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Boussignac Cpr quotes by Jay Leno
#1. Have you noticed how the Republicans and Democrats try to copy each other at their conventions. Like at the Democratic convention John Kerry's daughter told a story about how he once gave CPR to her hamster. At the Republican convention the Bush girls are going to tell a story about how when their hamster was bad, their dad built them a little electric chair. #Quote by Jay Leno
Boussignac Cpr quotes by Sarah Moss
#2. I started to empty the dishwasher and then remembered that there was an alternative to my thoughts and turned on the radio. There had been more bombs in the places where there are bombs. Children had died. No one had started CPR and called an ambulance, no one had rushed to them with adrenaline and oxygen and a defibrillator, no one was piecing together what had happened. There had been bombs and children had died. #Quote by Sarah Moss
Boussignac Cpr quotes by Kshanasurya
#3. Raised eyebrows , Is she a billet ?
The smile, a natural born sniper?
The lips, a CPR the mystic needs
Aura, like the moon during the day
Nous, like an exclamation mark with a purpose
Not an ordinary mortal she is
but an incantatory healing power #Quote by Kshanasurya
Boussignac Cpr quotes by Bloomsbury Publishing
#4. We see cancer patients battling death as valiant, and we think that if they try hard enough, they'll beat it. In truth, cancer is an equal-opportunity killer and is impervious to moral virtues and emotional strength. No amount of courage increases a patient's likelihood of survival. For every courageous patient who survives, there is another courageous patient who does not. Of course you'd never know that from popular media, where patients wage battle against cancer and win, and where almost everyone survives CPR and looks remarkably good hooked up to a breathing machine. #Quote by Bloomsbury Publishing
Boussignac Cpr quotes by Judy Angelo
#5. As you know, we've been working on Kylie for some time. She ingested quite a bit of water but the good thing is," he turned to Celine, "you got her out quickly and started CPR right away. If it hadn't been for that we wouldn't have been able to save her. The paramedics would have come too late. Your quick action saved her life. #Quote by Judy Angelo
Boussignac Cpr quotes by Debra Anastasia
#6. The kiss led to embarrassing moaning, and they pulled away, laughing at the need between them.
"Being with you might just kill me right now." Blake held her hands and took slow measured breaths.
"I'll wait until you can pant properly." Livia looked at him from under her lashes.
"Oh crap. That's not helping." Blake pretended to do CPR on his own chest. #Quote by Debra Anastasia
Boussignac Cpr quotes by William Davis
#7. If someone accidentally ingests sodium azide, you shouldn't try to resuscitate the person because you could die, too, giving CPR. This is a highly toxic chemical. #Quote by William Davis
Boussignac Cpr quotes by David Berman
#8. I passed out on the fourteenth floor. The CPR was so erotic. #Quote by David Berman
Boussignac Cpr quotes by Jessica Zafra
#9. My emotional range is limited. I can't do grief, but rage is my friend. For instance, I hate death by sickness. It is nothing like Homer, the Old Testament, and Tolkien led me to expect. It is not noble and awe-inspiring. No one delivers a final soliloquy. It is as abrupt and banal as the flicking of a switch. The squiggly line on the monitor straightens out, the defibrillator doesn't even go whomp, the epinephrine is useless, the nurse doing CPR looks up and even before the doctor pronounces the words, you know. This is not what death should be. Death, the reason for religion, the subject of great literature, the certainty we spend our lives warding off, the giant mystery that looms over everything we do, death should be spectacular, not pity-inducing, a bang and not a whimper. A huge ball of fire, a shower of sparks, a final charge into the ranks of your enemies, a terrific explosion, a backward dive into the fiery pit. Not ... this. #Quote by Jessica Zafra
Boussignac Cpr quotes by Ilona Andrews
#10. I'll drown him in that damn fountain and then I'll CPR him back and drown him again. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Boussignac Cpr quotes by Georgia Cates
#11. I hope you know CPR because you are going to take Jessie's breath away. #Quote by Georgia Cates
Boussignac Cpr quotes by M.K. Schiller
#12. She nodded anxiously. Kyle sucked on his Popsicle, assessing her eagerness, wondering if he should tell her she was the best sex he's ever had. She would never believe him anyways, so instead, he told her where to improve as she asked. "You can get ahead if you give better head. Got me?"

"Ah, okay. What would you suggest?"

He stared at her mouth as it moved up and down the frozen treat. "Want to practice?"

