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Boxing Gloves quotes by Jim Watt
#1. I'm like a bottle of milk with gloves. #Quote by Jim Watt
Boxing Gloves quotes by John Boyle O'Reilly
#2. The adoption of gloves for all contests will do more to preserve the practice of boxing than any other conceivable means. It will give pugilism new life, not only as a professional boxer's art, but as a general exercise. #Quote by John Boyle O'Reilly
Boxing Gloves quotes by Frank Bruno
#3. When I came into boxing, I brought it to the next level with adverts and doing pantomime and people just got jealous of me doing that. #Quote by Frank Bruno
Boxing Gloves quotes by Ryan Montgomery
#4. I was probably just graduating high school, maybe still in high school. When I was still in high school, maybe the last two years, I was rapping but I wasn't telling anybody. When I signed my deal people didn't know it was the same Ryan Montgomery from Oak Park High School, because I used to play basketball and I used to fight. Like I'd bring boxing gloves to school. So when they found out, it was, "You mean Ryan who be boxing?" or, "Ryan who be hopping up at the park?" So I was known as that guy. #Quote by Ryan Montgomery
Boxing Gloves quotes by Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
#5. I've had boxing gloves on since before I could walk and been in gyms all of my life. #Quote by Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
Boxing Gloves quotes by Shayne Ward
#6. I put my money in property and I love merchandise; such as Muhammad Ali boxing gloves. It's about stability for the future. #Quote by Shayne Ward
Boxing Gloves quotes by Cara McKenna
#7. I was just thinking, when I first met you, you seemed really... obvious. And you're not. Not just how you are in bed," she said, rambling. "On the outside you're like uber-macho, Mr. Toolbelt-and-Boxing Gloves with your bossy accent and your attitude and your...tallness."
"My tallness?"
"And your body and everything. But you're really something else on the inside. Sorry," she said. "That sounded was more squishy than I meant it to. Should I insult you, to take the edge off all that squishiness?"
"Nah. I'll just take it out on you next time."
She smiled to herself. "I'm sure you will. #Quote by Cara McKenna
Boxing Gloves quotes by Sugar Ray Leonard
#8. Boxing brings out my aggressive instinct, not necessarily a killer instinct. #Quote by Sugar Ray Leonard
Boxing Gloves quotes by Pierce Brosnan
#9. My mother gave me boxing gloves; I wanted boxing gloves. I liked to box. So I still have them. They're still in my bookcase, very old, tattered, and they were cherished. #Quote by Pierce Brosnan
Boxing Gloves quotes by John Barrymore
#10. When archaeologists discover the missing arms of Venus de Milo, they will find she was wearing boxing gloves. #Quote by John Barrymore
Boxing Gloves quotes by Walter Kaylin
#11. Her bosom filled the jacket like a pair of boxing gloves stuck inside it. #Quote by Walter Kaylin
Boxing Gloves quotes by Brian D'Ambrosio
#12. Boxing is the most extreme metaphor of personal liability – you enter the ring alone and compete the same way. #Quote by Brian D'Ambrosio
Boxing Gloves quotes by Tony McMahon
#13. As my future crumbled before my eyes, I grasped for the rope. My entire life's struggle was ending here, in plain view of my enemies. How was it possible? Had had I let things come to this? #Quote by Tony McMahon
Boxing Gloves quotes by Courtney Cole
#14. Love never fails.
