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Bump In The Night quotes by Olive Ann Burns
#1. I'm convinced true fulfillment is living in God's world one day at a time, savoring it, leaving today's disapointments behind and borrowing no troubles from tomorrow. It's done not only by accepting life, fever, and things that go bump in the night, but also by cultivating love and new and old friendships, and especially by finding a new work or project that makes it exciting just to get up in the morning. #Quote by Olive Ann Burns
Bump In The Night quotes by John Larroquette
#2. Be careful out there. There are things that go bump in the night. Actually, there are things that go 'Give me your wallet or I'll kill you' in the night. #Quote by John Larroquette
Bump In The Night quotes by Dean Koontz
#3. There's no use wasting are energy being afraid of the devils, demons and things that go bump in the night ... Because ultimately we'll never encounter anything more terrifying than the monster among us. Hell is where we make it. #Quote by Dean Koontz
Bump In The Night quotes by Peter David
#4. What is that thing? Vampires. Or, as it was spelled at the time, vampyres. Yes, we know: It is difficult to accept, a strain to wrap your head around. Go and take the time to do so. Watch some television programs, or read some books in which vampyres are heroic and charming and sparkle in the daylight, and then return here and brace yourself for a return to a time that vampyres were things that went bump in the night. #Quote by Peter David
Bump In The Night quotes by Yasmine Galenorn
#5. A rollicking good read-THE HUNTER is steampunk with a Wild West feel. Theresa Meyers is an entertaining and witty writer with a fresh, new voice in the genre. THE HUNTER is a fun-filled ride through a world of demons, vampires, and things that go bump in the night, and kept me turning pages until the very end. #Quote by Yasmine Galenorn
Bump In The Night quotes by T. Joseph Browder
#6. I don't fear the things that go 'bump' in the night. It's the things that go 'RRAAAAARGGH!' that bother me. #Quote by T. Joseph Browder
Bump In The Night quotes by Jennifer McMahon
#7. I absolutely love writing about the things that scare me, the things that keep me up at night. I don't quite know why. Perhaps because so many things do scare me, and this is my subconscious way of trying to exercise some control over things that go bump in the night! #Quote by Jennifer McMahon
Bump In The Night quotes by Chloe Neill
#8. Chapter Four : The things that go bump in the night ... are probably registered voters in Cook County #Quote by Chloe Neill
Bump In The Night quotes by Anonymous
#9. There are things that go bump in the night #Quote by Anonymous
Bump In The Night quotes by Nelson Gidding
#10. I've always been more afraid of being left alone or left out than of things that go bump in the night. #Quote by Nelson Gidding
Bump In The Night quotes by Amanda Rose
#11. I'd rather face mythological creatures or prarnormal beings then to deal with my own demons. Nothing's scarier than being alone with your thoughts.Fuck the bump in the night BS, it's the silence that does it for me. #Quote by Amanda Rose
Bump In The Night quotes by Alex Hirsch
#12. I remember as a kid being scared of the things that go bump in the night, but I was way more scared of adults. #Quote by Alex Hirsch
Bump In The Night quotes by Jim Cummings
#13. Mr. Bumpy from Bump in the Night was this funky little guy who lived under the bed and thought eating dust bunnies was a delicacy. He was as cool as he could be, and ate dirty socks. #Quote by Jim Cummings
Bump In The Night quotes by Seanan McGuire
#14. This is my fault. I know it's my fault. I should never have let you get so comfortable. You started thinking of me as harmless. I'm safe. I'm the monster at the end of the book, the one that you run to when the bigger monsters start threatening to eat you, but that's not right, Toby, that's not right, you forget yourself. You forget me. I am the scariest thing that has ever gone bump in the night. I am what you knew, at the bottom of your un-formed child's heart, was lurking in the back of your closet. And what I'm telling you, right here and right now, is that you need to leave, because I'm afraid of what will happen if you don't."
I stared at her, fighting the urge to take a step backwards. Something told me that retreating would mean showing weakness, and showing weakness would be a mistake. "I'm not scared of you. If you were going to kill me, you'd have done it a long time ago, and it wouldn't have been over a yes or no question."
"Toby." She said my name gently, and with a deep centuries-long sorrow. "Who the fuck said I needed you to be afraid of me?" She took another step forward dropping her voice to a whisper: "Run. #Quote by Seanan McGuire
Bump In The Night quotes by Jim Butcher
#15. I don't want to live in a world where the strong rule and the weak cower. I'd rather make a place where things are a little quieter. Where trolls stay the hell under their bridges and where elves don't come swooping out to snatch children from their cradles. Where vampires respect the limits, and where the faeries mind their p's and q's. My name is Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden. Conjure by it at your own risk. When things get strange, when what goes bump in the night flicks on the lights, when no one else can help you, give me a call. I'm in the book. #Quote by Jim Butcher
Bump In The Night quotes by Dallas Roberts
#16. I've been a fan since I was a kid of that sort of bump-in-the-night stuff. I don't tend to go in too much for the slash-and-burn-'em or the walker kills on 'The Walking Dead.' That stuff's not necessarily the stuff that frightens me or gets me going. It's more the terror of waiting, the thriller aspects, that I find compelling. #Quote by Dallas Roberts
