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Boyke Manor quotes by Lynn Hubbard
#1. She soon decided that she disliked the south, everything except for the humongous manor house. She did adore that. And perhaps, maybe Warren, since he came with the house. #Quote by Lynn Hubbard
Boyke Manor quotes by Michael J. Sullivan
#2. I notice you didn't include a blade with your new attire," Royce said. "Not even a little jeweled dagger."
"Lords no." Albert looked appalled. "I don't fight."
"I thought all nobles learned sword fighting." Royce looked to Hadrian.
"I thought so too."
"Nobles with competent fathers perhaps. I spent my formative years at my aunt's at Huffington Manor. She held a daily salon, where a dozen noble ladies came to discuss all manner of philosophical topics, like how much they hated their husbands. I've never actually held a sword, but I can tie a mean corset and apply face paint like a gold-coin whore. #Quote by Michael J. Sullivan
Boyke Manor quotes by The New York Times
#3. Merit has replaced the old system of inherited privilege, in which parents to the manner born handed down the manor to their children. But merit, it turns out, is at least partly class-based. Parents with money, education, and connections cultivate in their children the habits that the meritocracy rewards. When their children then succeed, their success is seen as earned. #Quote by The New York Times
Boyke Manor quotes by Tracy March
#4. All the Queen had to do was show up. Cyn and the rest of the staff at Hawthorne Manor had to worry about the rest.
No pressure there, considering how exacting the Queen was about every detail down to the volume of the bumblebees' buzzing. #Quote by Tracy March
Boyke Manor quotes by Gary Hopkins
#5. Taking part in your own creation is as simple as changing your mind. The way you think literally creates your everyday reality. Obsessive and negative thinking fosters a negative or even hostile lifestyle. Positive and constructive thoughts create happiness and contentment in the same manor. The fortunate thing for us is that the frequency wave of a positive thought far exceeds that of a negative one, so even if we suffer through a bout of depression or anger, a few positive thoughts can easily reverse the damage we have created in ourselves #Quote by Gary Hopkins
Boyke Manor quotes by Kylie Mansfield
#6. Whispering Echoes, a contemporary fiction with Gothic undertones...

Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we still live…

This is the tale of two women standing at opposite ends of the tunnel of life. Sally Donaldson is at the beginning, whilst Miss Bella Connelly , is at the end.

The story opens in the winter of 1990. Sally is a young woman on the verge of a breakdown, slowly drowning in the sorrow of an unimaginable loss. When her husband sends her to Brackenleigh Manor to recover, she encounters the unconventional healing methods of Miss Bella Connelly.

Sally quickly discovers that the manor itself harbor's its own sorrow, and the secrets that lay within the old groaning house are none other than the sad Whispering Echoes of Miss Bella Connelly's past.

The Story then shifts back to 1939 – Britain on the eve of WW2 – and reveals the secrets and lies that transform Bella, and completely change the lives of all who meet Miss Bella after.

The events that carved and marked Miss Bella's journey finally draw Sally out of her own shadows and back into life.

For it is within Miss Bella's story, that Sally learns that life has a measure that no one can count…

