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Blocs quotes by Ian Bremmer
#1. Strong states and blocs of strong states are the only source of power and legitimacy capable of driving an international agenda in today's world. #Quote by Ian Bremmer
Blocs quotes by Daniel Altman
#2. Pretty soon, we should see a few large regional blocs dominating global trade. The ones that lower trade barriers faster will grow faster. #Quote by Daniel Altman
Blocs quotes by Jane Jacobs
#3. Nations are political and military entities, and so are blocs of nations. But it doesn't necessarily follow from this that they are also the basic, salient entities of economic life or that they are particularly useful for probing the mysteries of economic structure, the reasons for rise and decline of wealth. Indeed, the failure of national governments and blocs of nations to force economic life to do their bidding suggests some sort of essential irrelevance. #Quote by Jane Jacobs
Blocs quotes by Markus Wolf
#4. The particular feature of Berlin - well, all you need to do is look at the map: the geographical position of the city right in the heart of Europe, and the separation of the most powerful two blocs we've ever had in history, which went all the way through Germany. #Quote by Markus Wolf
Blocs quotes by Eliot Spitzer
#5. In the melting pot that is America, inclusive trumps exclusive. Whether it's single women, young adults, or minorities, alienating the rapidly growing voting blocs is not smart politics. #Quote by Eliot Spitzer
Blocs quotes by Lech Walesa
#6. I believed it would succeed. It was Polish Solidarity and its victory that put an end to the old era when what mattered were borders and rival blocs. #Quote by Lech Walesa
Blocs quotes by Scott Anderson
#7. All of this would quickly make military considerations in the Middle East subordinate to political ones, and move the decision-making process away from military officers in the field to diplomats and politicians huddled in staterooms. If the chief distinguishing characteristic of the former had been their ineptitude, at least their intent had been clear; with the rise of the statesmen, and with different power blocs jockeying for advantage, all was about to become shrouded in treachery and byzantine maneuver. #Quote by Scott Anderson
Blocs quotes by Pope John Paul II
#8. Yes, the South-becoming always poorer-and the North-becoming always richer ... Richer, too in the resources of weapons with which the superpowers and blocs can mutually threaten each other. In the light of Christ's words (Mt. 25), this poor South will judge the rich North. And the poor people and poor nations-poor in different ways, not only lacking food, but also deprived of freedom and other human right-will judge those people who take these goods away from them, amassing to themselves the imperialist monopoly and political supremacy at the expense of others. #Quote by Pope John Paul II
Blocs quotes by Najib Mikati
#9. I announce the resignation of the government, perhaps as the only way for Lebanon's main political blocs to assume their responsibilities and come together to pull Lebanon out of an unknown tunnel. #Quote by Najib Mikati
Blocs quotes by Frank Herbert
#10. It was a BuSab axiom that all power blocs tended toward aristocratic forms, that the descendants of decision makers dominated the power niches. #Quote by Frank Herbert
Blocs quotes by Hjalmar Branting
#11. As long as the problem of world reconstruction remains the center of interest for all nations, blocs having similar attitudes will form and operate even within the League itself. #Quote by Hjalmar Branting
Blocs quotes by Gustav Heinemann
#12. I appeal to the responsibility of the blocs and the major powers, not to seek security in the arms race, but rather in a meeting for joint disarmament and arms limitations. #Quote by Gustav Heinemann
Blocs quotes by Lech Walesa
#13. Irrespective of todays judgment and the price we had to pay in this generation, we were able to close an epoch of divisions, different blocs and borders, opening the way for an era of globalization. #Quote by Lech Walesa
Blocs quotes by Rosabeth Moss Kanter
#14. Organizational structures that allow divisions and departments to own their turf and people with long tenure to take root creates the same hardened group distinctions as Congressional redistricting to produce homogeneous voting blocs - all of which makes it easier to resist compromise, let alone collaboration. #Quote by Rosabeth Moss Kanter
Blocs quotes by Robert J. McMahon
#15. The military-strategic dimensions of world order were, in American thinking, inseparable from the economic dimensions. US planners viewed the establishment of a freer and more open international economic system as equally indispensable to the new order they were determined to construct from the ashes of history's most horrific conflict. Experience had instructed them, Secretary of State Cordell Hull recalled, that free trade stood as an essential prerequisite for peace. The autarky, closed trading blocs, and nationalistic barriers to foreign investment and currency convertibility that had characterized the depression decade just encouraged interstate rivalry and conflict. A #Quote by Robert J. McMahon
Blocs quotes by Angela Merkel
#16. History has often showed us the strength of the forces that are unleashed by the yearning for freedom. It moved people to overcome their fears and openly confront dictators such as in East Germany and Eastern Europe about 22 years ago. [ ... ] The yearning for freedom cannot be contained by walls for long. It was this yearning that brought down the Iron Curtain that divided Germany and Europe, and indeed the world, into two blocs. #Quote by Angela Merkel
Blocs quotes by Enrique Pena Nieto
#17. There is an opportunity to consolidate the North American region as a more competitive region, a more productive region that will be more competitive than other blocs that have integrated in the rest of the world. #Quote by Enrique Pena Nieto
Blocs quotes by Rohini Mohan
#18. Even in pre-independence Sri Lanka, or Ceylon as it was once known, school and college enrolment among Tamils exceeded that of other ethnicities in the country. Gradually, differences in educational attainment came to form the identities of the Tamil and Sinhalese communities, which grew into separate ethnic blocs, each of which considered itself wronged by the other. #Quote by Rohini Mohan
Blocs quotes by Guillaume Faye
#19. We are returning to the archaic, that is, the eternal condition of mankind, which the brief parenthesis of 'modernity' made us forget, in other words, the rivalry of peoples, of ethnic and cultural blocs and of civilisations. #Quote by Guillaume Faye

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