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Bows quotes by Laird Barron
#1. Take a picture of God, tack it on the wall and see who bows. #Quote by Laird Barron
Bows quotes by Charles Spurgeon
#2. I cannot conceive of a greater wounding of the heart of Christ than to pay reverence to anything in the shape of a cross, or to bow before a crucifix! #Quote by Charles Spurgeon
Bows quotes by Abhik Chatterjee
#3. I would like to think of myself as an artist...excluding the part where he bows before an audience. There are no appreciations for killings. #Quote by Abhik Chatterjee
Bows quotes by Wentworth Dillon, 4th Earl Of Roscommon
#4. Praise Him, each savage furious beast
That on His stores do daily feast;
And you tame slaves, of the laborious plough,
Your weary knees to your Creator bow. #Quote by Wentworth Dillon, 4th Earl Of Roscommon
Bows quotes by Brandi Salazar
#5. Wes sat in a cracked vinyl booth picking at his fries and listening to Amanda go on and on about the dress she'd found.
' ... and it has these little lavender bows. Oh, Wes, I can't wait 'til you see it.' She gesticulated wildly, and her only saving grace right now was her amazing rack that swayed and bounced with each movement. Sometimes he swore that was the only reason he ever looked crosswise at Amanda Price. That, and her daddy's checkbook.
'And I found these shoes

'Uh huh, that's nice,' he cut her off and slid free from the booth. He held out his hand. 'Got the card?' He waved the bill in the air at her questioning gaze. Was she a little cross-eyed, maybe? He thought so. #Quote by Brandi Salazar
Bows quotes by Andrew Murray
#6. Our private and public prayer are our chief expression of our relation to God: it is in them chiefly that our waiting upon God must be exercised. If our waiting begin by quieting the activities of nature, and being still before God; if it bows and seeks to see God in His universal and almighty operation, alone able and always ready to work all good; if it yields itself to Him in the assurance that He is working and will work in us; if it maintains the place of humility and stillness, and surrenders until God's Spirit has quickened the faith that He will perfect His work: it will indeed become the strength and the joy of the soul. Life will become one deep blessed cry: "I have waited for Thy salvation, O Lord." "My soul, wait thou only upon God #Quote by Andrew Murray
Bows quotes by Kiersten White
#7. There! I can't fix the whole country, and it will only last a few days, but I present you with the sun, on behalf of my dreadfully boring magic.
He bows low, holding out his hand. I reach out tentatively, afraid of being burned, but the globe merely hovers above my hand where I slide it on top of Finn's. It's golden and deliciously warm and instantly makes me happier and more at ease than I've been in weeks.
I laugh, delighted, and by the look on Finn's face you'd think I was the one who had given him an absurd and wonderful gift. #Quote by Kiersten White
Bows quotes by John Hancock
#8. That all may bow to the scepter of our Lord Jesus Christ and that the whole Earth may be filled with his glory. #Quote by John Hancock
Bows quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#9. If to chaffer and higgle are bad in trade, they are much worse in Love. It demands directness as of an arrow. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Bows quotes by David Paul Kirkpatrick
#10. All bowmen are caught between heaven and earth, born to discovery, choosing to love and raise their eyes high to a future that is apparent only through the strength of their hope. #Quote by David Paul Kirkpatrick
Bows quotes by George Eliot
#11. The bow always strung ... will not do. #Quote by George Eliot
Bows quotes by Carolyn Keene
#12. Slowly she surveyed her surroundings and took in the tiny gold lights glinting in every store window and the twin glass elevators decked in red and green bows. A banner hung from the second floor balcony, declaring ONLY SEVEN MORE SHOPPING DAYS TILL XMAS! #Quote by Carolyn Keene
Bows quotes by Christian Siriano
#13. The bows, the polka dots, the color, the playfulness - you don't have to over do it. You just have to be able to style it in the right way. #Quote by Christian Siriano
Bows quotes by Anna Banks
#14. She's amazing."
Galen turns to Dr. Milligan, who's standing beside him and staring at Emma as if she were floating in midair. "Yes, she is," Galen says.
Dr. Milligan looks at Galen, a knowing smile plastered on his face. "Looks like she's enchanted more than just the little fish. In fact, looks like you're worse off than any of them, my boy."
Galen shrugs. He's got nothing to hide from Dr. Milligan.
Dr. Milligan lets out his breath in a whistle. "What does Rayna say?"
"She likes her." The good doctor raises a thin gray brow. Galen sighs. "She likes her enough.."
"Well, can't ask for more than that, I suppose. Shall we, then?"
Galen nods. "Emma. Dr. Milligan is here."
Emma turns. And freezes. "You!" she chokes out. "You're Dr. Milligan?"
The older man bows his head. "Yes, young lady, I am. You remember me, then."
She nods, walking slowly toward them as if she smells a trap. "You tried to give me free season passes. You talked to me at the petting tank."
"Yes," he says. "Of course I offered you season passes. How else could I study your fascinating interaction with the specimens?"
She crosses her arms. "I didn't know I could talk to fish at the time. How did you?"
"At first I didn't," he says, closing the distance between them and gently taking her hand. "But when I saw your eye color, I knew you had to be Syrena. I remembered Galen telling me about that gift, but I never really believed it. Which is silly, I supp #Quote by Anna Banks
Bows quotes by P.W. Catanese
#15. Enjoy yourselves. And Hap: Don't let Umber near the arrows and bows; he's liable to shoot himself in the nose." Dodd grinned and snapped the reins, and the carriage rolled away.
Umber sniffed. "One of his lesser poems. Come, Hap. #Quote by P.W. Catanese
Bows quotes by Li-Young Lee
#16. Nocturne"

