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Beta Test quotes by Ben Domenech
#1. To something that looks very different. The thing to understand here is that Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, they're not the disease and they're not the symptom of the disease. They are the beta test of a cure for the perspective of the people. #Quote by Ben Domenech
Beta Test quotes by Seanan McGuire
#2. What is wrong? Is this related to the notice I received from Queen Windermere that a war was being beta-tested, and might be cleared for release? I do not have time to allow my coders to be slaughtered. It seems very inefficient. #Quote by Seanan McGuire
Beta Test quotes by Toba Beta
#3. Mind is prison of one's potential
which can be freed by his dreams. #Quote by Toba Beta
Beta Test quotes by Sarah Knowles Bolton
#4. Heroic deeds, to use whatever dower Heaven has bestowed, to test our utmost power. #Quote by Sarah Knowles Bolton
Beta Test quotes by Toba Beta
#5. After people pray and receive as they want,
they may easily perceive it as the fulfillment.
Another may see that as a mere coincidence.
As for me, universe keeps doing something
that causes some of all creation will start praying for it. #Quote by Toba Beta
Beta Test quotes by Louis Kronenberger
#6. The test of interesting people is that subject matter doesn't matter. #Quote by Louis Kronenberger
Beta Test quotes by Hayao Miyazaki
#7. Sometimes I test myself saying, 'If I get a death sentence if I don't make this movie, would I still make this movie?' #Quote by Hayao Miyazaki
Beta Test quotes by Paulo Coelho
#8. A search always starts with Beginner's Luck and ends with the Test of the Conqueror. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Beta Test quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#9. They that know their God shall not be disappointed. They will stand the test of time. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Beta Test quotes by Steve McConnell
#10. Testing by itself does not improve software quality. Test results are an indicator of quality, but in and of themselves, they don't improve it. Trying to improve software quality by increasing the amount of testing is like trying to lose weight by weighing yourself more often. What you eat before you step onto the scale determines how much you will weigh, and the software development techniques you use determine how many errors testing will find. If you want to lose weight, don't buy a new scale; change your diet. If you want to improve your software, don't test more; develop better. #Quote by Steve McConnell
Beta Test quotes by Johannes Kepler
#11. The heavenly bodies are nothing but a continuous song for several voices (perceived by the intellect, not by the ear); a music which ... sets landmarks in the immeasurable flow of time. It is therefore, no longer surprising that man, in imitation of his creator, has at last discovered the art of figured song, which was unknown to the ancients. Man wanted to reproduce the continuity of cosmic time ... to obtain a sample test of the delight of the Divine Creator in His works, and to partake of his joy by making music in the imitation of God. #Quote by Johannes Kepler
Beta Test quotes by J-Live
#12. Lessons cut short to prep for tests that only test how well you prep.
... Man, no wonder why the score's a mess. #Quote by J-Live
Beta Test quotes by Toba Beta
#13. The baby's beauty lies on its' pure-hearted. #Quote by Toba Beta
Beta Test quotes by Beth Brower
#14. In all actuality, Quincy knew that, when riding in a wagon, your thoughts had plenty of room to wander and move and never bump into those of your companions. But in a carriage, with its confined space, people often felt compelled to speak with one another, even when their companion didn't wish it. And Quincy did not wish it. She thought that the truest test of humanity was riding in a coach and saying absolutely nothing to one's traveling companions. Few, if any, had ever succeeded. #Quote by Beth Brower
Beta Test quotes by Kenneth Eade
#15. The test of any relationship is, when the going gets tough, whether your partner stays with you or 'gets going'. #Quote by Kenneth Eade
Beta Test quotes by Paul Keres
#16. Chess is a test of wills. #Quote by Paul Keres
Beta Test quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#17. We ought to test for the living water. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Beta Test quotes by Toba Beta
#18. When sinners accuse people,
evil just did her job, accusing. #Quote by Toba Beta
Beta Test quotes by John Green
#19. Dude, you're such a geek. And that's coming from an overweight Star Trek fan who scored a 5 on the AP Calculus test. So you know your condition is grave #Quote by John Green
Beta Test quotes by Agatha Christie
#20. Character, mon cher, does not stand still. It can gather strength. It can also deteriorate. What a person really is, is only apparent when the test comes - that is, the moment when you stand or fall on your own feet. #Quote by Agatha Christie
Beta Test quotes by Wynn Bullock
#21. Searching is everything - going beyond what you know. And the test of the search is really in the things themselves, the things you seek to understand. What is important is not what you think about them, but how they enlarge you. #Quote by Wynn Bullock
Beta Test quotes by Lauren Conrad
#22. I make fun of guys when I like them. I act like I'm 10 years old. I do it as a test to see if they can laugh at themselves. If they get sensitive, then it's like, 'Um, this isn't going to work.' #Quote by Lauren Conrad
Beta Test quotes by Helen Hoang
#23. How did you change your life when you were trapped like this? Her history didn't define her. Her origins didn't define her. At least, they shouldn't. She could be more, if she had a chance. #Quote by Helen Hoang
Beta Test quotes by Dov Frohman
#24. One way to make sure you test your intuition is to create and encourage a culture of dissent. By promoting strong people who will stand up to you and say no, you can create an environment in which your intuitions have to run the gauntlet of constructive criticism. For example, there was one veteran employee at the Haifa design center who was challenging me all the time. To be honest, I had extremely ambivalent feelings about this individual. It's no fun to be constantly challenged and criticized. Yet in the end I was glad he was there. He kept me on my toes. #Quote by Dov Frohman
Beta Test quotes by Czeslaw Milosz
#25. The work of human thought should withstand the test of brutal, naked reality. If it cannot, it is worthless. Probably only those things are worthwhile which can preserve their validity in the eyes of a man threatened with instant death. #Quote by Czeslaw Milosz
Beta Test quotes by Oswald Chambers
#26. The test of a man's religious life and character is not what he does in the exceptional moments of life, but what he does in the ordinary times, when there is nothing tremendous or exciting on. The worth of a man is revealed in his attitude to ordinary things when he is not before the footlights. #Quote by Oswald Chambers
Beta Test quotes by Toba Beta
#27. If you make peace without defense power,
then you should be really ready to be ruled. #Quote by Toba Beta
Beta Test quotes by Salman Rushdie
#28. What happens when you win?
