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Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Johan Galtung
#1. As professor of global peace studies at the International Islamic University of Malaysia I am committed to the ending of war also through criminalization of war, an approach that has not been sufficiently used in spite of the UN Charter outlawing war - with too many loopholes used buy aggressive countries. #Quote by Johan Galtung
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Najib Razak
#2. There's good economic progress in Malaysia. People have a lot to look forward to. #Quote by Najib Razak
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Zen Cho
#3. Magic ran in the family. Even her mother's second cousin, who was adopted, did small spells on the side. She sold these from a stall in Kota Bharu. Her main wares were various types of fruit fried in batter, but if you bought five pisang or cempedak goreng, she threw in a jampi for free. #Quote by Zen Cho
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Julie Bishop
#4. There are genuine concerns about the status of children to be sent to Malaysia and also there are genuine concerns about the human rights record in Malaysia. #Quote by Julie Bishop
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Linda Hogan
#5. Once a century, all of a certain kind of bamboo flower on the same day. Whether they are in Malaysia or in a greenhouse in Minnesota makes no difference, nor does the age or size of the plant. They flower. Some current of an inner language passes between them, through space and separation, in ways we cannot explain in our language. They are all, somehow, one plant, each with a share of communal knowledge. #Quote by Linda Hogan
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Farish A. Noor
#6. But should we garner the courage and moral will to reject once and for all the fallacy of racial difference for the ideological conceit that it is, what will be the premise of our new national history, our new national story? Where will the frontiers of the new Malaysia be? And what will the new Malaysia look like?

None of us can answer these questions for certain, for any national narrative is forever a work in progress. Nations are constructs, based on the collective imagination and imaginary of their citizens. But as a nation in the making and under construction, we should at least have the courage to admit that some of our earlier premises were wrong (if not dangerous) and that the time has come to reinvent ourselves with some degree of hindsight and collective wisdom. One of the first steps that has to be taken is to recognise and accept that much of what we have been told as the first generation of postcolonial Malaysians was false, and that these instrumental fictions were tools to mentally bind us. #Quote by Farish A. Noor
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Zen Cho
#7. He would gaze at her with intrigued longan seed eyes. #Quote by Zen Cho
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Martin Jacques
#8. Without doubt, Malaysia is the great economic star of the Muslim world. #Quote by Martin Jacques
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Tariq Ramadan
#9. When I came here [to Malaysia] I heard that there is a problem with the concept of pluralism whereby pluralism is understood in a very narrow way, which I think is wrong. This is not to diminish your sense of truth in what you believe but to acknowledge the fact that we live in a world where we need to deal with pluralism. It's a fact. #Quote by Tariq Ramadan
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Mario Andretti
#10. You should never get away from where the real foundation of Formula One has been, which is Europe. Of course, there is nothing wrong with the expansion to countries like Asia, China, Malaysia. #Quote by Mario Andretti
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Jose Eduardo Agualusa
#11. Sometimes, she said, she could recognize a place just by the quality of the light. In Lisbon, the light at the end of spring leans madly over the houses, white and humid, and just a little bit salty. In Rio de Janeiro, in the season that the locals instinctively call 'autumn', and that the Europeans insist disdainfully is just a figment of their imagination, the light becomes gentler, like a shimmer of silk, sometimes accompanied by a humid grayness, which hangs over the streets, and then sinks down gently into the squares and gardens. In the drenched land of the Pantanal in Mato Grosso, really early in the morning, the blue parrots cross the sky and they shake a clear, slow light from their wings, a light that little by little settles on the waters, grows and spreads and seems to sing. In the forests of Taman Negara in Malaysia, the light is like a liquid, which sticks to your skin, and has a taste and a smell. It's noisy in Goa, and harsh. In Berlin the sun is always laughing, at least during those moments when it manages to break through the clouds, like in those ecological stickers against nuclear power. Even in the most unlikely skies, Ângela Lúcia is able to discern shines that mustn't be forgotten; until she visited Scandinavia she'd believed that in that part of the world during the winter months light was nothing but the figment of people's imagination. But no, the clouds would occasionally light up with great flashes of hope. She said this, and stood up, adopting a #Quote by Jose Eduardo Agualusa
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Lee Kuan Yew