Bump In The Night quotes by Susan Ee
#17. Call me a sentimentalist, but I like the idea of you in one piece. Besides, she's not the only one who might be interested in your tasty flesh.'
I tilt my head. 'Who told you I was tasty?'
'Haven't you heard that old saying? Tasty as a fool?'
'You made that up.'
'Huh. Must be an angelic saying. It's to warn the foolish about things that go bump in the night.'
'It's daytime.'
'Ah. So you don't deny that you're foolish? #Quote by Susan Ee
Bump In The Night quotes by Bruce Schneier
#18. Computer security can simply be protecting your equipment and files from disgruntled employees, spies, and anything that goes bump in the night, but there is much more. Computer security helps ensure that your computers, networks, and peripherals work as expected all the time, and that your data is safe in the event of hard disk crash or a power failure resulting from an electrical storm. Computer security also makes sure no damage is done to your data and that no one is able to read it unless you want them to #Quote by Bruce Schneier
Bump In The Night quotes by Eliza Crewe
#19. Colton suspects we're not just children, that we are, in fact, the terrifying things that go bump in the night. But, no, that's wrong. Not things that bump. Bumps are clumsy and inelegant. They are sounds made by creatures not at home in the darkness. I don't bump. I crunch in the night. I crack; I splatter; I splash. But I never, ever bump. #Quote by Eliza Crewe
Bump In The Night quotes by Katie Klein
#20. I swear to God, after the zombie apocalypse the only thing left on the planet will be cockroaches and Moose," I told Mom one night after she managed to back into a light pole at the restaurant and drive away with not even a dent in the bumper.
Mom shushed me at the time. "He'll hear you! #Quote by Katie Klein
Bump In The Night quotes by Audrey Niffenegger
#21. Everything is still out there: the rooftops and chimneys, the graffiti, the office towers and the cyclists; soon there will be sheep and that immense sky the keep out in the countryside ... Once I thought there were two realities, inner and outer, but perhaps that's a bit meagre; I'm not quite the same person I was last night ... #Quote by Audrey Niffenegger
Bump In The Night quotes by Burial
#22. When I'm awake all night, sometimes I see the people and the city waking up around me. I feel a little bit moody at them for stepping into my night-time. What I want is that feeling when you're in the rain, or a storm. It's a shiver at the edge of your mind, an atmosphere of hearing a sad, distant sound, but it seems closer - like it's just for you. Like hearing rain or a whale-song, a cry in the dark, the far cry. #Quote by Burial
Bump In The Night quotes by Ann Eliza Young
#23. Oh sober-minded reader, never sneer at such fantasies. In the quiet of your mind, when the deep night is at it's blackest, are you always so certain of what is real? #Quote by Ann Eliza Young
Bump In The Night quotes by Peter Carey
#24. I went to work in 1962, and by '64 I was writing all the time, every night and every weekend. It didn't occur to me that, having read nothing and knowing nothing, I was in no position to write a book. #Quote by Peter Carey
Bump In The Night quotes by Luanne Rice
#25. 'Little Night' comes from deep in my heart, and tells about the lengths people will go for love. #Quote by Luanne Rice
Bump In The Night quotes by Susanna Kaysen
#26. This was what was wonderful, standing alone in the big, soft night rewriting the past to make myself miss what had never been. Now that it was over, I could turn the past into anything I wanted. #Quote by Susanna Kaysen
Bump In The Night quotes by Henry James
#27. [ ... ] under the guise of caring only for intrinsic values Osmond lived exclusively for the world. Far from being its master as he pretended to be, he was its very humble servant, and the degree of its attention was his only measure of success. He lived with his eye on it from morning till night, and the world was so stupid it never suspected the trick. Everything he did was pose - pose so subtly considered that if one were not on the lookout one mistook it for impulse. Ralph had never met a man who lived so much in the land of consideration. #Quote by Henry James
Bump In The Night quotes by Shannon Drury
#28. At night, my own century-old wooden floors creaked while I dreamed of her, as she looked before radiation destroyed her famously enormous hair and removed all evidence of her addiction to homemade brownies. I woke to clammy sheets and the grim reminder that Liz's soul was not, in fact, speaking to me from beyond the grave. Rationally, I knew that memory synapses of plump, frizzy Liz were bursting forth from the depths of my brain. Emotionally, I wanted Liz back with me, no matter what her form - but getting her back would require a leap of faith that the rest of me (the stuff surrounding that Liz-shaped hole) just couldn't take. #Quote by Shannon Drury
Bump In The Night quotes by Stella Rhys
#29. I thought we were well past this game by now."
"What game?" I blushed.
"The one where you act like I'm faking my physical attraction to you. You got my dick hard as a fucking rock in public yesterday. I think you should know by now that I genuinely enjoy looking at you and that it's going to be torture for me tonight.
"I struggled to muster up a response. "What…what do you mean?"
"That I'm gonna get to watch you all night tonight – wear you on my arm, look at you, touch you. But I can't go anywhere beyond that and if we're being honest here, it's going to fucking suck. #Quote by Stella Rhys
Bump In The Night quotes by George R.R. Martin
#30. The best fantasy is written in the language of dreams. It is alive as dreams are alive, more real than real ... for a moment at least ... that long magic moment before we wake.

