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Bucket List quotes by Suchet Chaturvedi
#1. Everyone who's born has a mysterious life path to follow. We must live to find that one reason to live #Quote by Suchet Chaturvedi
Bucket List quotes by Cameron Jace
#2. You've never slept in a bed?" she wondered as he embraced her from behind, his arms caressing her, his knees bending to fit in the coffin.

"It's on my bucket list," Loki said.

"What's a bucket list?" She wrapped her hands around his.

"Oh I forgot, you're immortal. You don't ned a bucket list. It's a list mortals like me - now that I'm officially a Minikin - have of the things they want to do before they die."

"What else do you have on your bucket list?"

"Saving a princess," Loki teased her.

"And sleeping in a coffin with her?" she joked.

"If she'll let me grow old with her, then it doesn't matter where I sleep next to her - of course, I know you'll never grow old. #Quote by Cameron Jace
Bucket List quotes by Tsh Oxenreider
#3. I know, in my soul, that a love for travel is a gift and not a hindrance. It feels like a burden when the bucket list is bigger than the bank account, but a thirst for more of the world is not something to apologize for. Denying its presence feels like denying something good in me, something God put there. Wanderlust has a reputation as the epitome of unrequited love, something the young and naive chase after because they don't yet realize it's as futile as a dog chasing its tail. Turns out, ever-burning wanderlust is a good thing. #Quote by Tsh Oxenreider
Bucket List quotes by Kimberly Schlapman
#4. Oh, gosh, first of all, Paula Deen is my idol. I adore that woman. I got to be on her show a few months ago, and I'm telling you that was at the top of my bucket list. #Quote by Kimberly Schlapman
Bucket List quotes by Laurann Dohner
#5. Did you have sex in that alley?" "Inside the SUV." Beth unwound her arms and sat back. She lifted a hand in the air. "High five." Vanni just stared at her blankly. "Bucket list, remember? Sex in a car. #Quote by Laurann Dohner
Bucket List quotes by Jay Ryan
#6. I guess I did get to tick a big one off the bucket list, though, and that was being on a giant billboard smack-bang in the hub of Hollywood Boulevard. That was ... well, pretty Hollywood. #Quote by Jay Ryan
Bucket List quotes by Lynda Barry
#7. My goal on my bucket list is to write a romantic comedy movie. #Quote by Lynda Barry
Bucket List quotes by Amy Andrews
#8. Scarlett lived by the (thankfully) ancient medical creed: If it tastes awful and smells worse, it's probably good for you.
Julia wasn't so sure about that. She lived by the edict: If it tastes awful and smells worse, leave it the hell alone. On the other hand, if it tasted good and smelled better, you either ate it, squirted it on your neck or fucked it.
It hadn't led her wrong so far. #Quote by Amy Andrews
Bucket List quotes by Ros Baxter
#9. Quentin flicked a quick glance back at her again. Poppy. This girl had the wrong name. She should have been Rose. Great face, lots of prickles. #Quote by Ros Baxter
Bucket List quotes by Ming-Na Wen
#10. 'Star Wars' is on my bucket list. Even if it's just a small walk on, I don't care. #Quote by Ming-Na Wen
Bucket List quotes by Patrick Stump
#11. My bucket list is pretty much checked off. But oh, we should play in space! Let's do that. We'll play in space, up on a satellite somewhere. #Quote by Patrick Stump
Bucket List quotes by Ros Baxter
#12. She frowned, and the effect was so pretty he wondered if he was going mad. Why did he find this cranky, kooky woman so damned appealing? He knew for a fact he could go out tonight and drag home some hot, willing chick who would stroke his ego and never argue with him about anything. He closed his eyes and remembered just how good that felt. Willing women; god bless them. #Quote by Ros Baxter
Bucket List quotes by Kristen Lippert-Martin
#13. We should kiss now," he says.

"Thomas, please."

