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Boundaries quotes by Aaron Hartzler
#1. That day, in the warm sun, surrounded by the solid proof of an ancient realm, I let go of forming theories. I only know that, given enough time, this wound would scar over. The layers of my life will slowly cover and fill the gulf cleft through my heart. But deep in the bedrock of who I am is a record of these things I will carry with me, a new map whose boundaries have forever altered the way I view the world. #Quote by Aaron Hartzler
Boundaries quotes by Angela Bassett
#2. Of course you want to do all the research that you can, but it's impossible to take a life and the boundaries of an hour and a half, so there is hope there will be understanding about that also. #Quote by Angela Bassett
Boundaries quotes by Erwin Raphael McManus
#3. Yet the integrity of the universe is the context in which creativity is best expressed. The canvas does not limit God's creativity but rather celebrates it. The elegant complexity of creation is a beautiful reminder that the creative mind is a disciplined mind, that the creative act is not a struggle to be free of limitations but a demonstration that when we embrace our limitations, creativity has no boundaries. #Quote by Erwin Raphael McManus
Boundaries quotes by Steve Goodier
#4. We can cure the disease of intolerance. We must do it if the world is to survive. No us. No them. Just we. #Quote by Steve Goodier
Boundaries quotes by Annie Lennox
#5. Fame for fame's sake is toxic - some people want that, with no boundaries. It's unhealthy. #Quote by Annie Lennox
Boundaries quotes by Terence McKenna
#6. What is important is to understand the true boundaries of reality, not the probable boundaries of possible future events. Although boundary conditions operate on the future, they are probabilistic constraints, not absolutely determined fact. We assume that ten minutes hence, the room we are in will still exist. It is a boundary condition that will define the next ten minutes in our space/time coordinate. But we cannot know who will be in the room ten minutes hence; that is free to be determined. One may ask if we can really know that the room will exist at any future moment. This is where induction enters the picture, since in truth we cannot know with certainty. There is no absolutely rigorous way of establishing that. But we can make the inductive leap of faith that has to do with accumulated experience. We project that the existence of the room will remain a boundary condition, but in principle in the next ten minutes there could be an earthquake and this building might not be left standing. However, for that to happen, the boundary condition will have to be radically disrupted in some unexpected and improbable manner. What is so curious is that such a thing could occur. #Quote by Terence McKenna
Boundaries quotes by Marcus Tullius Cicero
#7. Every stage of human life, except the last, is marked out by certain and defined limits; old age alone has no precise and determinate boundary. #Quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero
Boundaries quotes by Sharon Salzberg
#8. When we have insight into our inner world and what brings us happiness, then wordlessly, intuitively, we understand others. As though there were no longer a barrier defining the boundaries of our caring, we can feel close to others' experience of life. We see that when we are angry, there is an element of pain in the anger that is not different from the pain that others feel when they are angry. When we feel love, there is a distinct and special joy in that feeling. We come to know that this is the nature of love itself, and that other beings filled with love experience this same joy. #Quote by Sharon Salzberg
Boundaries quotes by Judy Woodruff
#9. The field of artificial intelligence is pushing new boundaries. #Quote by Judy Woodruff
Boundaries quotes by Dana Arcuri
#10. I found peace of mind when I walked away from small fights not worth fighting. I stopped fighting for people who gossiped about me. I stopped fighting for those who didn't respect me. I quit worrying about those who wouldn't value me for being me. #Quote by Dana Arcuri
Boundaries quotes by Bell Hooks
#11. I celebrate teaching that enables transgressions - a movement against and beyond boundaries. It is that movement which makes education the practice of freedom. #Quote by Bell Hooks
Boundaries quotes by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
#12. By day, contrary to common wisdom, you probably won't see the Great Pyramids at Giza, and you certainly won't see the Great Wall of China. Their obscurity is partly the result of having been made from the soil and stone of the surrounding landscape. And although the Great Wall is thousands of miles long, it's only about twenty feet wide - much narrower than the U.S. interstate highways you can barely see from a transcontinental jet.

