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Better Doctors quotes by John Kasich
#1. What people really want to know from their doctor is, are you going to make me feel better? And what they really want to know from a president are, are you going to give me some security when it comes to my work? Because if I'm not working, my family is in trouble. And when I am working, the fact of the matter is, my whole family is doing better. #Quote by John Kasich
Better Doctors quotes by Barbara Bretton
#2. There are other doctors out there but there's only one [of your child]. #Quote by Barbara Bretton
Better Doctors quotes by Olivia Wilde
#3. I'd like to refocus everyone's attention away from the Kardashians and onto Doctors Without Borders or aid workers. Let's redefine scandal. Scandal is not who so-and-so is dating; scandal is the fact that 1.2 million people are still living in tents in Haiti, and cholera is rampant because Nepalese U.N. soldiers dumped s- from their Porta-Potties into the river. That's a f-ing scandal. If the average 15-year-old was hearing about that instead of so-and-so's plastic surgery or cheating in Hollywood, I'd feel better about our future. #Quote by Olivia Wilde
Better Doctors quotes by David W. Jones
#4. Sophia was asked to speak to the students of a local medical school.
"Sophia, what do we need to be better doctors?" the students asked.
"Doctors," Sophia said, "need strong stomachs and strong powers of observation." Then she opened a canister. The putrid smell quickly moved through the classroom. Sophia stuck a finger in the jar, pulled it up, and then licked it. She passed the jar around encouraging each doctor in training to do the same. Each did, and though many felt nauseas, no one got sick.
"You all have very strong stomachs," she said. "But your powers of observation need some work."
"What do you mean?" they asked. "We did just what you did."
"There is one difference," she replied. "The finger I dipped in the jar was not the finger I licked. #Quote by David W. Jones
Better Doctors quotes by Rosamund Hodge
#5. The better to kill me in my sleep?" "It would be rude to wake you first. #Quote by Rosamund Hodge
Better Doctors quotes by Isaac Asimov
#6. There are many people, many worlds who believe in supernaturalism in one form or another ... religion, if you like the word better. We may disagree with them in one way or another, but we are as likely to be wrong in our disbelief as they in their belief. In any case, there is no disgrace in such belief and my questions were not intended as insults. #Quote by Isaac Asimov
Better Doctors quotes by Augusto De Luca
#7. I feel like a sailor, or better, like an explorer of the immense universe of art. The artist is a discoverer in search of the keys that open the door to emotions and feelings . Art is the place where rationality, fantasy, truth and fiction mix up in a detonating mixture. #Quote by Augusto De Luca
Better Doctors quotes by Francoise Sagan
#8. To some women nothing fits better than the onset of ambition. Love makes them passive #Quote by Francoise Sagan
Better Doctors quotes by Christian Burns
#9. Before we started writing we did feel pressure because of the success of the first record. One of the first songs that we wrote was "Out Of My Heart" which is the first single. As soon as we wrote that, we knew we just set the standard and every other song had to be as good if not better. #Quote by Christian Burns
Better Doctors quotes by Julie Andrews
#10. If the director says you can do better, particularly in a love scene, then it is rather embarrassing. #Quote by Julie Andrews
Better Doctors quotes by Paulo Coelho
#11. But now I knew that true love was above all that and that it would be better to die than to fail to love. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Better Doctors quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#12. Disease increases in proportion to the increase in the number of doctors in a place. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
Better Doctors quotes by Drew Karpyshyn
#13. He no longer clung to the simplistic ideals of right and wrong or good and evil. He understood better than anyone that dark and light were intertwined in strange and complex ways. #Quote by Drew Karpyshyn
Better Doctors quotes by Thomas Mann
#14. It is probably better that the world knows only the result, not the conditions under which it was achieved; because knowledge of the artist's sources of inspiration might bewilder them, drive them away and in that way nullify the effect of the excellent work. #Quote by Thomas Mann
Better Doctors quotes by Kristen Ashley
