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Buruca From Willy Wonka quotes by Darren Perman
#1. In the end, Charlie Bucket won a chocolate factory. But Willy Wonka had something even better, a family. And one thing was absolutely certain - life had never been sweeter. ~ from the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. #Quote by Darren Perman
Buruca From Willy Wonka quotes by Nicki Minaj
#2. Yeah I'm in that Tonka color of Willy Wonka #Quote by Nicki Minaj
Buruca From Willy Wonka quotes by Elle Kennedy
#3. I tried to bend over and touch my toes this morning," I tell the girls. "I tipped over, hit my head on the desk, and then had to call for Nana to get up. I'm literally the size of an Oompa Loompa."

"You're the most beautiful Oompa Loompa in the world," Hope declares.

"Because she's not orange."

"Oompa Loompas were orange?" I try to conjure up a mental picture of them but can only recall their white overalls.

Carin purses her lips. "Were they supposed to be candies? Like orange slices? Or maybe candy corn?"

"They were squirrels," Hope informs us.

"No way," we both say at once.

"Yes way. I read it on the back of a Laffy Taffy when I was like ten. It was a trivia question and I'd just seen the movie. I was terrified of squirrels for years afterwards."

"Shit. Learn something new every day." I push my body upright, a task that takes a certain amount of upper body strength these days, and toddle over to inspect the crib.

"I don't believe you," Carin tells Hope. "The movie is about candy. It's called Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Since when are squirrels candies? I can buy into a bunny because, you know, the chocolate Easter bunnies, but not a squirrel."

"Look it up, Careful. I'm right."

"You're ruining my childhood." Carin turns to me. "Don't do this to your daughter."

"Raise her to believe Oompa Loompas are squirrels?"

"Yes #Quote by Elle Kennedy
Buruca From Willy Wonka quotes by Tara Sivec
#4. Hey, maybe we can even convince her to slather some Three Musketeers on her vagina. We'll just tell her you have a Willy Wonka fetish, #Quote by Tara Sivec
Buruca From Willy Wonka quotes by John August
#5. For Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, he came to me and said, "I want to do everything that's in the book, and as much more as you need, so that it all makes sense." I was like, "Okay!" And then, I would pitch back to him my love for Charlie Bucket's family and how lucky Charlie was, and that I felt so bad for Willy Wonka, shut up in his factory, all alone with these crazy Oompa Loompas. #Quote by John August
Buruca From Willy Wonka quotes by Willy Wonka
#6. Count to three.. and you'll be, in a world of pure imagination... #Quote by Willy Wonka
Buruca From Willy Wonka quotes by Wendell Berry
#7. That we can prescribe the terms of our own success, that we can live outside or in ignorance of the Great Economy are the greatest errors. They condemn us to a life without a standard, wavering in inescapable bewilderment from paltry self-satisfaction to paltry self-dissatisfaction. But since we have no place to live but in the Great Economy, whether or not we know that and act accordingly is the critical question, not about economy merely, but about human life itself.

