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Black White And Gray quotes by James W. Loewen
#1. By 1970, exclusion was so complete that fewer than 500 black families lived in white suburban neighborhoods in the entire Chicago metropolitan area, and most of those were in just five or six suburbs. #Quote by James W. Loewen
Black White And Gray quotes by Richard Rothstein
#2. De facto segregation, we tell ourselves, has various causes. when African Americans moved into a neighborhood like Ferguson, a few racially prejudiced white families decided to leave, and then as the number of black families grew, the neighborhood deteriorated, and "white flight" followed. Real estate agents steered whites away from black neighborhoods, and blacks away from white ones. Banks discriminated with "redlining," refusing to give mortgages to African Americans or extracting unusually severe terms from them with subprime loans. African Americans haven't generally gotten the educations that would enable them to earn sufficient incomes to live in white suburbs, and, as a result, many remain concentrated in urban neighborhoods. Besides, black families prefer to live with one another.

All this has some truth, but it remains a small part of the truth, submerged by a far more important one: until the last quarter of the twentieth century, racially explicit policies of federal, state, and local governments defined where whites and African Americans should live. Today's residential segregation in the North, South, Midwest, and West is not the unintended consequence of individual choices and of otherwise well-meaning law or regulation but of unhidden public policy that explicitly segregated every metropolitan area in the United States. The policy was so systematic and forceful that its effects endure to the present time. Without our government's purposeful impositi #Quote by Richard Rothstein
Black White And Gray quotes by Lenny Kravitz
#3. I come in with this rock 'n' roll-oriented music, and it's not black enough ... I've always had to deal with this black-white thing. #Quote by Lenny Kravitz
Black White And Gray quotes by Joe Frazier
#4. I know my destiny. I was born into animosity, bigotry and hatred. We had water for white folks, and water for coloured folks. White lines, black lines. I came from Beaufort in South Carolina, and it was tougher than Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi. #Quote by Joe Frazier
Black White And Gray quotes by Debra Anastasia
#5. Deeper into the woods, the inky black threatened to engulf her tiny beam of light. But everything was so clear in its path. Within that beam, she and Blake had danced in the club, twirling in the corner. She had felt his white shirt under her fingers. She had kissed the hollow of his neck. He had touched her so gently, and when his eyes sparked with a naughty idea, he'd tightened his hold on her. Blake. #Quote by Debra Anastasia
Black White And Gray quotes by Muhammad Ali
#6. I have been so great in boxing they had to create an image like Rocky, a white image on the screen, to counteract my image in the ring. America has to have its white images, no matter where it gets them. Jesus, Wonder Woman, Tarzan and Rocky. #Quote by Muhammad Ali
Black White And Gray quotes by Caesar J. B. Squitti
#7. The newest truth about truth lies in the truth that human truths can lie, when they are parts-of-the-truth.
Call them 'white-lies' or 'black-truths', they are both true and a lie. #Quote by Caesar J. B. Squitti
Black White And Gray quotes by Perri Birney
#8. Women of the world, our time has come!

Our leaders have taken us down a road of destruction. Aggressive, masculine reflexes have created more violence and rage, have left us with little hope for remedy in the Middle East or anywhere else. Our hope of
survival lies in honoring the feminine, that which a patriarchal society has tried vehemently to squelch.

Their legacy has left us living in a deluded universe, a world that worships a fixed and righteous view. In order to feel secure, we only welcome change that men in power determine for us. Our patriarchal religions are prime examples of this, creating a one-sided world gone from static, brittle believes.

Let us remember that patriarchy is founded on division not unity. We concentrate on the differences instead of giving importance to the similarities. There is good and bad, there is black and white. We are constantly in a state of opposites. Where does unity come into the picture?

It is no wonder women have been seen as evil, an abhorrent influence that must be destroyed. Intuition, psychic energy, spiritual force, the unknown, creation itself…merely feminine mockeries of sanity - or so it has been claimed by religious men in power. Women have died at the stake for challenging such beliefs, and to this day dogmatic religious views have persisted in undermining the feminine.

