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Bug quotes by Michael McGirr
#1. Perhaps we are yet to feel the full impact of the Y2K bug but so far it's been quiet. #Quote by Michael McGirr
Bug quotes by David Quammen
#2. Lyme disease, psittacosis, Q fever: These three differ wildly in their particulars but share two traits in common. They are all zoonotic and they are all bacterial. They stand as reminders that not every bad, stubborn, new bug is a virus. #Quote by David Quammen
Bug quotes by Judah Friedlander
#3. I started doing my own animated movies when I was in ninth grade; that's when I got the filmmaking bug. When I was about 16, I started writing jokes for doing stand up, and then I was 19 and started doing stand up. #Quote by Judah Friedlander
Bug quotes by Gena Showalter
#4. He turned, throwing over hi shoulder, "And if he growls at you, even once, he's out. He looks wild."
I am, Riley snapped inside her head.
Do not laugh, she thought to herself.
Her dad paused at the door. "Where does it stay while you're at school?"
It. Nice. "Outside."
"You could be inviting flees into our home, Mary Ann."
No. Laughing. "He's clean, Dad. I swear. But if I spot a single little bug, I'll bathe him."
That could prove interesting, Riley said. #Quote by Gena Showalter
Bug quotes by David Foster Wallace
#5. Some people, from what I've seen, boo, when they lie, they become very still and centered and their gaze very concentrated and intense. They try to dominate the person they lie to. The person to whom they're lying. Another type becomes fluttery and insubstantial and punctuates his lie with little self-deprecating motions and sounds, as if credulity were the same as pity. Some bury the lie in so many digressions and asides that they like try to slip the lie in there through all the extraneous data like a tiny bug through a windowscreen ... Then there are what I might call your Kamikaze-style liars. These'll tell you a surreal and fundamentally incredible lie, and then pretend a crisis of conscience and retract the original lie, and then offer you the like they really want you to buy instead, so the real lie'll appear a some kind of concession, a settlement with through. That type's mercifully easy to see through ... Or then the type who sort of overelaborates on the lie, buttresses it with rococo formations of detail and amendment, and that's how you can always tell ... So Now I've established a subtype of the over-elaborator type. This is the liar who used to be an over-elaborator and but has somehow snapped to the fact that rococo elaborations give him away every time, so he changes and now lies tersely, sparely, seeming somehow bored, like what he's saying is too obviously true to waste time on. #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Bug quotes by Peter Heller
#6. Isn't that strange? To be able to feel so much tenderness for a person, and I did, and powerful attraction, sometimes, and yet feel no love. It seems cruel, almost monstrous. I mean I can love a bug. I have watched a spider weaving her web in the evening, in the young alder branches along the river, and I have loved her. Truly. Or a small moth trying to beat her way off the water of a dark pool, her soaked wings stuck to the surface as if by glue. And gently slid a leaf beneath her and lifted her to the ground, praying that her wings would dry without damage. I've done that. And yet I could not love my wife. #Quote by Peter Heller
Bug quotes by John Sandford
#7. he thought a bit about God, and whether He might be some kind of universal digital computer, subject to the occasional bug or hack. Was it possible that politicians and hedge-fund operators were some kind of garbled cosmic computer code? That the Opponent, instead of having horns and a forked tail, was a fat bearded guy drinking Big Gulps and eating anchovy pizzas and writing viruses down in a hellish basement? That prayers weren't answered because Satan was running denial-of-service attacks? #Quote by John Sandford
Bug quotes by Johnny Depp
#8. When you take on the idea of playing someone like Jimmy Bulger, it's a radically different process because you're going into make-up. The only way you can do it is to come out of make-up looking like the guy. If you don't look like the guy, it's going to bug you, all day. #Quote by Johnny Depp
Bug quotes by Jacob Artist
#9. I grew up dancing my whole life, and I always kind of perceived that's what I would do professionally. But when I caught the acting bug, I knew I needed to go with no turning back. #Quote by Jacob Artist
Bug quotes by Kristen Bell
#10. I'm empathetic to a fault. I really do - embarrassingly enough - tear up when someone squishes a bug in front of me. #Quote by Kristen Bell
Bug quotes by Lauren Child
#11. Ruby, desperately wanting not to get stuck at the table talking to her mother about the mind-numbing subject of iced finger food, decided to make a swift exit.
"Mom, just gotta walk Bug."
"But I already walked him an hour ago," said Sabina.
"Oh yeah, well, I promised him," called Ruby, already halfway down the stairs.
"Who promises a dog?" said Sabina. #Quote by Lauren Child
Bug quotes by Ruth Rendell
#12. Both my parents had strokes. My father had several, but the last one was fatal. It's a horribly disabling bug, a stroke. #Quote by Ruth Rendell
Bug quotes by Cem Kaner
#13. Your team may be called "quality assurance." Don't let that go to your head. Your test results and bug reports provide information that facilitates the assurance of quality on the project, but that assurance results from the effort of the entire team. #Quote by Cem Kaner
Bug quotes by Robert C. Martin
#14. What would happen if you allowed a bug to slip through a module, and it cost
your company $10,000? The nonprofessional would shrug his shoulders, say
"stuff happens," and start writing the next module. The professional would
write the company a check for $10,000! #Quote by Robert C. Martin
Bug quotes by Edward Brooke
#15. Once bitten, you seldom lose the political bug. #Quote by Edward Brooke
Bug quotes by Sidonie Gabrielle Colette
#16. On the first of May, with my comrades of the catechism class, I laid lilac, chamomile and rose before the altar of the Virgin, and returned full of pride to show my blessed posy. My mother laughed her irreverent laugh and, looking at my bunch of flowers, which was bringing the may-bug into the sitting-room right under the lamp, she said: Do you suppose it wasn't already blessed before? #Quote by Sidonie Gabrielle Colette
Bug quotes by Rick Yancey
#17. Being a disgusting, disease-carrying bug with a brain the size of a pinhead isn't something you deal with easily. It takes time to adjust to the idea. #Quote by Rick Yancey
Bug quotes by Angie Frazier
#18. I'm sorry," she said, wishing she could say something more meaningful.
"I'm not. If he'd been a good uncle, I'd have stayed in Boston. Never would have found my way to San Francisco," he said.
Camille knew where the rest of his story led and grinned.
"And you never would have rescued my father from a pickpocket," she added.
He started to laugh, a quiet, almost personal chuckle, like he was thinking about some funny memory. Camille caught the bug of laughter and wanted to join in.
"What is it?" she asked.
"Your father didn't need a rescuer. He caught the pickpocket himself," Oscar answered, a hand on his abdomen from all his laughter. "And then he invited him inside for dinner."
Her smile fell flat. She stared at him, trying to comprehend what he'd just said.
"You?" she asked, dumbfounded. "You were the pickpocket?"
Oscar nodded, scratching the back of his head. "Yeah. I wasn't very good at it."
Her father could have had him arrested or shooed him away without thinking twice. But he'd invited Oscar inside. He gave him work, food…a real chance.
"Why didn't he tell me?" she asked, feeling like she'd been duped once again. All the lies her father had woven to cover up his secrets had become so frayed, Camille wondered if she had truly known him at all.
"To give me a clean slate with everyone. Even you." Oscar moved toward her in cautious, deliberate steps. "We're alone. We should talk."
The pantry was cramped and d #Quote by Angie Frazier
Bug quotes by Misba
#19. If you're a bug, you need toads - dozens of toads so you may evolve. #Quote by Misba
Bug quotes by Nick Mason
#20. I started racing myself and once you get bitten by that bug you really are hooked. #Quote by Nick Mason
Bug quotes by Stephen Osborne
#21. It's just that… I'm wanting to start dating myself." I saw Gina's eyes bug out. "I don't mean dating myself. I've been doing that for ten years now. It's gotten to the point where I buy my left hand chocolates on Valentine's Day. #Quote by Stephen Osborne
Bug quotes by J.A. Konrath
#22. There's one." Roy reached over and pounded Bert in the leg. "Slug bug black, no hit backs." "Where?" "Right there." "That's a BMW." Bert smacked Roy twice. "Wrong car, double hit backs." "Can you guys quit this, please?" Tom looked ahead in the distance. "Oh God, no." "Here it is." The cabbie pointed to his right. "Largest Volkswagen dealership in Los Angeles." It was ugly. Real ugly. When #Quote by J.A. Konrath
Bug quotes by Alexis M. Smith
#23. You've been here before, Bell. Remember the stories you told me about wandering in the woods when you were a little girl? It scared the crap out of you, but you went out there all alone, knee-high to a bunny rabbit, and picked berries and climbed trees and found bird nests and came home all bug-bitten and mossy. And you loved every minute of it. It made you our beautiful Arctic Bell, impervious to cold and feared by mosquitoes. Aren't you glad you didn't stay by grandma's side, darning socks and baking gingerbread?
Who darns socks?
Girls nobody tells stories about. #Quote by Alexis M. Smith
Bug quotes by Jim Butcher
#24. Why is it that you've never got the least goddamned clue what's happening inside your own head. Have you ever noticed this trend? Doesn't it bug you sometimes? #Quote by Jim Butcher
Bug quotes by Annie Dillard
#25. That it's rough out there and chancy is no surprise. Every live thing is a survivor on a kind of extended emergency bivouac. But at the same time we are also created. In the Koran, Allah asks "the heaven and the earth, and all in between, thinkest thou I made them in jest?" It's a good question. What do we think of the created universe, spanning an unthinkable void with an unthinkable profusion of forms? Or what do we think of nothingness, those sickening reaches of time in either direction? If the giant water bug was not made in jest, was it then made in earnest? #Quote by Annie Dillard
Bug quotes by Christina Engela
#26. The Beetle's body, whether it be a '49 split or a '73 Jeans Bug, or an '03 Mexican, was originally conceived in the mid 1930's. This is evident in it's body styling which aside from it's rear engine layout and absence of front radiator (or radiator!) grille, is very similar to other cars of the same period. Believe it or not, in those days streamlining was a hot new concept, kind of like how wireless networking is today with computing.
The only problem was, in the beginning they didn't seem to realize that streamlining ought to be applied sideways as well as longitudinally! #Quote by Christina Engela
Bug quotes by Thurston Moore
#27. It's American Alternative radio stations that bug me. We're considered Alternative, but don't expect us to be played next to Blink 182 and Offspring. We're hardly of that generation. #Quote by Thurston Moore
Bug quotes by Norton Juster
#28. But I'm afraid it can't be done."
"Certainly not; it can't be done," repeated the Humbug.
"Why not?" asked Milo.
"Why not indeed?" exclaimed the bug, who seemed equally at home on either side of an argument.
"Much too difficult," replied the king.
"Of course," emphasized the bug, "much too difficult."
"You could if you really wanted to," insisted Milo.
"By all means, if you really wanted to, you could," the Humbug agreed.
"How?" asked Azaz, glaring at the bug.
"How?" inquired Milo, looking the same way.
"A simple task," began the Humbug, suddenly wishing he were somewhere else, "for a brave lad with a stout heart, a steadfast dog, and a serviceable small automobile. #Quote by Norton Juster
Bug quotes by Al Ramadan
#29. the failures are a feature, not a bug. #Quote by Al Ramadan
Bug quotes by Ann Powers
#30. I got the writing bug in the fourth grade when a poem of mine was published in the school newspaper. Music criticism came a little later, when I was in high school. #Quote by Ann Powers
Bug quotes by Cindi Madsen
#31. You started that one."
Her mouth dropped open. "I didn't say anything!"
"Sweetheart, your eyes said it all." He lowered his hand from his cuffs and jerked his chin out toward the darkness lit with twinkling bug butts. "Now, behave, will you? I'm trying to watch bugs catch a mate. See if I can't get some tips."
"Hell, make your ass glow, and I might take back everything I've said about you. #Quote by Cindi Madsen
Bug quotes by Abhijit Naskar
#32. Say, there is a book written by Tolstoy sitting right there on the table. To our unique human consciousness, the reality of the papers in the book, is infinitely different from the valuable literature that they possess. For the kind of consciousness possessed by the bug which eats those papers, literature is non-existent, yet for the Human Consciousness, literature has a greater value of truth than the papers themselves. #Quote by Abhijit Naskar
Bug quotes by John Lennon
#33. I mean People come up and ask for autographs or say hi but they wont bug you. #Quote by John Lennon
Bug quotes by Phuc Tran
#34. What's worse than turning into a giant bug? Turning into a giant bug and having your family act like a bunch of assholes. #Quote by Phuc Tran
Bug quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#35. Ravelly pointed to the illustration as he told his friend that he used to read the same story nightly to his son, Wahlister. "Imorih's Journey - quite the moralistic quest."