#15. They got cream puffs at the bakery but I bet yours will be better," he noted.
"As Americans often put sweetened whipped cream or vanilla pudding between the choux pastry, and we'll be making crème patisserie, this is indeed a fact."
"What's crème patisserie?" Ethan asked.
"Proof there is a God," I answered. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Better Doctors quotes by Janet Evanovich
#16. I liked you better when you had vordo." "You're not suggesting we do it in this tiny closet with two men watching television in the next room, are you?" "It'd be limiting," Ranger said, "but at least you wouldn't have your ass on the horn. #Quote by Janet Evanovich
Better Doctors quotes by Mark Sanborn
#17. Better is the most important step to becoming your best. If you want to be your best, you need to start by getting better. Start doing better. Good, better, best. That's how it works. #Quote by Mark Sanborn
Better Doctors quotes by Robert L. Millet
#18. The Lord needs us. He needs us to be knowledgeable, dependable, and competent disciples. We need to know not only that the gospel is true but we need to know the gospel, better than we do right now. We need to be in the right place at the right time. We will thereby become the right person. #Quote by Robert L. Millet
Better Doctors quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#19. There was another crashing sound, this time coming from directly overhead, and a chorus of excited bellows from the onlookers caused the walls to tremble. Above it all, the innkeeper could be heard complaining shrilly that his building would soon be reduced to matchsticks.
"Mr. Hunt," Lillian exclaimed, "I do wish that you would try to be of some use to Lord Westcliff!"
Hunt's brows lifted into mocking crescents. "You don't actually fear that St. Vincent is getting the better of him?"
"The question is not whether I have sufficient confidence in Lord Westcliff's fighting ability," Lillian replied impatiently. "The fact is, I have too much confidence in it. And I would rather not have to bear witness at a murder trial on top of everything else."
"You have a point." Standing, Hunt refolded his handkerchief and placed it in his coat pocket. He headed to the stairs with a short sigh, grumbling, "I've spent most of the day trying to stop him from killing people. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Better Doctors quotes by Christine Zolendz
#20. Holy Discovery Channel Sex, Conner, we are going to get caught in a porn storm between these two. Conner you better be coming with us too, because if I have to watch them making googley-steamy-nasty-dirty-sex-eyes at each other, there won't be a vibrator in the world big enough to satisfy me. #Quote by Christine Zolendz
Better Doctors quotes by Wale
#21. Jay-Z's my favorite rapper, but why can't I aspire to be better than him? #Quote by Wale
Better Doctors quotes by R.F. Kuang
#22. Life and death, they're equal to this cosmos. We enter the material world and we go away again, reincarnated into something better. #Quote by R.F. Kuang
Better Doctors quotes by Nutan Bajracharya
#23. Its better not to be born than falling in love. #Quote by Nutan Bajracharya
Better Doctors quotes by Daniel Suarez
#24. There is a great deal more to evolutionary biology than survival of the fittest - although that's all anyone seems to remember. One of Darwin's contemporaries was Alfred Russel Wallace, who had even more profound lessons about evolution - that humans are social creatures. That we coevolve with other species as part of a fabric of interwoven and interdependent life-forms. The world isn't entirely about competition and dominance. And species that cooperate with others succeed better than those who do not. That's what civilization is, cooperation." "And #Quote by Daniel Suarez
Better Doctors quotes by Claes Oldenburg
#25. I knew I wasn't that good a writer, and all I could remember was that I could draw. I'm better at drawing than I am at writing. #Quote by Claes Oldenburg
Better Doctors quotes by Joyce Meyer
#26. Don't waste your time being upset about something you can't change. Begin again and do it better this time. #Quote by Joyce Meyer
Better Doctors quotes by Christian Serratos
#27. Dia de Los Muertos is a holiday that pays tribute to the dead and also celebrates life. So I thought, what better of an idea to bring it in with PETA and let people know how we can respect the living and the dead. Going vegetarian could be an incredible option for people if they would just educate themselves. #Quote by Christian Serratos
Better Doctors quotes by Abigail Roux
#28. Zane let his head loll back and lifted one hand to gently prod his split lip. "Ow."

