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Belters Language quotes by Bob Goff
#1. But the kind of love that God created and demonstrated is a costly one because it involves sacrifice and presence. It's a love that operates more like a sign language than being spoken outright. #Quote by Bob Goff
Belters Language quotes by Jonathon Miller Weisberger
#2. The Waorani carry out a similar diet with their arrow poison, called curare or, in their language, oomae. This is another amazing product of the indigenous science, a most sophisticated technology that the Waorani extrapolated from an ancient myth. #Quote by Jonathon Miller Weisberger
Belters Language quotes by Trevor Noah
#3. Language, even more than color, defines who you are to people. #Quote by Trevor Noah
Belters Language quotes by Marion Zimmer Bradley
#4. I could write pages and pages about the delights of being a full-time housewife and mother and trying to write and support a family with two babies - but I don't use that kind of language in public. #Quote by Marion Zimmer Bradley
Belters Language quotes by Thalia
#5. To me, a big crossover was what happened to me years ago, like bringing my music in Spanish to Europe, or Asia. To me, that's a crossover because Spanish is not a language that everybody talks. #Quote by Thalia
Belters Language quotes by Kenny Loggins
#6. It's just a favorite language to me, that country finger-picking guitar style. #Quote by Kenny Loggins
Belters Language quotes by Bob Dylan
#7. You travel the world, you go see different things. I like to see Shakespeare plays, so I'll go - I mean, even if it's in a different language. I don't care, I just like Shakespeare, you know. I've seen Othello and Hamlet and Merchant of Venice over the years, and some versions are better than others. Way better. It's like hearing a bad version of a song. But then somewhere else, somebody has a great version. #Quote by Bob Dylan
Belters Language quotes by Elias Canetti
#8. Of all the words in all languages I know, the greatest concentration is in the English word I. #Quote by Elias Canetti
Belters Language quotes by Ruth Ozeki
#9. Otaku (おた) is also a formal way of saying "you". た means "house", and with the honorific お, it literally means "your honorable house", implying that you are less of a person and more of a place, fixed in space and contained under a roof. Makes sense that the stereotype of the modern otaku is a shut-in, an obsessed loner and social isolate who rarely leaves his house. #Quote by Ruth Ozeki
Belters Language quotes by Caitlin Moran
#10. For when cynicism becomes the default language, playfulness and invention become impossible. Cynicism scours through a culture like bleach, wiping out millions of small, seedling ideas. Cynicism means your automatic answer becomes "No." Cynicism means you presume everything will end in disappointment. And this is, ultimately, why anyone becomes cynical. Because they are scared of disappointment. Because they are scared someone will take advantage of them. Because they are fearful their innocence will be used against them - that when they run around gleefully trying to cram the whole world in their mouth, someone will try to poison them. #Quote by Caitlin Moran
Belters Language quotes by Eric Gamalinda
#11. I would like to write a suicide note in three and a half
and travel south on a Thursday towards
some form of life outside of earth #Quote by Eric Gamalinda
Belters Language quotes by Edward T. Hall
#12. While infants will sync with the human voice regardless of language, they later become habituated to the rhythms of their own language and culture ... humans are tied to each other by hierarchies of rhythms that are culture-specific and expressed through language and body movement. #Quote by Edward T. Hall
Belters Language quotes by Pam Brown
#13. Sisters don't need words. They have perfected a language of snarls and smiles and frowns and winks - expressions of shocked surprise and incredulity and disbelief. Sniffs and snorts and gasps and sighs - that can undermine any tale you're telling. #Quote by Pam Brown
Belters Language quotes by Ludwig Wittgenstein
#14. Elementary propositions consist of names. #Quote by Ludwig Wittgenstein
Belters Language quotes by Octavio Paz
#15. Man, even man debased by the neocapitalism and pseudosocialism of our time, is a marvelous being because he sometimes speaks. Language is the mark, the sign, not of his fall but of his original innocence. Through the Word we may regain the lost kingdom and recover powers we possessed in the far-distant past. #Quote by Octavio Paz
Belters Language quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#16. They are all beasts of burden in a sense, ' Thoreau once remarked of animals, 'made to carry some portion of our thoughts.' Animals are the old language of the imagination; one of the ten thousand tragedies of their disappearance would be a silencing of this speech. #Quote by Rebecca Solnit
Belters Language quotes by Frans De Waal
#17. Ethology developed its own specialized language about instincts, fixed action patterns (a species' stereotypical behavior, such as the dog's tail wagging), innate releasers (stimuli that elicit specific behavior, such as the red dot on a gull's bill that triggers pecking by hungry chicks), displacement activities (seemingly irrelevant actions resulting from conflicting tendencies, such as scratching oneself before a decision), and so on. Without going into the details of its classical framework, #Quote by Frans De Waal
Belters Language quotes by Kate Bush
#18. Numbers are really fascinating things, and they do play a big part in our lives. They are a language of their own. #Quote by Kate Bush
Belters Language quotes by Helmut Gernsheim
#19. Photography is the only "language" understood in all parts of the world, and bridging all nations and cultures, it links the family of man. Independent of political influence - where people are free - it reflects truthfully life and events, allows us to share in the hopes and despair of others, and illuminates political and social conditions. We become the eye-witnesses of the humanity and inhumanity of mankind ... #Quote by Helmut Gernsheim
Belters Language quotes by Rita Dove
#20. To me, a poem is almost like someone whispering to another person, or you hear the whispering in your head. I hope with my own poems that the reader feels a connection, soul to soul, that'll help us all feel a little less alone on the planet. And it does have the power to direct change. A writer can make the word 'dark' be something positive. You can relieve a word like 'hysterical' of its misogynistic implications. You can make the language your own. That's what poetry is about. #Quote by Rita Dove
Belters Language quotes by Greg L. Bahnsen
#21. There is no way to use non-Christian language and logic to arrive at Christian utterances, conclusions, and behavior. #Quote by Greg L. Bahnsen
Belters Language quotes by A.S. Byatt
#22. I think the names of colors are at the edge, between where language fails and where it's at its most powerful. #Quote by A.S. Byatt
Belters Language quotes by Mercedes Lackey
#23. Kethry had once described summoning as being like balancing on a rooftree while screaming an epic poem in a foreign language at the top of your lungs. #Quote by Mercedes Lackey
Belters Language quotes by Peter Styles
#24. Thank you.