That scraping of iron on iron when the wind
rises, what is it? Something the wind won't
quit with, but drags back and forth.
Sometimes faint, far, then suddenly, close, just
beyond the screened door, as if someone there
squats in the dark honing his wares against
my threshold. Half steel wire, half metal wing,
nothing and anything might make this noise
of saws and rasps, a creaking and groaning
of bone-growth, or body-death, marriages of rust,
or ore abraded. Tonight, something bows
that should not bend. Something stiffens that should
slide. Something, loose and not right,
rakes or forges itself all night. #Quote by Li-Young Lee
Bows quotes by Ronald Isley
#17. If you wrote something, you deserve to get paid and recognized for your work. No one should take a bow with another man's hat. #Quote by Ronald Isley
Bows quotes by Dejan Stojanovic
#18. Even great men bow before the Sun; it melts hubris into humility. #Quote by Dejan Stojanovic
Bows quotes by Rumi
#19. The sky will bow down to your beauty, if you do. #Quote by Rumi
Bows quotes by Laozi
#20. Is not the action of nature like the stretching of a bow? The high, it pulls down; the low, it lifts up; It takes from what is in excess In order to make good of what is deficient. Who can take what they have in excess and offer it to others? #Quote by Laozi
Bows quotes by Wayne Campbell
#21. I will not bow to any sponsor. #Quote by Wayne Campbell
Bows quotes by Publilius Syrus
#22. The bow too tensely strung is easily broken. #Quote by Publilius Syrus
Bows quotes by Natalie Clifford Barney
#23. Hero worship has died with heroes, and if someone bows down today, it is to pick up something. #Quote by Natalie Clifford Barney
Bows quotes by Diedrich Bader
#24. Bow to your sensei. Bow to your sensei! #Quote by Diedrich Bader
Bows quotes by Wendy Spinale
#25. Pete?" I say, my voice crackling. "Please don't die."
Pete gives me a dazzling smile and bows. "To die will be an awfully big adventure." He blows me a kiss and pulls the heavy door shut with a metallic clank, leaving me alone in the dark. #Quote by Wendy Spinale
Bows quotes by Belle Aurora
#26. You gotta promise to never leave me. I-I ... you just gotta."
Her response is, "You have to promise to try to love me back. What you're doing to me ... that's not how you treat a person you love, Twitch."
I've loved you since you were six.
Kissing her once more, I tell her without hesitation, "If you promise to never leave me, I will love you. And be good to you. I'll treat you like a queen."
My queen. I heard somewhere that a king only bows
down to his queen. And I'm bowing down to Lexi. My chest aches. I don't know if I like this love thing. #Quote by Belle Aurora
Bows quotes by Robert Green Ingersoll
#27. Crimes were committed to punish crimes, and crimes were committed to prevent crimes. The world has been filled with prisons and dungeons, with chains and whips, with crosses and gibbets, with thumbscrews and racks, with hangmen and heads-men - and yet these frightful means and instrumentalities have committed far more crimes than they have prevented ... Ignorance, filth, and poverty are the missionaries of crime. As long as dishonorable success outranks honest effort - as long as society bows and cringes before the great thieves, there will be little ones enough to fill the jails. #Quote by Robert Green Ingersoll
Bows quotes by Stendhal
#28. A novel is like a bow, and the violin that produces the sound is the reader's soul. #Quote by Stendhal
Bows quotes by Feist
#29. There are certain parts of chords that resolve things and tie a bow, and others that keep things open and unanswered. #Quote by Feist
Bows quotes by Patricia Hampl
#30. Maybe being oneself is an acquired taste. For a writer it's a big deal to bow
or kneel or get knocked down
to the fact that you are going to write your own books and not somebody else's. Not even those books of the somebody else you thought it was your express business to spruce yourself up to be. #Quote by Patricia Hampl
Bows quotes by Susannah Cahalan
#31. Sometimes, Just when we need them, life wraps metaphors up in little bows for us. When you think all is lost, the things you need the most return unexpectedly. #Quote by Susannah Cahalan
Bows quotes by Dhani Jones
#32. Just because you wear a bow tie doesn't mean you're a nerd. #Quote by Dhani Jones
Bows quotes by Théun Mares
#33. Average man is arrogant, because he is ever impressed by reason and always bows his head to it. Reason makes us believe that our challenges in life are to be avoided at all costs. This is to be a coward who does not have the self-respect needed in order to honour the marvellous gift of life. #Quote by Théun Mares
Bows quotes by Bruce Springsteen
#34. I cut my bow from the wood of this tree of evil. Of this tree of good, I want a kiss from your lips. #Quote by Bruce Springsteen
Bows quotes by Dante Alighieri
#35. Pure essence, and pure matter, and the two joined into one were shot forth without flaw, like three bright arrows from a three-string bow. #Quote by Dante Alighieri
Bows quotes by Heidi W. Durrow
#36. When the song is over, she bows and I clap. I wonder how come she seems so brave. There is no part of her she hides. Lakeisha sits with me now on the bed and says,"Wanna hear a story?" I don't have to say yes before she tells me . #Quote by Heidi W. Durrow
Bows quotes by Jeffrey R. Holland
#37. Our children take their flight into the future with our thrust and with our aim. And even as we anxiously watch that arrow in flight and know all the evils that can deflect its course after is has left our hand, nevertheless we take courage in remembering that the most important factor in determining that arrow's destination will be the stability, strength, and unwavering certainty of the holder of the bow. #Quote by Jeffrey R. Holland
Bows quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#38. I have an unsatisfied desire to shoot well with a bow. #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Bows quotes by Hilda Doolittle
#39. You are wind in a stark tree,
you are the stark tree unbent,
you are a strung bow,
you are an arrow. #Quote by Hilda Doolittle
Bows quotes by Orlando Bloom
#40. I got to dress up in funny clothes and run around New Zealand with a bow and arrow for 18 months, how bad could that be? #Quote by Orlando Bloom
Bows quotes by Gayle Forman
#41. Adam lay perfectly still, little groans escaping from his lips. I looked at the bow, looked at my hands, looked at Adam's face and felt this surge of love, lust, and an unfamiliar feeling of power. #Quote by Gayle Forman
Bows quotes by Michael Bassey Johnson
#42. Falling in love is dying by the cupid's bow. #Quote by Michael Bassey Johnson
Bows quotes by Adolf Hitler
#43. Our enemies must not deceive themselves-in the 2,000 years of German history known to us, our people have never been more united than today. The Lord of the Universe has treated us so well in the past years that we bow in gratitude to a providence which has allowed us to be members of such a great nation. We thank Him that we also can be entered with honor into the ever-lasting book of German history! #Quote by Adolf Hitler
Bows quotes by Fatima Siad
#44. The Broken Bow group is such a great family and seem like a group of tight-knit people. When I looked for a new label, I wanted to feel I could trust everybody. I wanted motivation to be at an all-time high. #Quote by Fatima Siad
Bows quotes by Pete Fountain
#45. What we used to say was whoever had the bow tie got to lead the band. There was never any jealousy. #Quote by Pete Fountain
Bows quotes by Shayla Black
#46. Kinley stepped up behind Law, peering out from behind his back. "Are you sorry you kidnapped me?"
He had to be honest with her. "No. If I hadn't, you wouldn't be here. I'd be a lot sorrier about that. I think you would, too."
She pursed her lips. "Are you sorry that your dog raped mine?"
He wasn't about to take that. "No, your dog led mine into sin. He has a thing for bows. She used it against him."
He caught the faintest hint of a smile from her. "I'll admit, she's a flirty thing. So if you're not apologizing for kidnapping me or very likely turning my dog into a single mother, what are you sorry about?"
So many things. "For being rude to you. #Quote by Shayla Black
Bows quotes by Sam Bush
#47. I use both instruments with their strengths in mind. Mandolin - no sustain and attack of the right hand, for rhythm. Fiddle - use sustain of the bow and the ability to slide the non-fretted notes, like singing. #Quote by Sam Bush
Bows quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#48. What we want is not mainly to colonize Nebraska with free men, but to colonize Massachusetts with free men-to be free ourselves. As the enterprise of a few individuals, that is brave and practical; but as the enterprise of the State, it is cowardice and imbecility. What odds where we squat, or bow much ground we cover? It is not the soil that we would make free, but men. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Bows quotes by Glenn Hoddle
#49. Tim Sherwood has come in, done very well and given us another string to the bow in a different type of way. #Quote by Glenn Hoddle
Bows quotes by Vinnie Jones
#50. I've plenty of bows to my string. #Quote by Vinnie Jones
Bows quotes by J.M. Coetzee
#51. To the last we will have learned nothing. In all of us, deep down, there seems to be something granite and unteachable. No one truly believes, despite the hysteria in the streets, that the world of tranquil certainties we were born into is about to be extinguished. No one can accept that an imperial has been annihilated by men with bows and arrows and rusty old guns who live in tents and never wash and cannot read or write. And who am I to jeer at life-giving illusions? Is there any better way to pass these last days than in dreaming of a saviour with a sword who will scatter the enemy hosts and forgive us the errors that have been committed by others in our name and grant us a second chance to build our earthly paradise? #Quote by J.M. Coetzee
Bows quotes by Tamora Pierce
#52. Men broke into their homes, killed their families, threatened you
and you won't let them do anything for fear you'll be hurt. That's selfish. How would you like it if I took your bow and said I cared too much about you to let you fight? #Quote by Tamora Pierce
Bows quotes by John Sterling
#53. Superstition moulds nature into an arbitrary semblance of the supernatural, and then bows down to the work of its own hands. #Quote by John Sterling
Bows quotes by Miyamoto Musashi
#54. The heart of Stepping on the Sword, something used principally in the martial arts, is that even with bows and firearms, you must act quickly while they are being discharged: if you charge quickly, it will be difficult to notch another arrow to a bow or discharge a firearm. In all things, when your opponent sets up a tactic, respond to it immediately according to its own principles and, stepping on his actions, defeat him...This is, therefore, the mind of taking the initiative in everything. It does not mean attacking at the same time as your opponent. Stepping on the Sword is taking your action immediately upon your opponent's action. #Quote by Miyamoto Musashi
Bows quotes by Suzy  Davies
#55. My horse knows that when I'm grown,
we'll ride the prairies all alone,
drivin' cattle 'cross dusty plains,
in the saddle, sun and rain.
I'll never need the finest clothes
nor put my hair in pretty bows,
with cowgirl boots and cowgirl hat,
nothin' fancy's where it's at.

