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Breaths quotes by Miley Cyrus
#1. Music is what I breath, what I love to do. It keeps me alive. #Quote by Miley Cyrus
Breaths quotes by N.D. Wilson
#2. Lay your life down. Your heartbeats cannot be hoarded. Your reservoir of breaths is draining away. You have hands, blister them while you can. You have bones, make them strain-they can carry nothing in the grave. You have lungs, let them spill with laughter. With an average life expectancy of 78.2 years in the US (subtracting eight hours a day for sleep), I have around 250,00 conscious hours remaining to me in which I could be smiling or scowling, rejoicing in my life, in this race, in this story, or moaning and complaining about my troubles. I can be giving my fingers, my back, my mind, my words, my breaths, to my wife and my children and my neighbors, or I can grasp after the vapor and the vanity for myself, dragging my feet, afraid to die and therefore afraid to live. And, like Adam, I will still die in the end. #Quote by N.D. Wilson
Breaths quotes by Khadija Rupa
#3. She was a wonderful teenage girl who had the miraculous power to cure herself from any wound, either physical or mental. With her own salty tears, she would cleanse her raw wounds. And her breaths were given, as though not to breathe but, rather, to fan her sores. #Quote by Khadija Rupa
Breaths quotes by John K. Brown
#4. I used to be terrified of death. My grandfather was terminal in the hospital across from my high school, yet I never visited him. That fact still haunts me to this day. Years later, my arms were around my grandmother as she struggled with her last breaths. I told her we were with her and everything was going to be okay. She died as I held her tightly and I felt her body lose life. It was the most peaceful moment I ever experienced, and I felt joy for her. It was an emotional, intellectual, and spiritual moment for me. I wasn't afraid anymore ... One day years later I received the phone call every parent dreads. My daughter was in a serious automobile accident. As I raced to her I prepared myself for the news she had died. Once again, I felt an unexpected and profound emotion. She lived, but in the face of that horrifying time there was a strange overall calm. I realized, no matter what, everything was going to be okay. I remembered I wasn't afraid anymore. #Quote by John K. Brown
Breaths quotes by Aaron Copland
#5. Mozart in his music was probably the most reasonable of the world's great composers. It is the happy balance between flight and control, between sensibility and self-discipline, simplicity and sophistication of style that is his particular province ... Mozart tapped once again the source from which all music flows, expressing himself with a spontaneity and refinement and breath-taking rightness that has never since been duplicated. #Quote by Aaron Copland
Breaths quotes by Miriam Toews
#6. We drove down Corydon avenue towards my mother's apartment. How are you doing, she asked me? Fine, fine, I said. I wanted to tell her that I felt I was dying from rage and that I felt guilty about everything and that when I was a kid I woke up every morning singing, that I couldn't wait to leap out of bed and rush out of the house into the magical kingdom that was my world, that dust made visible in sunbeams gave me real authentic joy, that my sparkly golden banana-seated bike with the very high sissy bar took my breath away, the majesty of it, that it was mine, that there was no freer soul in the world than me at age nine, and that now I wake up every morning reminding myself that control is an illusion, taking deep breaths and counting to ten trying to ward off panic attacks and hoping that my own hands hadn't managed to strangle me while I slept. #Quote by Miriam Toews
Breaths quotes by Carre Otis
#7. But I would assert that despite the wide variety of yoga options and individual preferences, there is one universal element: the union of consciousness and movement, breath and awareness. #Quote by Carre Otis
Breaths quotes by Abu Bakr
#8. Our abode in this world is transitory, our life therein is but a loan, our breaths are numbered and our indolence is manifest. #Quote by Abu Bakr
Breaths quotes by Iyanla Vanzant
#9. [God is] all that is. Everything. Everything. Breath, life. Just get Webster's Dictionary and throw it on the floor. It's everything ... God is everything. #Quote by Iyanla Vanzant
Breaths quotes by Marissa Meyer
#10. Fair evening, Lady Pinkerton. I hope you enjoy satisfyingly deep breaths during your ride home." Part mortified, part despicably impressed, Catherine marched up the last step and slammed the carriage door shut. #Quote by Marissa Meyer
Breaths quotes by Tom Welling
#11. I have so much chaos in my life, it's become normal. You become used to it. You have to just relax, calm down, take a deep breath and try to see how you can make things work rather than complain about how they're wrong. #Quote by Tom Welling
Breaths quotes by Leslie Ludy
#12. God's sacred intent for you and for me is nothing short of absolute abandonment to Jesus, entire separation from the pollution of the world, and ardent worship of our King with every breath we take. #Quote by Leslie Ludy
Breaths quotes by George Strait
#13. Life is not the breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away. #Quote by George Strait
Breaths quotes by Geneen Roth
#14. When you ignore your belly, you become homeless. You spend your life trying to erase your own existence. Apologizing for yourself. Feeling like a ghost. Eating to take up space, eating to give yourself the feeling that you have weight here, you belong here, you are allowed to be yourself -- but never quite believing it because you don't sense yourself directly.

. . . I started teaching a simple belly meditation in which I asked people to become aware of sensations in their belly (numbness and emptiness count as sensations). Every time their mind wandered . . . I asked them to begin counting their breaths so they could anchor their concentration. Starting with the number one and saying it on the out breath, they'd count to seven and begin again. If they were able to stay concentrated on the sensations in their belly centers, they didn't need to use counting as a concentration anchor.

. . . you begin the process of bringing yourself back to your body, to your belly, to your breath because they -- not the mind medleys -- are here now. And it is only here, only now that you can make a decision to eat or not eat. To occupy your own body or to vacate your arms and your legs while still breathing and go through your days as a walking head.

. . . Meditation is a tool to shake yourself awake. A way to discover what you love. A practice to return yourself to your body when the mind medleys threaten to usurp your sanity. #Quote by Geneen Roth
Breaths quotes by Georges Hebert
#15. Come, my Way, my Truth, my Life:
Such a Way as gives us breath:
Such a Truth as ends all strife:
Such a Life as killeth death. #Quote by Georges Hebert
Breaths quotes by David Blaine
#16. As a kid I used to hold my breath longer than anybody else, and then I heard stories about people accidently underwater for 45 minutes - how do you recover from that? It's not a miracle. Something allows us to survive. #Quote by David Blaine
Breaths quotes by Tabitha Suzuma
#17. Never before have I imagined my life without him - like this house, he is my only point of reference in this difficult existence, this unstable and frightening world. The thought of his leaving home fills me with a terror so strong, it takes my breath away. I feel like one of those seagulls covered in oil from a spill, drowning in a black tar of fear. #Quote by Tabitha Suzuma
Breaths quotes by Sharon Gannon
#18. Our breath is connected to the air that every being breathes. By breathing consciously, we acknowledge our communion with all of life. #Quote by Sharon Gannon
Breaths quotes by Nema Al-Araby
#19. If you observe the pace of my breaths, you won't need to listen to my words. #Quote by Nema Al-Araby
Breaths quotes by Lewis Thomas
#20. Animals, even plants, lie to each other all the time, and we could restrict the research to them, putting off the real truth about ourselves for the several centuries we need to catch our breath. What is it that enables certain flowers to resemble nubile insects, or opossums to play dead, or female fireflies to change the code of their flashes in order to attract, and then eat, males of a different species? #Quote by Lewis Thomas
Breaths quotes by Becca Fitzpatrick
#21. I couldn't look at you and breath at the same time. #Quote by Becca Fitzpatrick
Breaths quotes by Fisher Amelie
#22. She threaded her fingers through my hair and I nearly whimpered at the feel of them, my eyes rolling to the back of my closed eyes. I clutched her waist tightly, inhaling her breaths as I practically swallowed her beautiful tongue. #Quote by Fisher Amelie
Breaths quotes by Katie McGarry
#23. Isaiah runs his hand through my hair, and every cell in my body vibrates with the gentle pull. "Rachel."
"Yes." It's hard to breathe.
"Kiss me."
Isaiah doesn't wait for my answer. Instead his lips meet mine and his arms wrap around my body. All the hesitancy I felt the first night we kissed evaporates like mist on the heels of a summer storm. Within seconds, our mouths open, and Isaiah slips his tongue against mine. I get lost, liking the way my body curves around his, liking the way my hands explore as if they have a mind of their own, and loving how Isaiah grips my hair while tracing my spine.
Tingles and shock waves and earthquakes and hurricanes. All of it takes place at the same time as our mouths move not nearly fast enough. Nothing seems fast enough. The closer I become, the closer Isaiah presses, and the more he presses, the more I want to crawl inside and live in this delicious world of warmth and fantastic hunger.
Isaiah hooks an arm around my waist, and I suck in a breath when he turns us and shifts me up against the door to his Mustang. My eyes widen and I stare up at him as he stares down at me. Our chests move in unison, as do our breaths. My fingers curl into the muscles of his arms, and I briefly close my eyes, loving how his body fits into mine. #Quote by Katie McGarry
Breaths quotes by Shannon Hale
#24. They finished laughing and caught their breaths, and looked at each other, and Ani thought Geric looked at her too long, as though he forgot he was looking, as though he did not wish to do anything else. She looked back. Her took heart took its time quieting down. #Quote by Shannon Hale
Breaths quotes by Molly McAdams
#25. One of these days Princess, I promise you."
I turned to scowl at him once more, "I would never be desperate enough to want you." Okay that was a lie; my breaths were already quickening just feeling his sculpted body pressed against mine.
His smile was slow and sexy, "We'll see. #Quote by Molly McAdams
Breaths quotes by Joseph Pilates
#26. Before any real benefit can be derived from physical exercises, one must first learn how to breath properly. Our very life depends on it. #Quote by Joseph Pilates
Breaths quotes by Jenny Lynne
#27. I take small, shallow breaths, even though my lungs are begging for more air. I feel the heat of Ten's controlled breaths against my face. As we stand there, it feels as if an electric charge is growing between us, so powerful that it would shock us if we moved even a millimeter closer together. And yet I feel like I want to. #Quote by Jenny Lynne
Breaths quotes by Liev Schreiber
#28. Don't hit people; don't let it get you too angry; remember that everything you do can and will be used against you. And take a breath and have some perspective. #Quote by Liev Schreiber
Breaths quotes by Robin Hobb
#29. There is no path to the future, Fitz. The path is now. Now is all there is, or ever will be. You can change perhaps the next ten breaths in your life. But after that, random chance seizes you in its jaws again. A tree falls on you, a spider bites your ankle, and all your grand plans for winning a battle are for naught. Now is what we have Fitz, and now is where we act to stay alive. #Quote by Robin Hobb
Breaths quotes by Heather Moehn
#30. Using the Worst-Case Scenario Technique

