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Famous Quotes About Breast Cancer

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Breast Cancer quotes by Baruch Spinoza
#1. There is no hope unmingled with fear, and no fear unmingled with hope. #Quote by Baruch Spinoza
Breast Cancer quotes by Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
#2. What really got me focused on cancer was when my best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer, and even though she was a well-to-do person, I found that her treatment costs were crippling. #Quote by Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
Breast Cancer quotes by Giuliana Rancic
#3. I started realizing I could be an example for women to not just be aware of breast cancer but to act on it, to make an appointment, to give themselves an exam. #Quote by Giuliana Rancic
Breast Cancer quotes by Stephanie McMahon
#4. Whether you're a mother or father, or a husband or a son, or a niece or a nephew or uncle, breast cancer doesn't discriminate. #Quote by Stephanie McMahon
Breast Cancer quotes by Kate Del Castillo
#5. I've always wanted my own fragrance; Avon pairs with the way I think: what they do and represent, what they do for women, and the good causes such as domestic violence, and breast cancer. #Quote by Kate Del Castillo
Breast Cancer quotes by Charles Duhigg
#6. In 1980, a woman promised her dying sister to change how Americans thought about breast cancer. Thirty years later, the result - the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation - is one of the nation's largest non-profits, and one of the most successful triumphs in public health marketing and changing health habits. #Quote by Charles Duhigg
Breast Cancer quotes by Lynn Redgrave
#7. Well, right now, technically, I have no breast cancer. #Quote by Lynn Redgrave
Breast Cancer quotes by Olivia Newton-John
#8. I feel so fortunate and grateful to be a survivor of breast cancer. I see it as a gift. #Quote by Olivia Newton-John
Breast Cancer quotes by Victoria Gotti
#9. The day I found out, the day I got my mammogram and the doctor told me I had breast cancer, it was mid-November. #Quote by Victoria Gotti
Breast Cancer quotes by Jack Newman
#10. Women should know the truth. They can take it; they are adults, not children. If a mother opts for formula rather than breastfeeding, there is good evidence that her baby will score lower on IQ tests and will have a higher risk of many illnesses including some cancers, diabetes, respiratory illnesses, diarrhea and ear infections. She should know that her own risk of breast, ovarian and uterine cancer will be higher, as well as her daughter's risk of breast cancer. The mother increases her own risk of diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and becoming overweight by "choosing" formula feeding. There is accumulating evidence that the risk of mental illness (alcoholism, ADHD, schizophrenia) is increased by not breastfeeding. A recent study suggested that even behaviour problems in adolescents are more likely if the child was formula fed. The longer the child is breastfed, the lower the risk both for the child and the mother. #Quote by Jack Newman
Breast Cancer quotes by Barbara Ehrenreich
#11. Breast cancer, I can now report, did not make me prettier or stronger, more feminine or spiritual. What it gave me, if you want to call this a "gift," was a very personal, agonizing encounter with an ideological force in American culture that I had not been aware of before - one that encourages us to deny reality, submit cheerfully to misfortune, and blame only ourselves for our fate. #Quote by Barbara Ehrenreich
Breast Cancer quotes by Margaret Drabble
#12. It was easier to ignore the consideration of paternal genes then than it would be now. We did not then consider ourselves held in the genetic trap. We thought each infant was born pure and new and holy: a gold baby, a luminous lamb. We did not know that certain forms of breast cancer were programmed and almost ineluctable, and we would not have believed you if you had told us that in our lifetime young women would be subjecting themselves to preventative mastectomies. #Quote by Margaret Drabble
Breast Cancer quotes by Herbie Mann
#13. Think about it: Look at the strides of awareness and treatment and tests that women have had with breast cancer, that the gay community has had with AIDS, because they're active and they talk about it. #Quote by Herbie Mann
Breast Cancer quotes by Naomi Campbell
#14. My mum [who has breast cancer] is a fighter. I've got that from her, I know she's a fighter. #Quote by Naomi Campbell
Breast Cancer quotes by Sheryl Crow
#15. I am joining the more than 200,000 women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. We are a testament to the importance of early detection and new treatments ... I am inspired by the brave women who have faced this battle before me and grateful for the support of family and friends. #Quote by Sheryl Crow
Breast Cancer quotes by Maya Dusenbery
#16. The default to studying men at times veered into absurdity: in the early sixties, observing that women tended to have lower rates of heart disease until their estrogen levels dropped after menopause, researchers conducted the first trial to look at whether supplementation with the hormone was an effective preventive treatment. The study enrolled 8,341 men and no women. (Although doctors began prescribing estrogens to postmenopausal women in droves - by the midseventies, a third would be taking them - it wasn't until 1991 that the first clinical study of hormone therapy was conducted in women.) An NIH-supported pilot study from Rockefeller University looked at how obesity affected breast and uterine cancer didn't enroll a single woman. While men can develop breast cancer - and a small number of them do each year - as Rep. Snowe noted drily at the congressional hearings, 'Somehow I find it hard to believe that the male-dominated medical community would tolerate a study of prostate cancer that used only women as research subjects. #Quote by Maya Dusenbery
Breast Cancer quotes by Molly Ivins
#17. Having breast cancer is massive amounts of no fun, #Quote by Molly Ivins
Breast Cancer quotes by Lisa Lynch
#18. Carrie Bradshaw fell in Dior, I fell in Debenhams. It was May 2008, and it was spectacular. Uncomfortable heels + slippy floor + head turned by a cocktail dress = thwack. Arms stretched overhead, teeth cracking on floor tiles, chest and knees breaking the fall. It was theatrical, exaggerated, a perfect 6.0. And it was Significant Moment #1 in discovering that I had grade-three breast cancer. #Quote by Lisa Lynch
Breast Cancer quotes by Jonathan Michel Metzl
#19. I think that we're making a mistake if we don't see that there is a cultural basis to many illnesses, not just psychiatric ones. Breast cancer would be one prevalent example right now, different kind of cultures surrounding it. If you don't understand the cultural meaning of an illness like that you're going to miss the boat even if you're a great scientist. #Quote by Jonathan Michel Metzl
Breast Cancer quotes by Amy Andrews
#20. Scarlett lived by the (thankfully) ancient medical creed: If it tastes awful and smells worse, it's probably good for you.
Julia wasn't so sure about that. She lived by the edict: If it tastes awful and smells worse, leave it the hell alone. On the other hand, if it tasted good and smelled better, you either ate it, squirted it on your neck or fucked it.
It hadn't led her wrong so far. #Quote by Amy Andrews
Breast Cancer quotes by Ros Baxter
#21. Quentin flicked a quick glance back at her again. Poppy. This girl had the wrong name. She should have been Rose. Great face, lots of prickles. #Quote by Ros Baxter
Breast Cancer quotes by Brooks Jackson
#22. Ironically, breast cancer gets so much attention partly because so many women survive it and become advocates, producing and participating in publicity-grabbing events such as the annual Race for the Cure. #Quote by Brooks Jackson
Breast Cancer quotes by Olivia Newton-John
#23. Being a breast cancer survivor, as I like to call myself - it will be twenty years next year - I did it to make it possible for women to do regular self breast examinations. It's really important - and, it makes common sense: you know your body better than the doctor does who only sees you once a year, you know? #Quote by Olivia Newton-John
Breast Cancer quotes by Paloma Faith
#24. I agree with cosmetic surgery for medical reasons - my mother had breast cancer and I think it's very sad when somebody has no choice in what happens to their body. #Quote by Paloma Faith
Breast Cancer quotes by Christina Applegate
#25. Sometimes, you know, I cry. And sometimes I scream. And I get really angry. And I get really upset, you know, into wallowing in self-pity sometimes. And I think that it's all part of the healing. #Quote by Christina Applegate
Breast Cancer quotes by Sarah Thebarge
#26. addition to feeling sick and tired and feverish and nauseated, I also felt forgotten. And there was no easy cure for that. #Quote by Sarah Thebarge
Breast Cancer quotes by Koo Stark
#27. I have no qualms about saying I am more confident in the medical treatment in America. The breast cancer survival rate is 20 per cent higher than in the UK. #Quote by Koo Stark
Breast Cancer quotes by Sheryl Crow
#28. The only person who can save you is you: That going to be the thing that informed the rest of my life. #Quote by Sheryl Crow
Breast Cancer quotes by Hoda Kotb
#29. If it weren't for my breast cancer, I wouldn't be a 'Today' host. After I got better, I talked to my boss about working on the show. Six months before, I'd have been terrified to go in there and ask for what I wanted. But after what I'd been through, how could I be scared of being told no? #Quote by Hoda Kotb
Breast Cancer quotes by Hoda Kotb
#30. I think after overcoming breast cancer, you sort of become fearless and somehow going up to your boss to talk about a possible promotion doesn't seem like such a daunting task anymore. #Quote by Hoda Kotb
Breast Cancer quotes by Sonya Sones
#31. To take estrogen or not to take estrogen:
That is the question.
