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Bifurcated Needle quotes by Emma Cline
#1. ​Every day after school, we clicked seamlessly into the familiar track of the afternoons. Waste the hours at some industrious task: following Vidal Sassoon's suggestions for raw egg smoothies to strengthen hair or picking at blackheads with the tip of a sterilized sewing needle. The constant project of our girl selves seeming to require odd and precise attentions. #Quote by Emma Cline
Bifurcated Needle quotes by Max Lucado
#2. Plunge a sponge into Lake Erie. Did you absorb every drop? Take a deep breath. Did you suck the oxygen out of the atmosphere? Pluck a pine needle from a tree in Yosemite. Did you deplete the forest of foliage? Watch an ocean wave crash against the beach. Will there never be another one? Of course there will. No sooner will one wave crash into the sand than another appears. Then another, then another. This is a picture of God's sufficient grace. Grace is simply another word for God's tumbling, rumbling reservoir of strength and protection. It comes at us not occasionally or miserly but constantly and aggressively, wave upon wave. We've barely regained our balance from one breaker, and then, bam, here comes another. #Quote by Max Lucado
Bifurcated Needle quotes by Wayne Lemmons
#3. At risk of being one of those annoying quote folks, a good friend balked at the idea of putting a steroid needle into this one. She said that I should never risk the story for word counts. I have to admit that she had a damned good point and I'm following her advice on this one. Thanks Lee! So #Quote by Wayne Lemmons
Bifurcated Needle quotes by Rand Paul
#4. I think we've made the collection haystack so big, no one's ever getting through the haystack to find the needle. What we really need to do is isolate the haystack into a group of suspicious people and spend enormous resources looking at suspicious people, people who we have probable cause. #Quote by Rand Paul
Bifurcated Needle quotes by Tanya Tagaq
#5. When your body is clear there is control. When your body is clear you can choose whom to let in. There is love everywhere.
Please cradle my rabbit heart. Please navigate yourself around me well. I know too much. I can recognize darkness because he is my brother, my maker. I can drink lightness because it is the only way to survive. I can shut off my heart but that leads to evil, so I express her and revel in the nuance of blood currents, and the sacred demons. I fear and quake with my eyes darting fight or flight love or die. The lightning comes from below this time and rips out of my throat for the world to see. They all see my rabbit and I have trained her to hunt. In her perfect glory she is shy and extroverted, chaste and perverted, my sweet near-death more alive than ever. Take her. Take me while I am ripe and open, rub berries on my lips and bear fat in my hair. Tattoo me with a needle and impale me with your warmth. Heal me, fuck me, and work my heart till she beats strong and unafraid. Haunches bared, teeth sharpened, wide-eyed and aware. Hurry. I want to feel safe. #Quote by Tanya Tagaq
Bifurcated Needle quotes by Scarlett Cole
#6. Ouch." The yelp came out by accident as Trent went back over the bumps of her spine. Harper winced. Trent was doing his best to move the needle location around, she could feel that, but it was really starting to hurt.
She heard Trent put down his equipment and slide the stool around in front of her.
"This is the worst it's going to be, Harp. You're being so incredibly brave. I've had grown men cry at this point."
He paused for a moment before kissing her gently on the temple. "We have two options. I can stop in a minute and we can pick it up next time, or I can keep going for another twenty minutes and it will be done. The final appointments, then, will be short and sweet. Not to mention a whole lot less painful."
Harper took in a deep breath and blew it out harshly. Determined not to cry, she bit down on her lip hard. It stopped the pending deluge, but the tears still threatened.
"Oh darlin'." Trent kissed her softly. "I'd switch places with you in a heartbeat if I could. I know it hurts where I'm working."
Harper nodded. He understood. "Can you make it fifteen?"
Trent kissed the side of her eye, where a single tear was making a break for freedom.
"I'll do it in ten. #Quote by Scarlett Cole
Bifurcated Needle quotes by Kristen Ciccarelli
#7. When she remained silent, the slave went back to work. He started humming the tune of a song only to stop, rearrange the notes, then sing them again in a different order. He did this over and over. Like he was testing the song and it kept failing him. Asha lay back, letting his voice distract her from the teeth-grinding pain of his needle sewing her up. A story rose to mind, unbidden. Rayan strode through his mother's orange grove and stopped sharp. Someone was singing. Someone with the voice of a nightingale. #Quote by Kristen Ciccarelli
Bifurcated Needle quotes by Jared Alan Brock
#8. If you wish to find a needle in a haystack, light a match. #Quote by Jared Alan Brock
Bifurcated Needle quotes by Steven Pressfield
#9. Like a magnetized needle floating on a surface of oil, Resistance will unfailingly point to true North - meaning that calling or action it most wants to stop us from doing.
We can use this. We can use it as a compass. We can navigate by Resistance, letting it guide us to that calling or action that we must follow before all others. #Quote by Steven Pressfield