From orbit, with the unaided eye, you would have seen smoke plumes rising from the oil-field fires in Kuwait at the end of the first Persian Gulf War in 1991 and smoke from the burning World Trade Center towers in New York City on September 11, 2001. You will also notice the green–brown boundaries between swaths of irrigated and arid land. Beyond that shortlist, there's not much else made by humans that's identifiable from hundreds of miles up in the sky. You can see plenty of natural scenery, though, including hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico, ice floes in the North Atlantic, and volcanic eruptions wherever they occur. #Quote by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Boundaries quotes by Amy Bloom
#13. Boundaries are the lines we draw that mark off our autonomy and that of other people, that protect our privacy and that of others. Boundaries allow for intimate connection without dissolving or losing one's sense of self. #Quote by Amy Bloom
Boundaries quotes by Philippa Gregory
#14. Wideacre faces due south and the sun shines all day on the yellow stone until it is warm and powdery to the touch. The sun travels from gable end to gable end so the front of the house is never in shadow. When I was a small child collecting petals in the rose garden, or loitering at the back of the house in the stable yard, it seemed that Wideacre was the very centre of the world with the sun defining our boundaries in the east at dawn, until it sank over our hills in the west, in the red and pink evening. #Quote by Philippa Gregory
Boundaries quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#15. Now that physics is proving the intelligence of the universe what are we to do about the stupidity of mankind? I include myself. I know that the earth is not flat but my feet are. I know that space is curved but my brain has been condoned by habit to grow in a straight line. What I call light is my own blend of darkness. What I call a view is my hand-painted trompe-l'oeil. I run after knowledge like a ferret down a ferret hole. My limitations, I call the boundaries of what can be known. I interpret the world by confusing other people's psychology with my own. #Quote by Jeanette Winterson
Boundaries quotes by Somer Brodribb
#16. The assertion that only sex is power and the arrogation of creativity to the masculine sex and the rendering of all creativity as sexual - this is patriarchal aesthetics. Patriarchal passion sees violent sex as the essential creative act, even aesthetically, through a sort of metaphysical transubstantiation. This is their romantic belief that sex with the Master can produce the artistic spirit in the student. Male creativity is thus born in another, her work is given depth through the violent transgression of her boundaries. #Quote by Somer Brodribb
Boundaries quotes by Debasish Mridha
#17. The limits of your imagination create the boundaries of your world. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Boundaries quotes by Matt Haig
#18. To enjoy life, we might have to stop thinking about what we will never be able to read and watch and say and do, and start to think of how to enjoy the world within our boundaries. To live on a human scale. To focus on the few things we can do, rather than the millions of things we can't. To not crave parallel lives. To find a smaller mathematics. To be a proud and singular one. An indivisible prime. #Quote by Matt Haig
Boundaries quotes by Archibald Marwizi
#19. There still remains a lot of space to share on earth, and overpopulation remains a perception. We put geographic and political boundaries around ourselves because of the need to rule and control. To find solutions, the current and future leader needs to go back to redefine underlying influences to relevant political, demographic and geographic systems. Will you take up the challenge and consider the possibilities? #Quote by Archibald Marwizi
Boundaries quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#20. Moreover, I have boundary issues with men. Or maybe that's not fair to say. To have issues with boundaries, one must have boundaries in the first place, right? But I disappear into
the person I love. I am the permeable membrane. If I love you, you can have everything. You can have my time, my devotion, my ass, my money, my family, my dog, my dog's money, my
dog's time - everything. If I love you, I will carry for you all your pain, I will assume for you all your debts (in every definition of the word), I will protect you from your own insecurity, I will project upon you all sorts of good qualities that you have never actually cultivated in yourself and I will buy Christmas presents for your entire family. I will give you the sun and the rain, and if they are not available, I will give you a sun check and a rain check. I will give you all this and more, until I get so exhausted and depleted that the only way I can recover my energy is by becoming infatuated with someone else.
I do not relay these facts about myself with pride, but this is how it's always been.
Some time after I'd left my husband, I was at a party and a guy I barely knew said to me, "You know, you seem like a completely different person, now that you're with this new boyfriend. You used to look like your husband, but now you look like David. You even dress like
him and talk like him. You know how some people look like their dogs? I think maybe you always look like your men. #Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert
Boundaries quotes by Beryl Markham
#21. The world grows bigger as the light leaves it. There are no boundaries and no landmarks. The trees and the rocks and the anthills begin to disappear, one by one, whisked away under the magical cloak of evening. #Quote by Beryl Markham
Boundaries quotes by Philip Yancey
#22. The gospel presents both high ideals and all-encompassing grace. Very often, however, the church tilts one direction or the other. Either it lowers the ideals, adjusting moral standards downward, softening Jesus' strong commands, rationalizing behavior; or else it pulls in the boundaries of grace, declaring some sins worse than others, some sinners beyond the pale. Few churches stay faithful both to the high ideals of gospel and its bottomless grace. #Quote by Philip Yancey
Boundaries quotes by Kathryn Lasky
#23. It dawned on her in that moment that what she had loved so much when she heard the harp's music and then began to play in the midst of the storm was this sense or suggestion of a place, a world without such rules. A place where boundaries simply did not exist, but living things moved freely, in a limitless space, and yet were still connected to everything in much the same way the harp's music enveloped all the people in the music room last night. Page: 159 - 160 #Quote by Kathryn Lasky
Boundaries quotes by Aletheia Luna
#24. While we can offer our guidance and a shoulder to cry on, our responsibility does not lie in fixing others and their problems. We need to draw the line when it comes to giving help and remember that other people must ultimately take responsibility for their happiness, not us. #Quote by Aletheia Luna
Boundaries quotes by Leonardo Da Vinci
#25. Shadow is the obstruction of light. Shadows appear to me to be of supreme importance in perspective, because, without them opaque and solid bodies will be ill defined; that which is contained within their outlines and their boundaries themselves will be ill-understood unless they are shown against a background of a different tone from themselves. #Quote by Leonardo Da Vinci
Boundaries quotes by Charles L. Whitfield
#26. Contacting and living from our True Self is the central task of personal growth. #Quote by Charles L. Whitfield
Boundaries quotes by Haruki Murakami
#27. You shouldn't fear boundaries, but you also should not be afraid of destroying them. #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Boundaries quotes by Karim Rashid
#28. There are no boundaries or borders in the digital age. #Quote by Karim Rashid
Boundaries quotes by Gloria E Anzaldua
#29. But there are no safe spaces. 'Home' can be unsafe and dangerous because it bears the likelihood of intimacy and thus thinner boundaries. Staying 'home' and not venturing out from our group comes from woundedness, and stagnates our growth. To bridge means loosening our borders, not closing off to others. Bridging is the work of opening the gate to the stranger, within and without. #Quote by Gloria E Anzaldua
Boundaries quotes by Steven Pinker
#30. We hear speech as a string of separate words, but unlike the tree falling in the forest with no one to hear it, a word boundary with no one to hear it has no sound. In the speech sound wave, one word runs into the next seamlessly; there are no little silences between spoken words the way there are white spaces between written words. We simply hallucinate word boundaries when we reach the edge of a stretch of sound that matches some entry in our mental dictionary. This becomes apparent when we listen to speech in a foreign language: it is impossible to tell where one word ends the next begins. The seamlessness of speech is also apparent in 'oro­nyms', strings of sound that can be carved into words in two different ways: The good can decay many ways / The good candy came anyways. #Quote by Steven Pinker
Boundaries quotes by Talismanist Giebra
#31. It takes brave thinking to sail to your own periphery, to see your boundaries, and break them through. #Quote by Talismanist Giebra
Boundaries quotes by S.L. Jennings
#32. I'm a lot of things – crass, stubborn, brutally honest, egotistical – but one thing I am not, is careless. I know my boundaries, and I never cross them. In a business where lines can be easily blurred, those boundaries are outlined in black Sharpie, traced in gasoline, then set the fuck on fire, ensuring that no one even gets close enough to inhale the fumes of temptation.
Yet, here I am, touching, tempting, tasting the limits. Begging to get burned by an angel with a halo of fire. #Quote by S.L. Jennings
Boundaries quotes by Jalaluddin Rumi
#33. Your boundaries are your quest. #Quote by Jalaluddin Rumi
Boundaries quotes by Dana Arcuri
#34. We don't get to choose our family, but we can choose our friends. With courage, we can weed out narcissistic people. We can focus on those who do appreciate us, love us, and treat us with respect. #Quote by Dana Arcuri
Boundaries quotes by Charlie Houpert
#35. It might seem counterintuitive, but bringing conflicts to light is the charismatic thing to do. Have the courage to call out when there is tension beneath the surface of an interaction. Let people know when they transgress boundaries, even when you want their favor. #Quote by Charlie Houpert
Boundaries quotes by William J. Brennan
#36. It is difficult to understand precisely what the state hopes to achieve by promoting the creation and perpetuation of a subclass of illiterates within our boundaries, surely adding to the problems and costs of unemployment, welfare and crime. #Quote by William J. Brennan
Boundaries quotes by Brene Brown
#37. Above all else, I want you to know that you are loved and lovable. You will learn this from my words and actions--the lessons on love are in how I treat you and how I treat myself.

I want you to engage with the world from a place of worthiness. You will learn that you are worthy of love, belonging, and joy every time you see me practice self-compassion and embrace my own imperfections.

We will practice courage in our family by showing up, letting ourselves be seen, and honoring vulnerability. We will share our stories of struggle and strength. There will always be room in our home for both.

We will teach you compassion by practicing compassion with ourselves first; then with each other. We will set and respect boundaries; we will honor hard work, hope, and perseverance. Rest and play will be family values, as well as family practices.

You will learn accountability and respect by watching me make mistakes and make amends, and by watching how I ask for what I need and talk about how I feel.

I want you to know joy, so together we will practice gratitude.

I want you to feel joy, so together we will learn how to be vulnerable.

When uncertainty and scarcity visit, you will be able to draw from the spirit that is a part of our everyday life.

Together we will cry and face fear and grief. I will want to take away your pain, but instead I will sit with you and teach you how to feel it.