Therefore it is up to us to develop a balance between the feminine and the masculine. That's #Quote by Perri Birney
Black White And Gray quotes by George MacDonald
#9. There are many, doubtless, who have not yet got farther in love than their own family; but there are others who have learned that for the true heart there is neither Frenchman nor Englishman, neither Jew nor Greek, neither white nor black - only the sons and daughters of God, only the brothers and sisters of the one elder brother. #Quote by George MacDonald
Black White And Gray quotes by Louis Farrakhan
#10. No candidate at present is thinking of justice for the Black and the Red and the Brown in this manner. And none of them are showing they will accept to let us go to save America from the Wrath of God. So Black and White have to know America now is in the crosshairs of God Himself, the Great Mahdi. #Quote by Louis Farrakhan
Black White And Gray quotes by Slavoj Zizek
#11. For the multiculturalist, white Anglo-Saxon Protestants are prohibited, Italians and Irish get a little respect, blacks are good, native Americans are even better. The further away we go, the more they deserve respect. This is a kind of inverted, patronising respect that puts everyone at a distance. #Quote by Slavoj Zizek
Black White And Gray quotes by Darien Cox
#12. It was a thick black leather, stopping at the waist, and definitely not his style. It looked ridiculous with the white tee shirt. "Come on, Tommy. I can't wear this. I look like something from West Side Story." Tommy #Quote by Darien Cox
Black White And Gray quotes by Dee Juusan
#13. Grey is… such a mean word. I don't remember a time when I thought grey was anything but… pain. No matter how many clothes I've designed, I've always avoided that one colour. It's a colour that is undecided. A colour that is full of heartache, confusion and misunderstanding. Yet it seems… Everyone else chose to be grey. Left all other colours. Left black and it's darkness. Left white and it's lightness. And just, hold on to all shades of grey. To me… Grey is not a colour no a feeling. Grey is… you and me. #Quote by Dee Juusan
Black White And Gray quotes by Bell Hooks
#14. Hip-Hop is diverse. But the white, capitalist producers and distributors of Hip-Hop are most interested in the Hip-Hip that is misogynist, that is Black-hating, that is pugilistic, that is to say all about fighting and war and killing and gangsterism. #Quote by Bell Hooks
Black White And Gray quotes by Christian Rudder
#15. Unlike other features on OkCupid, there is no visual component to match percentage. The number between two people only reflects what you might call their inner selves - everything about what they believe, need, and want, even what they think is funny, but nothing about what they look like. Judging by just this compatibility measure, the four largest racial groups on OkCupid - Asian, black, Latino, and white - all get along about the same.1 In fact, race has less effect on match percentage than religion, politics, or education. Among the details that users believe are important, the closest comparison to race is Zodiac sign, which has no effect at all. To a computer not acculturated to the categories, "Asian" and "black" and "white" could just as easily be "Aries" and "Virgo" and "Capricorn." But this racial neutrality is only in theory; things change once the users' own opinions, and not just the color-blind workings of an algorithm, come into play. #Quote by Christian Rudder
Black White And Gray quotes by Idris Elba
#16. Are there differences between black actors' opportunities and white actors' opportunities? Yes, there are. It's been said. #Quote by Idris Elba
Black White And Gray quotes by Steven Wright
#17. I'm seeing the world partially through the eyes of a kid. Not all the time. There's no black and white to it. But sometimes I'm seeing it like I'm 4. #Quote by Steven Wright
Black White And Gray quotes by Henry Louis Gates
#18. I got a letter from this lady of Russian and Jewish descent. She asked me if I was a racist because I didn't do any White people. [laughter] I was shocked, because my mandate is to do Black studies. It would have never occurred to me if this lady hadn't written this letter. We decided we were going expand the brand and do everybody. #Quote by Henry Louis Gates
Black White And Gray quotes by Mishell Baker
#19. He put an arm around me and helped me across the lawn into the passenger's seat. The inside was red and white as a strawberry sundae, with black analog gauges. It was inefficient and sprawling; it screamed of hubris and excess and obsolescence; it was America on wheels. #Quote by Mishell Baker
Black White And Gray quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
#20. There is at the outset a very obvious and almost facile connection between the war in Vietnam and the struggle I, and others, have been waging in America. A few years ago there was a shining moment in that struggle. It seemed as if there was a real promise of hope for the poor
both black and white
through the poverty program. There were experiments, hopes, new beginnings. Then came the buildup in Vietnam and I watched the program broken and eviscerated as if it were some idle political plaything of a society gone mad on war, and I knew that America would never invest the necessary funds or energies in rehabilitation of its poor so long as adventures like Vietnam continued to draw men and skills and money like some demonic destructive suction tube. #Quote by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Black White And Gray quotes by Sylvia Plath
#21. When I was nineteen, pureness was the great issue. Instead of the world being divided up into Catholics and Protestants, or Republicans and Democrats, or white men and black men, or even men and women, I saw the world divided into people who had slept with somebody and people who hadn't; and this seemed the only really significant difference between one person and another. #Quote by Sylvia Plath
Black White And Gray quotes by Hanif Abdurraqib
#22. The daughter of a black man murdered on camera by police runs an ad for a presidential candidate and white people who support the candidate are so moved by her retelling of life without her father. And I do imagine that it must be something, to be able to decide at what volume, tone , and tenor you will allow black people to enter your life, for praise of for scolding. #Quote by Hanif Abdurraqib
Black White And Gray quotes by Ibram X. Kendi
#23. Racist Americans stigmatize entire Black neighborhoods as places of homicide and mortal violence but don't similarly connect White neighborhoods to the disproportionate number of While males who engage in mass shootings. #Quote by Ibram X. Kendi
Black White And Gray quotes by Erin Morgenstern
#24. This womens skin is shimmering and pale, her long black hair is tied with dozens of silver ribbons that fall over her shoulders. Her gown is white, covered in what to Bailey looks like looping black embroidery, but as he walks closer he sees that the black marks are actually words written across the fabric. When he is near enough to read parts of the gown, he realizes that they are love letters, inscribed in handwritten text. Words of desire and longing wrapping around her waist, flowing down the train of her gown as it spills over the platform.
The statue herself is still, but her hand is held out and only then does Bailey notice the young woman with a red scarf standing in front of her, offering the love letter-clad statue a sungle crimson rose.
The movement is so subtle that it is almost undetectable, but slowly, very, very slowly, the statue reaches to accept the rose.
Her fingers open, and the young woman with the rose waits patiently as the statue gradually closes her hand around the stem, releasing it only when it is secure.
....The statue is lifting the rose, gradually, to her face. Her eye lids slowly close. #Quote by Erin Morgenstern
Black White And Gray quotes by Michelle Alexander
#25. The fact that some African Americans have experienced great success in recent years does not mean that something akin to a racial caste system no longer exists. No caste system in the United States has ever governed all black people; there have always been "free blacks" and black success stories, even during slavery and Jim Crow. The superlative nature of individual black achievement today in formerly white domains is a good indicator that the old Jim Crow is dead, but it does not necessarily mean the end of racial caste. If history is any guide, it may have simply taken a different form. #Quote by Michelle Alexander
Black White And Gray quotes by Benjamin Todd Jealous
#26. There's sort of a persistent misperception that talking about race is black folk's burden. Ultimately, only men can end sexism, and only white people can end racism. #Quote by Benjamin Todd Jealous
Black White And Gray quotes by Rudyard Kipling
#27. Christmas In India