Unan nodded in agreement. "I read it to Ian and Eena when they were children." Then he held up the opened page with the picture of Imorih and the tiny, shouldered bug. He asked curiously, "Why do you say this is your favorite part, Master Ravelly?" The question caught Eena's interest. Her ears tuned in to their conversation, but her eyes continued to scan the lively crowd below.

The old Grott went on to explain. "That is the part where Imorih realizes the whispered voice she has been listening to, the advice she has been heeding, doesn't belong to her conscience as she first supposed. It shocks her to learn that for the more part of her journey she has been following the promptings of a negligible, albeit well-intentioned, creature. That's when two things happen in her life. First, she comprehends how cunning and manipulative the power of suggestion can be. Secondly, she learns to recognize the difference between her own voice - her own desires - and someone else's."

Unan hummed a sound of accordance. "That's right. Things change quite drastically after that discovery, don't they?"

"Yes, yes, they most certainly do. For the best, I recall."

"Because she becomes master of her own destiny after that."

"As we all should be."

Unan no #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Bug quotes by Joelle Carter
#36. Living in Georgia, I never wanted to model. But I had the travel bug big time when I was young. I think because I had an all-American look, I was great for catalogs. They constantly sent me overseas for editorial, but I would always come back with catalog jobs. I was fine with that. It served my purpose to see the world. #Quote by Joelle Carter
Bug quotes by Greg Grunberg
#37. I was, throughout school, in the theater program. Through elementary school, junior high, high school, and then J.J. Abrams, my closest friend in the world, we were living together. He was writing, and I was trying writing; I wasn't getting paid for it like he was, but I always had the acting bug. #Quote by Greg Grunberg
Bug quotes by Anne Elisabeth Stengl
#38. Her eyes pleaded with him to understand, to try. Under that gaze, Eanrin had no option but to sit and stare at the scribbles in the dust, stare with all the intensity a cat can muster. His pupils dilated until the golden irises were like rings of eclipsed sunfire. Imraldera watched him, chewing her bottom lip and waiting.
At last the cat lashed his tail and raised his whiskered face to her. I'm sorry, my girl. It looks to me like the Greater Stick Bug pursues the Lesser Stick Bug over the back of a giant alligator. Can't make a thing of it otherwise. #Quote by Anne Elisabeth Stengl
Bug quotes by Agatha Christie
#39. Present­ly, when the strain re­laxed, Blore said: 'There are habits and habits! Mr. Lom­bard takes a re­volver to out-​of-​the-way places, right enough, and a primus and a sleep­ing-​bag and a sup­ply of bug pow­der, no doubt! But habit wouldn't make him bring the whole out­fit down here? It's on­ly in books peo­ple car­ry re­volvers around as a matter of course.' Dr. Arm­strong shook his head per­plexed­ly. #Quote by Agatha Christie
Bug quotes by Scott Lynch
#40. I only steal because my dear old family needs the money to live!"
Locke Lamora made this proclamation with his wine glass held high; he and the other Gentleman Bastards were seated at the old witchwood table ... The others began to jeer.
"Liar!" they chorused
"I only steal because this wicked world won't let me work an honest trade!" Calo cried, hoisting his own glass.
"I only steal," said Jean, "because I've temporarily fallen in with bad company."
At last the ritual came to Bug; the boy raised his glass a bit shakily and yelled, "I only steal because it's heaps of fucking fun!"
"BASTARD! #Quote by Scott Lynch
Bug quotes by Dustin Yellin
#41. My father had the bug. Ever since I can remember walking, he was waking me up at 5 in the morning to go to flea markets. As a kid, I couldn't really stand it, but as I grew up, I became that guy, and when I have kids, I am going to be doing the same thing. #Quote by Dustin Yellin
Bug quotes by Garth Risk Hallberg
#42. I had a major bug for cities and for paintings and literature and all the things I thought went on in cities. #Quote by Garth Risk Hallberg
Bug quotes by Vitaly Pedchenko
#43. bug-out bag, or sometimes called a 72-hour bag or go bag, is designed to provide you with the essentials while you evacuate a disaster area. In all likelihood, you will have to evacuate on foot so your bag must be one that can be shouldered. Trying #Quote by Vitaly Pedchenko
Bug quotes by James D. Watson
#44. Ever since we achieved a breakthrough in the area of recombinant DNA in 1973, left-wing nuts and environmental kooks have been screaming that we will create some kind of Frankenstein bug or Andromeda Strain that will destroy us all. #Quote by James D. Watson
Bug quotes by Christina Hendricks
#45. I started doing community theatre as a way to make friends, and that was when I caught the acting bug. #Quote by Christina Hendricks
Bug quotes by Holland Meissner
#46. Even a fallen leaf can shelter a bug from the storm. #Quote by Holland Meissner
Bug quotes by Michael Hussey
#47. Some days you're the windscreen, some the bug. #Quote by Michael Hussey
Bug quotes by Finn Wittrock
#48. I caught the acting bug from my dad. #Quote by Finn Wittrock
Bug quotes by Robert Caro
#49. Whenever I go to work I wear a jacket and a tie, because I'm inherently quite lazy, and my books take so long to do, and my publishers don't bug me, so it's so easy to fool yourself into thinking you're working harder than you really are. #Quote by Robert Caro
Bug quotes by Yegor Bugayenko
#50. The job of a tester is to prove that the software is bug free, while it has to be the other way around: The job of a tester is to prove that the software is broken. The better testers are doing their jobs, the more bugs they manage to find and report. #Quote by Yegor Bugayenko
Bug quotes by John Sandford
#51. When the bureaucratic details were handled, they broke up. Del, Shrake, and Jenkins followed him back to his office, where they talked some more about the surveillance aspects. A tech would put a tracking bug on Carver's vehicle, and Del would try to get one on Dannon's, if he could do it without being seen. "The big question is: Is he gonna talk, or is he gonna stonewall, or is he gonna shoot, or is he gonna run?" Jenkins said. "That's four questions," Shrake said. "It irritates me that you can't count. #Quote by John Sandford
Bug quotes by Virginia Postrel
#52. The Y2K bug is a genuine technical concern, consuming the energies of many specialists. But the prophecies of doom represent a broader worldview using the bug as a news hook. In this vision, the good society is a stable society, undisrupted by innovation, ambition or outside influences. #Quote by Virginia Postrel
Bug quotes by Hermann Hesse
#53. The world was so beautiful when regarded like this, without searching, so simply, in such a childlike way. Moons and stas were beautiful, beautiful were bank and stream, forest and rocks, goat and gold-bug, flower and butterfly. So lovely, so delightful to go through the world this way, so like a child, awake, open to what is near, without distrust. #Quote by Hermann Hesse
Bug quotes by Tom Green
#54. I had a real passion for performing. I craved the attention. I was a goofy kid just like I am a goofy adult. So as soon as I got the bug of getting laughs and getting on stage I just couldn't stop. #Quote by Tom Green
Bug quotes by Kouhei Kadono
#55. There's a bug inside you. Growing in you, eating everything you've forced yourself to forget, everything you don't want to think about. Your bug will decide your fate one day. And ... chances are, you will die because of it. #Quote by Kouhei Kadono
Bug quotes by Tracy J. Butler
#56. Old Man River!

