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Blondy Singer quotes by Preston Sturges
#1. Paris Singer had vastly more to do with shaping my character than Mother had; although Mother made innumerable sacrifices for me, and Paris Singer made none. I wanted to be like him. #Quote by Preston Sturges
Blondy Singer quotes by Cilla Black
#2. On my gravestone, I want 'Here lies the singer,' not 'Here lies the T.V. presenter'. #Quote by Cilla Black
Blondy Singer quotes by Peter Singer
#3. Ben West points out that even from a selfish perspective, earning to give allows you to have things that people believe make them happy, like money and a high-status job, while still getting the fulfillment that comes from knowing you are helping to make the world a better place. #Quote by Peter Singer
Blondy Singer quotes by James Bay
#4. As a singer-songwriter, a solo artist with a guitar, I can only write so many weepie little bedroom songs. #Quote by James Bay
Blondy Singer quotes by Deanna Durbin
#5. God made me a singer, and I just sang. #Quote by Deanna Durbin
Blondy Singer quotes by Jason Statham
#6. My father used to run auctions. He's now a singer in the Canary Islands. #Quote by Jason Statham
Blondy Singer quotes by Frankie Valli
#7. I thought everybody had falsetto. And since I wasn't a schooled singer who studied with anybody, I just thought anybody who had a voice could do anything they wanted with their voice. #Quote by Frankie Valli
Blondy Singer quotes by Abbey Clancy
#8. Originally, I wanted a pop career and formed a girl-band 'Genie Queen' managed by Andy McClusky from 'Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark', but it didn't work out. My brother John is the talented singer and song-writer with 'The Razz,' while my other brother Sean is a footballer for Telford United. #Quote by Abbey Clancy
Blondy Singer quotes by Kiera Cass
#9. You're breaking a lot of rules, Miss Singer." "You're the prince. You can just pardon me. #Quote by Kiera Cass
Blondy Singer quotes by Peter Singer
#10. If zoos are like arks, then rare animals are like passengers on a voyage of the damned, never to find a port that will let them dock or a land in which they can live in peace. The real solution, of course, is to preserve the wild nature that created these animals and has the power to sustain them. But if it is really true that we are inevitably moving towards a world in which mountain gorillas can survive only in zoos, then we must ask whether it is really better for them to live in artificial environments of our design than not to be born at all. #Quote by Peter Singer
Blondy Singer quotes by Gabrielle Aplin
#11. For a lot of pop performers, fame and celebrity is part of the job. But for singer-songwriters, no one really cares. #Quote by Gabrielle Aplin
Blondy Singer quotes by Al Walser
#12. I traveled the world as a DJ, as a singer, as a songwriter, as a producer. #Quote by Al Walser
Blondy Singer quotes by Mandy Patinkin
#13. So I'm truly an actor who sings, and not a singer who acts. #Quote by Mandy Patinkin
Blondy Singer quotes by Jane Seymour
#14. No, I chose the name Jane Seymour because I was doing my first film, 'Ode to Lovely War,' and one of the top agents in England spotted me dancing in the chorus. I was a singer and dancer in that movie with Maggie Smith, um, and he told me he couldn't sell me as Joyce Penelope Willomena Frankenburger. #Quote by Jane Seymour
Blondy Singer quotes by Brad Paisley
#15. Alison Krauss is definitely my favorite singer that's ever lived. I've never heard anyone like her. #Quote by Brad Paisley
Blondy Singer quotes by Brandi Carlile
#16. My mother's a singer and my mother's father is a singer, and everyone on both sides are all country-western bluegrass musicians. #Quote by Brandi Carlile
Blondy Singer quotes by Peter Singer
#17. I can tell you that too much money is corrupting American politics. Don't blame the American public. The U.S. Supreme Court has a lot to answer for, because it has made it impossible for Congress to reduce the corrupting influence of money on American political life. #Quote by Peter Singer
Blondy Singer quotes by Paul McCartney
#18. I have not practiced how to be a singer without an instrument. #Quote by Paul McCartney
Blondy Singer quotes by Bryan Singer
#19. I started making 8mm films when I was 13, so I've been directing for 21 years. #Quote by Bryan Singer
Blondy Singer quotes by Florence Welch
#20. I've always been a bit of a decorator. I think if I wasn't a singer I'd probably be in stage setting or interior design or something. I like clutter and I'm quite visually greedy. I can't have things to be plain; I have to have things looking interesting ... maybe I'm just a frustrated interior designer stuck in a singing career. #Quote by Florence Welch
Blondy Singer quotes by Braden Barrie
#21. And we all make mistakes, it's not you but this world you should hate, you're as beautiful as you were yesterday. #Quote by Braden Barrie
Blondy Singer quotes by Elena Ferrante
#22. In other words, the cultural education of any high-school student should include an introduction to the idea that a writer adapts his writing to ever-changing expressive needs and that a higher or lower note doesn't mean that the singer has changed. #Quote by Elena Ferrante
Blondy Singer quotes by Peter Singer
#23. If possessing a higher degree of intelligence does not entitle one human to use another for his or her own ends, how can it entitle humans to exploit non-humans? #Quote by Peter Singer
Blondy Singer quotes by Isaac Bashevis Singer
#24. If you hear I'm dead, don't come to my funeral. #Quote by Isaac Bashevis Singer
Blondy Singer quotes by Diane Wolkstein
#25. Inanna spoke:
"What I tell you
Let the singer weave into song.
What I tell you,
Let it flow from ear to mouth,
Let it pass from old to young:

My vulva, the horn,
The Boat of Heaven,
Is full of eagerness like the young moon.
My untilled land lies fallow.

