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Brother Leo quotes by Nikos Kazantzakis
#1. I felt sorry for the inhabitants and went into the forest to admonish the wolf in God's name not to eat any more sheep. I called him, he came - and do you know what his answer was? 'Francis, Francis,' he said, 'do not destroy God's prescribed order. The sheep feeds on grass, the wolf on sheep - that's the way God ordained it. Do not ask why; simply obey God's will and leave me free to enter the sheepfolds whenever I feel the pinch of hunger. I say my prayers just like Your Holiness. I say: "Our Father who reignest in the forests and hast commanded me to eat meat, Thy will be done. Give me this day my daily sheep so that my stomach may be filled, and I shall glorify Thy name. Great art Thou, Lord, who hast created mutton so delicious. And when the day cometh that I shall die, Grant, Lord, that I may be resurrected, and that with me may be resurrected all the sheep I have eaten - so that I may eat them again!"' That, Brother Leo, is what the wolf answered me. #Quote by Nikos Kazantzakis
Brother Leo quotes by Nikos Kazantzakis
#2. Because what God wants, that, and only that, is also what we want - but we don't know it. God comes and awakens our souls, revealing to them their real, though unknown, desire. This is the secret, Brother Leo. To do the will of God means to do my own most deeply hidden will. #Quote by Nikos Kazantzakis
Brother Leo quotes by Nikos Kazantzakis
#3. It's possible to save oneself from Satan, Father Francis, but from men - never! #Quote by Nikos Kazantzakis
Brother Leo quotes by Mona Charen
#4. Liberalism in various guises - feminism, the sexual revolution, gay activism - has been at war with marriage and family for several decades now. And when do-gooders look around at the wreckage of human lives caused by disintegrating families, they call for government to act as father, mother, brother, and sister. #Quote by Mona Charen
Brother Leo quotes by Blake Jenner
#5. The second that I watched 'Glee' with my brother, I loved it. I fell in love with it and I saw myself there. #Quote by Blake Jenner
Brother Leo quotes by Steve Alten
#6. More bloodshed followed, as brother fought brother and religion battled religion in the age-old nonsense of settling whose method of worship was the holiest to our Creator, who, for all our murderous efforts, most likely despises the lot of us. #Quote by Steve Alten
Brother Leo quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#7. Oh, you're going to die all right. All of you. And for what you've done to my brother you will suffer unimaginably! (Kessar)
Yada, yada, yada. Am I the only one who gets sick of the bad-guy monologue? 'Ooo, I'm the big evil. I'm going to kill you all. Just wait while I bore you to tears with my egomaniacal bullshit. I'm just a demon windbag who likes to hear himself speak and I'm trying to intimidate you.' (Kat) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Brother Leo quotes by Leo Rosten
#8. People say: idle curiosity. The one thing that curiosity cannot be is idle. #Quote by Leo Rosten
Brother Leo quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#9. Perhaps it's because I appreciate all I have so much that I don't worry about what I haven't got. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Brother Leo quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#10. Besides, it seemed to him that the society of women was rather derogatory to his manhood. He #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Brother Leo quotes by Ralph Stanley
#11. The soundtrack of O Brother is the most publicity I've gotten. I don't feel that I have lost any of my old fans, but I have gained new ones. #Quote by Ralph Stanley
Brother Leo quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#12. They say: sufferings are misfortunes, said Pierre. 'But if at once this minute, I was asked, would I remain what I was before I was taken prisoner, or go through it all again, I should say, for God's sake let me rather be a prisoner and eat horseflesh again. We imagine that as soon as we are torn out of our habitual path all is over, but it is only the beginning of something new and good. As long as there is life, there is happiness. There is a great deal, a great deal before us. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Brother Leo quotes by Suzanne  Johnson
#13. A pair of shots rang out from outside, near the front of the house, followed by shouting. A sudden flood of adrenaline doused my fatigue and political confusion.

Jean's posture straightened, and he rose quickly. "That is Dominique, whose men were watching the transport. Something is amiss."

Ya think? I ran for my bag and pulled out the staff.

Jean slipped a triangular-bladed dagger from beneath his tunic, wrenched open the door to the study, and strode out ahead of me. As always where the pirate was concerned, I trailed along, a step behind.

I edged around Jean in time to see his older half-brother and fellow pirate captain Dominique Youx dragging a stumbling, bleeding man into the front hallway from outside and shoving him to the floor. I breathed a sigh of relief that it wasn't Alex, followed by a chaser of disappointment that it wasn't Alex, topped by a dollop of concern that our friend Ken Hachette had been shot.

Ken, a human NOPD detective who'd recently been clued in about the big bad world surrounding him, had missed all the recent events due to a family emergency that had taken him out of town.

Why would he be coming to Old Barataria alone via Jean Lafitte's private transport unless Alex sent him? My adrenaline jump-started my heart to another race, this one fueled by worry. Something bad had happened; it was the only explanation.