A measure that far outweighs Death… #Quote by Kylie Mansfield
Boyke Manor quotes by Cassandra Clare
#7. She looked out then, through the crowd, and saw Simon with the Lightwoods, looking at her across the empty space that separated them. It was the same way that Jace had looked at her at the manor. It was the one thread that bound these two boys that she loved so much, she thought, their one commonality: They both believed in her even when she didn't believe in herself. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Boyke Manor quotes by George Orwell
#8. Mr. Jones, of the Manor Farm, had locked the hen-houses for the night, but was too drunk to remember to shut the popholes. #Quote by George Orwell
Boyke Manor quotes by David Hewson
#9. Lympne Castle opens its doors to visitors during the summer only. It is privately owned, and more an interesting medieval manor than a castle. #Quote by David Hewson
Boyke Manor quotes by William Boyd
#10. She found a mossy hollow between the roots of a tree and, putting on her mackintosh, huddled down in her makeshift bed. She ate one sandwich and saved the others for the night, thinking that she was rather enjoying the progress of this adventure, thus far, and almost looking forward to her night in the open air. The hurry of the fast water rushing over the round pebbly rocks of the river bed was soothing: it made her feel less alone and she felt she had no need for her candle to keep the gathering darkness at bay - in fact she was rather relieved to be away from her colleagues and the instructors at Lyne Manor. #Quote by William Boyd
Boyke Manor quotes by Elizabeth Boyle
#11. Enough, Aunt Josephine," Jack said, cutting her off, ignoring the stubborn light in her eyes. Oh, she was a Tremont all right, and one of the "mad" Tremonts at that, but she was no longer in charge of this house.
He was. And it was about time he took the reins of this manor and ran it as he saw fit.
"There will be no next time," he told her.
"But Jack, my dear boy--"
He rose from Miranda's side. "There will be no next time. For any of you. I have had enough of seeing my friends, my family, let alone the woman I love risk life, limb, and for what?" He paced the room. "There will never be an end to this if something isn't done, so I am ending it. Here and now."
"But Jack--" Miranda protested.
He swung around on her. "And not a word from you. Do you think I want my wife risking her life on such an improper fashion?"
"You love me?" she whispered.
"Yes," he barked at her.
She grinned up at him. "You want to marry me?"
"Should have years ago." He paced back and forth. "I lost you once, Miranda, I shall not lose you again." He crossed his arms over his chest and glared at everyone in the room, daring them to defy him. #Quote by Elizabeth Boyle
Boyke Manor quotes by Veronica Roth
#12. The clatter of pans stopped when I walked into the kitchens. A smaller selection of our staff worked on the sojourn ship than in Noavek manor, but I recognized some of the faces. And the gifts, too--one of the scrubbers was making the pots float, suds dripping on the backs of his hands, and one of the choppers was doing the task with her eyes closed, the knife strokes clean and even.
Otega had her head in the coldbox. When silence fell, she straightened, and wiped her hands off on her apron.
"Ah, Cyra," she said. "No one makes a room quiet like you."
The other staff stared openly at her for her familiarity, but I only laughed a little. Even when I hadn't seen her in a while--I had surpassed her capacity to teach me last season; now we saw each other only rarely, in passing--she fell back into our old rhythms without trouble.
"It's a unique talent," I replied. #Quote by Veronica Roth
Boyke Manor quotes by Regina Doman
#13. Can you imagine anything more tragic?' Rose asked. 'To be born a princess
native and to the manor born
and then to forget who you are and settle for being something horrible like an
an accountant! #Quote by Regina Doman
Boyke Manor quotes by Lao-Tzu
#14. Rather than act like the lord of the manor,
I would rather behave like a guest.
Rather than advance an inch,
I would rather retreat a foot. #Quote by Lao-Tzu
Boyke Manor quotes by Kresley Cole
#15. I turned to Death. "Then where is El Diablo? If he sits upon Lucifer's knee, shouldn't he be at Death's right hand?"

"He lives in the guardhouse," Lark muttered. "Not allowed in the manor."

I gave Death a sympathetic look. "Housebreaking ogres is such a bitch, am I right? #Quote by Kresley Cole
Boyke Manor quotes by Alissa Johnson
#16. After Mrs. Culpepper, Max probably knew more about her than any other person in her life. They were the only two people who knew of her dream to buy a country cottage. And he was the only one to know of her silly wish for a hound.

Which, now that she thought on it, was a sad state of affairs, indeed. She had no better claim to friendship outside of Mrs. Culpepper than a man with whom she'd spent such a nominal amount of time? And who had been read to toss her bodily from Caldwell Manor only yesterday?

Surely she had more depth of character than what could be mined in the course of an evening. She did not begin and end with her dreams of a thousand pounds, a hound, and a home. She was vastly more complex, far more interesting than that. She had to be. The alternative was too depressing to entertain. Almost as depressing as never having known a friend who'd not been paid to keep her company. But that, at least, could be changed. #Quote by Alissa Johnson
Boyke Manor quotes by Julie Klassen
#17. I found myself wondering, what would it be like to have a strange woman living in your home, nursing your child? My resulting research into the private lives of women in the 18th and 19th centuries inspired me and provided the backbone for [Lady of Milkweed Manor] novel. #Quote by Julie Klassen
Boyke Manor quotes by Feist
#18. I'm in the countryside outside of Paris, in a beautiful old manor house. The studio is in the basement, but we decided to set everything up in the old parlor and dining-room area so we can look at each other and (at) the sunshine coming through the stained-glass windows. It's pretty idyllic, and I think it's spoiling me. I'll have to go back to regular life after this. #Quote by Feist
Boyke Manor quotes by Maria V. Snyder
#19. He touched the sword he had taken from the ambush. "Aside from this and the trio of juggling stones, I've nothing but the clothes on my back."
Well then, tomorrow we'll go-"
"No. Prince Ryne told me to make sure you stay in the manor."
"It's just into town to buy you a few things. Surely there won't be any danger at the market." I sensed a softening. "And we'll take along Saul or Odd."
No. We'll send one of the caregivers with a shopping list," Flea said.
"Hey, that's..."
He waited.
I huffed. "A good idea. But don't be so smug. You're not going to win every argument."
"Oh, yes, I am."
"Oh, no, you're not."
Flea straightened to his full height. When did he get so tall? He rested his hands on his hips. "I am. Prince Ryne trusted me with the task of keeping you safe. And I'm not going to disappoint him."
I crossed my arms. "You sound like Kerrick."
"Thank you."
Uh-huh. You do know I disobeyed almost all of his orders. Right?" I suppressed a grin.
"I do. But I'm smarter than Kerrick."
"You are?"
Oh, yes. I know the magic word."
"And what would that be?"
"Please. #Quote by Maria V. Snyder
Boyke Manor quotes by Trevor Driggers
#20. Some people get what they want, but then they act like they don't want what they're given. I think its because sometimes the form it takes isn't quite the form they wanted. That the person giving it & the manor in which it's given isn't what they wanted. Or maybe the timing is simply off. Or maybe, it's just that when you don't know what you want nothing is ever enough.

