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Bogeyman Egg quotes by Alfred Hitchcock
#1. I'm frightened of eggs, worse than frightened, they revolt me. That white round thing without any holes ... have you ever seen anything more revolting than an egg yolk breaking and spilling its yellow liquid? Blood is jolly, red. But egg yolk is yellow, revolting. I've never tasted it. #Quote by Alfred Hitchcock
Bogeyman Egg quotes by Stephen King
#2. Egg-sac, Ben thought, and his mind seemed to shriek at the implication. Whatever It is beyond what we see, this representation is at least symbolically correct: It's female, and It's pregnant ... It was pregnant then and none of us knew except Stan, oh Jesus Christ YES, it was Stan, Stan, not Mike, Stan who understood, Stan who told us ... That's why we had to come back, no matter what, because It is female, It's pregnant with some unimaginable spawn ... and Its time has drawn close. Incredibly, Bill Denbrough was stepping forward to meet It. #Quote by Stephen King
Bogeyman Egg quotes by Ian McKellen
#3. I'm brilliant at cooking my stepmother's scrambled egg recipe. The secret is to put eggs, butter, milk, and seasoning together in the saucepan, and to keep stirring with a wooden spoon under a low heat until the preferred consistency is reached. #Quote by Ian McKellen
Bogeyman Egg quotes by Stephen R. Lawhead
#4. She walked along beneath a sky of bird's-egg blue, #Quote by Stephen R. Lawhead
Bogeyman Egg quotes by Dwight Howard
#5. I'm not a nest-egg person. #Quote by Dwight Howard
Bogeyman Egg quotes by George R R Martin
#6. Aemon's blind white eyes came open. "Egg?" he said, as the rain streamed down his cheeks. "Egg, I dreamed that I was old. #Quote by George R R Martin
Bogeyman Egg quotes by Marlene Zuk
#7. There is not a moral to every story in animal behavior. Sometimes a snake is just a snake, and sometimes snake sex is only about sex in snakes, or sex in egg-laying reptiles. Although a biologist's job in part is to interpret what organisms do in a broader context, that context does not, and should not, need to include a lesson for human beings. This is true regardless of whether the lesson is something we would like to teach, which means that using animals as vehicles for nonsexist thinking is just as out of bounds as using them to keep women barefoot and pregnant. #Quote by Marlene Zuk
Bogeyman Egg quotes by Ian Fleming
#8. Hm,' said Bond. 'Bogeyman stuff. #Quote by Ian Fleming
Bogeyman Egg quotes by Eva Ibbotson
#9. Anyone who has an egg to watch over has a stake in the future, and the future
they were sure of it
was going to be good. #Quote by Eva Ibbotson
Bogeyman Egg quotes by Guy De Maupassant
#10. Next item - three ladies, all English, a mother and two daughters. Each wears a helping of whipped white of egg on the top of their head; rather remarkable. The daughters are old, like the mother. The mother is old, like the daughters. All three are thin, flat-chested, tall, stiff, and tired-looking; their front teeth are worn outside, to intimidate plates and men. #Quote by Guy De Maupassant
Bogeyman Egg quotes by Rose Tremain
#11. My name is Lev," said Lev.
"My name is Lydia," said the woman. And they shook hands, Lev's hand holding the scrunched-up kerchief and Lydia's hand rough with salt and smelling of egg, and then Lev asked, "What are you planning to do in En gland?" and Lydia said, "I have some interviews in London for jobs as a translator."