Another way to correct inaccurate expectations is to imagine what would happen if the worst possible scenario occurred. Pretend that everything has gone wrong at once. Picture all the details and then exaggerate them. As you visualize the worst situation possible, you may start to laugh. The scene will seem so ridiculous that you realize there is not the slightest chance that it will take place.

Lupe used the worst-case scenario technique after deciding that she really wanted to join the yearbook committee. The students in the group met after school once a week, and Lupe felt anxious about attending her first meeting. She was certain she would clamp up when people spoke to her. The morning before the meeting, she relaxed and imagined the worst things that could happen. She pictured herself saying something and everyone ignoring her. She pictured her face getting so red that it looked like she was going to explode. Then she imagined people laughing at her, saying she didn't belong.
This exercise helped Lupe realize that her fears were unfounded. That afternoon, after a little pep talk and a few deep breaths, Lupe walked into the meeting. She was relieved that people were genuinely happy to have her there. She felt proud that she was able to be involved in a situation that she would have previously avoided. #Quote by Heather Moehn
Breaths quotes by Mira Grant
#31. I just find it interesting that kids apparently used to cry when Bambi's mother died. George and I both held our breaths, and then cheered when she didn't reanimate and try to eat her son. #Quote by Mira Grant
Breaths quotes by Jess Michaels
#32. He went limp over her, cradling her to him as their panting breaths merged into one over seconds, moments. She clung to him, smoothing her hands over his back, pressing her lips to his flesh and knowing, more than she had ever known anything, that what she felt for him had gone too far. She loved him. That fact was so clear that she couldn't believe she had ever doubted it. She loved him, just as she had loved him when they parted three years before. Just as she had loved him all throughout the interim of years that separated them. #Quote by Jess Michaels
Breaths quotes by Michael Irvin
#33. We looked at each other standing on the podium, and I think we all were tearing up. But we had to keep it cool. I think we did. Then we let out a breath. #Quote by Michael Irvin
Breaths quotes by John Updike
#34. Everybody who tells you how to act has whiskey on their breath. #Quote by John Updike
Breaths quotes by Randy Travis
#35. I know the author of my every breath, oh that's Jesus. #Quote by Randy Travis
Breaths quotes by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
#36. Among wolves, no matter how sick, no matter how cornered, no matter how alone, afraid or weakened, the wolf will continue.She will lope even with a broken leg. She will strenuously outwait, outwit, outrun and outlast whatever is bedeviling her. She will put her all into taking breath after breath. The hallmark of the wild nature is that it goes on. #Quote by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Breaths quotes by Jack London
#37. He was older than the days he had seen and the breaths he had drawn. #Quote by Jack London
Breaths quotes by Erich Maria Remarque
#38. Life is a disease, brother, and death begins already at birth. Every breath, every heartbeat, is a moment of dying - a little shove toward the end. #Quote by Erich Maria Remarque
Breaths quotes by John Green
#39. I kept thinking that it sounded like a dragon breathing in time with me, like I had this pet dragon who was cuddled up next to me and cared enough about me to time his breaths to mine. I was thinking about that as I sank into sleep. #Quote by John Green
Breaths quotes by Al Gore
#40. CO2 is the exhaling breath of our civilization, literally ... Changing that pattern requires a scope, a scale, a speed of change that is beyond what we have done in the past. #Quote by Al Gore
Breaths quotes by Ozzy Osbourne
#41. Execution halts your breath, helter skelter spiral death. #Quote by Ozzy Osbourne
Breaths quotes by Amy Wright
#42. To be lovingly present through the primal, naked pain that marks aspects of birth, and to be lovingly present through the difficult, heart-wrenching ending that marks aspects of death is to learn about life and love. Fear may be strong but love is stronger. Learning how to love includes learning how to make room for and transform fear. Learning how to live involves learning how to die. Love alone is the most potent power illuminating the breath's journey in between these thresholds. Love is the key. Love is the dance. #Quote by Amy Wright
Breaths quotes by Samantha Towle
#43. You're mine," he growls, making a sound filled with the sweetest agony. Then, he's kissing me, hot and hard. "No one gets to touch you but me," he breaths hotly into my mouth. "You got that?"
The intensity of him, the feel of him kissing me, has fried all my brain cells. I couldn't argue if I wanted to.
And I don't. #Quote by Samantha Towle
Breaths quotes by Virginia Woolf
#44. At last she shut the book sharply, lay back, and drew a deep breath, expressive of the wonder which always marks the transition from the imaginary world to the real world. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Breaths quotes by Ted Andrews
#45. The more we learn to link the use of breath, mind, and voice, the greater our own power in life. #Quote by Ted Andrews
Breaths quotes by Aaron Hoopes
#46. Before you begin, sit for a moment and take a couple of deep breaths. You want to be calm and prepared to maintain mental focus #Quote by Aaron Hoopes
Breaths quotes by Alberto Manguel
#47. And sometimes, when the stars are kind, we read with an intake of breath, with a shudder, as if someone or something had 'walked over our grave,' as if a memory had suddenly been rescued from a place deep within us - the recognition of something we never knew was there, or of something we vaguely felt as a flicker or a shadow, whose ghostly form rises and passes back into us before we can see what it is, leaving us older and wiser. #Quote by Alberto Manguel
Breaths quotes by Lauren Oliver
#48. I reach out and grab her wrist. It feels impossibly tiny in my hand, like this one time I found a baby bird near goose Point, and I picked it up and it died there, taking its final gasping fluttering breaths in my palm. #Quote by Lauren Oliver
Breaths quotes by Elvis Mitchell
#49. In Moulin Rouge, Baz Luhrmann takes the most thrilling moments in a movie musical-the seconds before the actors are about to burst into song and dance, when every breath they take is heightened-and makes an entire picture of such pinnacles. #Quote by Elvis Mitchell
Breaths quotes by Patrick Rothfuss
#50. Some of my Arcanum bunkmates taught me a card game called dogs-breath. I returned the favor by giving an impromptu lesson in psychology, probability, and manual dexterity. I won almost two whole talents before they stopped inviting me back to their games. #Quote by Patrick Rothfuss
Breaths quotes by Theodor Lessing
#51. Thus even the most wretched individual breaths like a leaf in a verdant forest. His national identity supported him. A revered history receives him. A legitimate culture accepts his voice into the choir of a great community. #Quote by Theodor Lessing
Breaths quotes by Jim Butcher
#52. Yes, I was standing on nothing but congealed starlight. Yes, I was walking up through a savage storm, the wind threatening to tear me off and throw me into the freezing waters of Lake Michigan far below. Yes, I was using a legendary and enchanted means of travel to transcend the border between one dimension and the next, and on my way to an epic struggle between ancient and elemental forces.
But all i could think to say, between panting breaths, was, Yeah. Sure. They couldn't possibly have made this an escalator. #Quote by Jim Butcher
Breaths quotes by Rumi
#53. There is one way of breathing that is shameful and constricted. Then, there's another way: a breath of love that takes you all the way to infinity. #Quote by Rumi
Breaths quotes by Anthony The Great
#54. Expect temptation to your last breath. #Quote by Anthony The Great
Breaths quotes by Victoria Schwab
#55. It is as if the moon and the trees have switched places. The sky is plunged into the heavy cloud-lidded darkness that seems to come every night, but in the valley below, the trees - or the places between the trees, it is impossible to tell the source - are fully lit, glowing. The woods are alight like an ember, bluish white and cradled by the rolling hills. It's like a beacon, I think with a chill. So this is what happens when the world goes black. The forest steals the light from the sky. Cole straightens beside me, taking ragged breaths. I cannot stop staring at the glowing trees. It is strange and magical. Almost lovely. The wind song has become simply a song, clear and articulate, as if made by an instrument instead of the air. It is all a perfect dream. #Quote by Victoria Schwab
Breaths quotes by Veronica Roth
#56. The night air slips into my lungs, and I feel like it is one of my first breaths. #Quote by Veronica Roth
Breaths quotes by Catherynne M Valente
#57. Her heart was bruised by the kiss, smashed and surprised and unsettled by it. September thought kisses were all nice, sweet things asked for gently and given gladly. It had happened so fast and sharp it had taken her breath. Perhaps she had done it wrong, somehow. She put the kiss away firmly to think about later. Instead, she smiled at him and pulled a carefree mask over her face. #Quote by Catherynne M Valente
Breaths quotes by Thomas Sankara
#58. Our revolution in Burkina Faso draws on the totality of mans experiences since the first breath of humanity. We wish to be the heirs of all the revolutions of the world, of all the liberation struggles of the peoples of the Third World. We draw the lessons of the American revolution. #Quote by Thomas Sankara
Breaths quotes by Richard Due
#59. Just a cat! Just a cat! I am the stealer of breaths, the walker of shadows, the keeper of nine lives." - the Magnificent Lady Grayson of the Silky White Underbelly, or Just Grayson for Short #Quote by Richard Due
Breaths quotes by Kabir
#60. He is the real Guru Who can reveal the form of the formless before your eyes; who teaches the simple path, without rites or ceremonies; Who does not make you close your doors, and hold your breath, and renounce the world; Who makes you perceive the Supreme Spirit whenever the mind attaches itself; Who teaches you to be still in the midst of all your activities. Fearless, always immersed in bliss, he keeps the spirit of yoga in the midst of enjoyments. #Quote by Kabir
