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Berkeley quotes by Anne Rice
#1. It was the night that the power went out in Berkeley that he'd finished Joyce's Finnegan's Wake by the light of a candle. Sometimes you need to be forced to study what's right in front of you. #Quote by Anne Rice
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#2. All that stock of arguments [the skeptics] produce to depreciate our faculties, and make mankind appear ignorant and low, are drawn principally from this head, to wit, that we are under an invincible blindness as to the true and real nature of things. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#3. I know what I mean by the term I and myself; and I know this immediately, or intuitively, though I do not perceive it as I perceive a triangle, a colour, or a sound. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by Adrian Tomine
#4. For a lot of the time I was in Berkeley, I was single. I was living in a kind of collegiate apartment by myself - it was like a protracted summer vacation. So at least in hindsight, I have gloomy emotions attached to Berkeley, whereas I started coming to New York because I was dating someone, and it was very exciting and romantic. #Quote by Adrian Tomine
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#5. It is impossible that a man who is false to his friends and neighbours should be true to the public. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by Luis W. Alvarez
#6. Robert Oppenheimer used to tell of the pioneer mysteries of building reliable Geiger counters that had low background noise. Among his friends, he said, there were two schools of thought. One school firmly held that the final step before one sealed off the Geiger tube was to peel a banana and wave the skin three times, sharply to the left.
The other school was equally confident that success would follow if one waved the banana peel twice to the left and then, once, smartly to the right. (My counters were unbelievably bad because I didn't use either of these techniques.) #Quote by Luis W. Alvarez
Berkeley quotes by Bruce Watson
#7. The volunteers merely dropped in for a summer, then went home to question America. Some would spearhead the events that defined the 1960s - the Berkeley Free Speech Movement, the antiwar movement, the women's movement. Others, spreading ideals absorbed in Mississippi, would be forever skeptical of authority, forever democrats with a small d, and forever touched by this single season of their youth. But first, they had to survive Freedom Summer. #Quote by Bruce Watson
Berkeley quotes by Berkeley Breathed
#8. I grew up in Los Angeles and always wished I'd spent a childhood in a far different place. #Quote by Berkeley Breathed
Berkeley quotes by Mira Grant
#9. See, Berkeley has always drawn the nuts and flakes of the academic world. That's what happens when you have a university that offers degrees in both computer science and parapsychology. #Quote by Mira Grant
Berkeley quotes by Berkeley Breathed
#10. Doonesbury had the requisite and overwhelming influence in 1980, as it did on any college cartoonist who was paying attention, of course. #Quote by Berkeley Breathed
Berkeley quotes by Aaron Cometbus
#11. Berkeley should be a haven for everyone, yet we should be wary of predators and thugs who drain our energy and take advantage of the institutions we've helped to create and sustain. #Quote by Aaron Cometbus
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#12. From my own being, and from the dependency I find in myself and my ideas, I do, by an act of reason, necessarily infer the existence of a God, and of all created things in the mind of God. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by Patrick Egan
#13. Berkeley was the Capital of the Hand Dryers? I felt bad enough being locked out of the National Parks and Forests because of the Federal Shutdown, so the chance to salvage something uniquely interesting and culturally important as the hand dryer factory slipped by me. Not one sign on any exit ramp. #Quote by Patrick Egan
Berkeley quotes by Sydney Smith
#14. Bishop Berkeley destroyed this world in one volume octavo; and nothing remained, after his time, but mind; which experienced a similar fate from the hand of Mr. Hume in 1737. #Quote by Sydney Smith
Berkeley quotes by Michael Pollan
#15. If you walk five blocks north from the wholefoods in Berkeley along Telegraph Avenue and then turn right at Dwight way, you'll soon come to a trash-strewn patch of grass and trees dotted with the tattered camps of a few homeless people. #Quote by Michael Pollan
Berkeley quotes by Jeremy S. Anderson
#16. There are two major products that come out of Berkeley: LSD and UNIX. We don't believe this to be a coincidence. #Quote by Jeremy S. Anderson
Berkeley quotes by Jonah Lehrer
#17. Even when alternative views are clearly wrong, being exposed to them still expands our creative potential. In a way, the power of dissent is the power of surprise. After hearing someone shout out an errant answer, we work to understand it, which causes us to reassess our initial assumptions and try out new perspectives. "Authentic dissent can be difficult, but it's always invigorating," [Charlan] Nemeth [a professor of psychology at the University of California at Berkeley] says. "It wakes us right up. #Quote by Jonah Lehrer
Berkeley quotes by Berkeley Breathed
#18. The cartooning was always just an abstraction. It was an income. It was making me famous. It was allowing me to go and do other things that I'd wanted to do. #Quote by Berkeley Breathed
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#19. Philosophy being nothing else but the study of wisdom and truth, it may with reason be expected that those who have spent most time and pains in it should enjoy a greater calm and serenity of mind, a greater clearness and evidence of knowledge, and be less disturbed with doubts and difficulties than other men. Yet so it is, we see the illiterate bulk of mankind that walk the high-road of plain common sense, and are governed by the dictates of nature, for the most part easy and undisturbed. To them nothing that is familiar appears unaccountable or difficult to comprehend. They complain not of any want of evidence in their senses, and are out of all danger of becoming Sceptics. But no sooner do we depart from sense and instinct to follow the light of a superior principle, to reason, meditate, and reflect on the nature of things, but a thousand scruples spring up in our minds concerning those things which before we seemed fully to comprehend. Prejudices and errors of sense do from all parts discover themselves to our view; and, endeavouring to correct these by reason, we are insensibly drawn into uncouth paradoxes, difficulties, and inconsistencies, which multiply and grow upon us as we advance in speculation, till at length, having wandered through many intricate mazes, we find ourselves just where we were, or, which is worse, sit down in a forlorn Scepticism. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#20. In vain do we extend our view into the heavens, and pry into the entrails of the earth, in vain do we consult the writings of learned men, and trace the dark footsteps of antiquity; we need only draw the curtain of words, to behold the fairest tree of knowledge, whose fruit is excellent, and within the reach of our hand. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#21. If the fact that brutes abstract not be made the distinguishing property of that sort of animal, I fear a great many of those that pass for men must be reckoned into their number. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by John Connolly
#22. I don't think," he said, "that a vicar is supposed to beat a bishop to death, or even back to death."
Mr. Berkeley looked down upon the remains of Bishop Bernard.
"If anyone asks, we'll say he fell over," he said. "Lots of times. #Quote by John Connolly
Berkeley quotes by Berkeley Breathed
#23. If nothing is serious anymore, then there's nothing to satirize. #Quote by Berkeley Breathed
Berkeley quotes by Mona Simpson
#24. I remember the excitement of finding a great pancake recipe in 'Gourmet.' It felt as if it were mine. And it was Berkeley, of course - everybody cooked together. Cooking is what one did. #Quote by Mona Simpson
Berkeley quotes by Berkeley Breathed
#25. Liberal, shmiberal. That should be a new word. Shmiberal: one who is assumed liberal, just because he's a professional whiner in the newspaper. If you'll read the subtext for many of those old strips, you'll find the heart of an old-fashioned Libertarian. And I'd be a Libertarian, if they weren't all a bunch of tax-dodging professional whiners. #Quote by Berkeley Breathed
Berkeley quotes by Carl B. Boyer
#26. Berkeley was unable to appreciate that mathematics was not concerned with a world of "real" sense impressions. In much the same manner today some philosophers criticize the mathematical conceptions of infinity and continuum, failing to realize that since mathematics deals with relations rather than with physical existence, its criterion of truth is inner consistency rather than plausibility in the light of sense perception of intuition. #Quote by Carl B. Boyer
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#27. So long as I confine my thoughts to my own ideas divested of words, I do not see how I can be easily mistaken. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by Frederick Pollock
#28. I forget how many thousand eggs go wrong for one codfish that gets hatched. But as Berkeley said long ago, it is idle to censure the creation as wasteful if you believe in a creator who has unlimited stuff to play with. #Quote by Frederick Pollock
Berkeley quotes by Martin Berkeley
#29. Y'know scientists are funny. We probe and measure and dissect. Invent lights without heat, weigh a caterpillar's eyebrow. But whenit comes to really important things we're as stupid as the caveman ... Like love. Makes the world go 'round, but what do we know about it? Is it a fact? Is it chemistry? Electricity? #Quote by Martin Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by Alice Walker
#30. I feel very happy to be living in Berkeley because there are a lot of people who are politically active here. #Quote by Alice Walker
Berkeley quotes by Kurt Fuller
#31. I went to UC Berkeley. I graduated in 1976, immediately moved to L.A. with a degree in English - which did no more for you then than it does for you now - then sold real estate and did theater for nine years. #Quote by Kurt Fuller
Berkeley quotes by Berkeley Breathed
#32. I drew the last image ever of Opus at midnight while Puccini was playing and I got rather stupid. Thirty years. A bit like saying goodbye to a child - which is ironic because I was never, never sentimental about him as many of his fans were. #Quote by Berkeley Breathed
Berkeley quotes by Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa
#33. As a researcher at US Berkeley I used to go into the brains of small, little animals and study the way that brains were connected and how little did I know that one day that was going to be my future - exploring the universe of the brain and hold it in between my hands and look at cells migrating. #Quote by Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa
Berkeley quotes by Philip K. Dick
#34. Because of an imaginary voice, Nicholas had become a whole person; rather than the partial person he had been in Berkeley. If he had remained in Berkeley he would have lived and died a partial person, never knowing completeness. #Quote by Philip K. Dick
Berkeley quotes by Robert B. Laughlin
#35. At Berkeley I had my first encounter with real professional scientists. #Quote by Robert B. Laughlin
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#36. It is indeed an opinion strangely prevailing amongst men, that houses, mountains, rivers, and in a word all sensible objects have an existence natural or real, distinct from their being perceived by the understanding. But with how great an assurance and acquiescence soever this principle may be entertained in the world; yet whoever shall find in his heart to call it in question, may, if I mistake not, perceive it to involve a manifest contradiction. For what are the forementioned objects but the things we perceive by sense, and what do we perceive besides our own ideas or sensations; and is it not plainly repugnant that any one of these or any combination of them should exist unperceived?' (Berkeley, 1710: 25) #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by Berkeley Breathed
#37. And that's why any of my picture books exist: They all seem to be built backwards from a simple, emotionally optimistic story beat. #Quote by Berkeley Breathed
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#38. To me it seems that liberty and virtue were made for each other. If any man wish to enslave his country, nothing is a fitter preparative than vice; and nothing leads to vice so surely as irreligion. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by Michael Chabon
#39. The other day as I was stepping out of Star Grocery on Claremont Avenue with some pork ribs under my arm, the Berkeley sky cloudless, a smell of jasmine in the air, a car driving by with its window rolled down, trailing a sweet ache of the Allman Brothers' "Melissa," it struck me that in order to have reached only the midpoint of my life I will need to live to be 92. That's pretty old. If you live to be ninety-two, you've done well for yourself. I'd like to be optimistic, and I try to take care of my health, but none of my grandparents even made it past 76, three killed by cancer, one by Parkinson's disease. If I live no longer than any of them did, I have at most thirty years left, which puts me around sixty percent of the way through my time.