"No, I mean it. Circumstances require it. Plus, it's the second thing on my bucket list: Kiss a bald girl. You can't say no. #Quote by Kristen Lippert-Martin
Bucket List quotes by Jimmy Tudeski
#14. Have you arrived at your happy day by day yet, or are you waiting for a happy ending that will never actually arrive? There's no happy ever after – Only, happy right now! #Quote by Jimmy Tudeski
Bucket List quotes by Patricia Highsmith
#15. I got a theory a person ought to do everything it's possible to do before he dies, and maybe die trying to do something that's really impossible. #Quote by Patricia Highsmith
Bucket List quotes by Amy Andrews
#16. Look,' she said, sidling a little closer to him in the lift. 'I understand this wasn't what you bargained for when some cute girl at the café dared you to jump out of a plane with her. You were in it for thrills and sex and you got breast-cancer girl, her terrifying friend and her flaky mother. That's above and beyond. And I totally get you're here because you'd feel like some louse if you left her now, but it's okay, she's going to be fine, I'm going to take good care of her. #Quote by Amy Andrews
Bucket List quotes by Jeremy Luke
#17. All I'm going to say is that I worked with Christopher Walken the other day. I can cross him and working with Clint Eastwood off my bucket list! #Quote by Jeremy Luke
Bucket List quotes by Sara Lopes
#18. Take advantage of the opportunities you have during your program. It's not every day that you get to live in Florida with incredible people and make magic daily. During the last two months of my program, Sara and I made sure we conquered as much on our bucket list as possible. If you make a bucket list, use it. Don't regret not doing something when you have the chance. #Quote by Sara Lopes
Bucket List quotes by Zainab T. Khan
#19. Whenever something bad happens, do not forget to smile. Even if you have to deal with this really arrogant, ruthless tycoon. You never know, sometimes a very rude and arrogant person can be melted with a heartfelt smile. #Quote by Zainab T. Khan
Bucket List quotes by Amy Andrews
#20. We'll make a wellness altar, I think … have some incense burn¬ing, fresh flowers every day and string some lights around it …'
Poppy rolled her head to the side. 'Still think it's a good idea?'
Julia blanched at the tackiness of a wellness altar with fairy lights and a water feature, but what the hell, she already had a three-metre girly snake ruining the ambience. 'Sure,' she said. If it made Scarlett happy.
Poppy laughed. 'I'm going to remind you of this conversation when your apartment looks like a Chinese brothel. #Quote by Amy Andrews
Bucket List quotes by Matt Damon
#21. If I had a bucket list, I'd say raising my four girls to be strong, good women would be No. 1, #Quote by Matt Damon
Bucket List quotes by Ros Baxter
#22. Quentin wasn't stupid, despite living what his father called 'a lifestyle unworthy of yourself'. #Quote by Ros Baxter
Bucket List quotes by Pierce Brosnan
#23. Acting for the Indian audience is surely on my bucket list; it may take some time, though. #Quote by Pierce Brosnan
Bucket List quotes by Craig Schaefer
#24. My first escape attempt had been a disaster and this one was likely to land me in an unmarked grave, but the situation wasn't all bad. At least I was able to cross one thing off my bucket list. You know all those movies where the bad guy gets captured, but it turns out that was the key to his master plan all along? Not gonna lie. I'd always wanted to do that. #Quote by Craig Schaefer
Bucket List quotes by Amy Daws
#25. Seriously though, why am I naked?" I ask her one last time.
"You said-and I quote, I want to feel the breeze of the house-air on my skin as I walk up three flights of stairs. I've never done that before. Bucket list! Unquote. #Quote by Amy Daws
Bucket List quotes by A.K. Kuykendall
#26. Sex with a writer should be on any and everyone's bucket list. Like a box of chocolates, you'd have no clue which of our multiple personalities you'd encounter. Odds are, you'd find that perfect lover. So perfect this inamorata and/or inamorato that your psyche would forever be consumed with hopes that you'd, again, experience, even for a brief moment, the all-encompassing magmatism of that carnal deity within. #Quote by A.K. Kuykendall
Bucket List quotes by M.G. Buehrlen
#27. During homeroom, before first period, I start a bucket list in one of my notebooks.
First on the list?

1) Eat in the cafeteria. Sit with people. TALK TO THEM.


