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Caligula Best quotes by Albert Camus
#1. Caligula - And what has Nature done for you?

Scipio - It consoles me for not being. Ceasar.

Caligula - Really? And do you think Nature could console me for being Ceasar?

Scipio - Why not? Nature has healed worse wounds than that. #Quote by Albert Camus
Caligula Best quotes by Robert Lowell
#2. What can be salvaged from your life? A pain
that gently darkens over heart and brain,
a fairy's touch, a cobweb's weight of pain,
now makes me tremble at your right to live. #Quote by Robert Lowell
Caligula Best quotes by Emo Philips
#3. I think it's good to know more than the average guy. If I'm in a bar now and some pretty girl is talking to some handsome 24-year-old man, I'll say, "Okay, who's the emperor after Caligula? What chief mistake did Marcus Aurelius make in choosing a successor?" He'll just look like an idiot. She'll just gravitate toward me, I'm thinking. It works in Detroit. #Quote by Emo Philips
Caligula Best quotes by Joseph Shellim
#4. SO YOU ARE THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO REJECT MY DIVINITY! - Caligula, 37 CE. #Quote by Joseph Shellim
Caligula Best quotes by Albert Camus
#5. Being is good, but getting rich is better ... If the gods had only the riches of men's adoration, they would be as poor as poor Caligula. #Quote by Albert Camus
Caligula Best quotes by Suetonius
#6. At a banquet Caligula was suddenly seized with a fit of helpless laughter. The consuls reclining next to him asked if they might share in the imperial merriment. Caligula, wiping the tears from his eyes, managed to gasp, "You'll never guess! It suddenly occurred to me that I had only to give a single nod, and both your throats would be cut on the spot." #Quote by Suetonius
Caligula Best quotes by Caligula
#7. The truth lies buried in the darkness of the soul. #Quote by Caligula
Caligula Best quotes by Caligula
#8. I have existed from the morning of the world and I shall exist until the last star falls from the night. Although I have taken the form of Gaius Caligula, I am all men as I am no man and therefore I am a God. #Quote by Caligula
Caligula Best quotes by Caligula
#9. Let the hate so long as they fear #Quote by Caligula
Caligula Best quotes by Caligula
#10. Let them hate me, so long as they fear me! #Quote by Caligula
Caligula Best quotes by Jean Stafford
#11. I fell in love with Caligula and now I'm married to Calvin. #Quote by Jean Stafford
Caligula Best quotes by Rick Riordan
#12. But my point is... I was projecting my anger onto someone else, someone safer. I think you might be doing some of the same thing now, Meg. You're raging at Caligula because it's safer than raging at your stepfather. ... Anger is good. It means you're making progress. But be aware that you might be angry right now at the wrong person. I don't want you charging blindly into battle against this particular emperor. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Caligula Best quotes by Dorothy L. Sayers
#13. It is idle to complain that a society is infringing a moral code intended to make people behave like St. Francis of Assisi if the society retorts that it does not wish to behave like St. Francis, and considers it more natural and right to behave like the Emperor Caligula. When there is a genuine conflict of opinion, it is necessary to go behind the moral code and appeal to the natural law - to prove, that is, at the bar of experience, that St. Francis does in fact enjoy a freer truth to essential human nature than Caligula, and that a society of Caligulas is more likely to end in catastrophe than a society of Franciscans. #Quote by Dorothy L. Sayers
Caligula Best quotes by Edward St. Aubyn
#14. All she remembered was that Caligula had planned to torture his wife to find out why he was so devoted to her. What was David's excuse, she wondered. #Quote by Edward St. Aubyn
Caligula Best quotes by Robert Lowell
#15. Animals
fattened for your for your arena suffered less
than you in dying-yours the lawlessness
of something simple that has lost its law,
my namesake, and the last Caligula. #Quote by Robert Lowell
Caligula Best quotes by Barbara W. Tuchman
#16. Executions were meant as an exercise in frightfulness according to the theory developed by the Emperor Caligula: "Oderint dum metuant" (Let them hate us as long as they fear us). #Quote by Barbara W. Tuchman
Caligula Best quotes by Caligula
#17. Oderint dum metuant.
"Let them hate me, as long as they fear me. #Quote by Caligula
Caligula Best quotes by Albert Camus
#18. CALIGULA: I'm the only true artist Rome has known - the only one, believe me - to match his inspiration with his deeds.
CHEREA: That's only a matter of having the power.
CALIGULA: Quite true. Other artists create to compensate for their lack of power. I don't need to make a work of art; I live it. #Quote by Albert Camus