She gave him a cynical look. "I'm eating my dessert right now."

"Okay, practice on that. See how deep you can go."

She looked at the sweet treat in her hand and back at him. "I'll choke."

"I know CPR. Don't worry. I won't let you. Pretend it's me. I'll be able to direct you better if I'm not the test subject."

She shrugged and inserted the Popsicle in her mouth.

"Wait," he said, knocking it out of her hand.

"Why did you do that?"

He took the discarded Popsicle and ran to the kitchen. He retrieved a new one that wasn't broken in halves. "If you're going to pretend it's me, we should be more realistic," he said, unwrapping it for her. "At least in terms of girth. The length... well, you'll have to use your imagination."

"Um...grape," she replied and licked the edge.

He sat down and rested his chin on his hands to watch her. She licked it a few times and then shocked him by taking a small bite off the top. She gave him an amused smile. Kyle shook #Quote by M.K. Schiller
Boussignac Cpr quotes by Sonya Sones
#13. When we kiss, his lips on mine are like CPR
breathing the life back into me. #Quote by Sonya Sones
Boussignac Cpr quotes by Gena Showalter
#14. CPR dummy looked like him and had clearly been stabbed. Repeatedly. In the groin. He thought she might have used the dummy for target practice, and tried not to be offended. Key word: tried. #Quote by Gena Showalter
Boussignac Cpr quotes by J.R. Ward
#15. Will you get off me!" "But I'm giving you CPR-" "I will die before kissing you, Hollywood." Z tried to sit up, his breathing heavy. "Don't even think about it. #Quote by J.R. Ward
Boussignac Cpr quotes by Lauren Oliver
#16. That week - the week of the rain - was one of my dad's bad times. So I went out to the site a lot. One day, I was just picking around one of the foundations. It was all cinder block and pits; hardly any of the building had actually gotten done. And then I saw this little box. A shoe box." She sucks in a breath, and even in the dark I see her tense. The rest of her story comes out in a rush: "Someone must have left it there, wedged in the space underneath a part of the foundation. Except the rain was so bad it had caused a miniature mudslide. The box had rolled out into the open. I don't know why I decided to look inside. It was filthy. I thought I might find a pair of shoes, maybe some jewelry."
I know, now, where the story is going. I am walking toward the muddy box alongside her; I am lifting the water-warped cover. The horror and disgust is a mud too: It is rising, black and choking, inside of me.

Raven's voice drops to a whisper. "She was wrapped in a blanket. A blue blanket with yellow lambs on it.
She wasn't breathing. I - I thought she was dead. She was … she was blue. Her skin, her nails, her lips, her fingers. Her fingers were so small."
The mud is in my throat. I can't breathe.
"I don't know what made me try to revive her. I think I must have gone a little crazy. I was working as a junior lifeguard that summer, so I'd been certified in CPR. I'd never had to do it, though. And she was so tiny - probably a week, maybe two weeks old. But #Quote by Lauren Oliver
Boussignac Cpr quotes by Shane Claiborne
#17. For even if the whole world believed in resurrection, little would change until we began to practice it. We can believe in CPR, but people will remain dead until someone breathes new life into them. And we can tell the world that there is life after death, but the world really seems to be wondering if there is life before death. #Quote by Shane Claiborne
Boussignac Cpr quotes by Huntley Fitzpatrick
#18. The combined odors of Cass's subtle aftershave and the disgusting reek of Nic are overpowering. I wonder if Cass will keel over and I'll have to perform CPR. This speculation should not feel so much like a fantasy. #Quote by Huntley Fitzpatrick
Boussignac Cpr quotes by Lisa Roecker
#19. When I came to, I felt someone's arms around me and heard whispers.
"Kate? Kate? Are you okay? Answer me! Kate!" It was Liam's voice. He'd come to my rescue as usual I wanted to open my eyes, to tell him I was fine. But I was too scared of what I'd see.
"Is she okay?" A girl's voice I didn't recognize asked softly.
"Everyone give me some space. I know CPR. I think she needs the breath of life." I recognized that squeaky voice right away.
My eyes flew open. "I'm fine! I'm fine!" I managed to croak.
"Works every time," Seth snorted. #Quote by Lisa Roecker
Boussignac Cpr quotes by Bobby Sherman
#20. Take some time to learn first aid and CPR. It saves lives, and it works. #Quote by Bobby Sherman
Boussignac Cpr quotes by Tichina Arnold
#21. An innocent little human being was solely dependent on me! I took all the CPR and breastfeeding classes and learned quite a bit. #Quote by Tichina Arnold
Boussignac Cpr quotes by Suzanne Young
#22. Sorry," I say to my father. "Hope we didn't wake you. After last night, I wanted to check on Harlin's arm."