But then again, sometimes love has to put boxing gloves on and be tough in order to survive. Sometimes, you have to do the harder thing - the thing where you let someone grow on their own. #Quote by Courtney Cole
Boxing Gloves quotes by Amelia Gray
#15. They were in love! Carla wore her hair up and Andrew saw everything as a sign. They spent an entire afternoon sitting side by side in a coffee shop, taking more meaning than necessary from the world around them. A man wearing boxing gloves walked down the sidewalk in front of them and they took that to mean they would be together forever. #Quote by Amelia Gray
Boxing Gloves quotes by Stephen Colbert
#16. I'm a satirist, so I've got boxing gloves on if the person is worthy of satire. But I'm not an assassin. If that ever happens, it's only because something happened during the interview that got me going, and then I had to translate my feelings to the mouth of the character. #Quote by Stephen Colbert
Boxing Gloves quotes by George Foreman
#17. It would be hard to throw a punch to someone who wasn't a boxer, who wasn't in the ring, and who didn't have on a pair of boxing gloves and who hadn't been training. #Quote by George Foreman
Boxing Gloves quotes by Zach Braff
#18. I once fisted two babies and then used the corpses as boxing gloves to fight off the grieving parents. #Quote by Zach Braff
Boxing Gloves quotes by Jarod Kintz
#19. If you're going to hit on me, please wear boxing gloves. I get it though, because when I'm dancing it looks like I'm fighting. In the face of violence, I'm just that gentle and sensual. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Boxing Gloves quotes by Jarod Kintz
#20. I'd never trust a surgeon who didn't wear gloves when he operated. Even if those gloves he didn't wear were boxing gloves. He might as well, because I know he's going to beat me up over the price. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Boxing Gloves quotes by Gene Tunney
#21. As a West Side kid fooling around with boxing gloves, I had been, for some reason of temperament, more interested in dodging a blow than in striking one. #Quote by Gene Tunney
Boxing Gloves quotes by Jarod Kintz
#22. Boxing gloves/oven mitts could be used to fight fires. My uppercut can knock you out cold, like melting ice. Sip it slowly. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Boxing Gloves quotes by Evander Holyfield
#23. A champion shows who he is by what he does when he's tested. When a person gets up and says 'I can still do it', he's a champion. #Quote by Evander Holyfield
Boxing Gloves quotes by Muhammad Ali
#24. I've seen George Foreman shadow boxing, and the shadow won. #Quote by Muhammad Ali
Boxing Gloves quotes by Jarod Kintz
#25. I've been meaning to go shopping for boxing gloves, but I've been putting it off. I just need to knock it out and be done with it. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Boxing Gloves quotes by John Boyle O'Reilly
#26. All that is worth seeing in good boxing can best be witnessed in a contest with soft gloves. Every value is called out: quickness, force, precision, foresight, readiness, pluck, and endurance. With these, the rowdy and 'rough' are not satisfied. #Quote by John Boyle O'Reilly
Boxing Gloves quotes by Olivier Martinez
#27. I quit after a bad car accident. The thing about boxing is that you can be a star for five or six years, but when you go back to the old life, it's tough. #Quote by Olivier Martinez
Boxing Gloves quotes by Jennifer Lopez
#28. Once again, the show became life imitating art, imitating life, because we went in with this whole boxing thing - you're down but not out, and no matter what's happening in your life, you keep fighting. #Quote by Jennifer Lopez
Boxing Gloves quotes by Alice Dreger
#29. Surely, sport is not fundamentally about the safety of athletes. If it were, we'd probably have to ban professional football, right after boxing. #Quote by Alice Dreger
Boxing Gloves quotes by Frank Bruno
#30. Boxing is a buzz, but I went into it to make a living. I wasn't going to go into the ring and get punched in the head for the fun of it. #Quote by Frank Bruno
Boxing Gloves quotes by Thomas Hearns
#31. The loss just made me hungry; it made me want to go out and win another title. #Quote by Thomas Hearns
Boxing Gloves quotes by Marilyn Yalom
#32. As Petrus Alfonsi, the converted physician authored a book called the Disciplina Clericalis, which was essentially a collection of Arabic tales translated into Latin. These tales introduced a mode of Oriental storytelling and wisdom literature into Christendom that would become extremely popular. In the section called "The Mule and the Fox," concerning the true nature of nobility, Alfonsi listed seven accomplishments expected of a knight. "The skills that one must be acquainted with are as follows: Riding, swimming, archery, boxing, hawking, chess, and verse writing."6 So, by the beginning of the twelfth century, chess had become a mandatory skill for Spain's elite warriors. #Quote by Marilyn Yalom
Boxing Gloves quotes by Don King
#33. You can be the greatest guy in the world but if you ain't got no heart, you ain't gonna survive. #Quote by Don King
Boxing Gloves quotes by Larry Holmes
#34. I won't say I won't fight again but I don't think anyone wants to fight me so I am finished and I will just continue with boxing exhibitions. #Quote by Larry Holmes
Boxing Gloves quotes by Denise Mina
#35. Bout a month ago. She came in Boxing Day but I put her out. She was begging people, not even tapping, but begging for drink."
"She can't have been disrupting ye, surely?" asked Maureen.
"See those old swines over there?" He gestured to his only customers. The old men heard him and their chat fell silent.