"That sounds promising."
"I hope so. I was a teacher of English at School 237 in Yarbl, so my language is very colloquial."
Lev looked at Lydia. It wasn't difficult to imagine her standing in front of a class and writing words on a blackboard. He said, "I wonder why you're leaving our country when you had a good job at School 237 in Yarbl?"
"Well," said Lydia, "I became very tired of the view from my window. Every day, summer and winter, I looked out at the schoolyard and the high fence and the apartment block beyond, and I began to imagine I would die seeing these things, and I didn't want this. I expect you understand what I mean? #Quote by Rose Tremain
Bogeyman Egg quotes by Justine Kurland
#12. It seemed clear to me early on that one of the things a photograph could do was make a reality, and I wanted to do that. I always think of looking inside an Easter egg and seeing a perfect world. #Quote by Justine Kurland
Bogeyman Egg quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#13. He's quite a bit of a snob, you know, and when he hears I'm going to marry the daughter of an earl - "
"I say, old man," I couldn't help saying, "aren't you looking ahead rather far?"
"Oh, that's all right. It's true nothing's actually settled yet, but she practically told me the other day she was fond of me."
"Well, she said that the sort of man she liked was the self-reliant, manly man with strength, good looks, character, ambition, and initiative."
"Leave me, laddie," I said. "Leave me to my fried egg. #Quote by P.G. Wodehouse
Bogeyman Egg quotes by Thomas Ligotti
#14. Tapping a little bell, I leaned on the desk and turned to look at a small, traditionally decorated Christmas tree on a table near the entranceway. It was complete with shiny, egg-fragile bulbs; miniature candy canes; flat, laughing Santas with arms wide; a star on top nodding awkwardly against the delicate shoulder of an upper branch; and colored lights that bloomed out of flower-shaped sockets. For some reason this seemed to me a sorry little piece. #Quote by Thomas Ligotti
Bogeyman Egg quotes by Emmanuel Des Essarts
#15. Make an amiable intermediary of an egg, which comes between the various parts of food to bring about difficult reconciliations. #Quote by Emmanuel Des Essarts
Bogeyman Egg quotes by Philip Roth
#16. Within five minutes of leaving the reunion, I'd undone the double wrapping and eaten all six rugelach, each a snail of sugar-dusted pastry dough, the cinnamon-lined chambers microscopically studded with midget raisins and chopped walnuts. By rapidly devouring mouthful after mouthful of these crumbs whose floury richness - blended of butter and sour cream and vanilla and cream cheese and egg yolk and sugar - I'd loved since childhood, perhaps I'd find vanishing from Nathan what, according to Proust, vanished from Marcel the instant he recognized "the savour of the little madeleine": the apprehensiveness of death. "A mere taste," Proust writes, and "the word 'death' ... [has] ... no meaning for him." So, greedily I ate, gluttonously, refusing to curtail for a moment this wolfish intake of saturated fat, but, in the end, having nothing like Marcel's luck. #Quote by Philip Roth
Bogeyman Egg quotes by Shannon Hale
#17. It's not that I don't like children; I just don't comprehend them. What's their purpose? Why can't they just say what they want? Why are they always touching things and knocking things over and whining?"

