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Bunch quotes by Michael  Grant
#1. I want my mom," a little boy cried out suddenly.
Every voice fell silent. The boy had said what they were all feeling.
Caine hopped down from the car and went to the boy. He knelt down and took the boy's hands in his own. He asked the boy's name, and reintroduced himself. "We all want our parents back," he said gently, but loudly enough to be overheard clearly by those nearest. "We all want that. And I believe that will happen. I believe we will see all our moms and dads, and older brothers and sisters, and even our teachers again. I believe that. Do you believe it, too?"
"Yes." The little boy sobbed.
Caine wrapped him in a hug and said, "Be strong. Be your mommy's strong little boy."
"He's good," Astrid said. "He's beyond good."
Then Caine stood up. People had formed a circle around him, close but respectful. "We all have to be strong. We all have to get through this. If we work together to choose good leaders and do the right thing, we will make it."
The entire crowd of kids seemed to stand a little taller. There were determined looks on faces that had been weary and frightened.
Sam was mesmerized by the performance. In just a few minutes' time, Caine had infused hope into a very frightened, dispirited bunch of kids.
Astrid seemed mesmerized too, though Sam thought he detected the cool glint of skepticism in her eyes.
Sam was skeptical himself. He distrusted rehearsed displays. He distrusted charm. But it was hard not to thi #Quote by Michael Grant
Bunch quotes by Chris Isaak
#2. I don't know what people think in making record is like. But basically, I got a bunch of spaghetti and spaghetti sauce, and the whole band was staying at my house and we had a ball. #Quote by Chris Isaak
Bunch quotes by Drake
#3. Girl they love me like I'm Prince, like the new kid with the crown. Bunch of underground kings, thought you knew how we get down. #Quote by Drake
Bunch quotes by Jenna Dewan
#4. I had danced with Janet Jackson and P. Diddy so I had done a bunch of hip hop. Really and truly my roots are in modern and ballet but, professionally, that's not really out there any more, unfortunately, so these artists aren't really having a lot of ballet dancers behind them so I had to learn hip hop really quick. #Quote by Jenna Dewan
Bunch quotes by John Chancellor
#5. There's the Ronald Reagan cupped-ear gambit. The press is deliberately and systematically kept away from him. All you hear is a bunch of monkeys screaming at him when they could easily have been brought right up and the president could have stood and talked in a conversational tone. #Quote by John Chancellor
Bunch quotes by Paula Broadwell
#6. Having a bunch of medals and badges doesn't necessarily mean you've achieved anything, you've got to do something beyond yourself to make a difference in life. Seek to be consequential in whatever you do. #Quote by Paula Broadwell
Bunch quotes by John Steinbeck
#7. Don't you love Jesus?' Well, I thought an' I thought an' finally I says, 'No, I don't know nobody name' Jesus. I know a bunch of stories, but I only love people. #Quote by John Steinbeck
Bunch quotes by Guido Palau
#8. I worked at a bunch of other salons, and at one, this girl was going out to do a photo shoot for a women's magazine and brought me along to assist her. I remember going on that shoot and thinking, "God, this is great. It's creative, and you get to work with all of these other creative people." At that point I decided that hair would be my in to fashion and all the things I thought I would enjoy - and did enjoy. #Quote by Guido Palau
Bunch quotes by Michael Symon
#9. Every lesson I learned as a kid was at the dinner table. Being Greek, Sicilian and Ruthenian - we are an emotional bunch. It is where we laughed, cried and yelled - but most importantly, where we bonded and connected. #Quote by Michael Symon
Bunch quotes by George Lucas
#10. If I make a movie that has a whole bunch of music in it, I get to listen to the music all day long, and I don't have to say, 'Well, I gotta go back to work and I gotta stop listening to the music.' I get to listen to music and go to work. #Quote by George Lucas
Bunch quotes by Kristen Ashley
#11. I had to soften him up because, for whatever reason, all the Rock Chicks had an alternate Hot Bunch guy, Indy's was Eddie. Roxie's was Vance. Jules was Luke. Ava's was Lee. Mine was Mace. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Bunch quotes by Jonny Nexus
#12. like a bunch of mimes trapped in an invisible box within which one of the occupants has farted. #Quote by Jonny Nexus
Bunch quotes by Douglas Adams
#13. They're just a bunch of real sweet guys, you know, who just happen to want to kill everybody. #Quote by Douglas Adams
Bunch quotes by Kreayshawn
#14. I like Goodwill and the thrift stores. I don't like going into a store and picking from a bunch of cute stuff that's already been found. One of the best parts is finding it myself. #Quote by Kreayshawn
Bunch quotes by Margaret Atwood
#15. Something about a bunch of trees made people think they could cut loose. "Wherever there's Nature, there's assholes," he said cheerfully. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Bunch quotes by Kelly Cutrone
#16. There are a bunch of different ways to look at the fashion industry. Is it shallow to work in fashion? Yes, it can be. But does fashion transform a woman who might feel like nothing and unimportant to glamorous and gorgeous? Yes, it does. Does it employ a huge sector of America? Yes, it does. #Quote by Kelly Cutrone
Bunch quotes by Jon Bon Jovi
#17. I was a boy toy for a bunch of women. #Quote by Jon Bon Jovi
Bunch quotes by Anna Wiener
#18. Sometimes I would worry about my internet habits and force myself awy from the computer, to read a magazine or book. Contemporary literature offered no respite: I would find the prose cluttered with data points, tenuous historical connections, detail so finely tuned it could have only been extracted from a feverish night of search-engine queries. Aphorisms were in; authors were wired. I would pick up books that had been heavily documented on social media, only to find that the books themselves had a curatorial affect: beautiful descriptions of little substance, arranged in elegant vignettes - gestural text, the equivalent of a rumpled linen bedsheet or a bunch of dahlias placed just so. Oh, I would think, turning the page. This author is addicted to the internet, too. #Quote by Anna Wiener
Bunch quotes by Sean Hannity
#19. I don't want to send my money to a bunch of Hugo Chavez-loving, Ivy League ideologically educated, politically opportunistic careerist in Washington, D.C. #Quote by Sean Hannity
Bunch quotes by Lisi Harrison
#20. I'd rather be a friendless loser than have a bunch of friends who secretly hated me. (spoken by Massie Block) #Quote by Lisi Harrison
Bunch quotes by Trae Crowder
#21. Jesus drank wine in the Bible, y'all. Yun's make up a bunch of shit he never said about gay people but then just ignore the fact that one time a party started sucking and he abracadabraed some well water into Pinot and got that bitch turnt! #Quote by Trae Crowder
Bunch quotes by Anne Dudek
#22. I don't really know on the jobs I don't get - nobody calls me up and says, 'Yeah, you were too tall!' I don't know if it was that or one of a bunch of other factors. But it is awkward. I can't wear heels. #Quote by Anne Dudek
Bunch quotes by Robert Graves
#23. I happened to notice that among the men who had willingly presented themselves for jury-service was one whom I knew to be the father of seven children. Under a law of Augustus's he was exempt for the rest of his life; yet he had not pleaded for exemption or mentioned the size of his family. I told the magistrate: "Strike this man's name off. He's a father of seven." He protested: "But, Caesar, he has made no attempt to excuse himself." "Exactly," I said, "he wants to be a juryman. Strike him off." I meant, of course,that the fellow was concealing his immunity from what every honest man considered a very thankless and disagreeable duty and that he therefore was almost certain to have crooked intentions. Crooked jurymen could pick up a lot of money by bribes, for it was a commonplace that one interested juryman could sway the opinions of a whole bunch of uninterested ones; and the majority verdict decided a case. #Quote by Robert Graves
Bunch quotes by David Nicholls
#24. Their friendship was like a wilted bunch of flowers that she insisted on topping up with water. Why not let it die instead? #Quote by David Nicholls
Bunch quotes by Amy-Jill Levine
#25. Church reminded me very much of going to shul. It was a bunch of men wearing long robes, speaking in a language I didn't understand. #Quote by Amy-Jill Levine
Bunch quotes by Danny Barker
#26. One of my pleasantest memories as a kid growing up in New Orleans was how a bunch of us kids, playing, would suddenly hear sounds. It was like a phenomenon, like the Aurora Borealis
maybe. The sounds of men playing would be so clear, but we wouldn't be sure where they were coming from. So we'd start trotting, start running
'It's this way! It's this way!'
And sometimes, after running for a while, you'd find you'd be nowhere near that music. But that music could come on you any time like that. The city was full of the sounds of music. #Quote by Danny Barker
Bunch quotes by Jerry Pournelle
#27. Because Tom Doherty and people like that are not stupid. If they could have streamlined their operation more to get more money out of it, they would have done it. It's not like they're a bunch of idiots. #Quote by Jerry Pournelle
Bunch quotes by Buddy Ryan
#28. We might have the worst bunch of guys together we've ever seen as a football team. I don't know what anybody else has, but I'd trade mine with anybody, sight unseen. #Quote by Buddy Ryan
Bunch quotes by Patti Smith
#29. A writer or any artist can't expect to be embraced by the people. I've done records where it seemed like no one listened to them. You write poetry books that maybe 50 people read. And you just keep doing your work because you have to, because it's your calling.