Breaths quotes by Sook Nyul Choi
#61. There, see how the ocean swallows those little pebbles. We are helpless and insignificant, like the pebbles. The war comes, chases us from our homes, makes us refugees, and then swallows us up along with all our hopes and dreams. We just sink down to the bottom. Only then do we have peace. What's the sense of trying? What's the sense of studying?" She stared at the dark water, taking short breaths as her eyes filled with tears of sadness and helplessness. #Quote by Sook Nyul Choi
Breaths quotes by Anne Lamott
#62. You don't want to spend your time around people who make you hold your breath. You can't fill up when you're holding your breath. And writing is about filling up, filling up when you are empty, letting images and ideas and smells run down like water - just as writing is also about dealing with the emptiness. #Quote by Anne Lamott
Breaths quotes by Philip Larkin
#63. ...the breath that sharpens life is life itself... #Quote by Philip Larkin
Breaths quotes by Kelley Armstrong
#64. I leaned forward and kissed him. His eyes widened, then his lips parted and he kissed me back, mouth warm and firm against mine and that floating feeling washed over me and through me, and it was so amazing that when it ended, I just stayed there, my face so close to his I could feel his breath, see those incredible amber eyes, and that was all I could see,
all I wanted to see. #Quote by Kelley Armstrong
Breaths quotes by David Levithan
#65. The truth feels different from other things. The closest you can come to describing it is that it feels like taking a perfect breath. #Quote by David Levithan
Breaths quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#66. Annabelle gave him a chiding smile. "If you're implying that I'm spoiled, I assure you that I am not."
"You should be." His warm gaze slid over her pink-tinted face and slender upper body, then sought hers again. There was a note in his voice that gently robbed her of breath. "You could do with a bit of spoiling. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Breaths quotes by Jeffrey Fry
#67. Deep breaths are very useful with shallow people. #Quote by Jeffrey Fry
Breaths quotes by Tom Cruise
#68. There is Life in every breath ... #Quote by Tom Cruise
Breaths quotes by Abigail Roux
#69. You were right, you know," Ty whispered.
"About what?"
Ty swallowed hard. "I sold my soul a long time ago."
Ty gripped Zane's shoulder and pressed him down,
laying him out again, then stretched out over Zane, his hand
dragging down Zane's body to push at his boxers.
"Ty," Zane gasped.
Ty kissed him. Zane trailed the tips of his fingers down
Ty's arm, sliding over the tattoo and the scars and the muscles.
"Do you really believe that?" Zane asked.
"I know it. I will never be the man you think I am."
Zane's breaths came harder. "We've both been trying so
hard to be worthy of each other. #Quote by Abigail Roux
Breaths quotes by Holly Smale
#70. Nick grinned, swooping in for another kiss and then leaning back and scruffing his hair up. "Harriet Manners, I'm about to give you six stamps. Then I'm going to write something on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope with your address on it."
"OK …" "Then I'm going to put the envelope on the floor and spin us as fast as I can. As soon as either of us manage to stick a stamp on it, I'm going to race to the postbox and post it unless you can catch me first. If you win, you can read it."
Nick was obviously faster than me, but he didn't know where the nearest postbox was. "Deal," I agreed, yawning and rubbing my eyes.
"But why six stamps?"
"Just wait and see."
A few seconds later, I understood.
As we spun in circles with our hands stretched out, one of my stamps got stuck to the ground at least a metre away from the envelope. Another ended up on a daisy. A third somehow got stuck to the roundabout.
One of Nick's ended up on his nose.
And every time we both missed, we laughed harder and harder and our kisses got dizzier and dizzier until the whole world was a giggling, kissing, spinning blur.
Finally, when we both had one stamp left, I stopped giggling. I had to win this.
So I swallowed, wiped my eyes and took a few deep breaths.
Then I reached out my hand.
"Too late!" Nick yelled as I opened my eyes again. "Got it, Manners!" And he jumped off the still-spinning roundabout with the envelope held high over #Quote by Holly Smale
Breaths quotes by Rumi
#71. Be with those who help your being. Don't sit with indifferent people, whose breath comes cold out of their mouths. #Quote by Rumi
Breaths quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
#72. I think," Tehanu said in her soft, strange voice, "that when I die, I can breathe back the breath that made me live. I can give back to the world all that I didn't do. All that I might have been and couldn't be. All the choices I didn't make. All the things I lost and spent and wasted. I can give them back to the world. To the lives that haven't been lived yet. That will be my gift back to the world that gave me the life I did live, the love I loved, the breath I breathed. #Quote by Ursula K. Le Guin
Breaths quotes by Anita Shreve
#73. Olympia thinks often about desire - desire that stops the breath, that causes a preoccupied pause in the midst of uttering a sentence - and how it may upend a life and threaten to dissolve the soul. #Quote by Anita Shreve
Breaths quotes by W.E.B. Du Bois
#74. School houses do not teach themselves - piles of brick and mortar and machinery do not send out men. It is the trained, living human soul, cultivated and strengthened by long study and thought, that breathes the real breath of life into boys and girls and makes them human, whether they be black or white, Greek, Russian or American. #Quote by W.E.B. Du Bois
Breaths quotes by Leigh Hunt
#75. Poetry is the breath of beauty. #Quote by Leigh Hunt
Breaths quotes by Brittainy C. Cherry
#76. Everyone in this town is afraid of me. Do I scare you, Elizabeth?" he whispered, his breaths brushing against my lips.
"Why not?"
"Because I see you."
The coldness in his stare softened for a split second, almost as if he was confused by those four words. But I did see him. I saw past the hate in his stare and noticed the hurt in his frown. I saw the broken parts that somehow matched my own. #Quote by Brittainy C. Cherry
Breaths quotes by Kiera Cass
#77. It was nice to hear your breaths as they came and went, something quiet and close, keeping me from feeling so alone. #Quote by Kiera Cass
Breaths quotes by Elizabeth Hoyt
#78. You say my name like a lover, so soft, so sweet. I want to lick the word from your lips, sip the exhaled breath from your mouth. I want to possess you utterly. Right now. Right here. #Quote by Elizabeth Hoyt
Breaths quotes by Paul Muldoon
#79. The point of poetry is to be acutely discomforting, to prod and provoke, to poke us in the eye, to punch us in the nose, to knock us off our feet, to take our breath away. #Quote by Paul Muldoon
Breaths quotes by Virginia Woolf
#80. Ruin, weariness, death, perpetually death, stand grimly to confront the other presence of Elizabethan drama which is life: life compact of frigates, fir trees and ivory, of dolphins and the juice of July flowers, of the milk of unicorns and panthers' breath, of ropes of pearl, brains of peacocks and Cretan wine. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Breaths quotes by Pam Godwin
#81. She was freefalling, riding the wind of his breaths, hoping he'd catch her. #Quote by Pam Godwin
Breaths quotes by Nhat Hanh
#82. At the moment of waking up, before getting out of bed, get in touch with your breath #Quote by Nhat Hanh
Breaths quotes by Rumi
#83. The soul lives there in the silent breath. #Quote by Rumi
Breaths quotes by Adolf Hitler
#84. When Barbarossa commences, the world will hold its breath and make no comment. #Quote by Adolf Hitler
Breaths quotes by Quetzal
#85. Life starts and it ends with a breath, in between these two breaths lays a story; a child is born and explores the world; the child smiles and cries; the child lives and becomes a man; the man learns that life is neither good or bad, just beautiful the way it is.
Life ends on this earth by letting go of the first breath, because the man knows that letting go is the path that leads to freedom; and then life begins again purer than ever. #Quote by Quetzal
Breaths quotes by Yamamoto Tsunetomo
#86. One should make his decisions within the space of seven breaths. #Quote by Yamamoto Tsunetomo
Breaths quotes by Libba Bray
#87. The wind picks up. It sends leaves scurrying for cover until a softer breeze blows through, settling them down again as if to say, Shhh, there, there, it's all right. One leaf still dances in the air. It spins higher and higher, defying gravity and logic, stretching for something just out of reach. It shall have to fall, of course. Eventually. But for now, I hold my breath, willing it to keep going, taking comfort in its struggle. #Quote by Libba Bray
Breaths quotes by Brian Falkner
#88. But since then, it seemed he had been caught up in a hurricane, whirling from one thing to another with scarcely enough time to catch a breath. Perhaps that was good. Because if he stopped and took the time to think about things too deeply, dark thoughts started to intrude. #Quote by Brian Falkner
Breaths quotes by Pliny The Elder
#89. Wine maketh the band quivering, the eye watery, the night unquiet, lewd dreams, a stinking breath in the morning, and an utter forgetfulness of all things. #Quote by Pliny The Elder
Breaths quotes by Sophocles
#90. A human being is only breath and shadow. #Quote by Sophocles
Breaths quotes by Carolyn Parkhurst
#91. How can it be, I wondered, that we can be lying in bed next to a person we love wholly and helplessly, a person we love more than our own breath, and still ache to think of the one who caused us pain all those years ago? It's the betrayal of this second heart of ours, its flesh tied off like a fingertip twined tightly round with a single hair, blue-tinged from lack of blood. The shameful squeeze of it. #Quote by Carolyn Parkhurst
Breaths quotes by Jaden Wilkes
#92. I am going to untie your feet first," Dimitri told the girl, "but if you try to run, I will kill you."
"Do you have a gun?" she asked, trying to sit up as far as her bonds would let her.