That seems far too austere a name
For something made of mirth and rage.
O, roiling red-blood river vein,
If chief among your traits is age,
You're a wily, convoluted sage.

Is "old" the thing to call what rings
The vernal heart of wester-lore;
What brings us brassy-myth made kings
(And preponderance of bug-type things)
To challenge titans come before?
Demiurge to a try at Avalon-once-more!

And what august vitality
In your wide aorta stream
You must have had to oversee
Alchemic change of timber beam
To iron, brick and engine steam.

Your umber whiskey waters lance
The prideful sober sovereignty
Of faulty-haloed Temperance
And wilt her self-sure countenance;
Yes, righteousness is vanity,
But your sport's for imps, not elderly.

If there's a name for migrant mass
Of veteran frivolity
That snakes through seas of prairie grass
And groves of summer sassafras,
A name that flows as roguishly
As gypsy waters, fast and free,
It's your real name, Mississippi. #Quote by Tracy J. Butler
Bug quotes by Stan Goff
#57. Democrat flaks jump on this like ducks on a June-bug, and in the process themselves reproduce the sick militarism of this culture that automatically valorizes anyone who wears a uniform. How dare you insult a soldier! Like its some sacred calling instead of an imperial employment program steeped in the culture of machismo and misogyny.(And you can gasp as theatrically as you want I spent more than two decades wearing a uniform that is exactly what it is.) #Quote by Stan Goff
Bug quotes by Anonymous
#58. Writing a patch is the easiest part of open source. The truly hard stuff is all of the rest: bug trackers, mailing lists, documentation, and other management tasks. #Quote by Anonymous
Bug quotes by Huntley Fitzpatrick
#59. After a few minutes, he turns to my face slowly. Are his eyes lingering on my eyes, my lips? I'm not sure. I want them to. Then he says, "Let's get home. We'll take the Bug and go somewhere. Alice owes me."
As we clamber back over the rocks, I can't stop wondering what just happened there. I could swear he was looking at me like he wanted to kiss me. What's stopping him? Maybe he isn't attracted to me at all. Maybe he just wants to be friends? I'm not sure I can pull off being just friends with someone whose clothes I want to rip off.
Oh god. Did I actually just think that? I steal another look at Jase in his jeans. Yes. Yes, I did. #Quote by Huntley Fitzpatrick
Bug quotes by A.G. Howard
#60. I coax my palm into his lapel in search of my wish, returning his feverish kisses.
"Checkmate, you son of a bug," I say against his mouth two seconds before my fingers find an empty pocket.
"Sleight of hand, blossom," he says right back. " 'Tis in fact in my pants pocket, if you'd like to search there. #Quote by A.G. Howard
Bug quotes by Eric Maisel
#61. How can a person brim over with life energy and big plans one moment and feel suicidal the next? She can cycle exactly that way because of the god-bug syndrome. #Quote by Eric Maisel
Bug quotes by Andy Hertzfeld
#62. I got bitten by the free software bug in February of 1998 around the time of the Mozilla announcement. #Quote by Andy Hertzfeld
Bug quotes by Jeanne Birdsall
#63. Mere children, ha!" said Jane. "I say we tie up the knave and then discuss his fate."
Since everyone thought this a good idea, Batty and Hound donated Jeffrey's neckties, and soon Bug Man, aka Sock or Spock, aka Norman Birnbaum, was bound hand and foot. Jane, Batty, and Hound then took a few minutes to be Aztec priests calling for blood, until Rosalind quieted them down. Norman was slime, but that was no reason to terrify him.
Then came a long discussion about what they should do next... Jane's suggestion of throwing Norman into their basement so that he could dwell on his sins was rejected outright. #Quote by Jeanne Birdsall
Bug quotes by Nathan Fillion
#64. Saw a little girl touch a big bug and shout, "I conquered my fear! YES!" and calmly walk away. I was inspired. #Quote by Nathan Fillion
Bug quotes by Katherine Applegate
#65. Is there anything sweeter than the touch of another as she pulls a dead bug from your fur? #Quote by Katherine Applegate
Bug quotes by Laszlo Krasznahorkai
#66. Irimiás: God is not made manifest in language, you dope. He's not manifest in anything. He doesn't exist... God was a mistake. I've long understood there is zero difference between me and a bug, or a bug and a river, or a river and a voice shouting above it. There's no sense or meaning in anything. It's nothing but a network of dependency under enormous fluctuating pressures. It's only our imaginations, not our senses, that continually confront us with failure and the false belief that we can raise ourselves by our own bootstraps from the miserable pulp of delay. There's no escaping that, stupid. #Quote by Laszlo Krasznahorkai
Bug quotes by Joan Severance
#67. Wearing this kind of costume is not something I fantasize about. It's not natural, it's not comfortable. I don't see myself as this. But it gives you dramatic license to do almost anything when you're dressed as a bug. #Quote by Joan Severance
Bug quotes by Iris Apfel
#68. I don't expect to find inspiration. It just sort of comes. Sometimes you step on a bug and you get inspired. #Quote by Iris Apfel
Bug quotes by Bobby McFerrin
#69. I did the one concert, and I was not bitten by the conducting bug, and I thought I was done, but then the phone started to ring, and gradually, over time, I started conducting more and more. Now a third of my performances are with orchestras. #Quote by Bobby McFerrin
Bug quotes by Jack Kerouac
#70. As we rode in the bus in the weird phosphorescent void of the Lincoln Tunnel we leaned on each other with fingers waving and yelled and talked excitedly, and I was beginning to get the bug like Dean. #Quote by Jack Kerouac
Bug quotes by K.A. Applegate
#71. Jake, I don't want to be a bug. I've been a gorilla, an osprey, a dolphin, a seagull, a trout, of all things, a lobster... and I'm probably forgetting a few. Gorilla was fun. Dolphin was fun. Osprey was fun. Ant? Not fun. Basically, bugs are a bad idea."

Jake shrugged. "I was a flea. That was no big thing.


"Jake? Do you ever listen to yourself?"