From "Cowgirl Dreams," "Celebrate The Seasons, #Quote by Suzy Davies
Bows quotes by William Shakespeare
#56. Four days will quickly steep themselves in nights;
Four nights will quickly dream away the time. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Bows quotes by William Shakespeare
#57. For my grief's so great
That no supporter but the huge firm earth
Can hold it up: here I and sorrows sit;
Here is my throne, bid kings come bow to it.
(Constance, from King John, Act III, scene 1) #Quote by William Shakespeare
Bows quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#58. If you can bow in front of the justice at the height of your power, it means that you are really a just person! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Bows quotes by Thora Birch
#59. I just felt like I was making people angry because I wouldn't wear the frilly bows. #Quote by Thora Birch
Bows quotes by Simone Elkeles
#60. I wish my life was a John Grisham novel. His heroes always seem to be one step away from death but come up with a brilliant plan. Unfortunately, real life can't be wrapped up with a nice little bow #Quote by Simone Elkeles
Bows quotes by Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh
#61. Well, John Doherty's playing was very unique. He bowed a lot and used staccato, while I slur a bit. I bow a lot as well, but I do a bit of playing a few notes with the one bow. As you go south there's more slurring with the bow. As you go north there's more bowing every note. But sometimes you get the combination of the two in Donegal. #Quote by Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh
Bows quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#62. Forgotten history. You, however, are my present. (Varyk)
Oh, goody. Do I have to wear a bow? (Fang) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Bows quotes by William Butler Yeats
#63. The soldier takes pride in saluting his Captain,
The devotee proffers a knee to his Lord,
Some back a mare thrown from a thoroughbred,
Troy backed its Helen, Troy died and adored;
Great nations blossom above,
A slave bows down to a slave. #Quote by William Butler Yeats
Bows quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#64. Things weren't easy or perfect, and the future seemed shaky at times, but life wasn't wrapped up in neat little bows. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Bows quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#65. Have you not yet seen, or not been introduced to ma tante? Anna Pavlovna said to her guests as they arrived, and very seriously she led them up to a little old lady wearing tall bows, who had sailed in out of the next room as soon as the guests began to arrive. Anna Pavlovna mentioned their names, deliberately turning her eyes from the guest to ma tante, and then withdrew. All the guests performed the ceremony of greeting the aunt, who was unknown, uninteresting and unnecessary to every one. Anna Pavlovna with mournful, solemn sympathy, followed these greetings, silently approving them. Ma tante said to each person the same words about his health, her own health, and the health of her majesty, who was, thank God, better to-day. Every one, though from politeness showing no undue haste, moved away from the old lady with a sense of relief at a tiresome duty accomplished, and did not approach her again all the evening. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Bows quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#66. Greed is your god, Kaz."
He almost laughed at that. "No, Inej. Greed bows to me. It is my servant and my lever. #Quote by Leigh Bardugo
Bows quotes by Rose Leslie
#67. I now LOVE archery, I find it a very therapeutic sport. I would be taken away for a couple of hours before we started filming to get back into the rhythm so that it was a fluid movement of picking up the bow and then the arrows and just being able to make it look as authentic as possible. #Quote by Rose Leslie
Bows quotes by George Meredith
#68. Days, when the ball of our vision
Had eagles that flew unabashed to sun;
When the grasp on the bow was decision,
And arrow and hand and eye were one;
When the Pleasures, like waves to a swimmer,
Came heaving for rapture ahead!-
Invoke then, they dwindle, they glimmer
As lights over mounds of the dead.
-Ode to Youth and Memory #Quote by George Meredith
Bows quotes by Sholom Aleichem
#69. It is an old custom amongst Jewish children, to become war-like on the 'L'ag Beomer.' They arm themselves from head to foot with wooden swords, pop-guns and bows and arrows. They take food with them, and go off to wage war. #Quote by Sholom Aleichem
Bows quotes by E.L. James
#70. He grasps my head between his hands and kisses me hard, his teeth pulling at my lower lip again. He shifts slightly, and I can feel something building deep inside me, like before. I start to stiffen as he thrusts on and on. My body quivers, bows; a sheen of sweat gathers over me. Oh my ... I didn't know it would #Quote by E.L. James
Bows quotes by Cat Hellisen
#71. Every now and then one stands up and orates at length to the unfortunate crowd, after which he bows to their scattered applause. Personally, I think they'd be better served by plates broken over their heads than by hand-claps. #Quote by Cat Hellisen
Bows quotes by Harbhajan Singh Yogi
#72. Sometimes you have tons of money, and still you are miserable, you are not satisfied. The bow of gratitude and arrow of mercy will give you everything. Gratitude will turn your attitude into mercy, mercy will bring you dharma, and dharma will give you solid prosperity. #Quote by Harbhajan Singh Yogi
Bows quotes by Elisabeth Elliot
#73. We must quit bending the Word to suit our situation. It is we who must be bent to that Word, our necks that must bow under the yoke. #Quote by Elisabeth Elliot
Bows quotes by Carl T. Rowan
#74. We emphasize that we believe in change because we were born of it, we have lived by it, we prospered and grew great by it. So the status quo has never been our god, and we ask no one else to bow down before it. #Quote by Carl T. Rowan
Bows quotes by Henry Ward Beecher
#75. The moment an ill can be patiently handled, it is disarmed of its poison, though not of its pain. #Quote by Henry Ward Beecher
Bows quotes by Tim Ward
#76. A few days ago Tan Casipo said to me, 'Some people come here with so much dust in their eyes it's unbearable to talk to them.' What does that say about the monkhood? He can't tolerate people with 'dust in their eyes.' All that these monks have developed here is a safe little self-centred world which they call holy because villagers bow down to them. Living in a forest and wearing a robe doesn't make you better than anybody else. #Quote by Tim Ward
Bows quotes by Gabrielle
#77. I always bow to my enemies before I destroy them! #Quote by Gabrielle
Bows quotes by Stefan Molyneux
#78. The least Anararchic person in that conversation is the person saying 'you can't be an anarchist if you believe in god.' Because that's not an argument, it's just a statement. Why would somebody accept that? Because they either bow to your authority or they are afraid of your aggression. That's threatening to be another kind of ruler. Does that make any sense? #Quote by Stefan Molyneux
Bows quotes by Tillie Cole
#79. A queen bows to no one, especially to her king. #Quote by Tillie Cole
Bows quotes by Hilda Doolittle
#80. The laying of fish on the embers, the taste of the fish, the feel of the texture of bread, the round and the half-loaf, the grain of a petal, the rain-bow and the rain. #Quote by Hilda Doolittle
Bows quotes by Elizabeth I
#81. Who seeketh two strings to one bow, they may shoot strong, but never straight ... #Quote by Elizabeth I
Bows quotes by Rae Carson
#82. Fernando, my best archer, stands on the rear platform, bow slung over his shoulder. He bows from the waist, his face grave. Four horses flick their tails and dance in their jeweled traces. I eye them warily while Hector helps me up.