It is possible to make a little economy, such as our present one, that is so short-sighted and in which accounting is of so short a term as to give the impression that vices are necessary and practically justifiable. When we make our economy a little wheel turning in opposition to what we call "nature," then we set up competitiveness as the ruling principle in our explanation of reality and in our understanding of economy; we make of it, willy-nilly, a virtue. But competitiveness, as a ruling principle and a virtue, imposes a logic that is extremely difficult, perhaps impossible, to control. That logic explains why our cars and our clothes are shoddily made, why our "wastes" are toxic, and why our "defensive" weapons are suicidal; it explains why it is so difficult for us to draw a line between "free enterprise" and crime. If our economic ideal is maximum profit with minimum responsibility, why should we be surprised to find our corporations so frequently in court and robbery on the increase? Why sh #Quote by Wendell Berry
Buruca From Willy Wonka quotes by Marilyn Manson
#8. I`ve always felt a kinship with Willy Wonka. Even at that age, I could tell that he was a flawed hero, an icon for the forbidden. The forbidden in this case was chocolate, a metaphor for indulgence and anything you`re not supposed to have, be it sex, drugs, alcohol or pornography. #Quote by Marilyn Manson
Buruca From Willy Wonka quotes by Johnny Depp
#9. It's very, very important to me, no matter who the person is, to play that person with the utmost degree of truth that I'm able to bring. But playing a character like Jack Sparrow or Willy Wonka, that requires nothing but a degree of responsibility to the intent of the story - responsibility to the film-maker to deliver the goods. #Quote by Johnny Depp
Buruca From Willy Wonka quotes by Wieslaw Mysliwski
#10. I lived willy-nilly. Without any sense of being part of the order of things. I lived by fragments, pieces, scraps, in the moment, at random, from incident to incident, as if buffeted by ebb and flow. Oftentimes I had the impression that someone had torn the majority of pages out of the book of my life, because they were empty, or because they belonged not to me but to someone else's life. #Quote by Wieslaw Mysliwski
Buruca From Willy Wonka quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#11. He'd expected her to feel like heaven, plus nirvana, plus that scene in Willy Wonka where Charlie starts to fly. #Quote by Rainbow Rowell
Buruca From Willy Wonka quotes by Doug Benson
#12. I like Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory because some children deserve to be taken to a chocolate factory and tortured. I like Dawn of the dead because you don't normally get to kill all of the zombies hanging out at the mall. #Quote by Doug Benson
Buruca From Willy Wonka quotes by Kanye West
#13. I think I do myself a disservice by comparing myself to Steve Jobs and Walt Disney and human beings that we've seen before. It should be more like Willy Wonka ... and welcome to my chocolate factory. #Quote by Kanye West
Buruca From Willy Wonka quotes by Victoria Michaels
#14. How did you know about my candy stash?"
Vincent innocently shrugged. "I needed tape and stumbled across your Willy Wonka drawer #Quote by Victoria Michaels
Buruca From Willy Wonka quotes by Arthur Miller
#15. Willy: Remember those two beautiful elm trees out there? When I and Biff hung the swings between them?
Linda: Yeah, like being a million miles from the city. #Quote by Arthur Miller
Buruca From Willy Wonka quotes by Sarah Alderson
#16. You ever see Willy Wonka? You know that part where the girl eats an everlasting gobstopper sweet and it tastes of everything? Like chicken soup and roast beef and blueberry pie all rolled into one? Well, that's exactly what Shapeshifter blood tastes like ... #Quote by Sarah Alderson
Buruca From Willy Wonka quotes by Waylon Jennings
#17. Waylon said it best when he sang to Willy; 'If you see me gettin' smaller, I'm leavin' don't be grievin', just gotta get away from here. If you see me gettin' smaller, don't worry, I'm in no hurry I've got the right to disappear. #Quote by Waylon Jennings
Buruca From Willy Wonka quotes by Willy Brandt
#18. You may buy from me in your own language, but sell to me in mine. #Quote by Willy Brandt
Buruca From Willy Wonka quotes by J.A. Saare
#19. My mind was no longer functioning on a rational level. For fuck's sake, who needed rational when they boarded a train to insanity? All that was missing were the Oompa Loompas and Willy-fucking-Wonka. #Quote by J.A. Saare
Buruca From Willy Wonka quotes by Willy Brandt
#20. Peace, like freedom, is no original state which existed from the start; we shall have to make it, in the truest sense of the word. #Quote by Willy Brandt
Buruca From Willy Wonka quotes by J.K. Rowling
#21. I was just reading about Willy Widdershin's arrest when you arrived. You know Willy turned out to be behind those regurgitating toilets back in the summer? One of his jinxes backfired, the toilet exploded and they found him lying unconscious in the wrecked covered from head to foot in – #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Buruca From Willy Wonka quotes by Matsuo Basho
#22. Just as a stag's antlers
Are split into tines,
So I must go willy-nilly
Separated from my friend. #Quote by Matsuo Basho
Buruca From Willy Wonka quotes by Kelly Moran
#23. For the love of all the Gobstoppers in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, would he please just leave her alone? #Quote by Kelly Moran
Buruca From Willy Wonka quotes by Matthew Bracey
#24. I feel a bit like the Willy Wonka of Neon, if you could eat neon, chocolate would be the next best thing #Quote by Matthew Bracey
Buruca From Willy Wonka quotes by Keith Stanfield
#25. I want to be in some Willy Wonka-type weird stuff, a role where I'm an alien. Anything that's new and challenging and real. I like real stuff. #Quote by Keith Stanfield
Buruca From Willy Wonka quotes by Kenya Wright
#26. Wow. He's like sexy Willy Wonka. #Quote by Kenya Wright
Buruca From Willy Wonka quotes by Jack London
#27. As for me, you wonder why I am a socialist. I'll tell you. It is because socialism is inevitable; because the present rotten and irrational system cannot endure; because the day is past for your man on horseback. The slaves won't stand for it. They are too many, and willy-nilly they'll drag down the would-be equestrian before he gets astride. You can't get away from them, and you'll have to swallow the whole slave-morality. It's not a nice mess, I'll allow. But it's been a-brewing and swallow it you must. #Quote by Jack London
Buruca From Willy Wonka quotes by Roald Dahl
#28. Mr Willy Wonka can make marshmallows that taste of violets, and rich caramels that change colour every ten seconds as you suck them, and little feathery sweets that melt away deliciously the moment you put them between your lips. He can make chewing-gum that never loses its taste, and sugar balloons that you can blow up to enormous sizes before you pop them with a pin and gobble them up. And, by a most secret method, he can make lovely blue birds' eggs with black spots on them, and when you put one of these in your mouth, it gradually gets smaller and smaller until suddenly there is nothing left except a tiny little DARKRED sugary baby bird sitting on the tip of your tongue. #Quote by Roald Dahl
Buruca From Willy Wonka quotes by Zoe Heller
#29. Meir, let me ask you something," I said after a while.
"Do you think I'm a bad person?"
"Only God knows that for sure, Willy."
"So you don't have an opinion at all?"
"Not one that really matters."
"Okay, let me ask you something else. If the Polish peasant who hid Jews from the Nazis is a hero, what is the Polish peasant who turned the Jews away? Is he a coward?"
Meir smiled, "Of course."
"Really? A coward? A bad man?"
"A coward isn't a bad man, necessarily. You can't know if you're a bad man until you die."
"You've got to wait until you hear god's decision?"
"Well, yes, that's true. But I meant something else. Only when you die do you run out of chances to be good. Until then, there is always the possibility of turning yourself around. #Quote by Zoe Heller
Buruca From Willy Wonka quotes by Steven Pinker
#30. Why do we say razzle-dazzle instead of dazzle-razzle? Why super-duper, helter-skelter, harum-scarum, hocus-pocus, willy-nilly, hully-gully, roly-poly, holy moly, herky-jerky, walkie-talkie, namby-pamby, mumbo-jumbo, loosey-goosey, wing-ding, wham-bam, hobnob, razza-matazz, and rub-a-dub-dub? I thought you'd never ask. Consonants differ in "obstruency" - the degree to which they impede the flow of air, ranging from merely making it resonate, to forcing it noisily past an obstruction, to stopping it up altogether. The word beginning with the less obstruent consonant always comes before the word beginning with the more obstruent consonant. Why ask why? #Quote by Steven Pinker
Buruca From Willy Wonka quotes by Corey Feldman
#31. I'm a big kid, I'm a kid at heart, so I still love the classic family films, such as the great Warner Bros film 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory' - not the remake, but the original. It's still one of the best movies, hands down, ever made, and of course that goes back to the ingenuity of the characters and the storyline. #Quote by Corey Feldman
Buruca From Willy Wonka quotes by David Seltzer
#32. For some moments in life, there are no words. #Quote by David Seltzer
Buruca From Willy Wonka quotes by Algernon Blackwood
#33. Certain houses, like certain persons, manage somehow to proclaim at once their character for evil. In the case of the latter, no particular feature need betray them; they may boast an open countenance and an ingenuous smile; and yet a little of their company leaves the unalterable conviction that there is something radically amiss with their being: that they are evil. Willy nilly, they seem to communicate an atmosphere of secret and wicked thoughts which makes those in their immediate neighbourhood shrink from them as from a thing diseased. #Quote by Algernon Blackwood
Buruca From Willy Wonka quotes by Derek Ailes
#34. Welcome, let's all prepare to be whisked to the magical land of candy. Be warned, candy is very addicting and at Jubilee's the candy is the tastiest in the world, #Quote by Derek Ailes
Buruca From Willy Wonka quotes by Steen Langstrup
#35. My name's Alis K. From now on you will be Willy. Come on, let's push the bicycles for a bit."