I am comfortable with the idea of mortality, or at least I always have been, up until now. I never felt the need to believe in heaven or an afterlife. It has been decades since I stopped believing-a belief that was never more than fitful and self-serving to begin with-in the possibility of reincarnation of the soul. I'm not totally certain where I stand on the whole "soul" question. Though I certainly feel as if I possess one, I'm inclined to disbelieve in its existence. I can live with that contradiction, as with the knowledge that my time is finite, and growing shorter by the day. It's just that lately, for the first time, that shortening has become perceptible. I can feel each tiny skyward lurch of the balloo #Quote by Michael Chabon
Berkeley quotes by Joey Lawsin
#40. Human-like species will not exist elsewhere in the universe, unless they live exactly in an earth-like environment. #Quote by Joey Lawsin
Berkeley quotes by Cary Fukunaga
#41. My dad worked for a generator company and then UC Berkeley, and my mom was as a dental hygienist and then eventually a history teacher. My uncles and aunts, all of them are elementary school teachers or scientists. #Quote by Cary Fukunaga
Berkeley quotes by Dave Eggers
#42. The idea of 'Voice of Witness' is to let survivors and witnesses of human-rights abuses tell their story at length. It started with a course that I co-taught at U.C. Berkeley journalism school back in 2003. #Quote by Dave Eggers
Berkeley quotes by Arlie Russell Hochschild
#43. It's been a long struggle. But we've made huge progress. I mean, when I started at Berkeley, women weren't allowed to be part of the band. No women were allowed into the male faculty club. I mean, I was there. I remember that! The worlds were so divided. So the change has been huge. #Quote by Arlie Russell Hochschild
Berkeley quotes by Jeffrey Toobin
#44. this is a girl who did drugs, who fucked her high school teacher, who chose Berkeley over Stanford. Maybe she really could be one of us. #Quote by Jeffrey Toobin
Berkeley quotes by Adam Schiff
#45. At the very top state institutions, like UCLA, Berkeley and the University of Texas, however, the trend of downward minority enrollment remains persistent and discouraging. #Quote by Adam Schiff
Berkeley quotes by T. Geronimo Johnson
#46. It's not that the Davenports had never had black people around their house before, or even a Chinese guy once, but never a Malaysian who looked Chinese to some and Indian to others, fancied himself black at times, and wanted to be the next Lenny Bruce Lee; a preppy black football player who sounded like the president and read Plato in Latin; and a white woman who occasionally claimed to be Native American. They were like an overconstructed novel, each representative of some cul-de-sac of idiolect and stereotype, missing only a handicapped person - No! At Berkeley we say handi-capable person - and a Jew and a Hispanic, and an Asian not of the subcontinent, Louis always said. #Quote by T. Geronimo Johnson
Berkeley quotes by Roger Kimball
#47. As with most revolutions, the counterculture's call for total freedom quickly turned into a demand for total control. The phenomenon of 'political correctness', with its speech codes and other efforts to enforce ideological conformity, was one predictable result of this transformation. What began at the University of California at Berkeley with the Free Speech Movement (called by some the 'Filthy Speech Movement'} soon degenerated into an effort to abridge freedom by dictating what could and could not be said about any number of politically sensitive issues. #Quote by Roger Kimball
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#48. Casting an eye on the education of children, from whence I can make a judgment of my own, I observe they are instructed in religious matters before they can reason about them, and consequently that all such instruction is nothing else but filling the tender mind of a child with prejudices. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by Berkeley Breathed
#49. Neither knew it at the time, but a line had been crossed that could not be uncrossed- a running leap over a chasm of ignorance and misunderstanding between species and worlds ... and a baby step taken into life's endless possibilities for wonder and joy and surprise that could no more be reversed than one's first taste of chocolate.
A dog kiss. #Quote by Berkeley Breathed
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#50. If what you mean by the word "matter" be only the unknown support of unknown qualities, it is no matter whether there is such a thing or no, since it no way concerns us; and I do not see the advantage there is in disputing about what we know not what, and we know not why. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by Alice Waters
#51. In Berkeley, we built the garden and a kitchen classroom. We've been working on it for 12 years. We've learned a lot from it. If kids grow it and cook it, they eat it. #Quote by Alice Waters
Berkeley quotes by Denis Johnson
#52. From a Berkeley Notebook'
~Denis Johnson

One changes so much
from moment to moment
that when one hugs
oneself against the chill
air at the inception
of spring, at night,
knees drawn to chin,
he finds himself in the arms
of a total stranger,
the arms of one he might move
away from on the dark playground.