Whether 'tis nobler to abstain and suffer
The sweat and puddles of outrageous flashes
Or to take arms against a sea of mood swings,
And by opposing end them? To die: to sleep;
No more; at first the studies say 'twill end
The heart attacks and thousand bouts of bloat
That flesh is heir to, 'tis a true confusion -
For then they say 'twill cause us all to die
Perchance from breast cancer; ay, there's the rub;
For who can dream or even sleep while worrying about
What doctors might be saying come next week? #Quote by Sonya Sones
Breast Cancer quotes by Ros Baxter
#32. She frowned, and the effect was so pretty he wondered if he was going mad. Why did he find this cranky, kooky woman so damned appealing? He knew for a fact he could go out tonight and drag home some hot, willing chick who would stroke his ego and never argue with him about anything. He closed his eyes and remembered just how good that felt. Willing women; god bless them. #Quote by Ros Baxter
Breast Cancer quotes by David Pleat
#33. Winning isn't the end of the world #Quote by David Pleat
Breast Cancer quotes by Joshua Ferris
#34. It was uncertain. She was in her early forties. Breast cancer. No one could identify exactly how everyone had come to know this fact. Was it a fact? Some people called it rumor. But in fact there was no such thing as rumor. There was fact, and there was what did not come up in conversation. #Quote by Joshua Ferris
Breast Cancer quotes by Debbie Wasserman Schultz
#35. Breast cancer is not just a disease that strikes at women. It strikes at the very heart of who we are as women: how others perceive us, how we perceive ourselves, how we live, work and raise our families-or whether we do these things at all. #Quote by Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Breast Cancer quotes by Melissa Etheridge
#36. I've been a rock star since you were very young. But I've never encountered anything as powerful as cancer. #Quote by Melissa Etheridge
Breast Cancer quotes by Thomas Lewis
#37. You might think that treatments like group therapy after breast cancer would now be standard. Guess again. Affiliation is not a drug or an operation, and that makes it nearly invisible to Western medicine. Our doctors are not uninformed; on the contrary, most have read these studies and grant them a grudging intellectual acceptance. But they don't believe in them; they can't bring themselves to base treatment decisions on a rumored phantom like attachment. The prevailing medical paradigm has no capacity to incorporate the concept that a relationship is a physiologic process, as real and as potent as any pill or surgical procedure. #Quote by Thomas Lewis
Breast Cancer quotes by Ralph W. Moss
#38. Kanematsu Sugiura ... took down lab books and showed me that in fact Laetrile is dramatically effective in stopping the spread of cancer. The animals were genetically programmed to get breast cancer and about 80 - 90% of them normally get spread of the cancer from the breast to the lungs which is a common route in humans, also for how people die of breast cancer, and instead when they gave the animals Laetrile by injection only 10-20% of them got lung metasteses. And these facts were verified by many people, including the pathology department. #Quote by Ralph W. Moss
Breast Cancer quotes by Ravida Din
#39. Those of us who have gone through breast cancer treatment will say "yes" ..we absolutely need to focus on prevention. I never want my daughter to go through what I have gone through ... never. #Quote by Ravida Din
Breast Cancer quotes by Amy Andrews
#40. Look,' she said, sidling a little closer to him in the lift. 'I understand this wasn't what you bargained for when some cute girl at the café dared you to jump out of a plane with her. You were in it for thrills and sex and you got breast-cancer girl, her terrifying friend and her flaky mother. That's above and beyond. And I totally get you're here because you'd feel like some louse if you left her now, but it's okay, she's going to be fine, I'm going to take good care of her. #Quote by Amy Andrews
Breast Cancer quotes by Hoda Kotb
#41. If you have a friend or family member with breast cancer, try not to look at her with 'sad eyes.' Treat her like you always did; just show a little extra love. #Quote by Hoda Kotb
Breast Cancer quotes by Joel Fuhrman
#42. We know that childhood and adolescence are the most crucial times for environmental stimuli to affect breast cancer risk, but changes made during adulthood and even after diagnosis still have the potential to create positive changes in the body. #Quote by Joel Fuhrman
Breast Cancer quotes by Carly Fiorina
#43. I have been tested. My faith has been tested. I have battled breast cancer. I have buried a child. Through it all, the love of my family and my personal relationship with Jesus Christ has seen me through. And on this journey my family and my faith will see me through as well. I will not falter, and I will not shrink from this fight. #Quote by Carly Fiorina
Breast Cancer quotes by Carly Fiorina
#44. I'm happy to tell you that having been through surgery and chemotherapy and radiation, breast cancer is officially behind me. I feel absolutely great and I am raring to go. #Quote by Carly Fiorina
Breast Cancer quotes by Rick Wakeman
#45. My mother had never had a day's illness in her life and never thought to have checks. Then, at 78, she discovered she had breast cancer and passed away the next year. But if she'd had a check two years before, they could have done something about it, they could have saved her. #Quote by Rick Wakeman
Breast Cancer quotes by Eve Ensler
#46. Why aren't we looking at the causes of breast cancer? Why aren't we spending our energy on looking at what we're doing to the earth? On the pollutants we're putting into the earth? And the pesticides we're putting into the earth? What we're releasing into the air? Instead, we just cut off more organs! That's where metaphor comes into it - not even metaphor as much as reality. #Quote by Eve Ensler
Breast Cancer quotes by Debbie Wasserman Schultz
#47. People used to say everyone knows someone who's had breast cancer. In the past few weeks, I've learned something else: Everyone has someone close to them who has had breast cancer. #Quote by Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Breast Cancer quotes by Michael Greger
#48. Although even light exercise is associated with a lowered risk of some other types of cancer, for breast cancer, it appears that leisurely strolls don't appear to cut it. #Quote by Michael Greger
Breast Cancer quotes by Rebecca Skloot
#49. Gene patents are the point of greatest concern in the debate over ownership of human biological materials, and how that ownership might interfere with science. As of 2005 - the most recent year figures were available - the U.S. government had issued patents relating to the use of about 20 percent of known human genes, including genes for Alzheimer's, asthma, colon cancer, and, most famously, breast cancer. This means pharmaceutical companies, scientists, and universities control what research can be done on those genes, and how much resulting therapies and diagnostic tests will cost. And some enforce their patents aggressively: Myriad Genetics, which holds the patents on the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes responsible for most cases of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, charges $3,000 to test for the genes. Myriad has been accused of creating a monopoly, since no one else can offer the test, and researchers can't develop cheaper tests or new therapies without getting permission from Myriad and paying steep licensing fees. Scientists who've gone ahead with research involving the breast-cancer genes without Myriad's permission have found themselves on the receiving end of cease-and-desist letters and threats of litigation. #Quote by Rebecca Skloot
Breast Cancer quotes by Suzanne Brockmann
#50. Mol, it's not probably nothing if they fucking want you to go to Germany."
She winced, and he turned to the people-mostly women- who were filling most of those waiting room seat.
"Excuse me. This doctor thinks my wife, whom I love more than life, has breast cancer, so I'm going to say fuck probably about ten more times. Is that okay with all of you? #Quote by Suzanne Brockmann
Breast Cancer quotes by Amy Andrews
#51. We'll make a wellness altar, I think … have some incense burn¬ing, fresh flowers every day and string some lights around it …'
Poppy rolled her head to the side. 'Still think it's a good idea?'
Julia blanched at the tackiness of a wellness altar with fairy lights and a water feature, but what the hell, she already had a three-metre girly snake ruining the ambience. 'Sure,' she said. If it made Scarlett happy.