Then he offers a hand to Ximena, and in spite of their recent disagreement, a look of fierce understanding passes between them. They are a formidable team, my guard and my guardian. Sometimes it's as though they plot my safety behind my back. #Quote by Rae Carson
Bows quotes by James A. Michener
#83. Where, indeed? Captain Vincent Reed had been born in the city of Richmond, Virginia, of northern parents who were stationed there by the telegraph company. He had attended West Point and he thought he knew something about warfare, having served under General Pope in his long and futile struggle against General Stonewall Jackson. Those men were fighters who would face the enemy till the last bullet was fired, but neither would participate in such a slaughter.
Reed had had his troops in position. He was quite prepared to rush in for the kill, and he had positioned himself so that he would be in the vanguard when his men made their charge against the guns of the young braves threatening the left flank. But when he saw that the enemy had no weapons, that even their bows and arrows were not at hand, and that he was supposed to chop down little girls and old women, he rebelled on the spot, taking counsel with no one but his own conscience. #Quote by James A. Michener
Bows quotes by Cassandra Clare
#84. Jules: So first, breakfast, and afterward - piskie hunting.
Emma: I am so ready to hunt down those tiny adorable creatures and give them what for. SO READY.
Jules: Emma...
Emma: I may even tie bows on their heads.
Jules: We have to interrogate them.
Emma: Can I get a selfie with one of them first?
Jules: Eat your toast, Emma. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Bows quotes by Kahlil Gibran
#85. You may give them your love but not your thoughts,
For they have their own thoughts.
You may house their bodies but not their souls,
For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you.
For life goes not backwards nor tarries with yesterday. #Quote by Kahlil Gibran
Bows quotes by George Carlin
#86. In the doggie dictionary, under "bow wow" it says, "See "arf arf."" #Quote by George Carlin
Bows quotes by Tessa Dare
#87. You laid black powder charges. To move a flock of sheep." Pulling her hand from his grip, she studied the craters in the road. "Sir, I remain unconvinced of your sanity. But there's no question you are male."
He raised a brow. "That much was never in doubt."
Her only answer was a faint deepening of her blush.
"I assure you, all the lunacy is my cousin's. Lord Payne was merely teasing, having a bit of sport at my expense."
"I see. And you were having a bit of sport at my expense, pretending to be injured."
"Come, now." He leaned toward her and murmured, "Are you going to pretend you didn't enjoy it?"
Her eyebrows lifted. And lifted, until they formed perfect twin archer's bows, ready to dispatch poison-tipped darts. "I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that."
-Susanna & Bram #Quote by Tessa Dare
Bows quotes by Katherine Mansfield
#88. The fields are snowbound no longer;
There are little blue lakes and flags of tenderest green.
The snow has been caught up into the sky-
So many white clouds-and the blue of the sky is cold.
Now the sun walks in the forest,
He touches the bows and stems with his golden fingers;
They shiver, and wake from slumber.
Over the barren branches he shakes his yellow curls.
Yet is the forest full of the sound of tears ...
A wind dances over the fields.
Shrill and clear the sound of her waking laughter,
Yet the little blue lakes tremble
And the flags of tenderest green bend and quiver. #Quote by Katherine Mansfield
Bows quotes by Emma Chase
#89. There is a visitor, Countess."

"A visitor?" Mother looks toward the rain-drenched windows. "Who would be out in this mess? Has their car given out?"

"No, My Lady. The young woman says her name is Nancy Herald. She apologized for not making an appointment and provided her card. It seems to be a business proposition."

My mother makes a sweeping motion with the back of her hand.

"I have no interest or time for business propositions. Send her on her way, please."

Stanhope places a business card on the table, bows, and leaves the room.

Penny picks it up as she sips her drink, looks it over - and then spits her brandy all over the carpet.

"Penelope!" mother yells.

My sister stands up, waving the card over her head like Veruca Salt after she got her hands on the golden ticket to the chocolate factory.

"Stanhope!" she screams. "Don't let her leave! She a television producer!"

Penny turns to me and in a quieter but urgent voice says, "She's a television producer."

As if I didn't hear her the first time.

Then she sprints from the room. Or . . . tries to. Halfway to the door, her heel catches on the carpet and she falls flat on her face with an "Ooof."

"Are you all right, Pen?"

She pulls herself up, waving her hands. "I'm fine! Or I will be, as long as she doesn't leave!"