And I think that's the real tragedy. That life gives us exactly what we've been wanting but we fail to embrace it. Simply letting those moments & people pass us by. #Quote by Trevor Driggers
Boyke Manor quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#21. Much as you joke about it, it wouldn't do for anyone to find you here. My brothers are unpredictable, and Gran might just chase you around the manor with her cane. #Quote by Sabrina Jeffries
Boyke Manor quotes by T. Kingfisher
#22. Oh dear God, no, stop!"

Fumblefoot gave her a reproachful look. Stop what?

I have broken into an enchanted manor house and my pony has crapped on the floor. Oh God.

-Bryony and Roses by T. Kingfisher #Quote by T. Kingfisher
Boyke Manor quotes by Frances Hodgson Burnett
#23. Four good things had happened to her, in fact, since she came to Misselthwaite Manor. She had felt as if she had understood a robin and that he had understood her; she had run in the wind until her blood had grown warm; she had been healthily hungry for the first time in her life; and she had found out what it was to be sorry for some one. She was getting on. But #Quote by Frances Hodgson Burnett
Boyke Manor quotes by Pharrell Williams
#24. I love everything that Frank Gehry does. I wish I could have that man build me a Wayne Manor-style mansion, like his idea of it. #Quote by Pharrell Williams
Boyke Manor quotes by Gillian Tindall
#25. For years, walking round London, I had been aware of the actual land, lying concealed but not entirely changed or destroyed, beneath the surface of the nineteenth- and twentieth-century city. It has been said that 'God made the country and man made the town', but that is not true: the town is simply disguised countryside. Main roads, some older than history itself, still bend to avoid long-dried marshes, or veer off at an angle where the wall of a manor house once stood. Hills and valleys still remain; rivers, even though entombed in sewer pipes, still cause trouble in the foundations of neighbouring buildings and become a local focus for winter mists. Garden walls follow the line of hedgerows; the very street-patterns have been determined by the holdings of individual farmers and landlords, parcels of land some of which can be traced back to the Norman Conquest. The situation of specific buildings - pubs, churches, institutions - often dates from long distant decisions and actions on the part of men whose names have vanished from any record. #Quote by Gillian Tindall
Boyke Manor quotes by William Rothenstein
#26. How often I admire the taste shown in the garden which, within the house, may be indifferent. Here is an art which is today probably more perfect than at any previous time, one which does not break with the past, while it brings a sense of comely order, and a radiant beauty, to cottage and manor alike. #Quote by William Rothenstein
Boyke Manor quotes by Kim Newman
#27. Moriarty smiled his adder's smile.
And I relaxed. I knew. My destiny and his wound together. It was a sensation I'd never got before upon meeting a man. When I'd had it from women, the upshot ranged from disappointment to attempted murder. Understand me, Professor James Moriarty was a hateful man, the most hateful, hateable, creature I have ever known, not excluding Sir Augustus and Kali's Kitten and the Abominable Bloody Snow-Bastard and the Reverend Henry James Prince. He was something man-shaped that had crawled out from under a rock and moved into the manor house. But, at that moment, I was his, and I remain his forever. If I am remembered, it will be because I knew him. From that day on, he was my father, my commanding officer, my heathen idol, my fortune and terror and rapture. #Quote by Kim Newman
Boyke Manor quotes by Kendare Blake
#28. His hands have begun to tremble, and he stuffs them into his pockets. They have put him in a thick gray coat, but he wears no scarf, and the skin of his neck and chest are exposed at the open collar. The healer in Arsinoe resists the urge to wrap him in a cloak. He is still weak and should be in front of a cozy fire with a hot bowl of soup.

"How is it that I have come to be here?" he asks. "I gather that I was stolen from the capital."

Emilia shoves him again. "You are here to give information, not get it."

"Emilia." Jules shakes her head, then returns her attention to Pietyr. "You were stolen from you sickbed in Greavesdrake Manor. From what we have heard, you had been there for a long time."

"You don't remember anything?" asks Arsinoe.

"Have you ever been unconscious, Queen Arsinoe?"


"Then you should know that is a stupid question."

She frowns. In her mind, she takes away his bowl of soup. #Quote by Kendare Blake
Boyke Manor quotes by Janet Clarkson
#29. The importance of the pie - once the 'meat and potatoes' of the English - began to slip with the increased cultivation of the actual potato in the nineteenth century. As the nineteenth became the twentieth century, social changes pushed the pie further into decline. The 'great pies' had their last glorious days in the English manor houses of the Edwardian era, before the domestic classes left to fight the First World War. #Quote by Janet Clarkson
Boyke Manor quotes by Erica Ridley
#30. Moonseed Manor did not look like a place to live. Moonseed Manor looked like a place to die. #Quote by Erica Ridley

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