We #Quote by Brene Brown
Boundaries quotes by Menachem Mendel Schneerson
#38. Before the day begins, you are not yet engaged in any physical activities. And it is only physically that you are constrained by the limits of time and place; mentally, there are no such boundaries. #Quote by Menachem Mendel Schneerson
Boundaries quotes by Leilani Bishop
#39. I am accomplishing so much on a personal level now, breaking down boundaries and growing in to the person I want to be. Right now I am the change I want to see it the world - that makes me happy! #Quote by Leilani Bishop
Boundaries quotes by Cynthia Sue Larson
#40. Going beyond our ordinary concept of self is what always brings us the greatest sense of joy in life. Going beyond our own boundaries brings us an ecstatic awareness of how we are truly created in connection with all that is. #Quote by Cynthia Sue Larson
Boundaries quotes by Arundhati Roy
#41. Anyway, now she thinks of Estha and Rahel as Them, because, separately, the two of them are no longer what They were or ever thought They would be.
Their lives have a size and a shape now. Estha has his and Rahel hers.
Edges, Borders, Boundaries, Brinks and Limits have appeared like a team of trolls on their separate horizons. Short creatures with long shadows, patrolling the Blurry End. Gentle half-moons have gathered under their eyes and they are as old as Ammu was when she died. #Quote by Arundhati Roy
Boundaries quotes by Albert Alexander Bukoski
#42. Crystal clear view of your heart, beautiful and strong,
Love that flows with life, flows with care,
Warm feelings come to myself, as I gaze on your heart,
A smile, a love, a caring to you I give,
My world fixed on your heart, crystal beautiful, crystal clear,
Boundaries are defined by space, love is defined by heaven,
Both are crossed by a bridge made of souls connected,
Your heart, my dear, beautiful and warm,
May I touch your heart with mine, may I go to heaven?
As I touch your heart..I love you my dear, this is heaven.
Good Evening.....hope you will enjoy the heavens on earth
with the one who makes you feel the best out of you ...
the beaut of the life is when you see the love in the eyes
without a word being spoken. #Quote by Albert Alexander Bukoski
Boundaries quotes by ASAP Rocky
#43. I'm here to break boundaries, man. That's all. I'm here to be the first so that the people after me don't have to think twice about expressing themselves and being free. #Quote by ASAP Rocky
Boundaries quotes by Steven Pinker
#44. In the speech sound wave, one word runs into the next seamlessly; there are no little silences between spoken words the way there are white spaces between written words. We simply hallucinate word boundaries when we reach the end of a stretch of sound that matches some entry in our mental dictionary. #Quote by Steven Pinker
Boundaries quotes by Jake Gyllenhaal
#45. I don't think you can approach any piece of art with boundaries or rules. I think respect is a very important thing, but I also think what we discover along the way is really important. #Quote by Jake Gyllenhaal
Boundaries quotes by Carlos Santana
#46. One day there will be no borders, no boundaries, no flags and no countries and the only passport will be the heart #Quote by Carlos Santana
Boundaries quotes by Edward Abbey
#47. There's another disadvantage to the use of the flashlight: like many other mechanical gadgets it tends to separate a man from the world around him. If I switch it on my eyes adapt to it and I can see only the small pool of light it makes in front of me; I am isolated. Leaving the flashlight in my pocket where it belongs, I remain a part of the environment I walk through and my vision though limited has no sharp or definite boundary. #Quote by Edward Abbey
Boundaries quotes by Maurice Herzog
#48. In overstepping our limitations, in touching the extreme boundaries of man's world, we have come to know something of its true splendor, #Quote by Maurice Herzog
Boundaries quotes by Tom Feiling
#49. Many educators are loth to admit that the pursuit of pleasure might be a valid reason for drug use, or to recognize young people's curiosity, their need to experiment, to take risks and define their own boundaries. #Quote by Tom Feiling
Boundaries quotes by Merlin Stone
#50. It is difficult to grasp the immensity and significance of the extreme reverence paid to the Goddess over a period of (at least) seven thousand years and over miles of land cutting across national boundaries and vast expanses of sea. Yet it is vital to do just that to fully comprehend the longevity as well as the widespread power and influence this religion once held. #Quote by Merlin Stone
Boundaries quotes by Stacey Jay
#51. She wraps her arms around my neck, pulling me in tight, and I swear I feel my soul brush against hers. I expand beyond the boundaries of Dylan's body, out until I am the waves crashing on the beach, the sun shining in her hair, the wind that sweeps over our skin. I am everything and nothing and exist only because this girl presses her heart to mine. #Quote by Stacey Jay
Boundaries quotes by Richard J. Borden
#52. The border between personal and transpersonal experience is a complex region. It is a territory often filled with spiritual and religious views. Within psychology it was a significant preoccupation of William James, Carl Jung, Abraham Maslow, and many others. But these margins may be seen in other ways as well. There is substantial evidence from psychological studies of personal space that we carry body boundaries of extended space around ourselves. These spatial extensions are not only personal. They may be felt by groups as well - in terms of shared "social" space, communal territories, or even national identities. #Quote by Richard J. Borden
Boundaries quotes by Nathaniel Branden
#53. Taking on responsibilities that properly belong to someone else means behaving irresponsibly toward yourself. You need to know where you end and someone else begins. You need to understand boundaries. You need to know what is and is not up to you, what is and is not in your control, what is and is not your responsibility. #Quote by Nathaniel Branden
Boundaries quotes by Charlie Munger
#54. If you have competence, you pretty much know its boundaries already. To ask the question (of whether you are past the boundary) is to answer it. #Quote by Charlie Munger
Boundaries quotes by Tracy Malone
#55. You have the right to set a boundary about anything you want. Define it, announce it, honor it. #Quote by Tracy Malone
Boundaries quotes by Oprah Winfrey
#56. When you're the most successful person in your family, in your neighborhood, and in your town, everybody thinks you're the First National Bank, and you have to figure out for yourself where those boundaries are. #Quote by Oprah Winfrey
Boundaries quotes by Rabindranath Tagore
#57. Their real freedom is not within the boundaries of security, but in the highroad of adventures, full of the risk of new experiences #Quote by Rabindranath Tagore
Boundaries quotes by Elizabeth Fishel
#58. From the psychological jousting between sisters in the early family arena emerge the first tentative boundaries of their personalities. #Quote by Elizabeth Fishel
Boundaries quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#59. I seek to sensitize and clarify the essential elements of my soul. I will leave striving for the flags of fame and fortune behind and go where the soul beckons without fearing the decisive outcome. I will travel in a world without boundaries and embrace danger and awe. I will stand as a witness to comedy, beauty, and tragedy and apply the principles of artistic and ascetic forms of awareness to overcome the inherent frustration of enduring a fundamentally painful human existence. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Boundaries quotes by David Louden
#60. The boulevard was awash with the curious and the shocked as wave after wave of tourist crashed into the unmoving masses of families who had just witnessed a brawl between The Incredible Hulk and SpongeBob Squarepants over territory, boundaries and the age old issue of ownership. #Quote by David Louden
Boundaries quotes by Vivek Shraya
#61. Sexist comments, intimidation, groping, violating boundaries, and aggression are merely seen as "typical" for men. But "typical" is dangerously interchangeable with "acceptable". #Quote by Vivek Shraya
Boundaries quotes by Jon Ronson
#62. We are defining the boundaries of normality by tearing apart the people outside it. #Quote by Jon Ronson
Boundaries quotes by Hanna Rosin
#63. Although they are unfailingly gracious, evangelicals are not so good at respecting professional boundaries. #Quote by Hanna Rosin
Boundaries quotes by Christine Kenneally
#64. Language and material culture have greatly increased the mobility of the world's population, and some researchers believe that this will lead to an unhealthy and irreversible diminishing of variation in our genome. As more and more humans breed across the boundaries of genetic variation, we become a blander, more homogenous bunch than our diverse parent groups. This could be a problem because variation is important to the evolutionary health of a species, for the more we are the same, the easier it is for one single thing to make us extinct. Indeed, some genetic variants of the human species are disappearing altogether as small indigenous groups die out. #Quote by Christine Kenneally
Boundaries quotes by Bruce Willis
#65. Cinema has no boundaries ... we all belong to the same artistic community. #Quote by Bruce Willis
Boundaries quotes by Shane Claiborne
#66. Christians can no longer refer to 'our troops' or 'our history' because of their new identity. Fabricated boundaries and walls are removed for the Christian. One's neighbor is not only from Chicago but also from Baghdad. One's brother or sister in the church could be from Iran or California
no difference! Our family is transnational and borderless; we are in Iraq, and we are in Palestine. And if we are indeed to become born again, we will have to begin talking like it, changing the meaning of we, us, my, and our. #Quote by Shane Claiborne
