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Blonde And Brunette Sister quotes by Francis Galton
#1. People lay too much stress on apparent specialities, thinking overrashly that, because a man is devoted to some particular pursuit, he could not possibly have succeeded in anything else. They might just as well say that, because a youth had fallen desperately in love with a brunette, he could not possibly have fallen in love with a blonde. He may or may not have more natural liking for the former type of beauty than the latter, but it is as probable as not that the affair was mainly or wholly due to a general amorousness of disposition. It is just the same with special pursuits. A gifted man is often capricious and fickle before he selects his occupation, but when it has been chosen, he devotes himself to it with a truly passionate ardour. After a man of genius has selected his hobby, and so adapted himself to it as to seem unfitted for any other occupation in life, and to be possessed of but one special aptitude, I often notice, with admiration, how well he bears himself when circumstances suddenly thrust him into a strange position. He will display an insight into new conditions, and a power of dealing with them, with which even his most intimate friends were unprepared to accredit him. #Quote by Francis Galton
Blonde And Brunette Sister quotes by Lidia Longorio
#2. You're going to bed
I'm just waking up
You say Namoi
I say hello
You have blonde hair
I'm a brunette
We're both artists
With different interpretations
Staying up late to talk to each other
Those differences and similarities are what makes our friendship so special #Quote by Lidia Longorio
Blonde And Brunette Sister quotes by Jennifer Estep
#3. Say that Finnegan Lane was something of a womanizer was like telling someone that it was a little steamy in the South in the summertime. Old, young, fat, thin, blonde, brunette, bald, toothless, face like a steel trap, Finn didn't care as long as it was breathing, female, and had the breasts to prove it. He wasn't even particular about how perky they were. #Quote by Jennifer Estep
Blonde And Brunette Sister quotes by Cassandra Clare
#4. A moment later, Helen had returned; she was walking slowly now, and carefully, her hand on the back of a thin boy with a mop of wavy brown hair. He couldn't have been older than twelve, and Clary recognized him immediately. Helen, her hand firmly clamped around the wrist of a younger boy whose hands were covered with blue wax. He must have been playing with the tapers in the huge candelabras that decorated the sides of the nave. He looked about twelve, with an impish grin and the same wavy, bitter-chocolate hair as his sister.

Jules, Helen had called him. Her little brother.

The impish grin was gone now. He looked tired and dirty and frightened. Skinny wrists stuck out of the cuffs of a white mourning jacket whose sleeves were too long for him. In his arms he was carrying a little boy, probably not more than two years old, with the same wavy brown hair that he had; it seemed to be a family trait. The rest of his family wore the same borrowed mourning clothes: following Julian was a brunette girl about ten, her hand firmly clasped in the hold of a boy the same age: the boy had a sheet of tangled black hair that nearly obscured his face. Fraternal twins, Clary guessed. After them came a girl who might have been eight or nine, her face round and very pale between brown braids.

