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Ben Loory Interview quotes by Ben Loory
#1. The laws of physics in my stories are poetic. So they don't complain when I break them. #Quote by Ben Loory
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Ben Loory
#2. Once there was a man who was afraid of his shadow.
Then he met it.
Now he glows in the dark. #Quote by Ben Loory
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Ben Loory
#3. Eventually the man comes to see that he has a mind, and that his mind is like a fist, wrapped tightly around a single thought. He cannot open the fist to look at the thought, for fear that it will fly away, but he knows that it is very important and that he must hang on to it, no matter what the cost. #Quote by Ben Loory
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Ben Loory
#4. Until finally he sees-- as it lies all around him-- the truth: it is space that makes stars. #Quote by Ben Loory
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Annabeth Albert
#5. You think about me ever?" Ben's eyes were intent on Maddox. All the time. Even when I knew I shouldn't. The confession died in his throat, but maybe Ben could see it in his eyes because Ben gave a sly smile. "I've thought about you." "Yeah?" Maddox's voice was hoarse, eyes riveted to Ben's. "Sucking #Quote by Annabeth Albert
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Hilary Duff
#6. I took a cinnamon roll and waved it under her nose.
"Mmmm," she said, her eyes still closed. I waved it around some more, totally amused that I was messing with her dreams.
"AAAH!" I screamed as Rayna's head zipped forward and she chomped down on the roll.
"Excellent!" she said, sitting up. "Thanks!"
"Rayna! You almost bit my finger off!"
"You asked for it." She took another bite. "Mmmm. Oh my God, this is totally better than sex." She looked at me pointedly. "Would you agree?"
"Whoa, subtle much?"
"You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to." She knew it was the right thing to say, but her eyes were so clearly dying to know that I laughed out loud. I actually wanted to talk about it now, just to keep it alive in my head.
I told her everything. Watching her reactions was like watching a silent movie: Her face registered every detail in IMAX-size emotions.
"Am I allowed to have a moment of "ew" for my poor deflowered passenger seat?" she asked when I was finished.
I winced and buried my head in my hands. "Um…yeah."
"Thank you." She paused a moment, then grinned and burst out, "Clea, oh my God!!"
"I know. I know."
"So what happens now?"
"We go to Tokyo, just like we'd planned."
"What about Ben?" she asked. "Are you going to tell Ben?"
I looked at her like she was crazy.
"Hello! Not like everything you told me, just-are you going to let him know you're together?"
"I don't know," I #Quote by Hilary Duff
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
#7. In 2012, Gloria Steinem sat down in her home for an interview with Oprah Winfrey. Gloria reiterated that progress for women in the home has trailed progress in the workplace, explaining, "Now we know that women can do what men can do, but we don't know that men can do what women can do."34 I believe they can and we should give them more chances to prove it. #Quote by Sheryl Sandberg
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Ben Crenshaw
#8. I'm going to leave y'all with one thought. I'm a big believer in fate. I have a good feeling about this. #Quote by Ben Crenshaw
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Sara Baume
#9. But no, now I see I never meant to Ben what Ben meant to me. If there was anything I said which resonated in return, he found a better speech elsewhere. My romance went no further than his coat. #Quote by Sara Baume
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Ben Eine
#10. Graffiti writers will never stop. They'll just evolve. It's interesting what ideas people come up with and how it all extends forward. #Quote by Ben Eine
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Ben Roethlisberger
#11. Leadership is something you earn, something you're chosen for. You can't come in yelling, 'I'm your leader!' If it happens, it's because the other guys respect you. #Quote by Ben Roethlisberger
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Ben Feldman
#12. The biggest asset you have is your earning capacity, and that depends entirely on your attitude. #Quote by Ben Feldman
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Ben Shapiro
#13. The Obamacare contraception mandate was never about freedom. It was always about pitting secularism against religion, and using the power of government to sponsor secularism. #Quote by Ben Shapiro
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Z'ev Ben Shimon Halevi
#14. Everyone is searching for something. Some people pursue security, others pleasure or power. Yet others look for dreams, or they know not what. There are, however, those who know what they seek but cannot find it in the natural world. For these searchers many clues have been laid out by those who have gone before. The traces are everywhere, although only those with eyes to see or ears to hear perceive them. When the significance of these signs is seriously acted upon, Providence opens a door out of the natural into the supernatural to reveal a ladder from the transient to the Eternal. He who dares the ascent enters the Way of Kabbalah. #Quote by Z'ev Ben Shimon Halevi
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Milton Friedman
#15. There are four ways in which you can spend money. You can spend your own money on yourself. When you do that, why then you really watch out what you're doing, and you try to get the most for your money. Then you can spend your own money on somebody else. For example, I buy a birthday present for someone. Well, then I'm not so careful about the content of the present, but I'm very careful about the cost. Then, I can spend somebody else's money on myself. And if I spend somebody else's money on myself, then I'm sure going to have a good lunch! Finally, I can spend somebody else's money on somebody else. And if I spend somebody else's money on somebody else, I'm not concerned about how much it is, and I'm not concerned about what I get. And that's government. And that's close to 40% of our national income. [In a Fox News interview in May 2004] #Quote by Milton Friedman
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Michael Ben Zehabe
#16. God gave Moses a calendar that began in spring. (Ex 12:2) God Himself emphasized the importance of Israel's new calendar at Ex 23:16; Le 23:34 and De 16:13. God's calendar was for marking, and keeping, God's holy days. Using a foreign calendar became illegal. Ignoring Israel's new calendar could cost an Israelite their life. (Nu 15:32-35)
Yet, the Jewish calendar is not the only calendar. There are plenty of calendars to choose from: Assyrian; Egyptian; Iranian; Armenian; Ethiopian; Hindu; Coptic; Mayan; Chinese; Julian; Byzantine; Islamic and Gregorian; just to mention a few. Has the Seventh Day Adventists settled on any one of these calendars? Which one?