Boundaries quotes by Henry Cloud
#67. It is extremely important to be able to make negative assertions. We must be able to say what is 'not me' in order to have a 'me'. What we like has no meaning unless we know what we don't like. Our yes has no meaning if we never say no. My chosen profession has no passion if 'just anyone would do'. Our opinions and thoughts mean very little if there is nothing we disagree with. #Quote by Henry Cloud
Boundaries quotes by Tim Irwin
#68. As noble as our intentions might be as we assume a leadership role, we are always one errant, unthinking action or careless word away from getting outside the boundaries of good judgment or even the moral absolutes that must frame all decisions. #Quote by Tim Irwin
Boundaries quotes by Robert C. Martin
#69. Another problem with service-level decoupling is that it is expensive, both in development time and in system resources. Dealing with service boundaries where none are needed is a waste of effort, memory, and cycles. And, yes, I know that the last two are cheap - but the first is not. #Quote by Robert C. Martin
Boundaries quotes by E. Lockhart
#70. He just loved her in a limited way. Loved her best when she needed help. Loved her best when he could set the boundaries and make the rules. Loved her best when she was a smaller, younger person than he was, with no social power. #Quote by E. Lockhart
Boundaries quotes by Damien Hirst
#71. You have to step over the boundaries sometimes just to find out where theyare. #Quote by Damien Hirst
Boundaries quotes by Emma Chase
#72. The main roadway is nearly deserted and there's not a single person in front of the dimly lit library. As I follow Mick up the ivory stone steps, for a moment I wonder, is this stalker territory? Does it cross a line? A boundary? But then - fuck it, I'm a prince, we don't have boundaries - it's one of the perks. Anyone who says otherwise is doing it wrong. #Quote by Emma Chase
Boundaries quotes by Skitch Henderson
#73. We try to say it's creative and in a manner it is creative, but it is a business, because today, with the cost factor in crossing the boundaries that you do. #Quote by Skitch Henderson
Boundaries quotes by Ken Wilber
#74. Thus, to see all memory as present experience is to collapse the boundaries of this present moment, to free it of illusory limits, to deliver it from the opposites of past vs. future. It becomes obvious that there is nothing behind you in time nor before you in time. You thus have nowhere to stand but in the timeless present, and thus nowhere to stand but in eternity. #Quote by Ken Wilber
Boundaries quotes by Brian Ferneyhough
#75. In any case, the fewer boundaries that exist hindering free movement between all forms of articulate human cognition, the better. #Quote by Brian Ferneyhough
Boundaries quotes by Immanuel Kant
#76. But there are also remarkable differences between the two. The Beautiful in nature is connected with the form of the object, which consists in having boundaries. The Sublime, on the other hand, is to be found in a formless object, so far as in it or by occasion of it boundlessness is represented, and yet its totality is also present to thought. Thus the Beautiful seems to be regarded as the presentation of an indefinite concept of Understanding; the Sublime as that of a like concept of Reason. Therefore the satisfaction in the one case is bound up with the representation of quality, in the other with that of quantity. #Quote by Immanuel Kant
Boundaries quotes by Rick Yancey
#77. Limitless. Without borders, without boundaries. #Quote by Rick Yancey
Boundaries quotes by Jeremy Rifkin
#78. Economic activity is no longer an adversarial contest between embattled sellers and buyers "In the distributed economy, where collaboration trumps competition, inclusivity replaces exclusivity and transparency and openness to others becomes essential to the new way of conducting business, empathic sensibility has room to breathe and thrive. It is no longer so constrained by hierarchies, boundaries of exclusion, and a concept of human nature that places acquisitiveness, self-interest, and utility at the center of the human experience." #Quote by Jeremy Rifkin
Boundaries quotes by Devdutt Pattanaik
#79. Human beings divide the world into mine and yours. We create borders. Include what we like and exclude what we do not like. Thus a rift occurs in relationships. Gandhari is jealous of Kunti, Kunti of Madri, Arjuna of Karna, Duryodhana of Bhima. That is why Yayati favors Puru over Yadu. That is why Satyabhama quarrels with Rukmini. But for Shyam, there are no boundaries. No mine and yours. This no hero or villain. No predator or prey. No them or us. He sides with both killer and killed. For him, in wisdom, everyone is family. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. #Quote by Devdutt Pattanaik
Boundaries quotes by Brene Brown
#80. I'm never more courageous than when I'm embracing imperfection, embracing vulnerabilities, and setting boundaries with the people in my life. #Quote by Brene Brown
Boundaries quotes by Lynne Namka
#81. When we are in alignment with what we truly believe, we can stand firm and tall and tell it like it is. This healthy kind of anger sets boundaries, holding others responsible for their actions. You teach people how to treat you through setting all sorts of boundaries or not setting them! Healthy anger can be like a burning sword that cuts through illusions and delusions about a bad situation. The energy of healthy anger can point the way to positive change but even more so when you speak in a calm, firm way. Stop and think how you are training people to treat you. The secret of boundary setting is centering yourself, breathing deeply and connecting with your truth to align yourself with higher principles, letting them speak through you.
- The Quick Anger Makeover and Other Cutting-Edge Techniques to Release Anger! #Quote by Lynne Namka
Boundaries quotes by Stephen Bungay
#82. Do not try to predict the effects your actions will have, because you can't. Instead, encourage people to adapt their actions to realize the overall intention as they observe what is actually happening. Give them boundaries which are broad enough to take decisions for themselves and act on them. #Quote by Stephen Bungay
Boundaries quotes by Michel De Montaigne
#83. It is indeed the boundary of life, beyond which we are not to pass; which the law of nature has pitched for a limit not to be exceeded. #Quote by Michel De Montaigne
Boundaries quotes by Robyn Young
#84. Robert held back in the press, letting others go after the rebels fleeing before the charge. Their orders were to slaughter anyone found in the streets to provoke a quick surrender, after which mercy would be granted to those left alive. He had seen death throughout his life, but the duel he'd had with Guy was the closest he'd come to ending someone's life and even then there had been rules imposed. There were no such boundaries here. The freedom to kill was a dizzying, precipitous feeling. But the veteran knights were pushing in behind him, forcing the issue. With a snarl of frustration at his own hesitation, Robert fixed on one man darting away down an alley and spurred his horse out of the crush in pursuit. #Quote by Robyn Young
Boundaries quotes by Miya Yamanouchi
#85. Know that you matter, your thoughts and feelings matter, your sexual needs and wants matter, your sexual boundaries and sexual health matter. -That is the definition of sexual empowerment. #Quote by Miya Yamanouchi
Boundaries quotes by Karl E. Weick
#86. Simply pushing harder within the old boundaries will not do. #Quote by Karl E. Weick
Boundaries quotes by James P. Carse
#87. If as a people infinite players cannot go to war against a people, they can act against war itself within whatever state they happen to reside. In one way their opposition to war resembles that of finite players: Each is opposed to the existence of a state. But their reasons and the strategies for attempting to eliminate states are radically different. Finite players go to war against states because they endanger boundaries; infinite players oppose states because they engender boundaries. #Quote by James P. Carse
Boundaries quotes by A. Zavarelli
#88. It was Brighton. She made me fucking insane. Her beauty and absolute perfection dissolved any moral boundaries that may have existed within me. #Quote by A. Zavarelli
Boundaries quotes by John C. Calhoun
#89. Government has no right to control individual liberty beyond what is necessary to the safety and well-being of society. Such is the boundary which separates the power of the government and the liberty of the citizen or subject in the political state. #Quote by John C. Calhoun
Boundaries quotes by Jordan Peele
#90. We need to break boundaries, so every time I feel like, "Oh snap, oh my God, I don't know how this is gonna be received," I also feel this validation, like, "All the greats, all my favorites have felt this." #Quote by Jordan Peele
Boundaries quotes by Natasha Walter
#91. Looking at Winifred there, so confident and contained in the sunlight, she thinks that perhaps this is the secret to Winifred's happiness; that she can pack each thing into its proper pace, she can retain boundaries at each point of contact, can go on learning and growing, without losing herself in pursuit of a grander dream. #Quote by Natasha Walter
Boundaries quotes by Eleanor Maclellan
#92. I disagreed. Therein lay the difference between Ted and me. To me, being visible meant you had lines. Definition. Boundaries. Social boundaries. Disregard those boundaries of civility, and you became just as invisible. #Quote by Eleanor Maclellan
Boundaries quotes by Wordions
#93. Often in relationships we have to move
the next mile, leaving behind the experiences
of the mile just past, and starting afresh.
It takes a big heart, and deep love to take
the risk of exposing yourself to being hurt
again, forgiving the people who tore you
down and giving the relationship another