The second try's the charm, and Penelope scurries out #Quote by Emma Chase
Bows quotes by Robert Breault
#90. There is always, in the fine arts, a physical interface between the artist's esthetic vision and the material result he seeks. The interface may be the application of brush to canvas, chisel to marble, bow to string ... It may be the control of voice in song or the control of body in dance. It is the mastery of the interface that comprises the artistry; it is what constitutes the 'art' in fine art. #Quote by Robert Breault
Bows quotes by Daisaku Ikeda
#91. The eyes of a poet discover in each person a unique and irreplaceable humanity. While arrogant intellect seeks to control and manipulate the world, the poetic spirit bows with reverence before its mysteries. #Quote by Daisaku Ikeda
Bows quotes by Elle Pierson
#92. Her fingernails were cut short and workmanlike, but were painted in pink and white stripes. The smartphone leaning dangerously from the pocket of her loose dress was a similarly aggressive shade of candyfloss, which seemed a crime against an otherwise perfectly decent model. She was the most overtly feminine person he had met since his kindergarten days, when small girls came bedecked with bows, ruffles and sparkly purses. #Quote by Elle Pierson
Bows quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#93. Bedevil the devil and devil be dammed. I fear no devil and bow to no man.
- Adam Black #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Bows quotes by Mary Kate
#94. Watching my parents I've learnt a lesson many do not recognize. True love is not signaled by romantic, candle light dinners, red roses glistening with dew, or even Valentine's day celebrations. While these things may accompany our feelings, love is truly more than all those! Love is being with your spouse even when its not pleasing. Sometimes, love is walking down the hall, with your spouse hanging onto your shoulders and walking at a turtle's pace down the hall, just because surgery made life a burden. Love is patient, love is kind, love is Jesus! May we always remember love is not always tied in bows! #Quote by Mary Kate
Bows quotes by Ta-Nehisi Coates
#95. The Knowledge Rule 2080: From maggots to men, the world is a corner bully. Better you knuckle up and go for yours than have to bow your head and tuck your chain. #Quote by Ta-Nehisi Coates
Bows quotes by Billy Collins
#96. Emily Dickinson never developed. She remained loyal to her persona and to that same little metrical song that stood her in such good stead. She is a striking example of complexity within a simple package. Her rhymes are like bows on the package. #Quote by Billy Collins
Bows quotes by Ariana Grande
#97. My performance outfits are very Marie Antoinette, sparkly corsets ... and full skirts. And then we do another look that's '50s-inspired. Poufy skirts, big bows. Very fun, girlie and young, but otherwise, when I'm not in costume, I dress really normal. #Quote by Ariana Grande
Bows quotes by K.A. Tucker
#98. Mia bows dramatically. Welcome, kind Sir. Princess Mia has been awaiting your presence. #Quote by K.A. Tucker
Bows quotes by Swami Vivekananda
#99. The human will stands beyond all circumstances. Everything must go down before the will, for that comes from God Himself; a pure and a strong will is omnipotent. Before it all the powers, even of nature, must bow down, succumb, and become its servants - the strong gigantic, infinite will in man. #Quote by Swami Vivekananda
Bows quotes by Muhammad Ali
#100. I'm sad because I want to bow out of my race and leave my beautiful identity? Chinese love Chinese. They love their little slant eyed, pale brown skinned babies. Pakistanis love their culture.Jewish people love their culture. A lot of Catholics want to marry Catholics because the want their religion to stay the same. #Quote by Muhammad Ali
Bows quotes by L.A. Meyer
#101. Randall looks at me with fire in his eye, but he nods and decides to smile at my banter. He gets to his feet, bows low, and says, "I believe I saw my sister's fat friend Pickering down below. Shall we all go to dinner and hear more tales of your adventures?"
Hey, Ezra ain't fat, he's ... well ... sleek is what he is. Sleek, like a well-fed seal. Or, hey, maybe even a silkie ... #Quote by L.A. Meyer
Bows quotes by William Shakespeare
#102. What wouldst thou do, old man?
Think'st thou that duty shall have dread to speak
When power to flattery bows? #Quote by William Shakespeare
Bows quotes by Donnie Yen
#103. If you're playing a cop in a modern film, you don't have to walk with your spine straight up and bow before a fight. There's a lot of free form of expressing yourself as an actor. #Quote by Donnie Yen
Bows quotes by Tal Bauer
#104. When God designed your features and joined your brows/ Paved my way, then trapped me with your gestures & bows/ United the knots of my doing and of my budding heart/ Fate convinced me to be enslaved to thee. #Quote by Tal Bauer
Bows quotes by Amy Harmon
#105. I couldn't explain how it felt to converse with another human being. To actually converse. I had been reduced to sharing nothing of my innermost thoughts for most of my life. Reduced to throwing things when I was angry. Reduced to tears when I was sad. Reduced to the simplicity of nods and bows, of having people look away from me or become frustrated when they didn't know what I was trying to communicate.
I had been alone for so long with thousands of words I couldn't express. #Quote by Amy Harmon
Bows quotes by Nikita King
#106. Orgasms make such pretty bows to presents. #Quote by Nikita King
Bows quotes by Abheek Kakkar
#107. As long as you do not pick up your spears, I will not draw my bows #Quote by Abheek Kakkar
Bows quotes by Jeremy Renner
#108. Getting to play with Thor's hammer while he stroked my bow #Quote by Jeremy Renner
Bows quotes by Alain De Botton
#109. Sublime places repeat in grand terms a lesson that ordinary life typically teaches viciously: that the universe is mightier than we are, that we are frail and temporary and have no alternative but to accept limitations on our will; that we must bow to necessities greater than ourselves. #Quote by Alain De Botton
Bows quotes by Lord Chesterfield
#110. Nothing sharpens the arrow of sarcasm so keenly as the courtesy that polishes it; no reproach is like that we clothe with a smile and present with a bow. #Quote by Lord Chesterfield
Bows quotes by Charles Baudelaire
#111. Charles Baudelaire: Get Drunk
One should always be drunk. That's all that matters; that's our one imperative need. So as not to feel Time's horrible burden that breaks your shoulders and bows you down, you must get drunk without ceasing.
But what with? With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you choose. But get drunk.
And if, at some time, on the steps of a palace, in the green grass of a ditch, in the bleak solitude of your room, you are waking up when drunkenness has already abated, ask the wind, the wave, a star, the clock, all that which flees, all that which groans, all that which rolls, all that which sings, all that which speaks, ask them what time it is; and the wind, the wave, the star, the bird, the clock will reply: 'It is time to get drunk! So that you may not be the martyred slaves of Time, get drunk; get drunk, and never pause for rest! With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you choose!'
Charles Baudelaire, tr. Michael Hamburger #Quote by Charles Baudelaire
Bows quotes by Rhys Ford
#112. And don't ye be adding any more bows to that. God help ye, it looked like a blind gypsy dropped off a tribute to Herne in your living room. #Quote by Rhys Ford
Bows quotes by Gilbert K. Chesterton
#113. Man is at his tallest when he bows. #Quote by Gilbert K. Chesterton
Bows quotes by Lysander Spooner
#114. The highwayman takes solely upon himself the responsibility, danger, and crime of his own act. He does not pretend that he has any rightful claim to your money, or that he intends to use it for your own benefit ... Furthermore, having taken your money, he leaves you, as you wish him to do ... He does not keep "protecting" you by commanding you to bow down and serve him; by requiring you to do this, and forbidding you to do that. #Quote by Lysander Spooner
Bows quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
#115. If God himself bows before His own law, what more can be done? There is more in the atonement by way of merit, than there is in all human sin by way of demerit. The #Quote by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Bows quotes by Lyndon B. Johnson
#116. The purposeful many need not and will not bow to the willful few. #Quote by Lyndon B. Johnson
Bows quotes by Christina Rossetti
#117. Who has seen the wind? Neither you nor I: But when the trees bow down their head, The wind is passing by. #Quote by Christina Rossetti
Bows quotes by William Shakespeare
#118. That you were once unkind befriends me now, And for that sorrow, which I then did feel, Needs must I under my transgression bow, Unless my nerves were brass or hammered steel ... #Quote by William Shakespeare
Bows quotes by Vinnie Jones
#119. I always want to try new things, and 'Mean Machine' has given me that chance. I have got plans to carry on acting and would love to play all sorts of roles - you'll see that there's more strings to my bow! #Quote by Vinnie Jones
Bows quotes by Philip Reeve
#120. As a child I always steered clear of science fiction, but in the autumn of 1977, the bow-wave of publicity for the first 'Star Wars' movie had already reached me, so I was eager for anything science-fictional. #Quote by Philip Reeve
Bows quotes by Thomas Hood
#121. The Quaker loves an ample brim, A hat that bows to no salaam; And dear the beaver is to him As if it never made a dam. #Quote by Thomas Hood
Bows quotes by Malachy McCourt
#122. I would like to do away with all kind of - all weapons. A dream - totally. Including the bow an arrow. #Quote by Malachy McCourt
Bows quotes by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
#123. Are we still tying bows?" Sadie-Grace sounded hopeful as she sat down beside me at the senator's dining room table. "I only have three things in life that I am truly gifted at, and one of them is tying bows."
I shoved the basket I was currently working on in her direction. "Have at it."
Sadie-Grace studied my work and got very quiet for a moment. "Sawyer," she said morosely, "what did this cellophane wrap ever do to you? #Quote by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Bows quotes by Mary Leakey
#124. There were details like clothing, hair styles and the fragile objects that hardly ever survive for the archaeologist - musical instruments, bows and arrows, and body ornaments depicted as they were worn. ... No amounts of stone and bone could yield the kinds of information that the paintings gave so freely. #Quote by Mary Leakey
Bows quotes by Pam Godwin, Dark Notes
#125. Her back bows over the kitchen island, our empty plates rattling with the thrust of my hand. Two orgasms later, she stumbles into the living room to work on her homework, argument forgotten. #Quote by Pam Godwin, Dark Notes
Bows quotes by Ayn Rand
#126. Look, Gail." Roark got up, reached out, tore a thick branch off a tree, held it in both hands, one fist closed at each end; then, his wrists and knuckles tensed against the resistance, he bent the branch slowly into an arc. "Now I can make what I want of it: a bow, a spear, a cane, a railing. That's the meaning of life."
"Your strength?"
"Your work." He tossed the branch aside. "The material the earth offers you and what you make of it ... #Quote by Ayn Rand
Bows quotes by Herman Melville
#127. So, with his ivory leg inserted into its accustomed hole, and with one hand firmly grasping a shroud, Ahab for hours and hours would stand gazing dead to windward, while an occasional squall of sleet or snow would all but congeal his very eyelashes together. Meantime, the crew driven from the forward part of the ship by the perilous seas that burstingly broke over its bows, stood in a line along the bulwarks in the waist; and the better to guard against the leaping waves, each man had slipped himself into a sort of bowline secured to the rail, in which he swung as in a loosened belt. Few or no words were spoken; and the silent ship, as if manned by painted sailors in wax, day after day tore on through all the swift madness and gladness of the demoniac waves. #Quote by Herman Melville
Bows quotes by Mark Kurlansky
#128. To the glee of the British press, a letter has recently been discovered. The letter had been sent to Christopher Columbus, a decade after the Croft affair in Bristol, while Columbus was taking bows for his discovery of America. The letter, from Bristol merchants, alleged that he knew perfectly well that they had been to America already. It is not known if Columbus ever replied. He didn't need to. Fishermen were keeping their secrets, while explorers were telling the world. Columbus had claimed the entire new world for Spain. #Quote by Mark Kurlansky
Bows quotes by Li Bai
#129. I bow in reverence to the white cloud. #Quote by Li Bai
Bows quotes by Laura Ingalls Wilder
#130. So Pa sold the little house. He sold the cow and calf. He made hickory bows and fastened them upright to the wagon box. Ma helped him stretch white canvas over them. #Quote by Laura Ingalls Wilder
Bows quotes by Walter Scott
#131. Meantime the clang of the bows and the shouts of the combatants mixed fearfully with the sound of the trumpets, and drowned the groans of those who fell, and lay rolling defenceless beneath the feet of the horses. The splendid armour of the combatants was now defaced with dust and blood, and gave way at every stroke of the sword and battle-axe. The gay plumage, shorn from the crests, drifted upon the breeze like snowflakes. All that was beautiful in the martial array had disappeared, and what was now visibke was only calculated to awaken terror or compassion. #Quote by Walter Scott
Bows quotes by Jonathan Swift
#132. I with borrow'd silver shine,
What you see is none of mine.
First I show you but a quarter,
Like the bow that guards the Tartar:
Then the half, and then the whole,
Ever dancing round the pole. #Quote by Jonathan Swift
Bows quotes by Brandon Plaster
#133. I assemble monsters with my mind. I build them of broken glass, and forgotten words, and knotted yarn, I forget as they gobble up my memories, and I crawl as they pull upon my strings, but even when I write that they've trapped me in a tiny box wrapped with twisted burgundy bows addressed to return-to-sender, and I dream of wanting to dream... #Quote by Brandon Plaster
Bows quotes by Bhartrhari
#134. Trees bend low with ripened fruit; clouds hang down with gentle rain; noble people bow graciously. This is the way of generous things. #Quote by Bhartrhari
Bows quotes by Ludwig Van Beethoven
#135. Handel, to him I bow the knee. #Quote by Ludwig Van Beethoven
Bows quotes by Philippa Gregory
#136. True obedience can only happen when you secretly think you know better, and you choose to bow your head. Anything short of that is just agreement, and any ninny-in-waiting can agree. #Quote by Philippa Gregory
Bows quotes by Freddie Welsh
#137. I can't say that I ever worried much about what people thought or said of me. I like to be liked, and have often wished that I could be as much loved as Jim Driscoll, say, but I have never been able to bow down to rules and regulations #Quote by Freddie Welsh
Bows quotes by Taylor Swift
#138. I would love to continue in music, with writing ... but I am not the kind of person who will hang around if I start to become irrelevant. If that happens, I will bow down gracefully, raise my kids, and have a garden. And I am going to let my hair go gray when I am older. I don't need to be blonde when I'm 60! #Quote by Taylor Swift
Bows quotes by Alistair MacLean
#139. She was still doing forty knots, driving in under the guns of the enemy, guns at maximum depression, when "A" magazine blew up, blasted off the entire bows in one shattering detonations. For a second, the lightened fo'c'sle reared high into the air" then it plunged down, deep down, into the shoulder of a rolling sea. She plunged down and kept on going down, driving down to the black floor of the Arctic, driven down by the madly spinning screws. The still thundering engines her own executioners. #Quote by Alistair MacLean
Bows quotes by Belle Aurora
#140. Kissing her once more, I tell her without hesitation, "if you promise to never leave me, I will love you. And be good to you. I'll treat you like a queen." My queen. I heard somewhere that a king only bows down to his queen. And I'm bowing down to Lexi. #Quote by Belle Aurora
Bows quotes by T-Bone Walker
#141. I was called "T-Bow" but the people got it mixed up with "T-Bone." My name is Aaron Walker but "T-Bone" is catchy, people remember it. My auntie gave it to me when I was a kid. Mother's mother was a Cherokee Indian full blooded. There were sixteen girls and two boys in my mother's family, all dead but two. #Quote by T-Bone Walker
Bows quotes by Ovid
#142. Remove but the temptations of leisure, and the bow of Cupid will lose its effect. #Quote by Ovid
Bows quotes by Sylvia Fraser
#143. As the arrow that leaves the bow cannot be recaptured, what we say, senselessly, about others causes us great harm. #Quote by Sylvia Fraser
Bows quotes by Neal Stephenson
#144. Crossed the room to where a selection of implements was arranged on a table top. These could have been mistaken for the trade tools of a cook, physician, or torturer, save for the fact that the surface on which they rested was a slab of polished pink marble, topping a white and gilt dressing table-cum-sculpture, done up in the new, hyper-Baroque style named Rococo. It was adorned, for example, with several cherubs, bows drawn, eyes asquint, as they drew beads on unseen targets, butt cheeks polished to a luster with jeweler's rouge. It had, in other words, all the earmarks of a gift that had been sent to the princess by someone with a lot of money who did not know her very well. #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Bows quotes by Georg Trakl
#145. Shepherds buried the sun in the naked forest.
With a net of hair
A fisherman hauled the moon from the icy pond.

