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Bills quotes by Dr. Seuss
#1. My uncle ordered popovers from the restaurant's bill of fare. And, when they were served, he regarded them with a penetrating stare. Then he spoke great words of wisdom as he sat there on that chair: "To eat these things," said my uncle, "You must exercise great care. You may swallow down what's solid, but you must spit out the air!" And as you partake of the world's bill of fare, that's darned good advice to follow. Do a lot of spitting out the hot air. And be careful what you swallow. #Quote by Dr. Seuss
Bills quotes by Hope Jahren
#2. Yeah, I know," he agreed. "It was a surprise," he admitted. "I mean, who the hell would have expected a ninety-seven-year-old man to just up and die?" Bill's dad had indeed been only three years from his one-hundredth birthday when he shocked everyone by waking up dead one morning. #Quote by Hope Jahren
Bills quotes by Ted Cruz
#3. It is true that I voted against the National Defense Authorization Act, because when I campaigned in Texas I told voters in Texas that I would oppose the federal government having the authority to detain U.S. citizens permanently with no due process. I have repeatedly supported an effort to take that out of that bill, and I honored that campaign commitment. #Quote by Ted Cruz
Bills quotes by Ernest Hemingway,
#4. Night life is when everybody says what the hell and you do not remember who paid the bill. #Quote by Ernest Hemingway,
Bills quotes by Thomas Hardy
This is the weather the cuckoo likes,
And so do I;
When showers betumble the chestnut spikes,
And nestlings fly;
And the little brown nightingale bills his best,
And they sit outside at 'The Traveller's Rest,'
And maids come forth sprig-muslin drest,
And citizens dream of the south and west,
And so do I.
This is the weather the shepherd shuns,
And so do I;
When beeches drip in browns and duns,
And thresh and ply;
And hill-hid tides throb, throe on throe,
And meadow rivulets overflow,
And drops on gate bars hang in a row,
And rooks in families homeward go,
And so do I. #Quote by Thomas Hardy
Bills quotes by Thomas Harris
#6. What, the Star Wars?" Mapp said. "If the aliens are trying to control Buffalo Bill's thoughts from another planet, Senator Martin can protect him - is that the pitch?" Starling nodded. "A lot of paranoid schizophrenics have that specific hallucination - alien control. If that's the way Bill's wired, maybe this approach could bring him out. It's a damn good shot, though, and she stood up there and fired it, didn't she? #Quote by Thomas Harris
Bills quotes by Dee Dee Myers
#7. When I became White House press secretary, there were other limitations that were thrust upon me. Bill Clinton was under pressure to appoint women to visible positions. I was 31, I'd never worked in Washington. Was I ready for this large and visible job? Still he wanted the credit. So he gave me the job but diminished the job. #Quote by Dee Dee Myers
Bills quotes by Eric Jerome Dickey
#8. I opened my purse, shifted through panty shields, bills, and birth control pills - I call them poppa-stoppas - and took out my menstrual calendar. #Quote by Eric Jerome Dickey
Bills quotes by Katherine Webb
#9. I've done modeling since I was 18, but it didn't take off until I moved to Los Angeles. Modeling has always been something I've been really good at, and has been something that's helped pay bills. #Quote by Katherine Webb
Bills quotes by Denis Dutton
#10. A few years ago, Bill Gates was boasting that we'll soon have sensors which will turn on the music that we like or show on the walls the paintings we like when we walk into a room. How boring! The hell with our preexisting likes; let's expand ourselves intellectually. #Quote by Denis Dutton
Bills quotes by James Madison
#11. Bills of attainder, ex-post facto laws and laws impairing the obligation of contracts are contrary to the first principles of the social compact, and to every principle of sound legislation. #Quote by James Madison
Bills quotes by E. E. Cummings
#12. How do you like your blue-eyed boy Mr Death? #Quote by E. E. Cummings
Bills quotes by T. Harv Eker
#13. Try paying the bills with love. The idea I am trying to espouse is that you can have both love and money, and be rich and generous. #Quote by T. Harv Eker
Bills quotes by Derek Hough

The pH level measures how acid or alkaline something is. Your blood is slightly alkaline, with a pH between 7.35 and 7.45, and your stomach is very acidic, with a pH of 3.5 or below, so it can break down food. Most of the foods we eat release either an acid or an alkaline base in the blood. Acidified body cells become weak, which can lead to unhealthy conditions and diseases. They are robbed of the oxygen and energy needed to support a strong and healthy immune system.
I incorporate alkaline foods into my diet every day, and I feel like my energy is soaring. Food literally acts like a battery for the body. Every living thing on this planet is made up of energy, and this includes your food. This energy can be measured in megahertz. Chocolate cake only provides 1 to 3 MHz of energy, while raw almonds have 40 to 50 MHz and green vegetables have 70 to 90 MHz. So if you need 70 MHz of energy on a daily basis to function and you live off junk food and soda, you are creating an energy-deficit crisis in your body.
People say it's expensive to eat healthily. Here's how I see it: you're going to pay either way. Either you're going to pay now for the good foods and feel alive and have a clear mind. Or you'll save some money now and pay for medicine and hospital bills later. I used to make excuses: I'm getting older, that's why I feel so tired all the time. But now I know it doesn't have to be that way. You have to make the conscious decision to nour #Quote by Derek Hough
Bills quotes by Michael Donovan
#15. jacket; skimmed them for anything I'd missed. Zoe's body was stiff and silent on the bed. Victim's faces can drop into a deceptive peace once they've quit breathing but that doesn't happen with strangulation. Zoe's blood-specked eyes reflected every second of her agony as she took her last look at the world. Get hit by a bus or get cornered by a killer, the result is the same. You're sloughed off in an instant from everything you know and love. No more hopes or fears. No more appointments or schedules or bills. But nothing in the photos explained why #Quote by Michael Donovan
Bills quotes by Dennis Quaid
#16. Playing Bill Clinton is really, probably, the scariest time of my career. #Quote by Dennis Quaid
Bills quotes by John Walter Bratton
#17. A shop bought card saying Get Well Soon. Didn't seem to fit the bill. This hand made card hopes that pretty soon ... You'll be galloping up that hill. #Quote by John Walter Bratton
Bills quotes by Irvine Welsh
#18. Whin yir oan junk, aw ye worry aboot is scorin. Oaf the gear, ye worry aboot loads ay things. Nae money, cannae git pished. Goat money, drinkin too much. Cannae git a burd, nae chance ay a ride. Git a burd, too much hassle, cannae breathe withoot her gittin oan yir case. Either that. or ye blow it, and feel aw guilty. Ye worry aboot bills, food, bailiffs, these Jambo Nazi scum beatin us, aw the things that ye couldnae gie a fuck aboot whin yuv goat a real junk habit. Yuv just goat one thing tae worry aboot. The simplicity ay it aw. Ken whit ah mean? #Quote by Irvine Welsh
Bills quotes by Dee Dee Myers
#19. Research confirms that both Republican and Democratic women are more likely than their male counterparts to initiate and fight for bills that champion social justice, protect the environment, advocate for families, and promote nonviolent conflict resolution. #Quote by Dee Dee Myers
Bills quotes by Bernie Mac
#20. I want people to say at the end of my day, you know, like I used to say about Sidney Poitier and James Cagney and Joan Crawford and Red Skelton and those guys and Bill Cosby. They did quality and substance. You always remember them. #Quote by Bernie Mac
Bills quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#21. When a man's girlfriend's parents ask him what it is that he does for a living: they're not really concerned about him; they're concerned about their daughter's tummy. #Quote by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Bills quotes by Katherine Pancol
#22. I'd rather be alone with the bills, she thought as she pushed the elevator button. At least you know where you stand. #Quote by Katherine Pancol
Bills quotes by Eamon Dunphy
#23. They get to the quarter-finals, Bill, I'll show up with a dress on #Quote by Eamon Dunphy
Bills quotes by Lil' Wayne
#24. Black Mafia. If they don't understand that, they ain't gangsta. I just watched TV and Bill Parcells kissed two or three of them boys ... it's a Mafia thing. #Quote by Lil' Wayne
Bills quotes by B.J. Ward
#25. Little bucktoothed alligator
ready to taste my bills.