Pray for strength and take along the learnings
from the past. This time, shift focus from
appeasing to creating healthier bonds with

clearer boundaries and lots of space. #Quote by Wordions
Boundaries quotes by Peter Enns
#94. Jesus was God's climax to Israel's story, but he was not bound to that story. He pushed at its boundaries, transformed it, and at times left parts of it behind. #Quote by Peter Enns
Boundaries quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#95. Only when he has attained a final knowledge of all things will man have come to know himself. For things are only the boundaries of man. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Boundaries quotes by Emily Henry
#96. From watching Shadi's love life, I knew how relationship-phobes like Gus Everett reacted when boundaries broke down, when things go from friendly to intimate, or from sexual to romantic. Guys like Gus were never the ones to pump the brakes when the emotional-entanglement train started moving, and they were always the ones to jump out and roll clear of the tracks once they realized they'd reached top speed. #Quote by Emily Henry
Boundaries quotes by A. B. Yehoshua
#97. And this is one of the major questions of our lives: how we keep boundaries, what permission we have to cross boundaries, and how we do so. #Quote by A. B. Yehoshua
Boundaries quotes by Claes Oldenburg
#98. If I didn't think what I was doing had something to do with enlarging the boundaries of art, I wouldn't go on doing it. #Quote by Claes Oldenburg
Boundaries quotes by Edmund Burke
#99. The proposition is peace. Not peace through the medium of war; not peace to be hunted through the labyrinth of intricate and endless negotiations; not peace to arise out of universal discord, fomented from principle, in all parts of the empire; not peace to depend on the juridical determination of perplexing questions, or the precise marking the shadowy boundaries of a complex government. It is simple peace, sought in its natural course and in its ordinary haunts. It is peace sought in the spirit of peace, and laid in principles purely pacific. #Quote by Edmund Burke
Boundaries quotes by Cameo Renae
#100. Love should have no boundaries, no limits, and no law. Love should be free, and freely given to whomever it wants. #Quote by Cameo Renae
Boundaries quotes by Gerard Manley Hopkins
#101. Your personal boundaries protect the inner core of your identity and your right to choices. #Quote by Gerard Manley Hopkins
Boundaries quotes by Marilynne Robinson
#102. There are so many works of the mind, so much humanity, that to disburden ourselves of ourselves is an understandable temptation. Open a book and a voice speaks. A world, more or less alien or welcoming, emerges to enrich a reader's store of hypotheses about how life is to be understood. As with scientific hypotheses, even failure is meaningful, a test of the boundaries of credibility. So many voices, so many worlds, we can weary of them. If there were only one human query to be heard in the universe, and it was only the sort of thing we were always inclined to wonder about
Where did all this come from? or, Why could we never refrain from war?
we would hear in it a beauty that would overwhelm us. So frail a sound, so brave, so deeply inflected by the burden of thought, that we would ask, Whose voice is this? We would feel a barely tolerable loneliness, hers and ours. And if there were another hearer, not one of us, how starkly that hearer would apprehend what we are and were. #Quote by Marilynne Robinson
Boundaries quotes by Michel Houellebecq
#103. This evening, sprawled on the sofa, this animal with whom he shared one half of his genetic code had overstepped the unspoken boundaries of decent human conversation. #Quote by Michel Houellebecq
Boundaries quotes by Kat Lahr
#104. It is within the boundaries of reflection we are able to become aware of insights that can lead us to understanding. #Quote by Kat Lahr
Boundaries quotes by Prabhukrishna M
#105. In life we are separated by boundaries political, cultural, ethical, linguistical and psychical. But in death we are all united, for all afterlife is similarly unknown #Quote by Prabhukrishna M
Boundaries quotes by Sam Newman
#106. I get asked this question a lot. My first piece of advice would be that the less well you understand a domain, the harder it will be for you to find proper bounded contexts for your services. As we discussed previously, getting service boundaries wrong can result in having to make lots of changes in service-to-service collaboration - an expensive operation. So if you're coming to a monolithic system for which you don't understand the domain, spend some time learning what the system does first, and then look to identify clean module boundaries prior to splitting out services. #Quote by Sam Newman
Boundaries quotes by Edith Wharton
#107. We live in our own souls as in an unmapped region, a few acres of which we have cleared for our habitation; while of the nature of those nearest us we know but the boundaries that march with ours. #Quote by Edith Wharton
Boundaries quotes by Donella Meadows
#108. There are no separate systems. The world is a continuum. Where to draw a boundary around a system depends on the purpose of the discussion. #Quote by Donella Meadows
Boundaries quotes by Brad Goreski
#109. I like to stand out in the crowd. So anytime a designer offers up items that are a little attention grabbing or pushing the boundaries ever so slightly, I'm always game for that. #Quote by Brad Goreski
Boundaries quotes by Alex Grey
#110. Share your presence with others, no boundaries, completely, openly, lovingly. Love is what makes us alive, that is why we feel so alive when we love. Service is being available to love. Life is the combustion of love. That we love ourselves here, that is the true magnificence in the mountains of being. #Quote by Alex Grey
Boundaries quotes by Kim Harrison
#111. Rynn Cormel had run the world during the Turn, his living charisma somehow crossing the boundaries of death to give his undead existence an uncanny mimicry of life. Every move was a careful study of causality. It was highly unusual for so young an undead vampire to be so good at mimicking having a soul. I figured it was because he was a politician and had had practice way before he died. #Quote by Kim Harrison
Boundaries quotes by Shonda Rhimes
#112. Boundaries don't keep other people out, they fence you in. #Quote by Shonda Rhimes
Boundaries quotes by Roy Ayers
#113. Soul has no musical geographical or racial boundaries. #Quote by Roy Ayers
Boundaries quotes by Jen Hatmaker
#114. Do we emphasize behavior over character? Because good behavior won't guarantee anything. If they don't love Jesus and people, it matters zero if they remain virgins and don't say the F-word. We must shepherd their hearts, not just their hemlines. Jesus operates beyond the tidy boundaries of good behavior. #Quote by Jen Hatmaker
Boundaries quotes by George Iles
#115. Boundaries which mark off one field of science from another are purely artificial, are set up only for temporary convenience. Let chemists and physicists dig deep enough, and they reach common ground. #Quote by George Iles
Boundaries quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#116. Make no excuses for your authority nor for your fierce grace. Make no apologies for your boundaries nor for your decision to be vulnerable. #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
Boundaries quotes by John Cleese
#117. You have to create boundaries of space and then you have to create boundaries of time. #Quote by John Cleese
Boundaries quotes by Yonason Goldson
#118. Respect the boundaries of the world even as you strive to break through the boundaries of your own mind. #Quote by Yonason Goldson
Boundaries quotes by Terry Tempest Williams
#119. I could not separate the Bird Refuge from my family. Devastation respects no boundaries. The landscape of my childhood and the landscape of my family, the two things I had always regarded as bedrock, were now subject to change. Quicksand. #Quote by Terry Tempest Williams
Boundaries quotes by Menachem Mendel Schneerson
#120. So during those first moments of the day, which are yours and yours alone, you can circumvent these boundaries and concentrate fully on spiritual matters. And this gives you the opportunity to plan the time management of the entire day. #Quote by Menachem Mendel Schneerson
Boundaries quotes by Shonda Rhimes
#121. She's wonderful and soulful. She has a sly sense of humor. I've seen her deliver a funnier joke with a single silent raise of her eyebrow than many stand up comedians. She guards a very sensitive heart. Any human suffering brings her to tears. She's smart. Talk down to her and find yourself mentally slapped. She's an excellent judge of character, and seems to know an original spirit from a forgery every time. Cross boundaries with any improper way and suffer the wrath of a lion. ... She's principled and firm. Rude behavior doesn't materialize in her presence. She's a grown-up who fully sees and knows children as citizens, and people, and souls. And because she respects children, all children seem to respect her. #Quote by Shonda Rhimes
Boundaries quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#122. The Lord appoints the time and the boundaries of our dwellings #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
Boundaries quotes by Olivia Sudjic
#123. For a while this seemed to do the trick, and I felt that whatever contamination I had helped to spread, the boundaries I had helped to break, sprinkling flakes of myself all over the surface of New York like so much fish food, had been forgiven. #Quote by Olivia Sudjic
Boundaries quotes by Henri J.M. Nouwen
#124. Thus, discipline is the creation of boundaries that keep time and space open for God. Solitude requires discipline, worship requires discipline, caring for others requires discipline. They all ask us to set apart a time and a place where God's gracious presence can be acknowledged and responded to. #Quote by Henri J.M. Nouwen
Boundaries quotes by Duke Ellington
#125. It is becoming increasingly difficult to decide where jazz starts or where it stops, where Tin Pan Alley begins and jazz ends, or even where the borderline lies between between classical music and jazz. I feel there is no boundary line #Quote by Duke Ellington
Boundaries quotes by Allan G. Johnson
#126. This was especially true of the Irish in Ireland in relation to the British, who for centuries treated them as an inferior race. Note, however, that their skin color was indistinguishable from that of those considered to be "white". If anything, the skin of most people of Irish descent is "fairer" than that of others of European heritage. But their actual complexion didn't matter, because the dominant racial group has the cultural authority to define the boundaries around "white" as it chooses. #Quote by Allan G. Johnson
Boundaries quotes by Ben Abix
#127. Learned and sociological accepted lines, boundaries, internal perimeters, and partitions diminish the creative space within our minds that's poised and ready. #Quote by Ben Abix
Boundaries quotes by Charlie Munger
#128. If you have competence, you know the edge. It wouldnt be a competence if you didnt know where the boundaries lie. Asking whether youve passed the boundary is a question that almost answers itself. #Quote by Charlie Munger
Boundaries quotes by Joseph Campbell
#129. The adventure is always and everywhere a passage beyond the veil of the known into the unknown; the powers that watch at the boundary are dangerous; to deal with them is risky; yet for anyone with competence and courage the danger fades. #Quote by Joseph Campbell
Boundaries quotes by Travis Bradberry
#130. We need to establish boundaries between our personal and professional lives. When we don't, our work, our health, and our personal lives suffer. #Quote by Travis Bradberry
Boundaries quotes by Bryant McGill
#131. When teaching someone a boundary, they learn less from the enforcement of the boundary, and more from the way the boundary is established. #Quote by Bryant McGill
Boundaries quotes by Marissa Meyer
#132. I think that when every person in this room looks at Ze'ev and Scarlet, they don't see a Lunar and an Earthen. We don't see an agenda, or two people trying to make a statement. I think we see two people who were lucky enough to find each other in this vast universe, and they weren't going to let any boundaries of distance or race or even physiological tampering get in the way of a happy life together. #Quote by Marissa Meyer
Boundaries quotes by Theodore Dalrymple
#133. In the new Europe, in any case, nationalism is something of an anomaly, given that the drive is to the elimination of national boundaries and national sovereignty. #Quote by Theodore Dalrymple
Boundaries quotes by Kathleen Noble
#134. As I researched the history of the heroine it became painfully clear to me that women have had little hand in creating our own heroic myths. Indeed, as Sarah Pomeroy has shown, "[t]he mythology about women is created by men and, in a culture dominated by men, it may have little to do with flesh-and-blood women." And it became equally clear that we will be enclosed by the boundaries of this mythology's limited vision until we begin to create our own. #Quote by Kathleen Noble
Boundaries quotes by Sally Wiener Grotta
#135. We are all of the same substance, the same life. Though there are many differences between us, those are merely the shadows that delineate our boundaries. Our light is the same. #Quote by Sally Wiener Grotta
Boundaries quotes by Dorothee Solle
#136. In cultures where asceticism developed and was practiced, people knew that one can suffocate when every option is a readily available one. Without self-limitation, without fixed boundaries - like those given in creation between day and night, summer and winter, being young and growing old-life loses its humanness. Asceticism means to renounce at least for periods of time the options that present themselves . . .