And…that's all I can come up with for now. But this is good. One task to work on.
No distractions. I can do this.

When my lunch period rolls around, I forgo the safety of my bag lunch and the computer
lab and slip into the pizza line, wielding my very own tray of semi-edible fare for
the first time in years.

"A truly remarkable sight." Jensen cuts into line beside me, sliding his tray next
to mine on the ledge in front of us. He lifts his hands and frames me with his fingers,
like he's shooting a movie. "In search of food, the elusive creature emerges from
her den and tries her luck at the watering hole."

I shake my head, smiling, moving down the line. "Wow, Peters. I never knew you were
such a huge Animal Planet fan."

"I'm a fan of all things nature. Birds. Bees. The like." He grabs two pudding cups
and drops one on my tray.

"Pandas?" I say.

"How did you know? The panda is my spirit animal."

"Oh, good, because Gran has this great pattern for an embroidered panda cardigan.
It would look amazing on you."

"Um, yeah, I know. It was on my Christmas list, but Santa totally stiffed me."

I laugh as I grab a car #Quote by M.G. Buehrlen
Bucket List quotes by Zainab T. Khan
#28. You don't know the art of eating ice cream." I mumbled.
"And what's that?" He said sarcastically.
"That is, to enjoy every single spoonful, lick it thrice to completely clean it off, then take another spoonful, and so on. You know what's sweet time? That is called sweet time. Next time, do it and enjoy the heavenly taste of it. It will increase its deliciousness by tenfold." I grinned at him. #Quote by Zainab T. Khan
Bucket List quotes by Matt Bomer
#29. For me, a lot of these actors are new. For me, I only worked with Finn [Whittrock] and Michael Chiklis. So a lot of these actors are people I've been a huge fan of for years and are bucket-list actors for me to get to work with. It's pretty surreal now getting to step into scenes with them.You all get to find your characters together. #Quote by Matt Bomer
Bucket List quotes by Daniel Klein
#30. There is no rest for the striver. Just beyond the completion of each goal on our life-achievement "bucket list" looms another goal, and then another. Meanwhile, of course, the clock is ticking - quite loudly, in fact. We become breathless. And we have no time left for a calm and reflective appreciation of our twilight years, no deliciously long afternoons sitting with friends or listening to music or musing about the story of our lives. And we will never get another chance for that. #Quote by Daniel Klein
Bucket List quotes by Morgan Freeman
#31. You measure yourself by the people who measure themselves by you. #Quote by Morgan Freeman
Bucket List quotes by Amy Andrews
#32. Julia had been angry most of her life. She may have grown up in wealth and privilege but she'd had to fight to be heard and seen. To be validated. To be something other than a piece to be moved around her parents' Monopoly board. Rage had given her a voice against their manipulations and the guts to walk away. But it had also become ingrained.
There were times when she'd contemplated therapy for it. Right now, she was pleased she hadn't.
If anything could kill this cancer it would be the weight of Julia's wrath. #Quote by Amy Andrews
Bucket List quotes by Christine Bell
#33. I like my freedom, and I sure as shit won't ask your permission to cross stuff off my bucket list. I'm cranky in the morning until I've had my coffee, and I'm not sure I ever want kids... I'm not used to compromising or having someone to answer to or clear my schedule with. And to be honest? It scares the ever-loving shit out of me. But I want to try. If you do. Because being with you is an adventure. #Quote by Christine Bell
Bucket List quotes by Janet Evanovich
#34. Be refreshing." Ranger smiled. "There are times when I seriously consider marrying you, but then I get yet another black mark on my path to enlightenment and forgiveness and I scratch marriage off my bucket list." "Really? You think about marrying me?" "Marrying you might be extreme, but once in a while I think about sharing my closet." "You have a really great closet. #Quote by Janet Evanovich
Bucket List quotes by Linda Weaver Clarke
#35. Rick gave a mischievous grin.
"We're going to add a few things to that bucket list of yours, Amelia. You're going to have a snowball fight, make a snow angel, and go sleigh riding. #Quote by Linda Weaver Clarke
Bucket List quotes by Nina Dobrev
#36. My way of discovering of what I like was to create a restaurant list and eat my way through it, and I call it my 'inner fat girl bucket list.' #Quote by Nina Dobrev
Bucket List quotes by Sahana Ahmed
#37. I had a bucket list, I had a fuck-it list. Killing myself was part of neither. #Quote by Sahana Ahmed
