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Cammie Morgan quotes by Ally Carter
#1. She thought she was only seeing him because she wanted to see him ... It's a by-product of very dramatic kissing. #Quote by Ally Carter
Cammie Morgan quotes by Ally Carter
#2. There are many ways a self-respecting (not to mention sane) teenage girl might react to having a teenage boy suddenly in her bedroom in the middle of the night.
Freeze. #Quote by Ally Carter
Cammie Morgan quotes by Ally Carter
#3. I felt Mr. Smith's pop bottle in my hand, and for a second I couldn't remember why I would be carrying such a thing. I know. I'm almost ashamed of it now - the fact that ten seconds with a boy had driven my mission from my mind. But I did look at it, and I did remember who I was - why I was there - and I knew it was time to forget about boys and trash cans and cats named Suzie; I remembered what was real and what was legend. #Quote by Ally Carter
Cammie Morgan quotes by Ally Carter
#4. He's just ... " I tried, wanting to say "sweet" or "caring" or "funny" - because they're all totally true. But instead, I said, "He's just a normal boy."
"Hmph," Macey scoffed. "I know lots of normal boys."
I looked at her. "I don't. #Quote by Ally Carter
Cammie Morgan quotes by Ally Carter
#5. That's the thing about spies. Most of the secrets we keep are from each other. #Quote by Ally Carter
Cammie Morgan quotes by Ally Carter
#6. Give me everything you have," I told [Preston].
"Really, Cammie. I never knew you thought of me that way. #Quote by Ally Carter
Cammie Morgan quotes by Ally Carter Only The Good Spy Young
#7. I tell you, I'm half tempted to break into CIA custody just so I can break Joe Solomon out of CIA custody just so I can break Joe Solomon #Quote by Ally Carter Only The Good Spy Young
Cammie Morgan quotes by Ally Carter
#8. I never knew there were this many stars."
"I can't see them," he told me. "I just see you."
"That's one of your cheesier lines," I told him.
"It's the altitude," he told me. "I don't have enough oxygen in my brain."
"I see. #Quote by Ally Carter
Cammie Morgan quotes by Ally Carter
#9. Like Cammie is fine," Macey said, then glanced at me. "No offense."
"None taken," I said. "I think. #Quote by Ally Carter
Cammie Morgan quotes by Ally Carter
#10. I wanted to pull away, remind him that I was a big girl, a highly trained operative, a spy - that I'd been training for this mission my entire life, and I wasn't going to be left on the sidelines. But in the dim space with Zach pressed tightly against me, only one thought came to mind. I kissed him - longer and deeper than I ever had before. The school was not watching us this time. There was nothing playful in the tone. We were just two people kissing as if for the first time, as if it might be the last.
And then I broke away. "So," I asked, as if I got kissed like that all the time (which, believe me, I don't), "where is it you're taking me again?"
"The tombs. #Quote by Ally Carter
Cammie Morgan quotes by Ally Carter
#11. My name is Cammie!" I didn't think about all the people I could have woken, all the alarms that might have gone off. I just snapped, "How did you know about Boston? Why are you working with Mr. Solomon now? Are you my friend or are you my enemy, Zach? Or, wait, let me guess, you can't tell me. #Quote by Ally Carter
Cammie Morgan quotes by Ally Carter
#12. You were the only one who looked at me and didn't see her #Quote by Ally Carter
Cammie Morgan quotes by Ally Carter
#13. So do you come here often?" he asked in a slightly self-mocking way. I couldn't help myself - I smiled. "see, you don't even have to answer that, because I know all the trash cans in town, and while this is a very nice trash can, it doesn't look like the kind of trash can a girl like you would normally scavenge from." I opened my mouth to protest, but he went on. "Now, the trash cans on Seventh Street, those are some very nice trash cans. #Quote by Ally Carter
Cammie Morgan quotes by Ally Carter
#14. We're going to be okay.