Make something suffer.
Make something stick. #Quote by B.J. Ward
Bills quotes by Rupert Sheldrake
#26. The fact that you can forge a twenty dollar bill doesn't prove that all twenty dollar bills are forgeries. #Quote by Rupert Sheldrake
Bills quotes by Kurt Bills
#27. In Minnesota, we hold our leaders to a higher standard. We demand that the men and women we send to Washington stand above reproach and steer clear of the web of corruption, kickbacks and special favors. #Quote by Kurt Bills
Bills quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#28. A little manic was okay. A little manic paid the bills and got him up in the morning, made him magic when he needed it most. #Quote by Rainbow Rowell
Bills quotes by Roddy Piper
#29. Do you know you couldn't get a date with a $20 bill taped to your forehead? #Quote by Roddy Piper
Bills quotes by Joseph S. Pulver Sr.
#30. Off the street. Out of the wind. Into a bar . . . like a million other bars . . . bottles of lies to ease pain . . . dollar bills traded to dose the dreams of hungry eyes . . . men transmuted from dust . . . women knitted from dead tomorrows, legs crossed, the language of their painted smiles ready to find the other side open . . . #Quote by Joseph S. Pulver Sr.
Bills quotes by Derek Sivers
#31. The creative person basically has two kinds of jobs: One is the sexy, creative kind. Second is the kind that pays the bills. Sometimes the task at hand covers both bases, but not often. #Quote by Derek Sivers
Bills quotes by Rush Limbaugh
#32. They [the Democrat Party ] owed her everything. Hillary Clinton preserved the Democrat Party. She preserved the Bill Clinton career, meaning she preserved the Bill Clinton presidency, which meant that she preserved eight to ten years of constant victory over the Republicans and over conservatives. They betrayed her on a moment's notice. #Quote by Rush Limbaugh
Bills quotes by Oghenovo Obrimah
#33. There is a time for everything. There is a time for a leader to allow those over whom he has authority to demonstrate what they are about and their capabilities. There also is a time for a leader to utilize knowledge garnered while silent to bring about stability in interpersonal relationships within the context of the achievement of organizational goals or institutional objectives. #Quote by Oghenovo Obrimah
Bills quotes by John Lanchester
#34. It has been a masterful fight-back by the big banks. We the paying public can't do anything much except admit defeat and settle back for the next set of bills. In the meantime, perhaps, we should try and think of a name for the new economic system, which certainly isn't capitalism ... The most accurate term would probably be "bankocracy". #Quote by John Lanchester
Bills quotes by Mark Owen
#35. As I walked past the houses, I was sure my neighbors were thinking about summer vacation plans, bills, or what baseball game they were going to watch that night. It struck me how wide the chasm was between what was going on in Afghanistan and what was happening at home. I knew my neighbors cared and supported the troops, but they had no idea what it was #Quote by Mark Owen
Bills quotes by Dana Rohrabacher
#36. And as we know now, and as I pointed out many times, the great plume of fire at the bottom of the Space Shuttle is actually dollar bills burning, and the most efficient method of destroying American dollar bills as has ever been devised by man. #Quote by Dana Rohrabacher
Bills quotes by Iyanla Vanzant
#37. Life will let you get away with something for a while, but sooner or later, you will pay the price. Everything you do in life causes the effects that you experience. When you get the bill, be prepared to pay. #Quote by Iyanla Vanzant
Bills quotes by M. Starks
#38. It is the first time I realize just how much this has taken a toll on my parents. Not the toll of recovering from cancer, or worrying about the bills. The toll paid with fear. A way of life altered completely. Our lives are now on display for those in the community to judge.

I imagine there is a before and after for my parents as well. Before the girls went missing and our lives were normal. After one of the kids is found and the other isn't. #Quote by M. Starks
Bills quotes by Liz Franklin
#39. Let's say you have a pile that is not sorted. Bring it in front of you, put a sticky note on it that says 'pay bill' and the date when it is due. Then you can sort them by due date. #Quote by Liz Franklin
Bills quotes by Andre Vltchek
#40. Donald Trump is horrendous, but he is also honest. Both Presidents [Bill] Clinton and [Barak] Obama were great speakers, but unrepentant mass murderers. #Quote by Andre Vltchek
Bills quotes by James Dale Davidson
#41. Violence is the ultimate boundary force on behavior; this, if you can understand how the logic of violence will change, you can usefully predict where people will be dropping or picking up the equivalent of one-hundred-dollar bills in the future. #Quote by James Dale Davidson
Bills quotes by Oliver DeMille
#42. The founding American generations did something that almost no others have ever done. They read the fine print! They taught their children to read bills, laws, court cases, legislative debates, executive decrees, and bureaucratic policies. They read them in schoolrooms and at home ... They said they would consider their children uneducated if they didn't read such things. #Quote by Oliver DeMille
Bills quotes by Terri Sewell
#43. I think at the end of the day we have to raise the debt ceiling, because America pays its bills. #Quote by Terri Sewell
Bills quotes by Josh Billings
#44. A secret ceases to be a secret if it is once confided - it is like a dollar bill, once broken, it is never a dollar again. #Quote by Josh Billings
Bills quotes by Chris Vance
#45. I remember the first time Bill Fichtner and I had a scene together. I've seen him in a few movies, from 'Armageddon' to 'The Perfect Storm' and 'Contact,' and suddenly he's on a bunk bed and I'm on a bunk bed and we're doing this scene together. That was a real 'pinch me' moment. #Quote by Chris Vance
Bills quotes by Pete Stark
#46. If a bill to ban handguns came to the house floor, I would vote for it. #Quote by Pete Stark
Bills quotes by Ricky Skaggs
#47. I had some good teachers. One of the greatest teachers I've had is bluegrass music: going back and listening to Bill Monroe's music, the Stanley Brothers, Flatt & Scruggs. When I was with Ralph Stanley I learned a lot from him. #Quote by Ricky Skaggs
Bills quotes by Dave Ramsey
#48. Your greatest asset is your paycheck. Disability insurance protects you and your family if you are unable to work by providing income which will help pay your bills and take care of your family. It's just as important as life insurance. #Quote by Dave Ramsey
Bills quotes by Ashton Kutcher
#49. I didn't even know guys modeled before that. I thought Fabio was the only male model, and I really didn't fit that bill. #Quote by Ashton Kutcher
Bills quotes by Pamela Anderson
#50. I do a lot for PETA. I do a lot of things I think are really important, I volunteer at school and I'm still amazed I can pay my bills because I feel like I don't work that much, I really don't. #Quote by Pamela Anderson
Bills quotes by David Brooks
#51. I think Americans expect optimism in their leadership. The most popular and effective leaders, whether it was Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan or Jack Kennedy, brought to it a sense of optimism and possibility. #Quote by David Brooks
Bills quotes by Dru Edmund Kucherera