I kissed him.
Not like that. Kissing him like that was nowhere in my thoughts.
But he looked so frail, so tired, so sad. His tear-stained cheeks glowed in the low light. I needed to tell him he'd be all right, but without a shared language, I...
I don't know. I leaned in and kissed his cheek, slowly, softly. I tasted his teardrop. It was an impulse. I couldn't have not kissed him.
But he froze. Stiffened under my lips. I could feel it. Suddenly, the very air around me was tense.
I froze, too. I held the kiss a second longer, feeling my lips get firm against him.
And then I jerked back, searching his face. His mouth was agape. His eyes were wide.
I fled. #Quote by Peter Styles
Belters Language quotes by Robin Flower
#25. Irish and English are so widely separated in their mode of expression that nothing like a literal rendering from one language to the other is possible. #Quote by Robin Flower
Belters Language quotes by Dan Buettner
#26. The luster of an experience can actually go up with time. So, learning to play a new instrument, learning a new language - those sorts of things will pay dividends for years or decades to come. #Quote by Dan Buettner
Belters Language quotes by Charles R. Swindoll
#27. Grace has to be the loveliest word in the English language. It embodies almost every attractive quality we hope to find in others. Grace is a gift of the humble to the humiliated. Grace acknowledges the ugliness of sin by choosing to see beyond it. Grace accepts a person as someone worthy of kindness despite whatever grime or hard-shell casing keeps him or her separated from the rest of the world. Grace is a gift of tender mercy when it makes the least sense. #Quote by Charles R. Swindoll
Belters Language quotes by Eugene Thacker
#28. The question is, what happens when we as human beings confront a world that is radically unhuman, impersonal, and even indifferent to the human? What happens to the concept of politics once one confronts the possibility that the world only reveals its hiddenness, in spite of the attempts to render it as a world-for-us, either via theology (sovereign God, sovereign king) or via science (the organismic analogy of the state)? In the face of politics, this unresponsiveness of the world is a condition for which, arguably, we do not yet have a language. #Quote by Eugene Thacker
Belters Language quotes by Mark Leyner
#29. Although we may deplore the film's scatological language, sexual explicitness and gratuitous gore as seemingly designed only to shock, in the manner of an angry, attention-craving child, we must remember that this movie was actually made by an angry, attention-craving child. #Quote by Mark Leyner
Belters Language quotes by Celia Rivenbark
#30. Never invite someone who is speaking a foreign language in your presence to "Go back to your country." The only time that phrase is every acceptable is if you are British and you are speaking to Madonna. #Quote by Celia Rivenbark
Belters Language quotes by Steven Brust
#31. A cheery receptionist met Donovan as he entered and said something with an upside-down question mark at the beginning. #Quote by Steven Brust
Belters Language quotes by Jarod Kintz
#32. I want to write my own eulogy, and I want to write it in Latin. It seems only fitting to read a dead language at my funeral. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Belters Language quotes by Edward St. Aubyn
#33. If an artist is good, nobody else can do what he or she does and therefore all comparisons are incoherent. Only the mediocre, pushing forward a commonplace view of life in a commonplace language, can really be compared, but my wife thinks that "least mediocre of the mediocre" is a discouraging title for a prize[.] #Quote by Edward St. Aubyn
Belters Language quotes by Jack Spicer
#34. Most of my friends like words too well. They set them under the blinding light of the poem and try to extract every possible connotation from each of them, every temporary pun, every direct or indirect connection - as if a word could become an object by mere addition of consequences. Others pick up words from the streets, from their bars, from their offices and display them proudly in their poems as if they were shouting, "See what I have collected from the American language. Look at my butterflies, my stamps, my old shoes!" What does one do with all this crap? #Quote by Jack Spicer
Belters Language quotes by Dana Spiotta
#35. Each character requires different language, and these issues become inseparable. You have all these balls in the air: language, character, narrative. For me, the primary focus must be words, sentences, paragraphs. #Quote by Dana Spiotta

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