The pale man dwells
In a blue crystal, his cheek at rest against his stars,
Or he bows his head in crimson sleep.

But the black flight of birds always touches
The watcher, the holiness of blue flowers;
The nearby silence thinks forgotten things, extinguished angels.

Again the brow turns night in moonlit stone;
A radiant youth,
The sister appears in autumn and black putrefaction. #Quote by Georg Trakl
Bows quotes by David Eddings
#146. Contemporary fantasists all bow politely to Lord Tennyson and Papa Tolkien, then step around them to go back to the original texts for inspiration
and there are a lot of those texts. We have King Arthur and his gang in English; we've got Siegfried and Brunhild in German; Charlemagne and Roland in French; El Cid in Spanish; Sigurd the Volsung in Icelandic; and assorted 'myghtiest Knights on lyfe' in a half-dozen other cultures. Without shame, we pillage medieval romance for all we're worth. #Quote by David Eddings
Bows quotes by Matthew Arnold
#147. All pains the immortal spirit must endure,
All weakness that impairs, all griefs that bow,
Find their sole voice in that victorious brow. #Quote by Matthew Arnold
Bows quotes by Roger Scruton
#148. Affect not to despise beauty: no one is freed from its dominion; But regard it not a pearl of price
it is fleeting as the bow in the clouds. #Quote by Roger Scruton
Bows quotes by George W. S. Trow
#149. A tease is a con. You press a spot because you know that it can be pressed, and while the sucker is feeling the pleasure or the pain resulting from the pressure, you take something from him ... A flirt doesn't do that. A flirt does a dance within the context of giving pleasure. Referring to this, referring to that. And suddenly, following the references, you find a little surprise. Nothing enormous. Nothing like 'Feed on me.' Nothing like that. Something small with a bow on it. It's a pleasure. A surprise, and a *gift*. #Quote by George W. S. Trow
Bows quotes by Julie Kagawa
#150. Grimalkin yawned and licked his whiskers. 'Not dead,' he replied. 'Hardly dead. But she changed her name and appearance so many times, even the oldest fey would hardly remember her. She likes to keep a low profile, you know.' Puck frowned, knitting his bows together. 'Then how is it you remember her?' he demanded, sounding indignant. 'I am a cat,' purred Grimalkin. #Quote by Julie Kagawa
Bows quotes by Sherwood Smith
#151. I've been working hard at assuming Court polish, but the more I learn about what really goes on behind the pretty voices and waving fans and graceful bows, the more I comprehend that what is really said matters little, so long as the manner in which it is said pleases. I understand it, but I don't like it. Were I truly influential, then I would halt this foolishness that decrees that in Court one cannot be sick; that to admit you are sick is really to admit to political or social or romantic defeat; that to admit to any emotions usually means one really feels the opposite. It is a terrible kind of falsehood that people can only claim feelings as a kind of social weapon. #Quote by Sherwood Smith
Bows quotes by Naomi Klein
#152. Anderson's papers and slide shows have become more alarming. Under titles such as "Climate Change: Going Beyond Dangerous . . . Brutal Numbers and Tenuous Hope," he points out that the chances of staying within anything like safe temperature levels are diminishing fast. With his colleague Alice Bows-Larkin, an atmospheric physicist and climate change mitigation expert at the Tyndall Centre, Anderson argues that we have lost so much time to political stalling and weak climate policies - all while emissions ballooned - that we are now facing cuts so drastic that they challenge the core expansionist logic at the heart of our economic system. #Quote by Naomi Klein
Bows quotes by Philip Freneau
#153. And long shall timorous fancy see The painted chief, and pointed spear, And Reason's self shall bow the knee To shadows and delusions here. #Quote by Philip Freneau
Bows quotes by Ilona Andrews
#154. What's so funny?" "Your panties have a bow," he said. I looked down. I was wearing a short tank top -not mine- and my blue panties with a narrow white strip of lace at the top and a tiny white bow. Would it have killed me to check what I was wearing before I pulled the blanket down? "What's wrong with bows?" "Nothing." He was grinning now. "I expected barbed wire. Or one of those steel chains." Wiseass. "I'm secure enough in myself to wear panties with bows on them. Besides, they are comfy and soft." "I bet. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Bows quotes by Andrew Murray
#155. Fear and hope are generally thought to be in conflict with each other, in the presence and worship of God they are found side by side in perfect and beautiful harmony. And this because in God Himself all apparent contradictions are reconciled. Righteousness and peace, judgment and mercy, holiness and love, infinite power and infinite gentleness, a majesty that is exalted above all heaven, and a condescension that bows very low, meet and kiss each other. #Quote by Andrew Murray
Bows quotes by J.C. Ryle
#156. Experience supplies painful proof that traditions once called into being are first called useful, then they become necessary. At last they are too often made idols, and all must bow down to them or be punished. #Quote by J.C. Ryle
Bows quotes by Kristin Cashore
#157. What she really loved was to hang over the edge and watch the bow of the ship slice through the waves. She loved it especially when the waves were high and the ship rose and fell, or when it was snowing and the flakes stung her face. #Quote by Kristin Cashore
Bows quotes by George R R Martin
#158. Go Ahead, call me all the names you want," Sansa said airily. "You won't dare when I'm married to Joffrey. You'll have to bow and call me Your Grace." She shrieked as Arya flung the orange across the table. It caught her in the middle of the forehead with a wet squish and plopped down into her lap.
"You have juice on your face, Your Grace ," Arya said. #Quote by George R R Martin
Bows quotes by Billy Graham
#159. Only as we bow in contrition, confession, and repentance at the foot of the cross, can we find forgiveness. There is the grace of God! #Quote by Billy Graham
Bows quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#160. Well after that testosterone-shattering experience, I have no more dignity to worry about. Ever. Anyone have a cushion I can sit on? A really big fluffy one? Hell, let's even make it pale pink with bows on it just for good measure. #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Bows quotes by Shunryu Suzuki
#161. A Master who cannot bow to a disciple cannot bow to Buddha. #Quote by Shunryu Suzuki
Bows quotes by Tova Mirvis
#162. I tried to pray, but my mind kept wandering. Under all these brims and bows, what were people really thinking? There were few clues, only the fantasies I spun out. Did any of these women ever worry, as I did, that too much thinking might unravel their lives? You were supposed to believe that this way of life was the only true one. You were supposed to tell yourself that the rituals and restrictions were binding and beautiful. And if you felt any rumblings of dissatisfaction, you were supposed to believe that the problem lay with you. My own discontent, I hoped, remained well hidden. It wasn't the sort of thing I would have shared with my mother-in-law or sisters-in-law, who sat beside me wearing hats of their own. Along with the actual rules, there was another set of laws, equally stringent yet more unforgiving, enforced not by a belief in God but by communal eyes that were just as all-seeing and all-knowing. Inside my head, a voice constantly whispered: What will they think? #Quote by Tova Mirvis
Bows quotes by C. Shifaw
#163. Was there such a thing as lucky bows? Amy Lou decided to find out. By the time the bell rang for lunch, Amy Lou had #Quote by C. Shifaw
Bows quotes by Alianne Donnelly
#164. Dawn.
The transformation is gruesome and brings me to my feet. My legs nearly buckle, but I stumble to the doorway, terrified for the man-beast in the destroyed room.
He screams and roars, shaking with pain, and grief, and such horrible shame. My heart bleeds, weeping for him. I fall to my knees, helpless to do anything but watch.
When it is finally, blessedly over, my Beast bows his head, looking utterly exhausted. His rumbling breaths are a comfort like nothing I've ever known.
I cannot give up on the monster of a man. For this gentle, tormented Beast, I must fight on. I must find a way to free him. #Quote by Alianne Donnelly
Bows quotes by Claire Wolfe
#165. The ideal citizen of a tyrannical state is the man or woman who bows in silent obedience in exchange for the status of a well-cared-for herd animal. Thinking people become the tyrants worst enemies. #Quote by Claire Wolfe
Bows quotes by R.C. Sproul
#166. Men and women who refuse to acknowledge God's existence do so, in the final analysis, because it is contrary to their manner of living. They do not want to bow to the moral claims of a holy God on their lives. #Quote by R.C. Sproul
Bows quotes by Joseph Conrad
#167. A Departure, the last professional sight of land, is always good, or at least good enough. For, even if the weather be thick, it does not matter much to a ship having all the open sea before her bows. #Quote by Joseph Conrad
Bows quotes by Orson Scott Card