But it's beautiful to be embraced by the people.

Some people have said to me, "Well, don't you think that kind of success spoils one as an artist? If you're a punk rocker, you don't want to have a hit record…"

And I say to them, "Fuck you!"

One does their work for the people. And the more people you can touch, the more wonderful it is. You don't do your work and say, "I only want the cool people to read it." You want everyone to be transported, or hopefully inspired by it.

When I was really young, William Burroughs told me, "Build a good name. Keep your name clean. Don't make compromises. Don't worry about making a bunch of money or being successful. Be concerned with doing good work. And make the right choices and protect your work. And if you can build a good name, eventually that name will be its own currency. #Quote by Patti Smith
Bunch quotes by Richard Sherman
#30. You don't want to always put a bunch of sugar in you. Because your sugar gets high, it gets stuck in your blood, it gets stuck in your system. It makes you tired. You have the ups and downs. #Quote by Richard Sherman
Bunch quotes by Dhani Harrison
#31. I love getting into a studio with a bunch of friends. When the day's done, we've made something. We recognize that we're from different walks of the music industry, and there's no reason we shouldn't be collaborating. That's what I'm trying to create with thenewno2 - a sense of community. #Quote by Dhani Harrison
Bunch quotes by Libba Bray
#32. I do have to wonder what sort of childhood the Grimm brothers endured. They are not a merry bunch of storytellers, what with their children roasted by witches, maidens poisoned by old crones, and whatnot. #Quote by Libba Bray
Bunch quotes by Meghan Quinn
#33. She tilts her head to the side after taking a sip of her tea, studying us. "You know, I can't get over how beautiful you two are together. One of those couples you love to follow on Instagram, you know, the really cute ones that are so sickening in love that you can't get enough of them."

Way to drop the love bomb, Mom.


Thankfully Emory doesn't show any kind of hatred for the term but instead says, "Like Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod?"

"Yes," my mom answers with excitement. "Oh my gosh, I'm obsessed with watching their stories. The little videos they do together, I just can't get enough of them. J-Rod," my mom says dreamily. "Oh gosh, what would your couple name be?" She thinks about it for a second. "Emox . . . or Knemory. Oh I love Knemory. Sounds so poetic."

"Knemory does have a nice ring to it," I add.

"I don't know, what about Emorox?"

"Ohhh, that sounds like a name that belongs in The Game of Thrones." Taking on a more masculine voice, my mom says, "Look out, Jon, Emorox is coming over the hill, with her fire-spitting dragons, Knemory and George."

"George?" Emory laughs out loud, covering her mouth. "Why George?"

"Well, look at the names they have in that show? They're all exotic names you've never heard before - Cersei, Gregor, Arya - and then in waltzes good old Jon Snow. It's only fair that the dragons have a lemon in the bunch as well."

"Uh, Jon is anythin #Quote by Meghan Quinn
Bunch quotes by Troy Andrews
#34. As I was a kid, I had a bunch of musicians, they always told me that I should listen to all styles of music and try to play all styles and be authentic at it, if I can, because you never know who's gonna call you. This was coming from fellow horn players who would get the call to play with different types of people. Since I was a kid, that was just something I was always interested in. #Quote by Troy Andrews
Bunch quotes by Matthew Lillard
#35. I fired a bunch of people and kind of went back to my roots. I fired my agent - I had this big, fancy agent and a big fancy manager and a big fancy lawyer - and I went back to my first agent and said, "I want to go back to just being an actor." #Quote by Matthew Lillard
Bunch quotes by Josh Hanagarne
#36. Do you ever get tired of being so funny? It's a nice little smoke screen, but I know you. Confident people do stuff. They get stuff done. They make things, even if it's just making money. You know what you're making?"

"It doesn't matter."

"You're making our couch sag. That's about it. You're making your mom sad because you're not trying. You're making your siblings miserable because you're acting like you're miserable."

"I am. I'm depressed and on a bunch of drugs. I want to take more of them every day just to feel different."

"This isn't depression and that's not their fault. But I don't want to fight. I think what we're about to do is going to give you a way to make some progress."

"There's nothing important about lifting weights."