In rich societies, the fundamental idea of sacrifice is highly suspect; it contradicts the basic constitution of the world of affluence. Sacrifice, as well as those who are to do the sacrificing have indeed been much abused. Even so, voluntary sacrifice, freely renouncing status, and limiting career or other options available to oneself can consolidate one's capacity for happiness.

This seems very apparent to me in ecological resistance movements. No one can feel at home in a world that has to be bought and used up. We ourselves as well as the environment are damaged by consumerism; it dulls the senses so that people no longer know how to smell, taste, feel, and see. #Quote by Dorothee Solle
Boundaries quotes by Ken Wilber
#137. THE ULTIMATE METAPHYSICAL SECRET, if we dare state it so simply, is that there are no boundaries in the universe. Boundaries are illusions, products not of reality but of the way we map and edit reality. And while it is fine to map out the territory, it is fatal to confuse the two. #Quote by Ken Wilber
Boundaries quotes by Kimberly Jo Smith
#138. Everything I am inside is pink and blue. Pastels without, soft clouds above, blue sky everywhere with an occasional rain but from renewal, not anger. My mind has no boundaries. Its floor is poetry, the wallpaper music. The windows are always open to allow the humor to drift in and out. The furniture is made of air, I am forever floating. #Quote by Kimberly Jo Smith
Boundaries quotes by Anonymous
#139. Never let your fears be the boundaries of your dreams. #Quote by Anonymous
Boundaries quotes by Unarine Ramaru
#140. Do not justify art, once you do, it limits the feelings it is apt to inflict. Art with Boundaries shadows all its principles. #Quote by Unarine Ramaru
Boundaries quotes by David Mitchell
#141. All boundaries are conventions. #Quote by David Mitchell
Boundaries quotes by Bill Keller
#142. Since September 11 2001, editors in America have faced some excruciating choices, as the attempt to wage a war against a new kind of enemy sometimes strained the boundaries of our laws and values. #Quote by Bill Keller
Boundaries quotes by Jon Ronson
#143. Soon after Justine Sacco's shaming, I was talking with a friend, a journalist, who told me he had so many jokes, little observations, potentially risqué thoughts, that he wouldn't dare to post online anymore.

'I suddenly feel with social media like I'm tiptoeing around an unpredictable, angry, unbalanced parent who might strike out at any moment,' he said. 'It's horrible.'

He didn't want me to name him, he said, in case it sparked something off.

We see ourselves as nonconformist, but I think all of this is creating a more conformist, conservative age.

'Look!' we're saying. 'WE'RE normal! THIS is the average!'

