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Bulletin Board quotes by Mstislav Rostropovich
#1. In 1948 the first severe crash occurred in my life when Stalin put out his decree on 'formalism.' There was a bulletin board in the Moscow Conservatory. They posted the decree, which said Shostakovich's compositions and Prokofiev's were no longer to be played. #Quote by Mstislav Rostropovich
Bulletin Board quotes by Jenn Cooksey
#2. On the wall next to the door we'd entered through was a huge floor-to-ceiling bulletin/whiteboard combo and hanging from a thumbtack on the bulletin board amongst pictures and other various sorts of memorabilia was my bra. It'd been washed but it still had
a good many blotches of pink on it. If that wasn't shocking enough, the dialogue written over the last two weeks on the whiteboard pertaining to said bra certainly was. I'll include the copy just so you can truly appreciate what I'm dealing with here.
Tristan's Mom: What's this?
Tristan: A size 34B lace covered slingshot.
Jeff: Nice!
Tristan's Mom: Do I want to know?
Tristan: I don't know, do you?
Tristan's Mom: Not really. Are you planning on returning it or did you win some kind of prize?
Tristan: I plead the fifth.
Tristan's Dad: Well done son.
Jeff: Ditto!
Tristan's Mom: Don't encourage him.
Tristan: Gee, thanks Mom.
Tristan's Dad: Can't a father be proud of his only child?
Tristan's Mom: He doesn't need your help…obviously.
Tristan's Dad: That's because he takes after me.
Tristan: Was there anything else I can do for you two?
Tristan's Mom: Tell her I tried to get the stains out, but I'm afraid they set in before I got to it.
Tristan: I'm sure she'll appreciate your effort, but if I'm any judge (and I'd like to think I am) its
size has caused it to become obsolete and she needs to trade up.
Jeff: I'm so proud.
Trist #Quote by Jenn Cooksey
Bulletin Board quotes by Mary Lynn Rajskub
#3. I read a fan bulletin board once, and somebody said I had a face like a potato, so I never went back on there. #Quote by Mary Lynn Rajskub
Bulletin Board quotes by Laura Wiess
#4. That goes for old wounds, too, you know. I really wish we'd had the chance to talk before this," he says, cracking the window so the smoke can escape. "There's a Longfellow quote I have stuck on my bulletin board at the church office- 'There is no grief like the grief that does not speak'- and it's true. I've found that keeping pain inside doesn't give it a chance to heal, but bringing it out into the light, holding it right there in your hands and trusting that you're strong enough to make it through, not hating the pain, not loving it, just seeing it for what it really is can change how you go on from there. Time alone doesn't heal emotional wounds, Sayre, and you don't want to live the rest of your life bottled up with anger and guilt and bitterness. That's how people self-destruct. #Quote by Laura Wiess
Bulletin Board quotes by Sarah Jio
#5. Everyone tells you to write what you know. It's the tried-and-true advice every writer hears at some point in her career. But to take my writing to a deeper level, I've found that a better practice is to simply write what frightens you, haunts you, even. I now keep a sign on the bulletin board in my office that reads: 'Write What Scares You.' I've learned that tapping into the hard stuff - whether it's the fear of loss or a boogeyman lurking in childhood memories - is what ultimately gives a story the power to leap off the page and grab you by the collar. #Quote by Sarah Jio
Bulletin Board quotes by Aaron Patzer
#6. When I was 8 or 9, I started using bulletin board systems, which was the precursor to the Internet, where you'd dial into ... a shared system and shared computers. I've had an email address since the late '80s, when I was 8 or 9 years old, and then I got on the Internet in '93 when it was first starting out. #Quote by Aaron Patzer
Bulletin Board quotes by Pierre Omidyar
#7. People were doing business with one another through the Internet already, through bulletin boards. But on the Web, we could make it interactive, we could create an auction, we could create a real marketplace. And that's really what triggered my imagination, if you will, and that's what I did. #Quote by Pierre Omidyar
Bulletin Board quotes by Jack V. Matson
#8. We have a sign on our cafeteria bulletin board that says: Try Test Adjust Try Again Fail Modify Scrap Start Over #Quote by Jack V. Matson
Bulletin Board quotes by Charles E. McKenzie
#9. Sign on a High School bulletin board in Dallas: Free every Monday through Friday-knowledge. Bring your own containers. #Quote by Charles E. McKenzie
