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Black Emporium quotes by Ilona Andrews
#1. The black volhv pivoted to me. "I have questions."
"Can it wait?"
"No. Your wedding is in two weeks. Have you prepared your guest list?"
"Why do I need a list? I kind of figured that whoever wanted to show up would show up."
"You need a list so you know how many people you are feeding. Do you have a caterer?"
"But you did order the cake?"
"The person who delivers expensive flowers and sets them up in pretty arrangements everyone ignores?"
Roman blinked. "I'm almost afraid to ask. Do you at least have the dress?"
"Is it white?"
He squinted at me. "Is it a wedding dress?"
"It's a white dress."
"Have you worn it before?"
Ascanio snickered."
"The ring, Kate?"
Oh crap.
Roman heaved a sigh. "What do you think this is, a party where you get to show up, say 'I do,' and go home?"
"Yes?" That's kind of how it went in my head. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Black Emporium quotes by Stephen King
#2. At the end of her life she was aware of heat but not pain. She had time to consider his eyes, eyes of that blue which is the color of the sky at first light of the morning. She had time to think of him on the Drop, riding Rusher flat out with his black hair flying back from his temples and his neckerchief rippling; to see him laughing with an ease and freedom he would never find again in the long life which stretched out for him beyond hers, and it was his laughter she took with her as she went out, fleeing the light and heat in to the silkly, consoling dark, calling to him over and over as she went, calling bird and bear and hare and fish. #Quote by Stephen King
Black Emporium quotes by Maya Dusenbery
#3. A 2016 study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America suggested that health care providers may underestimate black patients' pain in part due to a belief that they simply don't actually feel as much pain - a myth that dates all the way back to the days of slavery. For centuries, the claim that black people were biologically different from whites was 'championed by scientists, physicians, and slave owners alike to justify slavery and the inhumane treatment of black men and women in medical research,' the authors wrote. Black people were thought to have 'thicker skulls, less sensitive nervous systems,' and a super-human ability to 'tolerate surgical operations with little, if any, pain at all.'

In the first phase of the study, over two hundred white medical students and residents were asked whether a series of statements about differences between black and white patients were true or false. Some of the statements were true, while others - for example, 'blacks' skin is thicker than whites' and 'blacks' nerve endings are less sensitive than whites' - were false. They found that a full half of the respondents thought that one or more the false statements - many of which were 'fantastical in nature' - were possibly, probably, or definitely true. Also, notably, many of them didn't agree with the statements that were actually true; only half of the residents knew that white patients are less likely to have heart disease t #Quote by Maya Dusenbery
Black Emporium quotes by Stephanie Lahart
#4. Black Fatherhood is an incomparable gift to Black men that truly comprehend what it means to be called dad, daddy, father, or pops. What a privilege it is to raise a child with patience, understanding, communication, support, encouragement, friendship, guidance, and unconditional love. It is an absolute honor! #Quote by Stephanie Lahart
Black Emporium quotes by Kendal Rob
#5. I just hope that one day, in one gloriously farcical moment I will be taken completely by surprise. I hope that I trip and fall. And when that day comes I hope that all of the doom and gloom that fill my black balloon will burst and ignite something so beautiful, so overwhelming that I find myself seeing beauty in the ugliest of places. #Quote by Kendal Rob
Black Emporium quotes by Peter Matthiessen
#6. In the jungle, during one night in each month, the moths did not come to the lanterns; through the black reaches of the outer night, so it was said, they flew toward the full moon. #Quote by Peter Matthiessen
Black Emporium quotes by Cormac McCarthy
#7. He said that the world was sentient to its core and secret and black beyond men's imagining and that its nature did not reside in what could be seen or not seen. #Quote by Cormac McCarthy
Black Emporium quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#8. Therefore Morgoth came, climbing slowly from his subterranean throne, and the rumour of his feet was like thunder underground. And he issued forth clad in black armour; and he stood before the King like a tower, iron-crowned, and his vast shield, sable unblazoned, cast a shadow over him like a stormcloud. But Fingolfin gleamed beneath it as a star; for his mail was overlaid with silver, and his blue shield was set with crystals; and he drew his sword Ringil, that glittered like ice. #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Black Emporium quotes by Kimberly   Jones