Here's the thing about being a spy: sometimes all you have are your lies. They protect your cover and keep your secrets, and right then I needed to believe that it was true even when all the facts said otherwise. #Quote by Ally Carter
Cammie Morgan quotes by Robin Morgan
#15. There's something contagious about demanding freedom. #Quote by Robin Morgan
Cammie Morgan quotes by Morgan Spurlock
#16. Ultimately, if you want to make movies, you've got to want to make movies every day, when people are paying you to make movies and when they're not, because you're going to get a lot more no's on this business, no matter what it is, than you are going to get yeses. #Quote by Morgan Spurlock
Cammie Morgan quotes by T.J. Klune
#17. Sam." Only he could say my name with so much exasperation and fondness all at the same time. It was really quite remarkable.
"I might have written an ode to his penis in iambic pentameter that goes on for forty-seven stanzas," I admitted. "I feel better now that I've said that out loud."
"Of course you did." Morgan sighed.
"Did you know that penis doesn't rhyme with as many things as one might think? That was a lesson I learned far too late."
"Oddly enough, I don't spend time trying to rhyme words with penis."
"Wow," I said. "You put a lot of disdain in such a short sentence. I wish I could do that. #Quote by T.J. Klune
Cammie Morgan quotes by Morgan Llywelyn
#18. Teaching meant for the hands enters most easily through the eyes. #Quote by Morgan Llywelyn
Cammie Morgan quotes by Hilary Mantel
#19. His sister Kat, her husband, Morgan Williams, have been plucked from this life as fast as his daughters were taken, one day walking and talking and next day cold as stones, tumbled into their Thames-side graves and dug in beyond reach of the tide, beyond sight and smell of the river; deaf now to the sound of Putney's cracked church bell, to the smell of wet ink, of hops, of malted barley, and the scent, still animal, of woolen bales; dead to the autumn aroma of pine resin and apple candles, of soul cakes baking. #Quote by Hilary Mantel
Cammie Morgan quotes by Jason Morgan Ward
#20. The steel-framed span loomed thirty feet above the muddy water. At the far end of the hundred-foot deck, the forest swallowed up a dirt road that used to lead somewhere. Years of traffic rumbling across the bridge had worn parallel streaks into the deck, and heavy runner boards covered holes in rotted planks. Metal rails sagged in spots. Still, the reddish-brown truss beams on either side stood stiff and straight, and overhead braces cast shadows on the deck below. On that rusty frame, between lines of vertical rivets, someone had painted a skull and crossbones and scribbled: 'Danger, This Is You. #Quote by Jason Morgan Ward
Cammie Morgan quotes by Rachel Morgan
#21. Aren't faeries supposed to be, like, really tiny? With wings and a wand and faerie dust?"

"I'm not Tinker Bell! #Quote by Rachel Morgan
Cammie Morgan quotes by Robert Morgan
#22. I write as a way of keeping myself going. You build your life around writing, and it's what gets you through. So it's partly just curiosity to see what you can do. #Quote by Robert Morgan
Cammie Morgan quotes by G. Campbell Morgan
#23. When amusement is necessary to get people to listen to the gospel there will be failure. This is not the method of Christ. To form an organization and provide all kinds of entertainment for young people, in order that they may come to the Bible classes, is to be foredoomed to failure. #Quote by G. Campbell Morgan
Cammie Morgan quotes by Barbara Boswell Brunner
#24. Where they differ is in temper. Izzy has no control over hers. When the anger switch flips in her tiny little brain, no one can turn it off. She is focused to a fault, her tantrums often triggered by the fear of her sightless world. Morgan sighs. She is ready to be released. She quiets easily and quickly. She is a gentle giant, not a fighter. She bites only to defend herself. If her intent were to eliminate her assailant, it would happen in one quick snap of her jaw. She cannot understand why this monster was brought into our peaceful home. We were a happy family until Izzy appeared. She is the Anti-Christ. She is pure evil. Our home has become a salient battleground with opponents always vigilant, wary of the other, waiting for the first sign of war. Finally, #Quote by Barbara Boswell Brunner
Cammie Morgan quotes by Jude Morgan
#25. It is so important to think for yourself. #Quote by Jude Morgan
Cammie Morgan quotes by Kim Harrison
#26. Trent gave me a weary look. "Always seeing the best in a person, Ms. Morgan?"