Bulletin Board quotes by Karen Allen
#10. I was so lucky. I was very broke and I was taking classes at Lee Strasberg's Institute and I saw a 3 X 5 index card on the bulletin board advertising for college-aged girls for a film. That was Animal House. #Quote by Karen Allen
Bulletin Board quotes by Walter Lantz
#11. The fascinating thing about the studio was that there was no story department. They would put a little notice up on the bulletin board saying: 'The next Oswald will take place at the North Pole. Anybody having any gags, please turn them in before such a date.' If you turned in gags regularly, the way Tex Avery, Cal Howard, Jack Carr and two or three others of us did, you'd be called into the gag meeting. The group would go into Walt's office and talk about whatever the subject of the cartoon was. Walt would put it into some kind of form and that was the story
no scripts, no storyboards. #Quote by Walter Lantz
Bulletin Board quotes by Miriam Toews
#12. When negative experiences such as having one's house shot at occur in my dad's life he tends to come alive. His confusion lifts. Pieces of life's puzzle fuse into meaning like the continents before that colossal rift. It's entirely logical to him that his house has been shot at and when he's able to spend a minute or two in a world that makes sense he appears almost happy. And when he gets happy he does decisive things like this time he went over to the bulletin board in the kitchen and took down the city bus schedule that we've had up there since Tash left and before the bus depot itself closed down. He put it in the garbage can under the sink. Phew. Done. Goodbye past.

But then I imagined him on a day when shitty things weren't happening and he'd be feeling his usual mystified self and go to the dump and there he would see that little piece of paper with the schedule on it and it would bring him to his knees. Just destroy him for a minute or two and he'd probably pick it up and wipe whatever seagull crap there was on it and straighten it out with the side of his hand and bring it back to the kitchen bulletin board and ARRANGE it on there so you'd know it was the centerpiece of his life. #Quote by Miriam Toews
Bulletin Board quotes by John Steinbeck
#13. I remember clearly the deaths of three men. One was the richest man of the century, who, having clawed his way to wealth through the souls and bodies of men, spent many years trying to buy back the love he had forfeited and by that process performed great service to the world and, perhaps, had much more than balanced the evils of his rise. I was on a ship when he died. The news was posted on the bulletin board, and nearly everyone received the news with pleasure. Several said, Thank God that son of a bitch is dead. #Quote by John Steinbeck
Bulletin Board quotes by Howard Fineman
#14. In the ever accelerating world of the Internet, e-campaigning has gone from a novelty to a necessity in less than a year. With increasing sophistication and urgency, campaigns are using the Web as a bulletin board, advertising medium and organizing tool. #Quote by Howard Fineman
Bulletin Board quotes by Brian Regan
#15. "Ladies and Gentlemen, we're about to begin boarding. If we could ask for your cooperation, please stay seated until you row has been called." ... That's what they say-but somehow, by the time it comes out of the speaker, it sounds like, "Everybody up and rush the door! Everybody up and try to squeeze your big fat butts in the small gate door area! Immediately! ... Do whatever you have to do to get on board. This is the last helicopter out of Vietnam!" #Quote by Brian Regan
Bulletin Board quotes by Kevin Sampsell
#16. I think a lot of awesome stuff is coming out with smaller presses. Small presses don't have to have huge board meetings to talk about how to market their books or what to publish - they can take more chances. They can help new authors grow in a healthier, often more artistic way. #Quote by Kevin Sampsell
Bulletin Board quotes by Janna Cachola
#17. If people aren't on board with your dreams, there is still that one man canoe. Sail on and slay on with it. #Quote by Janna Cachola
Bulletin Board quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#18. Feeling witless and utterly drained, Lillian let herself collapse over him, her head coming to rest on the center of his chest. His heart pounded and thundered beneath her ear for long minutes before it eased into something approaching a normal rhythm. "My God," he muttered, his arms sliding around her, then falling away as if even that required too much effort. "Lillian. Lillian."