Dim dawn behind the tamerisks -- the sky is saffron-yellow --
As the women in the village grind the corn,
And the parrots seek the riverside, each calling to his fellow
That the Day, the staring Easter Day is born.
Oh the white dust on the highway! Oh the stenches in the byway!
Oh the clammy fog that hovers
And at Home they're making merry 'neath the white and scarlet berry --
What part have India's exiles in their mirth?

Full day begind the tamarisks -- the sky is blue and staring --
As the cattle crawl afield beneath the yoke,
And they bear One o'er the field-path, who is past all hope or caring,
To the ghat below the curling wreaths of smoke.
Call on Rama, going slowly, as ye bear a brother lowly --
Call on Rama -- he may hear, perhaps, your voice!
With our hymn-books and our psalters we appeal to other altars,
And to-day we bid "good Christian men rejoice!"

High noon behind the tamarisks -- the sun is hot above us --
As at Home the Christmas Day is breaking wan.
They will drink our healths at dinner -- those who tell us how they love us,
And forget us till another year be gone!
Oh the toil that knows no breaking! Oh the Heimweh, ceaseless, aching!
Oh the black dividing Sea and alien Plain!
Youth was cheap -- wherefore we sold it.
Gold was good -- we hoped to hold it,
And to-day we know the fulness of our gain.
#Quote by Rudyard Kipling
Black White And Gray quotes by Bell Hooks
#28. Teaching Black Studies, I find that students are quick to label a black person who has grown up in a predominantly white setting and attended similar schools as "not black enough." ... Our concept of black experience has been too narrow and constricting. #Quote by Bell Hooks
Black White And Gray quotes by Umoja
#29. FACT: The black family (and the black male/black female relationship) was systematically DESTROYED by over 500 years of institutionalized slavery, racism, and racist media stereotypes. The white family was not. #Quote by Umoja
Black White And Gray quotes by David Lyons
#30. It's good to play something that's black and white, and a guy that sees right and wrong. I've never played a character like that. #Quote by David Lyons
Black White And Gray quotes by Aporva Kala
#31. Her eyes were deep blue. Long eye lashes guarded them as if they were
guarding a treasure of immense value. One could feel the freshness of
her milky skin. Her faint odor hung around her and her silken hairs
danced in the wind. She moved in slow, measured steps, her shapely
figure floating in the air. A long, white, silver brocaded gown followed
her as a lone sentry. Now and then she would brush her black hairs
back with a careless flourish and silently admonish the wind with a
nonchalance of a child. #Quote by Aporva Kala
Black White And Gray quotes by Helen Simonson
#32. Look here, it's all very tidy and convenient to see the world in black and white ... It's a particular passion of young men eager to sweep away their dusty elders. However, philosophical rigidity is usually combined with a complete lack of education or real-world experience, and it is often augmented with strange haircuts and an aversion to bathing. #Quote by Helen Simonson
Black White And Gray quotes by Rie Rasmussen
#33. Honestly when you do it black and white, you really have to work your ass off. Because if you make it, make it good. Otherwise, don't pretend. #Quote by Rie Rasmussen
Black White And Gray quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
#34. It is understandable how this shame came into being. The nation made the black man's color a stigma. Even linguistics and semantics conspire to give this impression. If you look in Roget's Thesaurus you will find about 120 synonyms for blacK, and right down the line you will find words like smut, something dirty, worthless, and useless, and then you look further and you find about 120 synonyms for white and they all represent something high, noble, pure, chaste - right down the line. In our language structure, a white lie is a little better than a black lie. Somebody goes wrong in the family and we don't call him a white sheep, we call him a black sheep. We don't say whitemail, but blackmail. We don't speak of white-balling somebody, but black-balling somebody. The word 'black' itself in our society connotes something that is degrading. It was absolutely necessary to come to a moment with a sense of dignity. It is very positive and very necessary. #Quote by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Black White And Gray quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#35. Thirdly, and most importantly, American plantations in places such as Virginia, Haiti and Brazil were plagued by malaria and yellow fever, which had originated in Africa. Africans had acquired over the generations a partial genetic immunity to these diseases, whereas Europeans were totally defenceless and died in droves. It was consequently wiser for a plantation owner to invest his money in an African slave than in a European slave or indentured labourer. Paradoxically, genetic superiority (in terms of immunity) translated into social inferiority: precisely because Africans were fitter in tropical climates than Europeans, they ended up as the slaves of European masters! Due to these circumstantial factors, the burgeoning new societies of America were to be divided into a ruling caste of white Europeans and a subjugated caste of black Africans. #Quote by Yuval Noah Harari