"Yeah. Except with you." #Quote by Kim Harrison
Cammie Morgan quotes by Tom Sawyer
#27. Saddle your dreams before you ride them. #Quote by Tom Sawyer
Cammie Morgan quotes by Kass Morgan
#28. Endings and beginnings are inseparable, like the moment before dawn and the moment after. #Quote by Kass Morgan
Cammie Morgan quotes by Tracy Morgan
#29. I'm no Jerry Seinfeld. I wasn't raised with some backyard with a creek and trees and all that. #Quote by Tracy Morgan
Cammie Morgan quotes by Tracy Morgan
#30. My father was funnier than me. My father was Richard Pryor-funny. I'm just a better businessman. #Quote by Tracy Morgan
Cammie Morgan quotes by Morgan Matson
#31. He stood and looked at me for a moment, taking in my outfit. "You look hot."
"What? Me?" I stammered, completely flummoxed.
"Yeah," he said, still looking at me.
"Oh. Um, thank you. I mean, not that you don't, but I'm not sure that you should - I mean ... "
"Oh, no," Roger said quickly, and I could see that he was blushing again. "No. I mean - I meant what you're wearing. Are you going to be too warm? #Quote by Morgan Matson
Cammie Morgan quotes by Jeffrey Dean Morgan
#32. My kind of success has come a little bit later in life. I'm not 20 any more and these people I've been working with have been successful and good at what they do for a long time. #Quote by Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Cammie Morgan quotes by Joseph Morgan
#33. I'm self-conscious in photo shoots. I much prefer to do interviews and talk about the work. #Quote by Joseph Morgan
Cammie Morgan quotes by Ally Carter
#34. Zach," I said as I lay there "Where did you go? When you were looking for me?"
I shifted in his arms, looked into his eyes.
"Crazy." His voice was a whisper against my skin. "I went crazy. #Quote by Ally Carter
Cammie Morgan quotes by Kim Harrison
#35. Avoiding me, Quen downed a swallow of wine. "Trent is a fine young man," he said, watching the remaining wine swirl.
"Yes ... " I drawled, cautiously. "If you can call a drug lord and outlawed-medicine manufacturer a fine young man. #Quote by Kim Harrison
Cammie Morgan quotes by Richard K. Morgan
#36. Knowledge tossed away," she said, shivering a little in the desert chill. "Willful ignorance in the face of something we might have to work to understand." At #Quote by Richard K. Morgan
Cammie Morgan quotes by Morgan Llywelyn
#37. As the sun is to the earth, so Honour is to a man. without it, he will not flourish. All else may fail you, but honour is the treasure no one can take from you, the shield no one can penetrate unless you let them. Honour is beautiful and clean. Honour is sacred. #Quote by Morgan Llywelyn
Cammie Morgan quotes by Orlando Jones
#38. Someone I met years ago explained to me the difference between a personality and an actor, a personality being Eddie Murphy or Roseanne Barr, and an actor being Morgan Freeman and Alfre Woodard or Marlon Brando. #Quote by Orlando Jones
Cammie Morgan quotes by Richard K. Morgan
#39. Face the facts. Then act on them. It's the only mantra I know, the only doctrine I have to offer you, and it's harder than you'd think, because I swear humans seem hardwired to do anything but. Face the facts. Don't pray, don't wish, don't buy into centuries-old dogma and dead rhetoric. Don't give in to your conditioning or your visions or your fucked-up sense of ... whatever. Face the facts. Then act. QUELLCRIST #Quote by Richard K. Morgan
Cammie Morgan quotes by Adrienne Wilder
#40. I know." He said it so matter-of-fact that I took a step back. "I've always known you'd never hurt me."
"Then why would you ask about Jeff, or think I was going to leave?"
Morgan's smile was subtle. "Because you're the one who doesn't trust. Me, yourself, even your faraway island. You doubt everything. And people who can't trust, eventually run." He took a step forward, and even though I didn't mean to, I took a step back. "You don't believe in yourself. You're scared of getting lost. Getting hurt. Being trapped."
I bumped the coffee table, stumbled, and wound up sitting on my ass. Morgan pushed his way between my knees and cupped my face. He continued to hold my gaze. Never had he looked at me with so much knowledge of who I was shining in his eyes.