pg 5 #Quote by Michael Ben Zehabe
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Roman Payne
#17. Who is better off? The one who writes to revel in the voluptuousness of the life that surrounds them? Or the one who writes to escape the tediousness of that which awaits them outside? Whose flame will last longer? #Quote by Roman Payne
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Ben H. Winters
#18. Almost always things just are what they are, almost always there's no glittering ore hidden under the dirt. #Quote by Ben H. Winters
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Michael Ben Zehabe
#19. Jonah can't see how Assyria could serve any useful purpose. How could this commission better Israel? Jonah might even fear that God will reverse His judgment against Nineveh. If that 'unchanging God' changes His mind about Nineveh's destruction, then Jonah's personal religion won't make sense. (Nu 23:19) The truth is, Jonah is not as overwhelmed by his new assignment as he is by his own small mindedness. (page 5) #Quote by Michael Ben Zehabe
Ben Loory Interview quotes by K.A. Tucker
#20. Ben Morris is fucking Switzerland #Quote by K.A. Tucker
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Timothy Pina
#21. The TRUTH is ... If more men would rise up and speak against domestic violence, there would be less(V.A.W.)Violence Against Women in our world! Why Should they? Because 1 is 2 many! Any violence is too much. #Quote by Timothy Pina
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Ben Gibbard
#22. It's trippy to think we have an album that's 10 years old. It's even trippier to think we have a couple of albums older than that. #Quote by Ben Gibbard
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Ben Fountain
#23. Don't talk about shit you don't know, Billy thinks, and therein lies the dynamic of all such encounters, the Bravos speak from the high ground of experience. They are authentic. They are the Real. They have dealt much death and received much death and smelled it and held it and slopped through it in their boots, had it spattered on their clothes and tasted it in their mouths. That is their advantage, and given the masculine standard America has set for itself it is interesting how few actually qualify. Why we fight, yo, who is this we? Here in the chicken-hawk nation of blowhards and bluffers, Bravo always has the ace of bloods up its sleeve. #Quote by Ben Fountain
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Ben Aaronovitch
#24. It took the Fire Brigade a day and a half to secure the remains of the house enough to recover Crew Cut's body, which was described by Dr Jennifer Vaughan as 'suffering from crush trauma' and by Dr Walid as 'mostly flat'. #Quote by Ben Aaronovitch
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Ben Okri
#25. I love your loneliness. It is brave. It makes the universe want to protect you. #Quote by Ben Okri
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Ben Hecht
#26. In moderating, not satisfying desires, lies peace. #Quote by Ben Hecht
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Jan Siegel
#27. I think people should take mythology much more seriously, because it tells us an awful lot about the history of the human race. We tend to dismiss it as 'fairy tales,' when it isn't. Fairy tales in themselves are about fundamentals of human nature. And they keep being reinvented in different ways. Fantasy acknowledges that, whereas a lot of modern literature is trying to distance itself from 'story,' never mind anything else. Which is why a lot of books are read by the critics, then people buy them, put them on their shelves, and don't really read them much, because they're not very interesting! #Quote by Jan Siegel
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Ben Harper
#28. Children come running to the truth But you've got to peel the skin to get the fruit And while one's living high another's grieving But what's sweet by morning is bitter by the evening Oh - What's sweet by morning is bitter by the evening. #Quote by Ben Harper
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Ben Mendelsohn
#29. The people I've encountered who are really dangerous in my life don't go around with their fangs drawn - they are dangerous because of the way they interpret what's going on. #Quote by Ben Mendelsohn
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Arnold Bennett
#30. What then? Are we only to buy the books that we read? The question has merely to be thus bluntly put, and it answers itself. All impassioned bookmen, except a few who devote their whole lives to reading, have rows of books on their shelves which they have never read, and which they never will read. I know that I have hundreds such. My eye rests on the works of Berkeley in three volumes, with a preface by the Right Honourable Arthur James Balfour. I cannot conceive the circumstances under which I shall ever read Berkeley; but I do not regret having bought him in a good edition, and I would buy him again if I had him not; for when I look at him some of his virtue passes into me; I am the better for him. A certain aroma of philosophy informs my soul, and I am less crude than I should otherwise be. This is not fancy, but fact.