Black White And Gray quotes by Carolyn Gibbs
#36. Claire started to unbutton her blouse and looked over her shoulder at Sam, who tried to discreetly sneak a peek at her. She reached down to the bed and picked up the nightshirt the hotel staff provided, per Lacy's request, an extra-large white cotton T-shirt sporting the hotel's name and logo in classy gray lettering.
They also provided a pair of gray cotton boxers for Sam. He picked them up. "Not bad. They really thought of everything, huh?"
"Yes, it was very thoughtful of Lacy. We won't have to sleep in our clothes," Claire agreed on her way to the bathroom to change.
"Or in the buff, which wouldn't be such a bad thing," Sam said in a low voice.
"I heard that, Sam," Claire yelled from the bathroom.
"Wouldn't be such a bad thing." Sam called back.
"That remains to be seen." She giggled.
"Yeah, well you can't blame a guy for trying. #Quote by Carolyn Gibbs
Black White And Gray quotes by Cornel West
#37. He[Michael Jackson] had a joy in being alive. There was a joy you felt of him on the stage and making us not just feel good but pushing us against ourselves with the "Man in the Mirror," looking at ourselves critically, "Black or White," what does it mean to get caught in a color as opposed to a rich history and culture? #Quote by Cornel West
Black White And Gray quotes by Efrem Smith
#38. It was weird to me to go to school all week and experience racial diversity, but then on Sunday be faced with the option of having to choose between black and white. This didn't seem right to me. The whole world outside of the church seemed to be in full color, but the church looked like the black and white television of the old days. #Quote by Efrem Smith
Black White And Gray quotes by Bell Hooks
#39. Sexism has always been a political stance mediating social domination, enabling white men and black men to share a common sensibility about sex roles and the importance of male domination. #Quote by Bell Hooks
Black White And Gray quotes by Denny Taylor
#40. A girl about her own age reached out and took hold of her hand. The girl was tall and thin. She had long black hair streaked with red, and the whites of her green eyes stood out against the black coal dust that covered her face. Her blue and white dress hung in tatters, and was blackened by coal dust and smeared with blood. The girl smiled and Rosie could see that in her other hand she was holding her red umbrella. #Quote by Denny Taylor
Black White And Gray quotes by Smith Henderson
#41. There was a time with his wife on this river or a river just like it, it can't be this river, but in his memory it is this one. A time on a wash just like this where he lay shirtless with her shivering in the August night, jeans pasted dark and wet to his knocking legs, his torso white to glowing in the moonlight. Her hair tendriled and framed about her face like an outlandish black tattoo. Her wet dress like a sleeve of molting skin, which of a sort it had been that whole night in their dancing. Her heart in its red and white cage knocking just inches from his own, like two young prisoners tapping out simpleton Morse I am here I am here I am here. Here I am for your pleasure for you forever. On a river like this where he impregnated her. A river promise too, he said I love you I love you. Seventeen years old. A pleasure so total that even then he knew he had mortgaged years to her and he did not care. #Quote by Smith Henderson
Black White And Gray quotes by Kendare Blake
#42. It feels so separate, like I've touched something that's taken the color out of me. Or maybe I'm in color now and they're in black and white. #Quote by Kendare Blake
Black White And Gray quotes by Claudia Rankine
#43. There are two worlds out there - two Americas out there. If you're a white person, there's one way of being a citizen in our country, and if you're a brown or a black body, there's another way of being a citizen, and that way is very close to death. It's very close to the loss of your life. #Quote by Claudia Rankine
Black White And Gray quotes by Richard Engel
#44. Ethnically, Tuareg describe themselves as white. And they don't look Arab or black. Many Tuareg have light skin, light eyes and sharp angular noses and cheekbones. They are cousins of the Berbers of North Africa. Some legends say the Tuareg are the decedents of an ancient Roman legion that disappeared into the desert two millennia ago. #Quote by Richard Engel
Black White And Gray quotes by Mark Forsyth
#45. The true paradox is arresting because it breaks all laws, but calming because it breaks all laws, but calming because that is so easy in language. it is easy to write that black is white, that up is down and that good is evil. It's as easy as typing, and as difficult. I can't do it, and I just did. But by breaking the laws of the universe, the true paradox lifts us out of it. The true paradox is, necessarily, a mystical moment, despite the fact that from a writer's point of view it's immensely easy. #Quote by Mark Forsyth
Black White And Gray quotes by Cesar Chavez
#46. Across the San Joaquin valley, across California, across the entire nation, wherever there are injustices against men and women and children who work in the fields - there you will see our flags - with the black eagle with the white and red background, flying. Our movement is spreading like flames across a dry plain. #Quote by Cesar Chavez
Black White And Gray quotes by Mary Oliver
#47. The Turtle