"Love is easy." He traced my eyebrow with his thumb. "Trust is what's hard. Broken hearts can be fixed. Broken trust?" His touch followed a tear down my cheek to my lips. "Trust doesn't heal. Your parents broke your trust when you were really young, it changed you, it took something away. Then the one time you let trust grow, you thought it had been broken again. That's where it can be tricky, because sometimes trust feels broken when it's only a little dented up.
"But it still feels like you're losing bits and pieces of yourself." Closer, his exhale ghosted my lips. "Now you're scared to trust me because you might lose everything you have left. #Quote by Adrienne Wilder
Cammie Morgan quotes by Tracy Morgan
#41. I believe gay, straight, anybody, everybody's supposed to be happy in this world, man. #Quote by Tracy Morgan
Cammie Morgan quotes by Edmund Morgan
#42. The men and women who occupied the east coast of North America between 1607 and 1800 have been more closely scrutinized than any other collection of people in American history. #Quote by Edmund Morgan
Cammie Morgan quotes by Tracy Morgan
#43. What I have learned over the years is to try to stay in the moment. I want to feel it all because I've realized nothing lasts. #Quote by Tracy Morgan
Cammie Morgan quotes by Kass Morgan
#44. exhilaration fizzed through Clarke's body. Before she realised what she was doing, she had thrown her arms around Bellamy. He joined in her laughter as he staggered backward, and wrapped his arms around her waist, lifting her up and spinning her through the air. The colours of the clearing swirled, green and gold and blue all blurring until there was nothing in the world but Bellamy's smile, lighting up his eyes. Finally he set her down gently on the ground. Be he didn't loosen his grip. Instead he pulled her even closer, and before Clarke had time to catch her breath, his lips were on hers. A voice in her brain told her stop, but it was overpowered by the smell of his skin and the pressure of his touch. Clarke felt like she was melting into his arms, losing herself in the kiss. He tasted like joy, and joy tasted better on Earth. #Quote by Kass Morgan
Cammie Morgan quotes by Tracy Morgan
#45. They say that every Jewish person is supposed to love one black person in his life. I'm glad Lorne Michaels chose me. #Quote by Tracy Morgan
Cammie Morgan quotes by Robin Morgan
#46. She touched her fingertip to his wet face and brought away a tear. Amazed, he did the same. He tasted this river his own eyes had rained.
"It tastes of salt!" he exclaimed. "It tastes like the sea!"
"Mine too!" she laughed through her own tears, and he touched and tasted hers as well. "It's as if humans kept a sign of the mother sea in ourselves, a secret token of grief or gladness. #Quote by Robin Morgan
Cammie Morgan quotes by Jude Morgan
#47. I am no faint-heart when it comes to the unpleasant truth. Indeed I have always taken a bracing sort of pleasure in facing it. #Quote by Jude Morgan
Cammie Morgan quotes by Morgan Llywelyn
#48. She enjoys rain for its wetness, winter for its cold, summer for its heat. She loves rainbows as much for fading as for their brilliance. It is easy for her, she opens her heart and accepts everything. #Quote by Morgan Llywelyn
Cammie Morgan quotes by Tarryn Fisher
#49. I thought you didn't want to" - Olivia

"Of course I want to, but I would look like a bad person if I didn't object at all" - Cammie #Quote by Tarryn Fisher
Cammie Morgan quotes by Thea Harrison
#50. Giving her a slow, coaxing smile that turned the heat in the room up by a thousand degrees, he stroked her lips with the balls of his thumbs as he murmured, "Can we get back to talking about possibly inviting that werewolf for sex? #Quote by Thea Harrison
Cammie Morgan quotes by Leslie Morgan Steiner
#51. I am so sorry for you, Leslie.' She said it like she really meant it. But not like she was completely surprised. 'And for him. Because he's lost you now.' This last part undid me. Despite her cruel criticism of me over the years, from where she sat, I was anyone and everyone's prize. #Quote by Leslie Morgan Steiner
Cammie Morgan quotes by Morgan Matson
#52. Your childhood friends are the ones you should hang on to. They know you in a way that nobody else does. #Quote by Morgan Matson

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