He tilts his head like he is absolutely sure I'm lying. "And how is his arm, Elise?" he asks.

"Uh . . . better?"

My father stands motionless for a second, and then he shakes his head and walks into the kitchen. I hear the clink of cups, and then the running of water for the coffeepot.

"That was a nice save," Harlin says, sounding amused. "So detailed. Like a nurse."

"Shut up, Harlin," I say, trying not to smile. "I didn't hear you offer anything better."

"You sure you didn't want to tell him we were playing doctor? That might have sounded more believable."

I turn quickly and swat at him. He laughs, dodging my swing, and catches my hand. "I would tackle you right here," he says, leaning close. "Pin you and kiss you. But with the luck we have in your house, someone will walk in. And then what will you tell them?" he whispers. "That you were giving me CPR?"

"Stop!" I slap his shoulder again. #Quote by Suzanne Young
Boussignac Cpr quotes by Lindsay Chamberlin
#23. I know, and if you don't kiss me in the next few seconds, I might have to force myself onto you, Alexis said breathlessly. His eyes were pulling her under with each new wave of emotion, and if he didn't relieve her of those oncoming waves with a bit of sensual CPR, she knew she would drown with the need. #Quote by Lindsay Chamberlin
Boussignac Cpr quotes by D.M. Alexandra
#24. Despite the gloom she could make out enough of his finely chiseled features to fleetingly rethink the CPR issue. The man was a knock out, with cheek bones sharp enough to cut cheese on, an arrow straight nose, a strong jaw, and a well cut mouth that subjected both cruelty and sensuality.

He stirred groaning softly, hands flailing as if he was searching for something. Mary moved out the way as he rolled towards her coming to rest on his back. As she lent over him to get another look dark eyelashes flickered, opened. His eyes were pale and striking, something flashing in them like lightning cutting through turbulent storm clouds. A pair of fey owlish brows slanted down in to a perplexed frown as he stared up at her.

Mary let out a startled yelp when she was grabbed, and then rolled beneath a larger body, his heavy weight, her arms pinioned above her in just one of his large hands. Her hat yanked off and her features quickly scanned. Outrage quickly turned in to fear. The glacial scrutiny made her tremble as if an arctic wind had caressed her body, not that the shear brute strength the stranger wielded alone was not frightening enough.

"I'm just trying to help you." Mary breathed, fighting down the rising panic as his gaze bored in to her. "You must have fallen of your bike."

She had worked Crown defense long enough to have encountered more then a few clients who were nothing more then malicious, ill tempered, brutal thugs. This ma #Quote by D.M. Alexandra
Boussignac Cpr quotes by Emily St. John Mandel
#25. And here, all momentum left him. He could go no farther. The theater tickets had been intended as a romantic gesture, a let's-do-something-romantic-because-all-we-do-is-fight, and she'd abandoned him there, she'd left him onstage performing CPR on a dead actor and gone home, and now she wanted him to buy milk. Now that he'd stopped walking, Jeevan was cold. His toes were numb. All the magic of the storm had left him, and the happiness he'd felt a moment earlier was fading. #Quote by Emily St. John Mandel
Boussignac Cpr quotes by Jim Butcher
#26. It took several minutes, and when Butters woke up, Andi and Marci, both naked, both rather pleasant that way, were giving him CPR. They'd kept his body alive in the absence of his soul.
"Wow," Butters slurred as he opened his eyes. He looked back and forth between the two werewolf girls. "Subtract the horrible pain in my chest, and all the mold and mildew, and I'm living the dream."
Then he passed out. #Quote by Jim Butcher
Boussignac Cpr quotes by Grant Imahara
#27. Why don't you do some Bee CPR? BPR! #Quote by Grant Imahara
Boussignac Cpr quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
#28. She kept her ears permanently tuned to the chicken voices outside, so knew immediately when a coyote had crept into the yard, and barreled screaming for the front door before the rest of us had a clue. (I don't know about the coyote, but I nearly needed CPR.) These hens owed their lives and eggs to Lily, there was no question. #Quote by Barbara Kingsolver

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