The barman raised his voice. "They were asking what they would get for their money. Auld swines, playing on the lassie's weakness for the drink." He lowered his voice. "That's pensioners for ye - they can smell a bargain a mile off," he muttered, as if the bargain-hunting skill of the elderly was an unspoken universal truth. #Quote by Denise Mina
Boxing Gloves quotes by Joe Frazier
#36. His mouth made him feel like he was gonna win. Not his hands, I had my hand. He had his lips. #Quote by Joe Frazier
Boxing Gloves quotes by Jarod Kintz
#37. Tonight's erection is brought to you by the music of Phil Collins. If you'll put on your gloves, I'll go fetch it from the freezer. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Boxing Gloves quotes by Gene Tunney
#38. My own ambition in the ring had always been skillful boxing, speed and defense - on the order of Mike Gibbons. #Quote by Gene Tunney
Boxing Gloves quotes by Larry Merchant
#39. Fernando Vargas may have had a 6-pack in his stomach, but he didn't have a six-pack on his chin. #Quote by Larry Merchant
Boxing Gloves quotes by Margaret Atwood
#40. They are hypocrites, they think the Church is a cage to keep God in, so he will stay locked up there and not go wandering about the earth during the week, poking his nose into their business, and looking in the depths and darkness and doubleness of their hearts, and their lack of true charity; and they believed they need only be bothered about him on Sundays when they have their best clothes on and their faces straight, and their hands washed and their gloves on, and their stories all prepared. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Boxing Gloves quotes by Rainer Maria Rilke
#41. To think, for instance, that I have never been aware before how many faces there are. There are quantities of human beings, but there are many more faces, for each person has several. There are people who wear the same face for years; naturally it wears out, it gets dirty, it splits at the folds, it stretches, like gloves one has worn on a journey. These are thrifty, simple people; they do not change their face, they never even have it cleaned. It is good enough, they say, and who can prove to them the contrary? The question of course arises, since they have several faces, what do they do with the others? Thhey store them up. Their children will wear them. But sometimes, too, it happens that their dogs go out with them on. And why not? A face is a face. #Quote by Rainer Maria Rilke
Boxing Gloves quotes by Angela Panayotopulos
#42. Beeswax, with its subtle undertones of smoke and honey. The smell of ink on wet paper, the sickly-sweet smell of decay. The sweat of clean bodies, the scent of burnt gloves. She loved the crackle of the fire and the clang of the tools. She loved the magic of sweat-streaked alchemists who blew down metal pipes and created bubbles within molten glass. She loved the flawless final chapter, the glistening undulations as smooth as ice. #Quote by Angela Panayotopulos
Boxing Gloves quotes by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
#43. Colin : "Perhaps now is the time to tell you that I have a weakness for agreeable women."
Sugar Beth : "Well, that sure does leave me out."
Colin : "Exactly. With agreeable women, I'm unendingly considerate. Gallant even."
Sugar Beth : "But with tarts like me, the gloves are off, is that it?"
Colin : "I wouldn't exactly call you a tart. But then, I tend to be broad-minded."
She suppressed the urge to dump her porridge in his lap. #Quote by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Boxing Gloves quotes by Trick Daddy
#44. A thug is someone who stands on his own. He lives by the decisions he makes and accepts the consequences. A thug is comfortable in his own skin. I wear mine like a glove. #Quote by Trick Daddy
Boxing Gloves quotes by R.J. Ellory
#45. I looked down at my hands. They were folded neatly together on the table like they belonged to someone else, as if someone had left their gloves behind and I had arranged them ready for collection. #Quote by R.J. Ellory
Boxing Gloves quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#46. Unseen in the background, Fate was quietly slipping lead into the boxing-glove. #Quote by P.G. Wodehouse
Boxing Gloves quotes by Muhammad Ali
#47. A lot of boxers' features change - mainly when I fight 'em #Quote by Muhammad Ali
Boxing Gloves quotes by Rocky Marciano
#48. I have always adhered to two principles. The first one is to train hard and get in the best possible physical condition. The second is to forget all about the other fellow until you face him in the ring and the bell sounds for the fight. #Quote by Rocky Marciano
Boxing Gloves quotes by Mark Steyn
#49. Far from being tortured, the prisoners [at Guantanamo] are being handled literally with kid gloves (or simulated kid-effect gloves). The U.S. military hands each jihadist his complimentary copy of the Koran as delicately as white-gloved butlers bringing His Lordship the Times of London. It's not just unbecoming to buy in to Muslim psychoses; in the end, it's self-defeating. And our self-defeat is their surest shot at victory...Even a loser can win when he's up against a defeatist. A big chunk of Western Civilization, consciously or otherwise, has given the impression that it's dying to surrender to somebody, anybody. Reasonably enough, the jihadists figure: hey, why not us? #Quote by Mark Steyn
Boxing Gloves quotes by Isaac Stern
#50. Playing a concerto with Zubin is like being surrounded by a well-loved, cashmere-lined silk glove. #Quote by Isaac Stern
Boxing Gloves quotes by Don Roff
#51. It's hard to land a devastating jab/cross/hook/uppercut combo to your reader's imagination when you're telegraphing your punches. #Quote by Don Roff
Boxing Gloves quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#52. Sara was annoyed that the two were conducting the transaction as if she weren't there at all. "Four day gowns," she interrupted, "and two for evening. Six in all. And perhaps a cambric nightgown-"
"Twenty-five," Derek told the dressmaker. "Don't forget gloves, slippers, unmentionables, and everything she'll need to go with the order." Gently he covered Sara's mouth with his hand as she sputtered in protest. His sly green eyes met the dressmaker's over her head, and he winked as he added, "Nightgowns aren't necessary."