"There's nothing insignificant about progress. Let's just give it a try. #Quote by Josh Hanagarne
Bunch quotes by Audrey Tautou
#37. I don't know where I'm going to be in three years. Because I have the feeling that the future is so full of possibilities, to stop being an actress, to do something else ... for me, the future is just a huge bunch of discoveries. #Quote by Audrey Tautou
Bunch quotes by Ben Fountain
#38. The men, who lumber around with Cowboys jerseys hanging past their coattails and their pants bagged around the heels of their boots, a fatal foreshortening of vertical line that makes them look like a bunch of hulking twelve-year-olds. #Quote by Ben Fountain
Bunch quotes by NoViolet Bulawayo
#39. That crown on her head is very heavy, that's why she is smiling like that, smiling like she just ate a whole bunch of unripe guavas. It's heavy because it's made of gold, Godknows says.
I thought crowns were made of thorns. I saw a picture of it in the Bible, when they were killing Jesus, Sbho says. #Quote by NoViolet Bulawayo
Bunch quotes by Mel Gibson
#40. People always ask me to list my greatest accomplishments, expecting me to rattle off a bunch of movies I've made, but what I'm proudest of is my kids. #Quote by Mel Gibson
Bunch quotes by George Saunders
#41. When I was a kid, I took 'The Brady Bunch' and 'The Partridge Family' very seriously. It was a world to me in the same way that the Greek myths would have been had I read them. You know, Marcia is Athena and Mr. Brady is Zeus. #Quote by George Saunders
Bunch quotes by Stacey Jay
#42. Most people assumed Aaron was gay just because he was on the cheerleading squad. I, on the other hand, assumed a guy who would endure severe social stigma in the name of getting his hands under a bunch of girls' skirts when he lifted them into the air was probably pervier than your average bear. #Quote by Stacey Jay
Bunch quotes by Matthew Perry
#43. I need a woman to have a quirky sense of humor. There's a bunch of jokes I use, and if she doesn't get them, she's probably not for me. #Quote by Matthew Perry
Bunch quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#44. I don't know what I was expecting a vampire's room to look like. Maybe lots of black, a bunch of books by Camus ... oh, and a sensitive portrait of the only human the vamp ever loved, who had no doubt died of something beautiful and tragic, thus dooming the vamp to an eternity of moping and sighing dramatically.
What can I say? I read a lot of books. #Quote by Rachel Hawkins
Bunch quotes by Laura Kaye
#45. Put a tray of cookies out and the Ravens were like a bunch of eight-year-olds, not a clubhouse full of hard-ass bikers. #Quote by Laura Kaye
Bunch quotes by Mark McKinnon
#46. You know, the Tea Party is a - first of all, it is a significant movement, and I think the media and some pundits have tried to write it off as a bunch of cranks or something. But, in fact, it's really a very legitimate and fairly significant swath of voters out there. #Quote by Mark McKinnon
Bunch quotes by Gillian Jacobs
#47. On the set of 'Community,' we quote 'Community' to each other. We're a lost cause. We're like a bunch of little kids running around and yelling things. #Quote by Gillian Jacobs
Bunch quotes by Sarina Bowen
#48. When his tongue touches mine I damn near keel over. I have to grab the front of his shirt and bunch it between my fingers to keep from being swept away by the storm. Not the storm that's lighting up the sky, but the one that's roaring inside me. #Quote by Sarina Bowen
Bunch quotes by Rick Riordan
#49. I pressed PLAY and started up Chiron's favorite
the All-Time Greatest Hits of Dean Martin. Suddenly the air was filled with violins and a bunch of guys moaning in Italian.
The demon pigeons went nuts. They started flying in circles, running into each other like they wanted to bash their own brains out. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Bunch quotes by Charles Simonyi
#50. Programming today is the opposite of diamond mining. In diamond mining you dig up a lot of dirt to find a small bit of value. With programming you start with the value, the real intention, and bury it in a bunch of dirt. #Quote by Charles Simonyi
Bunch quotes by Dylan Moran
#51. The terror of failure can make you feel like a failure. So a bunch of people think you're not very good at your thing. How much do you invest in what they say? How much do you care? Failure is not putting yourself on the line. #Quote by Dylan Moran
Bunch quotes by George H. W. Bush
#52. Lincoln said you cannot be President without spending some item on your knees. I have repeated that and a bunch of Atheists got all over me. Wait a minute. Does that mean that you cannot be President if you are an Atheist? I say yea that does mean that. #Quote by George H. W. Bush
Bunch quotes by Melissa Joan Hart
#53. I used to go to school in Manhattan with a bunch of the City Kids. #Quote by Melissa Joan Hart
Bunch quotes by Christopher Moore
#54. Tucker Case did not play golf. He'd tried it once, and although he'd enjoyed the drinking and driving the little electric car into the lake, he just didn't get the appeal. It seemed - and he'd examined the game closely because his father had loved it - an awful lot like a bunch of rich white guys in goofy clothing walking around on an absurdly large lawn hitting absurdly small white balls with crooked sticks. #Quote by Christopher Moore
Bunch quotes by Marissa Meyer
#55. I heard of a tradition," said Thorne, "where the guests are supposed to make a bunch of raucous noise outside of the bridal chambers on the wedding night, until you give us candy and send us away."
Scarlet glared at him. "Yeah, please don't do that. #Quote by Marissa Meyer
Bunch quotes by Liz Vaccariello
#56. Shrimp, 6 large Tuna, canned, packed in water, 5 ounces White fish (halibut, cod, tilapia), 6 ounces PRODUCE (Determine what smoothie flavors you intend to drink and add those fruits to your grocery list for the week) Bananas, 2 small Basil, 1 bunch Bell pepper, 2 red Blueberries, 1 pint Bok choy, 1 bunch Cantaloupe, 1 small Carrots, 1 bag of baby and 1 small bag of regular size Celery, 1 small bunch #Quote by Liz Vaccariello
Bunch quotes by Jim Lee
#57. When you try to do something bigger and more grandiose, a lot of times it's more apt to fall apart. It's a lot easier to lay down a bunch of singles than it is to get a home run. #Quote by Jim Lee
Bunch quotes by Michelle Templet
#58. On 11 September 2001, a bunch of Saudis killed almost 3000 US civilians, which led to the construction of a monument in New York City. My question is: Are we also going to build monuments in Kabul, Baghdad, and Tripoli to commemorate the thousands of civilians the US has killed since then? By the way, I should mention that neither Kabul, Baghdad, nor Tripoli is in Saudi Arabia; supposedly, the Saudis are our "friends", and if you'll forgive the old cliché, with friends like these, who needs enemies? #Quote by Michelle Templet
Bunch quotes by Rosalind Coward
#59. Womanism is feminism's vulgate. It asserts that women are the oppressed or the victims and never the collaborators in the 'bad' things that men do. It entails a double standard around sexuality where women's sexual self-expression is seen as necessary and even desirable, but men's is seen as dangerous or even disgusting. Womanism is by no means confined to a tiny, politically motivated bunch of man-hating feminists, but is a regular feature of mainstream culture. #Quote by Rosalind Coward
Bunch quotes by Daryl Hall
#60. If you take a bunch of superstars and put them in a room where they don't have their assistants and entourage, it's funny to see what happens. #Quote by Daryl Hall
Bunch quotes by Christine Kenneally
#61. Language and material culture have greatly increased the mobility of the world's population, and some researchers believe that this will lead to an unhealthy and irreversible diminishing of variation in our genome. As more and more humans breed across the boundaries of genetic variation, we become a blander, more homogenous bunch than our diverse parent groups. This could be a problem because variation is important to the evolutionary health of a species, for the more we are the same, the easier it is for one single thing to make us extinct. Indeed, some genetic variants of the human species are disappearing altogether as small indigenous groups die out. #Quote by Christine Kenneally
Bunch quotes by Marc Cameron
#62. I just heard some guy say Argentines are a bunch of Italians who speak Spanish but think they're British living in France. #Quote by Marc Cameron
Bunch quotes by Tom Waits
#63. Bringing up children was]like living with a bunch of drunks ... you really have to be on your toes all the time. #Quote by Tom Waits
Bunch quotes by David R. Bunch
#64. I'm not in this business primarily to describe or explain or entertain. I'm here to make the reader think, even if I have to bash his teeth out, break his legs, grind him up, beat him down, and totally chastise him for the terrible and tinsel and almost wholly bad world we allow. #Quote by David R. Bunch
Bunch quotes by Nishikant
#65. Red eyes, clogged vessels, tanned cells and septum holes,
She came up to me with an ashtray, and a bunch of tobacco rolls,
I mean, how can I fill the gap that you've created??
How could I switch the clock back to the past, for the time I have wasted?
I have gone a sedate now; the heart has stopped pumping zeal into my head,
And for the hole in my heart, which is so dead now, which has run out of life now,
I carry the loads of moments that you've endowed. #Quote by Nishikant
Bunch quotes by Frank Zappa
#66. Tosses her head and flips her hair, she got a whole bunch of nothing in there. #Quote by Frank Zappa
Bunch quotes by Anthony Marra
#67. A good mixtape didn't just gather together a bunch of love songs, but instead created an emotional narrative specific to your affection. The stories in most of my favorite collections are collected more like songs on a mixtape than, say, collected like spare change. By which I mean they are in conversation with each other and work to become larger than their parts. #Quote by Anthony Marra
Bunch quotes by James Howe
#68. Dear Skeezie, Today I ran after a boy as he was trying to get away. I tackled him and we both landed in the mud. Do you think I appeared desperate?-Joe Bunch #Quote by James Howe
Bunch quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#69. Sometimes we can't quite put our finger on something important because we've got all of our fingers wrapped around a bunch of other things that are not important. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Bunch quotes by Lorrie Moore
#70. This is why a woman makes things up: Because when she dies, those lives she never got to are all going down with her. All those possibilities will just site there like a bunch of school kids with their hands raised and uncalled on--each knowing, really knowing, the answer. #Quote by Lorrie Moore
Bunch quotes by James Patterson
#71. The young men of Camp Wannamorra look out for themselves. Isn't that right, boys?" "Yes, sir!" a bunch of the campers yelled back. This time, I noticed #Quote by James Patterson
Bunch quotes by Abel Ferrara
#72. Mulberry Street was the beating heart of the Italian-American experience, but you don't find those gangsters now. I live with a bunch of yuppies and models. #Quote by Abel Ferrara
Bunch quotes by Rick Riordan
#73. Glancing back I got my first clear look at the monster. He was seven feet tall, easy, his arms and legs like something from the cover of Muscle Man magazine-bulging biceps and triceps and a bunch of other 'ceps, all stuffed like baseballs under vein-webbed skin. He wore no clothes except underwear-I mean, bright white fruit of the Looms. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Bunch quotes by Richard Kadrey
#74. If Jesus, Jesse James, and a herd of pink robot unicorns strolled in walking on water, this bunch wouldn't even look up. #Quote by Richard Kadrey
Bunch quotes by Junot Diaz
#75. We have a whole bunch of young people and a whole bunch of families. Are we going to disrupt these families and tear them apart? Or are we going think, like, listen - these people are here. We've got to deal with this reality. We've got to extend the franchise. #Quote by Junot Diaz
Bunch quotes by Katie Kacvinsky
#76. Let's just say there's only so much of life that can be taught by pushing a bunch of buttons and looking at a screen. #Quote by Katie Kacvinsky
Bunch quotes by Jerzy Jeszke
#77. I've actually been looking at plays, and I have read a bunch of stuff. I would love to do it. I have thought about theatre on and off over the years, but other things kept getting in the way. Maybe now's the time. #Quote by Jerzy Jeszke
Bunch quotes by Randy Alcorn
#78. By eroding their sense of shame we've made immorality normal, not only in the world but also in the forbidden squadron.
...their new Christian friends recommended some of the movies Fletcher had been wondering if he should now avoid. I was delighted one of them said, "This is a great movie--only one sex scene, and the f-word's only used a few times."
'Titanic' is one of my favorites. How many Christian young people have watched it in their own homes? Think of it, Squaltaint. Suppose someone in the youth group said to the boys, 'There's an attractive girl down the street. Let's get together and go look through her window and watch her undress and lay back on a couch and pose naked from the waist up. Then this girl and her boyfriend will get in a car and have sex--let's get as close as we can and listen to them and watch the windows steam up.'
The strategy would never work. They'd know immediately it was wrong. But you can get them to do exactly the same thing by using a television instead of a window. That's all is takes! Think of it, Squaltaint. Every day Christians across the country, including many squadron leaders, watch women and men undress and commit acts of fornication and adultery the Enemy calls an abomination.
We've made them a bunch of voyeurs! Churches full of peeping toms. #Quote by Randy Alcorn
Bunch quotes by Eric Kripke
#79. Television showrunners are a foolishly optimistic bunch. #Quote by Eric Kripke
Bunch quotes by Karen Chance
#80. Be glad they didn't take you," I told him. "You were better off."
"I doubt that."
"I don't. You don't know what it's like, growing up around a bunch of people who treat you like an inferior, who see you only as a commodity to be used, who couldn't give a shit about you unless you're benefitting them in some way. . . ." I stopped, biting my lip. "You'd have tried to fit in, done your best to learn about them, to be one of them. But it would never have worked. You'd have always felt like what you were - an outsider. Because you're not like them. You're not . . . like anybody."
