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Best Aphorism quotes by Lord Chesterfield
#1. A man of fashion never has recourse to proverbs, and vulgar aphorisms; uses neither favourite words nor hard words, but takes great care to speak very correctly and grammatically, and to pronounce properly; that is, according to the usage of the best companies. #Quote by Lord Chesterfield
Best Aphorism quotes by Ljupka Cvetanova
#2. I played the best role in my life. I had a great director. #Quote by Ljupka Cvetanova
Best Aphorism quotes by Ravi Zacharias
#3. My premise is that the popular aphorism that 'all religions are fundamentally the same and only superficially different' simply is not true. It is more correct to say that all religions are, at best, superficially similar but fundamentally different. #Quote by Ravi Zacharias
Best Aphorism quotes by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
#4. My best definition of a nerd: someone who asks you to explain an aphorism #Quote by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Best Aphorism quotes by Ljupka Cvetanova
#5. If Santa Claus was a politician, he would only put billboards promising the best Christmas presents. #Quote by Ljupka Cvetanova
Best Aphorism quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#6. Of the spirit of women. - The spiritual power of a woman is best demonstrated by her sacrificing her own spirit to that of a man out of love of him and of his spirit but then, despite this sacrifice, immediately evolving _a new spirit_ within the new domain, originally alien to her nature, to which the man's disposition impels her. (from Assorted Opinions & Maxims 272)

-- This is the first time among years of reading Nietzsche that i agree with his words on women: this aphorism captures a few quintessences of true and gallant womanhood, namely the will(ingness) to sacrifice (not only to others but also to the necessity that arises in a context), the balance between creative and reactive, the free-spiritedness out of such balance without conceit and swagger, and the malleability/fluidity without blind submission. (It is momentous to note that the man-woman dynamic is not binary, and that man/womanhood is not a given in one's biology - it's more something that evolves in a person over time.) #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Best Aphorism quotes by Carl Schmitt
#7. How did Kirchmann understand the worthlessness of jurisprudence ? The answer lies in the aphorism: "Three revisions by the legislator and whole libraries became wastepaper." With a sharp alteration this answer became a slogan:"A stroke of the legislator's pen and whole libraries became wastepaper." Another aphorism in the same vein made the point even more brusquely and less politely: "Positive law turns the jurist into a worm in rotten wood." Kirchmann meant that jurisprudence could never catch up with legislation. Thus our predicament becomes immediately obvious. What remains of a science reduced to annotating and interpreting constantly changing regulations issued by state agencies presumed to be in the best position to know and articulate their true intent? #Quote by Carl Schmitt
Best Aphorism quotes by Sam Waterston
#8. I got a note from my father, who said that Success is wonderful, if you don't inhale. That was his own aphorism, and I think it's the very best thing he could have said to me or anyone else on the subject. #Quote by Sam Waterston
Best Aphorism quotes by Ljupka Cvetanova
#9. I will build the best Potemkin village for you, my love! #Quote by Ljupka Cvetanova
Best Aphorism quotes by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
#10. Exclusively of the abstract sciences, the largest and worthiest portion of our knowledge consists of aphorisms: and the greatest and best of men is but an aphorism. #Quote by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Best Aphorism quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#11. We are sometimes hurt mostly or only not by what happened or is happening to us but by being felt sorry for. #Quote by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Best Aphorism quotes by Benjamin Disraeli
#12. All of us encounter, at least once in our life, some individual who utters words that make us think forever. There are men whose phrases are oracles; who condense in one sentence the secrets of life; who blurt out an aphorism that forms a character or illustrates an existence. #Quote by Benjamin Disraeli
Best Aphorism quotes by Rebecca West
#13. The trouble about man is twofold. He cannot learn truths which are too complicated; he forgets truths which are too simple. #Quote by Rebecca West
Best Aphorism quotes by Mark Dvoretsky
#14. I do not know to whom the aphorism 'There are no sound studies, only ones that haven't been busted yet' belongs, but it has measure of truth in it. #Quote by Mark Dvoretsky

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