Poppy laughed. 'I'm going to remind you of this conversation when your apartment looks like a Chinese brothel. #Quote by Amy Andrews
Breast Cancer quotes by Lynne Farrow
#52. In many online breast cancer groups, members get upset when you question any authority's position. When patients invest in that authority, they don't want to see their investment devalued or diminished by questioning. #Quote by Lynne Farrow
Breast Cancer quotes by Kristi Funk
#53. The most surprising fact that people do not know about breast cancer is that about 80% of women diagnosed with breast cancer do not have a single relative with breast cancer. Much more than just family history and inherited genes factor into the breast cancer equation. #Quote by Kristi Funk
Breast Cancer quotes by Gilbert Adair
#54. We "need" cancer because, by the very fact of its incurability, it makes all other diseases, however virulent, not cancer. #Quote by Gilbert Adair
Breast Cancer quotes by Richard Lamm
#55. The bottom line is, until we're helping people to stop smoking, screening for breast cancer, giving Pap smears, giving prenatal care to pregnant women, we should not go into publicly paying for the artificial heart, which will benefit at great cost only a few people. #Quote by Richard Lamm
Breast Cancer quotes by Debbie Wasserman Schultz
#56. I have to admit, like so many women, I always knew there was a chance. But like so many women, I never thought it would be me. I never thought I'd hear those devastating words: 'You have breast cancer.' #Quote by Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Breast Cancer quotes by Giuliana Rancic
#57. I'm the exact same person I was before (cancer). I'm still shallow, I still love clothes, I still want to talk fashion, I still want to gossip, so lay it on me. #Quote by Giuliana Rancic
Breast Cancer quotes by Carly Fiorina
#58. I have been tested in many ways, personally, I have beaten breast cancer, I buried a child to addiction. Professionally, you cannot go from being a secretary of nine-person real estate firm to the chief executive of the largest technology company in the world without having been tested over and over and over. #Quote by Carly Fiorina
Breast Cancer quotes by Gail Honeyman
#59. You wouldn't understand, of course, but the bond between a mother and child, it's . . . how best to describe it . . . unbreakable. The two of us are linked forever, you see - same blood in my veins that's running through yours. You grew inside me, your teeth and your tongue and your cervix are all made from my cells, my genes. Who knows what little surprises I left growing inside there for you, which codes I set running? Breast cancer? Alzheimer's? You'll just have to wait and see. You were fermenting inside me for all those months, nice and cozy, Eleanor. However hard you try to walk away from that fact, you can't, darling, you simply can't. It isn't possible to destroy a bond that strong. #Quote by Gail Honeyman
Breast Cancer quotes by Cancercenter
#60. Yearly mammograms have turned into the essential strategy for breast cancer screening. In any case, different exams including MRIs and hereditary testing are taken relying upon a lady's individual and family history. #Quote by Cancercenter
Breast Cancer quotes by Ros Baxter
#61. Quentin wasn't stupid, despite living what his father called 'a lifestyle unworthy of yourself'. #Quote by Ros Baxter
Breast Cancer quotes by Betsey Johnson
#62. With over 3 million women battling breast cancer today, everywhere you turn there is a mother, daughter, sister, or friend who has been affected by breast cancer. #Quote by Betsey Johnson
Breast Cancer quotes by Leroy Hood
#63. Medicine will be personalized and preventive: Your genome might predict that you have an 80 percent chance of breast cancer by the time you are 50, but if you take a preventive drug starting when you are 40, the chance will drop to 2 percent. #Quote by Leroy Hood
Breast Cancer quotes by Jason Chaffetz
#64. My mother, she passed away when I was 28 years old. She fought cancer for more than 10 years. She had breast cancer, and I miss her. #Quote by Jason Chaffetz
Breast Cancer quotes by Larry Craig
#65. Breast cancer deaths in America have been declining for more than a decade. Much of that success is due to early detection and better treatments for women. I strongly encourage women to get a mammogram. #Quote by Larry Craig
Breast Cancer quotes by Ann Jillian
#66. There can be life after breast cancer. The prerequisite is early detection. #Quote by Ann Jillian
Breast Cancer quotes by Frank C. Garland
#67. African-American women who develop breast cancer are more likely to die from the disease than White women of the same age. Survival rates are worse among African-Americans for colon, prostate and ovarian cancers as well. #Quote by Frank C. Garland
Breast Cancer quotes by Ravida Din
#68. The pink campaign has also served to "normalize" and depoliticize the disease and that makes it less threatening for a LOT of companies to jump onboard and claim breast cancer as their cause. #Quote by Ravida Din
Breast Cancer quotes by Robin Roberts
#69. Midway through my treatments, I was at the White House to do an interview with President Bush's press secretary, Tony Snow. He had recently revealed he was facing cancer for a second time. While there I was told that the First Lady, Laura Bush, wanted to see me in the private residence for tea. Mrs. Bush has a family history of breast cancer. She personally invited me to accompany her on a portion of an international breast cancer initiative with the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and I couldn't pass up this opportunity. My doctors cleared me to travel - although getting my mom's blessing was far more difficult. Remember, I was in the middle of chemo treatments. I spent time with Mrs. Bush in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, in the UAE and in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I met some incredible women on the trip. #Quote by Robin Roberts
Breast Cancer quotes by David Sax
#70. Charity fundraisers are nothing new to me. In the past, I have taken part in ski races for hospitals, walks for breast cancer, and long distance bike rides for geriatric care. #Quote by David Sax
Breast Cancer quotes by Kristi Funk
#71. About 80% of women diagnosed with breast cancer do not have a single relative with breast cancer. #Quote by Kristi Funk
Breast Cancer quotes by Geneen Roth
#72. People get old, get sick and die. Or they die suddenly. Or their deaths drag on forever. My friend Tory is dying a slow, excruciatingly painful death of bone cancer. Eight friends have died of breast cancer. Polar bears are dying. Honeybees are vanishing. The oceans are drying up. There is a part of me that wants my money back. That wants to say, 'I didn't sign up for this. I don't like the way this whole thing is set up and I won't participate in it. #Quote by Geneen Roth
Breast Cancer quotes by Amy Tan
#73. [Karen Lundegaard] was quite frail, debilitated by metastatic breast cancer, which she had long known she had but for which she had been unable to get adequate treatment because she lacked medical insurance. ("If you mention anything about me," she said, "tell people that.") #Quote by Amy Tan
Breast Cancer quotes by Jessica Simpson
#74. Both of my grandmothers were diagnosed with breast cancer - one is a survivor and one passed away. #Quote by Jessica Simpson
Breast Cancer quotes by Bill Rancic
#75. This was our last stop. This was it. We had those two embryos that we had banked prior to learning about the breast cancer, and with the medicine she was on, this was our last effort. The prayers were answered. #Quote by Bill Rancic
Breast Cancer quotes by Edward Brooke
#76. I had male breast cancer and had dual radical modified mastectomy, and I've spent a lot of time working with the Susan G. Komen foundation to make men aware of male breast cancer - if you have breast tissue, you can have breast cancer. #Quote by Edward Brooke
Breast Cancer quotes by Leanne Pooley
#77. Everybody has someone in their life that has breast cancer. It touches femininity, motherhood and sexuality and as Barbara Brenner says in the film, "you get to say breast out loud in public." Big corporations know this and market in a particular way knowing that women make most of the buying decisions in a household. #Quote by Leanne Pooley
Breast Cancer quotes by Hoda Kotb
#78. From time to time, I'll look back through the personal journals I've scribbled in throughout my life, the keepers of my raw thoughts and emotions. The words poured forth after my dad died, when I went through a divorce, and after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. There are so many what-ifs scribbled on those pages. #Quote by Hoda Kotb
Breast Cancer quotes by Michael Greger
#79. Broccoli is incredible. It can prevent DNA damage and metastatic cancer spread; activate defences against pathogens and pollutants; help to prevent lymphoma; boost the enzymes that detox your liver; target breast cancer stem cells; and reduce the risk of prostate cancer progression. #Quote by Michael Greger
Breast Cancer quotes by Rachel K. Burke
#80. You love him, don't you?"
"That's an impossible question to answer."
"No it isn't," she argued. "It's a simple yes or no. You either love someone or you don't."
"I don't know. Maybe."
"Renee, maybe is not an acceptable answer. That's like saying you're a little bit pregnant and or caught a touch of breast cancer. Deep down, you know whether or not you love someone. #Quote by Rachel K. Burke
Breast Cancer quotes by Sergio Troncoso
#81. Two weeks ago, Aaron and Isaac, I learned your mother Laura has breast cancer. My heart feels impaled. These words, so useless and feeble. Laura is only thirty-five years old. Her next birthday will be in only three days. I write this letter to you, my sons, with the hope that one day in the future you will read it and understand what happened to our family.