When your enemies are at your mercy: how will you act then? Compromise is the temptation of the weak; this is the test for the strong. #Quote by Salman Rushdie
Beta Test quotes by Howard Zinn
#29. Scholars, who pride themselves on speaking their minds, often engage in a form of self-censorship which is called "realism." To be "realistic" in dealing with a problem is to work only among the alternatives which the most powerful in society put forth. It is as if we are all confined to a, b, c, or d in the multiple choice test, when we know there is another possible answer. American society, although it has more freedom of expression than most societies in the world, thus sets limits beyond which respectable people are not supposed to think or speak. #Quote by Howard Zinn
Beta Test quotes by Toba Beta
#30. When I saw snooty guy, I missed my childhood. #Quote by Toba Beta
Beta Test quotes by Frans De Waal
#31. Would anyone test the memory of human children by throwing them into a swimming pool to see if they remember where to get out? Yet #Quote by Frans De Waal
Beta Test quotes by Toba Beta
#32. People who newly taste freedom tend to act excessively. #Quote by Toba Beta
Beta Test quotes by Toba Beta
#33. Sycophant learns from dogs. #Quote by Toba Beta
Beta Test quotes by David A. Bednar
#34. I believe the best test of our integrity and honesty is when we personally enforce in our own lives that which ultimately cannot be enforced. #Quote by David A. Bednar
Beta Test quotes by Khaled Hosseini
#35. If the story had been about anyone else, it would been dismissed as laaf, that Afghan tendency to exaggerate
sadly, almost a national affliction; if someone bragged that his son was a doctor, chances were the kid had once passed a biology test in high school. #Quote by Khaled Hosseini
Beta Test quotes by Chanakya
#36. Test a servant while in the discharge of his duty, a relative in difficulty, a friend in adversity, and a wife in misfortune. #Quote by Chanakya
Beta Test quotes by Toba Beta
#37. You can't do clear observation if you ain't in the field.
You can't be a pure observer if you're now in the field. #Quote by Toba Beta
Beta Test quotes by Peter D. Mitchell
#38. Moreover, in the experimental sciences, the scientific fraternity must test a new theory to destruction, if possible. #Quote by Peter D. Mitchell
Beta Test quotes by John Pilger
#39. Orwell is almost our litmus test. Some of his satirical writing looks like reality these days. #Quote by John Pilger
Beta Test quotes by Piers Paul Read
#40. Oh, God," he prayed once again, "by all means test us to the limit of our endurance, but please make it humanly possible to go on. Please let there be some sort of path". #Quote by Piers Paul Read
Beta Test quotes by Thomas Sowell
#41. Suppose you are wrong? How would you know? How would you test for that possibility? #Quote by Thomas Sowell
Beta Test quotes by Oswald Chambers
#42. Wait for God's timing and He will do it without any heartache or disappointment. When it is a question of the providential will of God, wait for God to move. Peter did not wait for God. He predicted in his own mind where the test would come, and it came where he did not expect it. "I will lay down my life for Your sake." Peter's statement was honest but ignorant. #Quote by Oswald Chambers
Beta Test quotes by Donna Visocky
#43. I am beginning to see the fallacy in the Western world's take on dying. Too often we are taught that this one life is all there is and when it ends, that's it. Or, instead of once again returning to a loving God who welcomes us back Home with open arms, we are told that when we die we must stand in front of a stern and unforgiving deity who sits on a throne and looks at every mistake we have ever made, deciding if we are good enough to enter heaven. And, if we do make it past that stringent test, we certainly aren't able to visit our friends and family still living. No wonder so many of us are afraid of death. I also find it fascinating that most religions believe in angels or wise ascended souls who brought messages to certain people on earth (Moses and Noah, for example) thousands of years ago, but deny that such an occurrence can happen now. What, did God just decide not to talk to us anymore? #Quote by Donna Visocky

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