Bucket List quotes by Gayle Forman
#38. Don't worry, I plan on living a long time."
"Why are you making a bucket list, then?"
"Because if you wait until you're really dying, it's too late. #Quote by Gayle Forman
Bucket List quotes by Lily Collins
#39. I don't know if this is too weird to say, but this is completely surreal for me. Bizarre. The cover of 'Teen Vogue' has been on my bucket list forever. #Quote by Lily Collins
Bucket List quotes by Zainab T. Khan
#40. Reasonable things would never bring you joy as much as unreasonable ones do. #Quote by Zainab T. Khan
Bucket List quotes by Lana Parrilla
#41. Israel was always on my bucket list, it was always one of those places that you check off and move onto the next place, but I'm never going to check Israel off my list. It's a place I'm always going to want to come back to. #Quote by Lana Parrilla
Bucket List quotes by Joel McHale
#42. Without a doubt, Robert Rodriguez is the reason I was drawn to it. The fact that he even knew who I was and then was interested in me for the role was amazing. I am a huge fan of his and it's like a bucket list thing for me to be able to work with him and knowing that Jessica Alba and Jeremy Piven were in it I knew that part was going to be good and as you said, the pedigree of the series was great, so it was really one of those things I couldn'tresist. #Quote by Joel McHale
Bucket List quotes by Zainab T. Khan
#43. Life is full of drama, competition, difficulties, and God knows what else. But that shouldn't rule out the love, happiness and joy we feel by being around the things we love and the people who love us. #Quote by Zainab T. Khan
Bucket List quotes by Julie Halpern
#44. Can we stop calling it a bucket list? Again: implied death," I
"I thought it meant all the things you can fi t into a bucket to do."
"Um, no, I think it means all the things you can do before you
kick the bucket. Which, actually, I think is an allusion to suicide, right?
Like, kicking the bucket out from under your feet while you hang.
Or maybe someone else is kicking out the bucket. #Quote by Julie Halpern
Bucket List quotes by Kacey Musgraves
#45. I would love to go to India. And also someday, I want to have a family. That's my bucket-list. #Quote by Kacey Musgraves
Bucket List quotes by Roger Ebert
#46. The Bucket List is a movie about two old codgers who are nothing like people, both suffering from cancer that is nothing like cancer, and setting off on adventures that are nothing like possible. I urgently advise hospitals: Do not make the DVD available to your patients; there may be an outbreak of bedpans thrown at TV screens. #Quote by Roger Ebert
Bucket List quotes by Morena Baccarin
#47. I would love to be a Bond girl. That is on my bucket list, definitely. #Quote by Morena Baccarin
Bucket List quotes by Jack Nicholson
#48. We live, we die, and the wheels on the bus go round and round. #Quote by Jack Nicholson
Bucket List quotes by Amy Andrews
#49. She'd never met someone so young who was so damn cocky. Most twenty-year-old guys she knew were either gauche or monosyllabic in her presence, but not Spike. There was a directness, a confidence in his inky-blue eyes that a lot of men never mastered.
Cleary Spike was getting laid far too easily. #Quote by Amy Andrews
Bucket List quotes by Rob Reiner
#50. We made the joke when we screened 'Bucket List' that there was 100% desire to see amongst our demographic with a 40% ability to get them to see it. #Quote by Rob Reiner
Bucket List quotes by Brittainy C. Cherry
#51. Have a fake ID." I snatched it from his hands and smiled. "Where the heck did you get this?!" His eyes shifted back to Avery. "I know people who know people." "Burt Summerstone?" I asked, reading his name off the card. He took it back from me and slid it into his pocket. "It's not about the name, baby girl. It's about the date. I am officially a twenty-one-year-old high school student. And we are officially getting drunk and crossing that item off of your bucket list. Bow down, bitches." He pulled out a fake ID for me and I grinned. Summer Burtstone. How creative. #Quote by Brittainy C. Cherry
Bucket List quotes by Justin Zackham
#52. One day, I got so disgusted that I sat down and wrote a list called 'Justin's list of things to do before he kicks the bucket.' I wrote it for myself and shortened it to 'Justin's Bucket List.' It was there on the wall, not as a story idea but as a motivational tool for myself, which actually ended up working pretty well. #Quote by Justin Zackham
Bucket List quotes by Caroline Kepnes