"I don't need a gun to kill you, my pet," Dimitri said and laughed, a low, rich sound. "I can do it with my hands if need be. But there won't be any need if you behave yourself, do you understand?"

She nodded her head and emitted a small whimper.

"Say yes or no so we're on the same page," he said again.

"Yes, I understand," she whispered.

He grabbed her throat and squeezed until she coughed and whined at the pain. "I told you to say yes or no. There is no reason to get fancy, do you understand?"

He released her and let her take a few deep breaths before she replied, "Yes." in a broken voice. #Quote by Jaden Wilkes
Breaths quotes by Sharon Olds
#93. ...when I thought he loved me, when I thought we were joined not just for breath's time, but for the long continuance, the hard candies of femur and stone, the fastnesses. #Quote by Sharon Olds
Breaths quotes by Kekla Magoon
#94. The river is motion, turmoil, rage. As the river flows, it wonders what it would be like to be so still, to take a breath, to rest. But the rock will always wonder what lies around the bend in the stream. #Quote by Kekla Magoon
Breaths quotes by Dani Shapiro
#95. Everything you need to know about life can be learned from a genuine and ongoing attempt to write #Quote by Dani Shapiro
Breaths quotes by George Orwell
#96. To hang on from day to day and from week to week, spinning out a present that had no future, seemed an unconquerable instinct, just as one's lungs will always draw the next breath so long as there is air available. #Quote by George Orwell
Breaths quotes by Edwidge Danticat
#97. I come from a place where breath, eyes, and memory are one, a place from which you carry your past like a hair on your head. Where women return to their children as butterflies or as tears in the eyes of the statues that their daughters pray to #Quote by Edwidge Danticat
Breaths quotes by Gregory David Roberts
#98. At first, when we truly love someone, our greatest fear is that the loved one will stop loving us. what we should fear and dread, of course, is that we wont stop loving them, even after they are dead and gone. for i still love you with the whole of my heart. i still love you. and sometimes, my friend, the love that i have and cant give to you, crushed the breast from my chest. soemtimes, even now, my heart is drowning in a sorrow that has no stars without you, and no laughter, and no sleep. #Quote by Gregory David Roberts
Breaths quotes by Brodi Ashton
#99. What? What do you want?"
"You, Nik." Cole took a couple of deep breaths. "I want you. Whether we take over the throne or not. I want you in my life, and the only way that will happen is if you become like me. We shared a heart, Nik." He touched his finger to my heart. "Your heart is in me now."
"Not my heart. Just some of my emotions."
"Same thing. It belongs to me. And so I belong to you. #Quote by Brodi Ashton
Breaths quotes by William Arthur Dunkerley
#100. For death begins with life's first breath,
And life begins at touch of death. #Quote by William Arthur Dunkerley
Breaths quotes by Sameh Elsayed
#101. We do not need the moon light or the sea waves to be romantic. We do not need nature breaths and rivers scenery to have dreams. We do not even need music tunes or candle lights to be passionate. All we need is enlighten and loving hearts to have and be all that. #Quote by Sameh Elsayed
Breaths quotes by Bessel A. Van Der Kolk
#102. Many of our patients are barely aware of their breath, so learning to focus on the in and out breath, to notice whether the breath was fast or slow, and to count breaths in some poses can be a significant accomplishment.13 #Quote by Bessel A. Van Der Kolk
Breaths quotes by Lesley-Anne Down
#103. When I get to my deathbed, I don't want to take my last breath and say, Well, how glorious. I've left the world my acting credits. I won't even think that. #Quote by Lesley-Anne Down
Breaths quotes by R.A. Salvatore
#104. I am dying. Every day, with every breath I draw, I am closer to the end of my life. For we are born with a finite number of breaths, and each one I take edges the sunlight that is my life toward the inevitable dusk. #Quote by R.A. Salvatore
Breaths quotes by Paula Gunn Allen
#105. Breath is life, and the intermingling of breaths is the purpose of good living. This is in essence the great principle on which all productive living must rest, for relationships among all the beings of the universe must be fulfilled; in this way each individual life may also be fulfilled. #Quote by Paula Gunn Allen
Breaths quotes by William Shakespeare
#106. Her virtues, graced with external gifts, Do breed love's settled passions in my heart; And like as rigour of tempestuous gusts Provokes the mightiest hulk against the tide, So am I driven by breath of her renown Either to suffer shipwreck or arrive Where I may have fruition of her love. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Breaths quotes by Soren Kierkegaard
#107. For like a poisonous breath over the fields, like a mass of locusts over Egypt, so the swarm of excuses is a general plaque, a ruinous infection among men, that eats off the sprouts of the Eternal. #Quote by Soren Kierkegaard
Breaths quotes by Stephen King
#108. Time is a keyhole, he thought as he looked up at the stars. Yes, I think so. We sometimes bend and peer through it. And the wind we feel on our cheeks when we do - the wind that blows through the keyhole- is the breath of all the living universe. #Quote by Stephen King
Breaths quotes by Max Greenfield
#109. During a panic attack, I remember that today is just today and that is all that it is. I take a deep breath in and I realize that in this moment I am fine and everything is okay. More importantly, I am reminded that my A.P.C. jeans are so perfectly worn in that they are appropriate for any season and I am suddenly at ease. #Quote by Max Greenfield
Breaths quotes by Lara Adrian
#110. I want to kiss you again, Tess."
He chuckled, low under his breath. "Why? Because you're beautiful, and because I want you. And I think you want me too. #Quote by Lara Adrian
Breaths quotes by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
#111. Fame is but the breath of people, and that often unwholesome. #Quote by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Breaths quotes by Robert Musil
#112. When one's married for so long, always walking on four feet and always
breathing double breaths and thinking every thought twice through and
the time between the main things is packed double full with minor
details - then, sometimes, naturally, one yearns like an arrow for one
whole space thin as air. And you start up in the night, terrified by
your own breathing, which had just been going along as evenly without
you. But you don't rise up free - or even really as far as your knees
- not once. You strike a match. And there's one of you right there,
wrapped in flesh. Only then is it love. #Quote by Robert Musil
Breaths quotes by Amy Lunderman
#113. When I was little, I loved running in the rain. There was something almost freeing about it. The exhilaration of your blood pumping, the quick shallow breaths, and the way the wind brushes past your body. Want to know my most favorite part? That unstoppable feeling from pushing myself to the breaking point gets me every time. Now though? Well ... it's complicated. #Quote by Amy Lunderman
Breaths quotes by Hannah More
#114. Sweet is the breath of praise when given by those whose own high merit claims the praise they give. #Quote by Hannah More
Breaths quotes by Jim Rohn
#115. Failure is a few Errors in judgment repeated everyday. The man says, Well I didn't walk around the block today and it didn't kill me, so it must be okay. No, no, it is that kind of error in judgment that after six years has him out of breath and panting as he walks from his car to his office. You can't make those kinds of mistakes; it will end up costing you. #Quote by Jim Rohn
Breaths quotes by Melina Marchetta
#116. Imagine who she would be if we unleashed her onto the world. I think she would rip the breath from all of us. #Quote by Melina Marchetta
Breaths quotes by Tirumalai Krishnamacharya
#117. Regulate the breath, be happy, link the mind with the Lord in your heart. #Quote by Tirumalai Krishnamacharya
Breaths quotes by Alexander Brome