Jean and Dominique exchanged a rapid-fire torrent of French th #Quote by Suzanne Johnson
Brother Leo quotes by Dalai Lama
#14. Each one of us is responsible for the whole of humankind. We need to think of each other really as brothers and sisters and to be concerned for each other's welfare. Rather than working solely to acquire wealth, we need to do something meaningful, something directed seriously towards the welfare of humanity as a whole. #Quote by Dalai Lama
Brother Leo quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#15. I have discovered nothing. I have only found out what I knew. I understand the force that in the past gave me life, and now too gives me life. I have been set free from falsity, I have found the Master. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Brother Leo quotes by Neal A. Maxwell
#16. Ironically, brothers and sisters, the natural man who is so very selfish in so many ordinary ways is strangely unselfish in that he reaches for too few of the things that bring real joy. He settles for a mess of pottage instead of eternal joy. #Quote by Neal A. Maxwell
Brother Leo quotes by Ridley Scott
#17. I went to Art College and during the summer I made a movie with my brother. I got hold of a little camera, wrote a script and dragged my brother, Tony, out of bed to help me (which he did not like), so that we could shoot a film every day for six weeks. It was made for £65 and it was called Boy On A Bicycle. #Quote by Ridley Scott
Brother Leo quotes by Justin Dobbs
#18. And yet it was also true that the tumor could not be removed by our doctor, and as a result of that a strange medication had been given him that enabled my brother to become even more of an enigma than he was before, and as a result of that there came to exist not only the machine and the inertia that came with it, but a change of perspective among the townsfolk that was a result of their interactions with the various phases of my brother. And so it was that when the flood began to rear its terrible head, not only was there the inertia that we all had to deal with, but a sense of the sublime that we had begun to feel for the waters which had roared upon the horizon. #Quote by Justin Dobbs
Brother Leo quotes by Michael Joseph Murano
#19. Azerowut, I must tend to an urgently urgent business and a business that is urgent most urgently. Watch over my tent with extreme care and care that is caring in the extreme, and do not, under any circumstantial circumstances, allow anyone and his brother to be within an uncomfortably uncomfortable distance of her door. --Master Kwadile #Quote by Michael Joseph Murano
Brother Leo quotes by Dave Franco
#20. I don't just wanna be James Franco's little brother. #Quote by Dave Franco
Brother Leo quotes by Brother Ali
#21. Strategies are great, business models are great, but the reality is your music has to mean something to people. #Quote by Brother Ali
Brother Leo quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#22. Talent is the capacity to direct concentrated attention upon the subject: the gift of seeing what others have not seen. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Brother Leo quotes by Cassia Leo
#23. You see, in real life, there are no happy endings, because real life, real love, has no ending. So all of this ... This is our happy beginning. #Quote by Cassia Leo
Brother Leo quotes by Rick Riordan
#24. Are you the cursed kid Nemesis mentioned?" Leo asked. "But you're a girl."
"You're a girl," said the girl.
"Excuse me? #Quote by Rick Riordan
Brother Leo quotes by Rick Riordan
#25. Dang! Snake people know how to make bundt cake. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Brother Leo quotes by Jeff Sharlet
#26. The politics of that year [2004] are old now, but the problem remains the same, the real culture clash of American life. It's between the essence of fundamentalism - paternalism, authority, and charity - and the messy imperatives of democracy, "the din of the vox populi" once derided by Abram Vereide. It's the difference between false unity, preached from above, and real solidarity, pledged between brothers and sisters - the kinds who are always bickering. #Quote by Jeff Sharlet
Brother Leo quotes by Al Jarreau
#27. I kind of knew something was going on, and my older brothers and sisters were singing be-boppish kinds of stuff in the living room, and I was listening. I started singing, warmer than a summer night, at seven or eight years old. #Quote by Al Jarreau
Brother Leo quotes by Cassia Leo
#28. But it's not really the love that I envy, it's the trust. The feeling that no matter how bad you screw up, there is always someone who will accept you and love you for who you are; not because they have to, just because they can't not love you. #Quote by Cassia Leo
Brother Leo quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#29. Everything within him and around him seemed confused, senseless, and loathsome. But in this very loathing for everything around him, Pierre took a sort of irritating pleasure. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Brother Leo quotes by Alan Moore
#30. The trap of reputation, for example. In this scenario, having garnered a considerable reputation or level of acclaim, one becomes paralyzed by the dreadful thought of losing it all by doing something... undignified. Uncool. This is a trap. Reputation is a trap that will turn you into a lifeless marble bust of yourself before you're even dead. And then of courses there is reputation's immortal big brother, Posterity, worrying about which has driven better women and men than you into the asylum. All these things... reputation, posterity, cool... should be tested to destruction by a course of deliberate sabotage. As the often-illuminating Escape and New Musical Express cartoonist Shaky Kane once remarked, "Don't be cool. Like everything." If you find yourself in danger of being taken seriously, then try to do something which undermines or sabotages that perception in some way. If your talent is of any genuine worth, it should be able to weather squalls of unpopularity and audience incomprehensio. The only thing that might seriously endanger either your talent or your relationship with your talent is if you suddenly found yourself fashionable. #Quote by Alan Moore
Brother Leo quotes by Henry Paulson
#31. A Fed loan to Lehman Brothers would not have prevented a bankruptcy. #Quote by Henry Paulson
Brother Leo quotes by Saint Teresa Of Avila
#32. My father was a man of great charity towards the poor, and compassion for the sick, and also for servants; so much so, that he never could be persuaded to keep slaves, for he pitied them so much: and a slave belonging to one of his brothers being once in his house, was treated by him with as much tenderness as his own children. #Quote by Saint Teresa Of Avila
Brother Leo quotes by Otto Hermann Kahn
#33. As so often before, liberty has been wounded in the house of its friends. #Quote by Otto Hermann Kahn

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