We are defining the boundaries of normality by tearing apart the people outside of it. #Quote by Jon Ronson
Boundaries quotes by Thomas Bangalter
#144. Music was segregated in the '80s, and then in the '90s the boundaries started to break down, and rock kids got into electronic music. But then you got this reverse snobbery where people would only listen to electronic music and not rock. #Quote by Thomas Bangalter
Boundaries quotes by David Deida
#145. The word "surrender" is often interpreted as giving up, as weakness, as admitting defeat. Although this is one way to use the word, we will use it in a different way. Surrendering means letting go of your resistance to the total openness of who you are. It means giving up the tension of the little vortex you believe yourself to be and realizing the deep power of the ocean you truly are. It means to open with no boundaries, emotional or physical, so you ease wide beyond any limiting sense of self you might have. #Quote by David Deida
Boundaries quotes by Mark Thompson
#146. Imagine that you are stuck on a long train ride and must choose one of two books to read in order to pass the time: the first is a novel whose main character is an office worker who is essentially working to pay his monthly cable bill; the second is about someone who decides to travel in South America (and of course encounters various setbacks in the process), but who pushes beyond the boundaries of conventional American life. Which ... book would you pick up to read? Indeed, which of the two characters would you rather be? #Quote by Mark Thompson
Boundaries quotes by Julia Gregson
#147. When we look up, it widens our horizons. we see what a little speck we are in the universe, so insignificant, and we all take ourselves so seriously, but in the sky, there are no boundaries. No differences of caste or religion or race. #Quote by Julia Gregson
Boundaries quotes by Andrew James Pritchard
#148. Boundaries are nothing more than imaginary lines drawn-up by delusional leaders and power hungry tyrants who wish to segregate the population into more easily controlled segments in any case.
-If you really think about it logically, the only place where the Buddha can be born is within the hearts and minds of the truly enlightened, otherwise you're simply wasting your time. #Quote by Andrew James Pritchard
Boundaries quotes by Steve Martin
#149. And after his unparsable response, including a passage where he said he was 'blurring the boundaries between a thing and thought,' she said, 'Thank you, I get lost sometimes,' while laying two fingers on his folded arm. #Quote by Steve Martin
Boundaries quotes by Rakesh Sharma
#150. My mental boundaries expanded when I viewed the Earth against a black and uninviting vacuum, yet my country's rich traditions had conditioned me to look beyond man-made boundaries and prejudices. One does not have to undertake a space flight to come by this feeling. #Quote by Rakesh Sharma
Boundaries quotes by Ilona Andrews
#151. Those who remain have forgotten they are alive. They think they have more in common with their fallen than with their enemy. Nothing could be further from the truth. I know the difference between life and death. Two live beings from the opposite boundaries of the galaxy have infinitely more in common with each other than the living and the dead from the same family. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Boundaries quotes by John Hersey
#152. My prevailing interest has been in the world as a whole, and in the place of a person in a larger setting than one defined by national boundaries. #Quote by John Hersey
Boundaries quotes by Don DeLillo
#153. Isn't death the boundary we need? #Quote by Don DeLillo
Boundaries quotes by Siddhartha Mukherjee
#154. The universe seeks equilibriums; it prefers to disperse energy, disrupt organization, and maximize chaos. Life is designed to combat these forces. We slow down reactions, concentrate matter, and organize chemicals into compartments; we sort laundry on Wednesdays. "It sometimes seems as if curbing entropy is our quixotic purpose in the universe," James Gleick wrote. We live in the loopholes of natural laws, seeking extensions, exceptions and excuses. The laws of nature still mark the outer boundaries of permissibility - but life, in all its idiosyncratic, mad weirdness, flourishes by reading between the lines. #Quote by Siddhartha Mukherjee
Boundaries quotes by Justine Musk
#155. It was simply this: silence is not a neutral position, whatever your intentions. Silence automatically supports the status quo. When you are a presence that lacks a voice, you create an empty space that another voice - a dominating voice that knows no boundaries - is only too happy to fill. #Quote by Justine Musk
Boundaries quotes by Robert Darnton
#156. All of us are citizens in a republic much larger than the Republic of America. It is the Republic of Letters, a realm of the mind that extends everywhere, without police, national boundaries, or disciplinary frontiers. #Quote by Robert Darnton
Boundaries quotes by Carolyn Byers Ruch
#157. And Ana remembered her father's words, Say no! Run! Tell me! #Quote by Carolyn Byers Ruch
Boundaries quotes by Wm. Paul Young
#158. You need boundaries ... even in our material creations, boundaries mark the most beautiful of places, between the ocean and the shore, between the mountains and the plains, where the canyon meets the river. #Quote by Wm. Paul Young
Boundaries quotes by Edward T. Hall
#159. When Western people train the mind, the focus is generally on the left hemisphere of the cortex, which is the portion of the brainthat is concerned with words and numbers. We enhance the logical, bounded, linear functions of the mind. In the East, exercises of this sort are for the purpose of getting in tune with the unconscious
to get rid of boundaries, not to create them. #Quote by Edward T. Hall
Boundaries quotes by Robert Augustus Masters
#160. Blind compassion is rooted in the belief that we are all doing the best that we can. When we are driven by blind compassion, we cut everyone far too much slack, making excuses for others' behavior and making nice in situations that require a forceful "no," an unmistakable voicing of displeasure, or a firm setting and maintaining of boundaries. These things can, and often should, be done out of love, but blind compassion keeps love too meek, sentenced to wearing a kind face. This is not the kindness of the Dalai Lama, which is rooted in courage, but rather a kindness rooted in fear, and not just the fear of confrontation, but also the fear of not coming across as a good or spiritual person. When we are engaged in blind compassion we rarely show any anger, for we not only believe that compassion has to be gentle, we are also frightened of upsetting anyone, especially to the point of their confronting us. #Quote by Robert Augustus Masters
Boundaries quotes by T.H. White
#161. There are no boundaries among the geese. How can you have boundaries if you fly? #Quote by T.H. White
Boundaries quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#162. The greatest, equally with the smallest motions of the Universe, are subjected to the rigid necessity of inevitable laws. These laws are the unknown causes of the known effects perceivable in the Universe. Their effects are the boundaries of our knowledge, their names the expressions of our ignorance. To suppose some existence beyond, or above them, is to invent a second and superfluous hypothesis to account for what has already been accounted for by the laws of motion and the properties of matter. I admit that the nature of these laws is incomprehensible, but the hypothesis of a Deity adds a gratuitous difficulty, which so far from alleviating those that it is adduced to explain, requires new hypotheses for the elucidation of its own inherent contradictions. #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Boundaries quotes by Holley Gerth
#163. While God does want us to be open with others, he also encourages us to put boundaries in place as we do. He talks repeatedly about guarding our hearts. So what's the difference? Hiding is a response out of fear, while guarding is a proactive choice to protect what matters most. In other words, we're not to deliberately put something of worth where it won't be valued. #Quote by Holley Gerth
Boundaries quotes by Brian Keephimattracted
#164. They didn't become great guys by choosing the easy road. So meeting a woman who has high standards only makes them more attracted to her. They love women who have strong personal boundaries and are confident enough to know what they want and demand it. High-quality men always respect women who do not tolerate manipulative games and have solid standards. Those standards need to be realistic, of course. Some women have impossible standards. Both #Quote by Brian Keephimattracted
Boundaries quotes by Leon Kass
#165. Once you put human life in human hands, you have started on a slippery slope that knows no boundaries. #Quote by Leon Kass
Boundaries quotes by Todd Haynes
#166. I really want the audience to place close attention to the movement, possibilities of movement, possibilities of trespassing boundaries and observe what's possible in different social settings, and different settings of class designation as well. #Quote by Todd Haynes
Boundaries quotes by Rumi
#167. From "Wetness and Water"
How does a part of the world leave the world?
How can wetness leave water?
Do not try to put out a fire
by throwing on more fire.
Do not wash a wound with blood.
No matter how fast you run,
your shadow more than keeps up.
Sometimes it's in front.
Only full, overhead sun
diminishes your shadow.
But that shadow has been serving you.
What hurts you blesses you.
Darkness is your candle.
Your boundaries are your quest. #Quote by Rumi
Boundaries quotes by Guy Gavriel Kay
#168. She lifted her hands and closed them around his head ... and it seemed to Catriana in that moment as if that newborn trialla in her soul began to sing. Of trials endured and trials to come, of doubt and dark and all the deep uncertainties that defined the outer boundaries of mortal life, but with love now present at the base of it all, like light, like the first stone of a rising tower. #Quote by Guy Gavriel Kay
Boundaries quotes by Hrithik Roshan
#169. If you are having a tough time today, push past those boundaries, because by challenging your fears
today will become the strength you feel tomorrow ... DO WHAT YOU FEAR, DON'T FEAR WHAT YOU DO. #Quote by Hrithik Roshan