#118. What art thou, life, that we, must court thy stay?
A breath one single gasp must puff away!
A short-lived flower, that with the day must fade!
A fleeting vapor, and an empty shade!
A stream that silently but swiftly glides
To meet eternity's immeasured tides!
A being, lost alike by pain or joy?
A fly can kill it, or a worm destroy!
Impair'd by labor, and by ease undone,
Commenced in tears, and ended in a groan. #Quote by Alexander Brome
Breaths quotes by Cat Osterman
#119. But I wasn't getting in my pace, staying within myself, I was getting a little rushed. So I think I finally took a couple deep breaths and let myself get my timing back. #Quote by Cat Osterman
Breaths quotes by Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
#120. The word Atman (Soul) means the "breath of life". Atman is the principle of man's life, the Soul that pervades his being, his breath, his intellect and transcends them. Atman is what remains when everything that is not the self is eliminated. It is the unborn and immortal element in man, which is not to be confused with body, mind or intellect. #Quote by Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
Breaths quotes by Brett Davern
#121. Breath mints and Chapstick are key if you want to have a good kiss. #Quote by Brett Davern
Breaths quotes by Marguerite Gardiner, Countess Of Blessington
#122. Flowers are the bright remembrances of youth; they waft us back, with their bland odorous breath, the joyous hours that only young life knows, ere we have learnt that this fair earth hides graves. #Quote by Marguerite Gardiner, Countess Of Blessington
Breaths quotes by Shing Xiong
#123. In the end, it doesn't matter how many breaths you take, but how many moments took your breath away. #Quote by Shing Xiong
Breaths quotes by Lia Habel
#124. She tried to compose herself then, with several deep breaths. I gave her as long as she needed, all the while mentally designing my tombstone. R.I.P, Captain Abraham R. Griswold. He was completely useless and made girls cry. #Quote by Lia Habel
Breaths quotes by William Wordsworth
#125. Every gift of noble origin Is breathed upon by Hope's perpetual breath. #Quote by William Wordsworth
Breaths quotes by Elizabeth Cady Stanton
#126. How can any woman believe that a loving and merciful God would, in one breath, command Eve to multiply and replenish the earth, and in the next, pronounce a curse upon her maternity? I do not believe that God inspired the Mosaic code, or gave out the laws about women which he is accused of doing. #Quote by Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Breaths quotes by Dianna Hardy
#127. She waited for him with shallow breaths, head thrown back, eyes half closed, completely exposed in her trust of him, and it unravelled the last thread holding him together. #Quote by Dianna Hardy
Breaths quotes by John McCrae
#128. Like restless birds, the breath of coming rain
Creeps, lilac-laden, up the village street #Quote by John McCrae
Breaths quotes by K.A. Tucker
#129. Ten tiny breaths ... size them. Feel them. Love them. #Quote by K.A. Tucker
Breaths quotes by Frank Herbert
#130. Three quick breaths triggered the responses: he fell into the floating awareness ... focusing the consciousness ... aortal dilation ... avoiding the unfocused mechanism of consciousness ... to be conscious by choice ... blood enriched and swift-flooding the overload regions ... one does not obtain food-safety freedom by instinct alone ... animal consciousness does not extend beyond the given moment nor into the idea that its victims may become extinct ... the animal destroys and does not produce ... animal pleasures remain close to sensation levels and avoid the perceptual ... the human requires a background grid through which to see his universe ... focused consciousness by choice, this forms your grid ... bodily integrity follows nerve-blood flow according to the deepest awareness of cell needs ... all things/cells/beings are impermanent ... strive for flow-permanence within ... #Quote by Frank Herbert
Breaths quotes by Corinne Michaels
#131. His lips move towards mine, and I freeze. He's going to kiss me, and I'm just standing like a statue, unsure if I want this or at least trying to pretend I don't want this. Instead of touching, though, he holds still as our breaths linger. His voice is barely a whisper, but I hear the words as if he's yelling.
"I'm going to win your heart, Kristin. Be ready. #Quote by Corinne Michaels
Breaths quotes by Vera Nazarian
#132. Frost grows on the window glass, forming whorl patterns of lovely translucent geometry.
Breathe on the glass, and you give frost more ammunition.
Now it can build castles and cities and whole ice continents with your breath's vapor.
In a few blinks you can almost see the winter fairies moving in ...
But first, you hear the crackle of their wings. #Quote by Vera Nazarian
Breaths quotes by Kelly Corrigan
#133. We'll bury our mothers and fathers - shuttling our children off for sleepovers, jumping on red-eyes, telling eachother stories that hurt to hear, about gasping, agonal breaths, hospice nurses, scars and bruises and scabs, and how skin papers shortly after a person passes. We will nod in agreement that it is as much an honor to witness a person leave this world as it is to watch a person come into it. #Quote by Kelly Corrigan
Breaths quotes by Gail Sher
#134. Enthusiasm, like the breath of God, transforms everything. #Quote by Gail Sher
Breaths quotes by Franz Kafka
#135. Always first draw fresh breath after outbursts of vanity and complacency. #Quote by Franz Kafka
Breaths quotes by Judith McNaught
#136. When he finally pulled his mouth from hers an eternity later, their breaths were coming in mingled gasps. Feeling almost bereft, Elizabeth surfaced slightly from the sensual Eden where he had sent her, and forced her heavy eyelids to open so that she could look at him. Stretched out beside her on the sofa, he was leaning over her, his tanned face hard and dark with passion, his amber eyes smoldering. Lifting his hand, he tenderly brushed a golden lock of hair off her cheek, and he tried to smile, but his breathing was as ragged as hers. Unaware of the effort he was making to keep their passion under control, Elizabeth let her gaze drop to his finely chiseled mouth, and she watched him draw an unsteady breath. "Don't," he warned her in a husky, tender voice, "look at my mouth unless you want it on yours again."
Too naïve to know how to hide her feelings, Elizabeth lifted her green eyes to his, and her longing for his kiss was in their soft depths. Ian drew a steadying breath, and yielded to temptation again, gently telling her how to show him what she wanted. "Put your hand around my neck," he whispered tenderly.
Her long fingers lifted to his nape, and he lowered his mouth to hers, so close their breaths mingled. Understanding finally dawned, and Elizabeth put firmer pressure on his nape. And even though she was braced for it, the shock of his parted lips on hers again was wild, indescribable sweetness. This time it was Elizabeth who touched her tongue to his lips, #Quote by Judith McNaught
Breaths quotes by Colleen Hoover
#137. And your laugh? My God, Sky. Think about how much courage it took you to laugh again after everything that happened to you. And your heart..." he says, shaking his head disbelievingly. "How your heart can possibly find a way to love and trust a man again proves that I've fallen in love with the bravest woman I've ever known. I know how much courage it took for you to allow me in after what your father did to you. And I swear I will spend every last breath thanking you for allowing yourself to love me. Thank you so much for loving me, Linden Sky Hope. #Quote by Colleen Hoover
Breaths quotes by Tanya Davis
#138. Society is afraid of alonedom, like lonely hearts are wasting away in basements, like people must have problems if, after a while, nobody is dating them. But lonely is a freedom that breaths easy and weightless and lonely is healing if you make it. #Quote by Tanya Davis
Breaths quotes by Melissa Marr
#139. He leaned back for a moment to tug her shirt down her arms, with the same wicked, lovley smile that had first stolen her breath years ago. #Quote by Melissa Marr
Breaths quotes by Elle Kennedy
#140. Chicks appreciate a nice cock shot. Trust me."