"Whine about it. It'll make it better," Ty offered as he stood in front of his locker, his back to Zane, and unwrapped the tape from his hands with jerky, irritated movements.

"Bite me," Zane muttered as he dug into his locker for a towel before starting in on the tape on his own hands. He spared an evil glance for Ty. "Teaching me to advance in a fight is a bad idea."

"Teaching you to fight at all is an exercise in futility," Ty responded in a matter-of-fact tone. "Luckily for you, I enjoy things like banging my head against a wall."

"I enjoy banging your head against a wall too," Zane replied as he tossed the balled-up tape at a nearby trash can. He let a small smile quirk his lips as he sat on the bench to unlace his shoes.

"Shut up," Ty grunted at him. But even though his back was still turned to him, Zane could hear the smile in his voice. "And cut it out with the damn cat jokes, huh? They're starting to catch on."

"Fine, fine. No reason to get catty about it," Zane told his partner with a barely concealed grin.

"A for effort," Ty conceded charitably. #Quote by Abigail Roux
Better Doctors quotes by Lisa J. Shultz
#29. I am becoming better at releasing the "what-ifs" that clog my closets. #Quote by Lisa J. Shultz
Better Doctors quotes by Hilary Duff
#30. What is meant to be, will always find its way. And when your down and feeling alone, just wanna run away, trust yourself and don't give up. You know you better than anyone else. #Quote by Hilary Duff
Better Doctors quotes by Henry Selick
#31. 'Coraline' is Neil Gaiman's book, it sold a lot, it has a big fan base. It was originally conceived to be live action, but I never really wanted it to be. I always thought that it would work better as an animated film. #Quote by Henry Selick
Better Doctors quotes by Winston Graham
#32. Ross said: "I'll tell you what is best for the other man, always, and that's work. Work is a challenge. I've told you – I tried to drink myself out of my misery once. It didn't succeed. Only work did. It's the solvent to so much. Build yourself a wall, even if there's hell in your heart, and when it's done – even at the end of the first day – you feel better. #Quote by Winston Graham
Better Doctors quotes by Brene Brown
#33. Eventually our anxiety is compounded and made unbearable by our belief that if we were just smarter, stronger, or better, we'd be able to handle everything. #Quote by Brene Brown
Better Doctors quotes by Isaac Asimov
#34. Self-education is a continuing source of pleasure to me, for the more I know, the fuller my life is and the better I appreciate my own existence #Quote by Isaac Asimov
Better Doctors quotes by Michael Pryor
#35. I always look on imagination as one of the most powerful things we can cultivate in young people. If they have a good, active imagination, they can cope with life better; they are ... able to imagine possibilities and to think around problems. #Quote by Michael Pryor
Better Doctors quotes by Iyanla Vanzant
#36. Forgive yourself for believing things about yourself that are not true. Forgive yourself for believing that you were anything other than a child of God. Then, after forgiving yourself for believing the things you were told, forgive the people who told you. Forgive them not for what they said or did. Forgive them because they did not know any better. #Quote by Iyanla Vanzant
Better Doctors quotes by Jackie Evancho
#37. I have always despised people who thought they were better than others, and I made a promise to myself that I'd never turn into that kind of person. My family also helps to keep me grounded. Whenever I get a 'diva moment,' as they like to call it, they let me know it and say, 'Stop acting like a diva!' They're pretty good at it, too. #Quote by Jackie Evancho
Better Doctors quotes by Abraham Lincoln
#38. We can succeed only by concert. It is not, 'Can any of us imagine better,' but, 'Can we all do better?' #Quote by Abraham Lincoln
Better Doctors quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#39. An umbrella with many holes is better than no umbrella! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Better Doctors quotes by Edward V. Long
#40. I think every doctor should know the shocking state of affairs ... We discovered they (the FDA) failed to effectively regulate the large manufacturers and powerful interests while recklessly persecuting the small manufacturers ... (The FDA is) harassing (small) manufacturers and doctors ... (and) betrays the public trust. #Quote by Edward V. Long
Better Doctors quotes by George Carlin
#41. Here's another question I have. How come when it's us, it's an abortion, and when it's a chicken, it's an omelette?
Are we so much better than chickens all of a sudden? When did this happen, that we passed chickens in goodness. Name 6 ways we're better than chickens.