Together, your mother and I have created and nurtured an unbreakable bond that has transformed us into an unlikely team. A Chicano from El Paso, Texas. A Jew from Concord, Massachusetts. I want you to know your mother. She has given me hope when I have felt none; she has offered me kindness when I have been consumed by bitterness. I believe I have taught her how to be tough and savvy and how to achieve what you want around obstacles and naysayers.

Our hope is that the therapies we are discussing with her doctors will defeat her cancer. But a great and ominous void has suddenly engulfed us at the beginning of our life as a family. This void suffocates me. #Quote by Sergio Troncoso
Breast Cancer quotes by Robin Roberts
#82. Since it was my first visit with Dr. Knapp, he sat with me in his office before examining me. He wanted to know my family history. He has a warm, easygoing nature that put me at ease. It felt as if he had been my doctor for years. Again, I did not mention the real reason why I was there. Later, I was surprised to learn that 80 percent of people diagnosed with breast cancer have no prior family history. Eighty percent! It makes you wonder why there's so much attention paid to disclosing prior family history. #Quote by Robin Roberts
Breast Cancer quotes by Marla Sokoloff
#83. Cancer has been unfortunately in my life. My mom's best friend is kicking ass in her battle with breast cancer. Both of my grandmas had cancer. I recently lost a friend to cancer. #Quote by Marla Sokoloff
Breast Cancer quotes by Francine Rivers
#84. Hormonal changes permanently alter the breast's structure. And when a pregnancy is terminated through abortion, the process is interrupted, which leaves cells in a sate of transition. And they say cells in this state have a very high risk of becoming cancerous. So the woman's chances of developing breast cancer later in life my be greatly increased. #Quote by Francine Rivers
Breast Cancer quotes by Anne Wojcicki
#85. Women who have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer can learn a tremendous amount from women who have already been treated. #Quote by Anne Wojcicki
Breast Cancer quotes by S. Lochlann Jain
#86. Here is another example that demonstrates the tightly linked interests that both cause and treat cancer. In 1978, Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI), one of the largest companies in the world, specializing in agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals, developed the cancer drug tamoxifen. In 1985, along with the American Cancer Society, ICI founded the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month with the aim of promoting mammography as the most effective tool against breast cancer. In 1990 Imperial Chemical Industries was accused of dumping DDT and PCBs, known carcinogens, into the Long Beach and Los Angeles harbors. Zeneca, producer of tamoxifen, demerged from ICI in 1993, and later merged with Astra AB in 1999 to form AstraZeneca. Astra AB had developed the herbicide acetochlor, classified by the EPA as a probable carcinogen. In 1997 Zeneca purchased Salick Health Care, a chain of for-profit outpatient cancer clinics. Subsequently AstraZeneca launched a major publicity campaign encouraging women to assess their risk factors for breast cancer, downplaying the dangers of tamoxifen in order to create a market for its prophylactic, or chemopreventative, use and, more recently, for the breast cancer drug Arimidex (anastrozole), approved in 2002 and used as an alternative to tamoxifen (Arimidex went off patent in 2010). #Quote by S. Lochlann Jain
Breast Cancer quotes by Amy Andrews
#87. Julia had been angry most of her life. She may have grown up in wealth and privilege but she'd had to fight to be heard and seen. To be validated. To be something other than a piece to be moved around her parents' Monopoly board. Rage had given her a voice against their manipulations and the guts to walk away. But it had also become ingrained.
There were times when she'd contemplated therapy for it. Right now, she was pleased she hadn't.
If anything could kill this cancer it would be the weight of Julia's wrath. #Quote by Amy Andrews
Breast Cancer quotes by Emma Stone
#88. My mom [has] always been my hero. Watching her experience something like breast cancer was pivotal, I think in my whole family's life and experience. She is one strong lady. #Quote by Emma Stone
Breast Cancer quotes by Augusten Burroughs
#89. Women smirk at baldness. How adorable would they find it if they began to lose their breasts in their late twenties? If both tits just shrunk up - unevenly I might add - and eventually turned into wine-cork nubs. Then it would be a different story. Then men would get the pity that they deserve. As far as I'm concerned, baldness is the male breast cancer only worse, because almost everyone gets it. True, it's not life threatening. Just social-life threatening. But in New York City, there is no difference. #Quote by Augusten Burroughs
Breast Cancer quotes by Carly Simon
#90. I used the physical scar of my breast cancer operation, the scar that I have across my chest as a metaphor for all kinds of scars. #Quote by Carly Simon
Breast Cancer quotes by Susan Wiggs
#91. one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer - and the other seven will know her. #Quote by Susan Wiggs
Breast Cancer quotes by Craig Venter
#92. Part of the problem with the discovery of the so-called breast-cancer genes was that physicians wrongly told women that had the genetic changes associated with the genes that they had a 99% chance of getting breast cancer. Turns out all women that have these genetic changes don't get breast cancer. #Quote by Craig Venter
Breast Cancer quotes by Olympia Snowe
#93. Most breast cancer-related deaths can be prevented through simple and painless preventive measures. A late diagnosis can result in more serious, long-term consequences. #Quote by Olympia Snowe
Breast Cancer quotes by Edward Martin
#94. The trans fatty acids (found in animal products and cooked oils) are a factor in breast cancer. #Quote by Edward Martin
Breast Cancer quotes by Maura Tierney
#95. When I was going through my cancer treatment, I learned that you can never ask a stupid question. I asked every single question that came to my mind, and I believe that helped to calm my own anxiety. #Quote by Maura Tierney
Breast Cancer quotes by Virginia Postrel
#96. In mid-July 2007, after a routine mammogram, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. As cancer diagnoses go, mine wasn't particularly scary. The affected area was small, and the surgeon seemed to think that a lumpectomy followed by radiation would eradicate the cancerous tissue. #Quote by Virginia Postrel
Breast Cancer quotes by Ralph Lauren
#97. Breast cancer is not just a woman's issue - it affects all of us: the brothers, husbands, fathers, children and friends. #Quote by Ralph Lauren
Breast Cancer quotes by Cynthia Nixon
#98. I always sort of thought, 'I'm probably going to get breast cancer. There's a really good chance.' #Quote by Cynthia Nixon
Breast Cancer quotes by Jennifer Beals
#99. [On cancer] One of the problems is that the notion of cancer has been so normalized. You hear about it so often, and it's not ok ... it's not ok to normalize this disease. And with all of the pinkwashing that goes on where companies are selling products based on breast cancer month it's a lovely gesture, but consumers get so used to it that it becomes more normal. #Quote by Jennifer Beals
Breast Cancer quotes by Monica Potter
#100. The women I know who have gone through breast cancer still laugh a lot. They're not crying all day. #Quote by Monica Potter
Breast Cancer quotes by Kate Walsh
#101. I think a lot of people just aren't aware how young you can be and be diagnosed with breast cancer. #Quote by Kate Walsh
Breast Cancer quotes by Susan M. Love
#102. When I was in medical school, I embarrassed myself horribly when I found a 'lump' in my breast and frantically ran to one of the older doctors to find out if I had cancer. I found out I had a rib. #Quote by Susan M. Love
Breast Cancer quotes by Robert Webb
#103. Mum was an amazing parent and my best pal. The tragedy of it, really, was that she died from breast cancer just as I was becoming a man, aged 17, and we were just starting to speak as adults. She was snatched away, and it felt cruel. She made me laugh. #Quote by Robert Webb
Breast Cancer quotes by Erika Slezak
#104. I was actually very pleased that they let me do it, because I feel very deeply for breast cancer survivors. I don't have it, but it is in my family. I've always been very aware of it. I go for mammograms and checkups. #Quote by Erika Slezak
Breast Cancer quotes by Richard Roundtree
#105. Although it happens more rarely in men, breast cancer is not gender-specific. I was in Costa Rica, and in the shower I felt this lump under my left nipple. It was very small, mind you, but enough to make me call my doctor. #Quote by Richard Roundtree
Breast Cancer quotes by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
#106. I can well remember how when someone in my family lay sick or dying - like my aunt when she contracted breast cancer - the Qur'an was chanted by the bedside, in the belief that its words alone would cure the patient. Analogies with Christian prayer are misleading because the reciter of the Qur'an is voicing God's words, not appealing to God for intercession. #Quote by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Breast Cancer quotes by Danica Patrick
#107. My goal is people associate November with COPD awareness month as much as they notice October with breast cancer and pink. That'd be a great thing if it happened. The fact that COPD kills more people than breast cancer and diabetes put together should raise some red flags. #Quote by Danica Patrick
Breast Cancer quotes by Kay Redfield Jamison
#108. If people can talk about having breast cancer, why can't people who have mental illness talk about mental illness? Until we're able to do that, we're not going to be treated with the same kind of respect for our diseases as other people. #Quote by Kay Redfield Jamison
Breast Cancer quotes by Jodi Rell
#109. She had breast cancer. No one said she shouldn't run for governor. #Quote by Jodi Rell
Breast Cancer quotes by Shilpi Somaya Gowda
#110. Survival rates for breast cancer are relatively good, but Krishnan has been around illness enough to know there is usually a cruel injustice about the way it strikes. Cranky patients defy the odds, while the kind ones, the ones who bake him cookies or bring him tomatoes from their garden, always seem to die early. Mortality rates utilize the law of averages without consideration for who is most deserving. #Quote by Shilpi Somaya Gowda
Breast Cancer quotes by Sheryl Crow
#111. People go through challenging moments of losing people and of having their life threatened from illness and real grief. But they get through it. And that's the testament to the human spirit and it's -we are fragile, but we also are divine. #Quote by Sheryl Crow
Breast Cancer quotes by Anita Diamant
#112. With breast cancer." Father Sherry's hand was resting on the statue's shoulder. "Theresa was #Quote by Anita Diamant
Breast Cancer quotes by Carol Feller
#113. I've been married forever, and I still don't have it right. #Quote by Carol Feller
Breast Cancer quotes by Sam Taylor-Wood
#114. When I had cancer - of the colon first, followed by breast cancer and a mastectomy - my motto used to be 'Drips by day, Prada by night.' I felt that I had to grasp it in the same way as you'd take on any challenge. #Quote by Sam Taylor-Wood
Breast Cancer quotes by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich
#115. Some people are happy to give feminists credit for things they fear - like abortion rights, contraception for teenagers, or gay liberation - but less willing to acknowledge that feminist activism brought about things they support, like better treatment for breast cancer or the opportunity for young girls to play soccer as well as lead cheers.