I looked up to see his face swimming in front of me.
"Be glad they didn't take you!"
"Someone in your life was stupid, too," he told me. And then he kissed me. #Quote by Karen Chance
Bunch quotes by Nat Wolff
#81. I can play a bunch of instruments but drums? My brother's a drummer and I've always been jealous that he's such a good drummer. I always try to play but it's always kinda just bashing. I can keep time but no one really wants to hear me play drums. #Quote by Nat Wolff
Bunch quotes by Maxine Waters
#82. If you call it a riot, it sounds like it was just a bunch of crazy people who went out and did bad things for no reason. I maintain it was somewhat understandable, if not acceptable. So I call it a rebellion. #Quote by Maxine Waters
Bunch quotes by Joel Kinnaman
#83. We're all a big hippie family so I got five sisters and a bunch of different mothers. Not really, but my sisters' mothers are all good friends with my mother. We're a big family, 25 people. #Quote by Joel Kinnaman
Bunch quotes by Shannon Wiersbitzky
#84. There is nothing in the world more pathetic than a bunch of wilted dandelions. #Quote by Shannon Wiersbitzky
Bunch quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#85. It was a war of reason against barbarism, supposedly, with the issues at stake on such a high plane that most of our feverish fighters had no idea why they were fighting - other than that the enemy was a bunch of bastards. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Bunch quotes by Pittacus Lore
#86. We're depending on a bunch of horny teenagers to save the world. #Quote by Pittacus Lore
Bunch quotes by Patrick Phillips
#87. If the mobs were not made up of masked Klansmen, just well-known local men 'with their horrible faces,' it is natural to wonder how those ordinary people first coalesced into gangs of night riders. How, that is, did a bunch of farmers decide to set fire to churches led by respected men like Levi Greenlee Jr. and Boyd Oliver, and to train the beads of their shotguns on the houses of peaceful landowners like Joseph and Eliza Kellogg? How did they summon the nerve to threaten the cooks and maids of even the wealthiest, most powerful whites in Cumming? Given that it required an organized efforts, kept up not just over months but years, and given just how much will it took to sustain the racial ban generations - from what source did all that energy come, and in what epic drama did these people think they were at last taking part? #Quote by Patrick Phillips
Bunch quotes by Tara Sivec
#88. In hind sight, telling him all strangers wanted to eat him wasn't my finest hour. Having to explain to a bunch of crying children in line to see Santa why my kid was screaming 'DON'T GO NEAR HIM! HE'LL EAT YOUR FINGERS!' was no picnic. #Quote by Tara Sivec
Bunch quotes by Terry Pratchett
#89. It's like that in the Watch, too." said Angua. "You can be any sex you like provided you act male. There's no men and women in the Watch, just a bunch of lads. You'll soon learn the language. Basically it's how much beer you supped last night, how strong the curry was you had afterwards, and where you were sick. Just think egotesticle. You'll soon get the hang of it. And you'll have to be prepared for sexually explicit jokes in the Watch House. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Bunch quotes by Sidonie Gabrielle Colette
#90. On the first of May, with my comrades of the catechism class, I laid lilac, chamomile and rose before the altar of the Virgin, and returned full of pride to show my blessed posy. My mother laughed her irreverent laugh and, looking at my bunch of flowers, which was bringing the may-bug into the sitting-room right under the lamp, she said: Do you suppose it wasn't already blessed before? #Quote by Sidonie Gabrielle Colette
Bunch quotes by Jeff Cooper
#91. We are somewhat amused by the hysteria manifest in the press at the suggestion by Gordon Liddy that if one is menaced by bad guys (particularly the ninja) one is wise to shoot for the head. That statement has got a whole bunch of journalists and commentators bleeding from the nose. One wonders why it should. Where else should you shoot a man if he is probably wearing an armored vest? If you decide to shoot you have made the big decision. Where you place your shot is merely a technical matter. #Quote by Jeff Cooper
Bunch quotes by J.K. Rowling
#92. He'd forgotten all about the people in cloaks until he passed a group of them next to the baker's. He eyed them angrily as he passed. He didn't know why, but they made him uneasy. This bunch were whispering excitedly, too, and he couldn't see a single collecting tin. It was on his way back past them, clutching a large doughnut in a bag, that he caught a few words of what they were saying. "The Potters, that's right, that's what I heard - " " - yes, their son, Harry - " Mr. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Bunch quotes by Khloe Kardashian
#93. We come from a very mixed family. We're a bunch of different races, my family. So it's very normal for us. I don't know why we're accepted. Are all of us accepted or just me? #Quote by Khloe Kardashian
Bunch quotes by Bruce Vilanch
#94. I mean, if they're doing a television show every night like Jon Stewart, or Ellen, or David Letterman, then they have their bunch of people who are sitting on a payroll someplace, who are coming up with material every day of the week. Those are the people who wind up doing the bulk of the work for them when they host the thing, because that's their team. #Quote by Bruce Vilanch
Bunch quotes by Andrew Wyatt
#95. We just did a bunch of songs, and there was a lot of enthusiasm for the songs that we made. We didn't feel like we had to do Miike Snow. We just did it because, I mean, I guess we felt like it would be a bit of a shame to leave it where we left it. #Quote by Andrew Wyatt
Bunch quotes by John Steinbeck
#96. Riches seem to come to the poor in spirit, the poor in interest and joy. To put it straight - the very rich are a poor bunch of bastards #Quote by John Steinbeck
Bunch quotes by Neil Gaiman
#97. And then they all sang a song called "I've Got a Loverly Bunch of Hard-hairy-wet-white-crunchers," which was an ancient dinosaur song that had apparently been written by Professor Steg's Aunt Button. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Bunch quotes by Anam Thubten
#98. Many people experience a sense of rage and very strong anger toward their parents and others who hurt them. Ultimately that is also a thought. It doesn't really exist in this very pure and present moment. It doesn't really exist. So actually what we are really carrying is nothing but a bunch of thoughts. When we let go of those thoughts then nothing else is required. We are free...
...Whenever you suffer, whenever you struggle, don't go outside trying to find out what is wrong with your life. Don't treat your life like you treat your car. When something is wrong with the car we get out, open the hood, see what's wrong with the engine, and fix it. But life is not like a car. Life is consciousness. Life is not something outside of us. Therefore whenever we feel that we are suffering, tormented, or challenged we should always look into our consciousness. Immediately we discover that we are having a very evil affair with an evil thought. That's all there is. Just that thought.
Such thoughts always come with a specific idea and with some kind of voice: "I am good. I am bad. I am poor. I don't have this or that. I am not enlightened." It is always associate with a concept and a belief system. Until we are awakened to the ultimate truth we are completely ruled by our thoughts. Thoughts are always dictating reality to us. So in that sense thought is the ultimate empire of propaganda. Thought is always coloring and defining reality. #Quote by Anam Thubten
Bunch quotes by Lesley Livingston
#99. There's one thing I've learned about mortals. They're a lot more resilient and a whole bunch more resourceful than they usually give themselves credit for. Why else do you think the Fae have always had such a fascination with them? Why d'you think Auberon uses changelings to guard the Gate? Trolls are stronger, cheaper, more plentiful, and nobody cares if they get exploded or ripped to pieces. But he uses mortals. Because they're full of hidden strengths. #Quote by Lesley Livingston
Bunch quotes by Leonard Mlodinow
#100. You're wasting your time," he said. "You don't learn how to discover things by reading books on it. And psychology is a bunch of bullshit. #Quote by Leonard Mlodinow
Bunch quotes by Douglas Preston
#101. PEE-WEE BOXER SURVEYED THE JOBSITE WITH DISGUST. THE FOREMAN was a scumbag. The crew were a bunch of losers. Worst of all, the guy handling the Cat didn't know jack about hydraulic excavators. Maybe it was a union thing; maybe he was friends with somebody; either way, he was jerking the machine around like it was his first day at Queens Vo-Tech #Quote by Douglas Preston
Bunch quotes by Paul Watson
#102. Almost all theological thought is anthropocentric and I just cannot buy into the anthropocentric ideology. Basically we're a bunch of conceited apes. #Quote by Paul Watson
Bunch quotes by Olivia Thirlby
#103. 'The Movie' is something that I made with some friends of mine in L.A. My friend, Luke Eberl, is the filmmaker. He shot this movie and asked a bunch of his friends to be involved with it. I just saw him the other day and there is no money to finish the film. But, you know, I literally have a cameo in it. #Quote by Olivia Thirlby
Bunch quotes by Svetlana Alexievich
#104. You're going to say that you're a tractor specialist," I said to Slyunkov, he'd been a director of a tractor factory, "and that you didn't understand what radiation could do, but I'm a physicist, I know what the consequences are." But from his point of view, what was this? Some professor, a bunch of physicists, were going to tell the Central Committee what to do? No, they weren't a gang of criminals. It was more like a conspiracy of ignorance and obedience. #Quote by Svetlana Alexievich
Bunch quotes by Charles Bukowski
#105. That way I wouldn't have to see the guys in their walking shorts. They looked as if nothing had ever touched them- all well-mothered, protected, with a soft sheet of contentment. None of them had ever been in jail, or worked hard with their hands, or even gotten a traffic ticket. Skimmed-milk jollies, the whole bunch. #Quote by Charles Bukowski
Bunch quotes by Mel Gibson
#106. The really good thing about using people who are really green is that you don't have to erase a bunch of bad habits and then put good ones in. You can just start feeding them good habits. #Quote by Mel Gibson
Bunch quotes by Robert Scheer
#107. For instance, Clinton who was unquestionably the smartest of the bunch I talked to - both the ones who made it and didn't. He had a great interest in policy. #Quote by Robert Scheer
Bunch quotes by Kurt Squire
#108. There is a well known saying among designers in the educational games business: 'If you want to take all of the fun out of it, get a bunch of educators involved. #Quote by Kurt Squire
Bunch quotes by Casey Neistat
#109. I always see the filming as basically going to the grocery store and buying a bunch of ingredients and that's about as far from having a dinner as you can possibly be. Then editing is the cooking, the preparation of the meal and if you don't edit it you've just got a pile of raw meat. #Quote by Casey Neistat
Bunch quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#110. Spying a heavy growth of watercress on the bank of a wet meadow, Amelia went to examine it. Grasping a bunch, she pulled until the delicate stems snapped. "Watercress is plentiful here, isn't it? I've heard it can be made into a fine salad or sauce."
"It's also a medicinal herb. The Rom call it panishok. My grandmother used to put it in poultices for sprains or injuries. And it's a powerful love tonic. For women, especially."
"A what?" The delicate greenery fell from her nerveless fingers.
"If a man wishes to reawaken his lover's interest, he feeds her watercress. It's a stimulant of the - "
"Don't tell me! Don't!"
Rohan laughed, a mocking gleam in his eyes. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Bunch quotes by Steven Price
#111. William gave the gallerist a grim look. In my experience, he said, crooks are usually the least dishonest of the bunch. It's not in their interest to deceive you, sir. This is how they make their living. Be patient. #Quote by Steven Price
Bunch quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#112. The things I'm burning daylight to figure out in my head are things God has already figured out in His. Faith then is resting in that fact, and in doing so suddenly finding out that among other things, I'm saving a whole bunch of daylight. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Bunch quotes by Avicii
#113. A friend of mine told me a bunch of stuff on Buddhism and about Avicii being the lowest level of Buddhist hell, and it just sort of got stuck in my head. Later on when I went to setup a MySpace, I tried a bunch of names and they were all taken so I just kind of ended up with Avicii and then I got really attached to it. #Quote by Avicii
Bunch quotes by Dee Leone
#114. Writing is like cooking. You toss in a bunch of ingredients and hope the combination of flavors will appeal to someone's taste. #Quote by Dee Leone
Bunch quotes by Ambrose Bierce
#115. EMBALM, v.i. To cheat vegetation by locking up the gases upon which it feeds. By embalming their dead and thereby deranging the natural balance between animal and vegetable life, the Egyptians made their once fertile and populous country barren and incapable of supporting more than a meagre crew. The modern metallic burial casket is a step in the same direction, and many a dead man who ought now to be ornamenting his neighbour's lawn as a tree, or enriching his table as a bunch of radishes, is doomed to a long inutility. We shall get him after awhile if we are spared, but in the meantime, the violet and rose are languishing for a nibble at his gluteus maximus. #Quote by Ambrose Bierce
Bunch quotes by J. Lynn
#116. In the comedy department, I have the latest Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrell movies. For action, I have a James Bond flick and another where a bunch of shit blows up. And I have The Notebook."