Ingrid aka 'Alis K'
The Informer #Quote by Steen Langstrup
Buruca From Willy Wonka quotes by Paul Auster
#36. MR. BONES KNEW THAT WILLY WASN'T LONG FOR THIS WORLD. The cough had been inside him for over six months, and by now there wasn't a chance in hell that he would ever get rid of it. Slowly and inexorably, without once taking a turn for the better, the thing had assumed a life of its own, advancing from a faint, phlegm-filled rattle in the lungs on February third to the wheezy sputum-jigs and gobby convulsions of high summer. All that was bad enough, but in the past two weeks a new tonality had crept into the bronchial music - something tight and flinty and percussive - and the attacks came now so often as to be almost constant. Every time one of them started, Mr. Bones half expected Willy's body to explode from the rockets of pressure bursting agaisnt his rib cage. He figured that blood would be the next step and when that fatal moment finally occurred on Saturday afternoon, it was as if all the angels in heaven had opened their mouths and started to sing. Mr. Bones saw it happen with his own eyes, standing by the edge of the road between Washington and Baltimore as Willy hawked up a few miserable clots of red matter into his handkerchief, and right then and there he knew that every ounce of hope was gone. The smell of death had settled upon Willy G. Christmas, and as surely as the sun was a lamp in the clouds that went off and on everyday, the end was drawing near.

What was a poor dog to do? Mr. Bones had been with Willy since his earliest days as a pup, and by now #Quote by Paul Auster

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