#168. And if you're going to criticize me for not finishing the whole thing and tying it up in a bow for you, why, do us both a favor and write your own damn book, only have the decency to call it a romance instead of a history, because history's got no bows on it, only frayed ends of ribbons and knots that can't be untied. It ain't a pretty package, but then it's not your birthday that I know of so I'm under no obligation to give you a gift. #Quote by Orson Scott Card
Bows quotes by Jeremy Renner
#169. Yeah there's always something different. He's still limited to what he can do - ya know, no super powers, just a high skill set. But they have a cool thing - this time I learn very quickly ... um, bow. 'Cause in the first Avengers he had that short bow that cracks open, and then I can crack and close with a staff. So now I'm a master with a staff apparently. I have to learn that today. #Quote by Jeremy Renner
Bows quotes by William Henry Ashley
#170. These people were well dressed in skins, had some guns, but armed generally with bows and arrows and such other instruments of war as are common among the Indians of the Missouri. #Quote by William Henry Ashley
Bows quotes by Jose Rizal
#171. Man understood in the end what man is. He renounces the analysis of God, penetrating the impalpable, in which he has not seen, to give laws to the phantasms of his brain. Man understands that his inheritance is the greater world whose dominion is within his grasp. Tired of useless and presumptuous labor he bows his head and looks about him, and now he sees how our poets are born. Little by little nature's muses open their treasures and start to smile upon us, and lead us far from such labors. #Quote by Jose Rizal
Bows quotes by Jose Rizal
#172. I don't see why I should bow my head when I could hold it high, or place it in the hands of my enemies when I can defeat them. #Quote by Jose Rizal
Bows quotes by Steven Erikson
#173. So you have found me and would know the tale. When a poet speaks of truth to another poet, waht hope has truth? Let me ask this, then. DOes one find memory in invention? Or will you find invention in memory? Wich bows in servitude befor the other? Will the measure of greatness be weighed solely in details? Perhaps so, if details make up the full weft of the world, if themes are nothing more than the coomposite of lists perfectly ordered and unerring rendered; and if I should kneel before invention, as if it were memory made perfect. #Quote by Steven Erikson
Bows quotes by Gayle Forman
#174. The bow is so old, its horsehair is glue
Sent to the factory, just like me and like you
So how come they stayed your execution?
The audience roars its standing ovation
Dust, #Quote by Gayle Forman
Bows quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#175. Nick stopped at the door. The grin on his face warned trouble. "By the way, loved the bows on your panties."
Oh, for fuck's sake.
Reece's jaw became so hard I thought it would snap off as he watched Nick saunter out the door. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Bows quotes by A.G. Howard
#176. Rushing outside, she carries long, sharp scissors and snips at flower petals while screaming, "Off with your head!" When I realize what she's really after, a strange discomfort stirs inside. I've seen how the petals tatter beneath the blades. I don't want her to ruin my moth's pretty wings. I throw my hands over the scissors to stop her. The moth escapes unscathed. But I'm not so lucky ...
Coming out of the trance, I drop to the ground and clutch aching palms to my chest. The scars throb as if freshly cut. Morpheus bows over me, smoothing my hair. "I told you that you were special, Alyssa," he murmurs, the weight of his palm strangely comforting on the top of my head. "No one else has ever bled for me. The loyalty of one child for another is immeasurable. You believed in me, shared new experiences with me, grew with me. That has earned you my sincerest devotion." #Quote by A.G. Howard
Bows quotes by Mark Helprin
#177. Then the bow orchestra began to play an apocalyptically beautiful canon, one of those pieces in which, surely, the composer simply transcribed what was given, and trembled in awe of the hand that was guiding him. #Quote by Mark Helprin
Bows quotes by Joni Mitchell
#178. Bows and flows of angel hair and ice cream castles in the air and feather canyons everywhere, I've looked at clouds that way. #Quote by Joni Mitchell
Bows quotes by Erin Wasson
#179. I'm really not into that super-crazy-colour, smiley-faces-on-the-front-of-your-dress look. That's not my thing. You're not going to see me in pink. Or anything frilly. Or a tutu. Or bows. #Quote by Erin Wasson
Bows quotes by Karen Pryor
#180. I couldn't help wondering where porpoises had learned this game of running on the bows of ships. Porpoises have been swimming in the oceans for seven to ten million years, but they've had human ships to play with for only the last few thousand. Yet nearly all porpoises, in every ocean, catch rides for fun from passing ships; and they were doing it on the bows of Greek triremes and prehistoric Tahitian canoes, as soon as those seacraft appeared. What did they do for fun before ships were invented?
Ken Norris made a field observation one day that suggests the answer. He saw a humpback whale hurrying along the coast of the island of Hawaii, unavoidably making a wave in front of itself; playing in that bow wave was a flock of bottlenose porpoises. The whale didn't seem to be enjoying it much: Ken said it looked like a horse being bothered by flies around its head; however, there was nothing much the whale could do about it, and the porpoises were having a fun time. #Quote by Karen Pryor
Bows quotes by Ann Brasco
#181. As a young wife and mother living in a pre-Pinterest world, I used to glue-gun bows and small pieces of minutia together methodically. I was an insomniac proudly penning thank you notes longer than the Declaration of Independence to every person who had even sent me a card. I was reorganizing my linen closet, ironing placemats, straight-ironing my hair, and never saying no to any person that asked me for a favor. And, I forgot to mention, I didn't really like myself.
I felt like a fuzzy, carbon copy of myself. I felt the passion, the conviction, and the grit somewhere inside of me yet a bunch of preconceived ideas somehow got in the way. #Quote by Ann Brasco
Bows quotes by Reinhold Niebuhr
#182. The dimension of depth in the consciousness of religion creates the tension between what is and what ought to be. It bends the bow from which every arrow of moral action flies. #Quote by Reinhold Niebuhr
Bows quotes by Isaac Hayes
#183. I'd always loved strings. When I was in high school and saw strings playing on stage, an orchestra or a symphony, all those bows moving at the same time ... wow. #Quote by Isaac Hayes
Bows quotes by G.M.W. Wemyss
#184. In East Sussex, let us say, an old farm sleeps in sun-dapple, its oast-house with its cowls echoing the distant steeple of SS Andrew and Mary, Fletching, where de Montfort had prayed and Gibbon now sleeps out a sceptic's eternity. The Sussex Weald is quiet now, its bows and bowmen that did affright the air at Agincourt long dust. A Chalk Hill Blue spreads peaceable wings upon the hedge. Easter is long sped, yet yellow and lavender yet ornament the land, in betony and dyer's greenweed and mallows. An inquisitive whitethroat, rejoicing in man's long opening of the Wealden country, trills jauntily from atop a wall. #Quote by G.M.W. Wemyss
Bows quotes by Herman Melville
#185. The phantoms, for so they then seemed, were flitting on the other side of the deck, and, with a noiseless celerity, were casting loose the tackles and bands of the boat which swung there. This boat had always been deemed one of the spare boats, though technically called the captain's, on account of its hanging from the starboard quarter. The figure that now stood by its bows was tall and swart, with one white tooth evilly protruding from its steel-like lips. A rumpled Chinese jacket of black cotton funereally invested him, with wide black trowsers of the same dark stuff. But strangely crowning this ebonness was a glistening white plaited turban, the living hair braided and coiled round and round upon his head. Less swart in aspect, the companions of this figure were of that vivid, tiger-yellow complexion peculiar to some of the aboriginal natives of the Manillas; - a race notorious for a certain diabolism of subtilty, and by some honest white mariners supposed to be the paid spies and secret confidential agents on the water of the devil, their lord, whose counting-room they suppose to be elsewhere. #Quote by Herman Melville
Bows quotes by Joe Arpaio
#186. I don't bow down to the federal government. #Quote by Joe Arpaio
Bows quotes by Ovid
#187. If you give up your quiet life, the bow of Cupid will lose its power. #Quote by Ovid
Bows quotes by Luc Sante
#188. Unlike a bow and arrow, a camera by its nature ensures that some kind of target will always be hit, if not necessarily the intended target nor in the intended way. #Quote by Luc Sante
Bows quotes by John Ruskin
#189. And whether consciously or not, you must be in many a heart enthroned: queens you must always be: queens to your lovers; queens to your husbands and sons; queens of higher mystery to the world beyond, which bows itself, and will forever bow, before the myrtle crown, and the stainless scepter of womanhood. #Quote by John Ruskin
Bows quotes by John Marin
#190. How to paint the landscape: First you make your bow to the landscape. Then you wait, and if the landscape bows to you, then, and only then, can you paint the landscape. #Quote by John Marin
Bows quotes by Nâzım Hikmet Ran
#191. My head bows before the thing you mention.
But my heart doesn't speak that language.