Boundaries quotes by Sai Marie Johnson
#170. I used to think that other people defined the boundaries of life. Rushing in to impress others, and get them to like me gnawed at me in the back of my mind. Criticism came as a horrifying blade straight into my heart. Now I see that they were self-imposed limitations. While obstacles were always present the fundamental truth behind this epiphany is one words cannot even describe. I was my own propellant, and the moment I realized it my entire world changed. #Quote by Sai Marie Johnson
Boundaries quotes by Michael A. McLellan
#171. Break the rules; there are no boundaries.
Conformity strangles the spirit. #Quote by Michael A. McLellan
Boundaries quotes by George Cardinal Pell
#172. Living the good life as created beings depends on living within the limits and according to the truths of the human condition. Purity of heart and the capacity to channel desires toward personal self-mastery in holiness are part of the high calling of the Christian life. These remain necessities, despite the promises of a false humanism that claims that human nature has neither limits nor boundaries, being infinitely plastic and malleable -- a vain and counterproductive attempt to liberate humans from guilt. #Quote by George Cardinal Pell
Boundaries quotes by Julia Cameron
#173. Love is the greatest medicine. I ask to be healing medicine for others. I ask my heart to expand its boundaries and to love others as they wish to be loved. I ask my heart to expand its boundaries and open to my being loved as I wish to be loved. #Quote by Julia Cameron
Boundaries quotes by Ronald Reagan
#174. We're entering our third century now, but it's wrong to judge our nation by its years. The calendar can't measure America because we were meant to be an endless experiment in freedom, with no limits to our reaches, no boundaries to what we can do, no end point to our hopes. #Quote by Ronald Reagan
Boundaries quotes by Trelise Cooper
#175. Because I am untrained I approach my designs in an unconstrained way and I feel a freedom in this. It is unconventional but it means outcomes are not limited by traditional boundaries. #Quote by Trelise Cooper
Boundaries quotes by Marcus Samuelsson
#176. While some people may think being a chef only entails making enticing dishes and pushing the culinary boundaries, being a part of the food industry involves much more. #Quote by Marcus Samuelsson
Boundaries quotes by Ed Holder
#177. Through our government's updated science, technology and innovation strategy, we are making the record investments necessary to push the boundaries of knowledge, create jobs and opportunities, and improve the quality of life of Canadians. Our government's Canada Research Chairs Program develops, attracts and retains top talent researchers in Canada whose research, in turn, creates long-term social and economic benefits while training the next generation of students and researchers in Canada. #Quote by Ed Holder
Boundaries quotes by Michael I. Bennett
#178. Believing in your standards for a square deal, even when there's no way to get it, is what allows you to create boundaries and take independent action. #Quote by Michael I. Bennett
Boundaries quotes by David LaChapelle
#179. I didn't see any difference between being a photographer or being an artist. I didn't make those boundaries. If someone wants to think it's art, that's great, but I'll let history decide. #Quote by David LaChapelle
Boundaries quotes by Michael Thomas Sunnarborg
#180. Creating and maintaining healthy boundaries demonstrates respect for ourselves and others and builds trust in both our work and personal relationships. #Quote by Michael Thomas Sunnarborg
Boundaries quotes by Mark Sayers
#181. In the democratic, egalitarian spirit of our day, we hold in suspicion positions of social authority, yet we submit to the power of peers. Social anxiety, peer group pressure, and competition all dictate our lives. Many are more afraid of offending their friends than they are of offending figures of authority. We have moved from a culture based upon hierarchy to a peerarchy. Ironically we flee from relational distinctions and boundaries, yet without these traditions and boundaries we become mired in codependency. #Quote by Mark Sayers
Boundaries quotes by Louise Hay
#182. I deserve to have boundaries, and my boundaries are respected. I love and honor myself. I am safe. All is well. #Quote by Louise Hay
Boundaries quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#183. Georgia O'Keeffe moved to rural New Mexico, from which she would sign her letters to the people she loved, "from the faraway nearby." It was a way to measure physical and psychic geography together. Emotion has its geography, affection is what is nearby, within the boundaries of the self. You can be a thousand miles from the person next to you in bed or deeply invested in the survival of a stranger on the other side of the world. #Quote by Rebecca Solnit
Boundaries quotes by Leslie Parrott
#184. A simple life freely given in love can transcend the boundaries of place and time, stretching across oceans and extending beyond continents and decades. #Quote by Leslie Parrott
Boundaries quotes by Alberto Villoldo
#185. The True Self is infinite. It knows no boundaries. Pure essence. Pure light. Engulfing the mind, the soul, the body, the invisible real, with its radiance. #Quote by Alberto Villoldo
Boundaries quotes by Carl Jung
#186. Even the enlightened person remains what he is, and is never more than his own limited ego before the One who dwells within him, whose form has no knowable boundaries, who encompasses him on all sides, fathomless as the abysms of the earth and vast as the sky #Quote by Carl Jung
Boundaries quotes by Lynne Tillman
#187. No escape from patterns and systems, no exits. Nothing, and no one, resides outside a system; that's the way it is. Nothing outside the inside, the inside is also outside, etc. #Quote by Lynne Tillman
Boundaries quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#188. Most people believe the journey they begin with Christ goes forward, but that is not how he works. A spiritual life is not cutting ties with people, in order to walk clean in the future. The journey home isn't running away from obstacles. It is learning to stand where you are now and handle people, assert yourself, set boundaries and never feel your happiness is dependent on another person's approval of your choices, beliefs or spiritual needs. #Quote by Shannon L. Alder
Boundaries quotes by Viktor Schauberger
#189. The upholder of the cycles which sustain all Life is water. In every drop of water dwells a deity whom indeed we all serve. There also dwells Life, the soul of the primal substance - water - whose boundaries and banks are the capillaries that guide it, and in which it circulates. Every pulse beat arising through the interaction of will and resistance is indicative of creative work and urges us to care for those vessels, those primary and most vital structures, in which throbs the product of a dualistic power - Life #Quote by Viktor Schauberger
Boundaries quotes by Donald Capps
#190. the mystery of love bespeaks another mystery - the mystery of God. If we refuse to ascribe the name of God to the mystery of love, we shall remain in the throes of endless self-deception. Which means that melancholia cannot but be deeply, inherently religious. It has its human players and counterplayers, yet, in the end, it always comes down to one's personal experience of the mystery, the uncanniness of love. And there is nothing more uncanny than a love that has no knowable boundaries. #Quote by Donald Capps
Boundaries quotes by Steve Aoki
#191. It's a really diverse time in music, with all these different DJs and all these different categories, and we are all taking footnotes from everyone else. There are no real genre boundaries anymore; you can take a trance idea and put it into a trap record - it's not that uncommon. #Quote by Steve Aoki
Boundaries quotes by Lauren Oliver
#192. I'm not even sure whether I'm missing my mother, or simply the old routine of my life: a life of school and playdates and rules that kept me safe; boundaries and borders; bath time and curfews.
A simple life. #Quote by Lauren Oliver
Boundaries quotes by Robbie Williams
#193. I refuse to totally grow up. I've always been someone who says and does things that push politically correct boundaries. #Quote by Robbie Williams
Boundaries quotes by Siri Hustvedt
#194. The fictive is an emormous territory it turns out, its boundaries vague, and there is little certainty about where it begins and ends. #Quote by Siri Hustvedt
Boundaries quotes by Sydney J. Harris
#195. Ancient boundaries are meaningless, except for political purposes; old divisions of clan and tribe are sentimental remnants of the pre-atomic age; neither creed nor color nor place of origin is relevant to the realities of modern power to utterly seek and destroy. #Quote by Sydney J. Harris
Boundaries quotes by Bella Andre
#196. How she loved it when he sprinted right over the lines and reduced her boundaries to smithereens.
Chloe no longer had any fears of being controlled and Chase no longer held back to make sure he didn't push her too far. All that remained was the sweet ecstasy of trust.
And pure love. #Quote by Bella Andre
Boundaries quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#197. Don't waste your time being what someone wants you to become, in order to feed their list of rules, boundaries and insecurities. Find your tribe. They will allow you to be you, while you dance in the rain. #Quote by Shannon L. Alder
Boundaries quotes by Richard M. Nixon
#198. Because there are no local or State boundaries to the problems of our environment, the Federal Government must play an active, positive role. We can and will set standards. We can and will exercise leadership. #Quote by Richard M. Nixon
Boundaries quotes by Leeza Gibbons
#199. I don't think I really accepted my power as a woman until I realized that no was a complete sentence. When I stopped making excuses for saying it and began creating boundaries in my life, I knew real power. #Quote by Leeza Gibbons
Boundaries quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#200. But you see, just because we've been ... dealt a certain hand ... it doesn't mean we can't choose to rise above- to conquer the boundaries of a destiny that none of us wanted. to try to retain whatever essential humanity we can. #Quote by Stephenie Meyer

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