Bifurcated Needle quotes by Ryu Murakami
#10. Every time he studied this instrument, with its slender, gleaming steel rod that tapered down to such needle-like sharpness, he wondered why it was necessary to have things like this in the world. If it were truly only for chopping ice, you'd think a completely different design might do. The people who produce and sell things like this don't understand, he thought. They don't realize that some of us break out in a cold sweat at just a glimpse of that shiny, pointed tip. #Quote by Ryu Murakami
Bifurcated Needle quotes by Maggie Nelson
#11. I like writing that puts the needle right into the vein. I don't think, when I'm writing, "Tell a good story" or "find a meaning." I'm thinking phrase by phrase, make it tight, make it good. Get the idea out in language I can bear. I think there's something musical about being impatient with boring sentences - it's not that I don't have boring sentences, God knows I do, but I'm impatient with them. #Quote by Maggie Nelson
Bifurcated Needle quotes by Sharon Shinn
#12. Elisandra read while I tried my hand at embroidering a pillowcase that she lent me. The results were execrable. I had no skill with a needle, and no desire to learn, either.
'I wouldn't shame a dog by laying this upon his bed,' I remarked, showing Elisandra my efforts. She actually smiled.
'I like it,' she said. 'I'll put it on one of my pillows.'
'Bryan won't let you sleep in the same bed with him if you bring this as your dowry,' I said with an attempt at humor.
She bent her head back over her book. 'Then stitch me another. #Quote by Sharon Shinn
Bifurcated Needle quotes by Myrtle Reed
#13. No woman need fear the effect of absence upon the man who honestly loves her. The needle of the compass, regardless of intervening seas, points forever toward the north. Pitiful indeed is she who fails to be a magnet and blindly becomes a chain. #Quote by Myrtle Reed
Bifurcated Needle quotes by John Kenneth Galbraith
#14. The consequences of successful action seemed almost as terrible as the consequences of inaction, and they could be more horrible for those who took the action. A bubble can easily be punctured. But to incise it with a needle so that it subsides gradually is a task of no small delicacy. #Quote by John Kenneth Galbraith
Bifurcated Needle quotes by Anonymous
#15. Exactly what do you think I might do to you in bed?" He scratched his chest consideringly, and rubbed absently at the tiny knot of scar tissue where he'd cut Jack Randall's brand from his flesh. "Well, so far, ye've clawed me, bitten me, stabbed me - more than once - and - " "I have not stabbed you!" "Ye did, too," he informed me. "Ye stabbed me in the backside wi' your nasty wee needle spikes - fifteen times! I counted - and then a dozen times or more in the leg with a rattlesnake's fang." "I was saving your bloody life!" "I didna say otherwise, did I? Ye're no going to deny ye enjoyed it, though, are ye? #Quote by Anonymous
Bifurcated Needle quotes by Tom Cardamone
#16. He craved sex and chocolate. Chocolate was his heroin. Men were his needle. #Quote by Tom Cardamone
Bifurcated Needle quotes by Louise Erdrich
#17. To sew is to pray. Men don't understand this. They see the whole but they don't see the stitches. They don't see the speech of the creator in the work of the needle. We mend. We women turn things inside out and set things right. We salvage what we can of human garments and piece the rest into blankets. Sometimes our stitches stutter and slow. Only a woman's eyes can tell. Other times, the tension in the stitches might be too tight because of tears, but only we know what emotion went into the making. Only women can hear the prayer. #Quote by Louise Erdrich
Bifurcated Needle quotes by Kelsie Leverich
#18. You can stop mind fucking me now ." Kale's Eyes Came close to popping out of his head. "Excuse me ?"
Ronnie rolled her eyes . "Let's get this straight, soldier. I'm not sleeping with you. You can get it out of your pretty little head, and I suggest you do so before I stick a needle to your skin. #Quote by Kelsie Leverich
Bifurcated Needle quotes by Ellen G. White
#19. The greatest want of the world is the want of men - men who will not be bought or sold; men who in their inmost souls are true and honest; men who do not fear to call sin by its right name; men whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole; men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall. #Quote by Ellen G. White
Bifurcated Needle quotes by Legs McNeil
#20. DEE DEE RAMONE: Sid Vicious followed me all over the place ... the worst time was one night when we had a big party ... They were serving beer and wine, and everybody was bombed. The whole bathroom was filled with puke
in the sink, in the toilets, on the floor. It was really disgusting ... All of a sudden I had a huge amount of speed in my hand. I started sniffing it like crazy. I was so high. And then I saw Sid and he said, 'Do you have anything to get high?' I said, 'Yeah, I got some speed'. So Sid pulled out a set of works and put a whole bunch of speed in the syringe and then stuck the needle in the toilet with all the puke and piss in there and loaded it. He didn't cook it up. He just shook it, stuck it in his arm, and got off. I just looked at him. I'd seen it all by then. He just looked at me kind of dazed and said, 'Man, where did you get this stuff?'. #Quote by Legs McNeil
Bifurcated Needle quotes by Kazune Kawahara
#21. Yoh: What were you doing?