-Animorphs #5, The Predator page 36 #Quote by K.A. Applegate
Bug quotes by Dominic Monaghan
#72. I've always traveled, as a kid my parents moved me around, a different place in Germany every four years. But I got the travel bug when I was a kid, living in different countries. #Quote by Dominic Monaghan
Bug quotes by Aaron Levie
#73. When you're doing something you're passionate about, stress becomes a featurenot a bug. #Quote by Aaron Levie
Bug quotes by Dr. Seuss
#74. The news just came in from the County of Keck That a very small bug by the name of Van Vleck Is yawning so wide you can look down his neck. This may not seem very important, I know, but it Is, so I'm bothering telling you so. #Quote by Dr. Seuss
Bug quotes by Carly Craig
#75. I think I've definitely found a niche working in comedy, but dramatic films are what brought me here. After I saw 'Titanic' in the theater, I got the bug. #Quote by Carly Craig
Bug quotes by Amy A. Bartol
#76. Okay, so when is the mother ship coming to pick us up?" I ask worriedly. "The what?" Reed asks with confusion clouding his eyes. "The mother ship, you know, aliens?" I ask tensely. He gives me an impatient look. "Aliens?" he scoffs. "We're not aliens then?" I reply, not even trying to keep the relief out of my voice. "No!" he says emphatically as he searches my face - probably for other signs of mental illness. Sighing, I ask, "Then what are we, Reed? Because seriously, if some big alien bug cracks me open from the inside and starts wiggling out, I'm going to be really ticked off that you didn't warn me. #Quote by Amy A. Bartol
Bug quotes by Jenny Wingfield
#77. I think maybe miracles are something everybody has to find out about for themselves. Telling them about it doesn't make them believe. It just makes them think you're crazy as a bessie bug. #Quote by Jenny Wingfield
Bug quotes by Bobby Adair
#78. Ebola, that little bastard of a bug, had popped up earlier in the summer in Sierra Leone in the worst outbreak in history. Was it possible that global warming had changed something important about the ecological balance in Africa and turned it into an optimal, continent-sized petri dish for breeding that virus? #Quote by Bobby Adair
Bug quotes by Jodi Lynn Anderson
#79. P.S. Please give my love to Tink, she always was such a funny little bug #Quote by Jodi Lynn Anderson
Bug quotes by Deyth Banger
#80. To find why that happen and why this is happening, you should start from the beginning the problem comes from the beginning go and remove the bug, fix the problem and try again to see what will happen...
Life is like a program you can fix it by going to that point and fixing it, but be careful what do you program and how you do it and what type of codes you use! #Quote by Deyth Banger
Bug quotes by Erving Polster
#81. It is important to learn the difference between staying with an experience until it is completed and hanging on, trying to get something more-anything more-from a situation which is either finished or barren. The basic clues are whether attention to the issue is loose, unfixed, mobile attentiveness or whether it is an attentiveness which feels glued to its object. The people with the bug-eyed stare, the clinging grasp, the insistent preoccupations, the sense of desperation, the ready-made sermons, the unwillingness to leave when conversations are finished, the quoting of authorities, etc. are all hanging on. #Quote by Erving Polster
Bug quotes by Tessa Dare
#82. What's the latest beast in your collection, I wonder?"
"Me." Metal clanged as Gabriel flipped the helmet's visor. "I'm her latest beast."
The Irving sisters choked on their laughter, then swallowed it hard.
He took a clanking step forward, towering over them. "Let me tell you, Lady Penelope has her hands full. I'm vicious. Untamed. I won't come to heel." He leaned forward, lowering his voice to a growl. "And I bite."
He turned, and- confronted with the wall of hedges- stormed through it like the Ottomans breaching the walls of Tyre. Once he'd cleared a path with his armored body, he extended a gauntlet, inviting Penny to follow.
She put her gloved hand in his shining one.
Rather than leading her through, he pulled her to him, slid his hand to her backside, and lifted her off her feet, keeping her slippers free of the trampled shrubs.
Her beast in shining armor.
As he carried her through the hedge, she waved farewell to the bug-eyed Irving sisters. "It's been lovely seeing you. #Quote by Tessa Dare
Bug quotes by Natsuo Kirino
#83. When stones lying warm in the sun were turned over, they exposed the cold, damp earth underneath; and that was where Masako had burrowed deep. There was no trace of warmth in this dark earth, yet for a bug curled up tight in it, it was a peaceful and familiar world. #Quote by Natsuo Kirino
Bug quotes by Andrew R.  Williams
#84. Coming back, he took the tracker out of Morley's hand, slid back into the car and flipped a switch. An internal Mannheim, a force shield, flared into life, dividing the front of the car from the rear. Once he was satisfied the Mannheim would prevent the sound of their voices being picked up by any undiscovered bugs he spoke. "I have a plan, a way to turn the tables on them."
"How?" Instead of explaining, Lieges waved his hand at the stray dog. Thinking it was going to be fed, the mutt came over. Lieges grabbed it, removed some of the gum he was chewing, fixed the bug to it and stuck the gum under the dog's collar. Picking the dog up, he placed it in the front of the air-car.
Morley hissed. "What the hell are you doing?"
"Thinking laterally," Lieges replied. "We'll fly a few kilometres from here and push the dog out. The BlackClads will then lock onto the dog and not us. No doubt they'll realise something is wrong after they've been tracking it for a while, but it will probably buy us some time. #Quote by Andrew R. Williams
Bug quotes by Ben Hecht
#85. The writer is a definite human phenomenon. He is almost a type - as pugilists are a type. He may be a bad writer - an insipid one or a clumsy one - but there is a bug in him that keeps spinning yarns; and that bulges his brow a bit, narrows his jaws, weakens his eyes and gives him girl children instead of boys. Nobody but a writer can write. People who hang around writers for years - as producers did - who are much smarter and have much better taste, never learn to write. #Quote by Ben Hecht
Bug quotes by Boris Beizer
#86. A test that reveals a bug has succeeded, not failed. #Quote by Boris Beizer
Bug quotes by Michael Palin
#87. Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life #Quote by Michael Palin
Bug quotes by Keith Graves
#88. When a mosquito sees a light in the darkness, it is drawn to it by an urge too powerful to resist. Even if the light is a bug zapper, caked with the carcasses of all the mosquito's electrocuted relatives, the poor insect will still use the last flap of its wings to fly to its death. It simply can't help it. #Quote by Keith Graves
Bug quotes by Cheryl Sterling
#89. Kidnapping is a harsh word."
"But accurate. I assume you're not going to hang around Mars until I fix the software bug, if a problem ever existed. I'm on a one-way voyage to Slakeria, right? #Quote by Cheryl Sterling
Bug quotes by Norman Mailer
#90. Don't bug me or I'll gas you said the creep #Quote by Norman Mailer
Bug quotes by Karsten Knight
#91. Jackie patted her on the shoulder, "you know what you need?"
Ash peeked out from between her fingers."Eight hours of rest before tomorrows exam? Bug spray that repels assholes? #Quote by Karsten Knight
Bug quotes by Tammy Blackwell
#92. No punching?" he asked.
"No kicking?"
"How about arm wrestling?"
"No. And before you ask, we've avoided Slug Bug, Slap Bets, and any and all Dance-Offs."
Fate Succumbs #Quote by Tammy Blackwell
Bug quotes by Tess Gerritsen
#93. My dad was Chinese-American and very conservative when it came to his family's futures. He said if I wanted to have a secure job, I should go into science. So I did what Dad said and went to medical school, but the writing bug never left me. #Quote by Tess Gerritsen
Bug quotes by Glen Duncan
#94. For the longest time the romantic explanation for low rates of female infection endured: Possession of a womb, it was supposed, conferred a gentleness which simply could not bear the viciousness of a lycanthropic heart. Female werewolves, masculine idiocy maintained, must be killing themselves in crazy numbers ... It's quite extraordinary, given the wealth of historical evidence to the contrary, how long this fallacy of the gentler sex lasted, but the twentieth century (years before Myra and the girls of Abu Ghraib put their two penn'orth in) pretty much did away with it. Now we know: If women don't catch the werewolf bug, it's certainly not because they're sugar and spice and all things nice. #Quote by Glen Duncan
Bug quotes by Eric Maisel
#95. We have arrived at an interesting moment in the evolution of our species when a smart person in a first-world culture is pestered by two contradictory feelings: first that he is as special a creature as nature has yet produced