#53. This will sound crazy, but I'm saving it. For my nursing home list." "You mean bucket list." "Oh no, that's totally different. A nursing home list is a list of things you plan on reading and watching in a nursing home. A bucket list is more like . . . visit Nigeria, jump out of an airplane. A nursing home list is like, read The Western Coast and watch Pulp Fiction and listen to the latest Daft Punk album. #Quote by Caroline Kepnes
Bucket List quotes by Gabrielle Aplin
#54. I've kind of achieved everything I thought that I never would, so I haven't really got a bucket list. But I really wanna go to loads of different places. #Quote by Gabrielle Aplin
Bucket List quotes by Miranda Hart
#55. It's on the bucket list for sure to do a comedy film, even if it was just one line on the lot. #Quote by Miranda Hart
Bucket List quotes by Emma Stone
#56. I won't make a bucket list because I'm so afraid that I'll die and then people will find my bucket list and be, like, 'Oh, she didn't get to do that.' #Quote by Emma Stone
Bucket List quotes by Janet Evanovich
#57. Babe!" Ranger shouted from the bathroom. "Come get your grandmother." Ranger was standing in the glass-enclosed shower with the door open, looking out at Grandma. He was dripping wet and seemed not especially concerned that he was naked. "It's like she's paralyzed," he said. "Amazing," Grandma said, eyes wide, staring in unblinking stupefaction. I yanked Grandma out and closed the bathroom door. "It was mesmerizing," Grandma said. "It was like staring into the eye of a cobra. I don't care if I do anything else on the bucket list. This was awesome. It was like a biblical experience. #Quote by Janet Evanovich
Bucket List quotes by Linda Weaver Clarke
#58. Are you still working on that bucket list of yours?"
Amelia nodded.
"As I remember, you mentioned a few things for Ireland." He smiled with humor lacing his eyes as he said, "Like kissing the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle."
She laughed as she opened her brochure of things to do in southern Ireland. "You've got a good memory." Amelia pointed to a picture of a beautiful garden full of flowers. "I want to visit the Blarney Gardens, too."
He pointed to another picture and said, "How about the Blarney dungeons? That looks awesome to explore."
She looked up at him and smiled. "Yeah. I've also been interested in listening to a live Irish concert. #Quote by Linda Weaver Clarke
Bucket List quotes by Ros Baxter
#59. Quentin Carmody didn't do early mornings, heights or bossy women. #Quote by Ros Baxter
Bucket List quotes by Janet Evanovich
#60. What's on your bucket list?" I asked. "I got six things so far," Grandma said. "First off, I want new breasts. These ones I got are a mess. #Quote by Janet Evanovich
Bucket List quotes by Nicholas Kontis
#61. At a time when so many people are just checking things off a bucket list, other travelers are finding that they want more. Going Local explores the whys and how to's of really experiencing an area and its culture through the people who live there. Includes a plethora of real life travel stories from experts and everyday people alike. #Quote by Nicholas Kontis
Bucket List quotes by E.J. Stevens
#62. Becoming a fae leader? Not on my bucket list. #Quote by E.J. Stevens
Bucket List quotes by Amy Andrews
#63. I bet if cancer of the penis was more prevalent there'd be a cure for this fucker. I bet if dicks were being amputated or dropping off left, right and centre there'd have been a cure decades ago. There'd be a whole fucking government dick department dedicated to it. #Quote by Amy Andrews
Bucket List quotes by Gina Greenlee
#64. If "Been there, done that" isn't your mantra,then make haste down your "bucket list. #Quote by Gina Greenlee
Bucket List quotes by Fred DeLuca
#65. I don't have much of a bucket list. I don't have a lot of needs and desires. #Quote by Fred DeLuca
Bucket List quotes by Lacey Schwimmer
#66. I think on a bucket list for a performer is definitely doing a stage show, whether it's in Vegas or on Broadway or whatever. #Quote by Lacey Schwimmer
Bucket List quotes by Emma Chase
#67. Steven's words slush together as he gets to his feet. "Crossing this one off the bucket list." Then he
unbuckles his belt and grabs the waist of his pants - yanking the suckers down to his ankles - tighty
whities and all.
Every guy in the car holds up his hands to try to block the spectacle. We groan and complain. "My
eyes! They burn!"
"Put the boa constrictor back in his cage, man."
"This is not the ass I planned on seeing tonight."
Our protests fall on deaf ears. Steven is a man on a mission. Wordlessly, he squats and shoves his lilywhite
ass out the window - mooning the gaggle of grannies in the car next to us.
I bet you thought this kind of stuff only happened in movies.
He grins while his ass blows in the wind for a good ninety seconds, ensuring optimal viewage. Then