#12. But for a very small number of people, what we stood for could easily have done a great deal of good for Malaysia and established it for many centuries to come as a stable and viable multiracial nation. ... Kinship and feelings for one another cannot be legislated out by a political decision. #Quote by Lee Kuan Yew
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Brian Yap
#13. The trouble with Malaysia is we are subconsciously trying to erase our past. The history beyond the prescribed narrative of The Alliance achieving Merdeka and Tunku calling out "Merdeka" seven times are often undiscussed - or worse, considered untrue and disrespectful - within the mainstream. #Quote by Brian Yap
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Lloyd Fernando
#14. It was the driest season the island had ever known. The heat which had accumulated during the long days still seemed to hover over the city, stifling its inhabitants. Usually they streamed on to the water front at night, sweating, wondering, in the gustatory atmosphere, moving in clusters or striking out alone. #Quote by Lloyd Fernando
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Shirley Fung
#15. Feng thought that her mother's education would give her confidence to speak up for what is right, but no amount of learning could unshackle her from society's attitude towards women, and she chose to remain an apathetic bystander. #Quote by Shirley Fung
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Najib Razak
#16. We can transform the government and the economy, as well as democracy, in Malaysia. #Quote by Najib Razak
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Hakeem Olajuwon
#17. All these boundaries - Africa, Asia, Malaysia, America - are set by men. But you don't have to look at boundaries when you are looking at a man - at the character of a man. The question is: What do you stand for? Are you a follower, or are you a leader? #Quote by Hakeem Olajuwon
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Najib Razak
#18. As the leader of Southeast Asia's oldest democracy, I am always keen to share our experiences. In the half-century since independence, we have found that steady reform is the best way to secure lasting stability. It is a process that continues in Malaysia to this day. #Quote by Najib Razak
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Isabella Bird
#19. [On Malaysia:] Mr. Darwin says so truly that a visit to the tropics (and such tropics) is like a visit to a new planet. This new wonder-world, so enchanting, tantalising, intoxicating, makes me despair, for I cannot make you see what I am seeing! #Quote by Isabella Bird
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Php
#20. techno softwares malaysia hire php and java developers "
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3. Should have excellent written communication skills (English)
4. Must have capacity to work independently and also as a part of team
5. Must have dedication and commitment towards work.
6. Eligibility: (B.Tech/B.E)
7. Salary: Higher Salary based on Experience and Expertise) #Quote by Php
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Craig Fairbrass
#21. I don't know if you're familiar with Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. You step outside the hotel, and you're soaking wet within 10 minutes. #Quote by Craig Fairbrass
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Eric Hansen
#22. Government observers, keen on getting the Penan out of the valuable hardwood forests, have claimed that Penan health is poor and that they are malnourished. This is a ploy to get them settled so they can be controlled. Also, it is a source of embarrassment to the governments of Malaysia and Indonesia that in the 1980s, nomadic hunters are still roaming the jungles. This doesn't help the national image of a modern, developing country. #Quote by Eric Hansen
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Gary Cohn
#23. China is the big economic engine in Asia, so what happens is, as China growth expands, these countries in the periphery of China, whether it be Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, they end up growing with China because they become big exporters. #Quote by Gary Cohn
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Utkarsh Ambudkar
#24. The amount of love I get from India, from Pakistan, from Asia, from Persia, Malaysia - people are just like, 'Brown boy doing it, brown boy doing it!' #Quote by Utkarsh Ambudkar
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Tariq Ramadan
#25. Malaysia is a country unlike any other: Full of promise and fragility. Its history, cultural and religious diversity make it a rich, compelling and surprising land. #Quote by Tariq Ramadan
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Shaun Tan
#26. I became more interested in the idea of being an immigrant and particularly of being in a country you're not familiar with. And so I began reading migrants' stories. The fact that my father is Chinese - he emigrated from Malaysia when he was about 20 - may have had some bearing on my attraction to the subject. #Quote by Shaun Tan
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Tariq Ramadan
#27. Very often we talk about India and China, but not really Malaysia and Indonesia. The potential in the shift to the East is going to be great and very important for this country. #Quote by Tariq Ramadan
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Parminder Nagra