Haruna:Ah, I was sewing Asoaka-san's t-shirt and I got pricked by the needle.

Yoh: He could've done the work better if he did it himself. I'm pretty sure he got a 10 in home economics.

Haruna: Eh!? Really!?

Yoh: Ah thanks for this.

Haruna: Ah. yeah.

Yoh: I drank what was in the container, but what was it?

Haruna: Radish soup!! Asaoka-san told me that radish soup is good for the throaght!!

Yoh: Why does he always come in with such good timing?

Haruna: Ah. Come to think of it, you're right.It's a mystery!! #Quote by Kazune Kawahara
Bifurcated Needle quotes by J. Michael  Dolan
#22. At Auschwitz, everything was either ass-backward or a corruption of itself. The Ten Commandments were turned on their head-- thou shalt kill, thou shalt steal, thou shalt covet-- the Golden Rule nonexistent. Here, the weak were at the mercy of the strong-- the lame, sick, and feeble treated not with kindness but contempt. Here, nothing was less valuable than the life of a human being; a crust of bread, a pack of cigarettes, a needle and thread were worth more. Women with children and the elderly were the first to die, not the last. Here, people went to the hospital to be killed, not cured. #Quote by J. Michael Dolan
Bifurcated Needle quotes by Nathaniel Hawthorne
#23. Women derive a pleasure, incomprehensible to the other sex, from the delicate toil of the needle. #Quote by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Bifurcated Needle quotes by Andy Weir
#24. Here's a woman who had survived the centrifuge, the vomit comet, hard-landing drills and 10k runs. A woman who fixed a simulated MDV computer failure while being spun around upside-down. But she was afraid of a tattoo needle. #Quote by Andy Weir
Bifurcated Needle quotes by Agatha Christie
#25. For somewhere," said Poirot to himself, indulging in an absolute riot of mixed metaphors, "there is in the hay a needle, and among the sleeping dogs there is one on whom I shall put my foot, and by shooting the arrows into the air, one will come down and hit a glass house! #Quote by Agatha Christie
Bifurcated Needle quotes by Veronica Roth
#26. Hearing him talk about his mother, about his intact family, makes my chest hurt for a second, like someone pierced it with a needle. #Quote by Veronica Roth
Bifurcated Needle quotes by Lesley Manville
#27. I hate that thing that if you are over 45, and you're going to be on telly or make films, you have to do all this stupid stuff to your face. I would no more let someone stick a needle in my forehead than fly to the moon. #Quote by Lesley Manville
Bifurcated Needle quotes by Homer
#28. Pine needle sorbet? Pine needle sorbet?! My kids do NOT eat sorbet. They eat sherbet, and they pronounce it sherbert, and they wish it was ice cream! #Quote by Homer
Bifurcated Needle quotes by Edgar Lee Masters
#29. Margaret Fuller Slack I WOULD have been as great as George Eliot But for an untoward fate. For look at the photograph of me made by Penniwit, Chin resting on hand, and deep - set eyes - Gray, too, and far-searching. But there was the old, old problem: Should it be celibacy, matrimony or unchastity? Then John Slack, the rich druggist, wooed me, Luring me with the promise of leisure for my novel, And I married him, giving birth to eight children, And had no time to write. It was all over with me, anyway, When I ran the needle in my hand While washing the baby's things, And died from lock - jaw, an ironical death. Hear me, ambitious souls, Sex is the curse of life. #Quote by Edgar Lee Masters
Bifurcated Needle quotes by Maria Mitchell
#30. I would as soon put a girl alone into a closet to meditate as give her only the society of her needle. #Quote by Maria Mitchell
Bifurcated Needle quotes by Anonymous
#31. Linguoalveolar bone around the second molar is thinner than the buccal plate, so the second molar can be removed more easily with stronger lingual pressure than buccal pressure (Figure 7-67). If the tooth roots are clearly bifurcated #Quote by Anonymous
Bifurcated Needle quotes by Jerry Hunt
#32. My mother says I was vaccinated with a phonograph needle. I love to talk. I just love to talk. #Quote by Jerry Hunt

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