As Rosalyn Baxandall and Linda Gordon observe, "Although the word 'feminist' has become a pejorative term for to some American women, most women (and most men as well) support a feminist program: equal education, equal pay, child care, freedom from harassment and violence," and so on. #Quote by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich
Breast Cancer quotes by Siddhartha Mukherjee
#116. in BRCA-1 has a 50 to 80 percent chance of developing breast cancer in her lifetime (the gene also increases the risk for ovarian cancer), about three to five times the normal risk. #Quote by Siddhartha Mukherjee
Breast Cancer quotes by Angelina Jolie
#117. Breast cancer alone kills some 458,000 people each year, according to the World Health Organization, mainly in low- and middle-income countries. It has got to be a priority to ensure that more women can access gene testing and lifesaving preventive treatment, whatever their means and background, wherever they live. #Quote by Angelina Jolie
Breast Cancer quotes by Barbara Ehrenreich
#118. As a recent editorial in the Journal of Clinical Oncology put it: What we must first remember is that the immune system is designed to detect foreign invaders, and avoid out own cells. With few exceptions, the immune system does not appear to recognize cancers within an individual as foreign, because they are actually part of the self. #Quote by Barbara Ehrenreich
Breast Cancer quotes by John Cheever
#119. My veins are filled, once a week with a Neapolitan carpet cleaner distilled from the Adriatic and I am as bald as an egg. However I still get around and am mean to cats. #Quote by John Cheever
Breast Cancer quotes by Jerry Hall
#120. The thing I'm most proud of is that I've raised a lot of money for certain charities - breast cancer and the Caldecott Foundation and the NSPCC. But as far as my self-esteem is concerned, doing 'The Graduate' for 11 months was fantastic. #Quote by Jerry Hall
Breast Cancer quotes by Stephen Baldwin
#121. All of the reality TV I've done has usually been simultaneously an opportunity to create awareness or raise funds for my mom's breast cancer organization. #Quote by Stephen Baldwin
Breast Cancer quotes by Carly Simon
#122. You know, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1997 I realized I had spent too long arranging my attitude. #Quote by Carly Simon
Breast Cancer quotes by Cynthia Nixon
#123. I feel that between my experience and my mother's, breast cancer is a little bit like someone who lives next door. I know what that person looks like and what their daily habits are. #Quote by Cynthia Nixon
Breast Cancer quotes by Olivia Newton-John
#124. I look at my cancer journey as a gift: It made me slow down and realisethe important things in life and taught me to not sweat the small stuff. #Quote by Olivia Newton-John
Breast Cancer quotes by Eric Bentley
#125. If one truly has lost hope, one would not be on hand to say so. #Quote by Eric Bentley
Breast Cancer quotes by Amy Andrews
#126. She'd never met someone so young who was so damn cocky. Most twenty-year-old guys she knew were either gauche or monosyllabic in her presence, but not Spike. There was a directness, a confidence in his inky-blue eyes that a lot of men never mastered.
Cleary Spike was getting laid far too easily. #Quote by Amy Andrews
Breast Cancer quotes by Bill Rancic
#127. With breast cancer, it's all about detection. You have to educate young women and encourage them to do everything they have to do. #Quote by Bill Rancic
Breast Cancer quotes by DeAngelo Williams
#128. Breast cancer, whether I like it or not, is part of my family's story. That's why I am so passionate about raising awareness, because I have seen firsthand how it can impact others. #Quote by DeAngelo Williams
Breast Cancer quotes by Sarah Thebarge
#129. I needed someone to tell me how God could allow someone He loved to suffer so much when I wouldn't do this to someone I hated. #Quote by Sarah Thebarge
Breast Cancer quotes by Carly Fiorina
#130. I have been tested. I have beaten breast cancer. I have buried a child. I started as a secretary. I fought my way to the top of corporate America while being called every B word in the book. I fought my way into this election and on to this debate stage while all the political insiders and the pundits told, "it couldn't be done." #Quote by Carly Fiorina
Breast Cancer quotes by Diahann Carroll
#131. In the war against breast cancer, we have the ability to arm ourselves with knowledge and education is a powerful tool. By taking action and doing something positive, fear is replaced with hope. #Quote by Diahann Carroll
Breast Cancer quotes by Cancercenter
#132. We give caring attention to every patient with high class and affordable price. Come to us we care for you and give the world-class breast cancer treatment Los Angeles. for more query contact us (310) 879-1099 #Quote by Cancercenter
Breast Cancer quotes by Ricardo Antonio Chavira
#133. I have experienced firsthand the tremendous impact breast cancer has on the women who fight it and the loved ones who support them. This is a disease that catches you unaware and, without the right resources, leaves you feeling frightened and alone. #Quote by Ricardo Antonio Chavira
Breast Cancer quotes by Joan Lunden
#134. I heard those words that every woman fears and never wants to hear, You have breast cancer, #Quote by Joan Lunden
Breast Cancer quotes by Olivia Newton-John
#135. Breast Cancer is not necessarily a death sentence, stay strong and centered and be involved in all aspects of your treatment. #Quote by Olivia Newton-John
Breast Cancer quotes by James Magnussen
#136. Movember is an event that I've supported for a number of years. I haven't grown a moustache myself before, but I've always donated to others. I think that raising awareness for men's health is really important. You see a lot of initiatives - very public initiatives - around women's health, like breast cancer awareness and the like, but men's health issues tend to go more unnoticed. I think this is a great cause and I'm proud to support it. #Quote by James Magnussen
Breast Cancer quotes by Siddhartha Mukherjee
#137. Low fiber, red meat rich diets increase the risks of colon cancer, and obesity is linked to breast cancer, but much more about these links remain unknown, especially in molecular terms. #Quote by Siddhartha Mukherjee
Breast Cancer quotes by Barbara Ehrenreich
#138. In 2001, I was being treated for breast cancer, and I was pretty sure I was going to recover. #Quote by Barbara Ehrenreich
Breast Cancer quotes by Sarah Thebarge
#139. As I watched them file down the stairs, I didn't cry and I wasn't afraid. But I couldn't tell if it was Jesus or the gin. #Quote by Sarah Thebarge
Breast Cancer quotes by Ros Baxter
#140. Quentin Carmody didn't do early mornings, heights or bossy women. #Quote by Ros Baxter
Breast Cancer quotes by Sheryl Crow
#141. Someone like me shouldnt be diagnosed with breast cancer, thats what was going through my mind. I wasnt thinking about a diagnosis. I was just doing what I was supposed to do, which was staying on top of my mammograms. It was a shock. #Quote by Sheryl Crow
Breast Cancer quotes by Danica Patrick
#142. Together, we can put the brakes on breast cancer ... #Quote by Danica Patrick
Breast Cancer quotes by Kristi Funk
#143. Risk reduction for BRCA2 carriers includes taking tamoxifen. Removing ovaries prior to age 40 drops breast cancer risk in half. Ovarian cancer surveillance is unfortunately inadequate at early detection, but birth control pills reduce ovarian cancer incidence up to 60%. #Quote by Kristi Funk
Breast Cancer quotes by Elizabeth Hurley
#144. I know so many people who have battled breast cancer and they didn't all make it. #Quote by Elizabeth Hurley
Breast Cancer quotes by Amy Andrews
#145. I bet if cancer of the penis was more prevalent there'd be a cure for this fucker. I bet if dicks were being amputated or dropping off left, right and centre there'd have been a cure decades ago. There'd be a whole fucking government dick department dedicated to it. #Quote by Amy Andrews
Breast Cancer quotes by Monica Potter
#146. Women still, when they have breast cancer, go to work; they still lead their lives. They have to. I just did what I was supposed to do. I didn't want to exploit it or be too "actory" about it, if that makes any sense. That's also why I didn't shave my head; I feel like you have to earn that. I applaud other actors who do that and I am not ripping on them, but to me, that's a badge of honor if you're fighting this disease. #Quote by Monica Potter
Breast Cancer quotes by Hoda Kotb