#52. Subject: SELF WORTH (Very Deep!!!) In a brief conversation, a man asked a woman he was pursuing the question: 'What kind of man are you looking for?' She sat quietly for a moment before looking him in the eye & asking, 'Do you really want to know?' Reluctantly, he said, 'Yes. She began to expound, 'As a woman in this day & age, I am in a position to ask a man what can you do for me that I can't do for myself? I pay my own bills. I take care of my household without the help of any man... or woman for that matter. I am in the position to ask, 'What can you bring to the table?' The man looked at her. Clearly he thought that she was referring to money. She quickly corrected his thought & stated, 'I am not referring to money. I need something more. I need a man who is striving for excellence in every aspect of life. He sat back in his chair, folded his arms, & asked her to explain. She said, 'I need someone who is striving for excellence mentally because I need conversation & mental stimulation. I don't need a simple-minded man. I need someone who is striving for excellence spiritually because I don't need to be unequally yoked...believers mixed with unbelievers is a recipe for disaster. I need a man who is striving for excellence financially because I don't need a financial burden. I need someone who is sensitive enough to understand what I go through as a woman, but strong enough to keep me grounded. I need someone who has integrity in dealing with relationsh #Quote by Dru Edmund Kucherera
Bills quotes by Pancho Barnes
#53. Flying makes me feel like a sex maniac in a whorehouse with a stack of $20 bills. #Quote by Pancho Barnes
Bills quotes by Ben Nelson
#54. I look at ANWR (Artic National Wildlife Refuge) as a poison pill in the energy bill. #Quote by Ben Nelson
Bills quotes by Lindsay Buroker
#55. Is that a page from the dastardly villain's diary?" Maldynado asked. "One carelessly dropped that conveniently reveals the secret to destroying these vile artifacts?" "It's an invoice." "Villains get bills? #Quote by Lindsay Buroker
Bills quotes by Viviane Reding
#56. It's unacceptable that consumers are punished on their telephone bill simply for crossing a border. #Quote by Viviane Reding
Bills quotes by Finley Peter Dunne
#57. I wonder why you can always read a doctor's bill and you can never read his prescription. #Quote by Finley Peter Dunne
Bills quotes by Bob Ney
#58. Common sense solutions to lowering your gasoline bills can go far. Carpooling, taking fewer or shorter road trips, and ensuring that your tires are fully inflated can all help stop the pinch at the pump. #Quote by Bob Ney
Bills quotes by George W. Bush
#59. We need an energy bill that encourages consumption. #Quote by George W. Bush
Bills quotes by Craig Ferguson
#60. Rush Limbaugh says if the health care bill passes, he will leave the country. The Democrats are upset, because if they knew that, they would have passed the bill years ago. #Quote by Craig Ferguson
Bills quotes by William Falconer
#61. Mental agitations and eating cares are more injurious to health, and destructive of life, than is commonly imagined, and could their effects be collected, would make no inconsiderable figure in the bills of mortality. #Quote by William Falconer
Bills quotes by Jim Burke
#62. The volatile natural gas market has affected us all, and we are giving our customers an option to lock in their electricity price for the entire year. This will allow them to anticipate their electricity bills and budget accordingly throughout 2006. #Quote by Jim Burke
Bills quotes by J.K. Rowling
#63. The success of Harry Potter has given me lots of freedom. I can pay my bills, and I don't have to prove anything to anyone anymore. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Bills quotes by Natalie Goldberg
#64. It's okay to embark on writing because you think it will get you love. At least it gets you going, but it doesn't last. After a while you realize that no one cares that much. Then you find another reason: money. You can dream on that one while the bills pile up. Then you think: "Well, I'm the sensitive type. I have to express myself." Do me a favor. Don't be so sensitive. Be tough. It will get you further along when you get rejected.
Finally, you just do it because you happen to like it. #Quote by Natalie Goldberg
Bills quotes by Bill Engvall
#65. People are trying to figure out how to pay bills and make ends meet. They don't want to turn on the TV and say, 'What is this crap?' #Quote by Bill Engvall
Bills quotes by Jonathan Stroud
#66. Minor magicians take pains to fit this traditional wizardly bill. By contrast, the really powerful magicians take pleasure in looking like accountants. #Quote by Jonathan Stroud
Bills quotes by Rush Limbaugh
#67. These people in the establishment have been telling us they're the ones to fix everything and everything they've tried to fix, they've botched - TARP, the recession fix such as the stimulus bill. Look at the college - college education is an impediment because of how much it costs. A college education is no longer a step up. #Quote by Rush Limbaugh
Bills quotes by Barbel Mohr
#68. The world is what you believe it is," was the only reply I could make to her. If you think in the back of your mind, "I don't deserve this," then it won't work. And, if on top of that, you are afraid of "bills," or even "punishment," then you will create exactly that yourself. Because, "the world is what you believe it is! #Quote by Barbel Mohr
Bills quotes by Richard Thaler
#69. Credit cards have been extremely profitable to banks. They're profitable not from the fees they collect from the retailers that use the credit cards, that pays the bills, but the real profits come from the interest payments and the charges to users that are unexpected. #Quote by Richard Thaler
Bills quotes by Chris Chocola
#70. Like my colleagues, I did about 10 to 15 town hall meetings on this issue; and what I found is people came with a sincere interest to learn, a sincere interest to cut through the rhetoric and understand how this Medicare bill impacts them in their daily lives. #Quote by Chris Chocola
Bills quotes by Diane Duane
#71. Kit," said a female voice, "what's wrong with the fridge? All the food's gone. No, wait, there's a really ugly alien in here disguised as a leaky lettuce. Hey, I guess I shouldn't be rude to it; it's a visitor. Welcome to our planet, Mr. Alien!"
This was followed by some muffled remark that Nita couldn't make out, possibly something Kit was saying. A moment later, Kit's sister Carmela's voice came out of Nita's refrigerator again. "Hola, Nita, are your phone bills getting too big? This is a weird way to deal with it ... #Quote by Diane Duane
Bills quotes by Stephen Colbert
#72. Bill Moyers is everything I never aspire to be: Calm, Thoughtful, and Informative. #Quote by Stephen Colbert
Bills quotes by Sarah Andersen
#73. That was way less money than I thought it was. #Quote by Sarah Andersen
Bills quotes by Shaquille O'Neal
#74. I had orders from the great Bill Russell. Me and him were talking in Seattle the other day, and he was telling me how rivalries should be. I asked him if he ever disliked anybody he played against, and he told me, 'No, never,' and he told me that I should shake Kobe Bryant's hand and let bygones be bygones and bury the hatchet. #Quote by Shaquille O'Neal
Bills quotes by Ron Paul
#75. Reject the phony Patients' Bill of Rights ... We don't have to continue down the path of socialized medical care, especially in America where free markets have provided so much for so many. #Quote by Ron Paul
Bills quotes by Shaquille O'Neal
#76. I feel like Bill Walton - old and shitty. #Quote by Shaquille O'Neal
Bills quotes by Ann Coulter
#77. For decades now, the Democrats have had a good gig buying the votes of government workers with outrageous salaries, benefits and work rules - and then sticking productive earners with the bill. But, now, we're out of money. #Quote by Ann Coulter
Bills quotes by Nikki Rowe
#78. I just want a life of happiness, laughter and possibility,
I want a passion that I call my job, to pay my bills.