See, nobody can do it! You know why? 'Cause chickens are decent people.
You don't see chickens hanging around in drug gangs, do you? No, you don't see a chicken strapping some guy into a chair and hooking up his nuts to a car battery, do you? When's the last chicken you heard about come home from work and beat the shit out of his hen, huh? Doesn't happen, 'cause chickens are decent people. #Quote by George Carlin
Better Doctors quotes by Ann Patchett
#42. Sometimes not having any idea where we're going works out better than we could possibly have imagined. #Quote by Ann Patchett
Better Doctors quotes by Andrew Saul
#43. No person knows your body better than you. The world's most sophisticated and sensitive diagnostic apparatus is your own body's feelings. #Quote by Andrew Saul
Better Doctors quotes by Stephen King
#44. The pain in my hip was just short of apocalyptic. And the first five hundred words were uniquely terrifying - it was as if I'd never written anything before them in my life. All my old tricks seemed to have deserted me. I stepped from one word to the next like a very old man finding his way across a stream on a zigzag line of wet stones. There was no inspiration that first afternoon, only a kind of stubborn determination and the hope that things would get better if I kept at it. #Quote by Stephen King
Better Doctors quotes by Kim Brooks
#45. When it comes to our current fears regarding unsupervised children, we see both versions of folk wisdom at work. In the sixties or seventies, a child could walk to school or wait in a car because people were better, the world less violent, we say. But also, parents were dumber. They simply didn't know. Sure, parents used to leave kids on their own, but they also let them drink Kool-Aid by the vat and play with toy weapons the NRA might find a touch aggro. They let them build forts in the trunks of station wagons careening down the freeway or swim without sunscreen until their skin blistered. Parents let kids wait in cars because they were idiots. But also, on average, because it was safer, because people were better then, gentler, less monstrous. It sounds so nice and pleasant, this safer, simpler past. It sounds almost too good to be true. #Quote by Kim Brooks
Better Doctors quotes by Harlan Coben
#46. Doctors kept stressing that mental disease was the same as physical disease. Telling someone who was clinically depressed, for example, to shake it off and get out of the house was tantamount to telling a man with two broken legs to sprint across the room. That was all well and good in theory, but in practice, the stigma continued. Maybe, to be more charitable, it was because you could hide a mental disease. #Quote by Harlan Coben
Better Doctors quotes by Karl Pilkington
#47. Getting old is better than being young. You can do what you want to do. #Quote by Karl Pilkington
Better Doctors quotes by Livy
#48. Potius sero quam nunquam.
Better late than never. #Quote by Livy
Better Doctors quotes by Plato
#49. This much is all I ask of my accusers: when my sons grow up, avenge yourselves by causing them the same kind of grief that I caused you, if you think they care for money or anything else more than they care for virtue, or if they think they are somebody when they are nobody.
Reproach them as I reproach you, that they do not care for the right things and think they are worthy when they are not worthy of anything. If you do this, I shall have been justly treated by you, and my sons also.
Now the hour to part has come. I go to die, you go to live. Which of us goes to the better lot is known to no one. #Quote by Plato
Better Doctors quotes by John Constable
#50. I have added some ploughmen to the landscape form the park pales which is a great help, but I must try and warm the picture a little more if I can ... but I look to do a great deal better in future. I am determined to finish a small picture in the spot for every one I intend to make in future. But this I have always talked about but never yet done - I think however my mind is more settled and determined than ever on this point. #Quote by John Constable

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