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Famous Quotes About Bentzen Birding

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Bentzen Birding quotes by Terry Pratchett
#1. It had, however, been declared by his own physician to be a case of natural causes. Bentzen had gone to see the man and explained that falling down a flight of steps with a dagger in your back was a disease caused by an unwise opening of the mouth. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Bentzen Birding quotes by Roger Tory Peterson
#2. Birding, after all, is just a game. Going beyond that is what is important. #Quote by Roger Tory Peterson
Bentzen Birding quotes by Julie Zickefoose
#3. You could do worse than to spend your days staring at blue jays. #Quote by Julie Zickefoose
Bentzen Birding quotes by Ed Lynskey
#4. Quote is taken from Chapter 1:
Since Etta could log in her rare Baltimore oriole sighting, she decided she'd had enough birding for one day. It was just a fun hobby, not an obsession. #Quote by Ed Lynskey
Bentzen Birding quotes by Lynn Thomson
#5. Every bird at the marsh filled us with a little light. I wondered if I was just so simple that this was all it took. But then I thought, I'm lucky that this is all it takes, and knew that I was especially lucky that this was all it took for my teenaged son, too. #Quote by Lynn Thomson
Bentzen Birding quotes by James Wolcott
#6. [Richard Crossley's] previous bird guide, for ID'ing Eastern birds, is the most imaginative, original attempt to re-envision the birding guide and set his approach apart from that of Sibley, Kaufman, Peterson, Nat'l Geo, and the other bibles in the field. #Quote by James Wolcott
Bentzen Birding quotes by Neil Hayward
#7. There's enough joy in birding to fill a lifetime. #Quote by Neil Hayward
Bentzen Birding quotes by Lynn Thomson
#8. Some people are very competitive in their birding. Maybe they'll die happy, having seen a thousand species before they die, but I'll die happy knowing I've spent all that quiet time being present. #Quote by Lynn Thomson
Bentzen Birding quotes by Anonymous
#9. Birding to Change the World, #Quote by Anonymous
Bentzen Birding quotes by Kathi Hutton
#10. I don't feed the birds because they need me; I feed the birds because I need them. #Quote by Kathi Hutton
Bentzen Birding quotes by Lynn Thomson
#11. The sharp thrill of seeing them [killdeer birds] reminded me of childhood happiness, gifts under the Christmas tree, perhaps, a kind of euphoria we adults manage to shut out most of the time. This is why I bird-watch, to recapture what it's like to live in this moment, right now. #Quote by Lynn Thomson
Bentzen Birding quotes by Julie Zickefoose
#12. The presence of a single bird can change everything for one who appreciates them. #Quote by Julie Zickefoose
Bentzen Birding quotes by Kenn Kaufman
#13. But in the early 1970s, we were not birdwatching. We were birding, and that made all the difference. We were out to seek, to discover, to chase, to learn, to find as many different kinds of birds as possible - and, in friendly competition, to try to find more of them than the next birder. We became a community of birders, with the complications that human societies always have; and although it was the birds that had brought us together, our story became a human story after all. #Quote by Kenn Kaufman
Bentzen Birding quotes by Lynn Thomson
#14. To be standing together in a frosty field, looking up into the sky, marvelling at birds and revelling in the natural world around us, was a simple miracle. And I wondered why we were so rarely able to appreciate it. #Quote by Lynn Thomson
Bentzen Birding quotes by Agnes Grinstead Anderson
#15. I sat there and my love to him poured out more and more, and, lo, he flew down to a stump, and then to my knee. I knew beyond a shadow of doubt that the important thing is the love that goes out from oneself. #Quote by Agnes Grinstead Anderson
Bentzen Birding quotes by Kenn Kaufman
#16. It is now late August 2005. He has interrupted work on his ninth book to go to Sweden with his beautiful fiancee, Kimberly, and right now he is standing with his Swedish translator, getting ready to deliver a rousing bilingual speech to a crowd of hundreds at a grandstand next to the Baltic Sea. How far will this ride take him? If he had just checked off his bird list and gone home, the ride would have ended long ago. That's the main thing I've learned from the young man I once was and from his still-continuing adventures. Yes, it's good to go on a quest, but it's better to go with an open mind. The most significant we find may not be the thing we were seeking. That is what redeems the crazy ambivalence of birding, As trivial as our listing pursuit may be, it gets us out there in the real world, paying attention, hopeful and awake. Any day could be a special day, and probably will be, if we just go out to look. #Quote by Kenn Kaufman

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