I want to spend my time, eating good food & making unremarkable memories with the family I have left.
I want friends that can be honest enough to tell me, if I fuck up, so I can fix it & also beautiful enough to know when I'm lieing in my smile.
I want a lover who isn't afraid to love me with every inch of his heart but also fearless in keeping his individual voice as we grow together.
And I will have all of it, because I believe I am worthy of it. #Quote by Nikki Rowe
Bills quotes by Kurt Bills
#79. The reality is that we are all economists. We all deal with scarcity as we make choices and calculate how to ration various items and resources that we consume, produce and utilize. #Quote by Kurt Bills
Bills quotes by J.M. Coetzee
#80. If there were a way of putting an end to himself by some purely mental act he would put an end to himself at once, without further ado. His mind is full of stories of people who bring about their end - who methodically pay bills, write goodbye notes, burn old love letters, label keys, and then, once everything is in order, don their Sunday best and swallow down pills they have hoarded for the occasion and settle themselves on their neatly made beds and compose features for oblivion. Heroes all of them, unsung, unlauded. I am resolved not to be of any trouble. #Quote by J.M. Coetzee
Bills quotes by Barney Frank
#81. I am very proud of the role I played in getting legal equality for people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, and in helping get rid of the prejudice by being visible about it, helping to block the conviction of Bill Clinton of impeachment. #Quote by Barney Frank
Bills quotes by Jennifer Donnelly
#82. I read it: "A man earned daily for 5 days and 3 times as much as he paid for his board, after which he was obliged to be idle 4 days," it said. "Upon counting his money after paying for his board he found that he had 2 ten-doller bills and 4 dollers. How much did he pay for the board, and what were his wages?"
"All right. Think now," Weaver said. "How would you begin to solve it? What's your X?"
I thought. Very hard. For quite some time. About the man and his meager wages and shabby boardinghouse and lonely life. "Where did he work?" I finally asked.
"What? It doesn't matter, Matt. Just assign an X to-"
"A mill, I bet," I said, picturing the man's threadbare clothing, his worn shoes. "A woolen mill. Why do you think he was obliged to be idle?"
"I don't know why. Look, just-"
"I bet he got sick," I said, clutching Weaver's arm. "Or maybe business wasn't good, and his boss had no work for him. I wonder if he had a family in the country. It would be a terrible thing, wouldn't it, if he had children to feed and no work? Maybe his wife was poorly, too. And I bet he had..."
"Damn it, Mattie, this is algebra, not composition!" Weaver said, glaring at me.
"Sorry," I said, feeling like a hopeless case. #Quote by Jennifer Donnelly
Bills quotes by Ronald Reagan
#83. When a business or an individual spends more than it makes, it goes bankrupt. When government does it, it sends you the bill. And when government does it for 40 years, the bill comes in two ways: higher taxes and inflation. Make no mistake about it, inflation is a tax and not by accident. #Quote by Ronald Reagan
Bills quotes by Ilona Andrews
#84. He was going to take a dive into this lake. He just didn't know it. Cerise rose, finding footing in the soft mud. The water came up to just below her breasts and her wet shirt stuck to her body. William's gaze snagged on her chest. Yep, keep looking, Lord Bill. Keeeeeep looking. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Bills quotes by Christopher Parker
#85. Procrastination is like a credit card: it's a lot of fun until you get the bill. #Quote by Christopher Parker
Bills quotes by Paula Deen
#86. You know, not everybody can afford to pay $58 for prime rib or $650 for a bottle of wine. My friends and I cook for regular families who worry about feeding their kids and paying the bills. #Quote by Paula Deen
Bills quotes by John Major
#87. I will turn directly to the Asylum Bill later. #Quote by John Major
Bills quotes by Dave Barry
#88. I bought Windows 2.0, Windows 3.0, Windows 3.1415926, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows RSVP, The Best of Windows, Windows Strikes Back, Windows Does Dallas, and Windows Let's All Buy Bill Gates a House the Size of Vermont. #Quote by Dave Barry
Bills quotes by Jay Leno
#89. They said these North Korean missiles had enough range to hit Seattle, but residents in Seattle were not worried. Today Bill Gates said Microsoft has enough missiles to destroy North Korea ten times over. #Quote by Jay Leno
Bills quotes by Ken Fite
#90. That's because we find ourselves experiencing dark moments often in life, so I had a lot of experiences to choose from for my character. The bills pile up. We lose our dream job. We lose someone we love. In a dark moment, we reach rock bottom. All hope seems lost. We see absolutely no way out of our mess. #Quote by Ken Fite
Bills quotes by Debbie Wasserman Schultz
#91. Look at the [Bill] Clinton Administration and now the [Barack] Obama administration more recently. What we believe is that we implement policies that help people reach the middle class which is the cornerstone of our economy. #Quote by Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Bills quotes by Lee DeWyze
#92. I know what it's like to be shoveling to pay bills. I know what it's like to not have a job. #Quote by Lee DeWyze
Bills quotes by Dan Webster
#93. There are amendments never offered, there are bills never heard, that are basically killed because of the process. #Quote by Dan Webster
Bills quotes by Chirlane McCray
#94. I'm married, I'm monogamous, but I'm not dead, and Bill isn't either. #Quote by Chirlane McCray
Bills quotes by Chris Matthews
#95. I love what Joe Eszterhas written about Bill Clinton. It's hilarious, Clinton as a rock star, which is the way we should remember him. #Quote by Chris Matthews
Bills quotes by Jack Kemp
#96. Giving tax incentives for more labor ownership of company stock will do more to create jobs and increase productivity than all the "emergency full employment" bills proposed. #Quote by Jack Kemp
Bills quotes by Donald T. Regan
#97. One of the high spots of the decade for me was offering the bill which culminated in the tax act of 1986, which brought rates down. That was the most difficult problem to solve: how to make the tax system of the United States more fair. We tried to make it simpler, but we failed on that one. #Quote by Donald T. Regan
Bills quotes by Marv Levy
#98. Bill Polian and I agreed when we first came together with the Buffalo Bills that we'd bring players only of high character to the team. #Quote by Marv Levy
Bills quotes by John Walter Bratton
#99. You've reached your 60th birthday, Bill
To the year, the day, the hour
You've been a lifelong country boy
Along with Lily, your flower
And Robin ... that's the name of a bird
And Dawn ... that says it all #Quote by John Walter Bratton
Bills quotes by Joe Jamail
#100. I didn't know who she was, but I knew she was hungry, so I started handing out $100 bills and called the office and told them to bring me a bunch more. Then I had my cousin's store deliver a bunch of smoked ham and turkeys. I mean, these people are hungry and living under a bridge. #Quote by Joe Jamail
Bills quotes by Rhonda Byrne
#101. Imagine your bills are checks you're receiving. Or use gratitude and give thanks to the company who sent you the bill, by thinking about how you've benefited from their service - for electricity or being able to live in a home. You can write across the front of a bill when you pay it, "Thank you - paid." If you don't have the money to pay the bill right away, write across the front of it, "Thank you for the money." The law of attraction doesn't question whether what you imagine and feel is real or not. It responds to what you give, period! #Quote by Rhonda Byrne
Bills quotes by Michael Bay
#102. I was talking to one of the writers about our target audience, and he was insulted that I used that term. But if you're given $60 million to make a film, you'd better know who your target audience is. That's who's going to pay back the bills you run up. #Quote by Michael Bay
Bills quotes by Sherrod Brown
#103. Anyone who's tried to pay a heating bill, fill a prescription, or simply buy groceries knows all too well that the current minimum wage does not cut the mustard. #Quote by Sherrod Brown
Bills quotes by Ally Carter
#104. Dear Logan,
This is called a letter. It's like an email but written on paper and sent through the regular mail (like bills). #Quote by Ally Carter
Bills quotes by Barack Obama
#105. One thing I will not compromise over is whether or not Congress should pay the tab for a bill they've already racked up. If Congress refuses to give the United States the ability to pay its bills on time, the consequences for the entire global economy could be catastrophic. #Quote by Barack Obama
Bills quotes by Joe Ducie
#106. I could do anything - be anything.