breaks from the blue-black
skin of the water, dragging her shell
with its mossy scutes
across the shallows and through the rushes
and over the mudflats, to the uprise,
to the yellow sand,
to dig with her ungainly feet
a nest, and hunker there spewing
her white eggs down
into the darkness, and you think

of her patience, her fortitude,
her determination to complete
what she was born to do -
and then you realize a greater thing -
she doesn't consider
what she was born to do.
She's only filled
with an old blind wish.
It isn't even hers but came to her
in the rain or the soft wind,
which is a gate through which her life keeps walking.

She can't see
herself apart from the rest of the world
or the world from what she must do
every spring.
Crawling up the high hill,
luminous under the sand that has packed against her skin.
she doesn't dream
she knows

she is a part of the pond she lives in,
the tall tress are her children,
the birds that swim above her
are tied to her by an unbreakable string. #Quote by Mary Oliver
Black White And Gray quotes by Sogyal Rinpoche
#48. Don't let us take doubts with exaggerated seriousness nor let them grow out of proportion, or become black-and-white or fanatical about them. What we need to learn is how slowly to change our culturally conditioned and passionate involvement with doubt into a free, humorous, and compassionate one. This means giving doubts time, and giving ourselves time to find answers to our questions that are not merely intellectual or "philosophical," but living and real and genuine and workable. Doubts cannot resolve themselves immediately; but if we are patient a space can be created within us, in which doubts can be carefully and objectively examined, unraveled, dissolved, and healed. What we lack, especially in this culture, is the right undistracted and richly spacious environment of the mind, which can only be created through sustained meditation practice, and in which insights can be given the change slowly to mature and ripen. 129-130 #Quote by Sogyal Rinpoche

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