Also, it breaks the heart
that the sign revolving like
a flame above the gas
station remembers the price
of gas, but forgets entirely
this face it has been
looking at all day.
And so the heart is exhausted
that even the face

of the dismal facts we wait
for the loves of the past
to come walking from the fire,
the tree, the stone, tangible
and unchanged and repentant
but what can you do.
Half the time I think
about my wife and child,
the other half I think how
to become a citizen

with an apartment, and sex
too is quite on my mind,
though it seems the women
have no time for you here,
for which in my larger, more
mature moments I can't blame them.
These are the absolute

Pastures I am led to:
I am in Berkeley, California,
trapped inside my body,
I am the secret my body
is going to keep forever,
as if its secret were
merely silence. It lies
between two mistakes
of the earth,

the San Andreas
and Hayward faul #Quote by Denis Johnson
Berkeley quotes by Berkeley Breathed
#53. Oodles of noodles help blue poodles mit der strudel. #Quote by Berkeley Breathed
Berkeley quotes by George Bishop Berkeley
#54. HE who says there is no such thing as an honest man, you may be sure is himself a knave. #Quote by George Bishop Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by Hal Varian
#55. It isn't that information is exploding, but accessibility is. There's just about as much information this year as there was last year; it's been growing at a steady rate. It's just that now it's so much more accessible because of information technology. The consensus is that a Web crawler could get to a terabyte of publicly accesible HTML. A terabyte is about a million books. the UC Berkeley library has about 8 million books, and the Library of Congress has 20 million books. #Quote by Hal Varian
Berkeley quotes by Jello Biafra
#56. In San Francisco, most of the older activists, especially at Berkeley, were very hostile towards punks. The music, certainly, wasn't nice and mellow for them, and neither was our look or our attitude. While in Vancouver, the two most important early punk bands, D.O.A. and the Subhumans, were both managed by former yippie activists, who saw this as a logical extension of what they were already doing. #Quote by Jello Biafra
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#57. To be is to be perceived #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#58. The question between the materialists and me is not, whether things have a real existence out of the mind of this or that person, but whether they have an absolute existence, distinct from being perceived by God, and exterior to all minds. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by Joan Didion
#59. It took me a couple of years after I got out of Berkeley before I dared to start writing. That academic mind-set - which was kind of shallow in my case anyway - had begun to fade. #Quote by Joan Didion
Berkeley quotes by Douglas Wilson
#60. Attaching "produced at Berkeley, Harvard, MIT" to a ridiculous argument immediately makes it cogent to many. That's part of life, but let's not pretend that it's rationality. #Quote by Douglas Wilson
Berkeley quotes by Paul McEuen
#61. Carbon nanotubes are amazing because they're really good electrical conductors, yet they are only a few atoms in diameter. You can make transistors out of them in the same way you can with silicon. At Berkeley, we made the narrowest device anybody had ever made. It was basically a single molecule. #Quote by Paul McEuen
Berkeley quotes by T. Geronimo Johnson
#62. They were like an overconstructed novel, each representative of some cul-de-sac of idiolect and stereotype, missing only a handicapped person – No! At Berkeley we say handi capable person – and a Jew and a Hispanic, and an Asian not of the subcontinent, Louis always said. He had once placed a personals ad on Craigslist to recruit for those positions: Diverse social club seeking to make quota requires the services of East Asian, Jew, Hispanic, and handicapable individuals to round out Multicultural Brady Bunch Troupe. All applicants must be visibly identifiable as members of said group. Reformed Jews and ADHDers need not apply. #Quote by T. Geronimo Johnson
Berkeley quotes by Joan Didion
#63. We closed the deal and moved to New York.
Where in fact I had lived before, from the time I was twenty-one and just out of the English Department at Berkeley and starting work at Vogue (a segue so profoundly unnatural that when I was asked by the Condé Nast personnel department to name the languages in which I was fluent I could think only of Middle English) until I was twenty-nine and just married. #Quote by Joan Didion
Berkeley quotes by John Battelle
#64. I started my career as a liberal arts major from Berkeley, wrote about enterprise IT for a few years, then followed my passion for the digital narrative into graduate school as well (also at Berkeley, the Oxford of the West or, perhaps, the Harvard - sorry Stanford!). My first project out of grad school was 'Wired' magazine. #Quote by John Battelle
Berkeley quotes by Howard Zinn
#65. Bacon gave his reasons for the rebellion in a paper called "Declaration of the People." It blended the frontiersmen's hatred of the Indians with the common people's anger toward the rich. Bacon accused the Berkeley government of wrongdoing, including unfair taxes and not protecting the western farmers from the Indians. #Quote by Howard Zinn
Berkeley quotes by Colman Domingo
#66. I got my Equity Card from Berkeley Rep when I was 22 years old. I was cast in David Saar's 'The Yellow Boat.' #Quote by Colman Domingo
Berkeley quotes by June Jordan
#67. One of the reasons I came to Berkeley was because I saw so many students of all different colors speaking so many different languages and ferociously presenting all these different views. I thought, this is the 21st century and I want to be here! #Quote by June Jordan
Berkeley quotes by Stewart Copeland
#68. I studied music for my first two years in college. When I went to UC Berkeley, I failed the admission requirements to get into the music school there, so I studied communications and public policy, which actually were a greater engine for my career than a musical education would have been. If I had gotten into the music department at Berkeley, I'd probably be a timpanist in an orchestra right now. #Quote by Stewart Copeland
Berkeley quotes by Berkeley Breathed
#69. Now, I take full blame for all that came next. For I continued the story ... but departed the text. #Quote by Berkeley Breathed
Berkeley quotes by Lawrence R. Klein
#70. The completion of my undergraduate training at the University of California (Berkeley) provided just the needed touches of rigor at advanced levels in both economics and mathematics. #Quote by Lawrence R. Klein
Berkeley quotes by Berkeley Breathed
#71. That's the conundrum of cartoon stripping, as opposed to political cartoons. When your anger is the driving force of your drawing hand, failure follows. The anger is OK, but it has to serve the interests of the heart, frankly. #Quote by Berkeley Breathed
Berkeley quotes by Stanley Donen
#72. The funniest thing is not who influenced me positively, but who influenced me negatively. I had such an aversion to what Busby Berkeley did; in my early formative years, I thought it was terrible. Now, I think it's wonderful. But then, I wanted to do anything but what Busby Berkeley did. #Quote by Stanley Donen
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#73. We have first raised a dust and then complain we cannot see. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by Andrea Riseborough
#74. Sometimes I can think of nothing more blissful than going to Berkeley and reading Byron for three years. #Quote by Andrea Riseborough
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#75. Whatever is immediately perceived is an idea: and can any idea exist out of the mind? #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by Chili Davis
#76. My sister is a good story of resiliency. She had a full ride at UC Davis, but she left school to go to the Philippines - and then she decided to go back to school in her 40s, which surprised me. She went to UC Berkeley, and I think she was one of two African Americans in her class at Haas. She's really impressive. #Quote by Chili Davis
Berkeley quotes by Whitley Strieber
#77. The Mars Committee and its various offshoots have struggled consistently over the years on behalf of the public interest. Their work is presented with great documentary force in Dr. Stanley V McDaniel's 1993 book, The McDaniel Report, published by North Atlantic Books of Berkeley, California. This report should be required reading for anybody who cares about the future of public science. #Quote by Whitley Strieber
Berkeley quotes by Xander Berkeley
#78. I'd better make hay while the sun shines. #Quote by Xander Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#79. To be is to be perceived (Esse est percipi)." Or, "If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by Carol S. Dweck
#80. With the threat of failure looming, students with the growth mindset set instead mobilized their resources for learning. They told us that they, too, sometimes felt overwhelmed, but their response was to dig in and do what it takes. They were like George Danzig. Who? George Danzig was a graduate student in math at Berkeley. One day, as usual, he rushed in late to his math class and quickly copied the two homework problems from the blackboard. When he later went to do them, he found them very difficult, and it took him several days of hard work to crack them open and solve them. They turned out not to be homework problems at all. They were two famous math problems that had never been solved. #Quote by Carol S. Dweck
Berkeley quotes by Paula McLain
#81. Berkeley explained. Then he told me how he'd been in London seeing a slew of doctors for his heart. #Quote by Paula McLain
Berkeley quotes by Xander Berkeley
#82. I want to direct films, because I am a painter and a sculptor and I've done a lot of writing. #Quote by Xander Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by Lord Byron
#83. When Bishop Berkeley said "there was no matter." And proved it
't was no matter what he said. #Quote by Lord Byron