The misery on their faces cut at Clary's heart. She thought of her power with runes, wishing that she could create one that would soften the blow of loss. Mourning runes ex #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Blonde And Brunette Sister quotes by Howard Mittelmark
#5. Remember: blonde, brunette, and redhead are not personality types. #Quote by Howard Mittelmark
Blonde And Brunette Sister quotes by Laura Bell Bundy
#6. I don't think I was bullied. If I was bullied, I fought back or turned the other cheek. I have been put in a box, I guess: "Oh you're blonde, you can't play brunette." And I'm always like: "You know what? I'm going to prove you wrong, I'm going to make my hair brown." #Quote by Laura Bell Bundy
Blonde And Brunette Sister quotes by Tess Oliver
#7. We're going to be matchmakers and find the perfect girl for Barrett."
"I already told them that every girl is perfect, and that's the problem--cant pick just one."
"You're full of shit," Taylor waved him off. "All right, first of all--do you prefer brunette, blonde, ginger, or bald?"
"Yes," Barrett said confidently.
"Which one?" Taylor asked.
"All of them."
"Even bald?" I asked.
He shrugged. "Could be sexy. #Quote by Tess Oliver
Blonde And Brunette Sister quotes by Loni Anderson
#8. As a brunette, I had previously been this serious actress. Then I became a blonde and got to play a completely different, comic role. #Quote by Loni Anderson
Blonde And Brunette Sister quotes by Georgette Heyer
#9. Meg, as good-natured as her mother and brother, would have been amiable to anyone for whom her kindness had been solicited. Had she found herself confronted by a dazzling blonde she would not have spurned Kitty; but it could not be denied that the discovery that Miss Charing was a brunette immediately confirmed her in her conviction that she would like her prodigiously. #Quote by Georgette Heyer
Blonde And Brunette Sister quotes by Marilyn Monroe
#10. I remember when I got the part in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Jane Russell - she was the brunette in it and I was the blonde. She got $200,000 for it, and I got my $500 a week, but that to me was, you know, considerable. She, by the way, was quite wonderful to me. The only thing was I couldn't get a dressing room. Finally, I really got to this kind of level and I said, "Look, after all, I am the blonde, and it is Gentlemen Prefer Blondes!" Because still they always kept saying, "Remember, you're not a star." I said, "Well, whatever I am, I am the blonde! #Quote by Marilyn Monroe
Blonde And Brunette Sister quotes by Walter Moers
#11. Picture to yourself the most beautiful girl imaginable! She was so beautiful that there would be no point, in view of my meagre talent for storytelling, in even trying to put her beauty into words. That would far exceed my capabilities, so I'll refrain from mentioning whether she was a blonde or a brunette or a redhead, or whether her hair was long or short or curly or smooth as silk. I shall also refrain from the usual comparisons where her complexion was concerned, for instance milk, velvet, satin, peaches and cream, honey or ivory, Instead, I shall leave it entirely up to your imagination to fill in this blank with your own ideal of feminine beauty. #Quote by Walter Moers
Blonde And Brunette Sister quotes by Famke Janssen
#12. I felt different born into a family with two sisters who are blonde and blue-eyed, with me being the only brunette. #Quote by Famke Janssen
Blonde And Brunette Sister quotes by Guy De Maupassant
#13. A boat with an awning and containing four women came slowly downstream towards them. The woman at the oars was small, lean, and past her prime. She wore her hair pinned up inside an oilskin hat. Opposite her a big blonde dressed in a man's jacket was lying on her back at the bottom of the boat with a foot resting on the thwart on either side of the oarswoman. The blonde was smoking a cigarette and with each jerk of the oars her bosom and belly quivered. At the very stern of the boat under the awning two beautiful, tall, slender girls, one blonde and the other brunette, sat with their arms round each other's waists watching their two companions.

A shout went up from La Grenouillere: "Aye-aye! Lesbos!" and suddenly a wild clamor broke out. In the terrifying scramble to see, glasses were knocked over and people started climbing on the tables. Everyone began to chant "Lesbos! Lesbos! Lesbos!" The words merged into a vague howl before suddenly starting up again, rising into the air, filling the plain beyond, resounding in the dense foliage of the tall surrounding trees and echoing in the distance as if aimed at the sun itself. #Quote by Guy De Maupassant
Blonde And Brunette Sister quotes by Anonymous
#14. --A blonde finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her so she goes out and buys a gun. When she goes to her boyfriend's house she indeed finds him with a redhead. She's about to shoot him and then, stricken by grief, she pulls the gun on herself. Her boyfriend yells to her, "No, don't do this!" "Shut up!" she yells back at him. "You're next, you bastard!" --A brunette, a redhead and a blonde were all talking one day. The #Quote by Anonymous
Blonde And Brunette Sister quotes by Joris-Karl Huysmans
#15. One of these, bearing the name of Crampton, is an adorable blonde with a shrill voice, a long slender body imprisoned in a shiny brass corset, and supple catlike movements; a smart golden blonde whose extraordinary grace can be quite terrifying when she stiffens her muscles of steel, sends the sweat pouring down her steaming flanks, sets her elegant wheels spinning in their wide circles, and hurtles away, full of life, at the head of an express or a boat-train.
The other, Engerth by name, is a strapping saturnine brunette given to uttering raucous, guttural cries, with a thickset figure encased in armor-plating of cast iron; a monstrous creature with her disheveled mane of black smoke and her six wheels coupled together low down, she gives an indication of her fantastic strength when, with an effort that shakes the very earth, she slowly and deliberately drags along her heavy train of goods-wagons. #Quote by Joris-Karl Huysmans
Blonde And Brunette Sister quotes by Sean  Parnell
#16. Some of the guys said he's been macking on this little brunette who works in operations."

"What, are you jealous?"

Oh my God, why did I say that?

As the SOG, or Special Operations Group, team leader, Colt was one of the few men who knew what Meg really did for the CIA.
He'd been around the block a few times, and with multiple tours in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, he had a disarming manner
that Meg found sexy. It didn't hurt that he was good-looking and believed she was an asset for the Algiers station.

The only problem was that he treated Meg like she was his little sister.

"Why would I be jealous?" he asked with a confused look that annoyed the hell out of Meg #Quote by Sean Parnell
Blonde And Brunette Sister quotes by Amy Harmon
#17. What do you get when you offer a blonde a penny for her thoughts?" Maggie asked randomly.

"Huh?" Johnny shot a look at her from under his hood.

"It's a joke." What do you get when you offer a blonde a penny for her thoughts?"


