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Berwald String quotes by William Ritter
#1. Are those pictograms? What's that bit you just finished? The one that looks like a goose tugging at a bit of string?"
"That's a seven."
"Oh." We both looked at the board. I tilted my head. "Oh, right--I see. I think. #Quote by William Ritter
Berwald String quotes by Steven Redhead
#2. It is possible to be a puppet on a string without fully realising it. #Quote by Steven Redhead
Berwald String quotes by John Green
#3. But once that string gets cut, kid, you can't uncut it. Do you get what I'm saying? #Quote by John Green
Berwald String quotes by David Finckel
#4. The pieces that have survived, the ones that we all love, were not all popular in their time. Just look at Beethoven's late string quartets. The music that the musical community selects, however, is usually the very best. #Quote by David Finckel
Berwald String quotes by Munia Khan
#5. Sitting makes us think of standing
Our current stance keeps on demanding
We wish to fly without the wings
Puppets move before pulling the strings #Quote by Munia Khan
Berwald String quotes by J.K. Rowling
#6. Hagrid!" said Harry loudly. "There's an owl - " "Pay him," Hagrid grunted into the sofa. "What?" "He wants payin' fer deliverin' the paper. Look in the pockets." Hagrid's coat seemed to be made of nothing but pockets - bunches of keys, slug pellets, balls of string, peppermint humbugs, teabags . . . finally, Harry pulled out a handful of strange-looking coins. "Give him five Knuts," said Hagrid sleepily. "Knuts?" "The little bronze ones." Harry counted out five little bronze coins, and the owl held out his leg so Harry could put the money into a small leather pouch tied to it. Then he flew off through #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Berwald String quotes by Aaron Copland
#7. Every symphony, for example, is a sonata for orchestra; every string quartet is a sonata for four strings; every concerto a sonata for a solo instrument and orchestra. #Quote by Aaron Copland
Berwald String quotes by Jami Attenberg
#8. I've got a better idea," says my mother. "Tell me about what you did today. Tell me about New York." So I do, I tell the lifelong New Yorker who chucked it for the woods about the streets of the city: how the subway was so crowded this morning I had to let four trains pass in a row and I was a half hour late to work; how I had a meeting in Times Square and I saw an army of painted topless women posing with tourists for money; how I saw two people dressed up as Disney characters get into a fistfight; how I ate a hot dog from a stand after my client meeting bombed and when I finished it I ate another, on one of the chairs scattered in Bryant Park. A string quartet was playing nearby, under a sponsor banner. "The music part was the part that saved me," I say. "All of it would have saved me," says my mother. #Quote by Jami Attenberg
Berwald String quotes by Sigmund Freud
#9. A string of reproaches against other people leads one to suspect the existence of a string of self-reproaches with the same content. #Quote by Sigmund Freud
Berwald String quotes by Stephen Lloyd Jones
#10. Yet surely no afterlife could be cruel enough to accept not just her soul but all her agony. #Quote by Stephen Lloyd Jones
Berwald String quotes by Charles Seife
#11. Banishing zero also solves the infinity problems in general relativity. If you imagine a black hole as a string, no longer do objects fall through a rip in the fabric of space-time. Instead, a particle loop approaching a black-hole loop stretches out and touches the black hole. The two loops tremble, tear, and form one loop: a slightly more massive black hole. (Some theorists believe that the act of merging a particle to a black hole creates bizarre particles such as tachyons: particles with imaginary mass that travel backward in time and move faster than light. Such particles might be admissable in certain versions of string theory.) #Quote by Charles Seife
Berwald String quotes by Henry Ward Beecher
#12. While a man is stringing a harp, he tries the strings, not for music, but for construction. When it is finished it shall be played for melodies. God is fashioning the human heart for future joy. He only sounds a string here and there to see how far His work has progressed. #Quote by Henry Ward Beecher
Berwald String quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#13. What an impossible and miraculous and hideous thing this was. An ugly plan hatched by an ugly boy now dreamt into ugly life. From dream to reality. How appropiate it was that Ronan, left to his own devices, manifested beautiful cars and beautiful birds and tenderhearted brothers, while Adam, when given the power, manifested a filthy string of perverse murders. #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Berwald String quotes by Cassie Mae
#14. I've been checking you out since we were freshmen."
"Do you even have to ask?" I laugh as a string of colorful handkerchiefs falls into my hand when I pull it from his pocket. #Quote by Cassie Mae
Berwald String quotes by A.R. Ammons
#15. The white sun like a moth on a string circles the southpole. #Quote by A.R. Ammons
Berwald String quotes by Pete Seeger
#16. When you play the 12-string guitar, you spend half your life tuning the instrument and the other half playing it out of tune. #Quote by Pete Seeger
Berwald String quotes by Jamie Zawinski
#17. C has all the expressive power of two dixie cups and a string. #Quote by Jamie Zawinski
Berwald String quotes by Alison Sweeney
#18. I like to keep almonds in my pantry. I also like to keep fruit on hand, just different types depending on the season. And string cheese - that's a really good one. #Quote by Alison Sweeney
Berwald String quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#19. Ruby Gillis says when she grows up she's going to have ever so many beaus on the string and have them all crazy about her; but I think that would be too exciting. I'd rather just have one in his right mind. #Quote by L.M. Montgomery
Berwald String quotes by Hunter Shea
#20. This was a part he didn't like. It made him feel like a jailer, or a kidnapper.
"Another sin, another string of Hail Marys," he said, sitting on the edge of the bed. So much was riding on this. It could all blow up in their faces. If he was still a betting man, that's where he'd lay his money. Too many moving parts that weren't in line with one another.