I could be a blackberry farmer.
I could worry about phone bills and nipping out to the corner shop for milk and bread of a morning.
Little Declan Jr. could learn to walk and talk with his real father, alive and well, and I could teach him how to wear a waistcoat with just the right amount of tragic charm, take him to school in a few years, maybe makehim a little sister to look out for, someone to keep him on his toes. He could play a sport - tennis, maybe, or football. I'd attend parent-teacher meetings and have after-work drinks with the neighbors, talking about how well so-and-so is doing, and why yes, Declan Jr. is learning to play the piano. Top of his class, you know - he has his mother's grace…
I could see all of that, as clear in my mind as sunlight on fresh snow, and so much more.
Just living day to day. One morning we could have picnics, my family and I, next to blue glacial lakes. One afternoon my son would be old enough to meet a girl, get in a fight, need to shave. One evening his sister will need help with her homework, and he'll complain, but he'll help.
And then one day the Elder Gods would descend from a blood-red sky in chariots lashed together from bone and flame and take away all my blackberries. #Quote by Joe Ducie
Bills quotes by Bill Bailey
#107. At college, I felt frustrated thinking three years was a long time and I just wanted a job but afterwards I was in employment the whole time. I got into a theatre company and started doing stand-up gigs for cash, so I lived hand-to-mouth, but there was always enough to pay the bills. #Quote by Bill Bailey
Bills quotes by Jim Cooper
#108. Take the veto. Bush is the first president since James Garfield in 1881 not to veto a single bill. Garfield only had six months in office; Bush has had over four years. #Quote by Jim Cooper
Bills quotes by Rick Larsen
#109. Congress had the opportunity to extend tax relief to working families without increasing the deficit. Instead, we were handed a bill that favors the wealthy and eliminates deductions that benefit the middle class. #Quote by Rick Larsen
Bills quotes by Mary Tyler Moore
#110. I do watch a lot of Fox News. I like Charles Krauthammer and Bill O'Reilly. #Quote by Mary Tyler Moore
Bills quotes by Haruki Murakami
#111. We couldn't bear to be apart. So if Kizuki had lived, I'm sure we would have been together, loving each other, and gradually growing unhappy."

Unhappy? Why's that?"

With her fingers, Naoko combed her hair back several times. She had taken her barrette off, which made the hair fall over her face when she dropped her head forward.

Because we would have had to pay the world back what we owed it," she said, raising her eyes to mine. "The pain of growing up. We didn't pay when we should have, so now the bills are due. Which is why Kizuki did what he did, and why I'm here. We were like kids who grew up naked on a desert island. If we got hungry, we'd just pick a banana; if we got lonely, we'd go to sleep in each other's arms. But that kind of thing doesn't last forever. We grew up fast and had to enter society. Which is why you were so important to us. You were the link connecting us with the outside world. We were struggling through you to fit in with the outside world as best we could. In the end, it didn't work, of course."

I nodded.

I wouldn't want you to think that we were using you, though. Kizuki really loved you. It just so happened that our connection with you was our first connection with anyone else. And it still is. Kizuki may be dead, but you are still my only link with the outside world. And just as Kizuki loved you, I love you. We never meant to hurt you, but we probably did; we probably ended up making a deep wo #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Bills quotes by Lyn Nofziger
#112. The best thing going for us is Al Gore. I cannot conceive how the American people could elect him. On the other hand, I couldn't conceive how they could elect a Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton - especially Clinton in '96. #Quote by Lyn Nofziger
Bills quotes by Jennifer Clement
#113. Dreaming is cheap. It doesn't cost a thing. In dreams you don't have to pay the bills or pay the rent. In dreams you can buy a house and be loved back. #Quote by Jennifer Clement
Bills quotes by Jerome K. Jerome
#114. Believe me, a highly strung brain such as yours demands occasional relaxation from the strain of domestic surroundings. Forget for a little while that children want music lessons, and boots, and bicycles, with tincture of rhubarb three times a day; forget there are such things in life as cooks, and house decorators, and next-door dogs, and butchers' bills. Go away to some green corner of the earth, where all is new and strange to you, where your over-wrought mind will gather peace and fresh ideas. Go away for a space and give me time to miss you, and to reflect upon your goodness and virtue, which, continually present with me, I may, human-like, be apt to forget, as one, through use, grows indifferent to the blessing of the sun and the beauty of the moon. Go away, and come back refreshed in mind and body, a brighter, better man - if that be possible - than when you went away. #Quote by Jerome K. Jerome
Bills quotes by Ray Charles
#115. I got a cow that went dry and a hen that won't lay, a big stack of bills that gets bigger each day. #Quote by Ray Charles
Bills quotes by Christopher Bond
#116. More time on paperwork means less time spent with students or preparing lessons for students. It is as simple as that. The numerous reforms in the bill will go a long way to free our time of special educators. #Quote by Christopher Bond
Bills quotes by Julia Phillips
#117. You believe that you keep yourself safe, she thought. You lock up your mind and guard your reactions so nobody, not an interrogator or a parent or a friend, will break in. You earn a graduate degree and a good position. You keep your savings in foreign currency and you pay your bills on time. When your colleagues ask you about your home life, you don't answer. You work harder. You exercise. Your clothing flatters. You keep the edge of your affection sharp, a knife, so that those near you know how to handle it carefully. You think you established some protection and then you discover that you endangered yourself to everyone you ever met. #Quote by Julia Phillips
Bills quotes by Malcolm Gladwell
#118. There will be statues of Bill Gates across the Third World. There's a reasonable shot that - because of his money - we will cure malaria. #Quote by Malcolm Gladwell
Bills quotes by William Makepeace Thackeray
#119. To know nothing, or little, is in the nature of some husbands. To hide, in the nature of how many women? Oh, ladies! how many of you have surreptitious milliners' bills? How many of you have gowns and bracelets which you daren't show, or which you wear trembling?
trembling, and coaxing with smiles the husband by your side, who does not know the new velvet gown from the old one, or the new bracelet from last year's, or has any notion that the ragged-looking yellow lace scarf cost forty guineas and that Madame Bobinot is writing dunning letters every week for the money! #Quote by William Makepeace Thackeray
Bills quotes by Marat Safin
#120. I pay the bills, I pay for everything. #Quote by Marat Safin
Bills quotes by Andrea Gibson
#121. And I say,
I crash in to things in the dark
Even when the lights are on
And I am wrong more often than I am writing
And even then, I am often wrong
But when my friends are in the bathroom at the bar
Rolling dollar bills in to telescopes,
Claiming they can see God,
I will come to you #Quote by Andrea Gibson
Bills quotes by Dana Carvey
#122. I had auditioned for 'Saturday Night Live' two or three times before and never really saw myself there. I looked up to Belushi and Bill Murray and Aykroyd and I never saw myself as in their world. #Quote by Dana Carvey
Bills quotes by Michel Houellebecq
#123. The problem is, it's just not enough to live according to the rules. Sure, you manage to live according to the rules. Sometimes it's tight, extremely tight, but on the whole you manage it. Your tax papers are up to date. Your bills paid on time. You never go out without your identity card (and the special little wallet for your Visa!).