Fantasy is silver and scarlet, indigo and azure, obsidian veined with gold and lapis lazuli. Reality is plywood and plastic, done up in mud brown and olive drab. Fantasy tastes of habaneros and honey, cinnamon and cloves, rare red meat and wines as sweet as summer. Reality is beans and tofu, and ashes at the end. Reality is the strip malls of Burbank, the smokestacks of Cleveland, a parking garage in Newark. Fantasy is the towers of Minas Tirith, the ancient stones of Gormenghast, the halls of Camelot. Fantasy flies on the wings of Icarus, reality on Southwest Airlines. Why do our dreams become so much smaller when they finally come true?

We read fantasy to find the colors again, I think. To taste strong spices and hear the songs the sirens sang. There is something old and true in fantasy that speaks to something deep within us, to the child who dreamt that one day he would hunt the forests of the night, and feast beneath the hollow hills, and find a love to last forever somewhere south of Oz and north of Shangri-La.

They can keep their heaven. When I die, I'd sooner go to middle Earth. #Quote by George R.R. Martin
Bump In The Night quotes by Cath Crowley
#31. I wake on the fiction couch deeply hungover, my head cracking, with Rachel telling me to get up. She's holding my eyelids open like she used to do in high school when we'd stayed up all night talking and then slept through the morning alarm. 'Get. Up. Henry.'

'What time is it? I ask, batting off her hands.

'It's eleven. The shop's been open for an hour. There are customers asking for books I can't find. George is yelling at a guy called Martin Gamble who's here to help me create the database. And as a separate issue, Amy's waiting in the reading garden.'

'Amy's here?' I sit up and mess my hair around. 'How do I look?'

'I decline to answer on the grounds that technically you're my boss and I don't want to start my new job by insulting you.'