She dumped a basket of socks on the floor and began to sort and match. "Here's the thing: Given your profession, you should have that skill of observing people and getting inside them and understanding them, blah blah blah. Why can't you just do that with children? I mean, you were a child once."

"I hatched from an egg at age twenty-three."

"I almost believe you." She squinted at him. "What were you like younger?"

"Same but smaller, with slightly less facial hair. #Quote by Shannon Hale
Bogeyman Egg quotes by Thomas Huxley
#18. As a natural process, of the same character as the development of a tree from its seed, or of a fowl from its egg, evolution excludes creation and all other kinds of supernatural intervention. #Quote by Thomas Huxley
Bogeyman Egg quotes by Helen Fielding
#19. Roxster, my photo is of an egg. #Quote by Helen Fielding
Bogeyman Egg quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#20. Cromwell raised a brow. "You can't even boil an egg, son." He paused. "Or toast bread without burning it."
I couldn't help it, I laughed. "Nice."
Hayden frowned at me. "I can toast bread."
"You tried to shove a fork in the toaster to get your bread out- that was only a few years ago."
"Oh. Wow." I grinned at Hayden.
"Thanks, Dad." Hayden pushed himself off the counter. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Bogeyman Egg quotes by Ta-Nehisi Coates
#21. I haven't checked, but I highly suspect that chickens evolved from an egg-laying ancestor, which would mean that there were, in fact, eggs before there were chickens. Genius. #Quote by Ta-Nehisi Coates
Bogeyman Egg quotes by Benjamin Franklin
#22. An egg today is better than a hen to-morrow. #Quote by Benjamin Franklin
Bogeyman Egg quotes by William, Saroyan
#23. In every house there ought to be an art table on which, one by one, things are placed, so that everybody in that house might look at the things very carefully, and see them.'
'What would you put on a table like that?'
'A leaf. A coin. A button. A stone. A small piece of torn newspaper. An apple. An egg. A pebble. A flower. A dead insect. A shoe.'
'Everybody's seen those things.'
'Of course. But nobody looks at them, and that's what art is. To look at familiar things as if they had never before been seen ... A necktie. A pocketknife ... a walnut. #Quote by William, Saroyan
Bogeyman Egg quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
#24. The egg is white though the hen is black as coal ... Out of evil comes good, through the great goodness of God. #Quote by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Bogeyman Egg quotes by Les Dawson
#25. A square egg in a dish of lentils won't make a marrow bend with the wind, nor will it make rhubarb grow up the milkmaid's leg. #Quote by Les Dawson
Bogeyman Egg quotes by Sandra Cisneros
#26. I think a lot of education has to be involved. If they would have alternative items, so that, say, for a dollar more, you can get breakfast tacos stuffed with egg whites, and olive oil, and avocado; not guacamole, because they put the salt in it. Just ask for fresh avocado slices, and you could have that. #Quote by Sandra Cisneros
Bogeyman Egg quotes by Kaleb Kilton
#27. can't unscramble the egg no matter your wisdom and determination #Quote by Kaleb Kilton
Bogeyman Egg quotes by John Updike
#28. Fenway Park, in Boston, is a lyric little bandbox of a ballpark. Everything is painted green and seems in curiously sharp focus, like the inside of an old-fashioned peeping-type Easter egg. #Quote by John Updike
Bogeyman Egg quotes by David Foster Wallace
#29. I am fortunately an entirely handsome devil and appear even younger than twenty-nine. I look like a clean cut youth, a boy next door, and a good egg, and my mother stated at one time that I have the face of a heaven's angel. I have the eyes of an attractive marsupial, and I have baby-soft and white skin, and a fair complexion. I do not even have to shave, and I have finely styled hair without any of dandruff's unsightly itching or flaking. I keep my hair perfectly groomed, neat, and short at all times. I have exceptionally attractive ears. #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Bogeyman Egg quotes by William J. Bernstein
#30. It's bad enough that you have to take market risk. Only a fool takes on the additional risk of doing yet more damage by failing to diversify properly with his or her nest egg. Avoid the problem-buy a well-run index fund and own the whole market. #Quote by William J. Bernstein
Bogeyman Egg quotes by Edith Hahn Beer
#31. It quickly became apparent that the Germans were interested in using our strength but not in preserving it. We received a ration of "flower coffee" - made not from coffee beans but from flowers, or maybe acorns. We each had half a loaf of bread, which had to last us from Sunday to Wednesday. At midday, we had a cold soup made from broken asparagus that couldn't be sold, or a mustard soup with potatoes, and maybe a hard-boiled egg. At night, we had a milk soup; on lucky days, it contained some oatmeal. #Quote by Edith Hahn Beer
Bogeyman Egg quotes by Laline Paull
#32. In the empty lobby outside the Dance Hall she paused to scent the air from the landing board. The orchard was sweet and cool in the rising dawn, and the rain had almost stopped. The comb began to thrum as the hive awoke and the multitude of sisters began moving. Once desperate to be out on the wing, Flora no longer wanted to forage, only to be still and breather sweet wax.

The egg in her belly glowed bright inside her like a tiny sun. #Quote by Laline Paull
Bogeyman Egg quotes by Various
#33. Dad: Did you like the Kinder Egg I gave you yesterday? Son: The chocolate was very good, but the shell was a bit hard. *** #Quote by Various
Bogeyman Egg quotes by Santosh Kalwar
#34. Given a choice between goose egg and heartache, I would choose heartache. #Quote by Santosh Kalwar

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