I whipped around, almost dropping the silverware. "The Notebook? You own The Notebook?"

Cam stared at me blankly. "What's wrong with that?"

"Oh, nothing is wrong with that. Its just such a… uh, chick flick."

"I'm confident enough in my masculinity and sexuality that I can say that Ryan Gosling is just dreamy in this movie."

My jaw hit the floor. #Quote by J. Lynn
Bunch quotes by Frank Zappa
#117. The establishment of a rating system, voluntary or otherwise, opens the door to an endless parade of moral quality control programs based on things certain Christians do not like. What if the next bunch of Washington wives demands a large yellow J on all material written or performed by Jews, in order to save helpless children from exposure to concealed Zionist doctrine? #Quote by Frank Zappa
Bunch quotes by K.C. King
#118. How else do you explain a bunch of nature-loving, uniform-wearing, possibly-magic head cases who believe in royal clans and shack up in the middle of Rocky Mountain nowhere? Pretty much screams 'cult' to me. #Quote by K.C. King
Bunch quotes by Anonymous
#119. Well, I mean, yes idealism, yes the dignity of pure research, yes the pursuit of truth in all its forms, but there comes a point I'm afraid where you begin to suspect that if there's any real truth, it's that the entire multidimensional infinity of the Universe is almost certainly being run by a bunch of maniacs. And if it comes to a choice between spending yet another ten million years finding that out, and on the other hand just taking the money and running, then I for one could do with the exercise, #Quote by Anonymous
Bunch quotes by Chris Messina
#120. I think as an actor, you're constantly putting yourself out there, and a lot of times failing - and failing in front of a bunch of people - and sometimes you have a good moment and something clicks. #Quote by Chris Messina
Bunch quotes by Robert Brault
#121. A family is a group of people who keep confusing you with someone you were as a kid. #Quote by Robert Brault
Bunch quotes by Jonny Wilkinson
#122. Those Aussie rugby fans are a bunch of sore losers. I hate 'em all. #Quote by Jonny Wilkinson
Bunch quotes by Callie Thorne
#123. Even though the third season of 'Necessary Roughness' was only ten episodes, they were an extremely intense bunch of episodes, especially toward the finale. #Quote by Callie Thorne
Bunch quotes by Christian Bale
#124. What I like about it is that I'm not somebody who's in movies. I'm a guy who's not very good going around the track with a bunch of guys who are a hell of a lot better. #Quote by Christian Bale
Bunch quotes by Nora Roberts
#125. You two with those assholes digging around by Simon's Hole?"