Berkeley quotes by Tom Hayden
#84. Gentrification and consumerism ... have destroyed the character of my favorite American haunts, like North Beach, Berkeley, Venice and Aspen. #Quote by Tom Hayden
Berkeley quotes by Dan Jones
#85. Perhaps most surprising of all, the deposed and imprisoned King Henry was not murdered. This had been the fate of the two Plantagenet kings who had lost their crowns before him: Edward II died while in custody at Berkeley Castle in 1327, while Richard II was killed at Pontefract in 1400, the year following his deposition. Ironically, Henry's survival was perhaps a mark of his uniquely pitiful and ineffectual approach to kingship - for it was much harder to justify killing a man who had done nothing evil or tyrannical, but had earned his fate thanks to his dewy-eyed simplicity. Permitting Henry to remain alive was a bold decision that Edward IV would come to regret. But in 1465 it must have struck the king as a brave and magnanimous act. #Quote by Dan Jones
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#86. I might as well doubt of my own being, as of the being of those things I actually see and feel. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by Berkeley Breathed
#87. I could draw Bloom County with my nose and pay my cleaning lady to write it, and I'd bet I wouldn't lose 10% of my papers over the next twenty years. Such is the nature of comic-strips. Once established, their half-life is usually more than nuclear waste. #Quote by Berkeley Breathed
Berkeley quotes by Gerard Debreu
#88. In the mid-'60s in Berkeley, the theory of measure spaces of economic agents became one of my main interests. #Quote by Gerard Debreu
Berkeley quotes by Carolyn Jones
#89. Indiana is a state dedicated to basketball. Basketball, soybeans, hogs and basketball. Berkeley, needless to say, is not nearly as athletic. Berkeley is dedicated to coffee, angst, potholes and coffee. #Quote by Carolyn Jones
Berkeley quotes by Greil Marcus
#90. Berkeley was a lookout and a hideout. #Quote by Greil Marcus
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#91. ...we ought to think with the learned, and speak with the vulgar. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by Kurt Fuller
#92. You don't go to Berkeley to become an actor. In fact, I don't think you go to any school to become an actor. You've just sort of got to go out there and act. #Quote by Kurt Fuller
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#93. [T]he communicating of ideas marked by words is not the chief and only end of language, as is commonly supposed. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#94. Man is an animal, formidable both from his passions and his reason; his passions often urging him to great evils, and his reason furnishing means to achieve them. To train this animal, and make him amenable to order; to inure him to a sense of justice and virtue; to withhold him from ill courses by fear, and encourage him in his duty by hopes; in short, to fashion and model him for society, hath been the aim of civil and religious institutions; and, in all times, the endeavor of good and wise men. The aptest method for attaining this end hath been always judged a proper education. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by Alice Waters
#95. I really appreciate the many neighbourhoods of Berkeley. There is still the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker. And it has the University of California, which is the greatest gift, to my mind, to be close to it. It keeps the place alive. #Quote by Alice Waters
Berkeley quotes by Nina LaCour
#96. Whenever Ingrid and I got out of the suburbs, into Berkeley or San Francisco, and saw how other people lived, Ingrid would cry at the smallest of things- a little boy walking home by himself, a discarded cardboard sign saying HUNGRY PLEASE HELP. She would snap a picture, and by the time she lowered her camera, tears would already be falling. I always felt kind of guilty that I didn't feel as sad as she did, but now, watching Dylan, I think that's probably a good thing. I mean, you see a million terrible things every day, on the news and in the paper, and in real life. I'm not saying that it's stupid to feel sad, just that it would be impossible to let everything get to you and still get some sleep at night. #Quote by Nina LaCour
Berkeley quotes by Eric S. Raymond
#97. Berkeley hackers liked to see themselves as rebels against soulless corporate empires. #Quote by Eric S. Raymond
Berkeley quotes by Herman Melville
#98. Wherein, he resembled my Right Reverend friend, Bishop Berkeley - truly, one of your lords spiritual - who, metaphysically speaking, holding all objects to be mere optical delusions, was, notwithstanding, extremely matter-of-fact in all matters touching matter itself. Besides being pervious to the points of pins, and possessing a palate capable of appreciating plum-puddings: - which sentence reads off like a pattering of hailstones. #Quote by Herman Melville
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#99. To be a good patriot, a man must consider his countrymen as God's creatures, and himself as accountable for his acting towards them. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by Pete Wentz
#100. For whatever reason, it seems like we're against love. Everyone. People think love equates to weakness, or gullibility, or an unwillingness to deal with reality, so they try to
ruin it, the social scientists and the admen, with studies and lingerie shows and boxes of candy. They try to invalidate it, dirty it up, but they can't, because people in love know
the truth. They know love is good and pure and really the most beautiful thing in the world. They know love is greater than anything, greater even than God. At first, I didn't
believe it, but I do now. You have made me realize it. Being away from you has been the hardest thing I have ever done. I am shaking and sweating. I am going into withdrawal. I need you. You are my withdrawal. You are my blood.
I want to protect you from all of this. When it's all over, I want to run away with you and never come back. I want to be buried in the ground with you. It's the only way we can keep this pure and beautiful, I'm afraid. We have to stay away from this whole life. We have to be normal. We have to get married and move to Berkeley. Our love can't
survive like this, no matter how hard we try. I'm quitting the band. I'm coming home. I need you. #Quote by Pete Wentz
Berkeley quotes by Jad Abumrad
#101. Therein lies the rub of a place like Berkeley Bowl. You get seduced by an 11-pound apple that turns out to be a fake watermelon with an anus. #Quote by Jad Abumrad
Berkeley quotes by Berkeley Breathed
#102. A mind is a terrible thing. All this evolution nonsense is making me feel like a complete APE! #Quote by Berkeley Breathed
Berkeley quotes by Annalee Newitz
#103. When I was a lecturer at UC Berkeley, I wrote a book about monsters. #Quote by Annalee Newitz
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#104. I am apt to think, if we knew what it was to be an angel for one hour, we should return to this world, though it were to sit on the brightest throne in it, with vastly more loathing and reluctance than we would now descend into a loathsome dungeon or sepulchre. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#105. That thing of hell and eternal punishment is the most absurd, as well as the most disagreeable thought that ever entered into the head of mortal man. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by Charles Lyell
#106. 'Time's noblest offspring is the last.' This line of Bishop Berkeley's expresses the real cause of the belief in progress in the animal creation. #Quote by Charles Lyell
Berkeley quotes by Charles Stross
#107. We are Bay Aryans from Berkeley: prepare to be reengineered in an attractive range of color schemes for your safety and comfort! #Quote by Charles Stross
Berkeley quotes by Gene Luen Yang
#108. I majored in Computer Science at U.C. Berkeley and worked as a software developer for a couple of years. Then I taught high school computer science for over a decade and a half in Oakland, California. #Quote by Gene Luen Yang
Berkeley quotes by Douglass North
#109. I had hoped to go to law school, but the war started, and because of the strong feeling that I did not want to kill anybody, I joined the Merchant Marine when I graduated from Berkeley. #Quote by Douglass North
Berkeley quotes by Anonymous
#110. The 2011 legislation was an effort to decrease the number of students competing with families and working people for scarce housing. San Francisco is home to 82,000 full-time students in 31 colleges and universities, but its institutes of higher learning provide housing for only about one-tenth of that population. In contrast, Boston successfully pushed its schools to meet the housing needs of 50 percent of students. The Board of Supervisors passed the law that made student housing exempt from the affordable-housing fee developers must pay. But with the exception of Kennedy, who has been building student housing in Berkeley for 20 years, no developers have stepped up to take advantage of the law. #Quote by Anonymous
Berkeley quotes by Susanna Hoffs
#111. I went to UC Berkeley for college, and it was during the period when the whole punk movement was happening. #Quote by Susanna Hoffs
Berkeley quotes by Arnold Bennett
#112. What then? Are we only to buy the books that we read? The question has merely to be thus bluntly put, and it answers itself. All impassioned bookmen, except a few who devote their whole lives to reading, have rows of books on their shelves which they have never read, and which they never will read. I know that I have hundreds such. My eye rests on the works of Berkeley in three volumes, with a preface by the Right Honourable Arthur James Balfour. I cannot conceive the circumstances under which I shall ever read Berkeley; but I do not regret having bought him in a good edition, and I would buy him again if I had him not; for when I look at him some of his virtue passes into me; I am the better for him. A certain aroma of philosophy informs my soul, and I am less crude than I should otherwise be. This is not fancy, but fact.


