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Blasius Chevy quotes by L. H. Cosway
#1. Are these ... ." "The keys to my Chevy," I said tenderly. "But why are you giving them to me?" "Because I wanted to give you something, and I remembered you once telling me how much you loved the Chevy, how you'd like to have a car just like it one day. Well, now you do." When she looked at me, her eyes shone with emotion. "That's your favorite car. It's the first car you ever owned. You love that car." "True, but I love you more. Now the thing I love most has something I love dearly, #Quote by L. H. Cosway
Blasius Chevy quotes by Taylor Hawkins
#2. I don't take breaks, man. In the past, I used to spend my free time getting in trouble, and now I spend it working on my music. If I'm not playing drums with my cover band, Chevy Metal, I'm working on songs for myself. #Quote by Taylor Hawkins
Blasius Chevy quotes by Richard Stark
#3. When a fresh-faced guy in a Chevy offered him a lift, Parker told him to go to hell. #Quote by Richard Stark
Blasius Chevy quotes by Brian D'Ambrosio
#4. Inevitable pickup trucks complete with full gun racks,
fishing poles,
and big, sneering dogs in the back,
line the streets and parking lots.
Meek murmur of autumn skies,
Ford and Chevy outfits to roll through town,
as people get ready for a long, gray, foggy winter,
big, four-wheel-drive pickups with snow blades attached,
the box loaded down,
with a high stack of cordwood topped by a huge elk carcass,
to go disheartened in the midst of wretched weather,
cold, raw, continually snowing. #Quote by Brian D'Ambrosio
Blasius Chevy quotes by Amy Clipston
#5. I Know an easier way to fix though,

Oh Yeah? I am all ears, because it's giving me a fit.

Trade it for a chevy #Quote by Amy Clipston
Blasius Chevy quotes by Chevy Chase
#6. I was always the guy getting kicked out of my classes at school for having an attitude problem. #Quote by Chevy Chase
Blasius Chevy quotes by Missy Robertson
#7. Missy

As Jessica mentioned earlier in the book, I also have to laugh when I hear people talk about Korie, Jessica, and me as gold diggers. I think, Oh please! Jase was skinning raccoons for extra money when Cole (our second child) was born! The only gold I was interested in was Jason's old gold-colored Chevy, because it had a bench seat and I could snuggle up to him while he drove. #Quote by Missy Robertson
Blasius Chevy quotes by Chevy Chase
#8. You could knock my teeth out and break my nose, and there'd be something funny about it to me. #Quote by Chevy Chase
Blasius Chevy quotes by Jane Smiley
#9. When I came home for the summer after my first year of college, I told my mother that my best friend and I were driving to California. She laughed out loud - 2,000 miles in a what? Well, my best friend had an old Chevy. What could go wrong? #Quote by Jane Smiley
Blasius Chevy quotes by David Levithan
#10. It's always a low when life beings to imitate an old Chevy Chase movie. #Quote by David Levithan
Blasius Chevy quotes by Katie McGarry
#11. Sometimes a good girl needs to be bad. #Quote by Katie McGarry
Blasius Chevy quotes by Chevy Chase
#12. Fame is a very unnatural human condition. When you stop to realize that Abraham Lincoln was probably never seen by more than 400 people in a single evening, and that I can enter over 40 million homes in a single evening due to the power of television, you have to admit the situation is not normal. #Quote by Chevy Chase
Blasius Chevy quotes by Chevy Chase
#13. I don't know if my looks will ever get any better, but my pratfalls sure won't. #Quote by Chevy Chase
Blasius Chevy quotes by MGMT
#14. Indie Rokkers"

i like the line between your belly and your thighs
the smell of your hair
the sparkle in your eyes
the smoke in your breath
the breathing hard and heavy
the back of your neck
the shine on your Chevy
the moon was so big when i drove it to the levy, girl

i found blood and i saw stars
all in the backseat of your car
and i told you it was love
but you don't wanna know the truth
i was young and in my prime
with my heart still filled with fear
and it goes on bleedin'

the clean dreams, the sexy limousine
Jason's (?) got the energy he used to be a coke fien
the skinny brown arms coming round in your shirt
heart is in the right place brain is in the dirt
you live life like everyone's an enemy

