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Bo Larson quotes by Julie Murphy
#1. I want to be with you," he says. "But I can't if you won't let me."
"Why?" I drop my bag in the driveway. "Why do you want to be with this?" I wave my arm up and down the length of my body. Immediately, I hate myself for this. The only person making this about my body is me.
"Because I like you. I think I might feel a lot more than that for you, Willowdean. How is that so hard to believe? #Quote by Julie Murphy
Bo Larson quotes by Deb Caletti
#2. Have you worked here long?" Sebastian asks. Just a few months," I say. "Do you come here a lot?" As if you don't know, Jade. I used to come every day, or, you know, when I could, I'd bring Bo after work. Or just myself." At night sometimes. You'd climb the fence. You'd watch the stars. You'd tilt back your head and look at the sky. You'd think it over, whatever it was. #Quote by Deb Caletti
Bo Larson quotes by Christian D. Larson
#3. When you permit an outside agency to control your feelings and emotions at frequent intervals for a prolonged period, your system will soon get into the habit of submitting to the control of this outside agency, and will not respond any longer to any effort that the will may make to regain its original power of control. #Quote by Christian D. Larson
Bo Larson quotes by Erik Larson
#4. Beside his own person and his own interests, nothing is sacred to the psychopath. #Quote by Erik Larson
Bo Larson quotes by Bo Burnham
#5. And an anteater plus a large hungry mutant ant? An ironic way to die. #Quote by Bo Burnham
Bo Larson quotes by Taraka Larson
#6. I really wanted to be able to make the music that acknowledged the metaphysical aspect of extreme sports because when I started watching GoPro videos, the thing that struck me the most was that the sound seemed completely detached from the imagery. #Quote by Taraka Larson
Bo Larson quotes by Erik Larson
#7. On Monday, May 10, the coroner's jury issued its finding: that the submarine's officers and crew and the emperor of Germany had committed "willful and wholesale murder." Half an hour later a message arrived from the Admiralty, ordering Horgan to block Turner from testifying. Horgan wrote, "That august body were however as belated on this occasion as they had been in protecting the Lusitania against attack. #Quote by Erik Larson
Bo Larson quotes by Bo Sanchez
#8. Don't try to get all your rewards on earth. There are more rewards in Heaven. #Quote by Bo Sanchez
Bo Larson quotes by Christian D. Larson
#9. The average mind requires a change of environment before he can change his thought. He has to go somewhere or bring into his presence something that will suggest a new line of thinking and feeling. The master mind, however, can change his thought whenever he so desires. A change of scene is not necessary, because such a mind is not controlled from without. A change of scene will not produce a change of thought in the master mind unless he so elects. #Quote by Christian D. Larson
Bo Larson quotes by Beth Revis
#10. You never know all of a person; you only know them in a specific moment of time. #Quote by Beth Revis
Bo Larson quotes by Gabrielle Tozer
#11. That anonymous coward is probably forty years old with raging BO and still living in his mum's granny flat #Quote by Gabrielle Tozer
Bo Larson quotes by Bo Burnham
#12. I don't need anything as long as I have my family, friends, millions of dollars, unlimited pussy. #Quote by Bo Burnham
Bo Larson quotes by Erik Larson
#13. Strange things began to happen that made Holmes's claims about being the devil seem almost plausible. Detective Geyer became seriously ill. The warden of Moyamensing prison committed suicide. The jury foreman was electrocuted in a freak accident. The priest who delivered Holmes's last rites was found dead on the grounds of his church of mysterious causes. The father of Emeline Cigrand was grotesquely burned in a boiler explosion. And a fire destroyed the office of District Attorney George Graham, leaving only a photograph of Holmes unscathed. #Quote by Erik Larson
Bo Larson quotes by Christian D. Larson
#14. But here we may well ask what we are living for - if we are living to give up to the influence of environment, visible or invisible, or if we are living to attain such full control over the powers and talents that are within us, that we can not only control, modify and perfect environment, but also so perfectly control ourselves that we can become all that nature intends that we should become. #Quote by Christian D. Larson
Bo Larson quotes by Bo Fowler
#15. Alcohol
I once visited a supermarket that had a petition to allow it to sell alcohol. I signed the petition telling the check-out girl that clouds of alcohol molecules were the largest objects in the galaxy, some five billion times the mass of our sun, and that it was from such clouds that worlds and stars were formed.
To which the check-out girl replied: "You're not from around here are you. #Quote by Bo Fowler
Bo Larson quotes by Bo Bennett
#16. Most of us are consumed with our own thoughts and desires and are not always thinking about what other people may want. This is not necessarily being egocentric; it is just being human. #Quote by Bo Bennett
Bo Larson quotes by Erik Larson
#17. Lusitania, after a Roman province on the Iberian Peninsula that occupied roughly the same ground as modern-day Portugal. "The inhabitants were warlike, and the Romans conquered them with great difficulty," said a memorandum in Cunard's files on the naming of the ship. "They lived generally upon plunder and were rude and unpolished in their manners." In popular usage, the name was foreshortened to "Lucy. #Quote by Erik Larson
Bo Larson quotes by J.R. Ward
#18. And if that bastard's innocent," Rhage spoke up, "I'm the fucking Easter bunny."
"Oh, good," someone quipped. "I'm calling you Hop-along Hollywood from now on."
"Beasty Bo Peep," somebody else threw out.
"We could put you in a Cadbury ad and finally make some money - "
"People," Rhage barked, "the point is that he is not innocent and I'm not the Easter bunny - "
"Where's your basket?"
"Can I play with your eggs?"
"Hop it out, big guy - "
"Will you guys fuck off ? Seriously! #Quote by J.R. Ward
Bo Larson quotes by Bo Jackson
#19. The way strength and conditioning has helped me now is that I make it a point to go to the gym everyday if I can. #Quote by Bo Jackson
Bo Larson quotes by Bo Burnham
#20. I remember being superyoung, like nine or ten years old, and thinking, 'Man, I wonder what famous people eat for breakfast. They must have some special kind of cereal!' My mind was so warped by the idea of fame. #Quote by Bo Burnham
Bo Larson quotes by Brie Larson
#21. I'm not a gourmet. I just like the planet. #Quote by Brie Larson
Bo Larson quotes by Bo Derek
#22. For a long time, I wanted children. When I was about 30 or 32, I really thought about it. #Quote by Bo Derek
Bo Larson quotes by James Patterson
#23. He nuzzled my neck, inhaling deeply. "Mmm. You smell so good."