Hollis presses his lips together like he's trying not to laugh. "Uh-huh. Sure."

I flick my ash on the grass and take another drag. "Just out of curiosity, what constitutes a 'nice cock shot'? I mean, is it the lighting? The pose?"

I'm being sarcastic, but Dean responds in a solemn voice. "Well, the trick is, you've gotta keep the balls out of it."

That gets a loud hoot out of Tucker, who chokes mid-sip on his beer.

"Seriously," Dean insists. "Balls aren't photogenic. Women don't want to see them."

Hollis's laughter spills over, his breaths coming out in white puffs that float away in the night air. "You've put a lot of thought into this, man. It's kinda sad."

I laugh too. "Wait, is that what you do when you're in your room with the door locked? Take photos of your cock?"

"Oh, come on, like I'm the only one who's ever taken a dick pic."

"You're the only one," Hollis and I say in unison.

"Bullshit. You guys are liars." Dean suddenly realizes that Tucker hadn't voiced a denial, and wastes no time pouncing on our teammate's silence. "Ha. I knew it! #Quote by Elle Kennedy
Breaths quotes by William James
#141. All natural goods perish. Riches take wings; fame is a breath; love is a cheat; youth and health and pleasure vanish. #Quote by William James
Breaths quotes by Antonio Machado
#142. The afternoon is bright, with spring in the air, a mild March afternoon, with the breath of April stirring, I am alone in the quiet patio looking for some old untried illusion - some shadow on the whiteness of the wall some memory asleep on the stone rim of the fountain, perhaps in the air the light swish of some trailing gown. #Quote by Antonio Machado
Breaths quotes by John Green
#143. One of these days, I keep telling myself, you'll learn to truly shut up and not care. And until then ... well, until then I'll keep taking deep breaths because it feels like the wind got knocked out of me. For all my not crying, I sure feel a hell of a lot worse than I did at the end of All Dogs go to Heaven. #Quote by John Green
Breaths quotes by Hamza Yusuf
#144. Knowledge is taken from breath, not lives in a book #Quote by Hamza Yusuf
Breaths quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#145. A true poem is distinguished not so much by a felicitous expression, or any thought it suggests, as by the atmosphere which surrounds it. Most have beauty of outline merely, and are striking as the form and bearing of a stranger; but true verses come toward us indistinctly, as the very breath of all friendliness, and envelop us in their spirit and fragrance. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Breaths quotes by Eric Maisel
#146. A long, deep breath is the equivalent of a full stop and the key to centering. #Quote by Eric Maisel
Breaths quotes by Alexander Pope
#147. What is fame? a fancied life in others' breath. #Quote by Alexander Pope
Breaths quotes by William Cowper
#148. But oars alone can ne'er prevail To reach the distant coast; The breath of Heaven must swell the sail, Or all the toil is lost. #Quote by William Cowper
Breaths quotes by Uncle Kracker
#149. You make me smile like the sun, fall out bed, sing like a bird, dizzy in my head. Spin like a record crazy on a sunday night. You make me dance like a fool, forget how to breath, shine like the sun buzz like a bee, just the thought of you can drive me wild. Oh you make me smile. -Uncle Kracker- #Quote by Uncle Kracker
Breaths quotes by Sarah Dessen
#150. I knew, in the silence that followed, that anything could happen here. It might be too late: again, I might have missed my chance. But I would at least know I tried, that I took my heart and extended my hand, whatever the outcome.
"Okay," he said. He took a breath. "What would you do, if you could do anything?"
I took a step toward him, closing the space between us. "This," I said. And then I kissed him. #Quote by Sarah Dessen
Breaths quotes by Kahlil Gibran
#151. Am I a harp that the hand of the mighty may touch me, or a flute that his breath may pass through me? #Quote by Kahlil Gibran
Breaths quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#152. When Vanity kissed Vanity, a hundred happy Junes ago, he pondered o'er her breathlessly, and, that all men might ever know, he rhymed her eyes with life and death:
"Thru Time I'll save my love!" he said ... yet Beauty vanished with his breath, and, with her lovers, she was dead ...
-Ever his wit and not her eyes, ever his art and not her hair:
"Who'd learn a trick in rhyme, be wise and pause before his sonnet there" ... So all my words, however true, might sing you to a thousandth June, and no one ever know that you were Beauty for an afternoon. #Quote by F Scott Fitzgerald
Breaths quotes by K.A. Tucker
#153. Do You think it matters if they're tiny or deep? he asked. Well, if they're not tiny breaths and they're not deep breaths, then they're just ... breaths. Then you're just breathing for the sake of ... breathing.
... Seize them. Feel them. Love them ... #Quote by K.A. Tucker
Breaths quotes by Janet Fitch
#154. In a train ... smash. In his arm her last ... breath.' He had loved her. But he hated himself more. Such suffering, so much pain. And he thought it made him hateful. As if suffering was shameful, disgusting, as if pain were a crime. Who can judge another man's suffering? #Quote by Janet Fitch
Breaths quotes by J.R. Ward
#155. Taking a couple of deep breaths, he knew he had to choose his words carefully - in spite of the fact that his adrenal gland had opened up full-bore and was pumping enough OMG into his system that he was drowning in terror. #Quote by J.R. Ward
Breaths quotes by Martha Beck
#156. If you find yourself getting nervous stop and relax for three full breaths. Then take one small step, then another. That is how people get to the top of Everest. #Quote by Martha Beck
Breaths quotes by Dmitry Glukhovsky
#157. In Russia they have a strange disease. It makes membrane grow across the sick person's throat, and they start to choke. there's less and less air until they eventually die. They treat it with a strange gizmo, A little silver tube. the membrane can't tolerate silver. The healer inserts the little silver tube in the patient's throat and he breaths through it until it gets over the illness. You're my little silver tube. With you, I have started breathing. #Quote by Dmitry Glukhovsky
Breaths quotes by Brad Paisley
#158. Yea there ain't nothing not affected when two hearts get connected. All that is will be or ever was; every single choice we make; every breath we get to take is all because two people fell in love. #Quote by Brad Paisley
Breaths quotes by Donald Miller
#159. No, life cannot be understood flat on a page. It has to be lived; a person has to get out of his head, has to fall in love, has to memorize poems, has to jump off bridges into rivers, has to stand in an empty desert and whisper sonnets under his breath ... We get one story, you and I, and one story alone. God has established the elements, the setting and the climax and resolution. It would be a crime not to venture out, wouldn't it? -Donald Miller,Through Painted Deserts #Quote by Donald Miller
