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Berrones Family Crest quotes by Robert Thomas
#1. The family crest of none other than Professor James Moriarty." The very name filled me with fear, and my trousers with something that was certainly not fear. #Quote by Robert Thomas
Berrones Family Crest quotes by Farley Mowat
#2. The Ilhalmiut do not fill canvases with their paintings, or inscribe figures on rocks, or carve figurines in clay or in stone, because in the lives of the People there is no room for the creation of objects of no practical value. What purpose is there in creating beautiful things if these must be abandoned when the family treks out over the Barrens? But the artistic sense is present and strongly developed. It is strongly alive in their stories and songs, and in the string-figures, but they also use it on the construction of things which assist in their living and in these cases it is no less an art. The pleasure of abstract creation is largely denied to them by the nature of the land, but still they know how to make beauty.
They know how to make beauty, and they also know how to enjoy it-- for it is no uncommon thing to see an Ilhalmio man squatting silently on a hill crest and watching, for hours at a time, the swift interplay of colors that sweep the sky at sunset and dawn. It is not unusual to see an Ilhalmio pause for long minutes to watch the sleek beauty of a weasel or to stare into the brilliant heart of some minuscule flower. And these things are done quite unconsciously, too. There is no word for 'beauty'--as such--in their language; it needs no words in their hearts. #Quote by Farley Mowat
Berrones Family Crest quotes by Nora Roberts
#3. Come inside."
Shelby tilted her head just enough to rest it briefly on his shoulder as they walked to the door. "I'm relying on your word that I'll walk out again in one piece at the end of the weekend."
He only grinned. "I told you my stand on playing the mediator."
"Thanks a lot." She glanced up at the door, noting the heavy brass crest that served as a door knocker. The MacGregor lion stared coolly at her with its Gaelic motto over its crowned head. "Your father isn't one to hide his light under a bushel,is he?"
"Let's just say he has a strong sense of family pride." Alan lifted the knocker, then let it fall heavily against the thick door. Shelby imagined the sound would vibrate into every nook and cranny in the house. "The Clan MacGregor," Alan began in a low rolling burr, "is one of the few permitted to use the crown in their crest.Good blood. Strong stock. #Quote by Nora Roberts
Berrones Family Crest quotes by Michelle Hodkin
#4. I was just going to say it reminds me of the symbols on a family crest."
Noah stopped mid-stride, and turned very slowly. "We're not related."
"I know, but - "
"Don't even think it. #Quote by Michelle Hodkin
Berrones Family Crest quotes by Agatha Christie
#5. The motto of the mongoose family, so Mr Kipling tells us, is: 'Go and find out.' If Caroline ever adopts a crest, I should certainly suggest a mongoose rampant. One might omit the first part of the motto. Caroline can do any amount of finding out by sitting placidly at home. #Quote by Agatha Christie
Berrones Family Crest quotes by Jung-Myung Lee
#6. Books were cities I'd never visited, filled with pillars of great thoughts and streets of phrases, mazes of abstruse sentence structures and alleys of complicated syllables. They were stores that displayed a wide range of things, punctuation twinkling like the crest of a venerable family, sentences breathing peacefully, words whispering. #Quote by Jung-Myung Lee
Berrones Family Crest quotes by Shannon Messenger
#7. Having a family crest meant a lot to a girl who'd been adopted. #Quote by Shannon Messenger
Berrones Family Crest quotes by Stephen Marley
#8. Bob Marley songs are my songs. These are the songs that have been passed on to me. Let me say, I wear my family crest, and I represent my family to the fullest. #Quote by Stephen Marley
Berrones Family Crest quotes by Moriah S. St. Clair
#9. If abuse is to cease, and genuine love, respect, and trust are to be restored to the family picture- indeed to humanity's universal picture- then the ways that abuse is formed and perpetuated must be addressed. All that we deny of ourselves and bury beneath the surface, eventually becomes the rot which lays a brittle foundation for the next generation #Quote by Moriah S. St. Clair
Berrones Family Crest quotes by Shannon Woodward
#10. Being a family in general is a comedy of errors. #Quote by Shannon Woodward
Berrones Family Crest quotes by Mark Cuban
#11. I just try to have a good time, enjoy my family, enjoy my life. I was having a blast when I was poor, and I'm having maybe a little bit more now that I've got something in the bank. #Quote by Mark Cuban
Berrones Family Crest quotes by Dawud Wharnsby Ali
#12. Dear God I've heard your name from teachers , family and friends, you made the universe and so will live on when it ends. Everyone I know admits they've never seen your face , they're not sure where you live and have no map to the place. #Quote by Dawud Wharnsby Ali
Berrones Family Crest quotes by Seth MacFarlane
#13. This is life, the one you get so go and have a ball, because the world don't move, to the beat of just one drum. What might be right for you, may not be right for some. You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have my opening statement..sit ubu sit. Good dog. #Quote by Seth MacFarlane
Berrones Family Crest quotes by Kariya Munda
#14. I grow the vegetables my family eats. I grow enough, and we seldom buy from the market. #Quote by Kariya Munda
Berrones Family Crest quotes by Amitav Ghosh