Jake squeezed bright yellow mustard on his burger. "That's right. In fact, we're the head assholes. What can we do for you?"

"You can get the hell out, quit fucking around with a bunch of old bones and shit and keeping decent men from making a living."

Callie took the mustard from Jake, sizing up the men as she dumped it on her burger. The one doing the talking was fat, but it was hard fat. He'd be solid as a tank. The other had that alcohol-induced mean in his eyes.

"Excuse me?" She set down the mustard, opened the ketchup. "I'm going to have to ask you to watch your language. My associate here is very sensitive."

"Well, fuck him."

"I have, actually, and it's not bad. #Quote by Nora Roberts
Bunch quotes by Anthony
#126. If you want to look young and thin on your birthday. Hang around a bunch of old fat people. #Quote by Anthony
Bunch quotes by Al Jourgensen
#127. You know what? I feel my book is kind of pointless. I didn't want to do a book, but rather than tell the same old stories over and over when my wife Angie and I are out at parties, I could just hand out a bunch of books, and she won't have to hear them ever again. #Quote by Al Jourgensen
Bunch quotes by Whitney Houston
#128. BSB are a great bunch of guys, I really like them #Quote by Whitney Houston
Bunch quotes by Bill Rancic
#129. So many reality shows are scripted and create this fake drama, and it's a bunch of bull. We wanted to do something real and something wholesome and something that's focused on positive family values. #Quote by Bill Rancic
Bunch quotes by Mike Gordon
#130. Usually I don't think much in terms of interesting sounds. Although I think I want to get one of those whammy pedals, I forget what it's called and who makes it. It's got a whole bunch of different settings. You can play a note and it will raise the pitch when you push the pedal. #Quote by Mike Gordon
Bunch quotes by Paula Deen
#131. Well what I would really like is a bunch of little n***ers to wear long-sleeve white shirts, black shorts and black bow ties. You know, in the Shirley Temple days, they used to tap dance around. Now, that would be a true Southern wedding wouldn't it? But we can't do that because the media would be on me about that, #Quote by Paula Deen
Bunch quotes by Jesse Eisenberg
#132. I feel like when I was 13 and I had to go to bar mitzvahs every weekend. This is the same feeling. You have to put on a suit every weekend to go meet with a bunch of Jews. #Quote by Jesse Eisenberg
Bunch quotes by Michael Ruppert
#133. Im not advocating social Darwinism, I am witnessing actual Darwinism.
If you are in a camp with a bunch of campers, and a bear attacks, you don't have to be faster than the bear.
You only have to be faster than the slowest camper #Quote by Michael Ruppert
Bunch quotes by Kelly Boyce
#134. the best way to enhance one's beauty was to let it shine through on its own, rather than trying to compete with a bunch of shiny bobbles or overdone fripperies. #Quote by Kelly Boyce
Bunch quotes by Jayril Bunch
#135. It's complicated but still I kept to be stronger than I could. Because I know that It is not the distance that will break our relationship. #Quote by Jayril Bunch
Bunch quotes by Mary Francis Kennedy Fisher
#136. I used to think in my Russian-novel days, that I would cherish a lover who managed through thick and thin, snow and sleet, to have a bunch of Parma violets on my breakfast tray each morning
also rain or shine, Christmas or August, and onward into complete Neverland. Later, I shifted my dream plan
a split of cold champagne one half hour before the tray! Violets, sparkling wine, and trays themselves were as nonexistent as the lover(s), of course, but once again, Why not? #Quote by Mary Francis Kennedy Fisher
Bunch quotes by Carrie Fisher
#137. Statistics say that a range of mental disorders affects more than one in four Americans in any given year. That means millions of Americans are totally batshit.
but having perused the various tests available that they use to determine whether you're manic depressive. OCD, schizo-affective, schizophrenic, or whatever, I'm surprised the number is that low. So I have gone through a bunch of the available tests, and I've taken questions from each of them, and assembled my own psychological evaluation screening which I thought I'd share with you.
So, here are some of the things that they ask to determine if you're mentally disordered
1. In the last week, have you been feeling irritable?
2. In the last week, have you gained a little weight?
3. In the last week, have you felt like not talking to people?
4. Do you no longer get as much pleasure doing certain things as you used to?
5. In the last week, have you felt fatigued?
6. Do you think about sex a lot?
If you don't say yes to any of these questions either you're lying, or you don't speak English, or you're illiterate, in which case, I have the distinct impression that I may have lost you a few chapters ago. #Quote by Carrie Fisher
Bunch quotes by Harold Covington
#138. Take away the Holocaust and what do you have left? Without their precious Holocaust, what are the Jews? Just a grubby little bunch of international bandits and assassins and squatters who have perpetrated the most massive, cynical fraud in human history. #Quote by Harold Covington
Bunch quotes by Rick Riordan
#139. Frank had turned into a giant eagle to fly to Delos, but Leo hitched a ride with Hazel on Arion's back. No offense to Frank, but after the fiasco at Fort Sumter, Leo had become a conscientious objector to riding giant eagles. He had a one hundred percent failure rate. They found the island deserted, maybe because the seas were too choppy for the tourist boats. The windswept hills were barren except for rocks, grass, and wildflowers - and, of course, a bunch of crumbling temples. The rubble was probably very impressive, but ever since Olympia, Leo had been on ancient ruins overload. He was so done with white marble columns. He wanted to get back to the U.S., where the oldest buildings were the public schools and Ye Olde McDonald's. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Bunch quotes by Maggie LaCroix
#140. They were a sorry-looking bunch. Their clothes were in tatters. Their flesh was ripped. They were filthy beyond filth. For once, they looked like the living dead. #Quote by Maggie LaCroix
Bunch quotes by Christine O'Donnell
#141. About President Bush's stand against condoms, condoms will not protect you from AIDS . So to just throw a bunch of condoms over to Africa and say, here, we're helping you with AIDS, is just going to further the spread of AIDS over there. #Quote by Christine O'Donnell
Bunch quotes by Scott Kelly
#142. Going to Mars is a bunch of baby steps, and it started off with the first human in space, Yuri Gagarin. #Quote by Scott Kelly
Bunch quotes by Kanye West
#143. But for me to have the opportunity to stand in front of a bunch of executives and present myself, I had to hustle in my own way. I can't tell you how frustrating it was that they didn't get that. No joke - I'd leave meetings crying all the time. #Quote by Kanye West
Bunch quotes by Lorde
#144. I'm speaking for a bunch of girls when I say that the idea that feminism is completely natural and shouldn't even be something that people find mildly surprising, it's just a part of being a girl in 2013. #Quote by Lorde
Bunch quotes by Stacey D'Erasmo
#145. One of the first times that I went into a book store and saw a bunch of my books, my impulse was to put them all under my coat and run away so that no one else could see them, even though, of course, I wanted everyone to see them. #Quote by Stacey D'Erasmo
Bunch quotes by Aziz Ansari
#146. After you do a joke a few times, you have material that you know works. Although sometimes I have a joke that has worked a bunch of times and then one night it'll flop. And that's when I really take a hard look at myself and say: 'Well, that crowd is obviously wrong. That crowd has absolutely no idea what it's talking about.' #Quote by Aziz Ansari
Bunch quotes by John Lydon
#147. I always knew the Sixties wasn't a revolution. It really was just a bunch of university students with wealthy parents having fun. #Quote by John Lydon
Bunch quotes by Max Irons
#148. They're a nasty bunch of people. The Riot Club's sole purpose is to celebrate wealth, elitism, hedonism, and excess - just random acts of destruction and chauvinism, which is interesting because our Prime Minister, our Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Mayor of London were are a part of this club. #Quote by Max Irons
Bunch quotes by Brandon Sanderson
#149. The robots, on the other hand, acted like a bunch of youthful dreams and got thoroughly crushed. #Quote by Brandon Sanderson
Bunch quotes by Vir Das
#150. Surround yourself with a bunch of like-minded people, and you'll soak up their habits like a starved sponge. Fat people with fat friends care less about their weight. #Quote by Vir Das
Bunch quotes by Lupe Fiasco
#151. We have to make the physical music a little more valuable instead of just having a download link and a bunch of songs you downloaded from some torrent site. People try to make the music value-less, and I don't think we're going to stop that train, but the one thing that they can't devalue are things that are in the outside world. #Quote by Lupe Fiasco
Bunch quotes by Leot Felton
#152. This is the legacy of a compassionate bunch. Our fate now rests on the whims of men. #Quote by Leot Felton
Bunch quotes by Ned Vizzini
#153. This was all an excuse, I think. I was doing fine. I had a 93 average and I was holding my head above water. I had good friends and a loving family. And because I needed to be the center of attention, because I needed something more, I ended up here, wallowing in myself, trying to convince everybody around me that I have some kind of ... disease. I don't have any disease. I keep pacing. Depression isn't a disease. It's a pretext for being a prima donna. Everybody knows that. My friends know it; my principal knows it. The sweating has started again. I can feel the Cycling roaring up in my brain. I haven't done anything right. What have I done, made a bunch of little pictures? That doesn't count as anything. I'm finished. My principal just called me and I hung up on him and didn't call back. I'm finished. I'm expelled. I'm finished. #Quote by Ned Vizzini
Bunch quotes by Anna Kendrick
#154. I was their friend! I mean, "Mary D is a jerk"? "Amanda sucks"? Why
would I write a bunch of mean stuff about my friends?! Using such generic insults?! #Quote by Anna Kendrick
Bunch quotes by Kresley Cole
#155. Matthew? "Finn, what was Matthew like before he left? Did he bring supplies with him? Food?" He was always hungry.