he pulls his slacks up, turns around, and leans out the window, laughing. "Enjoying the full moon, ladies?"
Wow. Steven usually isn't the type to visually assault the elderly.
Without warning, his crazy cackling is cut off. He's silent for a beat, then I hear him choke out a single
strangled word.
Then he's diving back into the limo, his face grayish, dazed, and totally sober. He stares at the floor.
"No way that just happened."
Matthew and I look at each other hopefully, then we scramble to the window. Sure enough, in the
driver's seat of that big old Town Car is none other than Loretta P. Reinhart. Mom #Quote by Emma Chase
Bucket List quotes by M. Leighton
#68. I've never wanted anything more in my life, if i died tomorrow, being with you, like this tonight, will have been the best night of my entire existence. And it's not because of a stupid bucket list; it's because i love you. #Quote by M. Leighton
Bucket List quotes by Kristin Hannah
#69. And before you barrel through some idiotic Cosmo girl list of how-well-do-you-know-your-man questions, let me say that I don't know squat about him except that he kisses like a god and screws like a devil. #Quote by Kristin Hannah
Bucket List quotes by H.R. Willaston
#70. We're not going to leave you here! I'd rather not add hitchhiking to the list of new experiences for Runaway Andy." - Greg #Quote by H.R. Willaston
Bucket List quotes by Cory Doctorow
#71. I'm 17 years old. I'm not a straight-A student or anything. Even so, I figured out how to make an Internet that they can't wiretap. I figured out how to jam their person-tracking technology. I can turn innocent people into suspects and turn guilty people into innocents in their eyes. I could get metal onto an airplane or beat a no-fly list. I figured this stuff out by looking at the web and by thinking about it. If I can do it, terrorists can do it. They told us they took away our freedom to make us safe. Do you feel safe? #Quote by Cory Doctorow
Bucket List quotes by Scott Stabile
#72. As you go through your list of things to do for the day, make sure to remind yourself that you are a cool, hot, unique and wonderful human being, as loving as you are lovable, and that your place in this world makes many, many, many people smile. In short, you rock! #Quote by Scott Stabile
Bucket List quotes by Siobhan Vivian
#73. They don't understand that it's hard to be her, to be shopping with them.
Like when Dana had pointed out a pair of jeans that Jennifer HAD to try, before darting into another section. Skinny girls can walk by a table full of pants, piled in high stacks, and peel a pair off the top. Easy. Effortless. But not girls like Jennifer. #Quote by Siobhan Vivian
Bucket List quotes by Rachel Caine
#74. He held up one finger. "I thought it wasn't loaded" Shane said. Second finger. "Hand me a match so I can check the gas tank." Third finger. "Killed over ice cream. Basically, any death that requires me to be stupid first."
Michael shook his head. "So what's on your good list?"
"Oh you know. Hero stuff that gets me rerun on CNN, Like I died saving a busload of supermodels" Claire smacked his arm. "Ow! Saving them! What did you think I meant? #Quote by Rachel Caine
Bucket List quotes by Cambria Hebert
#75. That's right. Your husband. I belong to you, Rim. Always. I don't want anyone but you. I haven't since the day you spilled pencils everywhere, in your lesbian sweater, and gave me a list of rules. #Quote by Cambria Hebert
Bucket List quotes by Aiden Wilson Tozer
#76. He fills heaven and earth as the ocean fills the bucket that is submerged in it, and as the ocean surrounds the bucket so does God in the universe He fills. "The heaven of heavens cannot contain Thee." God is not contained: He contains. #Quote by Aiden Wilson Tozer
Bucket List quotes by Jennifer Lopez
#77. There are certain people that are marked for death. I have my little list of those that treated me unfairly. #Quote by Jennifer Lopez
Bucket List quotes by Rob Thurman
#78. Grocery lists I lost; my shit list was forever. #Quote by Rob Thurman
Bucket List quotes by M.M. Wilde
#79. I'd love that. I've never had a crepe before."
"Then I'll put it at the top of our list."
Our. It was a great word. #Quote by M.M. Wilde
Bucket List quotes by F.F. Bruce
#80. One thing must be emphatically stated. The New Testament books did not become authoritative for the Church because they were formally included in a canonical list; on the contrary, the Church included them in her canon because she already regarded them as divinely inspired, recognizing their innate worth and generally apostolic authority, direct or indirect. #Quote by F.F. Bruce
Bucket List quotes by Scott  Hawkins
#81. Steve didn't like the stairs. It bothered him that they hung in midair, unsupported. Steve said this "weirded him out."