Yet you haven't any friends.
The rules are complex, multiform. There's the shopping that needs doing out of working hours, the automatic dispensers where money has to be got (and where you so often have to wait). Above all there are the different payments you must make to the organizations that run different aspects of your life. You can fall ill into the bargain, which involves costs, and more formalities.
Nevertheless, some free time remains. What's to be done? How do you use your
time? In dedicating yourself to helping people? But basically other people don't interest you. Listening to records? That used to be a solution, but as the years go by you have to say that music moves you less and less.
Taken in its widest sense, a spot of do-it-yourself can be a way out. But the fact is that nothing can halt the ever-increasing recurrence of those moments when your total isolation, the sensation of an all-consuming emptiness, the foreboding that your existence is nearing a painful and definitive end all combine to plunge you into a state of real suffering.
And yet you haven't always wanted to die.
You have had a l #Quote by Michel Houellebecq
Bills quotes by Alfred Russel Wallace
#124. What birds can have their bills more peculiarly formed than the ibis, the spoonbill, and the heron? #Quote by Alfred Russel Wallace
Bills quotes by Patty Murray
#125. I'll be at the table, as I've been, willing to talk to any Republican who says, 'Look, my country is more important, this pile of bills is not going to go away, the challenges that we have is not going to disappear, we need to cross that divide.' I'm ready. I'm waiting. #Quote by Patty Murray
Bills quotes by Sophie Tucker
#126. Once you start carrying your own suitcase, paying your own bills, running your own show, you've done something to yourself that makes you one of those women men like to call 'a pal' and 'a good sport,' the kind of woman they tell their troubles to. But you've cut yourself off from the orchids and the diamond bracelets, except those you buy yourself. #Quote by Sophie Tucker
Bills quotes by Mameve Medwed
#127. For a writer, mail is not just a collection of bills and letters and offers to subscribe to Sports Illustrated. It's an umbilical cord, a connection to the outside world, the giver of pleasure and pain. It shapes the day, is the moment, inexorable as the tide, toward which all the hours rise and fall. #Quote by Mameve Medwed
Bills quotes by Richard Russo
#128. Maybe that was what marriage meant, except that in theirs it had been a one-way street. He couldn't think of a single behavior of Becka's that he had altered in the slightest. But perhaps that was because there was so little he'd wanted to change, whereas she'd evidently viewed him as a fixer-upper from the start, structurally sound, the sort of property you wouldn't mind owning after you'd completed all the necessary renovations. First, though, you'd have to gut it, which was pretty much how Raymer felt by the end. As if the overhaul of his person was coming in over budget, and the person footing the bills was having serious second thoughts. #Quote by Richard Russo
Bills quotes by Tina Fey
#129. In Into the Woods, Cinderella runs from her prince, Rapunzel is thrown from a tower for her prince, and Sleeping Beauty just thought she was getting coffee with Bill Cosby. #Quote by Tina Fey
Bills quotes by Marya Hornbacher
#130. The leap of faith is this: You have to believe, or at least pretend you believe until you really believe it, that you are strong enough to take life face on. Eating disorders, on any level, are a crutch. They are also an addiction and illness, but there is no question at all that they are quite simply a way of avoiding the banal, daily, itchy pain of life. Eating disorders provide a little drama, they feed into the desire for constant excitement, everything becomes life-or-death, everything is terribly grand and crashing, very Sturm and Drang. And they are distracting. You don't have to think about any of the nasty minutiae of the real world, you don't get caught up in that awful boring thing called regular life, with its bills and its breakups and its dishes and laundry and groceries and arguments over whose turn it is to change the litter box and bedtimes and bad sex and all that, because you are having a real drama, not a sitcom but a GRAND EPIC, all by yourself, and why would you bother with those foolish mortals when you could spend hours and hours with the mirror, when you are having the most interesting sado-machistic affair with your own image? #Quote by Marya Hornbacher
Bills quotes by Dee Dee Myers
#131. The first time I met Bill Clinton was actually 1988. #Quote by Dee Dee Myers
Bills quotes by Howard Coble
#132. Of the five House Calendars, the Private Calendar is the one to which all Private Bills are referred. Private Bills deal with specific individuals, corporations, institutions, and so forth, as distinguished from public bills which deal with classes only. #Quote by Howard Coble
Bills quotes by Kyle Idleman
#133. These religious types were the fans that Jesus seems to have the most trouble with. Fans who will walk into a restaurant and bow their heads to pray before a meal just in case someone is watching. Fans who won't go to R-rated movies at the theater, but have a number of them saved on their DVR at home. Fans who may feed the hungry and help the needy, and then they make sure they work it into every conversation for the next two weeks. Fans who make sure people see them put in their offering at church, but they haven't considered reaching out to their neighbor who lost a job and can't pay the bills. Fans who like seeing other people fail because in their minds it makes them look better. Fans whose primary concern in raising their children is what other people think. Fans who are reading this and assuming I'm describing someone else. Fans who have worn the mask for so long they have fooled even themselves. #Quote by Kyle Idleman
Bills quotes by E. Cobham Brewer
#134. To defer anything to the Greek Calends is to defer it sine die. There were no calends in the Greek months. The Romans used to pay rents, taxes, bills, etc., on the calends, and to defer paying them to the "Greek Calends" was virtually to repudiate them. (See NEVER.) #Quote by E. Cobham Brewer
Bills quotes by Barack Obama
#135. I would have to ... investigate more of Bill's dancing abilities, you know, and some of this other stuff before I accurately judge whether he was in fact a brother. #Quote by Barack Obama
Bills quotes by John C. Goodman
#136. Either the Baby Boomers are not going to have the retirement life that they expect or taxpayers are going to be hit with a tremendously huge bill. Or both. #Quote by John C. Goodman
Bills quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#137. Vane pulled out his wallet and handed several hundred dollar bills to Henri. "Do me a favor. That guy downstairs Taylor. Give him the worst table in the house."
Henri's eyes danced with amusement. "For you, Mr. Kattalakis, anything." Vane took his seat as Henri walked off.
"That was so bad of you," she said with a coy smile.
"Do you want me to take it back?"
"Hardly. I was merely pointing out that it was bad."