#9. If I right now decided that I wanted to play Monopoly with you, and for 400 rounds of playing Monopoly, I didn't allow you to have any money, I didn't allow you to have anything on the board, I didn't allow for you to have anything, and then we played another 50 rounds of Monopoly and everything that you gained and you earned while you were playing that round of Monopoly was taken from you, that was Tulsa. That was Rosewood. Those are places where we built black economic wealth, where we were self-sufficient, where we owned our stores, where we owned our property, and they burned them to the ground. #Quote by Kimberly Jones
Black Emporium quotes by Jun Mochizuki
#10. I don't really like people who go around brandishing the banner of justice. No matter the reason, where humans are involved there is no black or white, no justice or evil. There is only our will. #Quote by Jun Mochizuki
Black Emporium quotes by George Bishop
#11. I bent down and, and as our lips came together, I understood why people made such a big deal about this. First there was the novelty of it: the weird sensation of my lips pressed against hers, and the warm air sighing in and out of our noses, and the mysterious dark hollows behind our teeth. After that came the disappearing. The walls of the room fell away, the ceiling vanished, and we floated up, up to the stars, suspended in a clear crystal bubble... Our kiss contained us, it contained all of our hopes and fears and wants, and even more. It contained the world: Indians praying to painted gods, and skinny Chinese men pedaling their bicycles to work, and the glossy black water of a bayou at night, where, above it in a soft yellow room, a boy kissed a girl for the very first time while the silver-and-gold sparks of a comet rained down on them...... #Quote by George Bishop
Black Emporium quotes by Holly Black
#12. Mortals are fragile,' I say.
'Not you,' he says in a way that sounds a little like a lament. 'You never break. #Quote by Holly Black
Black Emporium quotes by Mary Lambert
#13. Dear nineteen-year-old self,
I hear you whispering to that flashing black star.
yes, you are ugly in that nightgown.
you are ugly in that silver moon night,
crookedly holding a margarita.
you are as ugly as the day you were born.
as ugly as a field of tulips bursting red
as ugly as glittering snow on evergreens
as ugly as laughter.
mary, do you understand what I am saying?
you are a creation, a gift.
tell them you were born for this life.
tell them your heart is a bludgeoned castle,
tell them you've got room, you've got safe stone.
when they say that you laugh too much,
tell them that your laughter is a skeleton key.
you laugh because you've seen so much dying.
you laugh because living is an absurd joy.
to laugh is to be grateful for salt
for sweat, for crying. you know this.
mary, I know that the kitchen linoleum
feels like an answer to a puzzle.
I know you lay on it, chain-smoking, wishing
you were a supporting actor in someone else's life
or at the very least, a chipping floor.
something that stays in place; something not girl.
mary, stop trying to die #Quote by Mary Lambert
Black Emporium quotes by Michelle Rodriguez
#14. Growing up in Jersey City was interesting. I got to learn a lot about different cultures: I had Hindu friends, Middle Eastern friends, black friends, Spanish friends. #Quote by Michelle Rodriguez
Black Emporium quotes by Marcel Proust
#15. Then from those profound slumbers we awake in a dawn, not knowing who we are, being nobody, newly born, ready for anything, the brain emptied of that past which was life until then. And perhaps it is more wonderful still when our landing at the waking-point is abrupt and the thoughts of our sleep, hidden by a cloak of oblivion, have no time to return to us gradually, before sleep ceases. Then, from the black storm through which we seem to have passed (but we do not even say we), we emerge prostrate, without a thought, a we that is void of content. #Quote by Marcel Proust
Black Emporium quotes by Lorelei James
#16. So suck it up, cream puff, and pour your black heart out, because you know I'm not going anywhere until I either see tears or your gooey marshmallow center. #Quote by Lorelei James
Black Emporium quotes by Rain Carrington
#17. We still have a few hours of our night left. Let's make some food and catch one of those stupid black and white movies on the ancient movie channel or whatever it's called. #Quote by Rain Carrington
Black Emporium quotes by Penelope Ann Miller
#18. Harvey Weinstein bought our film, and he's an animal. He's got us out there campaigning and everything because honestly it's a silent black-and-white film. #Quote by Penelope Ann Miller
Black Emporium quotes by C.S. Lewis
#19. Suppose ... suppose we have only dreamed and made up these things like sun, sky, stars, and moon, and Aslan himself. In that case, it seems to me that the made-up things are a good deal better than the real ones. And if this black pits of a kingdom is the best you can make, then it's a poor world. And we four can make a dream world to lick your real one hollow. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Black Emporium quotes by Lemony Snicket
#20. It's cold outside, Mr. Snicket.'