'Thank you,' I say. 'I appreciate that. #Quote by Cath Crowley
Bump In The Night quotes by Peter Ackroyd
#32. So now I lye by Day and toss or rave by Night, since the ratling and perpetual Hum of the Town deny me rest: just as Madness and Phrensy are the vapours which rise from the lower Faculties, so the Chaos of the Streets reaches up even to the very Closet here and I am whirl'd about by cries of Knives to Grind and Here are your Mouse-Traps. I was last night about to enter the Shaddowe of Rest when a Watch-man, half-drunken, thumps at the Door with his Past Three-a-clock and his Rainy Wet Morning. And when at length I slipp'd into Sleep I had no sooner forgot my present Distemper than I was plunged into a worse: I dreamd my self to be lying in a small place under ground, like unto a Grave, and my Body was all broken while others sung. And there was a Face that did so terrifie me that I had like to have expired in my Dream. Well, I will say no more. #Quote by Peter Ackroyd
Bump In The Night quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#33. Work without ceasing. If you remember in the night as you go to sleep, "I have not done what I ought to have done," rise up at once and do it. If the people around you are spiteful and callous and will not hear you, fall down before them and beg their forgiveness; for in truth you are to blame for their not wanting to hear you. And if you cannot speak to them in their bitterness, serve them in silence and in humility, never losing hope. If all men abandon you and even drive you away by force, then when you are left alone fall on the earth and kiss it, water it with your tears and it will bring forth fruit even though no one has seen or heard you in your solitude. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Bump In The Night quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#34. When Cynthia smiles," said young Bingo, "the skies are blue; the world takes on a roseate hue; birds in the garden trill and sing, and Joy is king of everything, when Cynthia smiles." He coughed, changing gears. "When Cynthia frowns - "
"What the devil are you talking about?"
"I'm reading you my poem. The one I wrote to Cynthia last night. I'll go on, shall I?"
"No. I haven't had my tea. #Quote by P.G. Wodehouse
Bump In The Night quotes by Manda Collins
#35. Good night, Aphrodite," he said softly, liking the feel of the word on his lips, like some sort of incantation. Her green eyes widened behind her spectacles at hearing him speak her actual name. But she didn't correct him. And if he wasn't mistaken, there was a blush rising in her cheek. Perhaps there was more of the pretty scholar's namesake in her than she'd previously let on. #Quote by Manda Collins
Bump In The Night quotes by Marcel Proust
#36. in a keen frost, I would feel the satisfaction of being shut in from the outer world (like the sea-swallow which builds at the end of a dark tunnel and is kept warm by the surrounding earth), and where, the fire keeping in all night, I would sleep wrapped up, as it were, in a great cloak of snug and savoury air, #Quote by Marcel Proust
Bump In The Night quotes by Shannon Hale
#37. The snow was too light to stay, the ground too warm to keep it. And the strange spring snow fell only in that golden moment of dawn, the turning of the page between night and day. #Quote by Shannon Hale
Bump In The Night quotes by Meara O'Hara
#38. We lay in each other's arms, rescuing each other from drowning. Each of us needed the other more than we were able to say. On this very odd night, the world could have gone down, and we would have been okay. #Quote by Meara O'Hara
Bump In The Night quotes by Emmanuel Macron
#39. On a trip to Paris one day, little Sophie
Met a giant lady lighting up the night sky
"What's your name, you magical monster?"
"My many visitors call me the Eiffel Tower."
"In all your attire, don't your sometimes tire
Of being seen only as a humdrum tower?
You, a dragon, a fairy watching over Paris,
An Olympic torch held aloft in grey skies?"
"How you flatter me! So few poets these days
Ever sing the praises of my Parisian soul,
As did Cocteau, Aragon, Cendrars,
Trénet and Apollinaire... Since you're so good
At seeing beneath the surface, you could
-If you like, when you're back from France-
Take up your pen and write down
Why you like me -it would be nice and fun!"
"You can count on me! There's so much to say!
I'll write twenty lines... but who will read them?"
"Well, I know a man who'll read your verse."
"Really? Who?"
"The President of France #Quote by Emmanuel Macron
Bump In The Night quotes by Hermann Hesse
#40. All the women of this fevered night, all that I had danced with, all whom I had kindled or who have kindled me, all whom I had courted, all who had clung to me with longing, all whom I had followed with enraptured eyes were melted together and had become one, the one whom I held in my arms. #Quote by Hermann Hesse
Bump In The Night quotes by Elizabeth Gaskell
#41. When prayers were ended, and his Mother had wished him good-night with that long steady look of hers which conveyed no expression of the tenderness that was in her heart, but yet had all the intensity of a blessing. #Quote by Elizabeth Gaskell
Bump In The Night quotes by Henry Ward Beecher
#42. God has intended the great to be great and the little to be little ... The trade unions, under the European system, destroy liberty ... I do not mean to say that a dollar a day is enough to support a workingman ... not enough to support a man and five children if he insists on smoking and drinking beer. But the man who cannot live on bread and water is not fit to live! A family may live on good bread and water in the morning, water and bread at midday, and good bread and water at night! #Quote by Henry Ward Beecher
Bump In The Night quotes by Sanhita Baruah
#43. But sometimes, when she'd be all by herself, walking home late in the evening on a crowded street she'd be afraid of her own shadow following her ... #Quote by Sanhita Baruah
Bump In The Night quotes by Laurie Perez
#44. I used to think I was in love with Mia because she was in love with me. Now when I watch her strutting down the runway, twisting and flouncing the way her mother trained her, I know she's just a human coat hanger. A wired body I hold late at night and try to fit into. #Quote by Laurie Perez