Caligula Best quotes by David Wishart
#19. ...the guy might be a cold-blooded amoral sadistic killer and a cartload of tiles short of a watertight roof, but there was nothing wrong with his intelligence. [Caligula in Marcus Corvinus's eyes] #Quote by David Wishart
Caligula Best quotes by Jessica Nyman
#20. The day I am unable to handle more than one woman is the day I die. Do you take me for a feeble old dotard? I'm a true son of Venus and Bacchus! - Caligula #Quote by Jessica Nyman
Caligula Best quotes by Paul Murray
#21. So this is the boom, eh?" I said. "Not exactly Scott Fitzgerald, is it?" "I'll tell you what it's like," he said glumly. "It's like being in Caligula's Rome, and everyone around you's having an orgy, and you're the mug stuck looking after the horse." He pulled heavily on his cigarette. "The whole thing'll come crashing down," he said bleakly, "and all anyone'll have done is eaten a lot of expensive cheese. #Quote by Paul Murray
Caligula Best quotes by Caligula
#22. I scorn their hatred, if they do but fear me #Quote by Caligula
Caligula Best quotes by Seneca.
#23. But is life really worth so much? Let us examine this; it's a different inquiry. We will offer no solace for so desolate a prison house; we will encourage no one to endure the overlordship of butchers. We shall rather show that in every kind of slavery, the road of freedom lies open. I will say to the man to whom it befell to have a king shoot arrows at his dear ones [Prexaspes], and to him whose master makes fathers banquet on their sons' guts [Harpagus]: 'What are you groaning for, fool?... Everywhere you look you find an end to your sufferings. You see that steep drop-off? It leads down to freedom. You see that ocean, that river, that well? Freedom lies at its bottom. You see that short, shriveled, bare tree? Freedom hangs from it.... You ask, what is the path to freedom? Any vein in your body. #Quote by Seneca.
Caligula Best quotes by Stan Goff
#24. Remember that Caligula was not a cause, he was an effect. #Quote by Stan Goff
Caligula Best quotes by Albert Camus
#25. Please stop trifling. #Quote by Albert Camus
Caligula Best quotes by Charlie Higson
#26. Then there was David, lording it up at Buckingham Palace, thinking he was king of the shit heap. That guy was definitely nuts, like every dictator that had gone before him. Nero, Caligula, Henry the Eighth, Napoleon, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Margaret Thatcher, Colonel Gaddafi, that crazy North Korean bastard who was in Team America, Kim Jong whatever. #Quote by Charlie Higson
Caligula Best quotes by Rick Riordan
#27. Caligula: a byword for murder, torture, madness, excess. Caligula: the villainous tyrant against whom all other villainous tyrants were measured. Caligula: who had a worse branding problem than the Edsel, the Hindenburg and the Chicago Black Sox put together.
Grover shuddered. "I've always hated that name. What does it mean anyway? Satyr Killer? Blood Drinker?
"Booties," I said.
Joshua's shaggy olive hair stood straight up, which Meg seemed to find fascinating.
"Booties?" Joshua glanced around the Cistern, perhaps wondering if he'd missed the joke. No one was laughing.
"Yes." I could still remember how cute little Caligula had looked in his miniature legionnaire's outfit when he accompanied his father, Germanicus, on military campaigns. Why were sociopaths always so adorable as children?
"His father's soldiers gave Caligula the nickname when he was a child," I said. "He wore teeny-weeny legionnaire's boots, caligae, and they thought that was hysterical. So they called him Caligula - Little Boots, or Baby Shoes, or Booties. Pick your translation. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Caligula Best quotes by Edward Bellamy
#28. Caligula wished that the Roman people had but one neck that he might cut it off, and as I read this letter I am afraid that for a moment I was capable of wishing the same thing concerning the laboring class of America. #Quote by Edward Bellamy
Caligula Best quotes by Rick Riordan
#29. Like me, he had decided that Piper McLean would not die tonight. For some reason, he had decided that I must live too. He yelled again, 'GO! Remember!' (...)
While Jason's back was turned, Caligula wheeled about. He threw his spear, driving its point between Jason's shoulder blades. Piper screamed. Jason stiffened, his blue eyes wide in shock. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Caligula Best quotes by Jude Morgan
#30. Soon dinner will run into bed-time, and we shall all eat reclining like the ancient Romans
about whose digestion, you know, I have often wondered. Whether a dose of rhubabrb might have made a difference to Nero or Caligula is a question you might ponder, my dear, next time you go through your Tacitus. #Quote by Jude Morgan

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