"Oh, yeah," I said, smirking. "I call this new perfume 'Le Jungle grime et tropical BO.' "

"Dirt and sweat. Very sexy. #Quote by James Patterson
Bo Larson quotes by Erik Larson
#24. The bureau had long banned the use of the word tornado because it induced panic, and panic brought criticism, something the bureau could ill afford. #Quote by Erik Larson
Bo Larson quotes by Erik Larson
#25. I have always wondered what it would have been like for an outsider to have witnessed firsthand the gathering dark of Hitler's rule. How did the city look, what did one hear, see, and smell, and how did diplomats and other visitors interpret the events occurring around them? Hindsight tells us that during that fragile time the course of history could so easily have been changed. Why, then, did no one change it? Why did it take so long to recognize the real danger posed by Hitler and his regime? #Quote by Erik Larson
Bo Larson quotes by Brie Larson
#26. For me, 'Room' is an opportunity to relive an aspect of my childhood that I hadn't put a ton of thought into. #Quote by Brie Larson
Bo Larson quotes by Kirby Larson
#27. The year has held its ups and downs for me; I'm sure it has for you, too. I'm counting on the year ending on a note of joy (and gingerbread!) and look forward to a new year brimming with promise and peace. #Quote by Kirby Larson
Bo Larson quotes by Brie Larson
#28. Girls in this industry sabotage one another. #Quote by Brie Larson
Bo Larson quotes by Bo Gritz
#29. A spider web of 'patriots for profit', operating from the highest positions of special trust and confidence, have successfully circumvented our constitutional system in pursuit of a New World Order. #Quote by Bo Gritz
Bo Larson quotes by Erik Larson
#30. If there were a Pulitzer for bleak irony, however, it would go to the News for its Saturday-morning report on one of the most important local stories of the year - the Galveston count of the 1900 U.S. census, which the newspaper had first announced on Friday. The news was excellent: Over the last decade of the nineteenth century, the city's population had increased by 29.93 percent, the highest growth rate of any southern city counted so far. #Quote by Erik Larson
Bo Larson quotes by Brie Larson
#31. I won't do things for money. I can't. So I'll hold out and say, in my mind, 'There's a really cool diner down the street from my house. They make really good pancakes; I'd be happy doing that.' #Quote by Brie Larson
Bo Larson quotes by Brie Larson
#32. A big producer offered me the part of the pretty girl that waits at home for the guy, and I couldn't do it. That's not a story I ever want to tell. #Quote by Brie Larson
Bo Larson quotes by Bo Burnham
#33. What's that? My six song album entitled Bo Fo Sho is currently available on iTunes? With three songs that have never been heard on the internet? Uh, and if I try to pirate it for free I'll get AIDS? I would have guessed scurvy. Well, see you later ghost of Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. #Quote by Bo Burnham
Bo Larson quotes by Bo Burnham
#34. What do you call a kid with no arms and an eyepatch? Names. #Quote by Bo Burnham
Bo Larson quotes by Jonathan Larson
#35. The world is calling, it's now or neverland. #Quote by Jonathan Larson
Bo Larson quotes by Jonathan Larson
#36. How do you document real life, when real life's getting more like fiction each day, #Quote by Jonathan Larson
Bo Larson quotes by Brie Larson
#37. I know how to have a conversation, but I've never done improv. I've never taken improv classes. #Quote by Brie Larson
Bo Larson quotes by Jonathan Larson
#38. I'm more of a man then you'll ever be, I'm more of a woman then you'll ever get. #Quote by Jonathan Larson
Bo Larson quotes by John B. Larson
#39. It's wrong to put the drug lobby's interests ahead of older Americans. #Quote by John B. Larson
Bo Larson quotes by Bo Derek
#40. I was alone for five years. Having a love is a gigantic bonus in life, but I wasn't unhappy when I was single, either. #Quote by Bo Derek
Bo Larson quotes by Hans Jonas
#41. The latest revelation - from no Mount Sinai, Sermon on the Mount or Bo tree - is the outcry of mute things themselves that we must heed by curbing our powers over creation, lest we perish together on a wasteland of what that creation once was. #Quote by Hans Jonas
Bo Larson quotes by Erik Larson
#42. During World War I, Germany had only 25 of its vaunted submarines sailing at any one time. #Quote by Erik Larson

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