This wasn't surprising. The list of things that Steve found objectionable was long and growing. It included the Library itself ("How can the furniture hang on the ceiling like that? It's creepy."); the jade floor ("Jade isn't supposed to glow."); the apothecary ("What the hell is that thing? I'm out of here."); the armory (David's trophies made him throw up); the Pelapi language ("It sounds like cats fighting"); her robes ("Did you borrow those from Death?" She hadn't.); and, of course, Carolyn herself. #Quote by Scott Hawkins
Bucket List quotes by Richard Carlson
#82. As our appreciation of happiness in relationship increases, we take notice of the things that tend to take us away from this feeling. One major catalyst taking us away is the need to be right. An opinion that is taken too seriously sets up conditions that must be met first before you can be happy. In relationships, this might sound like 'You must agree with or see my point of view in order for me to love and respect you.' In a more positive feeling state, this attitude would seem silly or harmful. We can disagree, even on important issues, and still love one another - when our own thought systems no longer have control over our lives and we see the innocence in our divergent points of view.

The need to be right stems from an unhealthy relationship to your own thoughts. Do you believe your thoughts are representative of reality and need to be defended, or do you realize that realities are seen through different eyes? Your answer to this question will determine, to a large extent, your ability to remain in a positive feeling state.

Everyone I know, who has put positive feeling above being right on their priority list has come to see that differences of opinion will take care of themselves. #Quote by Richard Carlson
Bucket List quotes by Meredith Duran
#83. I'll draw up a list. [ ... ] You can give me a general idea, if you like: hair color, eye color-"
"None? Bit of a tall order, there, Gwen. Aristocracy lacks for albinos. #Quote by Meredith Duran
Bucket List quotes by Oona Chaplin
#84. As I don't know what life would be like without my Chaplin connections, I work with them. I'm just really happy it's a family I can be proud of; it's not as if I'm related to some Z-list celebrity. #Quote by Oona Chaplin
Bucket List quotes by Karen Burton Mains
#85. Fruitfulness may be a better measurement for success than productivity because it is based more in the evaluations of others as to the meaningful role we have played in their lives then in our own importance determined according to the amount of accomplishments we can list. #Quote by Karen Burton Mains
Bucket List quotes by Bill Dedman
#86. NBC News found that FEMA has redrawn maps even for properties that have repeatedly filed claims for flood losses from previous storms. At least some of the properties are on the secret 'repetitive loss list' that FEMA sends to communities to alert them to problem properties. #Quote by Bill Dedman
Bucket List quotes by Reggie Lee
#87. There's this list on Internet Movie Database that I'm on, and it's called 'Actors with High Body Counts.' I'm always playing the bad guy. #Quote by Reggie Lee
Bucket List quotes by Abiodun Fijabi
#88. Here is announcing vacancies for numerous positions as complainants. Any or no qualification is acceptable. Both genders and all age groups may apply. While no experience is needed, candidate with good blame game skill have an advantage. Blame game skill is the art of holding someone else responsible for your actions and, especially, for the rot in the society. You have an infinitely long list of co-workers to welcome you into their fold. There is a caveat, though. Successful candidates must be willing to surrender their worth and their dream, as they may conflict with their work schedule. In the same vein, leaders or would-be leaders need not apply. #Quote by Abiodun Fijabi