"Change," Maggie supplied, waggling her eyebrows. Johnny stared at her for a moment and shook his head. Maggie tried again.

"What do you call a brunette with a blonde on either side?"

Johnny didn't reply.

"An interpreter," Maggie answered, a little less cheerfully this time. Johnny didn't even look up from the car's engine.

"What did the blonde say when she looked in the box of Cheerios?" she said, her voice subdued. This was her favorite one. It used to be his.

No reply again.

"Oh, look! Donut seeds..." Maggie's voice faded off.

Johnny slammed the hood and wiped his hands on a nearby rag.

"Did I used to laugh at your jokes?" he asked brusquely.

"Only the blond jokes. I used to tell knock knock jokes but you told me they were terrible #Quote by Amy Harmon
Blonde And Brunette Sister quotes by Pepe Reina
#18. I can't believe so much media attention is being paid to Fernando Torres and his loss of form, when the answer is staring us all in the face. It's his hair. His moping and ineffectual performances began just in time for the World Cup, which took place just after he substituted his dodgy blonde locks for a more serious brunette do #Quote by Pepe Reina
Blonde And Brunette Sister quotes by Starley Ard
#19. I had a dream that I had brown hair…I woke up and ran to the mirror…Phew! I'm still a blonde. #Quote by Starley Ard
Blonde And Brunette Sister quotes by Laura Bell Bundy
#20. And there's been occasions where I've gone brown and got parts! I'm not above doing that! I hope after this, I can get a role where it won't be: "Oh, you can't play any role other than a blonde." I'm proud of being a blonde. I'd be proud of being a brunette or a red-head. I don't think it matters. #Quote by Laura Bell Bundy
Blonde And Brunette Sister quotes by Rex Stout
#21. To drink champagne with a blonde at one elbow and a brunette at the other gives a man a sense of well-being, and #Quote by Rex Stout
Blonde And Brunette Sister quotes by Florence Welch
#22. I've built my wardrobe color palette around red, so I'm happy with it, but I do get pangs when I see beautiful brunettes. I've already been blue, green, black, and blonde. #Quote by Florence Welch
Blonde And Brunette Sister quotes by Brittainy C. Cherry
#23. No," he said harshly, plopping down on the living room couch. "Then what was it?" "Her hair." "Huh?" "Her hair. On the app, she was a brunette, but when I got there, she was a blonde." I blinked repeatedly. Full-on blank stare. "Come again?" "I'm just saying, it's obvious that if she'd lie about something like that, she'd lie about gonorrhea and chlamydia." The #Quote by Brittainy C. Cherry
Blonde And Brunette Sister quotes by Amelia Hutchins
#24. I go in on your arm and we separate. To make me look unavailable, since Vlad likes what he can't have, I play dumb blonde and make myself sexy." I glared as Adam barked with laughter at my words."No going off of the plan, when he takes you in the back room - and he will, you work the information out of him without blowing your cover, or him." I shot the glare to Ryder. "I have no intention of bobbing on Vlad's knob. Or yours." I tossed into remove the wide smirk my response had given him and it worked. #Quote by Amelia Hutchins
Blonde And Brunette Sister quotes by Kemp Muhl
#25. When I was young I had this blonde haircut that was shaved on one side with a rat tail and tram lines in it, but I don't really regret that. It was really elaborate but I was 12 and it looked cool. It was like what people in Iceland do. #Quote by Kemp Muhl
Blonde And Brunette Sister quotes by Selma Blair
#26. I'm flatchested, I'm short, I'm brunette, I have droopy eyes, and so people have a hard time casting me as a 'beauty.' #Quote by Selma Blair
Blonde And Brunette Sister quotes by Cassandra Clare
#27. But I don't believe I see Valentine Morgenstern. I hear he has charisma enough to draw birds out of trees and convince them to live under the sea, is tall, devastatingly handsome, and has white-blond hair. None of you fits that discription." Magnus paused. "And you don't have white-blonde hair either. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Blonde And Brunette Sister quotes by Paullina Simons
#28. That was his moment in Leningrad, on an empty street, when his life became possible - when Alexander became possible. There he stood as he was - a young Red Army officer in dissolution, all his days stamped with no future and all his appetites unrestrained, on patrol the day war started for Russia. He stood with his rifle slung on his shoulder and cast his wanton eyes on her, eating her ice cream all sunny, singing, blonde, blossoming, breathtaking. He gazed at her with his entire unknowable life in front of him, and this is what he was thinking ...
To cross the street or not to cross?
To follow her? To hop on the bus, after her? What absolute madness. #Quote by Paullina Simons
Blonde And Brunette Sister quotes by Gaelen Foley
#29. Closing the distance between them, he had savored the modest allure of her walk and felt his body respond to the graceful sway of her hips as they approached the pool. He had envisioned her taking off her robe and showing him her slender nakedness, but instead, she had just stood there, as though searching for someone. It skipped through his mind that when he caught up to the girl, he would either apprehend or ravish her. He still wasn't sure which it would be as he stood before her, blocking her escape with a dark, slight smile.
As she peered up at him fearfully from the shadowed folds of her hood, he found himself staring into the bluest eyes he had ever seen. He had only encountered that deep, dream-spun shade of cobalt once in his life before, in the stained glass windows of Chartres Cathedral. His awareness of the crowd them dimmed in the ocean-blue depths of her eyes. 'Who are you?' He did not say a word nor ask her permission. With the smooth self-assurance of a man who has access to every woman in the room, he captured her chin in a firm but gentle grip. She jumped when he touched her, panic flashing in her eyes.
His hard stare softened slightly in amusement at that, but then his faint smile faded, for her skin was silken beneath his fingertips. With one hand, he lifted her face toward the dim torchlight, while the other softly brushed back her hood. Then Lucien faltered, faced with a beauty the likes of which he had never seen.
His very soul grew hushe #Quote by Gaelen Foley
Blonde And Brunette Sister quotes by Colleen Hoover
#30. Are you actually good looking?" she asks skeptically.