'So I'll shiver,' I said. 'I've shivered before.'
She looked down at the table and traced her father's name with her black fingernail. 'So have I,' she said. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Black Emporium quotes by Colson Whitehead
#21. Nowdays, Rosie the Rivetere was a former soccer mom who had just opened her own catering business when Last Night came down and her husband and kids were eaten by a parking attendant at the local megamall's discount- appliance emporium. #Quote by Colson Whitehead
Black Emporium quotes by Holly Black
#22. There is always something to lose. #Quote by Holly Black
Black Emporium quotes by Michelle Alexander
#23. The public symbols and constant reminders of black subjugation were supported by whites across the political spectrum, though the plight of poor whites remained largely unchanged. For them, the racial bribe was primarily psychological. #Quote by Michelle Alexander
Black Emporium quotes by Michael Mando
#24. I'm a big fan of 'Orphan Black,' and to be one of the original cast members is something that will always be dear to me. #Quote by Michael Mando
Black Emporium quotes by Michelle Forbes
#25. I've discovered a new affliction; it's called Orphan Black Eyes. When people ask me what I'm working on and I tell them Orphan Black ... they usually clutch a part of my body and their eyes go wide and a little crazy. People are MAD for this show. As am I. #Quote by Michelle Forbes
Black Emporium quotes by Holly Black
#26. I promised myself I would do this, if I ever had the chance again. I promised I would do this the first moment I could.

"I love you," I say #Quote by Holly Black
Black Emporium quotes by Loretta Chase
#27. Holding a large object aloft, she went after him, and the fellow ran. Then something struck the back of Rupert's head. The world went black with flashing lights. The ground opened up under his feet, and down he went. #Quote by Loretta Chase
Black Emporium quotes by Malebo Sephodi
#28. Quote Black Women to keep their words ablaze beyond any fire #Quote by Malebo Sephodi
Black Emporium quotes by J.R. Ward
#29. What you just had is nothing compared to what I want to do to you. I want my head between your legs so I can lick you until you scream my name. Then I want to mount you like an animal and look into your eyes as I come inside you. And after that? I want to take you every way there is. I want to do you from behind. I want to screw you standing up, against the wall. I want you to sit on my hips and ride me until I can't breath. - Rhage to Mary #Quote by J.R. Ward
Black Emporium quotes by Ted Nugent
#30. I stop and think what they call 'punk rock' today ... give me a break! Let me know when they can walk in the vapor trail of Little Richard, which was punk. You've got a gay black guy with a pompadour singing about tutti frutti with your white girl? F-k you! #Quote by Ted Nugent
Black Emporium quotes by Afrika Bambaataa
#31. Everybody needs to show respect to each others' ways and the cultural life that you get on this planet. Don't get caught up on 'I'm brown, black, white, red, blue, whatever.' You gotta ask, what were you called before 1492? All these names we're using now are just an illusion made to keep us fighting each other. #Quote by Afrika Bambaataa
Black Emporium quotes by Arthur Miller
#32. I know what's wrong with me - I could never stand still for death! Which you've got to do by a certain age, or be ridiculous - you've got to stand there nobly and serene, and let death run his tape on your arms and around your belly and up your crotch until he's got you fitted for that black suit. And I can't, I won't! ... So I'm left with wrestling with this anachronistic energy which God has charged me with and I will use it till the dirt is shoveled in my mouth! Life! Life! Fuck death and dying! #Quote by Arthur Miller
Black Emporium quotes by Olivia Cunning
#33. He's really sweet, actually."
"I don't think we're talking about the same Sed. Sedric Lionheart. Tall guy. Broad shoulders. Blue eyes. Short black hair. Body befitting a Greek god. Sings. La la la la. #Quote by Olivia Cunning
Black Emporium quotes by Barack Obama
#34. These days, the House Republicans actually give John Boehner a harder time than they give me. Which means orange really is the new black. #Quote by Barack Obama
Black Emporium quotes by Janet Evanovich
#35. Do you know how to pilot a yacht?" she asked.
"No, I don't, but I thought it would be fun to try it in pitch-black darkness in the middle of the Flores Sea," Nick said, smiling. "They light up the island, right?"
"You're such a smart-ass"
"I known, but I'm a charming smart-ass #Quote by Janet Evanovich

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