#147. One day, right after my mastectomy, I went for a walk in Central Park, and there was this mob of people blocking the road. I thought, 'Oh, great, now I'm stuck!' but then I suddenly realized that it was a breast cancer walk. #Quote by Hoda Kotb
Breast Cancer quotes by Susan Sontag
#148. Cancer patients are lied to, not just because the disease is (or is thought to be) a death sentence, but because it is felt to be obscene - in the original meaning of that word: ill-omened, abominable, repugnant to the senses. #Quote by Susan Sontag
Breast Cancer quotes by Angelina Jolie
#149. I can tell my children that they don't need to fear they will lose me to breast cancer, #Quote by Angelina Jolie
Breast Cancer quotes by John Diamond
#150. I have had a number of patients with breast cancer, all of whom had root canals on the tooth related to the breast area on the associated energy meridian. #Quote by John Diamond
Breast Cancer quotes by Caroline Myss
#151. The women with high social pressure seem to be amongst the strongest carriers of the possibility of breast cancer. #Quote by Caroline Myss
Breast Cancer quotes by Giuliana Rancic
#152. When I went public with my breast cancer diagnosis six weeks ago, the overwhelming outpouring of love, prayers and support really helped me heal faster. I want to make sure to thank everyone. #Quote by Giuliana Rancic
Breast Cancer quotes by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
#153. They tell us race is an invention, that there is no genetic variation between two black people than there is between a black person and a white person. Then they tell us black people have a worse kind of breast cancer and get more fibroid. And white folk get cystic fibrosis and osteoporosis. So what's the deal, is race an invention or not? #Quote by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Breast Cancer quotes by Jenny Han
#154. So I guess it's okay with you if I smoke up too?" says Steven.
"If you get breast cancer #Quote by Jenny Han
Breast Cancer quotes by Charlotte Ross
#155. This show has shown me how to throw a punch. But watching my future sister-in-law go through breast cancer has also shown me how to take one. #Quote by Charlotte Ross
Breast Cancer quotes by Christina Applegate
#156. I am a 36-year-old person with breast cancer, and not many people know that that happens to women my age or women in their 20s. This is my opportunity now to go out and fight as hard as I can for early detection. #Quote by Christina Applegate
Breast Cancer quotes by Olivia Newton-John
#157. Men need to be aware of the health of their bodies, as well - prostate cancer and breast cancer are almost on the same level. It's fascinating to me that the correlation between the two is almost the same - people don't talk about it so much, but they are almost equal in numbers. #Quote by Olivia Newton-John
Breast Cancer quotes by Melissa Etheridge
#158. Once I overcame breast cancer, I wasn't afraid of anything anymore. #Quote by Melissa Etheridge
Breast Cancer quotes by Evelyn Lauder
#159. My efforts to join the fight against breast cancer all began around the fact that women were getting short-changed in the medical arena. #Quote by Evelyn Lauder
Breast Cancer quotes by Larry Fitzgerald
#160. I joined forces with the American Cancer Society in 2010 as a spokesperson for the N.F.L.'s 'A Crucial Catch' campaign, which benefits the American Cancer Society. This was important to me because I lost my mother to breast cancer, and I have always felt a strong commitment to doing all I can to fight this disease. #Quote by Larry Fitzgerald
Breast Cancer quotes by Paul Harvey
#161. When Dr. Manner reported on the total remission of breast cancer in lab animals (Using 'Laetrile in conjunction with vitamins and enzymes') ... , ACS President, Ben Byrd, criticised (him) for making his announcement in public, and said such announcements should be made only in a proper scientific forum. #Quote by Paul Harvey
Breast Cancer quotes by Francis Collins
#162. People who are in a position of finding out that they're at risk for some illness, whether it's breast cancer, or heart disease, are afraid to get that information - even though it might be useful to them - because of fears that they'll lose their health insurance or their job. #Quote by Francis Collins
Breast Cancer quotes by Kate Jackson
#163. My breast cancer was caught very early thanks to my doctor a wonderful woman named Elsie Giogi, who just recently passed away after practicing medicine into her 80's. At the time, she had suggested I go for a baseline mammogram before age 40 because I had fibrocystic breasts. The mammogram discovered a tiny tumor, and it was so small that they were able to take it out very easily. I had a lumpectomy. Unfortunately, they did miss a little of the cancer, and two years later I had a mastectomy. But hey, I'm here, I'm alive, and I'm going to live to be 100! #Quote by Kate Jackson
Breast Cancer quotes by Terry Tempest Williams
#164. When I was a young woman with four children, I was always living ahead of myself," she said. "Everything I was doing was projected toward the future, and I was so busy, busy, busy, preparing for tomorrow, for the next week, for the next month. Then one day, it all changed. At thirty-eight years old, I found I had breast cancer. I can remember asking my doctor what I should plan for in my future. He said, 'Diane, my advice to you is to live each day as richly as you can.' As I lay in my bed after he left, I thought, will I be alive next year to take my son to first grade? Will I see my children marry? And will I know the joy of holding my grandchildren?" She looked out over the water, barefoot, her legs outstretched; a white visor held down her short, black hair. "For the first time in my life, I started to be fully present in the day I was living. I was alive. My goals were no longer long-range plans, they were daily goals, much more meaningful to me because at the end of each day, I could evaluate what I had done. #Quote by Terry Tempest Williams
Breast Cancer quotes by Bell Hooks
#165. Whenever women struggle with breast cancer and face better care than ever, that's feminism. #Quote by Bell Hooks
Breast Cancer quotes by Stella Payton
#166. People take ownership of sickness and disease by saying things like MY high blood pressure MY diabetes, MY heart disease, MY depression, MY! MY! MY! Don't own it because it doesn't belong to you! #Quote by Stella Payton
Breast Cancer quotes by Simon Mainwaring
#167. Brands must have a point of view on that purposeful engagement, whether it's directed towards the environment, poverty, water as a resource or causes such as breast cancer or education. Merely declaring your commitment to a category or cause will not be enough the distinguish your brand sufficiently to see a return on these well-intended efforts. #Quote by Simon Mainwaring
Breast Cancer quotes by Alfred Lord Tennyson
#168. He that wrongs a friend Wrongs himself more, and ever bears about A silent court of justice in his breast, Himself the judge and jury, and himself The prisoner at the bar ever condemned. #Quote by Alfred Lord Tennyson
Breast Cancer quotes by Liya Kebede
#169. Every day we hear about the dangers of cancer, heart disease and AIDS. But how many of us realize that, in much of the world, the act of giving life to a child is still the biggest killer of women of child-bearing age? #Quote by Liya Kebede
Breast Cancer quotes by William Wordsworth
#170. The thought of our past years in me doth breed Perpetual benediction: not indeed For that which is most worthy to be blest - Delight and liberty, the simple creed Of Childhood, whether busy or at rest, With new-fledged hope still fluttering in his breast. #Quote by William Wordsworth
Breast Cancer quotes by Chris Prentiss
#171. Depression can be due to a low endocrine function, nutritional deficiencies, blood sugar problems, food allergies, or systemic yeast infection. Depression can also result from medical illnesses such as stroke, heart attack, cancer, Parkinson's disease, and hormonal disorder. It can also be caused by a serious loss, a difficult relationship, a financial problem, or any stressful, unwelcome life change. #Quote by Chris Prentiss
Breast Cancer quotes by Joseph Warren
#172. Has the grim savage rushed again from the wilderness? Or does some fiend ... twang her deadly arrows at our breast? No, none of these: it is the hand of Britain that inflicts the wound. #Quote by Joseph Warren
Breast Cancer quotes by Samuel Johnson
#173. Care that is once enter'd into the breast
Will have the whole possession ere it rest. #Quote by Samuel Johnson
Breast Cancer quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
#174. Tell me not, sweet, I am unkind," he said, "That from the nunnery, Of they chaste breast and quiet mind."