#28. I got to go to Malaysia, Germany, Switzerland, Madrid, America. #Quote by Parminder Nagra
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Vincent Tan
#29. We can work together to produce better footballers for both FK Sarajevo and maybe Cardiff City and maybe even to play for other clubs. We hope this will be well received by everybody and enhance good relations between Malaysia and Bosnia. #Quote by Vincent Tan
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Arvind Ethan David
#30. Growing up in Malaysia and England, there wasn't an obvious route into the comics world, so my creative energy went into theatre and prose and then movies and TV. #Quote by Arvind Ethan David
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Camille Guaty
#31. I inherited them, so I got it like that. But I hear you can actually get dimples for a certain price if you really want them. I was getting my nails done once, and this lady asked me, 'Are those real? In my country, they pay a lot of money for those.' And I was like, 'Really?' I think she was from Malaysia. #Quote by Camille Guaty
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Najib Razak
#32. My priority is to ensure peace and harmony in Malaysia. That is uppermost in my mind. #Quote by Najib Razak
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Tunku Abdul Rahman
#33. Singapore shall cease to be a state of Malaysia and shall forever be an independent and sovereign state and nation separate from and independent of Malaysia, and that the government of Malaysia recognises the government of Singapore as an independent and sovereign government of Singapore and will always work in friendship and cooperation with it. #Quote by Tunku Abdul Rahman
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Max Biaggi
#34. That race was so hard and I am very happy with the result in the end. Michelin did a great job with the tyres ? the grip on the edge was unbelievable! When I opened the throttle there was so much traction it was incredible. My team has done a great job and even if we didn't win we improved again in the World Championship. It is good to be the best Michelin finisher and the first Honda home as well. I'm confident in Malaysia that we can take revenge on Bridgestone! They did a great job and Loris rode very hard ? congratulations to them. A good battle to watch for the fans I think. #Quote by Max Biaggi
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Rory Stewart
#35. When my father was posted to Malaysia, we'd take bacon-and-egg sandwiches in our backpacks and go hiking in the jungle or make bamboo rafts to sail down rivers. #Quote by Rory Stewart
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Mahathir Mohamad
#36. Developing countries like Malaysia should have a say in changing the world financial system since we have faced the problems that it has caused. #Quote by Mahathir Mohamad
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by John Fusco
#37. We're not just making 'Marco Polo,' we're living it. Because we traveled to Venice ... Kazakhstan ... into the jungles of Malaysia. #Quote by John Fusco
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Brian Yap
#38. Yes, the elections aren't free and fair. Yes, the 'first past the post' system, coupled with delineation of constituencies and gerrymandering, is a problem. #Quote by Brian Yap
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Zen Cho
#39. I brought seaweed snacks from home,' chimed in another kid. "Seaweed got iron, right?"
'I don't think the teachers meant that kind of iron,' said Hui Ann. #Quote by Zen Cho
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Jenny Colgan
#40. This is what you British do not understand about the French. You think you must work, work, work, work and open on Sundays and make mothers and fathers with families slave in supermarkets at three o'clock in the morning and make people leave their homes and their churches and their children and go shopping on Sundays.'
'Their shops are open on Sundays?' said Benoît in surprise.
'Yes! They make people work on Sundays! And through lunchtimes! But for what? For rubbish from China? For cheap clothes sewed by poor women in Malaysia? For why? So you can go more often to KFC and get full of fried chicken? You would rather have six bars of bad chocolate than one bar of good chocolate. Why? Why are six bad things better than one good thing? I don't understand. #Quote by Jenny Colgan
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Pittacus Lore
#41. The Mogadorian caught Number One in Malaysia,
Number Two in England,
And Number Three in Kenya.
I am Number Four.
I am next ...
- I AM NUMBER FOUR #Quote by Pittacus Lore
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Wong Yoon Wah
#42. Among Chinese Singaporeans and Malaysians, many hold the belief that when Admiral Cheng Ho landed in Nanyang, he relieved himself in the jungle, and the steaming puddle of shit and piss evolved into the durian tree. To put it less elegantly, the mounds of flesh inside the durian resemble a row of little turds, resting neatly in a boat-shaped husk. #Quote by Wong Yoon Wah
Berkaitan Malaysia quotes by Emma Bamford
#43. The sun was beginning to set and the water was sparkling in the low light as the onshore breeze that had built up through the heat of the day rippled across the reflective surface, breaking it into a million diamonds of yellow-white light. #Quote by Emma Bamford

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