i found blood and i saw stars
all in the backseat of your car
and i told you it was love
but you don't wanna know the truth
i was young and in my prime
with my heart still filled with fear
and it goes on bleedin #Quote by MGMT
Blasius Chevy quotes by Katie McGarry
#15. Pigpen pushes off the wall. "Won't be far."
Which means he'll be outside the door, standing guard. #Quote by Katie McGarry
Blasius Chevy quotes by Chevy Stevens
#16. I always write too long in the beginning, then it is a matter of going through it over and over again on subsequent drafts, looking for anything that slows down the narrative. It can be hard, cutting out parts I love, but I try to make the book as tight as possible so that the reader doesn't get bored. #Quote by Chevy Stevens
Blasius Chevy quotes by Leland Orser
#17. My very first role was with James Earl Jones on 'Gabriel's Fire' on TV. He drove a Chevy Citation, which is the exact same car that I bought from a guy in San Francisco called Sandy Boone. I showed up on set, and James Earl Jones was driving the car I had bought from Sandy for $250. #Quote by Leland Orser
Blasius Chevy quotes by Christopher Walken
#18. A good actor is like a racehorse or a Ferrari. If a cylinder is missing on a Chevy, it's doesn't matter that much. But if something's not working right on a Ferrari, it makes a big difference. It's the three percent that makes the difference between good and great. It's a fine line. If you're not there, it's very painful. #Quote by Christopher Walken
Blasius Chevy quotes by Chevy Chase
#19. The first thing that happens is that you're overwhelmed by so much attention. It's just so unnatural. Only people who've been in that position can realize what it's like. I mean, you have to be there. #Quote by Chevy Chase
Blasius Chevy quotes by Chevy Chase
#20. My father was the funniest guy I ever met. I'm not sure if I stole his stuff or if I inherited it. #Quote by Chevy Chase
Blasius Chevy quotes by Charlie LeDuff
#21. Ford and General Motors executives made a big deal of the occasion by driving to Washington in their hybrid vehicles. Mulally of Ford came in an Escape SUV hybrid. Wagoner of General Motors was chauffeured in a Chevy Malibu hybrid.
Poor Bob Nardelli of Chrysler. The pickings were slim. Chrysler, known more for the styling of it's bodies than for its technological savvy, sent Nardelli to Washington in an Aspen Hybrid SUV, about the only "green" thing Chrysler had to offer. Problem is, it was a terrible vehicle and unreliable.
Despite being partially powered by a battery, the Aspen ran on a V-8 Hemi and got less than twenty miles to the gallon. The charging system was flawed and difficult to service.
His driver was Mike Carlisle, the homicide detective who had retired from the Detroit Police Department just a month earlier.
The media was invited to snap bon voyage photographs in Detroit, which they dutifully filed. What they did not see -and what Carlisle later told me- was that there were two engineers tailing Nardelli at a discreet three-mile buffer, carrying laptops and a trunk full of tolls in case the Aspen broke down. Even Chrysler didn't trust their products. #Quote by Charlie LeDuff
Blasius Chevy quotes by Katie McGarry
#22. That's my dysfunction in the hallway. #Quote by Katie McGarry
Blasius Chevy quotes by Chevy Chase
#23. Any good actor has to have a good sense of humour, too; they have to be able to manipulate people. #Quote by Chevy Chase
Blasius Chevy quotes by Chevy Chase
#24. We never could have performed live for an hour and a half every week if we were doing drugs. #Quote by Chevy Chase
Blasius Chevy quotes by Chevy Chase
#25. Let's not call physical comedy falling down and pratfalls. All humor is physical, no matter how you dish it out. It's timing, like a dancer or an athlete would have. #Quote by Chevy Chase
Blasius Chevy quotes by Shelly Laurenston
#26. And a little duct tape on the gunshot wounds will stop the bleeding."
"You're not a headlight on an old Chevy," Berg told her. #Quote by Shelly Laurenston
Blasius Chevy quotes by Chevy Chase
#27. A laugh is a surprise. And all humor is physical. I was always athletic, so that came naturally to me. #Quote by Chevy Chase
Blasius Chevy quotes by Danny Pudi
#28. You know, you're just sitting with Chevy, then you're doing a scene with him and acting, and all of a sudden you go, 'Omigod, that's Chevy Chase!' And then you've got to keep acting. 'Danny, your lines? Your lines ... ? You've got to keep going!' 'Oh, sorry, sorry!' #Quote by Danny Pudi
Blasius Chevy quotes by Eden Connor
#29. Let you win? I heard somethin' about that chivalry shit, but when I get behind a start line, the only gender I see is Ford or Chevy. #Quote by Eden Connor
Blasius Chevy quotes by Chevy Chase
#30. Some Harvard guy said that acid would open our minds, pot wouldn't hurt us, and cocaine was benign. #Quote by Chevy Chase
Blasius Chevy quotes by Chevy Stevens
#31. I didn't know what to do with this new reality, the horror of my conception. I wanted to bury it in the backyard, far away from anyone's eyes. My skin crawled with knowledge, with the evil that I'd looked into, that had created me. I took long showers. Nothing helped. The dirt was on the inside. (31) #Quote by Chevy Stevens
Blasius Chevy quotes by Chevy Stevens
#32. If you want to become a writer, you do need to be willing to make sacrifices. #Quote by Chevy Stevens
Blasius Chevy quotes by Laurie Notaro
#33. It was the gift that every girl dreams of, to be dead long enough for your parents to realize how meaningless their lives were without you, how they were suddenly and at once deeply sorrowed at all of the horrible injustices they caused you, how they had truly never appreciated your natural gifts of beauty and grace, being that their beautiful angel would have such a short time on earth and should have spent that time driving the restored 1965 convertible Mustang she had openly AND PUBLICLY desired. But nope, she spent her last, short, fleeting moments driving a 1980 Chevy Citation, every so clearly a GRANDMA car, with fake red-velvet upholstery, a hatchback, and an interior that smelled like spoiled milk and sometimes meat. Being temporarily run over by a car was the best present I had ever received, and I didn't even have to do anything dramatic to get it, like write a note or buy some rope. #Quote by Laurie Notaro
Blasius Chevy quotes by Lisa Unger
#34. Chevy Stevens is in top form. ALWAYS WATCHING is a tense and twisty exploration of dark memories, hidden pasts, and a place that seems like heaven but might be hell. This is a deep and exciting novel, as unsettling as it is gripping. #Quote by Lisa Unger
Blasius Chevy quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#35. Still, to me, the bottom line wasn't about the Dark Book at all. It was about uncovering the details of my sister's secret life. I didn't want the creepy thing. I just wanted to know who or what had killed Alina, and I wanted him or it dead. Then I wanted to go home to my pleasantly provincial po-dunk little town in steamy southern Georgia and forget about everything that had happened to me while I was in Dublin. The Fae didn't visit Ashford? Good. I'd marry a local boy with a jacked-up Chevy pickup truck, Toby Keith singing "Who's Your Daddy?" on the radio, and eight proud generations of honest, hardworking Ashford ancestors decorating his family tree. Short of essential shopping trips to Atlanta, I'd never leave home again. But #Quote by Karen Marie Moning

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