"Terribly good looking," I reply.

"Let me guess. Dark hair, brown eyes, great abs, white teeth, Abercrombie & Fitch."

"Close," I say. "Light brown hair, correct on the eyes, abs, and teeth, but American Eagle Outfitters all the way."

"Impressive," she says.

"My turn," I say. "Thick blonde hair, big blue eyes, an adorable little white dress with a matching hat, royal blue skin, and you're about two feet tall."

She laughs loudly. "You have a thing for Smurfette?"

"A guy can dream. #Quote by Colleen Hoover
Blonde And Brunette Sister quotes by Uzodinma Iweala
#31. Niru, you're welcome to stay if you want, Ms. McConnell says to me without looking up from her desk. Without students in the classroom she is much smaller and more feminine. I stare at her legs visible beneath her desk and at the way her blonde hair falls about her face as she reads the New Yorker. Porn makes it look so easy, so casual, so routine. Older women are supposed to crave fresh young meat, to lick their pen tops absentmindedly while thinking about us, to squeeze their legs together in a good faith effort to keep from corrupting the younger generations. And I am supposed to stumble forward both confused and uncontrolled, pulled by my relentless desire like light towards a black hole. Except I am unmoved. I imagine Ms. McConnell naked, perched at the edge of her desk, legs crossed waiting for me to cross the room and give her what she needs. That's how they always say it, that they will take what they want, get what they need, that hardcore sex is good punishment for bad behavior. I wonder if it would set the record straight for me.

It's nice outside, Ms. McConnell says, you should enjoy the day. Her stare makes me feel like she can read my thoughts and I am suddenly embarrassed. #Quote by Uzodinma Iweala
Blonde And Brunette Sister quotes by Karen Ranney
#32. The morning sun danced on her hair, transforming the brown to gold and reddish glints. An errant sunbeam angled over her face, dusting her long lashes with light, accentuating the perfection of her nose, her cheekbones, and the beauty of her complexion. #Quote by Karen Ranney
Blonde And Brunette Sister quotes by Jane Cousins
#33. Matias frowned. Damn, he'd had a vision of this gorgeous woman naked? He hadn't thought he could despise his memory loss any more than he did, but the hits kept on coming. Wait. The blonde had said vision... as in the future? "We're fated to have sex?"
"No!" Quinn shook her head so quickly and vehemently that her teeth all but rattled.
"You sure? You can't seem to stay away from me." He looked down at their close proximity.
"I knew I should have left you to rot in the psych ward strapped to that bed."
Matias frowned. He was having a hard time keeping up with the conversation. "Kinky. Or is that another dream you had starring yours truly? #Quote by Jane Cousins
Blonde And Brunette Sister quotes by Ivana Milicevic
#34. I'm blonde and bad. #Quote by Ivana Milicevic
Blonde And Brunette Sister quotes by Carly Chaikin
#35. I never have had blonde hair. I have never had straight hair. I never wear pink clothes or spray tan and I never wore heels to school. #Quote by Carly Chaikin
Blonde And Brunette Sister quotes by Marie Coulson
#36. I took over the business and kept my mother's shop, turning it into a cozy little coffee house under a new name. I went in one day to
get my usual cup of coffee and my life changed forever. A gorgeous, turquoise eyed blonde came crashing into my life and knocked me off my feet.
She was fiery, strong and infuriatingly stubborn. I was hooked. She stained my shirt and stole my heart right there in that shop and I haven't been
able to get her out of my mind since. She's amazing and I've fallen head over heels in love with her. She's my happily ever after. #Quote by Marie Coulson

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