Bump In The Night quotes by Craig Childs
#45. On numerous visits to Manhattan, I have found myself poking around the city trying to find a moment of quiet and once located a hint of it in Central Park during a windless, late-night snowfall. There I stood absolutely still in the lemon glow of the city, a sky full of snow. The city still roared from all sides, a thousand noises compressed down to just one. I counted that distant, mild roar as quiet, a welcome relief from the more pressing noises of the daytime city. #Quote by Craig Childs
Bump In The Night quotes by David Jeremiah
#46. In today's America He (Jesus) has moved from the central figure of world history to source material for late-night comics and pundits who would not dare treat other religious leaders with such disrespect. #Quote by David Jeremiah
Bump In The Night quotes by Karen Kincy
#47. We lie together, then, warm in the chill of the night. Outside, in the amber glow of the streetlights, it begins to snow. Gwen's breathing slips into the slow rhythm of sleep. I glance at the door. I know I should go back to my own bedroom, but…just a little while longer, Gwen feels so good in my arms, like a puzzle piece clicking into place. #Quote by Karen Kincy
Bump In The Night quotes by Vanessa Place
#48. but being over's no problemo, it's the getting there that's a bitch or a boor or a bother, to that small apresbellum, the birth of the universe in reverse, the door unshut after the party's over and the guests uncoupled on the floor. In Las Vegas in the '50s, there were parties on hotel-tops, parties that went on all night long, everyone swinging to the sounds of some sassy swinging-hair'd sister backed by the brassy cool combo, and the show-stopper was the morning's nuclear test, sponsored by the US Army, the white light skirled across the shar Nevada desert, blotting the sun, they called them dawn parties because they done broke the day. #Quote by Vanessa Place
Bump In The Night quotes by Stuart Dybek
#49. In summer, waiting for night, we'd pose against the afterglow on corners, watching traffic cruise through the neighborhood. Sometimes, a car would go by without its headlights on and we'd all yell, "Lights!"
"Lights!" we'd keep on yelling until the beams flashed on. It was usually immediate - the driver honking back thanks, or flinching embarrassed behind the steering wheel, or gunning past, and we'd see his red taillights blink on.
But there were times - who knows why? - when drunk or high, stubborn, or simply lost in that glide to somewhere else, the driver just kept driving in the dark, and all down the block we'd hear yelling from doorways and storefronts, front steps, and other corners, voices winking on like fireflies: "Lights! Your lights! Hey, lights! #Quote by Stuart Dybek
Bump In The Night quotes by Judith McNaught
#50. In the house Jake shoved his hands deep in his pockets as he stood at the window watching the women, his expression a mixture of stupefaction and ire. "Gawdamighty," he breathed, glancing at Ian, who was scowling at the unopened, note in his hand. "The women are chasin' you clear into Scotland! That'll stop soon as the news is out that yer betrothed." Reaching up, he idly scratched his bushy red hair and turned back to the window, peering down the path. The women had vanished from view, and he left the window. Unable to hide a tinge of admiration, he added, "Tell you one thing, that blond gel had spunk, you have to give her that. Cool as can be, she stood there tauntin' you with your own words and callin' you a swine. I don't know a man what would dare to do that!"
"She'd dare anything," Ian said, remembering the young temptress he'd known. When most girls her age were blushing and simpering, Elizabeth Cameron had asked him to dance at their first meeting. That same night she'd defied a group of men in the card room; the next day she'd risked her reputation to meet him in a cottage in the woods-and all that merely to indulge in what she'd described in the greenhouse as a "little weekend dalliance. #Quote by Judith McNaught
Bump In The Night quotes by Blaine Harden
#51. Most North Koreans are sent to the camps without any judicial process, and many die there without learning the charges against them. They are taken from their homes, usually at night, by the Bowibu, the National Security Agency. Guilt by association is legal in North Korea. A wrongdoer is often imprisoned with his parents and children. Kim II Sung laid down the law in 1972: '[E]nemies of class, whoever they are, their seed must
be eliminated through three generations. #Quote by Blaine Harden
Bump In The Night quotes by Guy De Maupassant
#52. She was, in fact, one of those people of exalted principles; one of those opinionated puritans, of which England produces so many; one of those good and insupportable old maids who haunt the tables d'hôte of every hotel in Europe, who spoil Italy, poison Switzerland, render the charming cities of the Mediterranean uninhabitable, carry everywhere their fantastic manias, their manners of petrified vestals, their indescribable toilets and a certain odor of india-rubber which makes one believe that at night they are slipped into a rubber casing. #Quote by Guy De Maupassant
Bump In The Night quotes by Victor Hugo
#53. To be ultra is to go beyond. It is to attack the sceptre in the name of the throne, and the mitre in the name of the attar; it is to ill-treat the thing which one is dragging, it is to kick over the traces; it is to cavil at the fagot on the score of the amount of cooking received by heretics; it is to reproach the idol with its small amount of idolatry; it is to insult through excess of respect; it is to discover that the Pope is not sufficiently papish, that the King is not sufficiently royal, and that the night has too much light; it is to be discontented with alabaster, with snow, with the swan and the lily in the name of whiteness; it is to be a partisan of things to the point of becoming their enemy; it is to be so strongly for, as to be against. #Quote by Victor Hugo

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