"A metric shit ton of food."

"Did he tell you good-bye before leaving?"

"Kinda. You know Matto. He said a bunch of weird stuff."

"Like what?" Weird stuff from him could be critical.

Finn peered at the tent roof. "He told me, 'I see far' and 'the gods mark us all.' And something like 'All is not what it seems.' I thought he was kind of joking around, but he didn't laugh."

"Anything else?"

Finn snapped his fingers. "Oh, oh, and right before he rode out, he caught my eye and said, 'I've made peace with it.'"

With what? #Quote by Kresley Cole
Bunch quotes by Chris Wooding
#156. I wanted to write an adventure in the old-fashioned way, something to which I could apply the adjective 'rollicking' and not feel embarrassed. But I've never liked my heroes to be too heroic, so they ended up being a bunch of criminals instead. #Quote by Chris Wooding
Bunch quotes by Joe Jamail
#157. I didn't know who she was, but I knew she was hungry, so I started handing out $100 bills and called the office and told them to bring me a bunch more. Then I had my cousin's store deliver a bunch of smoked ham and turkeys. I mean, these people are hungry and living under a bridge. #Quote by Joe Jamail
Bunch quotes by Brett Ratner
#158. I'm not invited to the Vanity Fair dinner where they watch the Oscars - or even the Oscars themselves - so I sit at home and watch it with a bunch of close friends. #Quote by Brett Ratner
Bunch quotes by Davy Jones
#159. I read a whole bunch of bits and pieces over the years, obviously from the fan magazines and the rest of the stuff, and I just wanted to give a little more insight into what's happening in my personal life. #Quote by Davy Jones
Bunch quotes by Charlotte Bunch
#160. We have to start looking at the world through women's eyes' how are human rights, peace and development defined from the perspective of the lives of women? It's also important to look at the world from the perspective of the lives of diverse women, because there is not single women's view, any more than there is a single men's view. #Quote by Charlotte Bunch
Bunch quotes by Brian Wilson
#161. I think cursing is a bunch of malarkey. #Quote by Brian Wilson
Bunch quotes by Pamela Clare
#162. It's going to be okay. Donny doesn't know it yet, but he just picked a fight with the wrong bunch of guys.
Julian Darcangelo #Quote by Pamela Clare
Bunch quotes by Louis C.K.
#163. You have to be able to do a bunch of things at once, and not think about things you're not doing while you're doing other things. You have to be disciplined about not trying to do everything, all at the same time. It's hard and fun. #Quote by Louis C.K.
Bunch quotes by David Mamet
#164. The secret knowledge is there's nobody home but us chickens. The Constitution was written by a bunch of regular guys who tried to get together and thrash out a contract under which they could get together that would keep people together. #Quote by David Mamet
Bunch quotes by Alyson Noel
#165. He rambled.
Oh boy, did he ramble.
He rambled in a way that was nothing but
a bunch of bippidy blah blah to my ears.
Rambled in a way that made my head go
all dizzy and squeezy. #Quote by Alyson Noel
Bunch quotes by Monica Crowley
#166. If there were a bunch of Buddhist or Hindus or Roman Catholics carrying out grotesque acts of international terror, I would expect to see their faces on the side of bus. #Quote by Monica Crowley
Bunch quotes by Woody Allen
#167. What is so fascinating about sitting around watching a bunch of pituitary cases stuff a ball through a hoop? #Quote by Woody Allen
Bunch quotes by Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.
#168. Successful enterprises are built from the ground up. You can't assemble them with a bunch of acquisitions. #Quote by Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.
Bunch quotes by Mary Crockett
#169. It was a little boy looking lost among a bunch of kneecaps. #Quote by Mary Crockett
Bunch quotes by Peter Mallouk
#170. A good list of questions to ask your advisor will include the following: Where will my money be held? Right answer: Somewhere else! Are you a broker? Right answer: No! Are you a dually registered advisor? Right answer: No! Do you or any affiliate have proprietary investments of any kind? Right answer: No! How are you compensated? Right answer: Total disclosure in writing and never make commissions on any investment product. What are the credentials of you and/or your team? Right answer: If planning is involved, a CFP is ideal to have on the team. What is your planning and investment management approach? Right answer: The firm should follow a coherent philosophy rather than a bunch of different strategies (unprincipled) and should follow an approach that does not involve market timing or active trading. #Quote by Peter Mallouk
Bunch quotes by Jeno Marz
#171. Eyuran," I addressed his Node. "What was in this one?"

He came closer and studied the huge case, which was easily twice the height of an adult Danna and had body slots for some kind of gear.

"I don't know for sure. I haven't seen this before. It resembles a gearbot sarx, but those are usually larger. Must be a new, compact model." Observing the empty sarx, a wave of bad feelings came over me.

"I also saw some of the weapon crates with broken locks."