"Mmm?" She blinked drowsily, experiencing an overwhelming need to sleep.
"I've changed my mind about negotiating. You can have whatever you want. Any conditions, anything that's in my power to accomplish. Just put my mind at ease and say you'll be my wife."
Lillian managed to lift her head and stare into his heavy-lidded eyes. "If this is an example of your bargaining ability," she said, "I'm rather worried about your corporate affairs. You don't surrender this easily to your business partners' demands, I hope."
"No. Nor do I sleep with them."
A slow grin spread across her face. If Marcus was willing to take a leap of faith, then she would do no less. "Then to put your mind at ease, Westcliff… yes, I'll be your wife. Though I warn you… you may be sorry you didn't negotiate when you learn my conditions later. I may want a board position on the soap company, for example…"
"God help me," he muttered, and with a deep sigh of contentment, he fell asleep. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Bulletin Board quotes by S.L.J. Shortt
#19. So, what's the story?"
"No story. Just a nightmare."
"Meaning, heavy compression lines in his cartilage, severe bruising on his kidneys, liver and lower intestines. Fracture marks on his collar bone, tibia, radius, humerus, scapular, femur and every single one of his ribs have been broken. Don't even get me started on the concussive damage to his skull and brain tissue. Twenty-three percent of this boys body is scared for life. And yet, every organ is functioning normally and his neurological activity is above average. He's eighteen years old and he weights about two bills but remove the scar tissue and he'd weigh about a buck-ten. All in all, I say he lived inside a hydraulic car press, went through the Napoleonic wars and was on board the Hindenburg when it went down in flame and yet he's okay ... this boy just refuses to die. #Quote by S.L.J. Shortt
Bulletin Board quotes by Judy Balan
#20. Modern-Day Parenting is no joke. For starters, no one takes you seriously unless you have a fancy parenting style.
Tiger Mom, Helicopter Mom, Organic Mom and on and on.
I've decided to go with L-Board Mom. I may look like I don't know what I'm doing but you want to keep safe distance 'cause you know I can hurt you and get away with it. #Quote by Judy Balan
Bulletin Board quotes by Jerry Spinelli
#21. She was elusive. She was today. She was tomorrow. She was the faintest scent of a cactus flower, the flitting shadow of an elf owl. We did not know what to make of her. In our minds we tried to pin her to a cork board like a butterfly, but the pin merely went through and away she flew. #Quote by Jerry Spinelli
Bulletin Board quotes by L.R.W. Lee
#22. Horace, we've had a complaint that the music was playing too loudly in the Waiting Area," one board member announced as Mr. Brutish showed them into the board room and directed them to a row of seats lining the front wall. "The soul music?" a male spirit clarified, clearly irritated. #Quote by L.R.W. Lee
Bulletin Board quotes by Uday Kotak
#23. My view is that at a certain age - and we can debate whether that age is 70-72 or 75 - members need to step off boards. As per the banking guidelines, that age for the director on a board today is 70. #Quote by Uday Kotak
Bulletin Board quotes by Peter Welch
#24. The Citizen's Petition reflects Vermont's spirit of pragmatism and across-the-board cooperation. I applaud the 'Campaign to Fix the Debt' for calling attention to one of the country's most pressing problems, our ballooning national debt, and for urging policymakers to find practical solutions. #Quote by Peter Welch
Bulletin Board quotes by William F. Buckley, Jr.
#25. The obvious differences apart, Karl Marx was no more a reliable prophet than was the Reverend Jim Jones. Karl Marx was a genius, an uncannily resourceful manipulator of world history who shoved everything he knew, thought, and devised into a Ouija board from whose movements he decocted universal laws. He had his following, during the late phases of the Industrial Revolution. But he was discredited by historical experience longer ago than the Wizard of Oz: and still, great grown people sit around, declare themselves to be Marxists, and make excuses for Gulag and Afghanistan. #Quote by William F. Buckley, Jr.