and second that he's not very special at all, just excited matter here for a while and off again into universal dark matter. This first feeling inflates him and makes him want to puff out his chest and preen a bit. This second feeling makes him want to crawl in a hole, act carelessly, or sit inert on the sofa. How unfortunate for a creature to be buffeted in such contradictory ways! These twin feelings lead a person to the following pair of conclusions: that while he is perhaps quite smart, he is nevertheless rather like a cockroach, trapped with a brain that really isn't big enough for his purposes, perhaps trapped in a corner of an academic discipline, a research
field, a literary genre, or in some other small place, trapped by his creatureliness, and trapped by life's very smallness. I would like to dub this the god-bug syndrome: the prevalent and perhaps epidemic feeling of greatness walking hand-in-hand with smallness that plagues so many people today. #Quote by Eric Maisel
Bug quotes by Nalini Singh
#96. Damn it, Honor, what do I do with an Ancient mother-in-law who thinks I'm a bug?" One that had infested the life of Caliane's beloved son. #Quote by Nalini Singh
Bug quotes by Michael Bassey Johnson
#97. Things you don't need in your life targets you the most. #Quote by Michael Bassey Johnson
Bug quotes by Shannon Celebi
#98. I'm sorry if ... I get too personal, if I make you uncomfortable, but writing is like one of the seven deadly sins, like Sharing on Mr. Rogers, and once you get the bug you're trapped in The Neighborhood of Make-Believe forever. #Quote by Shannon Celebi
Bug quotes by Terence McKenna
#99. The current operating system [culture] is flawed. It actually has bugs in it that generate contradictions. We're cutting the earth from beneath our own feet. We're poisoning the atmosphere that we breathe. This is not intelligent behaviour. This is a culture with a bug in its operating system that's making it produce erratic, dysfunctional, malfunctional behaviour. Time to call a tech! And who are the techs? The shamans are the techs. #Quote by Terence McKenna
Bug quotes by George Strait
#100. My son had toyed with the idea of writing and trying to write a little bit, so that kind of gave me the bug to write also. #Quote by George Strait
Bug quotes by Bryce C. Anderson
#101. All right, it's a beach. I'm just messing with you."
"It would be funnier if we hadn't spent the last two days trying to hunt down the glitch."
"Did you find it?"
"Yes. The software seems to be submitting fake bug reports. Try to be serious."
"Try to not call me 'the software. #Quote by Bryce C. Anderson
Bug quotes by William T. Vollmann
#102. It sure if terrific to be in the back seat of a car full of all the people in your affinity group, and as you zip down the center of the road the radio is going boodeley-boodeley-boo in some bluegrass heart song to open space, and, whoopee, you're hugging all the committed girls who love you just as the boys love you but even more so, maybe, because Bug never forgot that a Swiss army knife, for instance, does everything well and nothing excellently; and to do something excellently a good navy surplus kelp-slitting blade is far superior to a thousand sawtoothed frogman's specials; and a gun is worth a thousand knives; and a good friend is worth a thousand guns; and ten minutes' bored talk about the weather with any girl is worth a thousand friends at your back on the Great Trek of 1836, at least at that time in his life, perhaps because until he joined the affinity group none of his friends had ever been girls; but now everyone was his friend, especially the girls (but he only thought that; he didn't say it, didn't want anyone to claim that he was a sexist). #Quote by William T. Vollmann
Bug quotes by Brian McKnight
#103. I think they can co-exist. You don't have to put one down for another. I've been bitten by the acting bug, and where it takes me, it won't take away from the music. #Quote by Brian McKnight
Bug quotes by Kate McGahan
#104. You call me disrespectful
When it's not possible in my being
To disrespect
A pebble in the street.
A bug on the wall.
A leaf on a tree.
Or any of God's creatures.
Even those that are pests or perhaps unsafe.
How can you say that I am so...
With the man I love?
All you need to do is to
Turn back the words you say to me
And say them to yourself
To know the truth.
You're just looking in the mirror
And seeing yourself when you look at me.
It's called projection...
One letter away from protection.
And this understanding
Is the only thing
That brings me comfort. #Quote by Kate McGahan
Bug quotes by Nonito Donaire
#105. I was always scared in the amateurs, but the minute I got in the ring it was like another person took over. I become more vicious. In there I love to hurt people. Outside I can't hurt a bug. #Quote by Nonito Donaire
Bug quotes by Josh Lawson
#106. I directed one of my shorts that did festivals around the world, and that was great. I've got a bit of a bug for that now. I just hope I keep challenging myself and keep doing stuff that interests me with people who I respect and who teach me stuff. If I can keep doing that in anything - acting, writing, directing or whatever - I'll do it because life is short. #Quote by Josh Lawson
Bug quotes by Jules Barnard
#107. Though he had touched her bared skin - purely to get her attention. Had nothing to do with being drawn to her beauty like a bug to the neon light that would be its death. No, #Quote by Jules Barnard
Bug quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#108. A guilty conscience pushed me to try harder - which I did for what seemed like a tremendous amount of wasted time, staring bug-eyed at uncooperative pencils. What was missing? The answer seemed obvious - intense emotional incentive. But at the moment I didn't feel desperate or angry or afraid. Just severely bored out of my mind and guilt-ridden for feeling so mind-numbingly bored."
- from "Phantom's Veil #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Bug quotes by Adam Rex
#109. Mark Twain said the difference between the right word and the almost right word is like the difference between lightning and the lightning bug, and people think he was good, right ? Didn't write any decent characters, as far as I can tell, but otherwise fine. #Quote by Adam Rex
Bug quotes by Saul D. Alinsky
#110. Mark Twain once put it, "The difference between the right word and the almost-right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug." Power #Quote by Saul D. Alinsky
Bug quotes by L. Frank Baum
#111. But - pardon me if I seem inquisitive - are you not all rather - ahem! rather unusual?" asked the Woggle-Bug, looking from one to another with unconcealed interest. "Not more so than yourself," answered the Scarecrow. "Everything in life is unusual until you get accustomed to it. #Quote by L. Frank Baum
Bug quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#112. No Daimon gets out of here alive. (They hit the invisible wall and rebounded off it.) Man. It really makes you feel for the bug on the windshield, doesn't it? (Acheron) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Bug quotes by Hajime Kamoshida
#113. Love is a bug in the brain's electrical functions. #Quote by Hajime Kamoshida
Bug quotes by Liu Cixin
#114. Look at them, the bugs. Humans have used everything in their power to extinguish them: every kind of poison, aerial sprays, introducing and cultivating their natural predators, searching for and destroying their eggs, using genetic modification to sterilize them, burning with fire, drowning with water. Every family has bug spray, every desk has a fly-swatter under it... this long war has been going on for the entire history of human civilization. But the outcome is still in doubt. The bugs have not been eliminated. #Quote by Liu Cixin
Bug quotes by George R R Martin
#115. Sam handed back the sword. "When I try to swat a bug, it always flies away. All I do is slap my arm. It stings." That made Jon laugh. #Quote by George R R Martin
Bug quotes by John Ringo
#116. Yes, my bug-out bag is packed," Faith said and grimaced. "'Where's your bug-out bag?' 'Is your bug-out bag packed?' 'What's your inventory?' 'Why did I get the insane parents? #Quote by John Ringo
Bug quotes by Glenn Greenwald
#117. As for the claim that drone 'pilots' are not engaged in the extinguishing of human life via video games, the military's own term for its drone kills - 'bug splat,' which happens to be the name of a children's video game - and other evidence negates that. #Quote by Glenn Greenwald
Bug quotes by Steve Klabnik
#118. In languages with a garbage collector (GC), the GC keeps track and cleans up memory that isn't being used anymore, and we don't need to think about it. Without a GC, it's our responsibility to identify when memory is no longer being used and call code to explicitly return it, just as we did to request it. Doing this correctly has historically been a difficult programming problem. If we forget, we'll waste memory. If we do it too early, we'll have an invalid variable. If we do it twice, that's a bug too. We need to pair exactly one allocate with exactly one free.

