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Famous Quotes About Blowhard

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Blowhard quotes by Nelson DeMille
#1. Totally incompetent blowhard, an idiot and a fool. #Quote by Nelson DeMille
Blowhard quotes by James Patterson
#2. Right now, America looks like a fatheaded, shortsighted, gas-guzzling arrogant blowhard to the rest of the world. #Quote by James Patterson
Blowhard quotes by Lynda Obst
#3. True power is invisible and impeccable, like good taste. It is never clumsy or artless. Powerful people whisper, suggest, seduce, in order to coerce. They only use volume for effect. This is how you can tell a blowhard from a mogul ... Most powerful people don't need to coerce; their mere presence is coercive. #Quote by Lynda Obst
Blowhard quotes by David Brooks
#4. I'm a pundit. I'm, like, paid to be a narcissistic blowhard and be in front of the camera. #Quote by David Brooks
Blowhard quotes by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
#5. They expected certain things of her, and forgave certain things from her, because she was foreign. Once, sitting with them in a bar, she heard Curt talking to Brad, and Curt said "blowhard." She was struck by the word, by the irredeemable Americanness of it. Blowhard. It was a word that would never occur to her. To understand this was to realize that Curt and his friends would, on some level, never be fully knowable to her. #Quote by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Blowhard quotes by Anne Lamott
#6. I'm very sad about Mitch McConnell probably getting to be Senate majority leader, if only for two years. To me, he is just everything that is wrong with the world, a bullying obstructionist blowhard liar (not to put too fine a point on it). #Quote by Anne Lamott
Blowhard quotes by Gregory Maguire
#7. It's more convenient to have a hero waiting in the wings than to endure a blowhard standing in the spotlight. #Quote by Gregory Maguire
Blowhard quotes by Brennan Manning
#8. Is there anyone I can level with? Anyone I dare tell that I am benevolent and malevolent, chaste and randy, compassionate and vindictive, selfless and selfish, that beneath my brave words lives a frightened child, that I dabble in religion and pornography, that I have blackened a friend's character, betrayed a trust, violated a confidence, that I am tolerant and thoughtful, a bigot and a blowhard, that I hate hard rock? #Quote by Brennan Manning
Blowhard quotes by Viet Thanh Nguyen
#9. How about something to drink. Coffee, tea, soda, water, scotch. Never too early for scotch. Violet, some scotch. Ice. I said ice. No ice, then. Me too. Always neat for me. Look at my view. No, not at the gardener. José! José! Got to pound on the glass to get his attention. He's half deaf. José! Move! You're blocking the view. Good. See the view. I'm talking about the Hollywood sign right there. Never get tired of it. Like the Word of God just dropped down, plunked on the hills, and the Word was Hollywood. Didn't God say let the be light first. What's a movie but light. Can't have a movie without light. And then words. Seeing that sign reminds me to write every morning. What. All right, so it doesn't say Hollywood. You got me. Good eye. Thing's falling to pieces. One O's half fallen and the other O's fallen altogether. The word's gone to shit. So what. You still get the meaning. Thanks, Violet. Cheers. How do they say it in your country. I said how do they say it. Yo, yo, yo, is it. I like that. Easy to remember. Yo, yo, yo, then. #Quote by Viet Thanh Nguyen

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