I looked up at him, and said the next line, "To war and arms I fly."
"True, a new mistress now I chase," he said.
"The first foe in the field," I said, and let him draw me closer.
"And with a stronger faith embrace," he said.
"A sword, a horse, a shield." And the last word was whispered against his chest, still looking up into those eyes, searching his face.
"Yet this inconstancy is such, As thou too shalt adore," he whispered against my hair.
I finished the poem with my face pressed against his chest, listening to the beat of his heart, that truly beat with my blood. "I could not love thee, dear, so much, Loved I not honor more. #Quote by Laurell K. Hamilton
Breast Cancer quotes by Kiki Dee
#175. In my late 30s, I flirted with the idea of having a child without necessarily being in a steady relationship. But I've never had a strong maternal urge, and then I got cancer of the womb - luckily caught at an early stage - so that put paid to that. #Quote by Kiki Dee
Breast Cancer quotes by Patch Adams
#176. Because we are interested in promoting wellness, we will integrate medicine with performing arts, arts and crafts, agriculture, recreation, nature, and social service. #Quote by Patch Adams
Breast Cancer quotes by Ben Goldacre
#177. Two large trials of antioxidants were set up after Peto's paper (which rather gives the lie to nutritionists' claims that vitamins are never studied because they cannot be patented: in fact there have been a great many such trials, although the food supplement industry, estimated by one report to be worth over $50 billion globally, rarely deigns to fund them). One was in Finland, where 30,000 participants at high risk of lung cancer were recruited, and randomised to receive either ß-carotene, vitamin E, or both, or neither. Not only were there more lung cancers among the people receiving the supposedly protective ß-carotene supplements, compared with placebo, but this vitamin group also had more deaths overall, from both lung cancer and heart disease. The results of the other trial were almost worse. It was called the 'Carotene and Retinol Efficacy Trial', or 'CARET', in honour of the high p-carotene content of carrots. It's interesting to note, while we're here, that carrots were the source of one of the great disinformation coups of World War II, when the Germans couldn't understand how our pilots could see their planes coming from huge distances, even in the dark. To stop them trying to work out if we'd invented anything clever like radar (which we had), the British instead started an elaborate and entirely made-up nutritionist rumour. Carotenes in carrots, they explained, are transported to the eye and converted to retinal, which is the molecule that detects light in the #Quote by Ben Goldacre
Breast Cancer quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
#178. She plunged into a sea of platitudes, and with the powerful breast stroke of a channel swimmer, made her confident way towards the white cliffs of the obvious. #Quote by W. Somerset Maugham
Breast Cancer quotes by William Shakespeare
#179. Diseases desperate grown,
By desperate appliance are relieved,
Or not at all. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Breast Cancer quotes by Jenni Schaefer
#180. When we feel like giving up, like we are beyond help, we must remember that we are never beyond hope. Holding on to hope has always motivated me to keep trying. I have found this hope by connecting with others. I've found it not only in individuals who have dealt with eating disorders but also in people who have battled addictions and those who have survived abuse, cancer, and broken hearts. I have found much-needed hope in my passions and dreams for the future. I've found it in prayer. Real hope combined with real actions has always pulled me through difficult times. Real hope combined with doing nothing has never pulled me through. In other words, sitting around and simply hoping that things will change won't pick you up after a fall. Hope only gives you strength when you use it as a tool to move forward. Taking real action with a hopeful mind will pull you off the ground that eighth time and beyond. #Quote by Jenni Schaefer
Breast Cancer quotes by Robin Roberts
#181. Every now and again I just really have to have that steak or lamb chop. But yeah, B.C. - before cancer - I would eat red meat probably three or four times a week, easily. I am convinced that the amount of red meat I contributed to it. #Quote by Robin Roberts
Breast Cancer quotes by Nitya Prakash
#182. Waiting for the day when cancer will remain just a zodiac sign. #Quote by Nitya Prakash
Breast Cancer quotes by Daniel Tosh
#183. I hope we find a cure for every major disease, because I'm tired of walking 5K. I'm pretty sure I don't have to sweat for cancer. I'll write a check. #Quote by Daniel Tosh
Breast Cancer quotes by Robert Browning
#184. For sudden the worst turns the best to the brave, The black minute's at end, And the elements' rage, the fiend voices that rave, Shall dwindle, shall blend, Shall change, shall become first a peace out of pain, Then a light, then thy breast, O thou soul of my soul! I shall clasp thee again, And with God be the rest! #Quote by Robert Browning
Breast Cancer quotes by Brent Green
#185. I felt great empathy for my friend, as one form of cancer after another emerged to challenge him. I felt sympathy for his suffering that surely clawed at his daily routines, always active and busy, but he rarely verbalized complaints while courageously challenging his archenemy. He met pain and physical decline with 600-calorie workouts; he discarded anxieties somewhere along innumerable running trails; he faced death by running through life at full stride. #Quote by Brent Green
Breast Cancer quotes by Eric Davis
#186. I will be a role model for cancer patients for the rest of my life. But you know what? When I was getting chemo, those people inspired me. #Quote by Eric Davis
Breast Cancer quotes by Jon Ronson
#187. The New York Times, baffled by Delaware's obstinacy, tried to argue the state into change in an 1867 editorial. If it had previously existed in [the convicted person's] bosom a spark of self-respect this exposure to public shame utterly extinguishes it. Without the hope that springs eternal in the human breast, without some desire to reform and become a good citizen, and the feeling that such a thing is possible, no criminal can ever return to honorable courses. The boy of eighteen who is whipped at New Castle [a Delaware whipping post] for larceny is in nine cases out of ten ruined. With his self-respect destroyed and the taunt and sneer of public disgrace branded upon his forehead, he feels himself lost and abandoned by his fellows. - QUOTED IN ROBERT GRAHAM CALDWELL, Red Hannah: Delaware's Whipping Post #Quote by Jon Ronson
Breast Cancer quotes by Imru Al-Qays
#188. Thus the tears flowed down on my breast, remembering days of love;
The tears wetted even my sword-belt, so tender was my love. #Quote by Imru Al-Qays
Breast Cancer quotes by Kristin Hannah
#189. devastate him. I don't want him to watch me die by degrees. I don't want that for his daughters, either. I know what it is like; some images, once seen, can never be forgotten. I want them to remember me as I am, not as I will be when the cancer has had its way. He leads me into the small living room and gets me settled on the couch. While I wait, he pours us some wine and then sits beside me. I am thinking of how it will feel when he leaves, and I am sure the same thought occupies his mind. With a sigh, he reaches into his briefcase #Quote by Kristin Hannah
Breast Cancer quotes by Ilona Andrews
#190. Oh, I don't know. I might grow on you."