As for me, Inanna,
Who will plow my vulva?
Who will plow my high field?
Who will plow my wet ground?

As for me, the young woman,
Who will plow my vulva?
Who will station the ox there?
Who will plow my vulva?"

Dumuzi replied:
"Great Lady, the king will plow your vulva.
I, Dumuzi the King, will plow your vulva."

"Then plow my vulva, man of my heart!
Plow my vulva! #Quote by Diane Wolkstein
Blondy Singer quotes by Pat Cooper
#26. One of my sisters wanted to be an opera singer. So, we spent a few dollars to try to train her, because Italian people would like to have an opera singer in the family. But she's got trouble coughing, let alone singing. One day, she was in the shower singing 'Madame Butterfly,' three days later the Japs attacked Pearl Harbor. #Quote by Pat Cooper
Blondy Singer quotes by Isaac Bashevis Singer
#27. For those who are willing to make an effort, great miracles and wonderful treasures are in store. #Quote by Isaac Bashevis Singer
Blondy Singer quotes by Lisa Loeb
#28. I've made music for grownups most of my life as a singer/songwriter - often with my band, Nine Stories - recorded many albums, and 10 years ago I started recording kid's music, too. #Quote by Lisa Loeb
Blondy Singer quotes by Len Cariou
#29. My mother was a singer, and both of her sisters were singers. There was always music around. #Quote by Len Cariou
Blondy Singer quotes by Roger McGuinn
#30. I've always considered myself a folk singer, even though we strapped on Rickenbacker guitars and played pretty loud. #Quote by Roger McGuinn
Blondy Singer quotes by Mark Morford
#31. The lions of hard rock, guys like Robert Plant, Roger Daltrey, Brian Johnson, Rob Halford, these monsters feel completely timeless, iconic, eternal. They simply shall not, will not, do not die. It's almost impossible to imagine a musical world without Robert Plant. No metal fan of any stripe can imagine a day when, say, Iron Maiden shuts it all down because Bruce Dickinson turned 85 and suddenly can't remember the lyrics to "Hallowed Be Thy Name." Metal revels in the raw energy and unchecked phantasmagorical ridiculousness of youth. It is all fire and testosterone and rebellious fantasy. It doesn't go well with reality.

So it is for hard rock and a guy like Dio, an elfin titan with an undying love for lasers and sorcery, dragons and kings. The man wrote some terribly corny metal songs, but he sang every one with a ferocity and love and total honesty. He also wrote some of the finest hard rock melodies of all time, sang them with a precision and love unmatched by any hard rock singer since. It's a rare thing to give metal some heartfelt props. It is time. Raise your devil horns and salute. #Quote by Mark Morford
Blondy Singer quotes by Dave Allen
#32. How could I have not known about Ume? An Austin trio fronted by a whirling dervish of singer guitarist who in the standard PR band head shot looks like she wouldn't hurt a fly; yet give her a guitar, a Marshall stack and a mic and stand back, way back. She shreds. File under - Do Not Overlook and Go Tell Your Friends #Quote by Dave Allen
Blondy Singer quotes by Bob Dylan
#33. Having hits buries a singer in the past. A lot of singers hide in the past because it's safer back there. If you've ever heard today's country music, you'll know what I'm talking about. #Quote by Bob Dylan
Blondy Singer quotes by India De Beaufort
#34. I had no interest in being an actress what so ever, and when I was about 14 or 15, I was signed to a company in England. They owned a children's TV show which they put me in as a singer, and I was on the show for three years, and I left the show when I was 18 and started looking for a record contract. #Quote by India De Beaufort
Blondy Singer quotes by Peter Singer
#35. It takes twenty-one pounds of protein fed to a calf to produce a single pound of animal protein for humans. We get back less than 5 percent of what we put in. #Quote by Peter Singer
Blondy Singer quotes by Kylie Minogue
#36. People see me as Kylie the singer. It would be a dream for me to be taken seriously as an actress. #Quote by Kylie Minogue
Blondy Singer quotes by Gordon Getty
#37. I'm a terrible singer, but it helps when I have to call a taxi. #Quote by Gordon Getty
Blondy Singer quotes by J.D. Salinger
#38. I said I thought she had a very fine voice.
She nodded. 'I know. I'm going to be a professional singer.'
'Really? Opera?'
'Heavens, no. I'm going to sing jazz on the radio and make heaps of money. Then, when I'm thirty, I shall retire and live on a ranch in Ohio. #Quote by J.D. Salinger
Blondy Singer quotes by Linda Ronstadt
#39. I never thought of myself as a rock singer. I was interested in songs like 'Heart Like a Wheel,' and I liked the others for about 15 minutes. #Quote by Linda Ronstadt
Blondy Singer quotes by J. D. Souther
#40. I grew up with singers. My father's mother sang opera. My dad was a big band singer. I can't remember a time there wasn't music in the house, so I grew up listening to great songwriters - George Gershwin, Cole Porter - and my grandma was playing opera for me before I was 3. #Quote by J. D. Souther

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