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Famous Quotes About Blood Transfusions

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Blood Transfusions quotes by David Duke
#1. Male homosexuals have seduced and abused millions of underage boys. Their unclean sexual habits and ultra-promiscuous lifestyle have resulted in spreading the worst communicable plague in this century, the specter of AIDS, which has not only killed millions of their own, but also millions of others, including tens of thousands who contracted the virus from blood transfusions. #Quote by David Duke
Blood Transfusions quotes by Bertolt Brecht
#2. I was called up in the war and sent to a hospital. I dressed wounds, applied iodine, gave enemas, did blood transfusions. If the doctor ordered: "Brecht, amputate a leg!", I would reply, "Certainly, Your Excellency!", and cut off the leg. If I was told, "Perform a trepanning!" I opened the man's skull and messed about with his brains. I saw how they patched fellows up, so as to cart them back to the Front as quickly as they could. #Quote by Bertolt Brecht
Blood Transfusions quotes by Gene Weingarten
#3. While it is true that many hep C victims became infected through blood transfusions or organ transplants or in other innocent ways, mine was contracted during my college years, when I showed as much care for my personal health as your average suicide bomber. #Quote by Gene Weingarten
Blood Transfusions quotes by Chuck Hogan
#4. Dracula appeared at a time of great technological revolution, utilizing telegraphs, typing machines, and blood transfusions. #Quote by Chuck Hogan
Blood Transfusions quotes by Gayle Forman
#5. Sleepovers and dance parties and those talks we would have until three in the morning that would make us feel lousy the next day because we'd slept like hell but also feel good because the talks were like blood transfusions, moments of realness and hope that were pinpricks of light in the dark fabric of small-town life. #Quote by Gayle Forman
Blood Transfusions quotes by Gayle Forman
#6. It's like the piano and the cello are being poured into my body, the same way the IV and blood transfusions are. And the memories of my life as it was, and the flashes of it as it might be, are coming so fast and furious. I feel like I can no longer keep up with them but they keep coming and everything is colliding, until I cannot take anymore. Until I cannot be like this a second longer. #Quote by Gayle Forman
Blood Transfusions quotes by Ian McEwan
#7. Do you know when Jehovah's Witnesses were commanded to refuse blood transfusions?" "It's set down in Genesis. It dates from the Creation." "It dates from 1945, Mr. Henry. Before then it was perfectly acceptable. #Quote by Ian McEwan
Blood Transfusions quotes by Arthur Caplan
#8. The more you start prohibiting donors, the more you are going to have less blood in the supply. It's still not clear you can get it from blood transfusions. #Quote by Arthur Caplan
Blood Transfusions quotes by Lorrie Moore
#9. If I had a staff of even one person, or could tolerate a small amphetamine habit, or entertain the possibility of weekly blood transfusions, or had been married to Vera Nabokov, or had a housespouse of even minimal abilities, a literary life would be easier to bring about. (In my mind I see all your male readers rolling their eyes. But your female ones - what is that? Are they nodding in agreement? Are their fists in the air?) #Quote by Lorrie Moore

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