"Taking Berkeley simply as an instance, I will utilise him a little further. I ought to have read Berkeley, you say; just as I ought to have read Spenser, Ben Jonson, George Eliot, Victor Hugo. Not at all. There is no 'ought' about it. If the mass of obtainable first-class literature were, as it was perhaps a century ago, not too large to be assimilated by a man of ordinary limited leisure _in_ his leisure and during the first half of his life, then possibly there might be an 'ought' about it. But the mass has grown unmanageable, even by those robust professional readers who can 'grapple with whole libraries.' And I am not a prof #Quote by Arnold Bennett
Berkeley quotes by Anonymous
#113. There's also some research suggesting that wealth may impede empathy. One study by psychologists at the University of California at Berkeley finds that drivers of luxury cars are more likely to cut off other motorists and ignore pedestrians at a crosswalk. Likewise, heart rates of wealthier research subjects are less affected when they watch a video of children with cancer. #Quote by Anonymous
Berkeley quotes by Annalee Newitz
#114. As UC Berkeley economics professor Brad DeLong put it to me:

You get famine if the price of food spikes far beyond that of some people's means. This can be because food is short, objectively. This can be because the rich have bid the resources normally used to produce food away to other uses. You also get famine when the price of food is moderate if the incomes of large groups collapse.... In all of this, the lesson is that a properly functioning market does not seek to advance human happiness but rather to advance human wealth. What speaks in the market is money: purchasing power. If you have no money, you have no voice in the market. The market acts as if it does not know you exist and does not care whether you live or die.

DeLong describes a marketplace that leaves people to die - not out of malice , but out of indifference. #Quote by Annalee Newitz
Berkeley quotes by Marisa De Los Santos
#115. The Berkeley psychologist had called Dev "self-possessed" and at the time, he hadn't been exactly sure what that meant, but as he played chess with Clare, the word suddenly made perfect sense. The same way Teo and Cornelia belonged to Clare, Clare belonged to herself. Clare liked being Clare, the same way that Dev had always (even when he was friendless and invisible) liked being Dev. #Quote by Marisa De Los Santos
Berkeley quotes by Francesca Lia Block
#116. I will go to campus alone dressed in antique silk slips and beat-up cowboy boots and gypsy beads, and I will study poetry. I will sit on the edge of the fountain in the plaza and write. #Quote by Francesca Lia Block
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#117. There being in the make of an English mind a certain gloom and eagerness, which carries to the sad extreme; religion to fanaticism; free-thinking to atheism; liberty to rebellion. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by Berkeley Breathed
#118. Keep in mind that in 1985, I had a potential readership of over 50 million Americans. At that time, a good portion of those were under 30. #Quote by Berkeley Breathed
Berkeley quotes by Michael Talbot
#119. In 1947 Bohm accepted an assistant professorship at Princeton University, an indication of how highly he was regarded, and there he extended his Berkeley research to the study of electrons in metals. Once again he found that the seemingly haphazard movements of individual electrons managed to produce highly organized overall effects. Like the plasmas he had studied at Berkeley, these were no longer situations involving two particles, each behaving as if it knew what the other was doing, but entire oceans of particles, each behaving as if it knew what untold trillions of others were doing. Bohm called such collective movements of electrons plasmons, and their discovery established his reputation as a physicist. #Quote by Michael Talbot
Berkeley quotes by Jack Newfield
#120. A study of the San Francisco Beat enclave by psychiatrist Dr. Francis Rigney in the late 1950's showed 60 percent "were so psychotic or crippled by tensions, anxiety and neurosis as to be nonfunctional in the competitive world." In contrast, the several studies released so far made of the student radicals at Berkeley show them to be stable, serious, and of above-average intelligence. The point is that the Beats had to "cop out" of the Rat Race because they couldn't perform; the New Left chooses to reject a society it could easily be successful in. #Quote by Jack Newfield
Berkeley quotes by David Berman
#121. For Berkeley (normal) vision is a language whereby God tells us about the tangible world. But prior to having experience of the tangible world, the visual language would be as meaningless as an utterly alien language. It would convey no meaning to the sighted mind. #Quote by David Berman
Berkeley quotes by Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra
#122. At one point I took a copy of Berkeley's Principles from my father's library. That was the first philosophy book I read. I found it fascinating and wanted to read more philosophy. #Quote by Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra
Berkeley quotes by Xander Berkeley
#123. It's exciting that you've got an entire season to experience 24 hours of highly dramatically charged human experience. It allows for the close inspection of minutiae in behaviour. #Quote by Xander Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by Jackie Speier
#124. My family wasn't particularly political. Mom and Dad voted, but that was the extent of their involvement. In fact, I ended up going to U.C. Davis because, to them, Berkeley was too radical. #Quote by Jackie Speier
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#125. A ray of imagination or of wisdom may enlighten the universe, and glow into remotest centuries. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#126. The only things we perceive are our perceptions. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by Ralph W. Moss
#127. 60 advocates of unorthodox therapies whose credentials are given in the ACS book (above).( Of these 60, thirty-nine or almost two-thirds, hold ... medical degrees from such universities as Harvard, Illinois, Northwestern, Yale, Dublin, Oxford, or Toronto. Two are osteopaths. 3 ... also hold ... (PhD's) ... scientific ... reputable ... 8 others received PhD's in such fields as chemistry, physiology, bacteriology, parasitology, or medical physics, from ... Yale, Johns Hopkins, UC Berkeley, Columbia, and NYU. Thus over 75% ... are medical doctors or doctors of philosophy in scientific areas. #Quote by Ralph W. Moss
Berkeley quotes by Peggy Orenstein
#128. What's more, I live in Berkeley, California. If princesses had infiltrated OUR little retro hippie hamlet, imagine what was going on places where women actually shaved their legs! #Quote by Peggy Orenstein
Berkeley quotes by Lene Hau
#129. Why is it that I notice so many brilliant scientists using Macs for their personal computers; why does the Lawrence Livermore & Berkeley Labs buy millions of dollars worth of Macs? #Quote by Lene Hau
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#130. That food nourishes, sleep refreshes, and fire warms us; that to sow in the seed-time is the way to reap in the harvest, and, in general, that to obtain such or such ends, such or such means are conducive, all this we know, not by discovering any necessary connexion between our ideas, but only by the observation of the settled laws of nature, without which we should be all in uncertainty and confusion, and a grown man no more know how to manage himself in the affairs of life than an infant just born. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by Carol W. Greider
#131. I finished my Ph.D. at Berkeley in November 1987 and took a position as an independent fellow at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in January 1988. #Quote by Carol W. Greider
Berkeley quotes by Monica  James
#132. Quinn Berkeley is unlike anyone I have ever met. He is the eighth wonder of the world. Scrap that-he is my first and only wonder of the world. #Quote by Monica James
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#133. The love of truth, virtue, and the happiness of mankind are specious pretexts, but not the inward principles that set divines at work; else why should they affect to abuse human reason, to disparage natural religion, to traduce the philosophers as they universally do? #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by Marc A. Hight
#134. It is thought which governs the world, and all the states in it, and produces whatever is great and glorious in them. Stirring and action is but the handmaid of thought, without which the former can do no good, but may a great deal of harm.

