman calculus; "dt," God help this old tattooed man, meant also a time differential, a vanishingly small instant in which change had to be confronted at last for what it was, where it could no longer disguise itself as something innocuous like an average rate; where velocity dwelled in the projectile t #Quote by Thomas Pynchon

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