Rust takes a different path: the memory is automatically returned once the variable that owns it goes out of scope. #Quote by Steve Klabnik
Bug quotes by Fisher Amelie
#119. Please, enlighten me, Tom. What exactly did you observe?"
"That men fly to you like a bug to a zapper."
"Lovely. That's a lovely analogy. Yes, I'm a man-eater, Tom. #Quote by Fisher Amelie
Bug quotes by Philip Greenspun
#120. Greenspun's Tenth Rule of Programming: any sufficiently complicated C or Fortran program contains an ad hoc informally-specified bug-ridden slow implementation of half of Common Lisp. #Quote by Philip Greenspun
Bug quotes by Max Lucado
#121. Become a worry-slapper. Treat frets like mosquitoes. Do you procrastinate when a bloodsucking bug lights on your skin? 'I'll take care of it in a moment.' Of course you don't! You give the critter the slap it deserves. Be equally decisive with anxiety. #Quote by Max Lucado
Bug quotes by Henry Rollins
#122. I don't have any spiritual anything.You shoot a guy with a gun, he dies. You step on a bug, the bug dies. There is no heaven for me and no hell. And certainly not any Karma. #Quote by Henry Rollins
Bug quotes by Jim Butcher
#123. Never let it be said that Harry Dresden is afraid of a dried, dead bug. Creepy or not, I wasn't going to let it ruin my concentration.
So I scooped it up with the corner of the phone book and popped it into the middle drawer of my desk. Out of sight, out of mind.
So I have a problem with creepy, dead, poisonous things. So sue me. #Quote by Jim Butcher
Bug quotes by Alan Cohen
#124. The things that bug you the most have the potential to open you the most. #Quote by Alan Cohen
Bug quotes by Gerard Way
#125. If something was bugging you, you talk about it. But that's the cool thing: we [My Chemical Romance] don't bug each other. We just have deep discussions about art and music like friends. And we disagree about stuff but the disagreements are so healthy and intelligently thought out. We're very respectful of each other's opinions, especially about music. #Quote by Gerard Way
Bug quotes by Nicki Minaj
#126. The animated bug has bitten pop culture. It makes me feel happy and free. When you don't act seriously, you can make up your own rules. #Quote by Nicki Minaj
Bug quotes by Elizabeth Leiknes
#127. Deep down, Story Easton knew what would happen if she attempted to off herself - she would fail It was a matter of probability. This was not a new thing, failure. She was, had always been, a failure of fairy-tale proportion. Quitting wasn't Story's problem. She had tried, really tried, lots of things during different stages of her life - Girl Scours, the viola, gardening, Tommy Andres from senior year American Lit - but zero cookie sales, four broken strings, two withered azalea bushes, and one uniquely humiliating breakup later, Story still had not tasted success, and with a shriveled-up writing career as her latest disappointment, she realized no magic slippers or fairy dust was going to rescue her from her Anti-Midas Touch. No Happily Ever After was coming.
So she had learned to find a certain comfort in failure. In addition to her own screw-ups, others' mistakes became cozy blankets to cuddle, and she snuggled up to famous failures like most people embrace triumph.
The Battle of Little Bighorn - a thing of beauty.
The Bay of Pigs - delicious debacle.
The Y2K Bug - gorgeously disappointing fuck-up.
Geraldo's anti-climactic Al Capone exhumation - oops!
Jaws III - heaven on film.
Tattooed eyeliner - eyelids everywhere, revolting. Really revolting.
Fat-free potato chips - good Lord, makes anyone feel successful. #Quote by Elizabeth Leiknes
Bug quotes by Karen Chance
#128. The war mages might have been running a full-on offensive, but she'd been right there with them. She'd sent them screaming in terror. She'd imprisoned one like a bug under glass. She'd run one the hell down.
Mom, I realized in shock, had been kind of a badass. #Quote by Karen Chance
Bug quotes by Ann Aguirre
#129. These are the results of public security cams at work, recording routinely those who come and go. Apparently, it functions as a wondrous preventative because nothing deters crime so much here as the fear of getting caught. Incompetence is the bogey that haunts all Bug dreams. #Quote by Ann Aguirre
Bug quotes by Faina Ranevskaya
#130. Spelling mistakes in a letter is like a bug on a white shirt. #Quote by Faina Ranevskaya
Bug quotes by Gordon Korman
#131. The au pair was bug-eyed. "What happened back there?"
"It's not our fault!" Dan babbled. "Those guys are crazy! They're like mini-Darth Vaders without the mask!"
"They're Benedictine monks!" Nellie exclaimed. "They're men of peace! Most of them are under vows of silence!"
"Yeah, well, not anymore," Dan told her. "They cursed us out pretty good. I don't know the language, but some things you don't have to translate. #Quote by Gordon Korman
Bug quotes by Scott Lynch
#132. [T]he more we do this, the more I learn about what I think Chains was really training us for. And this is it. He wasn't training us for a calm and orderly world where we could pick and choose when we need to be clever. He was training us for a situation that was fucked up on all sides. Well, we're in it, and I say we're equal to it. I don't need to be reminded that we're up to our heads in dark water. I just want you boys to remember that we're the gods-damned sharks."
"Right on," cried Bug. "I knew there was a reason I let you lead this gang! #Quote by Scott Lynch
Bug quotes by Davy Rothbart
#133. My dashed hopes putt-putted bravely to life once more, like a bug that gets stomped on but keeps pulling itself across the floor. #Quote by Davy Rothbart
Bug quotes by Steve Earle
#134. Part of it is, I think, just to let people know you've got a record out there and that you're still alive requires more work than it used to, because the traditional radio, bug chains of record stores, all of that, that doesn't exist anymore. #Quote by Steve Earle
Bug quotes by Norton Juster
#135. As the cheering continued, Rhyme leaned forward and touched Milo gently on the shoulder.
"They're cheering for you," she said with a smile.
"But I could never have done it," he objected, "without everyone else's help."
"That may be true," said Reason gravely, "but you had the courage to try; and what you can do is often simply a matter of what you *will* do."
"That's why," said Azaz, "there was one very important thing about your quest that we couldn't discuss until you returned.
"I remember," said Milo eagerly. "Tell me now."
"It was impossible," said the king, looking at the Mathemagician.
"Completely impossible," said the Mathemagician, looking at the king.
"Do you mean----" said the bug, who suddenly felt a bit faint.
"Yes, indeed," they repeated together; "but if we'd told you then, you might not have gone---and, as you've discovered, so many things are possible just as long as you don't know they're impossible."
And for the remainder of the ride Milo didn't utter a sound. #Quote by Norton Juster
Bug quotes by Ree Drummond
#136. When I exited the bathroom this time, Marlboro Man was standing right outside the door--just as he'd been at his grandmother's house when I'd had my flop sweat episode at his cousin's wedding. He put his arm around me as I dabbed the corners of my eyes with a Kleenex. The gagging had sent my tear ducts into overdrive.
"What's wrong, honey?"
It was the first time he'd called me that. I felt married.
"I have no idea!" I said. "I must have picked up a stomach bug or something. I'm so sorry!"
"It's okay--we can just head back to the hotel."
"No! I want you to eat…"
"I'm fine--I just ate a whole basket of bread and had two Cokes. I'm good to go."
The nausea hit again, and I ran back into the bathroom.
After vomiting again, I decided to take him up on his offer.
Exiting the cab back at the hotel, I found walking to be difficult. I hadn't ingested a single drop of liquor, but I suddenly couldn't walk in a straight line. Grabbing Marlboro Man's arm, I used him to steady myself until we got to the room, where I immediately fell on the bed and wrapped myself in the comforter.
"I feel so sorry for you," Marlboro Man said, sitting down on the bed beside me and gently playing with my hair, a gesture that proved to be too much for me.
"Could you please not do that?" I said. "The motion kinda makes me sick."
I was a complete and utter mess.
I was a nauseated loser.
It was Marlboro Man who deserved the sympathy. #Quote by Ree Drummond
Bug quotes by Al Pacino
#137. The thing that can get you a little upset is when people say other people are better than you. That can bug you. #Quote by Al Pacino
Bug quotes by Jodi Lynn Anderson
#138. P.S Please give my love to Tink. She was always such a funny little bug. #Quote by Jodi Lynn Anderson
Bug quotes by Gwen Stefani
#139. It's not about me - it's like, "How can I help you?" And when you give like that, you receive so much. It was an incredible experience, but it also gave me that bug: I wanted new music so badly. #Quote by Gwen Stefani
Bug quotes by Nicole Beharie
#140. When I was younger, my father was in the Foreign Service and we lived in Nigeria, Panama, and London, but for the most part I grew up in the South and D.C. I got the travel bug as a little person and I've bounced around a lot. #Quote by Nicole Beharie
Bug quotes by Brenda Ueland
#141. Running is the right thing to do! I am free, healthy with a good complexion. It is that automobile addict who should be ashamed: driving in a sealed car in warmed-over carbon monoxide and smoking a seegar. I am the Goddess! He is a bug in a monkey nut! #Quote by Brenda Ueland
Bug quotes by Neal Shusterman
#142. Distractions ... that's what makes up a big part of our lives, y'know? The distractions. Lots of times, we're like moths fluttering around a porch light. Bugs'll swarm around that bult, all distracted, forgetting in their minuscule insect brains that there's something else they should be doing, like biting people or making more bugs. We're like that, although our brains are generally larger ... Human distractions are bigger, better lightbulbs. We got TVs and computers. We got blinking casino lights and live bands on cruise ships playing yet another version of 'Hot, Hot, Hot' until you wanna puke, but in the end, they're all just porch light. So we go from one bright bulb to another until we hit the bug zapper, and it's all over. #Quote by Neal Shusterman
Bug quotes by Annie Dillard
#143. The point of the dragonfly's terrible lip, the giant water bug, birdsong, or the beautiful dazzle and flash of sunlighted minnows,is not that it all fits together like clockwork