Bulletin Board quotes by Heather King
#26. Looking out over the water, I spotted him right away,straddling his board. He was only a dot, but I would have known him anywhere.I thought of the shape of his hands,the hollow at the base of his spine,the way my heart had never stopped skipping a beat at the sound of his voice, and I realized it was the kind of loss- because I knew now that the thing I wanted more than anything in the world not to go fully wrong could- from which I would never fully recover. And I'm not sure I ever fully have. #Quote by Heather King
Bulletin Board quotes by Rebecca MacKinnon
#27. Speech within the kingdom of Amazonia - run by its sovereign Jeff Bezos and his board of directors with help from the wise counsel and judgment of the company's executives - is not protected in the same way that speech is constitutionally protected in America's public spaces. #Quote by Rebecca MacKinnon
Bulletin Board quotes by Olawale Daniel
#28. Covid-19 offers us a great opportunity for individual and collective recession. It is a time to go back to the drawing board and rewrite the next phase of our existence. The upcoming generation has to read about how we fought this pandemic with or without vaccines in order to overcome similar situations during their times. #Quote by Olawale Daniel
Bulletin Board quotes by Vince Lombardi
#29. You never win a game unless you beat the guy in front of you. The score on the board doesn't mean a thing. That's for the fans. You've got to win the war with the man in front of you. You've got to get your man. #Quote by Vince Lombardi
Bulletin Board quotes by Vladimir Kramnik
#30. In this respect I suppose I'm the total opposite of Garry. With his very emotive body language at the board he shows and displays all his emotions. I don't. #Quote by Vladimir Kramnik
Bulletin Board quotes by Phyllis Diller
#31. The only time I ever enjoyed ironing was the day I accidentally got gin in the steam iron. #Quote by Phyllis Diller
Bulletin Board quotes by Brian L. Roberts
#32. In our case, one of my earliest experiences working in the company was being asked to be on Ted Turner's board, and I saw that the value creation from owning networks was stunning - new channels, international opportunities, synergy, many things that Turner Broadcasting built for decades. #Quote by Brian L. Roberts
Bulletin Board quotes by Van Wyck Brooks
#33. No one in this country has any root anywhere; we don't live in America, we board here, we are like spiders that run over the surface of the water. #Quote by Van Wyck Brooks
Bulletin Board quotes by Derek Jeter
#34. If you're going to play at all, you're out to win. Baseball, board games, playing Jeopardy, I hate to lose. #Quote by Derek Jeter
Bulletin Board quotes by Jonah Books.com
#35. When the Lord's angelic brakeman brings my life to a standstill, "and this train ends" I will board the next train and "I'll try again" (lyrics from Tuesday's Gone by Lynyrd Skynyrd). #Quote by Jonah Books.com
Bulletin Board quotes by Howard Schultz
#36. I'm in a different position than most CEO's. I'm a founder. I'm not a hired CEO. Now, I can be fired by the board, but most CEO's are hired by the board. #Quote by Howard Schultz
Bulletin Board quotes by Richard F. Thomas
#37. One of the powerful functions of a library - any library - lies in its ability to take us away from worlds that are familiar and comfortable and into ones which we can neither predict nor control, to lead us down new roads whose contours and vistas provide us with new perspectives. Sometimes, if we are fortunate, those other worlds turn out to have more points of familiarity with our own than we had thought. Sometimes we make connections back to familiar territory and when we have returned, we do so supplied with new perspectives, which enrich our lives as scholars and enhance our role as teachers. Sometimes the experience takes us beyond our immediate lives as scholars and teachers, and the library produces this result particularly when it functions as the storehouse of memory, a treasury whose texts connect us through time to all humanity.