"Taking Berkeley simply as an instance, I will utilise him a little further. I ought to have read Berkeley, you say; just as I ought to have read Spenser, Ben Jonson, George Eliot, Victor Hugo. Not at all. There is no 'ought' about it. If the mass of obtainable first-class literature were, as it was perhaps a century ago, not too large to be assimilated by a man of ordinary limited leisure _in_ his leisure and during the first half of his life, then possibly there might be an 'ought' about it. But the mass has grown unmanageable, even by those robust professional readers who can 'grapple with whole libraries.' And I am not a prof #Quote by Arnold Bennett
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Tom Reiss
#31. Suddenly Paris fashion-that bellwether for the French mind-had to be à l'Amérique: tailors manufactured "insurgent coats" and "lightning-conductor dresses" (in honor of Ben Franklin, with two wires hanging to the ground). #Quote by Tom Reiss
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Ben Bernanke
#32. If you are asking me if I would advocate that the Chinese go to greater flexibility in their exchange rate, I certainly would. #Quote by Ben Bernanke
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Ben Jonson
#33. A prince without letters is a Pilot without eyes. All his government is groping. #Quote by Ben Jonson
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Michael Scheuer
#34. It's very clear from what he [Osama ben Laden] said, what his lieutenants have said, that America is not even their main enemy. We're simply in the way of what they want to do in their own world, which is to destroy police states and Israel. #Quote by Michael Scheuer
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Ben H. Winters
#35. And Alison's leaning gently on my arm, her wild bouquet of orchid-red curls tickling into my neck. #Quote by Ben H. Winters
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Ben Parr
#36. Starting a company is a cause, not a job. Once it becomes a job, that's when you lose #Quote by Ben Parr
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Glenn Beck
#37. We are redeemed one man at a time. There is no family pass ticket or park hopping pass to life. One ticket - one at a time. Man doesn't vanquish hatred or bigotry. The target keeps moving. From the blacks to the Irish; atheists to Christians. But as always there are a few leaders: Ben Franklin, John Quincy Adams, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Abraham Lincoln, Fredrick Douglas, Booker T Washington, Ghandi and Martin Luther King. They know that the march toward freedom never ends, man must be ever vigilant and pray less with his lips and more with his legs. #Quote by Glenn Beck
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Ben Crenshaw
#38. I had a few miracles happen out there today. #Quote by Ben Crenshaw
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Walter Cronkite
#39. I think being a liberal, in the true sense, is being nondoctrinaire, nondogmatic, non-committed to a cause - but examining each case on its merits. Being left of center is another thing; it's a political position. I think most newspapermen by definition have to be liberal; if they're not liberal, by my definition of it, then they can hardly be good newspapermen. If they're preordained dogmatists for a cause, then they can't be very good journalists; that is, if they carry it into their journalism.
[Interview with Ron Powers (Chicago Sun Times) for Playboy, 1973] #Quote by Walter Cronkite
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Tiffany Reisz
#40. Want a blow job in the shower?
Business or pleasure? Ben wrote back before adding a vital caveat. Never mind. My cock just told me it doesn't care why. Coming.
Yes. Yes you are. #Quote by Tiffany Reisz
Ben Loory Interview quotes by Ben Macintyre
#41. A farmer by birth, Purchase was 'rugged in appearance and character,' with 'an impish sense of humor' and a finely calibrated sense of the ridiculous: he loved Gilbert and Sullivan operas, toy trains, boiled eggs, and his model piggery in Ipswitch. #Quote by Ben Macintyre
Ben Loory Interview quotes by John Green
#42. It's gas! It's gonna blow!" Ben shouts. He throws open the passenger door and takes off, running in a panic. He hurdles a split-rail fence and tears across a hay field. I get out as well, but not in quite the same hurry. Radar is outside, too, and as Ben hauls ass, Radar is laughing. "It's the beer," he says. #Quote by John Green

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