- The Epic of Sheik Bedreddin, Verse 9. #Quote by Nâzım Hikmet Ran
Bows quotes by R.A. Dickey
#192. If you aren't willing to face your demons-if you can't find the courage to take on your fear and hurt and anger-you might as well wrap them up with a bow and give them to your children. Because they will be carrying the same thing ... unless you are willing to do the work #Quote by R.A. Dickey
Bows quotes by Tui T. Sutherland
#193. When the war has lasted twenty years ...
the dragonets will come.
When the land is soaked in blood and tears ...
the dragonets will come.
Find the SeaWing egg of deepest blue.
Wings of night shall come to you.
The largest egg in mountain high
will give to you the wings of sky.
For wings of earth, search through the mud
for an egg the color of dragon blood.
And hidden alone from the rival queens,
the SandWing egg awaits unseen.
Of three queens who blister and blaze and burn,
two shall die and one shall learn
if she bows to a fate that is stronger and higher,
she'll have the power of wings of fire.
Five eggs to hatch on brightest night,
five dragons born to end the fight.
Darkness will rise to bring the light.
The dragonets are coming ... #Quote by Tui T. Sutherland
Bows quotes by Don Marquis
#194. For all of the creeds are false, and all of the creeds are true; And low at the shrines where my brothers bow, there will I bow too; For no form of a god, and no fashion Man has made in his desperate passion, But is worthy some worship of mine; Not too hot with a gross belief, Nor yet too cold with pride, I will bow me down where my brothers bow, Humble, but open eyed. #Quote by Don Marquis
Bows quotes by Henry Ward Beecher
#195. I would rather speak the truth to ten men than blandishments and lying to a million. Try it, ye who think there is nothing in it! Try what it is to speak with God behind you, to speak so as to be only the arrow in the bow which the Almighty draws. #Quote by Henry Ward Beecher
Bows quotes by Samuel Johnson
#196. A short letter to a distant friend is, in my opinion, an insult like that of a slight bow or cursory salutation - a proof of unwillingness to do much, even where there is a necessity of doing something. #Quote by Samuel Johnson
Bows quotes by William Shakespeare
#197. The moon, like to a silver bow new bent in heaven. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Bows quotes by Jennifer Lawrence
#198. I had to have running training because I'm not a very good runner. I run weird. The hardest stunt is probably basic running. And trying not to hit myself in the face with my bow, are my two greatest challenges. #Quote by Jennifer Lawrence
Bows quotes by Liam Hemsworth
#199. I'm pretty outdoorsy. My family used to live in the hills in the middle of nowhere pretty much. We literally used to have bow and arrows and air rifles and were throwing knives. #Quote by Liam Hemsworth
Bows quotes by William Shakespeare
#200. Here I and sorrows sit; Here is my throne, bid kings come bow to it. #Quote by William Shakespeare

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