"What can I say? I'm just a big bad wolf. #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Bills quotes by Elizabeth Warren
#138. There are lots of families who - who make irresponsible purchases. There are also a lot of families who have debt on credit cards because they use those credit cards to pay for medical bills. #Quote by Elizabeth Warren
Bills quotes by Harry Reid
#139. We all know if we change the bill, it's gone. #Quote by Harry Reid
Bills quotes by Chris Chocola
#140. For far too long, America has been without a comprehensive energy plan, and today consumers are paying the price - literally - at the pump and in their heating bills. #Quote by Chris Chocola
Bills quotes by Coe Booth
#141. I ain't gonna lie. I like having my girl take care of me this way. I can't wait 'til she finish high school and we can live together somewhere on our own. I'ma support her while she in college, pay all the bills and shit, and she can take care of me like this everyday. Man, that's the way I wanna be living. #Quote by Coe Booth
Bills quotes by Rick Scott
#142. If poor people are spending their own money, it is amazing how fast they will figure out how to keep a lid on medical bills. #Quote by Rick Scott
Bills quotes by Max Monroe
#143. Some days, adulting was too much responsibility. Get up for work. Brush your hair. Pay bills. It was an endless list of too many things and not enough time. The struggle was real, my friends. But #Quote by Max Monroe
Bills quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
#144. Who does Bill Clinton think got off the boat and stepped on Plymouth Rock? Peace Corps volunteers? #Quote by P. J. O'Rourke
Bills quotes by Ayn Rand
#145. You're not sorry. You could've been here if you made the effort. But when did you ever make an effort for anybody but yourself? You're not interested in any of us or in anything we do. You think if you pay the bills, that's enough, don't you? Money! That's all you know. And all you give us is money. Have you even given us any time? #Quote by Ayn Rand
Bills quotes by Jon Jones
#146. I'm sorry I thought I paid my bill. I was wrong. #Quote by Jon Jones
Bills quotes by Sergey Brin
#147. We've seen a massive attack on the freedom of the web. Governments are realizing the power of this medium to organize people and they are trying to clamp down across the world, not just in places like China and North Korea; we're seeing bills in the United States, in Italy, all across the world. #Quote by Sergey Brin
Bills quotes by William Makepeace Thackeray
#148. before I was married I didn't care what bills I put my name to, and so long as Moses would wait or Levy would renew for three months, I kept on never minding. But since I'm married, except renewing, of course, I give you my honour I've not touched a bit of stamped paper. #Quote by William Makepeace Thackeray
Bills quotes by Anthony Burgess
#149. Death comes along like a gas bill one can't pay. #Quote by Anthony Burgess
Bills quotes by Will Rogers
#150. See where Congress passed a two billion dollar bill to relieve bankers' mistakes. You can always count on us helping those who have lost part of their fortune, but our whole history records nary a case where the loan was for the man who had absolutely nothing. Our theory is to help only those who can get along, even if they don't get a loan. #Quote by Will Rogers
Bills quotes by Bill Walton
#151. Bill Russell was my favorite player of all-time. #Quote by Bill Walton
Bills quotes by Michele Bachmann
#152. Well, what did we buy? Instead of a leaner, smarter government, we bought a bureaucracy that now tells us which light bulbs to buy, and which will put 16,500 IRS agents in charge of policing President Obama's health care bill. #Quote by Michele Bachmann
Bills quotes by Echo Bodine
#153. If you're sitting around worrying about bills all day, it's hard to hear the guidance that's coming from the inside. #Quote by Echo Bodine
Bills quotes by Jane Green
#154. I have a business manager and a book-keeper who deals with our household bills. My husband and I sit down with her for a weekly report on how much money is going out, but I'm not terribly interested, and I don't have the patience for it. #Quote by Jane Green
Bills quotes by Dave Barry
#155. I know that all over America there's probably politicians sending out pictures of themselves signing that mandatory helmet bill, but it's bullshit. I say that as a parent. #Quote by Dave Barry
Bills quotes by Rick Perry
#156. How does the richest country in the history of the world fail to pay its bills? #Quote by Rick Perry
Bills quotes by Victor Davis Hanson
#157. Behind every liberal philanthropist fortune is a huge capitalist score. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett can afford now to be liberal - an expensive indulgence - because in their early incarnations they were no-holds-barred capitalists who made lots of enemies conducting business without mercy and in search of pure profit. #Quote by Victor Davis Hanson
Bills quotes by Joe Biden
#158. I've been a strong supporter of public financing my whole career. I'm the first guy to introduce a public financing bill to the United States Senate in 1973. #Quote by Joe Biden
Bills quotes by Pierre Trudeau
#159. What shall we do about the Abortion Bill?" A: "Pay it! #Quote by Pierre Trudeau
Bills quotes by Eric Massa
#160. And this administration and this House leadership have said, quote-unquote, they will stop at nothing to pass this health care bill. And now they've gotten rid of me and it will pass. You connect the dots. #Quote by Eric Massa
Bills quotes by Letitia Baldrige
#161. Europeans are easily offended by errors in their titles or full names. Their exasperation is equal to that shown by Americans when the department store fouls up their bills. #Quote by Letitia Baldrige
Bills quotes by Robert A. Caro
#162. Senators came to realize that he understood not only their bills but the reasons they had introduced them; #Quote by Robert A. Caro
Bills quotes by Robert H. Jackson
#163. It is only the words of the bill that have presidential approval, where that approval is given. It is not to be supposed that in signing a bill the President endorses the whole Congressional Record. #Quote by Robert H. Jackson
Bills quotes by Joe Lieberman
#164. I'm a Harry Truman, JFK, Scoop Jackson and Bill Clinton Democrat. #Quote by Joe Lieberman
Bills quotes by Eugene Field
#165. Father calls me William, sister calls me Will, Mother calls me Willie, but the fellows call me Bill!. #Quote by Eugene Field
Bills quotes by Dave Harvey
#166. Mercy sweetens marriage. Where it is absent, two people flog one another over everything from failure to fix the faucet to phone bills. But where it is present, marriage grows sweeter and more delightful, even in the face of challenges, setbacks, and the persistent effects of our remaining sin. #Quote by Dave Harvey
Bills quotes by Lisa Edelstein
#167. Decades ago, women suffered through horrifying back-alley abortions. Or, they used dangerous methods when they had no other recourse. So when the Republican Party launched an all-out assault on women's health, pushing bills to limit access to vital services, we had to ask: Why is the GOP trying to send women back ... to the back alley? #Quote by Lisa Edelstein
Bills quotes by Gerhard Schroder
#168. I am not the German Tony Blair. Nor am I the German Bill Clinton. I am Gerhard Schroeder, chancellor of Germany, responsible for Germany. I don't want to be a copy of anyone. #Quote by Gerhard Schroder
Bills quotes by Warren Buffett
#169. Cash, though, is to a business as oxygen is to an individual: never thought about when it is present, the only thing in mind when it is absent. When bills come due, only cash is legal tender. Don't leave home without it. #Quote by Warren Buffett
Bills quotes by Christopher Young
#170. Horror films are the ones that pay the bills, and historically, they have shown that they are good investments. They helped Universal survive with that initial splash of horror films in the 1930s and '40s. And horror films kept New Line alive with the 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' series. #Quote by Christopher Young
Bills quotes by Kevin Rudd
#171. With the Australian Government paying more of the hospital bills, it will have the incentive to make sure people are treated through less expensive and more appropriate primary care services. #Quote by Kevin Rudd
Bills quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#172. If Checker Charley was out to make chumps out of men, he could damn well fix his own connections. Paul looks after his own circuits; let Charley do the same. Those who live by electronics, die by electronics. Sic semper tyrannis." He gathered up the bills from the table. "Good night. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Bills quotes by Suze Orman
#173. Your goal should be to pay off your credit card bills in full at the end of each month and set aside money toward your emergency savings. #Quote by Suze Orman