Breaths quotes by Gail Carriger
#160. Alexia blinked stupidly at the Beta from around the earl's upper arm. Her heart was doing crazy things, and she still could not locate her kneecaps. She took a deep breath and put some serious attention into tracking them down. #Quote by Gail Carriger
Breaths quotes by Edmund Spenser
#161. So furiously each other did assayle,
As if their soules they would attonce haue rent
Out of their brests, that streames of bloud did rayle
Adowne, as if their springes of life were spent;
That all the ground with purple bloud was sprent,
And all their armours staynd with bloudie gore,
Yet scarcely once to breath would they relent,
So mortall was their malice and so sore,
Become of fayned friendship which they vow'd afore. #Quote by Edmund Spenser
Breaths quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#162. Taking deep breaths, I gathered my power until I could feel it crackling in my fingertips. "Let him go!" I commanded in what I hoped was my most "I am a powerful demon" voice. Probably would've been better if my voice hadn't cracked on the last word. I released the magic in my hands, which felt kind of like snapping a giant rubber band.
A bolt of power flew from my fingertips, crashing into a nearby tree with a thunderous crack. There was a bright flash like lightning, and a branch fell to the ground. The ghouls startled, which meant the one holding Archer jerked his head back even farther. The smallest one made a noise that might have been distress, but they certainly didn't seem under my control.
And they weren't letting Archer go.
Okay, so my first experiment with necromancy was an epic fail.Take two.
I fought panic and frustration. Shooting off my magic at the ghouls was no good, but what else was I supposed to try? "Think,Sophie," I muttered under my breath.
"Yeah,please do that," Archer replied, his voice slightly strangled. The ghoul holding him had wrapped a hand around Archer's throat. The thing's expression wasn't threatening, just curious, like he was little kid trying to see what would happen if he just kept squeezing.
I slammed my eyes shut. Okay, they were dead. Yucky dead things. That smelled like-okay, those thoughts were not helpful. #Quote by Rachel Hawkins
Breaths quotes by J.C. Ryle
#163. Prayer is the very life-breath of true Christianity. #Quote by J.C. Ryle
Breaths quotes by Joe Bousquet
#164. Now the night's breath responds to the sea, which I can scarcely hear from here, as it reminisces about its shipwrecks. #Quote by Joe Bousquet
Breaths quotes by Elaine Cunningham
#165. Look at the sky. Does its sapphire hue dim when you take a single breath? Are the stars drawn closer when you weep? The sky cannot be diminished so. Thus it is with the spirit: it is a thing without beginning or end. #Quote by Elaine Cunningham
Breaths quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#166. Nick let loose an evil laugh. "It ended early. Stone cracked the coach's wee-belows with a badly thrown ball. I'm sure we'll all be running laps for hours tomorrow. But today ... Coach had to go ice himself."
Bubba and Mark sucked their breaths in sharply. "That'll ruin his weekend."
"Yeah, and then some," Caleb added. #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Breaths quotes by James Patterson
#167. Oh, my God. It hit me like a tsunami then: how perfect he was for me, how he was everything I could possibly hope for, as a friend, boyfriend - maybe even more. He was it for me. There would be no more looking. I really, really loved him, with a whole new kind of love I'd never felt before, something that made every other kind of love I'd ever felt just seem washed out and wimpy in comparison. I loved him with every cell in my body, every thought in my head, every feather in my wings, every breath in my lungs. And air sacs. #Quote by James Patterson
Breaths quotes by Edna St. Vincent Millay
#168. Love is not all: it is not meat nor drink Nor slumber nor a roof against the rain; Nor yet a floating spar to men that sink. #Quote by Edna St. Vincent Millay
Breaths quotes by B.K.S. Iyengar
#169. The breath must be enticed or cajoled, like catching a horse in a field, not by chasing after it, but by standing still with an apple in one's hand. #Quote by B.K.S. Iyengar
Breaths quotes by Kiki Archer
#170. Intentionally, or unintentionally, Kat had spoken with her eyes; tenderly and lovingly conveying a message to Freya that her tongue wouldn't let her speak. It was glaringly obvious they both felt it. The words were not important. The pauses, gazes, and drawn out breaths were what mattered. #Quote by Kiki Archer
Breaths quotes by Stephen Chbosky
#171. There's nothing like deep breaths after laughing that hard. Nothing in the world like a sore stomach for the right reasons. #Quote by Stephen Chbosky
Breaths quotes by Lauren Kate
#172. The crowd as silent,holding their breaths.Hot wind rustled in the trees as the ax gleamed in the sun.Luce could feel that the end was coming,but why? Why had her soul dragged her here? What insight abouther past,or the curse, could she possibly gain from having her head cut off?
Then Daniel dropped the ax to the ground.
"What are you doing?" Luce asked.
Daniel didn't answer.He rolled back his shoulders, turned his face toward the sky, and flung out her arms. Zotz stepped forward to interfere,but when he touched Daniel's shoulder,he screamed and recoiled as if he'd been burned.
And then-
Daniel's white wings unfurled from his shoulders.As they extended fully from his sides,huge and shockingly bright against the parched brown landscape, they sent twenty Mayans hurtling backward.
Shouts rang out around the cenote:
"What is he?"
"The boy is winged!"
"He is a god! Sent to us by Chaat!"
Luce thrashed against the ropes binding her wrists and her ankles.She needed to run to Daniel.She tried to move toward him,until-
Until she couldn't move anymore.
Daniel's wings were so bright they were almost unbearable. Only, now it wasn't just Daniel's wings that were glowing. It was...all of him. His entire body shone.As if he'd swallowed the sun.
Music filled the air.No,not music, but a single harmonious chord.Deafening and unending,glorious and frightening.
Luce had heard it before...somewhere. In the cemetery at Sword&C #Quote by Lauren Kate
Breaths quotes by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
#173. I hold it true that thoughts are things
Endowed with bodies, breath, and wings,
And that we send them forth to fill
The world with good results - or ill.

That which we call our secret thought
Speeds to the earth's remotest spot,
And leaves its blessings or its woes
Like tracks behind it as it goes.

It is God's law. Remember it
In your still chamber as you sit
With thoughts you would not dare have known,
And yet made comrades when alone.

These thoughts have life; and they will fly
And leave their impress by-and-by,
Like some marsh breeze, whose poisoned breath
Breathes into homes its fevered breath.

And after you have quite forgot
Or all outgrown some vanished thought,
Back to your mind to make its home,
A dove or raven, it will come.