- George Berkeley (The Correspondence of George Berkeley p. 47) #Quote by Marc A. Hight
Berkeley quotes by Louis Navellier
#135. I'm from Berkeley, California, so I'm fully trained in socialism and all, but basically what they teach you there is markets are efficient and we can't beat them, so we might as well index. #Quote by Louis Navellier
Berkeley quotes by Fran Lebowitz
#136. One [New York] eatery is a remodeled diner that looks like what Busby Berkeley would have done if only he hadn't had the money. #Quote by Fran Lebowitz
Berkeley quotes by Berkeley Breathed
#137. The universe throws us some obvious little pitches sometimes, and we need to be awake enough not to let them slip by. #Quote by Berkeley Breathed
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#138. I had rather be an oyster than a man, the most stupid and senseless of animals. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by John Searle
#139. Berkeley had a liberal element in the student body who tended to be quite active. I think that's in general a feature of intellectually active places. #Quote by John Searle
Berkeley quotes by Douglas Brinkley
#140. Having recorded his first album, 'Tapestry,' in 1969, in Berkeley, California, during the student riots, McLean, a native New Yorker, became a kind of weather vane for what he called the 'generation lost in space.' #Quote by Douglas Brinkley
Berkeley quotes by Bertrand Russell
#141. Berkeley retains the merit of having shown that the existence of matter is capable of being denied without absurdity. #Quote by Bertrand Russell
Berkeley quotes by Martin Berkeley
#142. Personally I think we're over-specialized. Why it's getting so we have experts who concentrate only on the lower section of a specimen's left ear. #Quote by Martin Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by Stephan Pastis
#143. When I was at the University of California at Berkeley, I went to some classes that must have had more than four hundred students in them. I almost always sat in the far back of the auditorium so I could read the newspaper. I remember that I stayed late one day to ask the professor a question, and when I got up to him, all I could think to myself was, 'So this is what the professor looks like. #Quote by Stephan Pastis
Berkeley quotes by David Gross
#144. When I was at Berkeley, the framework of quantum field theory could calculate the dynamics of electromagnetism. It could roughly describe the motion of the weak nuclear force, radiation. But it hit a brick wall with the strong interaction, the binding force. #Quote by David Gross
Berkeley quotes by Azar Nafisi
#145. Between my first book tour, in 2003, and the next one, in 2009, many of the places I visited had undergone a significant transformation or vanished: Cody's in Berkeley, seven branch libraries in Philadelphia, twelve of the fourteen bookstores in Harvard Square, Harry W. Schwartz in Milwaukee and, in my own hometown of Washington, D.C., Olsson's and Chapters. #Quote by Azar Nafisi
Berkeley quotes by Julie K. Silver
#146. disability rights and to demand full access. Ed Roberts and others at the University of California Berkeley in the 1960s forced the university to admit them, to provide access to classes and other activities, and to provide the support #Quote by Julie K. Silver
Berkeley quotes by Eric Weiner
#147. The biophilia hypothesis is not your run-of-the-mill Berkeley/Al Gore/Eat Your Spinach environmentalism. It does not appeal directly to our sense of stewardship or responsibility. It appeals to a much more base, and common, human proclivity: selfishness. It says, in effect, protect the environment because it will make you happy. For a country like the United States, with the word "happiness" in its founding document, you'd think environmentalists would have latched on to biophilia a long time ago. #Quote by Eric Weiner
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#148. The world is like a board with holes in it, and the square men have got into the round holes, and the round into the square. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#149. A man needs no arguments to make him discern and approve what is beautiful: it strikes at first sight, and attracts without a reason. And as this beauty is found in the shape and form of corporeal things, so also is there analogous to it a beauty of another kind, an order, a symmetry, and comeliness in the moral world. And as the eye perceiveth the one, so the mind doth by a certain interior sense perceive the other, which sense, talent, or faculty, is ever quickest and purest in the noblest minds. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#150. But the velocities of the velocities - the second, third, fourth, and fifth velocities, etc. - exceed, if I mistake not, all human understanding ... #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#151. I do not deny the existence of material substance merely because I have no notion of it, but because the notion of it is inconsistent, or in other words, because it is repugnant that there should be a notion of it. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by Claude M. Steele
#152. The problem is that the pressure to disprove a stereotype changes what you are about in a situation. It gives you an additional task. In addition to learning new skills, knowledge, and ways of thinking in a schooling situation, or in addition to trying to perform well in a workplace like the women in the high-tech firms, you are also trying to slay a ghost in the room, the negative stereotype and its allegation about you and your group. You are multitasking, and because the stakes involved are high--survival and success versus failure in an area that is important to you--this multitasking is stressful and distracting.