#15. You see, in our family we don't know whether we're coming or going - it's all my grandmother's fault. But, of course, the fault wasn't hers at all: it lay in language. Every language assumes a centrality, a fixed and settled point to go away from and come back to, and what my grandmother was looking for was a word for a journey which was not a coming or a going at all; a journey that was a search for precisely that fixed point which permits the proper use of verbs of movement. #Quote by Amitav Ghosh
Berrones Family Crest quotes by Paul Bettany
#16. I simply don't understand the refugee crisis. The history of humanity can be told through a story of migration and settlement. If I can't protect my family, I'm coming to where you are; I'm just coming. It's a round world, and we've all got to get on with it and move on. #Quote by Paul Bettany
Berrones Family Crest quotes by Joshua Ferris
#17. We had visceral, rich memories of dull, interminable hours. Then a day would pass in perfect harmony with our projects, our family members, and our coworkers, and we couldn't believe we were getting paid for this. #Quote by Joshua Ferris
Berrones Family Crest quotes by Plautus
#18. That man will never be unwelcome to others who makes himself agreeable to his own family. #Quote by Plautus
Berrones Family Crest quotes by Joel Plaskett
#19. I've been really supported by my family and my wife. She really understands what I do, but it doesn't get any easier when you get away all the time and so I'm trying to find the balance. #Quote by Joel Plaskett
Berrones Family Crest quotes by Wally Lamb
#21. It reminded me that they [the students] were more than just their scholarly shortcomings and gripes about the workload. Each had a history, a set of problems. Each, for better or worse, was anchored to a family. #Quote by Wally Lamb
Berrones Family Crest quotes by Eileen Myles
#22. I was like the family clown. The middle child entertaining. I was a lousy student, but interestingly, the nuns always let me write plays or do drawings, endless special projects. #Quote by Eileen Myles
Berrones Family Crest quotes by E.M. Forster
#23. All men are my brothers and as soon as one behaves as such he may see my wife. #Quote by E.M. Forster
Berrones Family Crest quotes by Salma Hayek
#24. I have one friend that I've had since I was born, and she's from Coatzacoalcos. She's not really impressed or interested in the actor's life. My family isn't really either. #Quote by Salma Hayek
Berrones Family Crest quotes by Pat Conroy
#25. Not a single family finds itself exempt from that one haunted casualty who suffered irreparable damage in the crucible they entered at birth. Where some children can emerge from conditions of soul-killing abuse and manage to make their lives into something of worth and value, others can't limp away from the hurts and gleanings time decanted for them in flawed beakers of memory. They carry the family cross up the hill toward Calvary and don't mind letting every other member of their aggrieved tribe in on the source of their suffering. There is one crazy that belongs to each of us: the brother who kills the spirit of any room he enters; the sister who's a drug addict in her teens and marries a series of psychopaths, always making sure she bears their children, who carry their genes of madness to the grave. There's the neurotic mother who's so demanding that the sound of her voice over the phone can cause instant nausea in her daughters. The variations are endless and fascinating. I've never attended a family reunion where I was not warned of a Venus flytrap holding court among the older women, or a pitcher plant glistening with drops of sweet poison trying to sell his version of the family maelstrom to his young male cousins. When the stories begin rolling out, as they always do, one learns of feuds that seem unbrokerable, or sexual abuse that darkens each tale with its intimation of ruin. That uncle hates that aunt and that cousin hates your mother and your sister won't talk t #Quote by Pat Conroy
Berrones Family Crest quotes by Marshall Thornton
#26. Before VCRs, people used to decorate the tops of their TVs with family photos. #Quote by Marshall Thornton
Berrones Family Crest quotes by Edith Wharton
#27. It was amusement enough to be with a group of fearless and talkative girls, who said new things in a new language, who were ignorant of tradition and unimpressed by distinctions of rank; but it was soon clear that their young hostesses must be treated with the same respect, if not with the same ceremony as English girls of good family. #Quote by Edith Wharton
Berrones Family Crest quotes by Holly Kennedy
#28. Any family can fall apart, Annie. It's those that manage to stay together after surviving what life throws at them that deserve a little extra respect. #Quote by Holly Kennedy
Berrones Family Crest quotes by Bradley Steven Perry
#29. 'Good Luck Charlie' is different from all the other Disney Channel shows because it's so relatable. Everything that happens on the show can happen to you and your family. #Quote by Bradley Steven Perry
Berrones Family Crest quotes by Billy Graham
#30. Amazing things can happen when the family of God bands together. #Quote by Billy Graham
Berrones Family Crest quotes by Julie Ann Walker
#31. You and the Knights, you're my family, blood or not, and I deserve the right to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly. We're a team. All of us. It's time you realized that. #Quote by Julie Ann Walker
Berrones Family Crest quotes by Debbie Cowens
#32. Mrs Bennet was a great connoissuer of feminine beauty and indeed it must be owned that she herself was a very handsome woman. As to the sweetness of her temper, there was less compelling evidence; yet in all her forty years she had given none of her family or general acquaintance reason to suppose her a murderess. #Quote by Debbie Cowens
Berrones Family Crest quotes by Rudolfo Anaya
#33. I used to write at night. I was teaching school, and I was married, and had to do all the things that one does when one is working and has a family. But I used to write at night. #Quote by Rudolfo Anaya

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