She furrowed her pretty eyebrows. "Like a cancer?"
"Like a favorite vice. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Breast Cancer quotes by Friedrich Schiller
#191. There are evil spirits who suddenly fix their abode in man's unguarded breast, causing us to commit devilish deeds, and then, hurrying back to their native hell, leave behind the stings of remorse in the poisoned bosom. #Quote by Friedrich Schiller
Breast Cancer quotes by Brian Jacques
#192. Tell the Queen that there's been a robin red-breast hanging about Kotir grounds. It flies down low and vanishes near the floor. Cludd thinks it might be something to do with those woodlanders. Now, I'm to say nothing to Fortunata or Ashleg ...
'I must tell the Queen that a robin has seen Cludd hanging about. No, that's not right. I must tellt he robin taht Cludd has been hanging the Queen. #Quote by Brian Jacques
Breast Cancer quotes by Randy Pausch
#193. Cancer didn't change me at all. I know lots of people talk about the life revelation. I didn't have that. #Quote by Randy Pausch
Breast Cancer quotes by Christopher  Ketcham
#194. Everything I thought about cows as an Easterner-come-west is wrong. They are not symbols of a noble culture of mounted herdsmen. They are not cute. They are an invasive species, Bos Taurus, a water-loving European animal not fit for arid climates, and their cancer-like effects on the land have not ceased. #Quote by Christopher Ketcham
Breast Cancer quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#195. Staying silent is like a slow growing cancer to the soul and a trait of a true coward. There is nothing intelligent about not standing up for yourself. You may not win every battle. However, everyone will at least know what you stood for - YOU. #Quote by Shannon L. Alder
Breast Cancer quotes by Tom Brokaw
#196. I've adopted the guideline of Warren Buffett's partner, Charlie Munger, who says I wanna know where I'll be when I die - so I never go there. #Quote by Tom Brokaw
Breast Cancer quotes by Ernst T. Krebs
#197. (They) were found guilty of continuing to promote the merits of Laetrile in cancer therapy in violation of terms of probation they had originally secured following their 1973 conviction. #Quote by Ernst T. Krebs
Breast Cancer quotes by Patrick Ness
#198. I couldn't stand the waiting anymore. I couldn't stand how alone it made me feel."
And a part of you wished it would just end, said the monster, even if it meant losing her.
And the nightmare began. The nightmare that always ended with -
"I let her go," Conor choked out. "I could have held on but I let her go."
And that, the monster said, is the truth.
"I didn't mean it, though!" Conor said, his voice rising. "I didn't mean to let her go! And now it's for real! Now she's going to die and it's my fault!"
And that, the monster said, is not the truth at all. #Quote by Patrick Ness
Breast Cancer quotes by Siddhartha Mukherjee
#199. In 2010, about six hundred thousand Americans, and more than 7 million humans around the world, will die of cancer. In the United States, one in three women and one in two men will develop cancer during their lifetime. A quarter of all American deaths, and about 15 percent of all deaths worldwide, will be attributed to cancer. In some nations, cancer will surpass heart disease to become the most common cause of death. #Quote by Siddhartha Mukherjee
Breast Cancer quotes by Christine Feehan
#200. Come here," he growled, his body so heavy with need that he was afraid he would explode into fragments if he took one step.
She shook her head slowly, her tongue deliberately moistening her full lower lip. "I only want my true lifemate. I hunger tonight. My body is hungry." Her hand drifted slowly, enticingly, over her satin skin, and his eyes followed the graceful movement while his body raged at him.
Gregori covered the distance between them in a sudden surge, catching her up, the momentum taking them to the wall. He held her prisoner there, his mouth fastened on hers, commanding her response, feeding, devouring, his hands claiming her body for his own. "No one else will ever touch you and live," he snarled, his mouth burning a trail of fire down her throat to her breast. He fed hungrily, his teeth grazing the creamy fullness. "No other, Savannah."
"Why, Gregori? Why can no other touch my body like this?" she whispered, her mouth on his skin, her tongue lapping at his pulse. "Tell me why my body is only yours and your body is only mine."
His hands cupped her bottom, brought her hard against him. "You know why, Savannah."
"Say it, Gregori. Say it if you believe it. I won't have lies between us. You have to feel it in your heart as I do. You have to feel it in your mind. Your body has to burn for mine. But most of all, in your deepest soul, you have to know I'm your other half."
He lifted her, set her up high on the rim of the sleeping cham #Quote by Christine Feehan
Breast Cancer quotes by Walter Isaacson
#201. pleaded every day" with Jobs and found it "enormously frustrating that I just couldn't connect with him." The fights almost ruined their friendship. "That's not how cancer works," Levinson insisted when Jobs discussed his diet treatments. "You cannot solve this without surgery and blasting it with toxic chemicals." Even Dr. Dean Ornish, a pioneer in alternative and nutritional methods of treating diseases, took a long walk with Jobs and insisted that sometimes traditional #Quote by Walter Isaacson
Breast Cancer quotes by Delta Goodrem
#202. I feel I lost my innocence to cancer. #Quote by Delta Goodrem
Breast Cancer quotes by Svetlana Alexievich
#203. Somebody betrayed us... The Germans learned the location of our partisan troop. They surrounded the forest from all sides. We were hiding in the deep woods, hiding in the swamps where the torturers did not go [...] A radio operator was with us. She gave birth recently. The baby was hungry... Wanting the breast... But the mother is starving, she has no milk, and the baby is crying. The Germans are nearby... With dogs... If the dogs hear the baby, we're all dead. All of us - thirty people... Do you understand? We make a decision... Nobody dares to tell her the commader's order, but the mother guesses it herself. She puts the bundle with the baby into the water and holds it there for a long time... The baby does not cry... Not a sound... And we cannot lift our eyes. We cannot look at the mother or at each other #Quote by Svetlana Alexievich
Breast Cancer quotes by Mary Roach
#204. Yes, the money could be better spent on Earth. But would it? Since when has money saved by government redlining been spent on education and cancer research? It is always squandered. Let's squander some on Mars. Let's go out and play. #Quote by Mary Roach
Breast Cancer quotes by Jason Medina
#205. Truth be told, I don't wanna die. I gots lots more living to do, before I go. I'm gonna make this money count for something. If I can beat this cancer, I don't plan on doing it as a homeless man. I want my life back and I plan to take it back. #Quote by Jason Medina
Breast Cancer quotes by Cormac McCarthy
#206. The tinker in his burial tree was a wonder to the birds. The vultures that came by day to nose with their hooked beaks among his buttons and pockets like outrageous pets soon left him naked of his rags and flesh alike. Black mandrake sprang beneath the tree as it will where the seed of the hanged falls and in spring a new branch pierced his breast and flowered in a green boutonnière perennial beneath his yellow grin. He took the sparse winter snows upon what thatch of hair still clung to his dried skull and hunters that passed that way never chanced to see him brooding among his barren limbs. Until wind had tolled the thinker's bones and seasons loosed them one by one to the ground below and his bleached and weathered brisket hung in that lonesome wood like a bone birdcage. #Quote by Cormac McCarthy
Breast Cancer quotes by Jay Leno
#207. Genetic scientists say that one day it will be possible to grow new body parts, like new breasts and new hands. It's going to be a huge moneymaker, because you know that as soon as women grow another breast, men will want another hand. #Quote by Jay Leno
Breast Cancer quotes by Tanya Masse
#208. Cancer is WAY too serious to be taken seriously all the time. #Quote by Tanya Masse
Breast Cancer quotes by Fredrik Backman
#209. I don't want Elsa to know that I am going to die because all seven-year-olds deserve superheroes, Marcel. And one of their superpowers ought to be that they can't get cancer. #Quote by Fredrik Backman
Breast Cancer quotes by Anne Rampling
#210. I watched her peel off the slip, The bra closed in the front like the other. Ah, my teeth clenched seeing her tighten the clasps, breasts gathered like that. The she smoothed the flesh into the cups, lifted each breast, dropped it, her fingers casual, rough. I got hard watching it. Then the panties came up stretched sheer over her pubic hair. I could see the silk seal itself over her secret lips. Little crack. Hair a dark shadow underneath. #Quote by Anne Rampling
Breast Cancer quotes by Lurlene McDaniel
#211. If it's possible to send a message from heaven, I'll get one to you. #Quote by Lurlene McDaniel

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