for it doesn'tbut that it all flows so freely wild, like the creek, that it all surges in such a free, finged tangle. Freedom is the world's water and weather, the world's nourishment freely given, its soil and sap: and the creator loves pizzazz. #Quote by Annie Dillard
Bug quotes by Randy Wayne
#144. People with the boat bug are never happier than when they are poking around marinas, fantasizing about owning other people's boats. It's a disease that costs more to cure than any other single common learning disability. #Quote by Randy Wayne
Bug quotes by Frances Beinecke
#145. VW has held a beloved place in American culture. When I graduated from college, many of my friends drove across the country, and most hit the road in a VW van or Bug. Through the years, these cars have represented youth, freedom and quirkiness. #Quote by Frances Beinecke
Bug quotes by Rick Riordan
#146. Her eyes were luminous gold. I wondered if that was the last color a bug saw when it was trapped in amber - and if the bug thought, wow, that's beautiful, right before it was frozen forever. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Bug quotes by Hayley Kiyoko
#147. My mom choreographed the top Olympians; she's really the queen of ice in her world, so I kind of get my directorial bug from her because she's really good at telling people what to do! #Quote by Hayley Kiyoko
Bug quotes by Ann M. Martin
#148. Bug on the wall. #Quote by Ann M. Martin
Bug quotes by Scott Lynch
#149. So that makes us robbers of robbers," said Bug, "who pretend to be robbers working for a robber of other robbers. #Quote by Scott Lynch
Bug quotes by CLAMP
#150. Did that high-and-mighty attitude of yours come attached to you when you were spawned?!
Was it a bug your programmer couldn't fix?! #Quote by CLAMP
Bug quotes by Isabel Lucas
#151. My dad is a pilot so I think I was born with the travel bug. #Quote by Isabel Lucas
Bug quotes by Emily McKay
#152. His presence makes me feel thin. Not model slender. But worn, like an old cotton housedress. Thin like a specimen pressed between two plates of glass. Like a bug squashed beneath the marching boot of a soldier.
Thin and worn and silence like I've never known.
This is how I know he is not a Tick.
They are as pitiable as they are inhuman. They are fear personified. Their emotions and minds given over to rage and hunger. They are all noise. He is none.
If he is not a Tick, does that make him a Tock? #Quote by Emily McKay
Bug quotes by Muriel Barbery
#153. But many intelligent people have a sort of bug: they think intelligence is an end in itself. They have one idea in mind: to be intelligent, which is really stupid. And when intelligence takes itself for its own goal, it operates very strangely: the proof that it exists is not to be found in the ingenuity or simplicity of what it produces, but in how obscurely it is expressed. #Quote by Muriel Barbery
Bug quotes by Jeaniene Frost
#154. I'm really not comfortable with you being naked," I said, struggling for a normal tone and failing.
His brow arched. "Why should it unsettle you, pet? After all, you just said I meant nothing to you beyond mere gratitude. And you've seen a man's body before, so don't pull that blushing act with me. What could be bothering you, then? I know what's bothering me." The smoothly bantering tone changed to a low, furious growl. "What's bothering me is that you dare to stand there and tell me what I do and do not feel about last night. That kissing you and holding you meant nothing to me. Then, to top it all off, that you were only reacting to me because you were impaired! That's rich. You know what those drugs did to you in the first dose, before the second one made you comatose? They killed the bug up your arse! #Quote by Jeaniene Frost
Bug quotes by Keith Rabois
#155. It's actually a good thing if you do reference checks on somebody and half the people you call say they are a micromanager and the other half say they actually give me a lot of responsibility. That's a feature not a bug. #Quote by Keith Rabois
Bug quotes by Carl E. Olson
#156. They can call or e-mail, too, but I'd rather see the bug. #Quote by Carl E. Olson
Bug quotes by Squeak Carnwath
#157. Painting comes to reality through illusion. An illusion that allows us to make a leap of faith; to believe. To believe in a blue that can be the wing of a bug or a thought. It makes our invisible visible. #Quote by Squeak Carnwath
Bug quotes by Lorrie Moore
#158. She had to learn not to be afraid of a man, the way, in your childhood, you learned not to be afraid of an earthworm or a bug. Often, when she spoke to men at parties, she rushed things in her mind. As the man politely blathered on, she would fall in love, marry, then find herself in a bitter custody battle with him for the kids and hoping for a reconciliation, so that despite all his betrayals she might no longer despise him, and in the few minutes remaining, learn, perhaps, what his last name was, and what he did for a living, though probably there was already too much history between them. #Quote by Lorrie Moore
Bug quotes by Anne Lamott
#159. But it is fantasy to think that successful writers do not have these bored, defeated hours, these hours of deep insecurity when one feels as small and jumpy as a water bug. They do. But they also often feel a great sense of amazement that they get to write, and they know that this is what they want to do for the rest of their lives. #Quote by Anne Lamott
Bug quotes by Jase Robertson
#160. A few months into our relationship, we had a campout down at my dad's place. There were a lot of people from church, and we played games and fished into the night. We all gathered around a huge campfire, ate dinner, and sang songs together. Missy was clinging all over me, mainly because she was scared of everything flying in the air or crawling on the ground. It was one of those nights when you feel closer to God and everyone else because of the setting and the ambience--despite the bug activity. That was the first time we said "I love you" to each other. Now, there is still an ongoing debate as to who said it first. I remember clearly that she whispered, "I love you," and then I responded. She is convinced that I said it first, but she was under the influence of bug paranoia. I believe her condition affected her memory. #Quote by Jase Robertson
Bug quotes by Kumail Nanjiani
#161. When generally people make race-based jokes to me - even if they're not technically racist, they're sort of based on me being Pakistani or whatever - on Twitter, you know, I block a lot of people who say something weird about my name or something. It does bug me generally, but it is all about context. #Quote by Kumail Nanjiani
Bug quotes by Zoe Kazan
#162. I think from my earliest childhood, I liked to tell stories, put on plays and write things. It's funny to think of it as an "artistic bug" because I didn't necessarily want to be an artist. It's just who I was and how I communicate. #Quote by Zoe Kazan
Bug quotes by Kim Harrison
#163. Bug? You sack of sweat stink. I've got farts that smell sweeter than you. Think you're better than me? Poop ice cream cones, do you? Call me a bug! Rachel, let me do him now. #Quote by Kim Harrison
Bug quotes by Rumiko Takahashi
#164. -He's his rival in love!*inuyasha hits shippo*why'd you do that!? shippo,if you bug inuyasha you'll only feel his fist.-Miroku+shippo #Quote by Rumiko Takahashi
Bug quotes by Norton Juster
#165. But there's so much to learn," he said, with a thoughtful frown.
"Yes, that's true," admitted Rhyme; "but it's not just learning things that's important. It's learning what to do with what you learn and learning why you learn things at all that matters."
"That's just what I mean," explained Milo as Tock and the exhausted bug drifted quietly off to sleep. "Many of the things I'm supposed to know seem so useless that I can't see the purpose in learning them at all."
"You may not see it now," said the Princess of Pure Reason, looking knowingly at Milo's puzzled face, "but whatever we learn has a purpose and whatever we do affects everything and everyone else, if even in the tiniest way. #Quote by Norton Juster
Bug quotes by Holly Madison
#166. I was always obsessed with being famous. I had Marilyn Monroe paper dolls as a child, and I was always obsessed with her. I've just been really driven in that direction, and none of my friends were. So, I don't know what put that bug in me at a young age. #Quote by Holly Madison
Bug quotes by Criss Angel
#167. Indeed, most magicians catch the bug as kids. My first audience was my family in Long Island. My first 'assistant' was my mother, whom I levitated on a broom in our living room. #Quote by Criss Angel
Bug quotes by William T. Vollmann
#168. Perhaps Bug and Tony should have been allies. But any successful structure of domination always gets the weak to reject each other. #Quote by William T. Vollmann
Bug quotes by Sapphire.
#169. Last week we went to the museum. A whole whale is hanging from the ceiling. Bigger than big! OK, have you seen a Volkswagon car that's like a bug? Um huh, you know what I'm talking about. That's how big the heart of a blue whale is. I know it's not possible, but if that heart was in me, could I love more? ... I would like to. #Quote by Sapphire.
Bug quotes by Denise Dowling Mortensen
#170. I've never met a bug that hasn't made me jump. #Quote by Denise Dowling Mortensen
Bug quotes by Claire Cook
#171. I pulled my suitcase out of the backseat of my bug, along with Cannoli's new travel case, a spiffy animal print pet backpack on wheels. When I first saw it, I thought maybe the dog was supposed to wear the backpack, but it turned out the person wore the backpack with the dog in it. #Quote by Claire Cook
Bug quotes by Megan Mullally
#172. Playing Karen was so satisfying that it almost cured my acting bug completely. Not that I had conquered the world of acting. It was just that I had something to prove to myself when I started Will & Grace. Now I feel like, okay, well, I've satisfied that. #Quote by Megan Mullally
Bug quotes by Wietse Venema
#173. One bug in an SMTP server can open up the whole machine for intrusion. #Quote by Wietse Venema
Bug quotes by Scott Lynch
#174. The Gray King's back arched, and his mouth hung open, gasping in the icy thrall of shock; with both of his arms he pushed at Locke's head, as though by prying the smaller man off him he could undo his wound, but Locke held fast, and in an impossibly calm voice he whispered, "Calo Sanza. My brother and my friend."