"If someone is operating a gearbot, a bunch of guns will be the least of our worries. A hull repairer can't even begin to compete with the power of an assault exomachine." He looked around and frowned. "By the way, the whole hull repairer rack is empty. Counting the one you took out, we should have seven more roaming somewhere on the ship. #Quote by Jeno Marz
Bunch quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#172. So how are you feeling this morning?" – Nick
"Like I got my ass kicked by a bunch of psycho demons." – Caleb #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Bunch quotes by Jen Sincero
#173. There's something called the Crab Effect. If you put a bunch of crabs in a bowl and if, while they're in there crawling all over each other, one of them tries to climb out, the rest of them will try to pull him back down instead of helping to push him out. No wonder they're called crabs. #Quote by Jen Sincero
Bunch quotes by Robert Smith
#174. For a period in the '90s, I felt that the Cure was massively undervalued. But there has been a paradigm shift. There's a bunch of newer bands coming up who've grown up listening to the Cure and don't understand that you're not supposed to like us. #Quote by Robert Smith
Bunch quotes by Shashi Tharoor
#175. Hindu fundamentalism is a contradiction in terms, since Hinduism is a religion without fundamentals; there is no such thing as a Hindu heresy. How dare a bunch of goondas shrink the soaring majesty of the Vedas and the Upanishads to the petty bigotry of their brand of identity politics? #Quote by Shashi Tharoor
Bunch quotes by Mike Wallace
#176. I was so low that I wanted to exit. And I took a bunch of pills, and they were sleeping pills. And at least they would put me to sleep, and maybe I wouldn't wake up, and that was fine. #Quote by Mike Wallace
Bunch quotes by J.D. Robb
#177. She thought she loved him. What do you have in your pocket?"
He smiled, drew out the gray button that had fallen off her very ugly suit the first day they'd met.
"See?" She couldn't say why that stupid button moved her so damn much. "People in love keep things. Sentimental things."
"What do you have?"
She pulled the chain, and the tear-shaped diamond from under her shirt. "I wouldn't wear this for anybody but you. It's embarrassing. And - "
"Ah, something else."
"Shit. I'm tired. It makes me gabby. I have one of your shirts."
His brow creased in absolute bafflement. "My shirts?"
"In my drawer, under a bunch of stuff. You lent it to me the morning after our first night together. It still sort of smells like you."
For a moment, the worry on his face simply dissolved. "I believe that's the sweetest thing you've said to me in all our time together."
"Well, I owed you. Besides, you have enough shirts to outfit a Broadway troupe. So, help me toss the room?"
"Absolutely. #Quote by J.D. Robb
Bunch quotes by Lorde
#178. I think I'm speaking for a bunch of girls when I say that the idea that feminism is completely natural and shouldn't even be something that people find mildly surprising ... I find a lot of feminist reading quite confusing and that often there's a set of rules, and people will be like, 'Oh, this person isn't a true feminist because they don't embody this one thing,' and I don't know, often there is a lot of gray area that can be hard to navigate. #Quote by Lorde
Bunch quotes by Berkeley Breathed
#179. Liberal, shmiberal. That should be a new word. Shmiberal: one who is assumed liberal, just because he's a professional whiner in the newspaper. If you'll read the subtext for many of those old strips, you'll find the heart of an old-fashioned Libertarian. And I'd be a Libertarian, if they weren't all a bunch of tax-dodging professional whiners. #Quote by Berkeley Breathed
Bunch quotes by Alan Rickman
#180. Older people say, 'Oh I loved you in 'Sense and Sensibility,' and that's the only film they want to talk about. Equally, there are people who only want to talk about 'Galaxy Quest.' And there's a whole bunch of teenagers who only want to talk about 'Dogma.' #Quote by Alan Rickman
Bunch quotes by Nora Roberts
#181. Cut it out!" Phillip exploded. "Cut it out right now or I swear I'm going to pull over and knock your heads together. Oh, my God." He took one hand off the wheel to drag it down his face. "I sound like Mom. Forget it. Just forget it. Kill each other. I'll dump the bodies in the mall parking lot and drive to Mexico. I'll learn how to weave mats and sell them on the beach at Cozumel. I'll be quiet, it'll be peaceful. I'll change my name to Raoul, and no one will know I was ever related to a bunch of fools."
Seth scratched his belly and turned to Cam. "Does he always talk like that?"
"Yeah, mostly. Sometimes he's going to be Pierre and live in a garret in Paris, but it's the same thing."
"Weird," was Seth's only comment. ( ... ) Getting new shows was turning into a new adventure. #Quote by Nora Roberts
Bunch quotes by Haskell Wexler
#182. That force - which the system tried to laugh at - when it finally broke through and the movement was recognized, the media said they were "just a bunch of spoiled kids, dope smokers [who] don't know what the hell they want." To demean it as something laughable - but that didn't work for very long. It's still an ongoing struggle; they're trying to find out how to fight. It's very exciting times. #Quote by Haskell Wexler
Bunch quotes by Angela Lansbury
#183. Well oddly enough, I liken the years at MGM, and I was there for about eight years, to doing stock, what we used to call repertory or stock, playing a whole bunch of different roles. #Quote by Angela Lansbury
Bunch quotes by J.D. Salinger
#184. What I really felt like, though, was committing suicide. I felt like jumping out the window. I probably would've done it, too, if I'd been sure somebody'd cover me up as soon as I landed. I didn't want a bunch of stupid rubbernecks looking at me when I was all gory. #Quote by J.D. Salinger
Bunch quotes by Douglas Adams
#185. If there's any real truth, it's that the entire multidimensional infinity of the Universe is almost certainly being run by a bunch of maniacs. #Quote by Douglas Adams
Bunch quotes by Rita Mae Brown
#186. People aren't grapes - you can't weigh them in a bunch, but I guess it's easier than dealing with people as individuals. #Quote by Rita Mae Brown
Bunch quotes by Zoe Kravitz
#187. There are a bunch of images that are thrown in our faces all the time about what we're supposed to look like at 14, 15, 16. It's confusing. I think every woman can identify with that struggle. #Quote by Zoe Kravitz
Bunch quotes by Janeane Garofalo
#188. You know, there's nothing more interesting than seeing a bunch of racists become confused and angry at a speech they're not quite certain what he's saying. #Quote by Janeane Garofalo
Bunch quotes by Shakira
#189. I was five years old; I got addicted to being on stage. I felt like it was the most wonderful place on Earth, performing in front of an audience, who in this case were a bunch of classmates, kids my age. #Quote by Shakira
Bunch quotes by Lauryn Hill
#190. With the things that I love, I tried to put a couple seeds, a bunch of seeds in the ground and see what sprung up. Sometimes it was acting and sometimes it was music. But whatever it was I continued to plant. #Quote by Lauryn Hill
Bunch quotes by Michael Azerrad
#191. I just wanted to tell the story of a bunch of musicians who had never had their story told before. There's no preaching or theorizing. #Quote by Michael Azerrad
Bunch quotes by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
#192. Our academic system rewards people who know a lot of stuff and generally we call those people smart, but at the end of the day who do you want- the person who can figure things out that they've never seen before or the person who can rattle off a bunch of facts? #Quote by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Bunch quotes by Pat Conroy
#193. In matters of good-lookingness, we writers are the ugliest of the bunch, and normally our appearance is akin to that of someone investigating a crime scene; though the women in American writing keep producing world-class beauty in droves, and there are many breathtaking writers among them. #Quote by Pat Conroy
Bunch quotes by Tony DiTerlizzi
#194. In some ways, you kind of take a personality and drop it on the ground, and it breaks into a bunch of little pieces, and you kind of water those pieces, and it grows into characters. So they're all me in a way. #Quote by Tony DiTerlizzi
Bunch quotes by Vikas Swarup
#195. The fight against international terrorism isn't just a fight against a bunch of misguided extremists; it is a fight to defend the values that we hold dear. #Quote by Vikas Swarup
Bunch quotes by Keith Fullerton Whitman
#196. I've got a bunch of circuit-bent boxes and things that are controlled by my Mac through a big breakout box. I want to create this total environment where I can bring all this gear to the show but maybe just use one or two elements, if that's what's called for. #Quote by Keith Fullerton Whitman
Bunch quotes by Scott Adams
#197. I keep hearing the argument that some things are constitutional while other things are not. The idea is that we should be in favor of all the things that were decided over 200 years ago by a bunch of slave-owning cross-dressers who pooped in holes. #Quote by Scott Adams
Bunch quotes by Richard Rohr
#198. When you do the first half of life well, you have a good sense of yourself. #Quote by Richard Rohr
Bunch quotes by J. Tonzelli
#199. I'm an old man, now. I've been alone since my 17th birthday. I'd wanted to marry, have a bunch of kids, and maybe be a grandpa. The big family around the Thanksgiving table, laughing and pouring wine and cracking jokes and harmlessly teasing the missus - I wanted that. I wanted to do something good with my life - something right. I didn't want what happened to Danny, my best childhood friend, to be the only mark I'd ever make in this world. But I thought it best not to fancy such hopes and dreams: a family, love. I'd been cursed by my best friend, and I thought it right not to inflict that curse on anyone who'd be foolish enough to love me. #Quote by J. Tonzelli
Bunch quotes by Phuc Tran
#200. What's worse than turning into a giant bug? Turning into a giant bug and having your family act like a bunch of assholes. #Quote by Phuc Tran

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