Praying wasn't an option. God didn't have time for deceivers. #Quote by Hunter Shea
Berwald String quotes by Bear Grylls
#21. Meanwhile, Trucker and I, through all of this, had been renting that cottage together, on a country estate six miles outside of Bristol. We were paying a tiny rent, as the place was so rundown, with no heating or modern conveniences. But I loved it.
The cottage overlooked a huge green valley on one side and had beautiful woodland on the other. We had friends around most nights, held live music parties, and burned wood from the dilapidated shed as heating for the solid-fuel stove.
Our newly found army pay was spent on a bar tab in the local pub.
We were probably the tenants from hell, as we let the garden fall into disrepair, and burned our way steadily through the wood of the various rotting sheds in the garden. But heh, the landlord was a miserable old sod with a terrible reputation, anyway!
When the grass got too long we tried trimming it--but broke both our string trimmers. Instead we torched the garden. This worked a little too well, and we narrowly avoided burning down the whole cottage as the fire spread wildly.
What was great about the place was that we could get in and out of Bristol on our 100 cc motorbikes, riding almost all the way on little footpaths through the woods--without ever having to go on any roads.
I remember one night, after a fun evening out in town, Trucker and I were riding our motorbikes back home. My exhaust started to malfunction--glowing red, then white hot--before letting out one massive backfire and grinding to a h #Quote by Bear Grylls
Berwald String quotes by Edward Witten
#22. String theory is an attempt at a deeper description of nature by thinking of an elementary particle not as a little point but as a little loop of vibrating string. #Quote by Edward Witten
Berwald String quotes by Sam Trammell
#23. When I was in high school, I was really into string theory and superstring theory and read 'Scientific American.' It's fascinating. #Quote by Sam Trammell
Berwald String quotes by Susanna Clarke
#24. After two hours it stopped raining and in the same moment the spell broke, which Peroquet and the Admiral and Captain Jumeau knew by a curious twist of their senses, as if they had tasted a string quartet, or been, for a moment, deafened by the sight of colour blue. #Quote by Susanna Clarke
Berwald String quotes by Taylor Swift
#25. It's alright, just wait and see, your string of lights is still bright to me. Who you are is not where you've been. You're still an innocent. It's okay life is a tough crowd, 32 is still growing up now. #Quote by Taylor Swift
Berwald String quotes by Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
#26. Mind, Sancho, I do not say that a proverb aptly brought in is objectionable; but to pile up and string together proverbs at random makes conversation dull and vulgar. #Quote by Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
Berwald String quotes by Adam Mansbach
#27. While I'm working, I stick with music that won't distract me - the dub stylings of Scientist and King Tubby, maybe some Beethoven string quartets. #Quote by Adam Mansbach
Berwald String quotes by Loren Graham
#28. I felt I was in the loneliest place in the world, and I was apprehensive. Nothing could be heard except the occasional crash of an unknown creature in the forest, and, once in awhile, a deep thrumming similar to the lowest barely audible sound of a string bass. I was standing alone in 1972 in a semi-ruined lighthouse that my wife, fifteen-year-old daughter, and I had just purchased. The lighthouse was located atop a 200-foot cliff on an island a dozen miles from the Lake Superior shoreline. I was separated from the nearest human being by an unknown but surely great distance, and had hiked several hours through the forest to reach the place, following the path of an old road that once led to the lighthouse but was now no longer passable with a vehicle. The low rumble I occasionally heard, straddling the lowest limit of my auditory range, was caused by an occasional large wave entering a cavern below the lighthouse and resonating in the stony echo chamber. #Quote by Loren Graham
Berwald String quotes by Mark Steyn
#29. The salient feature of America in the Age of Obama is a failed government class institutionally committed to living beyond its means, and a citizenry too many of whom are content to string along. #Quote by Mark Steyn
Berwald String quotes by Alexis Hall
#30. Right as rain, hah. Who says that? Who says that and means it? But betwixt some fucker wanting to slice off my arm for kicks and some other fucker promising the moon on a string, I was going with the second fella. #Quote by Alexis Hall
Berwald String quotes by John Milton
#31. Or bid the soul of Orpheus sing
Such notes as warbled to the string,
Drew Iron tears down Pluto's cheek,
And made Hell grant what Love did seek. #Quote by John Milton
Berwald String quotes by Nicole Williams
#32. The few things I'd sacrificed, or put on hold, to be with my husband and
baby were worth it. That broken boy on the beach seemed like a lifetime ago. Years had passed, college and the NFL, marriage and a baby, but every once in a while, when Jude looked over at me and gave me that slow, knowing smile of his, I was that girl in a black string bikini all over again, longing for a boy I never thought could be mine. #Quote by Nicole Williams
Berwald String quotes by Beth Revis
#33. I feel alone.
I don't mean i feel lonely; I mean i feel alone, the same way i feel the blanket resting on my body, or the feathers of my pillow under my head, or the tight string of my sleep pants twisted up around my waist. I feel alone as if it were an actual thing, seeping throughout this whole level like mist blanketing a field, reaching into all the hidden corners of my room and finding nothing living but me. It's a cold sort of feeling, this. #Quote by Beth Revis
Berwald String quotes by Christopher Stocking
#34. Gina was beautiful like a sunset. You see it and you think of how beautiful it is, and then it's over and you move on. But Trista was beautiful like a song. The kind of song you play over and over and never get sick of hearing. The kind of song he wanted to write for her, but he knew he would never be able to string together the right combination of notes to show her how he really felt. #Quote by Christopher Stocking

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