Backward, the Gray King toppled, and Locke slid the knife out of his back just before he struck the deck. Locke fell on top of him. He raised the dagger once again and brought it down in the middle of the Gray King's chest, just beneath his rib cage. Blood spurted and the Gray King flailed, moaning. Locke's voice rose as he worked the knife farther in: "Galdo Sanza, my brother and my friend!"

With one last convulsive effort, the Gray King spat warm coppery blood into Locke's face and grabbed at the dagger that transfixed his chest; Locke countered by bearing down with his useless left side, batting the Gray King's hands away. Sobbing, Locke wrenched the dagger out of the Gray King's chest, raised it with a wildly shaking right arm, and brought it down in the middle of the Gray King's neck. He sawed at the windpipe until the neck was half-severed and great rivers of blood were flowing on the deck. The Gray King shuddered one last time and died, his wide white eyes still fixed on Locke's.

"Bug," Locke whispered. "His real name was Bertilion Gadek. My apprentice. My brother. And my friend."

His strength failed, and he slid dow #Quote by Scott Lynch
Bug quotes by Darynda Jones
#175. Oh. Right." We'd had an infestation of demons in the basement once. I'd never thought about having the place blessed to keep them away. Then it hit me. "I knew that new bug guy looked familiar. He was a priest or something, wasn't he?" Reyes tried to nod but cringed in agony instead. He must have had holy water in that canister instead of bug spray. "No wonder I've been seeing so many spiders lately." Holy water may fend off demons, but spiders were completely unfazed by it. I made a mental note to call a real bug guy ay-sap. Not that I had anything against spiders. I liked them as much as the next girl. Not. #Quote by Darynda Jones
Bug quotes by Gary D. Schmidt
#176. I lit a candle in a Catholic church for the first time that afternoon. Me, a Presbyterian. I lit a candle in the warm, dark, waxy-smelling air of Saint Adelbert's. I put it beside the one that Mrs. Baker lit. I don't know what she prayed for, but I prayed that no atomic bomb would ever drop on Camillo Junior High or the Quaker meetinghouse or the old jail or Temple Emmanuel or Hicks Park or Saint Paul's Episcopal School or Saint Adelbert's. I prayed for Lieutenant Baker, missing in action somewhere in the jungles of Vietnam near Khesanh. I prayed for Danny Hupfer, sweating it out in Hebrew school right then. I prayed for my sister, driving in a yellow bug toward California - or maybe she was there already, trying to find herself. And I hoped that it was okay to pray for a bunch of things with one candle. #Quote by Gary D. Schmidt
Bug quotes by Marc Blucas
#177. The transition from sports into acting was something I got blindsided by. I had a full scholarship to law school. I had a different life planned. I started a business, and I was all ready to go. I suddenly got in a local movie, just to say to my kids one day, "Yeah, your old man was in a movie," and I caught the bug. #Quote by Marc Blucas
Bug quotes by Rachael Ray
#178. I think that celebrities are just people, like everybody else, and they've got the foodie bug in them too. #Quote by Rachael Ray
Bug quotes by Adele Faber
#179. Does he feel my request is unreasonable? ("Why does my mother bug me to wash behind my ears? Nobody looks there.") #Quote by Adele Faber
Bug quotes by Kevin Fitzgerald
#180. Being veterinarians, we're not supposed to be afraid of any animals. And I'm afraid of spiders. They creep me out the way they move. They got hair and saliva. That's wrong. A bug shouldn't have hair on it. #Quote by Kevin Fitzgerald
Bug quotes by Magnus Carlsen
#181. I got the travel bug when I was quite young. My parents took me and my sisters out of school and we travelled all over Europe. It was an eye-opening experience and, although I love Norway, I also enjoy visiting new countries. I don't get homesick. #Quote by Magnus Carlsen
Bug quotes by Ken Bruen
#182. I was a failed actor, but for 25 years, I got to go on stage anyway, and I loved it. I've still got the day job, and the travel bug. #Quote by Ken Bruen
Bug quotes by Neil Leckman
#183. Dale, a Plutonian Dreg Bug, the kind with seventeen eyes and a bad temper, got nailed in one of his eyes by a wild dart. Fight broke out when he punched Earl in the nose. Earl's nose is very sensitive, hell it's how he sees, sort of. Earl plopped down on the floor crying when a Flying Mugwhap flew over and ate Dale's eye. Dale grabbed the Mugwhap and squeezed a good deal of the life out of it before the bouncer stopped him. Karen, the bouncer, is a reticulated Hive Mother, and a mean mother when she's pissed off. She walked over and flicked Dale upside his head. That flick knocked Dale out cold, and cost him two more eyes when he hit the wall. She helped Earl up and bought him a drink. A nasty drink by all the comments I've heard. Something between varnish and the stuff people get in the corners of their mouths with a nice aftertaste of silver polish. Earl seemed to like it though. #Quote by Neil Leckman
Bug quotes by Gordon Korman
#184. Hamilton was bug-eyed. "Who are those people?"
Jonah held his head. "Man, I should have known it was a mistake to say I'd be leaving town soon! Why do fans have to be so literal?"
"Are they going to let us go get the faxes?" Hamilton asked.
Jonah stared at him. "You're kidding, right? #Quote by Gordon Korman
Bug quotes by Rebecca Makkai
#185. This is a nation of runaways. Every person comes from somewhere else. Even the Indians, they run once upon a time across the Alaskan land bridge. The blacks, they maybe didn't run from Africa, okay, but they ran from slavery. And the rest of us, we all ran from something. From the church, the state, the parents, the Irish potato bug. And I think this is why Americans are so restless. #Quote by Rebecca Makkai
Bug quotes by Tad Williams
#186. So that's what
one "yes," one "not sure," and one "I had had a dream about a bug. #Quote by Tad Williams
Bug quotes by Tim Challies
#187. We deliberately forget because forgetting is a blessing. On both an emotional level and a spiritual level, forgetting is a natural part of the human experience and a natural function of the human brain. It is a feature, not a bug, one that saves us from being owned by our memories. Can a world that never forgets be a world that truly forgives? #Quote by Tim Challies
Bug quotes by Robert Andrews Millikan
#188. There is no likelihood man can ever tap the power of the atom. The glib supposition of utilizing atomic energy when our coal has run out is a completely unscientific Utopian dream, a childish bug-a-boo. Nature has introduced a few fool-proof devices into the great majority of elements that constitute the bulk of the world, and they have no energy to give up in the process of disintegration. #Quote by Robert Andrews Millikan
Bug quotes by L. Frank Baum
#189. H.M.," said the Woggle-Bug, pompously, "means Highly Magnified; and T.E. means Thoroughly Educated. I am, in reality, a very big bug, and doubtless the most intelligent being in all this broad domain."
"How well you disguise it," said the Wizard. #Quote by L. Frank Baum
Bug quotes by Stacia Kane
#190. You ain't know nothing," a man scoffed. "How I'm supposed to trust some junkie Churchwitch-"
The words sliced through her like razor-sharp fangs. Her face flooded with shame, so hot she imagined it steamed in the icy air. At least it wasn't difficult to identify the speaker. All she had to do was look for the man with Terrible's fist locked around his neck.
"Ain't think I hear you right," Terrible said in a calm, quiet voice. "Wanna louden up?" The man shook his head His eyes bulged. He looked like a bug, with his hands clenching into tiny useless fists. "You sure? You got else to say, you best say it now, instead of later. Now we got us watchers. Later might not be true, dig?" The man dug. #Quote by Stacia Kane
Bug quotes by Veronica Roth
#191. They're disgusting. Those papery wings and their stupid bug bodies ... #Quote by Veronica Roth
Bug quotes by Jerry Brown
#192. We're going to get that little bug before that little bug gets my poll ratings down any further. #Quote by Jerry Brown
Bug quotes by D.J. MacHale
#193. I see you brought along your violent little girlfriend. What a nice surprise! - Saint Dane (The Reality Bug) #Quote by D.J. MacHale
Bug quotes by Dan Mangan
#194. I feel like songwriting changed from something that I liked doing to something that, I feel, is a very important outlet for me to digest all the things around me. Once I put thoughts into a song, I can let it go, it doesn't bug me anymore you know what I mean? It's kind of a catharsis. #Quote by Dan Mangan
Bug quotes by Mark Twain
#195. The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter. 'tis the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning. #Quote by Mark Twain
Bug quotes by Edgar Allan Poe
#196. I found him well educated, with unusual powers of mind, but infected with misanthropy, and subject to perverse moods of alternate enthusiasm and melancholy. #Quote by Edgar Allan Poe
Bug quotes by Sindra Van Yssel
#197. You smell wonderful," he told her. "So aroused." "That's the bug spray," she said. #Quote by Sindra Van Yssel
Bug quotes by Dan Simmons
#198. Mark Twain once opined in his homey way: "The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug. #Quote by Dan Simmons
Bug quotes by Kim Harrison
#199. He darted a guilty look toward his dad. "Will you - get me a bottle of spicy?"
My eyes jerked to his.
"Maybe some barbecue sauce?"
I closed my mouth before a bug flew into it. "Sure." I did not believe this. I was pimping ketchup to the son of the FIB's captain. #Quote by Kim Harrison
Bug quotes by Hal Duncan
#200. Jack in and jerk off, kid! You too can save the world ... from those evil, bug-eyed commies from space! #Quote by Hal Duncan

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