Bills quotes by William R. Cutrer
#174. The idea is to intentionally design a relaxing environment that is off-limits to many of the stresses and distractions that
define your waking hours. Begin with aesthetics, making an effort to keep your bedroom neat and attractive. In other words, aim for Southern Living in your private quarters even if the rest of your house looks like Mechanics Weekly. Then begin to work on behaviors, keeping your bedroom off-limits to activities other than sleeping, relaxing, or making love. Nix the stacks of unpaid bills, piles of dirty laundry, collections of unread newspapers, and file folders from the office. By fostering this kind of space, seemingly untouched by the nitty gritty of daily life, you will have created a quiet haven where-by simply stepping inside and closing the door behind you-you can take a mini-vacation from stress. This time can then be used to pray, to relax, or to lavish your undivided romantic attentions on your husband. #Quote by William R. Cutrer
Bills quotes by Bob Ney
#175. After two years of hard work and debate, Congress has passed a highway bill that will help fuel our economy by creating roughly 500,000 new jobs, as well as address many critical transportation needs in Ohio and the 18th Congressional District. #Quote by Bob Ney
Bills quotes by Ed Gillespie
#176. But I think there was a sense amongst the House Republicans especially that we didn't just want to be opposed to Bill Clinton; that we wanted to tell the country what we were for and to brand ourselves in a more positive manner. #Quote by Ed Gillespie
Bills quotes by Greg Graffin
#177. I don't bill myself as an atheist but as a naturalist. Naturalism is a belief system. A lot of scientists bristle at that. We all have to believe we can find the truth. Evidence is my guide. I rely on observation, experimentation and verification. #Quote by Greg Graffin
Bills quotes by Q-Tip
#178. In theory, people would pick progression every time over being idle. But if you look at us as a culture, as a people, you would say that if you get up at five o'clock in the morning, eat your breakfast, go to work, make money, pay your bills, you're progressing, when you're still doing what's comfortable. #Quote by Q-Tip
Bills quotes by Joe Biden
#179. I am a Catholic. I can't say that without pointing out that I oppose abortion with all my heart and soul. Bill Clinton wanted them safe and rare. Barack Obama is heartsick that so many people he knows have had abortions. But we're all pro-choice and believe in reproductive freedom and oppose the Republicans' War on Women. #Quote by Joe Biden
Bills quotes by Luis Gutierrez
#180. I mean, the greatest laugh I always get is, if darkness, right, just overwhelms the Earth one day and [Barack] Obama had the key to light, he says, "I have a bill that will bring sunlight," they'd rather live in darkness than have him bring the light. #Quote by Luis Gutierrez
Bills quotes by Dave Barry
#181. Bill Gates is a very rich man today ... and do you want to know why? The answer is one word: versions. #Quote by Dave Barry
Bills quotes by George Strait
#182. I got ex's all across the country and I owe everybody in town. I got bill collectors a callin' me up, and lawyers trying to track me down. #Quote by George Strait
Bills quotes by Sam Simon
#183. There are certain times you realize you've got too much money. One was when I started getting bills from the Koi hotel. When I was remodeling the Koi pond, the Koi had to go to the Koi hotel. They ended up staying there for 13 months and I never asked what the bill was. #Quote by Sam Simon
Bills quotes by Jay Leno
#184. Two Americans have been awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics. They are the first to figure out all the charges on their telephone bill. #Quote by Jay Leno
Bills quotes by Kevin Bacon
#185. Everybody's got bills to pay. Sometimes you see people just go straight for the money, and that's disappointing. #Quote by Kevin Bacon
Bills quotes by John W. Snow
#186. Higher energy prices act like a tax. They reduce the disposable income people have available for other things after they've paid their energy bills. #Quote by John W. Snow
Bills quotes by Peter Welch
#187. The rhetoric on the Hill is getting very heated and it's getting quite dangerous. The gun is at the head of the American economy and Congress is holding it and its got a hair trigger. We've got to pay our bills. #Quote by Peter Welch
Bills quotes by Brit Hume
#188. You can make an argument that Bill O'Reilly is a conservative or a Republican. Bill's kind of unpredictable. Somebody might say that he would have been comfortable in the Democratic Party of Scoop Jackson. #Quote by Brit Hume
Bills quotes by Dick Gregory
#189. Civil Rights: What black folks are given in the U.S. on the installment plan, as in civil-rights bills. Not to be confused with human rights, which are the dignity, stature, humanity, respect, and freedom belonging to all people by right of their birth. #Quote by Dick Gregory
Bills quotes by Suzanne M. Trauth
#190. Come early and watch some of the game, that is if you can stand to see the home team soundly beaten." Bill's hypnotic blue eyes twinkled. I twinkled back #Quote by Suzanne M. Trauth
Bills quotes by Scott Nearing
#191. We believed it was better to pay as you go than it was to pay your bills by borrowing and laying up debts for another day. To pay as you go, that policy is a safer business policy and a saner business policy, and we thought it was a saner national policy. #Quote by Scott Nearing
Bills quotes by George Foreman
#192. But boxing was my profession. I had to go back the second time because I was broke and I couldn't just go and get a college degree and earn it. I had too many bills, too many families. #Quote by George Foreman
Bills quotes by Linus Torvalds
#193. Bill Gates really seems to be much more of a business man than a technologist, while I prefer to think of Linux in technical terms rather than as a means to money. As such, I'm not very likely to make the same kind of money that Bill made. #Quote by Linus Torvalds
Bills quotes by T.R. Reid
#194. When I was traveling the world on my quest, I asked the health ministry of each country how many citizens had declared bankruptcy in the past year because of medical bills. Generally, the officials responded to this question with a look of astonishment, as if I had asked how many flying saucers from Mars landed in the ministry's parking lot last week. How many people go bankrupt because of medical bills? In Britain, zero. In France, zero. In Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, Switzerland: zero. In the United States, according to a joint study by Harvard Law School and Harvard Medical School, the annual figure is around 700,000.3 QUALITY #Quote by T.R. Reid
Bills quotes by Mike Shannon
#195. Warming up for the Brewers is that lefthander they got from the Mets, Bill Pulitzer. #Quote by Mike Shannon
Bills quotes by Chris Rock
#196. Bill Cosby was the first comedian I was exposed to, because he doesn't curse. #Quote by Chris Rock
Bills quotes by Gail Collins
#197. The whole student loan thing drives me completely nuts. If it wasn't possible for 18-year-olds to sign themselves up for tens of thousands of dollars in debt in order to pay their college bills, the state governments wouldn't have found it so politically easy to cut taxpayer support for public colleges and universities. #Quote by Gail Collins
Bills quotes by Poppy Z. Brite
#198. Didn't he have to admit, begrudgingly, that in some extra-perverse corner of his brain the idea of having to be out of town before sundown appealed to him? New Orleans had been the only constant thing in his life. But didn't he yet an itchy foot sometimes, didn't he sometimes think about just throwing all his stuff in his car and going?
Of course he did. Everybody did, even normal people, the ones with triple mortgages and orthodontists' bills and responsibilities to everything except what they really wanted. #Quote by Poppy Z. Brite
Bills quotes by Francisco X Stork
#199. I wanted you to have an image of this place in your mind because you need to know that it exists. People think a place like this is perfect. Living a simple life close to the land and all that. It isn't. There are mean people and alcoholics and medical bills to pay and depressed people galore. But some of us feel okay here, you know, despite all that. #Quote by Francisco X Stork
Bills quotes by Thomas Perez
#200. When we talk about the kind of folks whose lives will be made better by raising the minimum wage, we're not talking about a couple teenagers earning extra spending money to supplement their allowance. We're talking about providers and breadwinners. Working Americans with bills to pay and mouths to feed. #Quote by Thomas Perez

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