[Browsing in the Western Stacks, Harvard Library Bulletin NS 6(3): 27-33, 1995] #Quote by Richard F. Thomas
Bulletin Board quotes by W. Averell Harriman
#38. Actually I'd had a certain amount of experience in Europe in the inter-war period, as a banker, and I was also a member of the Board of Directors of the International Chamber of Commerce. #Quote by W. Averell Harriman
Bulletin Board quotes by Anne Fadiman
#39. -the men were found to have left behind their guns but to have lugged such essentials as monogrammed silver cutlery, a backgammon board, a cigar case, a clothes brush, a tin of buttons polish, and a copy of 'The Vicar of Wakefield.' These men may have been incompetent bunglers, but, by God, they were gentlemen. #Quote by Anne Fadiman
Bulletin Board quotes by Wes Jackson
#40. It is doubtful that the dissection of living animals and plants could be done by those who believe them to be holy. A pantheist would not view trees as so many board feet in the manner a Christian would. A pantheist would be less likely to measure the number of acre feet coming over a waterfall than his Christian descendent, centuries later who had become a scientist. That which is sacred would be handled with a certain reverence. #Quote by Wes Jackson
Bulletin Board quotes by David W. Moore III
#41. Look, I'm here because we need to stop this killer. I'm somewhat on board with the craziness. But we've now got a priest stealing the Shroud of Turin from the Catholic Church so we can use the blood of Jesus to defeat the anti-Christ, who, by the way, is Newsweek's (sic) poster boy of the year, all at the urgings of an alcoholic priest. Do I have it right? #Quote by David W. Moore III
Bulletin Board quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
#42. We have a problem with women in leadership across the board. This leadership gap - this problem of not enough women in leadership - is running really deep and it's in every industry. My answer is we have to understand the stereotype assumptions that hold women back. #Quote by Sheryl Sandberg
Bulletin Board quotes by Jack Smith
#43. The PURPOSE of the DATA INTEGRITY BOARD review meeting is NOT for the purpose of reviewing the INTEGRITY of the paperwork because that has already been decided, it is for the PURPOSE of determining the CHARACTER & STANDING of THE MAN/WOMAN who brought the perfect paperwork and was intending to use the perfect paperwork for COMMERCIAL settlement and closure. So they have to find out if the STATUS and CHARACTER of the party who is going to use the paperwork was going to be ALLOWED to use it. #Quote by Jack Smith
Bulletin Board quotes by David Mitchell
#44. If only,' Shiroyama dreams, 'human beings were not masks behind masks behind masks. If only this world was a clean board of lines and intersections. If only time was a sequence of considered moves and not a chaos of slippages and blunders. #Quote by David Mitchell
Bulletin Board quotes by Sean Penn
#45. I can tell you that my contribution based on my interpretation of the book is unchanged. The other things, in terms of doing the research and following the trail of it, were probably pretty similar to what I would have done then. I think that what makes me celebrate that it took the 10 years is the various other people and contributors that I ended up having on board. #Quote by Sean Penn
Bulletin Board quotes by Shaun White
#46. It was hard to find a board my size. I was tiny. #Quote by Shaun White
Bulletin Board quotes by Alex Ferguson
#47. I tell the players that the bus is moving. This club has to progress. And the bus wouldn't wait for them. I tell them to get on board. #Quote by Alex Ferguson
Bulletin Board quotes by Kacey Musgraves
#48. I see my fans as music lovers. I really love that. There's no age group or demographic. It's people of all ages and backgrounds. Country people and non-country people. I wanted to make music across the board. #Quote by Kacey Musgraves
Bulletin Board quotes by William Kidd
#49. This ship was a league from us, and some of the men would have taken her, and I would not consent to it, and this Moore said I always hindered them making their fortunes. Was that not the reason I struck him? Was there a mutiny on board? #Quote by William Kidd
Bulletin Board quotes by George Takei
#50. When Pearl Harbor was bombed, young Japanese-Americans, like all young Americans, rushed to their draft board to volunteer to fight for our country. That act of patriotism was answered with a slap in the face. We were denied service and categorized as enemy non-alien. #Quote by George Takei
Bulletin Board quotes by Ken Jennings
#51. You watch an old 'Jeopardy!' and the categories alone are very plain. 'Poetry,' or 'Movies,' or 'Physics.' If you watch it now, though, there'll be a theme board where the categories are all Hitchcock movies. Lots more jokes, lots more high-concept categories and questions. #Quote by Ken Jennings

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