...And when you realize that this stressful experience is probably a chronic feature of the stetting for you, it can be difficult for you to stay in the setting, to sustain your motivation to succeed there. Disproving a stereotype is a Sisyphean task; something you have to do over and over again as long as your are in the domain where the stereotype applies. Jeff seemed to feel this way about Berkeley, that he couldn't find a place there where he could be seen as belonging. When men drop out of quantitative majors in college, it is usually because they have bad grades. But when women drop out of quantitative majors in college it usually has nothing to do with their grades. The culprit, in their case, is not their quantitative skills but, more likely, the prospect of living a significant portion of their lives in a domain where they may forever have t #Quote by Claude M. Steele
Berkeley quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
#153. For several months they'd been drifting toward political involvement, but the picture was hazy and one of the most confusing elements was their geographical proximity to Berkeley, the citadel of West Coast radicalism. Berkeley is right next door to Oakland, with nothing between them but a line on the map and a few street signs, but in many ways they are as different as Manhattan and the Bronx. Berkeley is a college town and, like Manhattan, a magnet for intellectual transients. Oakland is a magnet for people who want hour-wage jobs and cheap housing, who can't afford to live in Berkeley, San Francisco or any of the middle-class Bay Area suburbs. [10] It is a noisy, ugly, mean-spirited place, with the sort of charm that Chicago had for Sandburg. It is also a natural environment for hoodlums, brawlers, teenage gangs and racial tensions.

The Hell's Angels' massive publicity -- coming hard on the heels of the widely publicized student rebellion in Berkeley -- was interpreted in liberal-radical-intellectual circles as the signal for a natural alliance. Beyond that, the Angels' aggressive, antisocial stance -- their alienation, as it were -- had a tremendous appeal for the more aesthetic Berkeley temperament. Students who could barely get up the nerve to sign a petition or to shoplift a candy bar were fascinated by tales of the Hell's Angels ripping up towns and taking whatever they wanted. Most important, the Angels had a reputation for defying police, for successfully #Quote by Hunter S. Thompson
Berkeley quotes by Lenny Bruce
#154. Every group needs a comedian. A comic who is politically incorrect at the Berkeley campus might slay them at a Klan rally. #Quote by Lenny Bruce
Berkeley quotes by Ellen Perry Berkeley
#155. As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat. #Quote by Ellen Perry Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by Gail Collins
#156. Back in the '70s when my friends in California were at Berkeley, in-state tuition was around $700 a year. #Quote by Gail Collins
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#157. Others indeed may talk, and write, and fight about liberty, and make an outward pretence to it; but the free-thinker alone is truly free. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by Edmund Berkeley
#158. Most problems have either many answers or no answer. Only a few problems have one answer. #Quote by Edmund Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#159. How often must I repeat, that I know or am conscious of my own being; and that I myself am not my ideas, but somewhat else, a thinking, active principle that perceives, knows, wills, and operates about ideas? #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by Eli Easton
#160. I didn't kiss him back even as my body went wild internally, blood being police escorted to certain extremities, endorphins diving out of my pituitary gland like they were in a Busby Berkeley musical, my heart going all heavy metal. #Quote by Eli Easton
Berkeley quotes by Joan Didion
#161. That Episcopal day school Marin attended from the age of four until she entered Berkeley had as its aim "the development of a realistic but optimistic attitude," and it was characteristic of Charlotte that whenever the phrase "realistic but optimistic" appeared in a school communique she read it as "realistic and optimistic. #Quote by Joan Didion
Berkeley quotes by Kamala Harris
#162. My parents met when they were graduate students at UC Berkeley in the 1960s. They were both active in the civil-rights movement. #Quote by Kamala Harris
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#163. Whenever I attempt to frame a simple idea of time, abstracted from the succession of ideas in my mind, which flows uniformly, and is participated by all beings, I am lost and embrangled in inextricable difficulties. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by Philip K. Dick
#164. Maybe there's a machine in Berkeley that will save me, too. Perhaps my problems can be automated out of existence. #Quote by Philip K. Dick
Berkeley quotes by Jack Kerouac
#165. You always go for the ones who don't really want you - she really wanted Adam Moorad, she had just been rejected coldly and subterraneanly by Julien - she was interested in thin ascetic strange intellectuals of San Francisco and Berkeley and not in big paranoiac bums of ships and railroads and novels and all that hatefulness which in myself is to myself so evident and so to others too - though and because ten years younger than I seeing none of my virtues which anyway had long been drowned under years of drugtaking and desiring to die, to give up, to give it all up and forget it all, to die in the dark star - it was I stuck out my hand, not she - ah time. #Quote by Jack Kerouac
Berkeley quotes by Berkeley Breathed
#166. If I could have drawn a cat yelling for lasagna every day for 15 years and have them pay me $30 million to do so, I would have. #Quote by Berkeley Breathed
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#167. Every knave is a thorough knave, and a thorough knave is a knave throughout. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by Ruth Reichl
#168. I was in Berkeley when the food energy in America was in Berkeley. Then it moved to Los Angeles, and I went to Los Angeles. It moved to New York, and I went there. #Quote by Ruth Reichl
Berkeley quotes by Jack London
#169. On Religion and Science:

"You cannot answer Berkeley, even if you have annihilated Kant, and yet, perforce, you assume that Berkeley is wrong when you affirm that science proves the non-existence of God, or, as much to the point, the existence of matter–You know I granted the reality of matter only in order to make myself intelligible to your understanding. Be positive scientists, if you please; but ontology has no place in positive science, so leave it alone.... #Quote by Jack London
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#170. The fawning courtier and the surly squire often mean the same thing,
each his own interest. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by Robert Lanza
#171. As Emerson wrote in "Experience," an essay that confronted the facile positivism of his age: "We have learned that we do not see directly, but mediately, and that we have no means of correcting these colored and distorting lenses which we are, or of computing the amount of their errors. Perhaps these subject-lenses have a creative power; perhaps there are no objects." George Berkeley, for whom the campus and town were named, came to a similar conclusion: "The only things we perceive," he would say, "are our perceptions. #Quote by Robert Lanza
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#172. Did men but consider that the sun, moon, and stars, and every other object of the senses, are only so many sensations in their minds, which have no other existence but barely being perceived, doubtless they would never fall down and worship their own ideas; but rather address their homage to that eternal invisible Mind which produces and sustains all things. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by Whitfield Diffie
#173. I liked Berkeley tremendously, Berkeley was a very leftist campus. I came to love that city as much as I love Paris or the south of France or New York. #Quote by Whitfield Diffie
Berkeley quotes by Berkeley Breathed
#174. I happen to think nearly everybody - especially those one might find in the odd issue of 'People' magazine, including me - is frightfully boring, Especially me. And Tom Cruise. Tom and I are alike in only this way. #Quote by Berkeley Breathed
Berkeley quotes by Bryce S. DeWitt
#175. Cecile was teaching in Berkeley and I was [at Livermore]. He probably had, could have had, some influence on Teller, [for] Teller was quite generous in allowing me one whole semester off to be at Berkeley to work on something and also a semester off at the Institute for Advanced Study. Then I won the Gravity Research Foundation first prize. #Quote by Bryce S. DeWitt
Berkeley quotes by Jostein Gaarder
#176. Everything we see and feel is "an effect of God's power," said Berkeley. For God is "intimately present in our consciousness, causing to exist for us the profusion of ideas and perceptions that we are constantly subject to." The whole world around us and our whole life exist in God. He is the one cause of everything that exist. We exist only in the mind of God.
So "to be or not to be" is not the whole question. The question is also who we are. Are we really human beings of flesh and blood? Does our world consist of real things, or are we encircled by the mind? #Quote by Jostein Gaarder
Berkeley quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#177. The idealism of Berkeley is only a crude statement of the idealism of Jesus, and that again is a crude statement of the fact thatall nature is the rapid efflux of goodness executing and organizing itself. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#178. That the discovery of this great truth, which lies so near and obvious to the mind, should be attained to by the reason of so veryfew, is a sad instance of the stupidity and inattention of men, who, though they are surrounded with such clear manifestations of the Deity, are yet so little affected by them, that they seem as it were blinded with excess of light. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by Anonymous
#179. 39 After almost two decades of productive revisionism, it is surely time to return our focus squarely to the consequences of America's flawed hegemony in the 1920s, as classically outlined by C. P. Kindleberger, The World in Depression, 1929-1939 (Berkeley, 1986) and elaborated by Link, Stabilisierungspolitik, and Costigliola, Awkward Dominion. #Quote by Anonymous
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#180. All those who write either explicitly or by insinuation against the dignity, freedom, and immortality of the human soul, may so far forth be justly said to unhinge the principles of morality, and destroy the means of making men reasonably virtuous. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by Rand Paul
#181. The biggest thing I've learned from my dad is he's had adoring crowds of 8,000 at Berkeley, and 6,000 at Jerry Falwell's Liberty University. That's an amazing feat to have people coming out in one of the most liberal universities and one of the most conservative. #Quote by Rand Paul
Berkeley quotes by Rob Thomas
#182. He came to the University of California, Berkeley, with many aspirations, but as often happens, life got in the way, and his best laid plans turned into dreams for another day. As he gazed over the building immediately in the foreground, he could see Sather Tower on Berkeley's campus, known for resembling Campanile di San Marco in Venice. #Quote by Rob Thomas
Berkeley quotes by Berkeley Breathed
#183. I'll confess right here that I secretly wish I'd have drawn a strip about a little boy with a fake tiger, going for adventures throughout the universe in spaceships of his imagination. #Quote by Berkeley Breathed
Berkeley quotes by Laurence G. Weinzimmer
#184. The term "escalation of commitment" was first coined by Barry Staw, a business professor at the University of California, Berkeley.4 It's defined as a decision-making pattern in which a person - for our purposes, a business leader - continues to support or believe in a strategy even after it has continually failed. Escalation of commitment is often described as the inability to let go, or as an obsessive need to try to succeed even when failure is inevitable. #Quote by Laurence G. Weinzimmer
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#185. Colour, Figure, Motion, Extension and the like, considered only so many Sensations in the Mind, are perfectly known, there being nothing in them which is not perceived. But if they are looked on as notes or Images, referred to Things or Archetypes existing without the Mind, then are we involved all in Scepticism. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#186. The phenomena of nature, which strike on the senses and are understood by the mind, form not only a magnificent spectacle, but also a most coherent, entertaining, and instructive Discourse; and to effect this, they are conducted, adjusted, and ranged by the greatest wisdom. This Language or Discourse is studied with different attention, and interpreted with different degrees of skill. But so far as men have studied and remarked its rules, and can interpret right, so far they may be said to be knowing in nature. A beast is like a man who hears a strange tongue but understands nothing. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by Mark Juergensmeyer
#187. When I came back I joined a black church in Oakland and that made me feel more at home, a bit like being connected to India. It felt funny to be around so many white people when I came back to the United States. It still bothers me. One of the things I liked living in Hawaii years later was the racial complexity of it. I remember that at the time when Sucheng and I got married--we met as graduate students at Berkeley and have been married almost forty years--one of the first houses we bought was in a Black neighborhood in west Berkeley and we didn't quite notice how uniformly Black it was until some weeks later. I said to Sucheng, "You know, we're the only white people in this neighborhood." And she looked at me and said: "Speak for yourself, honkie! #Quote by Mark Juergensmeyer
Berkeley quotes by Berkeley Breathed
#188. Some of us find our lives abridged even before the paperback comes out. #Quote by Berkeley Breathed
Berkeley quotes by Gary Snyder
#189. The tribes were Berkeley, North Beach, Big Sur, Marin County, Los Angeles, and the host, Haight-Ashbury. #Quote by Gary Snyder
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#190. If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by George Berkeley
#191. The eye by long use comes to see even in the darkest cavern: and there is no subject so obscure but we may discern some glimpse of truth by long poring on it. #Quote by George Berkeley
Berkeley quotes by David Berman
#192. Language is virtually always pathological; hence the solution is to move as fast and far as possible from language to experience, from linguistic to experimental or psychological philosophy. In order to know that we are not in the linguistic maze, we need to determine, according to Berkeley, whether the things we are talking about exist; hence we need to look for the relevant perceptions. For him, this usually means retiring into himself and trying to imagine whether x exists, having formed the best definition possible of x. #Quote by David Berman
Berkeley quotes by Berkeley Breathed
#193. I will go to my grave in a state of abject endless fascination that we all have the capacity to become emotionally involved with a personality that doesn't exist. #Quote by Berkeley Breathed
Berkeley quotes by Margaret Geller
#194. I had a great deal of confidence when I graduated from Berkeley. I had almost none when I was at Princeton. After a while, when people tell you you can't do something because you're a woman, you begin to believe maybe they're right. #Quote by Margaret Geller
Berkeley quotes by Dave Eggers
#195. Up there we see everything, Oakland to the left, El Cerrito and Richmond to the right, Marin forward, over the Bay, Berkeley below, all red rooftops and trees of cauliflower and columbine, shaped like rockets and explosions, all those people below us, with humbler views; we see the Bay Bridge, clunkety, the Richmond Bridge, straight, low, the Golden Gate, red toothpicks and string, the blue between, the blue above, the gleaming white Land of the Lost/Superman's North Pole Getaway magic crystals that are San Francisco. #Quote by Dave Eggers
Berkeley quotes by Carrie Fisher
#196. Anyway, George comes up to me the first day of filming and he takes one look at the dress and says, 'You can't wear a bra under that dress.'
So, I say, 'Okay, I'll bite. Why?'
And he says, 'Because... there's no underwear in space.'
I promise you this is true, and he says it with such conviction too! Like he had been to space and looked around and he didn't see any bras or panties or briefs anywhere.
Now, George came to my show when it was in Berkeley. He came backstage and explained why you can't wear your brassiere in other galaxies, and I have a sense you will be going to outer space very soon, so here's why you cannot wear your brassiere, per George. So, what happens is you go to space and you become weightless. So far so good, right? But then your body expands??? But your bra doesn't- so you get strangled by your own bra. Now I think that this would make a fantastic obit- so I tell my younger friends that no matter how I go, I want it reported that I drowned in moonlight, strangled by my own bra. #Quote by Carrie Fisher
Berkeley quotes by Berkeley Breathed
#197. A very, terribly long time ago,
before such things as television
and good table manners or even
children, ferocious monsters
roamed a younger, angrier world. #Quote by Berkeley Breathed
Berkeley quotes by Caroline Lawrence
#198. I loved every minute of my three years majoring in classics at Berkeley. #Quote by Caroline Lawrence
Berkeley quotes by Billie Joe Armstrong
#199. I think everybody should get married. Boys and girls. Girls and boys. Boys and boys! Girls and girls! Shouldn't we all be entitled to a family-Civil rights baby it's civil rights. It doesn't get any better here in Berkeley I'll tell you that. #Quote by Billie Joe Armstrong
Berkeley quotes by David Hume
#200. Berkeley , Hume, Kant , Fichte , Hegel , James , Bergson all are united in one earnest attempt, the attempt to reinstate man with his high spiritual claims in a place of importance in the cosmic scheme. #Quote by David Hume

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