Monique chuckled and glanced at Sara's reddening face. "I think perhaps, madam, your husband is part French! #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Boxing Gloves quotes by Elizabeth Camden
#53. While she tugged on her gloves, Richard reached behind her to pull her hood up over her head. He was smiling as he tied the strings loosely beneath her chin. "We need to find you someplace a little more hospitable to stay," he said warmly. Mollie gazed up at him. "It's not so bad. I have everything I really need." "Mollie, I want to give you the world. #Quote by Elizabeth Camden
Boxing Gloves quotes by Jack Dempsey
#54. Honey, I just forgot to duck. #Quote by Jack Dempsey
Boxing Gloves quotes by Mike Tyson
#55. I just want to conquer people and their souls. #Quote by Mike Tyson
Boxing Gloves quotes by Don King
#56. You know what animals exist in the desert. He's going to his indigenous natural habitat. What better place for night crawlers? #Quote by Don King
Boxing Gloves quotes by Conor McGregor
#57. The surface below your feet is so special. It is not like a boxing ring, not like a wrestling mat, it's its own thing, and when I am there, I am floating, I am moving with total freedom, I am free. And when you know, when you just know you are going to win, like I do, there is no better feeling. #Quote by Conor McGregor
Boxing Gloves quotes by Emanuel Steward
#58. I started boxing when I was eight. I enjoyed when I could hit someone and they couldn't hit me back. It was like a game for me. The feeling of knocking someone out. My first knockout victory was when I was ten. He went down and his nose started to bleed, so they stopped it. #Quote by Emanuel Steward
Boxing Gloves quotes by Jen Calonita
#59. Elsa walked to her desk and looked down at the small porcelain jar and candlestick. She had been using them as stand-ins for the orb and scepter she would have to hold, like her father did during his coronation. As she had many times before, Elsa closed her eyes and tried to imagine herself inside the chapel where the ceremony would take place. She thought of the choir that would be singing in the balcony, and she could see the pulpit she would be standing at in front of the priest and all her people, as well as nobles and visiting dignitaries. With no family, she'd be up there alone. Elsa tried not to think about that as she imagined the priest placing the jeweled tiara on her head. Then he'd hold out the pillow with the orb and scepter for her to take. She couldn't wear her teal gloves during that portion of the ceremony, so she removed them for practice. She wore gloves all the time these days. Perhaps it was silly, but she thought the gloves helped her conceal her magic. This was her battle cry: Conceal it. Don't feel it. Don't let it show. #Quote by Jen Calonita
Boxing Gloves quotes by Lori Reed
#60. Believe it or not working in libraries is very similar to working on an ambulance or a fire truck. You take care of a lot of homeless people, you sometimes have to clean up things that require latex gloves, you always wear comfortable shoes, and you put out a lot of "fires"! #Quote by Lori Reed
Boxing Gloves quotes by Jake LaMotta
#61. On the way here this guy steps up to us and says, 'Would you like to join Jehovah's Witnesses?' and Rocky (Graziano) says 'I didn't see nuttin!' #Quote by Jake LaMotta
Boxing Gloves quotes by Don King
#62. I never cease to amaze myself. And I say this humbly #Quote by Don King
Boxing Gloves quotes by Jarod Kintz
#63. I'm acquiring handshakes left and right. I collect introductions, and the best place to procure them is at chamber of commerce networking events. When you meet me and see that I'm wearing yellow rubber gloves, just know it's because I want my handshakes to be in mint condition, and not because I think you're an infested germ sponge. #Quote by Jarod Kintz

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