Then let your secret thoughts be fair;
They have a vital part and share
In shaping worlds and moulding fate --
God's system is so intricate. #Quote by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Breaths quotes by G. M. Trevelyan
#174. If one could make alive again for other people some cobwebbed skein of old dead intrigues and breathe breath and character into dead names and stiff portraits. That is history to me! #Quote by G. M. Trevelyan
Breaths quotes by Richard Baxter
#175. Prayer is the breath of the new creature. #Quote by Richard Baxter
Breaths quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#176. Hey, do you know what you call a blond with a brain?" I asked, and the continued on the same breath, "a golden retriever."
I've heard that one, too," she said, no longer smiling.
I'll keep trying." I promised. #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Breaths quotes by Donna Karan
#177. Just take a breath and see what happens. #Quote by Donna Karan
Breaths quotes by Corey Taylor
#178. Take one more deep breath, savor it, and plunge forward without thinking. Do not allow yourself hesitation. Do not allow yourself a moment of doubt. Follow your instincts and go where you never would have considered possible. #Quote by Corey Taylor
Breaths quotes by J.L. Carr
#179. The first breath of autumn was in the air, a prodigal feeling, a feeling of wanting, taking, and keeping before it is too late. #Quote by J.L. Carr
Breaths quotes by Dean Cavanagh
#180. The mother tongue of politicians is that of ancient Babylon: a language designed to severely limit discourse within a tower of praise to elitism, a language carried on breath's reeking of the fecal matter from their paymasters #Quote by Dean Cavanagh
Breaths quotes by Irvine Welsh
#181. He feels the bleakness crawling into his skull; Franco breaths in steadily, trying to tune in all out, that pressure on your brain, eroding focus, diverting the flow of thought down old ruinous canals... #Quote by Irvine Welsh
Breaths quotes by Gustave Flaubert
#182. I'm absolutely removed from the world at such times ... The hours go by without my knowing it. Sitting there I'm wandering in countries I can see every detail of - I'm playing a role in the story I'm reading. I actually feel I'm the characters - I live and breath with them. #Quote by Gustave Flaubert
Breaths quotes by Nathaniel Hawthorne
#183. I find myself at the extremity of a long beach. How gladly does the spirit leap forth, and suddenly enlarge its sense of being to the full extent of the broad, blue, sunny deep! A greeting and a homage to the Sea! I descend over its margin, and dip my hand into the wave that meets me, and bathe my brow. That far-resounding roar is the Ocean's voice of welcome. His salt breath brings a blessing along with it #Quote by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Breaths quotes by Patrick Rothfuss
#184. I took a deep breath, 'I took the nahlrout because I didn't want to faint. I needed to let them know they couldn't hurt me. I've learned that the best way to stay safe is to make your enemies think you can't be hurt.' It sounded ugly to say it so starkly, but it was the truth. I looked at him defiantly. #Quote by Patrick Rothfuss
Breaths quotes by Susan Wiggs
#185. Unexpected change is like a breath of fresh air
a little brisk at first, but magic for the body and soul. #Quote by Susan Wiggs
Breaths quotes by Yahtzee Croshaw
#186. Drelmere and sons, fine outfitters for the discerning magician!" he was shouting, his voice barely carrying over the hubbub. "Robes! Pointy hats! Beard grooming supplies! Yes, you sir, how can OH GOD HURRAAARRGLAB."
I waited patiently for him to finish decorating the pavement with his stomach contents. "Sorry," he said, bent double and gulping. Impressively, he immediately continued his sales pitch from that position. "Looking for a new robe?"
"Yes, this one's starting to whiff a bit."
"Yes, I ... gathered that, sir." He took a few deep, groaning breaths into a star-patterned hanky and seemed to gather himself.
"What sort of price range were you OH GOD YOUR EYES HURRAAARRGLAB."
I tapped my now bile-sodden foot. "Shall I come back later? #Quote by Yahtzee Croshaw
Breaths quotes by Kali Wallace
#187. She was carrying with her, the cold. She was holding on to that icy stone of grief. It had been there all along, sitting high in her chest, and with every step another fissure split through its middle-shivering over the orchard, frosting and melting, seasons flickering around her with the rhythm of her breaths, with the beat of her heart, she and the trees and the earth all part of the same creature. #Quote by Kali Wallace
Breaths quotes by Jane Hirshfield
#188. When Your Life Looks Back,

When your life looks back--
As it will, at itself, at you--what will it say?

Inch of colored ribbon cut from the spool.
Flame curl, blue-consuming the log it flares from.
Bay leaf. Oak leaf. Cricket. One among many.

Your life will carry you as it did always,
With ten fingers and both palms,
With horizontal ribs and upright spine,
With its filling and emptying heart,
That wanted only your own heart, emptying, filled, in return.
You gave it. What else could do?

Immersed in air or in water.
Immersed in hunger or anger.
Curious even when bored.
Longing even when running away.

"What will happen next?"--
the question hinged in your knees, your ankles,
in the in-breaths even of weeping.
Strongest of magnets, the future impartial drew you in.
Whatever direction you turned toward was face to face.
No back of the world existed,
No unseen corner, no test. No other earth to prepare for.

This, your life had said, its only pronoun.
Here, your life had said, its only house.
Let, your life had said, its only order.

And did you have a choice in this? You did--

Sleeping and waking,
the horses around you, the mountains around you,
The buildings with their tall, hydraulic shafts.
Those of your own kind around you--

A few times, you stood on your head.
A few t #Quote by Jane Hirshfield
Breaths quotes by Heather Moehn
#189. How to Perform Paced Breathing

Paced breathing is a slow, regular rate of deep breathing. There are three main points to keep in mind when practicing:

1.Breathe slowly. Concentrate on slowing the rate of your breathing to eight or ten breaths per minute.

2.Inhale and exhale through your nose. It is more difficult to take shallow breaths from the upper chest when you breathe through your nose. This keeps you from hyperventilating.

3.Choose a neutral word to focus on while practicing paced breathing. The words "one," "calm," and "relax" work well. Each time you exhale, say the word in your mind. This will assist in keeping your breathing evenly paced, and will help to reduce the chances of interfering thoughts.

During the day, when you are not practicing paced breathing, alternate paced and normal breathing. Every single breath you take does not have to come from the diaphragm. There should be a natural rhythm between chest breathing and diaphragm breathing. Find a comfortable balance but do more diaphragmatic breathing than you usually do.

Tony is at a local law office to interview for an internship. He wants to become a trial lawyer. He is very excited by the thought of working professionally, but is so anxious about the interview that he feels lightheaded and numb. He is afraid he won't be able to say what he wants to, and that his answers will be incorrect.
As he waits for the interviewer, Tony starts to #Quote by Heather Moehn
Breaths quotes by J.A. Redmerski
#190. You were the missing piece of my soul, the breath in my lungs, and the blood in my veins. #Quote by J.A. Redmerski
Breaths quotes by Edith Wharton
#191. What Lily craved was the darkness made by enfolding arms, the silence which is not solitude, but compassion holding its breath. #Quote by Edith Wharton
Breaths quotes by Tertullian
#192. Let the emperor make war on heaven; let him lead heaven captive in his triumph; let him put guards on heaven; let him impose taxes on heaven! He cannot ... He gets his sceptre where he first got his humanity; his power where he got the breath of life. #Quote by Tertullian
Breaths quotes by Happy Rhodes
#193. I am transparent An open book; There's no choice in the matter But the breath from my mind Is living air, And the notes from my heart Are what I share. Words weren't made for cowards. #Quote by Happy Rhodes
Breaths quotes by Patricia Briggs
#194. Ben rubbed his muzzle over Kyle's shoulder in a way that I think was supposed to be reassuring. Kyle sucked in a breath. Either it hurt, or the reminder that the werewolf was big enough to rub his shoulder without much effort wasn't exactly reassuring.
"Ben, when was the last time you brushed your teeth?" asked Kyle.
Or else Ben's breath was really bad. #Quote by Patricia Briggs
Breaths quotes by Iyanla Vanzant
#195. If you should encounter angry or unkind actions today, take a deep breath, reach deep within and greet the lack of love with love. #Quote by Iyanla Vanzant
Breaths quotes by Kate McCarthy
#196. I sucked in a few deep breaths. I could do this. I could.

I am a cool cucumber.

No, fuck that. I am Snoop Dogg. You can get no cooler than that. #Quote by Kate McCarthy
Breaths quotes by Sophocles
#197. A man is nothing but breath and shadow. #Quote by Sophocles
Breaths quotes by Michael Biondi
#198. Life is beautiful. Death is astonishing.
And love is the just breaths taken in between #Quote by Michael Biondi
Breaths quotes by Cindy Gerard
#199. With only those soft, secret night sounds as witness, he moved over her, kissed her deeply, then slid home.
And news sounds filled the dark.
Sharp breaths of stunning urgency.
Long sighs of immeasurable pleasure.
Humming beats of awareness of an unbreakable bond being forged.¸
In the heat of the night, without a single word spoken, she felt everything change between them. Until this moment, they'd only played at love, danced cautiously around the prospect of commitment. But as he sank in and out of her body, immersing them in sensation and a profound stream of consciousness, he sough her gaze in the dark. What she saw in his eyes brought tears to hers as it became achingly, wonderfully clear.
The biggest player of them all wasn't playing anymore. #Quote by Cindy Gerard
Breaths quotes by Quinn Loftis
#200. How could I not fall in love with him," she asked. And on the tail end of her words, her bedroom door flew open and closed just as fast.

Jen bent over, panting heavily as she looked up at Sally.

"Hey Sally girl. Who we falling in love with?" Jen asked breathlessly.

"Jen, what's wrong?" Sally paused and then decided on a better question. "What have you done now?"

Jen stood up and took two deep breaths. Seeming to have regained her wind, she spoke quickly.

"First off, I've changed my mind. I don't want you to name your first born after me."

Sally interrupted. "Thank goodness for that," she muttered.

"I want you to name your entire freaking litter after me," Jen growled. "Do you know what I've been through?" Jen's arms were flinging around as she glared at Sally. "I did that little strip tease to try and keep things from escalating with the rest of the pack and Decebel was beyond pissed. I had to sneak out of the gathering room and make a run for it. I've been running through the freaking forest trying to throw him off by changing back and forth so that I could place my clothes that I carried in my freaking muzzle. CARRIED IN MY MUZZLE SALLY! I put them in different places to throw off him off my scent." Jen went over to Sally's window and was trying to judge the danger of using it as an exit. #Quote by Quinn Loftis

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