Bucket List quotes by Jarod Kintz
#89. To find my mistakes, you're going to need a shovel - and a missing person's list. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Bucket List quotes by Winston Churchill
#90. Every offensive lost its force as it proceeded. It was like throwing a bucket of water over the floor. It first rushed forward, then soaked forward, and finally stopped altogether until another bucket could be brought. #Quote by Winston Churchill
Bucket List quotes by Cormac McCarthy
#91. A forest fire was making its way along the tinderbox ridges above them, flaring and shimmering against the overcast like the northern lights. Cold as it was he stood there a long time. The color of it moved something in him long forgotten. Make a list. Recite a litany. Remember. #Quote by Cormac McCarthy
Bucket List quotes by Neil Gaiman
#92. He started to list the coin vanishes he had mastered, which reminded him of the coin he had tossed into Laura's grave, and then, in his head, Audrey was telling him that Laura had died with Robbie's cock in her mouth, and once again he felt a small hurt in his heart. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Bucket List quotes by Arnold Lobel
#93. I cannot remember any of the things that were on my list of things to do. I will just have to sit here and do nothing," said Toad. #Quote by Arnold Lobel
Bucket List quotes by David Levithan
#94. Finances, n.
You wanted to keep the list on the refrigerator.
"No," I said. "That's too public."
What I meant was: Aren't you embarrassed by how much you owe me? #Quote by David Levithan
Bucket List quotes by Kristen Ashley
#95. You're bossy, arrogant, intrusive, annoying ... "
His minor grin amplified.
See! Totally unrepentant ...
"Do I have anything going for me?"
" ... you can be sweet, you're a cuddler, and you carried me out of a burning building ... "
"I'm a cuddler?"
"You spoon."
His brows went up. "That's important enough to be on your list?"
"Uh ... yeah."
[He's grinning] "Fuckin' ridiculous what women think is important. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Bucket List quotes by Cheryl Strayed
#96. One of the scandalous things I did was as I read them afterward I would burn them. I loved them, but for practical reasons I had to lighten the load. I burned favorites, like William Faulkner's "As I Lay Dying." There's a whole list in the back of my book. It's me,[Adolf] Hitler, [Benito] Mussolini, and Pol Pot. We're the book burners. #Quote by Cheryl Strayed
Bucket List quotes by Madeline Sheehan
#97. Nearly every female that crossed Cage's path fell immediately into a big bucket of fucking stupid. #Quote by Madeline Sheehan
Bucket List quotes by Tamar Braxton
#98. I like the Kardashians, but I do keep them on the top of my prayer list. #Quote by Tamar Braxton
Bucket List quotes by Jamaica Kincaid
#99. Bad sex. I wondered what exactly did she mean. From my mother I had gathered that the experience could leave you feeling indifferent, that during it you might make out the grocery list, pick a style of curtains, memorize a subtle but choice insult for people who imagined themselves above you. But I had never imagined the word 'bad' could be applied to it, and as soon as she said it I knew what she meant: it was like wanting a sugar apple and getting a spoiled one; and while you're eating the spoiled one, the memory of a good tasting one will not go away. #Quote by Jamaica Kincaid

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